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Lord, Are There Few Who Are Saved?

Phil Mills Sr.
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Jesus’ 2,000 year old answer was especially given for those at the end of time.


Phil Mills Sr.

Dermatologist in Northern Georgia



  • December 12, 2020
    11:00 AM
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Please turn in your Bibles to Luke Chapter 13 Luke 13 because we are going to be studying a passage from the Luke 13 this morning one of our new elders Peter pet grave was scheduled to speak today the Sabbath but is quarantined because of exposure to SARS Co 2 virus I talked to him last evening he's doing well pastor it was exposed he's doing well as well now Brother Peter pet grave works in a mechanic shop the workers are careful to wash their hands and on Monday evening of this week. As he was finishing his work he went to the sink with a coworker to wash his hands on Tuesday morning he learned that that very coworker he had been standing next to and working with and washing is hands. Had tested positive for Kobe it was sick and did not come to work. Peter pet graves workplace was very careful on Tuesday and sent everyone home early so that they could sanitize everything in the in the workplace but Wednesday morning we learned that another worker who had been working closely with that 1st coworker that came down with go ahead also had come down with Kobe as you can imagine Thursday and Friday and all day when this day all the workers were carefully observing very strict Covais had met mitigation rules mass social distancing hand-washing It reminds me of the words of another elder named Peter. Be sober be vigilant because your adversary the devil were walks around like a roaring lion seeing seeking whom he may devour resist him steadfast in the faith knowing that the same sufferings are experienced by your Brotherhood in the world but may the God of grace who called us to his eternal glory by Christ Jesus after you have suffered a while perfect establish strengthen and settle you to him Be The Glory and the dominion forever and ever amen and Peter picked graves story was interesting to me for another reason. In the very effort to stay clean and avoid disease in the very act of washing his hands. Brother but crave was exposed to the dangers he sought to escape. It reminds us that all around our hidden spiritual dangers we can quickly be infected and left a very sick spiritually insane designs that our very best efforts. May inadvertently expose us. To the spread of the disease that we would like. To see extinguished. How important it is to begin our Bible study with prayer that Satan will not use any words from my mouth. Or thoughts in your mind to infect other people here this morning that Satan is hateful presence may be banished and we will be free from his contaminating influence. During our time of scripture study together if you just bow our heads I'm going to kneel once again. They're in heaven we're opening your word we're going to be studying it we're here because we want to be washed we want to be cleansed may there not be nothing in what I say that would inadvertently infect somebody here may nothing they say inadvertently infect others cleanse us today protect us from Satan find his power and speak to us through your word we pray in Christ's name Amen. Or study this morning is in Luke 13 and we're going to start with verse 22 and he went through the cities and villages teaching and journeying toward Jerusalem. It was late winter early spring of 8031. Although this was Jesus' final journey and the last ministry in Israel before his crucifixion no one not even Jesus' disciples realized that the presence of Jesus His miracles his mighty works his words of wisdom no longer tract it curious multitude. The disciples couldn't help to note how few people now came to hear Jesus speak when once there were crowds of hundreds and thousands. Finally one of the disciples was brave enough to voice the question they were all thinking verse 23 then one said to him the Lord. There are few who are saved it's always a perp laxity to people that so few individuals are willing to follow the Bible so few are willing to accept the marvelous salvation that Jesus offers all man. And if it were a way it goes ground way breaking book the flood in the light of Bible geology and archaeology was published in 1951 my dad purchased it some years lady later when our family attended a creation seminar. It's a classic volume been repaint printed many times and is still available on the internet for purchase today I must have been about 10 years old when I took it off my dad's bookshelf and begin to read it I found it very very interesting I still remember one chapter that attempted to determine the probable population of the world at the time of the flood various population growth. Assumptions and formulas where you depending on these assumptions in the formula Ray Winkle was able to estimate the population at the time that Noah entered the ark and the flood came as somewhat somewhere between one and 11000000000 people think of it out of that entire population tribal believe numbering in the billions. Only one family 8 people were saved. And that's not a one off situation the Bible contains no many other stories. Showing the last vastly outnumber the saved. Out of the thousands of citizens living in Sodom and Gomorrah and the other cities of the plains only 3 people were saved of the 3000000 Israelites and Egyptians that were delivered from the Egyptian binding age only 2 entered the land of Canaan. Back quotes the principle that Isaiah gave us Romans $927.00 though the number of the children of Israel be as the sand of the sea of the remnant will be saved. 