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I Will Bring the Blind

Jessica Trinh
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  • December 21, 2020
    7:00 PM
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Your Heavenly Father God you know I come before you Lord without anything to offer and how amazing it is Lord that you would use someone like me Lord to poor for so many blessings God Lord I ask that I simply be a faithful steward of the blessings that you have given me that it may be an encouragement to any one who watches Lord and that your words may be used according to your purpose and to fulfill your will Lord you know what is in my heart and I simply ask that your holy spirit be needing to take out anything that needs to be taken out or add anything that he added learn to be tailor made for anybody who is watching God God my words can my thoughts Father God we thank you so much for the Sabbath we pray all this in jeans name Amen. I may go ahead and share my screen here message for tonight my final day I will bring the blind. And I simply thought I could it would be. A good chance to be able to bear just God and what God has done to bring me to where I am now I am presently serving overseas in Southeast Asia with an organization focused on reaching the unreached when talking about the unreached I referring to areas where there is less than 2 percent of Christian presence countries with swathes of people who have never heard of Jesus ever in a life or even a Met one Christian groups of people who don't even have Bibles in their own language. Is places are found in the 1048 window. Which is a region of the world that is when we say the 1040 window we're referring to an area of the world that is referring to 10 degrees north of the equator to up to 40 degrees north of the quitter going from Africa to the Pacific Islands now these places are considered hard to reach with the gospel because they have some of the most populous cities in the whole entire world. You have many of these areas are heavily Muslim atheist Buddhist Hindu and which makes for an area that is very hostile to the gospel some of the poorest cities are within this region we're talking about people living on less than $2.00 a day you take all these factors together and that has when you have lots of people not enough money an environment hostile to the gospel you have you have a great recipe for making areas that are very hard to reach now I am I'm sharing I'm sure maybe many of you have heard of these things but for I always find that there's always one person who's not familiar with this information. So you know just to give an idea of. Sort of the situation. You know there's a there's a snap of the world if you want to make can see that circle right there it says that there are more people living inside this circle than outside of it and not just more people in that circle but specifically more Muslims more Hindus more Buddhist more Communists living inside that circle then the outside in the whole entire world. And so you can just like I'm like I've always like that not because it gives me just an idea of like wow there really is such a dense area to reach for the Gospel and how is our church doing to reach these places these are some numbers that I have taken back in 2004 we had 14 countries and reached by the I Mr according to the most recent numbers I could find in 2017 that number has changed to 22 countries with 0 and. That number as you can notice friends did not go down as time has gone on but that number has grown has increased in a country like Afghanistan we have 32000000 people and only 5 Adventists in that country and a country like Iran 78000000 people with your app and I have been told that it could be that there are underground members but a country like send a 1000000 people I'm sure would pray that it's more than 0 and interest. And you know just talking a little bit more broadly in a more generic sense in 2004 we had 5000 unreached people groups when I to when we're talking about people groups you can think of you know we have 200 countries but inside many of those countries there are groups of people that have their own language their own culture 5000 of those groups and reached in 2004 moving forward to 2020 that number friends is now 7414 unreached people groups 6208 groups of them are in the 10 or the window. You know. Typically you lay a you lay these kind of numbers in front of any kind of business the executives would look at those numbers and say. What's your business model is failing the numbers aren't are growing in the wrong direction yes our church is gaining membership befriends we need to think the facts the work growing faster than we can keep up with it and when I look and see these things there's a quote that makes me that sort of speaks to what I think sometimes unreached people's are unreached for reason they're hard difficult and dangerous to reach all the easy ones are taken This is a map every dot that you see is representing a people not just one person but a people group a group of people ranging anywhere from a population of 100-210-0000 people that are and reached for Jesus unreached remember is meaning they are there they don't have one Christian they they have never met a Christian in their life they don't have a Christian in their area they don't have churches in the area to tell them apart Jesus they don't have they most likely don't have Bibles in their