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Dear and Dangerous Occupations

Ron Kelly
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Ron Kelly

Senior Pastor, Village SDA Church, Berrien Springs, Michigan



  • December 19, 2020
    12:00 PM
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Lord as we open your word now I pray open our hearts and I thank you for the prayer of our elder and I pray now Lord bless us as we seek to truly offer up living sacrifices to you so please guide us now on this journey in Jesus name Amen smore and I'm entitled My message Dear and dangerous occupations you know there are some things that people do that are far more threatening to their well being than others so I found from the Bureau of Labor Statistics the 10 top most dangerous jobs in America you can find the 20 top most dangerous jobs we'll start with number 10 and work our way down to number one if you're a front line supervisor of landscaping lawn service or groundskeeping you actually have one of the 10 most dangerous jobs in the United States you didn't think that the people that were hauling their equipment all over the place and dealing with things that have lots of moving parts were in as much of a danger zone as they are but that's number 10 Number 2 front line supervisors of construction trades and extraction workers so when you get your car stuck along the side of the road those people that come pull you out they have a very dangerous job you need to thank them not only pay them and those people that are building are buildings that they're hanging off ladders and they're doing all kinds of other things 9th most dangerous job those structural steel works that we go up to create larger buildings number 8 farmers ranchers and other agricultural workers number 7. Drivers of trucks and sales workers in cars number 6 and you didn't know this at number 5 the individuals who take your trash away have the 5th most dangerous job in the United States it's important you might think of setting something out for them some way of encouraging them I know many of them don't have to get out of the truck anyway these days but there is danger being on the road also roofers number 4 the people who keep us dry and number 3 our aircraft pilots and flight engineers transportation composes probably the largest risk to everyone Number 2 you probably thought was number one and that's commercial fishery number one is actually the individuals who go out and cut down the trees both for lumber and for other needs logging workers find themselves in one of the most dangerous jobs and the most dangerous job according to the Bureau of Land statistics of Labor Statistics So this morning though my category is not just dangerous occupations some people are dealing with things that are not as dangerous as others and this morning what I want to talk with you about is deer and changes occupations so if you have your Bibles this morning open them up to the book of Jeremiah Chapter 13 Jeremiah Chapter 13 and I want to go on a journey that leads us to Christmas you may wonder why we're going to start like this there's a reason Jeremiah Chapter 13 looking at verse 20 Jeremiah 13 verse 20 it says in The New American Standard lift up your eyes and see those coming from the north where is the flock that was given you your beautiful flock. It's a very interesting phrase Jeremiah has the dis advantageous job of telling everyone in Jerusalem Your security is momentary The suggestion to look to the north is a reminder that what he said from the beginning is going to come true judgement is coming God is allowing it it's coming from Babel and from never can answer the idea is do you know what the status of your flocks are are you prepared to provide the spiritual leadership and where possible the physical protection and I takes this phrase and she applies it to a number of categories of caregivers this morning I want to apply it to me and to you I'm going to start with a quote from Adam's home chapter page 15 paragraph one she says society is composed of families and is what the heads of families make it she didn't say homes she said societies out of the heart of the issues of life and the heart of the community of the church and of the nation is the household the well being of society the success of the church the prosperity of the nation depend upon the home influences now for the last 2 generations our country and much of the Western world been involved in a societal experiment and what we've done is we flouted the laws that James calls laws of Liberty and we've determined that a new morality with a humanistic bent the idea that man knows what's best for himself with Talbot a whole new way of doing life what we find ourselves in right now is a very precarious position where we have a nation charged with people who are afraid where we have very little risk taking for the Advancement of all that we've held dear before. And we should ask ourselves did we not expect this to happen if the home is truly the center of community of church and of nation if it's the foundation in the success of all these institutions what does it mean when we have a war on beginning back in the 1960 s. against fatherhood and what does it mean when we have a war on and that same decade against morality it turns into a war against marriage that war will morph over the years to where in the last decade we've seen a complete institutional redefinition of what marriage is that war goes on to be a war against parenting where parents are no longer the final authority and the lives of their children I didn't have to look very hard to come up with this document which is a legal document from the state of New Jersey 1st page probably the 1st hit on my Google search I read a blog and fathering and I in the in the blog it suggested that in this state it wasn't imperative that the schools do anything to cooperate with the parents in regards to gender identity issues with their minors turns out it wasn't Lauren it wasn't legit It was just plain fact and the public school system there which of course these are the coast and wait but those things tend to find their way to the middle the truth of the matter is is that this