99 percent of Gideon's 32000 original fighting force left his army before the 1st battle. Only a remnant 300 stayed to attack the Midianite and now at the very close of Christ life and ministry the multitude had vanished. Few still followed him just a remnant and then one said to him Lord is there a few who are saved as we study Jesus answer to this important question we notice 5 answers that Jesus did not give. In answer to the question 1st Jesus didn't say God predestined all these people to reject their own salvation God elected a small number to be saved to glorify Him and the rest to be lost this is his doings and his will he's the creator he can do whatever he wants he's the boss. That one his answer his answer shows that who so ever will can be saved the lost are lost because they don't value Christ salvation and now if to choose to be saved 2nd Jesus didn't answer the question by giving a false assurance of salvation. He didn't say no you're employed Letelier. There are billions and billions who are saved and only a few who will be lost. 3rd Jesus didn't say you've heard the 4 step gospel presentation. You've repeated the sinners prayer don't worry about it you have been saved and once you're safe you're always saved. If these people who followed me for a time but no longer follow me will be saved they'll come around at the end. Following Jesus didn't give an answer that drove even one of his listeners to despair. Among his his were those who were sincere in conscientious but some were struggling with an overwhelming sense of guilt of depression and discouragement there were those who feared that they had committed the unpardonable sin. They were unable to grasp the dependent and encouraging truth that whosoever will make come and be saved they were unable to see these the promises of God for themselves. And while Jesus answer did not minister to the pride of the proud it did not extinguish the hope of those feeling hopeless Matthew 2020 says a bruised reed he will not break any smoking flax he will not quench and Jesus reply brings hope to the discouraged. And despairing lastly Jesus did not reply with a matter of fact simple stuff statistic or fact that would have been my reply that is not Jesus' reply. And the question Are there a few who are saved as a yes or no question but Jesus didn't answer the question with a yes or no if someone would have asked me that question I think I would have given a simple direct answer yes. Yes. Only if you are saved. And that answer is correct. This can clearly be seen from the Bible we've just looked at a few passages that demonstrate this. But this. Short factual answer many will be saved and many will be few will be saved and many will be lost though true fails to deal with the deeper needs of the listeners. Jesus didn't provide an answer by giving statistics and facts in John Bunyan's classic and wonderful book The holy war there is a dangerous character living in Mansoul called Mr Connell security like the serpent in the Garden of Eden Mr Connell security falsely assures us the sin is not that dangerous there are no dire consequences to. Committing sin will really die if we continue to go contrary to God's law. Unfortunately our sinful human nature naturally responds to Mr carnal securities flatteries about ourselves we naturally will effect except in unfounded security we naturally believe even without evidence that we who are saved we don't worry about the fact that there are only a few saved because we know we are among that small select group. The fact that it is a small group makes us even more proud we are part of God's act. Over the years a number of polls have been taken that demonstrate this very fact in 1906 USA Weekend magazine conducted a survey and found that 72 percent of Americans who believe in heaven rated their chances of going to have been excellent. But don't miss another part of the same poll many said that their friends' chances of going to heaven were considerably worse a poll conducted by Barna in 2003 found that nearly 2 thirds of Americans are confident they will go to heaven while only a half of one percent believe they'll go to hell. In a 2005 a.b.c. News poll. 85 percent of those who believed in heaven believed they were going there. And this demonstrates the truth that God told us in this word Proverbs 16 to all the ways of a man poor in his own eyes but the Lord weighs the spirit we justify skews and rationalize all of our actions. The heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked who can know it Jeremiah 79. But it does not matter how our attitudes thoughts words and actions appear to our own eyes because it's not our own eyes that determine whether our actions are good or bad we are the judges it's the Lord who is the judge. It is the Lord who weighs the spirit the only thing that matters is how God sees my actions I