language to learn about and hear the gospel. They're not going to find a glow track on their door they're not going to stumble across 3 a.b.n. under satellite t.v. and this is why I'm overseas because we know that Jesus will not come until every person has a chance to hear the gospel and he has 2 loving to give up billions of souls represented by these red dots. And it's going to take more than just hoping satellite t.v. or Facebook or whatever technology we meet we may be hoping to depend upon to reach these people it's going to it requires an actual person who'll personally bring the gospel to these people. It was in 2008 when I graduated from last year university and I had no idea what God had planned. Just about 2 years before I knew that God had sent to me follow me into ministry at the time my faith was a bit in its infancy and I didn't really know how to seek God in a more clear way perhaps or maybe that's God how God designed it the only thing that I knew that God wanted from me was to change my major from medical tech to theology but if you had asked me what career I would pursue by changing my major or what job I was expecting the only sure thing I could tell you would be I don't know you want to ask me about a 5 year plan at that time it was impossible I didn't even know in 5 months what God was wanting me to do but the mercy of God practically landed me a job at the voice of prophecy in 2009 and I can say that those years of working in that ministry were some of the best of my life it was so good that I was excited to go back to work on Mondays even when I went on vacation and I was I was looking forward to going back to work I was excited but even in a place where you know I was I felt like I was sort of putting to use what I knew and I was being used by God. There was something that was stirring in me and I noticed it strongly in 2010 g.c. session. John Paulson General Conference president at the time he did a spotlight missions on the early church and he said this he was talking about the early church and when they realized they actually came to the to the realization that the Gospel was no longer right the it became that instead of shut door to open an open door and then they started to go out and he said this quote so much of it was driven by their own personal personal commitment to go into this they would give of their very best there was just that strong conviction that we cannot do mission without going out physically going out and being there so they made that decision at great personal sacrifice many many of them gave their lives they went out with no thought of ever coming back they just went out to finish the work to finish to do mission. You know when when he said that it was it's really just this was really just that quote but I would look up that quote from the cheesy and I would to rewash it like over and over because I was just so inspired by the early s.t.a. church by the sheer living dedication to finish the work when the church realized that the message was to go to all the world they felt the conviction that they must go and they went with the with the plan of just not coming back here and you know you know and and blows my mind because this was in that time when you know they didn't have the travel options and the telecommunications that we have now I mean I've complained about a trip that takes close to 24 hours to get on literally on the opposite side of the world but the believers in that day and age they didn't even know if they would make the journey to the destination let him know let alone make it back. And then in 2012 I went to an army Bible camp where they shared a video about the unreached and the billions of people who have never heard of Jesus and that video was like an arrow to my heart and one quote stuck out no one has the right to hear the Gospel twice while there remain someone who has not heard it once. When I read that it made me uncomfortable it made this this and bearable kind of feeling it was as if the weight of the responsibility upon me as a Christian was weighing heavily in a way I had never felt before. Paul says in Romans 114 Rick I am a debtor to Greeks and to barbarians both to wives and wives. Because it made me you know this quote It makes me think how many times have I heard the gospel preached to me every week. Every week in one year that's $52.00 times at least you know that not counting Friday night vespers or whatever other ways I have been exposed to the Gospel and it and it even comes to a point friends let's be honest where we many of us are looking for the next pastor who has a different way to say share the gospel in a new way that would help heart tingling itching ears because we have been so accustomed in almost in a way numbed to what the Gospel can mean to us that's how often we hear the Gospel but there are billions in the world who have not even heard months. And that made me uncomfortable it made me feel irresponsible. And that video wouldn't let me go I looked up that video on You Tube and I don't know how many times I really watch that video just thinking of how convicted I felt and that video is just like you should look it up it's that you can serve. Probably from the year 2012 and it not only did it have this quote but it any kind of objection that I would have raised about going and serving overseas long term. It strikes at the cord of that we you know maybe I'm struggling with you know where's the money going