public school system can work at complete odds against the will and the wishes and the best understanding of the parents this is where we're at we shouldn't be surprised the real truth of the matter is is that when. When God deals with families he creates this metaphor this symbol mom you're the shepherdess of the home dad you're the shepherd What are you doing to shepherd your sheep What is the state of your flocks and this quote from Jeremiah Chapter 13 verse 20 is applied most often to the dynamic of parenting the reality is is that when the parent is afraid and has no real sense of the obligations upon them or inner strength to know what's best for children children are allowed to go astray in the name of parents feeling good from the 1st circle of feedback which unfortunately is their own adolescence Lesson 101 from the Scriptures and Lesson 101 for all that are engaging this parenting dynamic lay the laws of family love and order down strongly in the beginning so that when the bonds are being strained and stress everyone knows where the real line is that you don't cross there is a shepherding and Shepherd is role for all parents that is the Create a home of of nurture of love and support and a home of liberty given law that most of all allows a child not to become a slave of their own desires their own addictions the Christ we serve is a life giving power a joy failing spirit and one who makes our lives functional and successful the 2nd group of people I'd like to address this morning our teachers and white holds them in such high esteem as God does for sure but she also holds him to a high standard teachers must love the children because they are the younger members of the Lord's family the Lord will inquire love them as of the parents here we go Jeremiah 1320 where is the flock that was given the beautiful flock. I realize that I'm standing here before you today because my mother was a true shepherdess I understood in my home that I was loved and I understood where the law and love came together for the well being and the discipleship development of my person I also understood that my mother believed that the teachers were her best friends and that what was to happen at school was to be an extension of the authority established in the home I visit with somebody yesterday morning who it was interesting to hear him talking he said basically as many of you were told that are my age if you get in trouble at school you're going to be a trouble at home if our society would be a better place if we practiced Leviticus in 1918 which says don't harbor any ill will in your heart speak frankly with one another and love your neighbor as yourself My mother never ran down a teacher she had some encounters with teachers behind the scenes that I didn't know about where she talked straight up with them and they talked by God's grace straight up with her but the teachers were her partners and the teachers held a responsibility for the discipleship not only of the mind but of the heart of the soul these people our friends fellow ministers in our midst are a part of the network of disciple in the flock and they will be held accountable she goes on to write in the fundamentals of Education Page $222.00 those teachers who have not a progressive religious experience are not daily learning the lessons in the school of Christ that they may be examples to the flock but accept their wages is the main thing are not fit for the solemn awfully solemn position they occupy. If there's one thing that's clear when we start looking at the element of shepherding is it you don't do it just for the money when those higher lines are running away saying this job doesn't pay enough the one who loves the Flock is standing between them and destruction if you're a parent this morning your goal is not to get the accolades of your adolescence your goal is to prepare the adolescence for adulthood and that is a journey not for cowards as James Dobson would say there is a knowledge an art of one is passed over the road of life what the one who has not yet made it to adulthood needs to get to a functional life and it's a parent's role to be parents not big buddies not best friends friendship comes farther down the road it comes when they've crossed into the full matrix of adulthood for many marriage and children them themselves and the fact of the matter is along the way God is expecting parents to partner with teachers to be shepherds of society of the church sometimes even of the home let's go to the pastors pastor is a Latin word do you know what it means it means shepherd and white writing will say I have a message for those who labor in the ministry the Lord not pleased with the work you have given him and he's not accept it your hands because you've neglected the very part of the work that's the most sensual or the Salvation of Souls and of the health of the church the minister simply put she right is to be a shepherd right in patriarchs and prophets all who regard as an unwelcome task the care and burdens that fall to the lot of the faithful shepherd or reproved by the Apostle 1st Peter 52 not by constraint but willingly not for filthy lucre are but I've already mine all such on faithful servants the chief shepherd would willingly release none like hit the pause button right here if you're not called to the ministry. And you're not faithfully enacting the role of a shepherd God says it's Ok for you to step away from what you're doing I want to tell you there are some dangerous jobs out there today and pasturing done right gets to the very top of the list because we have a world built on humanistic principles and a consumer culture and it's a mighty rushing torrent heading toward self-destruction going this way and God says I need some people to represent an alternative way and it's going to be a bit pricey emotionally and relationally where I'm taking people as a little road up the side of a high mountain to a high place to a different counter this is why when Moses is being criticized by Miriam and Aaron in Numbers Chapter 12 and God makes Miriam leprous white obviously the leader of the critique God comes down and says listen I heard everything you said and it isn't Ok if you're