like how the Bible in basic English translates this for us all a man's ways are clean to himself but the Lord puts man spirit into his scales. And this is why a short factual answer to the question are few saved answering Yes just a few are saved Well true is insufficient it's a fact that only a few will be saved but because of the hardness of our hearts because of the dullness of our comprehension this fact fails to bring conviction to our hearts. Instead of a mere repetition of information and true facts Jesus answer provides both the process of salvation and the principles of salvation because Jesus' answer is so complete we want to examine his answer and gain some instruction for our week ahead look again at Luke 1323 then one said to him Lord are there few who are saved I lose a lot of understanding the Bible because I tend to read too fast and stop and think about each word. When I slow down I discover there are jams that otherwise I would miss. I want you to notice something unexpected but important in the next verse of the phrase of the verse. And he that is Jesus said to them Did you catch the shift in the phrase to them who asked Jesus the question. One of them. An individual but who did Jesus reply to. Group them one said to him but he replied to them the answer Jesus gave to the crest question was so important. That everyone needed to hear it it might have been asked to him in private but he called the others so he could give the answer in public it's an answer we need to hear today the unnamed questioner You see was asking for me and for you. And God preserved his question in Jesus' answer for us Christ answer is just as important in the winter and close of 2020 as it was 2000 years ago when Jesus gave it. Beginning with Verse well in this quiet courteous almost unnoticed way God is telling us this is for you listen up beginning with Verse 24 will continue half way through verse 25 Strive to enter through the narrow gate for many I say to you will seek to enter and will not be able when once the master of the house has risen up and shut the door. While every word in this verse is important there is one word that stands out because it is the focus of the verse. That stand out is gate or door it is used interchangeably as gate or interchangeably is with door as you can see in that passage it is through the gate or door that we must strive to enter it is the gate that is described it is narrow. It is the condition of the gate that is mentioned it is either open or it is closed. This door is open at the time Jesus spoke it. But he spoke of a time when it would no longer be open closed. The door is not only the way in it's the obstacle to the way in and when the door is open it's narrow and when it's closed it keeps everyone out it is the master who controls the gate keeping it open or shutting it. As we can see the gate is the focus of Jesus' answer and there's also a phrase that is key to in this verse a phrase that is key to understanding Jesus answer enter through the narrow gate. This is the process of salvation through the narrow gate all who are saved must be willing to squeeze through a narrow door to enter in. They must choose to do it while it's open. And those who procrastinate come to the door after. And just as those who are unwilling to squeeze through the narrow doorway cannot be saved those who are unwilling to conform their lives to fit the narrow requirements of the door cannot be saved please turn to Matthew 7 Matthew chapter 7 we are going to examine this Kate more closely. Jesus opened his ministry by talking about this gate and he closed his ministry by talking about this case at the opening of his ministry his sermon on the Mount Jesus explained that there was not just one but 2 gates a narrow gate and its opposite a broad gate he explained that each gate was the entrance to a door to a pathway a road that's noticed what Jesus said about these gates beginning with vs 13 and Matthew 7 enter by the narrow gate for why it is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction and there are many who go in by it. Because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life and there are a few who find it. And Jesus described the wide open gate standing at the entrance to a smooth and well paved superhighway. Leading to destruction easily assessable to all because it's is why it is the world in this wide gate is well advertised easy to see the signs pointing to it are large and well maintained the gate is broad because the road behind it is broad and inclusive and accommodating to the various wants and desires of the travelers the broad road beyond the gate is crowded with happy singing smiling and partying travelers. For 10 years I was medical director of a rehab hospital. And we sent people home with wheelchairs when we sent people home with wheelchairs we were always concerned about wheelchair assess ability we always wanted the doors to be wide enough for the wheelchair. The Broadway passes every zoning code or 80 a requirement for assess ability it's why enough for every traveler and every vehicle in stark contrast the narrow gate is easy to overlook or miss signs to this gate are quickly torn down obscured or covered. In a narrow gate stands at the entrance of an unpaved rough a narrow path which appears essential. From