to come from well doesn't God say I will supply your all your needs well what about my family doesn't the Bible say to love God more. And it hit an all of these different objections I wanted to say but truth be told the Bible says what it says The God has already answered all of those objections so what was stopping me so I began to pray and I said God you know my heart if it is your will for me to end up overseas you will have to open the door I have student loans I'm I don't know how to figure out my you're going to have to figure out my work situation and you're going to have to work my family's heart to accept this and I would pray. The following year in 2013 I got a phone call from an old friend from college he called me and told me I'm helping this new ministry in Cambodia helping with sex trafficking victims we were praying and your name came to my mind the term would be for about 3 years I couldn't believe what I was hearing the idea of me serving overseas just became really real. Because you know I would talk about it and you know it just felt like this pipe dream this wishful thinking there because there are so many many better skilled smarter braver Christians that God can call to call me feels ridiculous that you know I would I would joke about it I would joke about and you know I'd be in and work and was probably in the I would talk to people yeah you know one them and end up will receive and start a health restaurant we're going to call it maybe a veggie beef noodle soup $844.00 hahaha in here this phone call is finally it's There was this really it this phone call I then decided to set aside weeks of fasting in praying and you know just as I was about to embark on my period of fasting and praying a friend that I grew up with in the church asked if we could date and then at work voice a prophecy gave the exciting news that one of my most favorite speakers speaker evangelists was going to be the new director and I felt like I was being pulled in all these different directions and I couldn't understand why now God. Why did I feel like I was being put in this place to choose being overseas versus a lifelong stable career with and as well as well as my love life and I laid it before God after coming out of my time of prayer and fasting daily seeking listening to sermons I could try and find anything for guidance and direction God made it clear to me that he was calling me overseas and honestly it was a very scary realization because I had given me the verse. I see a 4216. I will bring the blind by a way they did not know I would lead them in paths they have not known I will make darkness light before them encrypted places St these things I will do for them and not for see them which is where the verse comes from and I wish I could say that once God answered my prayer and he made it clear to me that that that's what he was calling me to do that I was brave enough courageous and it was a ball that I went forward but this my my faith is really very weak maybe my feeble faith can encourage someone else who is hearing God calling them to a hard decision in the several months that followed after I knew God was telling you already already answered. But I still did it till my work I didn't tell my family I probably told like 3 or 4 close friends and family was wrestling with God and there's a quote that I came across from George Vandeman that really fits what I was going through the most frightening word in the Christian vocabulary is the word surrender how do you spell it most people I know Scarlett with 4 letters are I. We fear it because we do not know what it means we fear it because we do not want to let go the management of our lives we fear it because God may ask us to give up something we do not want to give we say there is risk in surrender it is this that frightens us it is this that holds back it is this that keeps us from commitment there is no risk in surrender except when we do it half way it is the partial cautious soft pedal commitment that brings problems isn't that so true friends. I knew what God had already told me. But the surrender was just too frightening because for some reason many of us have this tendency or at least I do to think that being surrendered to God and letting him have his way with our lives mean means being forced into extreme suffering that we can like somehow like prove our loyalty and faith to him but the patience of God is so great my friends God the only one who deserves my complete trust and has never done me wrong was still so willing to work with someone whose faith is as weak as mine the quote goes on and actually goes into referring to Isaac Isaac was safer on the altar of sacrifice than he could have been in the holes. In fact Isaac was never safe for them when he lay surrendered upon the altar in the hands of the Living God There is no risk in surrender God is not standing by with a list of unpleasant requirements ready to impose ready to impose them upon us the moment we surrender it is safe to let go of every earthly support and take the hand of him who lifted up and saved the sinking disciple on the stormy sea in my wrestling of going back and forth because I I I knew what God was calling me to but I wasn't really ready to make the complete plunge and it seemed like it just caused more problems the more one for end and one foot out I was in. And finally I decided you know what I have got to make I've got to set the side I've got to ask on one