a pastor listen to me today live in this audience or later on line or live online you have a very challenging job one of the best things you can say to your pastor is Pastor I'm praying for you keeping things moving towards heaven in a world that's headed towards hell is not an easy task the partnership of every parent every adult person every young adult every child but the partnership especially of those who have come to the age of majority and understand what it takes for things to turn out right that partnership of educator and l. other leader absolutely necessary no wonder the devil would like to divide our churches over a myriad of less significant topics all with their own value because he knows if the flock can be fighting and there be no leadership he can reach out with his devilish staff and rate them all in give us a few sensibility moments or I should say sensational moments. Addict them to devices turn them away from reflecting on life and pretty soon what Jesus paid is an infinite price for is worthless Yes indeed pastoral ministry in the home pastoral ministry in the school pastoral ministry in the church is a dear and dangerous profession today but God says if you wouldn't serve me willingly our relation to the Church of Christ ready and patriarchs and prophet going on has been purchased with his blood and every shepherd should realize that the sheep are under his care costs and impotent sacrifice if you regard them each as of priceless worth and should be and wearied in his effort to keep him in a healthy flourishing condition the shepherd is imbued with the spirit of Christ imitate a self-denying example constantly laboring for the welfare of his charge and the flock will prosper under his care it's important now for a word of encouragement to the pastors as I've just challenge you all will be called to render a strict account of their ministry the master will demand of every Shepherd Where is the flock that was given they were back to Jeremiah 1320 aren't we where is the flock that was given the the beautiful flock he that is faithful will receive a rich reward when the chief shepherd shall appear says the apostle you shall receive a crown of glory the faith not the way but what's the 1st what's the 1st occupation recorded in the scriptures after the fall when you're used to the one before the fall you say keepers of the garden take your Bible and turn to Genesis Chapter 4 the 1st of all occupations recorded in the scriptures outside of the Garden of Eden is one that won't surprise you but there are a few interesting twist and turns in the story Genesis Chapter 4 verse one says now the man had relations with his wife Eve and she conceived and gave birth to Cain. And she said I've gotten a man child with the help of the Lord and again she gave birth to another brother Abel and Abel was a keeper of flux we've got an inverted dynamic between the kids just like we have with Jacob and Esau Abel comes 1st Abel is the keeper of the flux and Cain is a tiller the ground so it came about in the course of time that Cain brought in offering to the Lord of the fruit of the ground Abel on his part brought a furnishing of his clock and their fat portions and the Lord had regard for Abel and for his offering but for Cain it is offering He had no regard so came became very angry and his countenance fell and the Lord said to him Why are you angry and why is your countenance fun if you do well will not your countenance be lifted up now I'm going to pause right here and I want to make sure you understand there are laws of mental health written throughout the Scriptures and the smore any one in Sabbath school and one here to have been shared if your life is chaotic we'll go to Sabbath school 1st if your life is chaotic physically financially relationally do what you can to put it in order because when you live by these laws peace and hope comes into existence if you're driving an old car and you're totally dissatisfied with it clean it up vacuum and out wash the windows and you'll find that you like it a whole lot better the fact of the matter is if your home is too small and it's dissatisfactory you make it an orderly clean beautiful place and all of a sudden it's a better place the mind works the same way save it from constant frenetic activity connecting here connecting there and no connection with God. Chaos turn to order is mental emotional strength but let's go back to this one if you do well versed 7 will not your countenance be lifted up if there's a God who created this world and there are laws governing human relationship and we were made in God's image to honor him and if guilt is a law of relational dysfunction and disobedience and rebellion and when we do wrong guilt settles on us and wars against our mental well being then when I turn to God and confess my sin and give in my heart I find a new sense of personal inner emotive strength basically God's telling Cain while you're walking the wrong way you won't be happy but when you walk in righteousness when you do righteously you'll experience the joy of a robust Manal emotional health no sunken countenances But Cain refuses something in this conversation just sits on in the rest of verse 7 if you do not do well since crouching at the door and his desires for you but you must master another word God is chastised him no striking anybody dead that's going to come in the next verses as he's upset about God's rebuke God has faithfully shepherded this man and said you've done what's wrong and as long as you're on that path you're going to be unhappy the brothers meet in a field according to the Scriptures verse a Cain told his brother and it came about when they were in the field and Cain rose up against his brother and he killed him so Cain did like conversation with God and he gets in a conversation with Abel who is the shepherd and what do you think Abel said that made man do you think about these things or do we just roll through the verses one at a time do you suspect Abel might have said you know God is right. And all somebody doing wrong needs to be reminded of how wrong they are when they wanted sympathy instead and it's a little too much for Cain and pretty soon something comes out