time to time a lone weary looking hiker carrying a rod and staff can be seen slowly laboriously and carefully walking up the trail. The gates narrow because it stands at the start of a road that's narrow those who don't fit through the gate won't fit in the road. If you've ever parked at Memorial Hospital here in Chattanooga in their parking garage beneath the 8 full floor medical tower. You know that to enter the parking lot you have to 1st drive under a low bar. That low bar was placed there to keep vehicles that are too tall from entering that parking garage. And if your vehicle can't fit under that bar you can't drive into the parking garage because your vehicle would get stuck or hit something else and that's how it is with a narrow gate if you can't fit through the narrow gate you aren't fit for the narrow way. Solomon gives one additional detail about the 2 roads proverb 1624 and this is from the author I standard version to the wise the way of life goes upward that he may depart from they need. The broad gate opens into a highway going down the narrow gate opens into a path climbing upward. The Broadway begins with a gentle slope downward and this slope gets steeper and steeper the farther one travels the road the downward slope makes the highway easy to travel increasingly easy to coast all the way to the destination of destruction. It is a life seemingly without barriers a life without restrictions. And the narrow path steeply slopes upward from the very start like the base of Grand Canyon which starts down at the bottom and doesn't quit going straight up till you get to the top. There's no place to coast on this road the effort required to climb is great but the destination eternal life is worth it every step of the way. With this further background we will return to our passage and continue our examination of Luke 1324. Strive to enter through the narrow gate for many I say to you will seek to enter and will not be able when once the master of the house has risen up and shut the door Jesus is saying it may seem like few are interested in being saved. But the time will come when the multitude will seek to be saved. But the same door that let people in and lets them in now will keep them out then. Doors and gates are important they open to let people in or out they shut to keep people in or out. The church building committee is nearly finished with the complete architectural plans because doors are important they've given the doors of this building it's going to be up there on that ground very serious attention. Door number door with door placement all have been very carefully thought through since doors control the flow of traffic the building committee wants people to be able to get in easily for programs and quickly in the case of an emergency. When evacuation is required in an instant. The door is also a separator you must leave one place to enter another to go through the narrow door and enter God's Kingdom of Grace we must exit we must leave Satan's kingdom of destruction. Those who are unwilling to leave the world of destruction can't enter the kingdom of salvation because there is a door they must go through. The door is central to salvation what does a door mean to a prisoner in jail what must go through the mind of a prisoner who has just been pardoned. He gathers his belongings and then goes to that gate that fic door at the entrance of the prison and when he passes through that door he leaves the confining prison. Walls behind and interns a world of freedom it and this new and free world he is now free to do listen closely he is now free to do whatever is lawful whatever is lawful. What does the door represent Jesus doesn't leave us in doubt and insert an uncertainty on the answer of this question it's too important it's too central. He tells us he doesn't want us to guess John 19. Door by me if any man enter in he shall be saved say that with me I am the door by me if any man interior he shall be saved. When Jesus is talking about the door who is he talking about what was he talking about Himself Jesus representation of himself as a narrow door is far different from the way that many represent him. When we talk about the door we are talking about Jesus he is the focus of the verse the focus of salvation Jesus the door. There is no other way to leave death and enter life except through Jesus. And his answer tells us what it means to accept Jesus it begins with a cost. The 1st word in Jesus' answer is strive that's the cost. That's the requirement and the word strive means fight struggle. It's impossible to enter the kingdom of heaven without a fight let me explain. The kingdom of darkness and destruction and death is actually a prison that is carefully guarded the wide door is a mirage it's no door at all. When you go through this door the y. door you don't leave anything so you can't enter anything. And that's why Jesus doesn't even bother to mention the why door in this answer. But when ever we even get close to the narrow door inside the prison that we live in Guards in the Broadway suddenly appear out of thin air out of nowhere ready to confront us and confuse us and hinder us if you are living in the world living in darkness living in sin nobody cares but I guarantee you if you begin studying your Bible begin accepting truths for this