more time. And I put up some time to pray to God. To ask on Woman one more time crying out to cut are you calling me overseas. I went to my devotions that morning and God led me to Mark Chapter 10 verse 29 where Christ says assuredly I say to you there is no one who has left house or brothers or sisters or father or mother or wife or children or lands for my sake in the Gospels who shall not receive untruthful that wasn't even really part of my devotions but just God how he leads from verse to verse he led me to that verse and I knew that was my answer where I was struggling with the idea of living my family and I was struggling with what the future could hold because I live and go somewhere else in a place not home I knew that Christ was promising me anything I could surrender or give up as a sacrifice would never would. Become it as a sacrifice because his He's such a good God that He gives it back more than we ever could have imagined for anything which would have called the sacrifice you know after after I I made and I made that commitment and he said Ok I'm going to accept this I know God is calling me. 2 weeks later my friend calls me back from college about the ministry in Cambodia and he says it's not going to work don't go near it with a 40 foot pole who's like what. That ministry was not going to get off the ground and I was so confused I know I knew that God undeniably was telling me that he spoke to me and that he made it so clear to me that he was calling me overseas what happened and the thought crossed my mind that. Maybe it's not that God's call has changed but maybe the method had and then I started to see God making doors and things move and shift the voice a prophecy began to gave to give a notice to everyone saying that they were moving to another part of the country Loveland Colorado and everybody was going to have to make a choice to either go with them were to leave their job leave their post and the young man we tried for a short time but we had we eventually had to admit to each other that God was calling him to the us and God was calling me over seas would never work. And with all of this strange sort of new developments that happen within the 2 weeks it just in a moment of just like this desperation and just frustration and this attempt to like feel like I had some kind of control over my life I decided to send an application to an overseas organization if. It wasn't you know they sent me a response the next day. And the night the e-mail essentially said Jessica thank you so much for your application but we're having problems with their website and there was a glitch and you know only part of your response came in please complete it and choose your 3 places that you would like to go. Friends when I got that meet e-mail I got cold feet like cold I just freaked out and I you know I I'm in a bit ashamed to say that I completely ignored the e-mail and pretended like I never received it or even read it. That following month. So that was in the following month was she y.c. and during one of the morning plenary messages it was as if God had spun that entire message for me. Taking everything I had studied morning to morning throughout that year it was tied into that message and then the speaker made it's kind of these little appeals and it pretty much felt like he was saying to me. There is someone here who needs to move on from that relationship that God is calling you to do what God is calling you to there's someone here who needs to tell that job that you are quitting so that you can go do what God is calling to do I knew that was. That you I see I finally told my work I was quitting even though I didn't know where God was going to send me and I then began to seek and apply it to various places to serve. But in the following months all the ones that I talked to or applied to the just didn't respond they didn't get back to me but there was one that I had the one I had ignored earlier because I didn't put it back on to my list because I was a bit too proud to face the fact that the idea of trying to raise my own support just sounded impossible to me that I would be able to do that but in a couple months since that u.i.c. month of March I received an e-mail the one place I had rejected the e-mail read. Hi Jessica thank you for your application we are so sorry but we are having problems with the website and we now only received your application but there was a glitch and only part of your response came in please complete it and choose the 3 places you would like to go they were writing to me as if. It was the 1st time ever. I felt like friends that God had hit the reset button he I had totally messed up and turned down the one that was God's will for me but God in His mercy and patience the tender shepherd that. Saw my mistake brought me back around to make the rich choice I don't know if there's anyone that is seeking God's will right now and maybe you're too afraid to make a move because you think that if you make the wrong choice you're like somehow sealing your fate and you know if you know but take it from me I tell you from personal experience that God is so much greater than the failures we bring to us he I think we all know the verse Proverbs chapter 3 verse 5 and 6 write trust in the Lord with all your heart in the not on your own understanding in all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your paths you know in this time that I was seeking after God This one