and then the blood flows God comes along and he asking a question he says where is your brother the response of Cain is a very interesting sponsor what does he say I don't know that's the 1st response which is a lie and the 2nd response is am I my brother's keeper Now why would King be compelled to make this statement to God there is something in the fabric of humanity especially in a home but extends out to a school room and extends out to a church where we actually do have a responsibility to others we actually do owe it to each other to care we actually do need to connect enough to care which is why the the author of Hebrews will write don't for sake the assembling together because to come together is to get closer to each other God actually places in the very introductory chapters of the Bible a sense that yes you are responsible in some measure for some of your relating to your friends and your family it's not the able is responsible for Cain's behaviors or the Goddess or anything else but those shepherding role requires you to be responsible to the love as defined by the Scripture regards to right and wrong God places at the very beginning of scripture the template for human relating at its highest order we go farther into the scriptures Chapter 12 we find a man by the name of Abraham What's his profession he's a shepherd we go to his children same thing we go to the grandchildren same thing we get farther into the Bible and finally after a long hiatus between Joseph and Jacob Jacob is brought down the gym. What is Jacob told by a son to tell Pharaoh tell him that you're what tell him that you're shepherds why because the Gyptian is to despise Shepherd and I want you to understand the today in this modern era of secular Paganism the same despising is upon all who still seek to shepherd in the narrowing path of right Joseph understood that immediate up close fellowship between the Israelites his family and the secular paganism of Egypt would be bad for his family and he specifically architects distinction in culture and society inhabit and in thought pattern and in entertainment say that you're shepherds they despise shepherds they ended up with good land after a period of several 100 years they're on their way out it's a pretty turbulent moment and before they get to be on their way out they need a leader a little boy was rescued 40 years earlier from the Nile River he lived for 12 years with a faithful shepherdess and then he went into the palace he was out in about one day and thought it was time to undertake the work God ordained prophetically delivered the problem was that he didn't know nearly what he needed to know to do the job he ends up in exile interestingly enough he's by a well and at the well there are some women shepherds shepherdess as we call them it just so turns out that some men shepherdesses come up at the same time Moses has an internal sense of right and wrong inside him and he gets up and he does something about it those shepherdesses go home and tell their papa turns out that he ends up being in the family and why tells us that many people would have dispersed with 40 years of keeping sheep on the sides of Sinai. But affirms that this is what he really needed to be a good leader to learn patience and humility even honesty she says strangely enough even honesty from the 1st time I read that Moses need to learn honesty I've been captivated with the thought of the power of a leader to deceive themselves that they're doing right especially if it works out nicely for their corporate esteem status in their leadership role Moses needed to understand that he was not going to be the popular deliverer of Israel if anybody was unpopular in the journey with the Israelites nation it was Moses so much so that even his family would turn on him we go another for another 500 years into the experience of Israel and there's a boy keeping the sheep 8 of 8 children Samuel comes to town he doesn't tell exactly what he's about but when he's done looking at the 7 older brothers he says are there any other kids yeah there's one What's he doing is keeping the sheep go get him he comes back and he's annoyed it interestingly enough from that point forward prophetic imagery will have the Messiah as a shepherd over God's people like David God Himself is our shepherd We know that from Psalm 23 The Lord is my shepherd it is resplendent throughout Scripture if you're a pastor listening to me today 33 and his equal 4034 before you are all said and done nobody mentioned shepherds in the Bible more than Jeremiah he tells us in chapter 3 that he God will give us shepherds after his own heart. We go through the scriptures and we find Jesus we find Jesus in John Chapter 10 telling us that he is the true shepherd he contrasts his role with the role of the hireling the higher Lee runs away when real danger comes we come down to the works of Paul and Peter and we're affirmed the God Himself is the shepherd and that he will raise up other shepherds Now let's bring it together for the Christmas season why are we talking about shepherds we're talking about shepherds because when Christ chooses to take his crop crown a and come to planet earth he is going to follow in the path that he previously self identified with and the real thing is is that false shepherds have ruined the state of Israel to where he's going to come and be rejected by everybody who says they're looking for him and so as he's taking his crown off and setting it aside in the Angels or watching just amazed with this kind of true love there comes a moment when a mama holds a baby the miracle baby Jesus and the father's looking over her shoulder and nobody knows we've had the prophecy of Zechariah he was at the altar with an angel appeared that babies already been born his name is John the Baptist the miracle of prophetic 4 Runner has already run the rumor mill through Jerusalem No it's not a rumor it's in fact so why is it that when when the wise men show up nobody's interested but let's just say a chapter or 2 ahead of the wise men so the angels in heaven are wondering what's going on and the praise of God is sung every day constantly in his courts and there's a baby born on planet earth and