time start keeping the Sabbath. Talk about joining God's remnant church through baptism and suddenly people who didn't care 2 hoots about you suddenly I worried about you. There. They didn't care about your last condition before but now they're concerned about your soul. They counsel you strongly against joining some extreme cult being brainwashed losing your mind my telling the truth. And of course the world is full of extreme called but we follow Jesus to protect us from such deceptions there are brainwashing techniques but the Bible is a brain cleansing not brainwashing and it protects us from such techniques there are people with unbalanced mind but the Bible restores our minds frees us from unnecessary anxiety and keeps this balance dear folk if they were interested in our souls they would be telling us thank the Lord you are on the right track keep studying your Bible and following it. You would think that people would encourage you in your decision for Christ with all of its advantages in its life at the end and it's its heaven now. But few will you simply can't leave the kingdom of darkness and enter the kingdom of light without a fight it's not possible. Everything that Satan can throw at you he will throw at you to keep you locked in his prison. But thank God there is a door where we can exit and from the days of John Jesus said Matthew 1112 from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffers violence and the violent take it by force and surprise strives the answer. Now how do we strive. I like to give 4. Principles. The 1st is we strive by surrendering unconditionally to God. James 478 therefore submit to God resist the devil and he will flee from you draw near to God and He will draw near to you. The key to resisting the devil emitting to God can be to being. The resisting the. Devil is having God nearest drawing nearer and nearer nearer still nearer close to the heart draw me my savior so precious that lark. Full of male full make close to the breath breast shelter me safe. In the I haven of rest. But how do we unconditionally surrender to God by an reserve Hedley choosing to live by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God Matthew 44 by seeking to faithfully follow the whole counsel of God How do you read resist the devil the same way Jesus did quoting the words of God that are changing you quote them to say. My son if sinners entice you do not consent Proverbs 110 this is striving have you surrendered unconditionally to follow God's word in your personal life in your home life in your work or school life. Surrendering unconditionally to God in power resisting the devil is biblically striving but striving also includes number 2 personal and United prayer for our self and for others. Romans $1530.00 now I beg you brethren through the Lord Jesus Christ and through the love of the spirit that you strive together with me in prayers. To God for me. Driving together there is no striving without time wrestling with personal prayer to overcome Satan in sin Jesus prayed with such earnestness and intensity that what happened what had actually happened to his sweat. The sweat blood. Drops of blood Jesus' blood shed for you and for me did not begin on the cross it began in his prayer sweating drops of blood Hebrews 12 for you have not yet resisted the bloodshed striving against sin. This is striving Biblically. We strive against sin in our closet victory or success is determined here. Romans $1530.00 is not only a call for daily personal prayer but commitment to United Church prayer and prayer meeting notice again what Paul said strive together with me in prayers to God. But striving in prayer also includes public times of prayer. This is prayer meeting which is prior of the process of striving to enter through the door are you willing to strive to enter through the door. The question Jesus was ask are there few who are saved often gets answer at prayer maybe if you are willing to take a little bit of time to strive earnestly to enter into life. Listen carefully again to Paul's appeal now I then give you brethren through the Lord Jesus Christ and through the love of the spirit that you strive together with me in prayer prayer how do we strive we strive by unconditional surrender to God's Word we strive by Earnest consistent prayer but there is another way the Bible tells us to strive. The testimony of our lips and our lives. Is the profession of our lips confirmed by the testimony of our lives as we meditate on the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross by beholding we become changed the cross was such a transforming changing power that Jesus Jesus wanted the Israelites to meditate on the cross every day in the scenes of the sacrificial service for 4000 years. Day by day they were considered to consider the death of the Lamb is it any less important for us today as Christians. This is where we receive the desire the motivation and the power to strive against the world the flesh and the devil. This is the striving that delivers us from sin and changes our lives completely. For stem of the 612 fight the good fight to face lay hold on eternal life to which you were also called and have confessed the good confession in the presence of many witnesses Revelation 1211 and they overcame him that is Satan 1st by the blood