became more real because here you know it sells us tells us our part if we trust in God with our heart if we lean on our own understanding and in the action of acknowledging him seeking Him in prayer seeking him in Bible study acknowledge Him asking Him for His wisdom every time we come to the decision we bring it to his feet God gives us this pledge he shall he shall direct our paths whether you know it that the burden is upon God as long as we do our part in the Ask God for His wisdom we ask countries will he will make it happen he will put us into his will into his path. Even if you make a mistake God will direct your path. Because God is too kind and too loving to leave us to our mistakes when we asking for help. And I have found that if as long as I in my heart of hearts I ultimately wanted to do the will of God And maybe instead of choosing a and I chose being God will honor the desire that I wanted to do His will and he will shift me to the right direction to the choice that was his. After that I so I signed up with the organization I signed up for one year 2014 and. You know. Before I left not only did God just totally. Bring in the funds I was so afraid that I wasn't going to be able to to raise he took care of my student loans. Voice a prophecy left me with a very much needed severance package. And when I told my family about my commitment they responded with well we can't stop you if you think this is what God is telling you to do God answered and opened every door and put before us before his feet and he even went above and beyond. You know after after you sign up they take you through training and you connect with all these incredible people who who are wanting to go serve and you know give up their give up a year of their life and you meet them those who want to give a years of their life. You know and when I had signed up there was one place that I wanted to go and I asked them you know is a possible to go to that place and then they told me No there isn't a project for that place there for that country but in the meantime I could serve next door as an Ok you know. That's fine you know wherever God would have me go. While in the middle of that year of service I received an email from the organization asking if I would be willing to help start the ground work for a new project in the country I wanted to go. Not perhaps you'd think I'd be excited. Just so you know how human I am I got cold feet. Because deep down when they were asking me to just you know just even look at the country I knew that they weren't asking for just one year like I was giving them but it could be up for up to 10 years and I wasn't ready to offer to God. And I thought they must have sensed my kind of hesitation so the president suggested that I join him for a brief meeting with him and an official from the General Conference and when we met they began to share with me what was taking place that year at j.c. session 2015 the General Conference was making a call to start the work in the country I wanted to go. And then the president told me that if it had been praying for years to start something there too and already I was on my own wanting to be there and he said it's like all these puzzle pieces from different entities God is taking them and putting them together and I decided to ask you know the cheesy elder what they decided to have happen on the project and the answer they sent was a center of influence with the health restaurant. Friends. Often times we limit God and somehow think our pipe dreams are so out of reach to God But the reality is is that God has such grand visions and his eyes are burning to and fro through out the earth to see who is willing to take God at His word and join up with God and buy into his vision. When when he said that I I knew it pretty much so it was that I knew or God wanted me to go next but it didn't make it make any less scary for me I finished up my one year and that the the daunting task of giving up years. In the next country was a hard reality to face but God doesn't he gives you the strength to move as you can from one stepping stone to the next you know never what I have thought that it would be possible to be at peace with the idea that I am willing to serve overseas for years until Jesus comes you know the victories that you experience because God takes you and he stretches you and he as he pulls your faith into these directions that you feel unreachable. And I can tell you from experience that you know alongside with the victories oftentimes in moving to the next stone you fall and I thought hard many times. After my one year I came back to America. Where you have before you go choose to the to the place that you're being called to you to you know I will have a time a time period to try and fundraise the support of the ministry that I would be out there for. You know and but at the same time when I came back to America I felt God was calling me to continue my education get masters something I never had the desire to because. Being free from loans is just feel so free my friends but after much discussion with God I knew that he was leading me to get an m.b.a. And if you know me personally I'm the last person that you would want to be running any business and the kind of person that would run a business into bankruptcy just being too nice to fire anybody or being so nice and wanting to hire anyone or being so nice and giving everything for free you know on and on the