nobody knows of that who are we going to tell the angels or commission they're hovering over the hillsides of Bethlehem God let a min. I'm trusting us to the ones who have given their lives to the protection of the animals we call dumb Gabriel lights up the hillside at least I'm assuming it's Gabriel Gabriel lights up the hillside he gets their eyes adjusted and then all of these angels who have declared to the highest among men declare so those who have been overlooked the value of their ministry under-rated they sing out glory to God in the highest and God takes some of that indignity and social sarcasm for their role and he highlights the beauty of a group of people that to the very end will be his self chosen identifying group. Now how many of the 12 disciples were shepherds 0 Doesn't this strike you as a little bit interesting how many of the disciples post cross and Pentecost are shepherds every single one when we come to looking at Jeremiah 1320 Ellen White will go on to say that every soul don't miss the simple verbiage you may not be a parent or you may not be a pastor you may not be a teacher but every single person within earshot of this Shepherd's voice this morning has a shepherd's obligation to somebody the question will be where we fulfill that role will we be kind and caring where we create the security and when necessary will we be the speed bumps to self-destruction so I thought to myself we've got shepherds all throughout the bible are there any shepherds in the Book of Revelation I couldn't think of any but the computer helps there's one revelation. 717 he says a god will shepherd from his city let's look at it turn to it you oughta know it this Christmas season Revelation 717 you know the verse you just don't know this part for the lamb in the center of the throne will be their shepherd and he will guide them to the springs of the water of life and God the chief shepherd who laid down His life for the sheep will wipe every tier from their eyes. Was the reason the shepherds received the heralds from heaven one last thing before I quit take your bulletin and look at the quote you need to understand fulfilling your role as part of your transformation the history of David affords one of the most impressive testimonies ever given to the dangers that threatened the soul from the power and riches and worldly honor were living in that day friends god school them on the hillside before he went into the palace those things that are most eagerly desired among men if you have ever passed through an experience better adapted to prepare them for enduring such a test David's early life as a shepherd with its lessons of humility and patient toil and of tender care for his flocks the communion with nature in the solitude of the hills developing his genius for music and poetry and directing his thoughts to his Creator now follow these next sentences these next parts of this sense carefully the long discipline of his wilderness life calling into exercise courage fortitude patience. And Faith in God had been appointed by the Lord as his preparation for the throne of the Israel look. If you're a salesman today you need to be very careful because that job calls into exercise all the wrong things sometimes praise the Lord for our successful salesman who don't lose their identity in selling a product and don't sell themselves to sell the product there are some jobs that are dangerous to the soul but there are other jobs which by their very nature call forth and develop the exercise of courage and patience and fidelity and fame in other words God chose to self identify a shepherd and when you come to follow him you're born into a family of shepherds and the failure to exercise your love and responsibility to the people that are depending upon you to let them to go forward in ignorance I'm not suggesting you run and dump a truckload of knowledge on anybody but what God is showing is that all throughout time the very best we could do to reveal effective parenting and a savior is love is to care for the ones who can really do a whole lot to care back for you it elicits it transforms it brings from within the things that make you like God. And someday the great shepherd. He's going to shepherd the goats to the side and the sheep to that land. The model takes us all the way through heaven. He'll never quit being a shepherd to us and he's calling every parent every teacher every pastor every person. To draw near to him and receive his heart by doing his bidding by caring as he cares. This morning you need to know we're living in a dangerous time. But God's going to have shepherds and we're going to be just like David. He walks back to the tent to saw that he says you know what. I can't do it this way but I've practiced. I came here on God's or Danny. When I heard the growl of the Lion when I heard the growl of the bear I could run home to daddy or I could run out and meet the enemy. He held those baby lambs when they were born he named them all and they knew his voice and was a job where he got rich all the jobs that matter little in this world pay a whole lot and all the jobs that matter most don't pay nearly as much. Parenting is at the top of the list be faithful mom and dad follow Christ be the shepherd. God's calling us today to arm ourselves with the love that's born of the love of God and the courage becomes with caring. Those shepherds on the hillsides of Bethlehem they heard the angels singing they were the 1st announcers and they were the people of God who had been used to caring for the insignificant and the vulnerable May God take this Christmas season and give a shepherd's heart and may we be hearing the echoes of a soon coming King when those angels are going to sing again and their message will be glorious to the shepherds of salvation dwelling in the last generation on the face of this planet may God give us the hearts of shepherds may we realize it's a dangerous occupation and an evil day and an evil time but a very very dear one to God So parenting teaching pastor in whatever your circle is exercise it for Jesus and may we rise up and follow just as they rose and followed 2000 years ago. 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