of the Lamb 2nd by the word of their testimony and 3rd they did not love their lives to the death they backed up the words by their lives and they were willing to die to live. They were willing to lose the temporal life which you're going to lose anyway there isn't a martyr who would be a living today they all died of something. They were willing to shorten the world their life on this world to make sure they had no shortening of eternal life how do we strive we strive by complete surrender to the Word of God We offer him everything we have and everything we are we hold back nothing we are not owners we're only stewards of our goods. We strive by prayer wrestling with God like Jacob we strive by the testimony of our lips and our lives but striving also involves number for proper personal conduct combined with the United outreach efforts Philippians 127 only let your conduct be worthy of the gospel of Christ so the weather I come and see you are and they have sent I may hear of your affairs that you stand fast in one spirit with one mind striving together for the faith of the gospel. What is conduct that is worthy of the gospel of Christ it is reverence as described by the 1st 4 of the commandments it is respect for authority that's the 5th Commandment it is healthful living and health promotion that's the 6th Commandment it is purity of action that's the 2nd the 7th commandment it's honesty in every transaction that's the 8th and 9th commandment and it's thankfulness and contentedness with what God has given us that's the 10th commandment. Revelation 2214 blessid are they that do His commandments that they may have a right to the tree of life and may enter in through the gates into the city John in the book of revelation here it is a very closed was simply repeating what Jesus had said to the rich young ruler Matthews 917 if you want to enter into life if you want to go through that door. Keep the commandments. God never ask us to do what he doesn't give us power to do there's a message of bad news claiming to be the gospel of good news that claims that we cannot overcome it offers a god that is so weak that c.n.n. in my life is more powerful then that God But that's not the God of the Bible that's not the power of Jesus who came Matthew 121 to save his people from their sins this is the gospel of salvation in sin but God is the cost gives the gospel of salvation from sin. Let me say it again God never asks us to do what he doesn't give us power to do. If he tells us to keep the commandments he will empower us to keep them. Christianity is not about showing what we can do for God It's about. Showing what God can do for us. Second Corinthians 517 Therefore if anyone is in crisis a new creation all things are to have passed away and behold all things have become new. Now I want to notice something that striving is not something that we do alone striving is a group activity it's a social activity when we study the Bible we're not alone God is present talking to us it's social Furthermore this study brings us into fellowship with others who are listening to the same Father in heaven that we are and they're hearing God speak to them through His Word we strive as a group me and got me and God's other children we strive as a group not just as individuals striving is not praying with our self like the fairest in Christ parable striving is praying to God That's the 2 of us Christ and in me and it doesn't stop with the 2 of us it includes those we pray for and express spans with those we pray with our family our church family and permeating we are striving as a group not as individuals and then God brings us into contact with others we enter interact with him and our life and our lips give a testimony to the power of God the goodness of God in the wisdom of God You can't give a testimony to yourself. This is a social activity and striving is also unifying with others who are striving together if we are not striving we will not be united with others who are in the same striving condition. It takes an army for a battle. Like Daniel and his 3 friends not excusing compromise the salmon as some sort of evangelist to clean necessary cultural accommodation Paul continues stand fast in one spirit with one mind striving to gather for the faith of the Gospel we strive by complete surrender to the Word of God 2nd Corinthians 136 for though we walk in the flesh we do not war according to the flesh for the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God for the pulling down the strongholds casting down arguments and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ being ready to punish all disobedience when your obedience is a filled we strive by prayer and putt private and in groups we strive by the testimony of lips and lives we strive by careful Christian conduct combined with the United outreach efforts. We continue striving by looking under Jesus the author and finisher of our faith we don't lose heart over difficulties failures or loss we don't become weary in well doing. And Jesus says He that endure thunder the end the same shell they might be. Shelby's say so if you've got discouraged take heart. He that endure a find of the end the same shall be saved is salvation worth it is Chase's worth it. Listen to Paul's in the life triumphant declaration of victory I have