struggle was real Ok I I like I was entirely out of my element in studying for this like I failed classes and you know as an Asian It's like you don't do that. And then in so many other aspects everything was just really hitting a pretty big low I just feel like I was feeling God my spirituality was a low. You know with all the fund raising I just going overseas for several years is a lot larger amount than serve than raising support for one year and it just it just fell impossible. Felt feels like this huge mountain that you're. Being asked to pick up somehow. You know and it's like this amount that like I'll never I've never known of having that amount of money to my name for and I have to raise it. And you know I came to the point so low in my faith that I would pray to God you know God Are you still calling me because I've messed up so many times and I've let you down will you still have me. For I had started my studies I had actually planned a gap term to take medical missions training because but because of my poor educational performance I was told that I might not be allowed to go as I planned if I wanted to stay in the program but by the mercy of God with much prayer and a lot of improvement on my performance and a lot of talking to different personnel. Mercy worked it out and I I was able to get the the gap term and I went to train and eat in Valley in Loveland cold Colorado same city as the place of my old job was a prophecy in while I was doing medical missions training at Eden Valley. I decided to ask my old job if would be possible to share why I quit and what I was doing and they were happy they were happy to have me and I began so I went over there for worship and began to share with them about why I left about the 1040 window about the needs of the unreached and at the end someone had asked me why hadn't I gone and then I explained to them that while you know I need to raise the support before I could leave after I finished a woman came up to me with a smile and she told me. One year ago I had a dream that a gospel worker going overseas to the 10 a for the window and in that dream I asked the worker why they had not gone yet and the worker said I need the funds before I can go. She ended that story and she with a smile and she tells me my husband and I are not rich but we will support you with what we can. Hand is on your road I could not believe it one year ago God gave her a dream you might as well tell me that I'm living the book of Acts Ok I could not comprehend it just 2 weeks ago because of my failures I almost didn't even make it to Colorado but friends Ok I am living proof that when God calls you to something it's never been about you God's calling on you has never been dependent upon what you offer to God the call of God didn't start in your heart it started in the heart of God or your Before God was already raising this woman to help me in my path I don't know what obstacles you've hit or if you feel that you've messed up God's plan for his calling on your life the thing is you can't he's already prepared and provided for that trial for that crisis before it can we serve the eternal author and finisher of the faith and he will be the one carving your path as long as you cling to Him and His word and I think one of the most valuable lessons I have found in this journey is knowing what it means to trust that God will fulfill what he says that when he pledges something he always comes through. When I 1st understood that God was calling me overseas I was so afraid to move forward and so I asked God to provide me tokens when I say a token imagine like a treasure chest full of like gold coins and it's like God takes one gold coin and he says to me this is a token a symbol that I have promised and pledged to you the entire treasure chest at the end you hang on to this token you hang on to the school going. That dream was the token with the assurance I needed that God wasn't going to let me fail he already had set up this woman I had never met to help me with raising support and share with you another. Token One little more closer to home. One morning by Providence I found out that I go into my emails and I find out the upcoming summit that the president of the organization was going to share a message I think hope and I say I email with him I chat with him and then at that Hope gave me a chance to do a spotlight right before his message I was excited what like I was like wow what an opportunity and I'm like sharing with my friends and my best friend and suggest to pay for it she had been listening to answer ins by Martin Kim and she's like you know if you pray to God for a specific month and I hadn't tried that before as I go Ok And so you know what I decided to pray to God to ask him what should I pray for how much I prayed for it as I'm praying the number $5000.00 comes up. And that number I'm like I left it off like that that's not God That's foolishness and because in all the times I have visited churches like. I would not even imagine asking for $2000.00 because I would not even reach halfway to a 1000 and to ask for $5000.00 which is like that's that's ridiculous but. I came out of that prayer in. We talked to each other and she you know I was just joking around and I said you know like I was I was thinking $5000.00 and I was expecting her to laugh and instead she said Actually that's what that's what came to me too so I went forward on it I started to pray me and my friends praise God for friends who pray with you who encourage you in their faith we prayed together asking for $5000.00 that Sabbath I shared maybe some of you remember it was a small small spotlight just something few minutes and I think I just got nervous and things sort of I was just sort of rambling. And I let I kid you not I sat down friends and I thought to myself I don't I to the I totally blew it I'm tol'able it I don't even know if people know what I'm doing that I'm raising money or that I don't even know they know what I'm doing or going for and at the end. Someone comes up to me. And she's chatting with me and then she's tells me I wish I could do more she starts to write a check and then she says but consider it a token she hands me a check for 500 dollars. When I saw the check and when she said I knew. I knew that Con was going to bring in the $5000.00 Friends 2 weeks later a phone number I mean didn't recognize calls me and they talked to me it's all the couple lovely couple saying they had never known about this overseas organization before and that. The they have been the husband happened to go to that the 10 that have been hoped to have a school. And they decided that they wanted to give me $5000.00 and they pledged to give $100.00 every month to. God never fails his word God continues to provide an incredible ways you know I I used to dread raising support but by the mercy of God It's become this like incredible blessing to meet all these people who have out of their heart people I've never met before but they have made of their own decision to give to the overseas work I don't love for the unreached and I share with them what God is doing and I feel like I'm the one that's so blessed I don't know if there is anybody that is facing this decision that you know that God is perhaps calling you to something and you feel scared you feel scared to surrender because there are so many what ifs and so many uncertainties about that decision you're scared to move forward because you're going to make mistake if maybe if that's you. You can raise your hand where you are or you know but I want to pray for you I am a person of feeble faith I am full of weaknesses and full of mistakes and if God can use someone like me. And bringing my faith to the place where it is now I know that he will provide free what ever you need I don't know what challenge it's with your family if it's with your work I want to pray for you the God gives you the strength to surrender and follow His will. And I want to also perhaps pray for anybody that might be. Perhaps. Drugging struggling to you to consider. The overseas work you don't know it doesn't matter what kind of capacity that is but you know that you see a need you have heard the need and you realize that you have an abundance of something that so much of the world does not have and you want to tell God that you want to commit whether I don't know what what other aspect God is calling you I don't know if it's yours I don't know if it's financial but you know you see the need and you realize that you're not doing what you can be doing for the underaged I'd like to pray for you let's go ahead and pray. Near Heavenly Father God I praise you want to thank you I know that my simple path and journey is just one of so many others that you have moved upon and touched God. Lord how easy it is to cat that the God who moved in the book of Acts that the Holy Spirit who made miracles and could heal the blind and cause lame men to walk toward easy it is to doubt you are willing to work the scene in the stand. Lord I want to pray for. Those who are struggling to surrender something to you to surrender to you in some kind of major decision whatever that decision maybe maybe it's with the relationship maybe it's with the job decision made maybe it's it's a career path change but they know that you are calling them to make and they're struggling with a scary thought of surrender kind if you could make someone with faith as weak as mine move forward God I know you are able to encourage and help those with that next Lord May you bring them the fortitude even in the spite in spite of the face of fear to simply cling onto you and move forward not because you are removing the obstacles not because things are going to be perfect at the end of the path but because you are the in the path and you are leading the way that there is no risk and surrender with your God and it is safe to let go of every earthly support and to grab on to your hand. And when I want to pray for those who see and have heard it in a way in the need of the enraged and recognize that they will they can do more they and maybe you are calling them to do more to do something more than they have been doing before something may be uncomfortable and something that that stretches them beyond what they feel that they can get kind man you strengthen their hand uphold them with your righteous right hand and given the words Lord that they may know that your. You attend them Father God and the anything you have asked the less Lord you have always promised to give back a 100 fold not because we deserve it because that's the kind of God that we serve. I again we thank you for the Sabbath we thank you for this evening would. You praise you for the blessings that you have given us this past week. And the blessings that with accord to as we enjoy yourself. We pray Oleson Jesus' name. 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