fought the good fight I have finished the race I have kept the faith. Finally there is laid out for me the crown of righteousness which the Lord the right has judge will give to me on that day and not to me only but also to all who have loved his appearing Is there a crowd that is waiting in yonder bright mansion for the it is soon with a spirit made perfect at home with the Lord will you be or a damed read Game 3 deemed by the blood of the Lamb redeemed great demon his child and forever I am in Jesus answer to this question Lord are there few who are saved Jesus is making one of his final appeals to Sears hearts. I think as he was answering the question he was recalling the story of Noah and it said so beautifully in patriarchs and prophets will you forgive me if I just read it this page 97 the period of their probation these people before the flood was about to expire. No law had faithfully followed the instructions which he had received from God The ark was finished in every part as the Lord had directed and was stored with food for man and beast. And now listen carefully the servant of God made his last solemn appeal to the people can you see the same. With an agony of desire that words cannot express he intreated them to seek a refuge while it might be found again and again they rejected again I should say they rejected his words and raised their voices in jest and scoffing their final appeal. But another scene came into Jesus heart of love. He saw an angel sent down from heaven and he saw the door closed in the ark the door of salvation that had been opened and pleading and beckoning and inviting for a 120 years and that door no was closed not by Noah not by no as children but by command of Jesus from heaven shut the door and then Jesus eyes must of welled with tears as he picture the next scene but upon the 8th day dark cloud over spread the heavens there followed the muttering of thunder and the flash of lightning soon large drops of rain begin to fall when we're hearing it here. The world had never witnessed anything like this and the hearts of men were struck with fear. Can it be that no was in the right and that the world is doomed to destruction. Darker and darker grew the heavens and faster came the falling rain the beasts were roaming about in the wildest hair and their discordant cries seemed to moan out their own destiny and the fate of man. Then the fountains of the great deep were broken up and the windows of heaven were opened water appeared to come from the clouds and mighty cataracts Rivers broke away from their boundaries and overflowed the valleys jets of water burst from the earth with indescribable force throwing massive rocks hundreds of feet into the air and these and falling buried themselves deep in the ground as the violence of the storm increased trees buildings rocks and earth were hurled in every direction that terror of man and beast was beyond description above the roar of the tempest was heard the wailing of of people that had despised the authority of God Satan himself was compelled to remain in the midst of the warring elements feared for his own existence there's were frantic with fear stretching their hands toward the ark and pleading for admission but there in treaties were in vain it broke out heart and now Jesus saw his heart of love was about to be broken again and he went through the cities and villages teaching and journeying toward Jerusalem then one said to him Lord are there few that are saved who are saved he said to them strive to enter through the narrow gate for many I say to you will seek to enter and will not be able when once the master of the house has risen up and shut the door and you begin to stand outside and knock at the door saying Lord Lord open for us and he will answer and say to you I do not know you where where you are from. Fellow members. Where will you be. When that door of mercy is shot when Jesus the door must deny the requests for interests in the eternal life when that happens which side of the door will you be on. Inside or out inside with the few the saved eternally saved are outside with the last eternally lost. Will you tell Jesus just now. By your grace. I will now strive to her. Bible study commitment. Prayer time a life that gives a testimony of Jesus let's pray Dear Lord we ask that you come into our hearts just now thank you for giving us the encouragement the doors open we can get in. Your grace is sufficient for us. Your hands welcome us. And the only things that won't fit through that door are the things that aren't fit for heaven the things that if we had any sense we wouldn't want anyway and the door may seem air narrow but it's really very broad it admits all of goodness and mercy and grace in the Broadway seems to be broad but it. Excludes everything that's good in its right is this lawful and there Father I pray that this week our lives can be different we can be through that door. On that bass climbing to heaven. Singing on our journey. In fellowship with other believers who are also on that path or in price name we pray Amen. This media was brought to you by audio post a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse for you would like to listen to more sermon please visit w w w dot audio Verse dot org.


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