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The True Ministers of God

Benjamin Ng
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  • November 28, 2020
    11:30 AM
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Father in heaven thank you Lord for this time I was about to open the Bible to read to study together you grace us with your presence when you lead us with your spirit illumine our hearts and minds or Lord draw our thoughts heavenward and most importantly that you would convict and convert our hearts by the only living spirit this morning for Jesus' name amen. You know friends the disciples they were always fighting amongst each other for the 3 and a half years that they were walking in ministering with Jesus they went out and they would go and preach and they would teach and they would heal but yet between them there was conflict there was rivalry there was division and there was always a debate they knew that Jesus was a great teacher he could perform miracles I mean he could walk on water he could heal those that were sick the power of God was clearly with him and they were just sure that Jesus was going to come in and overcome and conquer the Romans that they had been in subjection to and he was going to take the throne and lead the nation of Israel to glory just as they had read it seemed in the Old Testament and they wanted to be right there on his right hand and on his left who would be the greatest and this strife got so bad amongst them that they would even bring in family in Matthew Oh my slides have disappeared I just checked this just before and not sure what happened here give me a 2nd but in Matthew chapter 20 maybe you can turn your Bibles there while I fix this but in Matthew chapter 20 and verses 20 and 21 Matthew 202021 let's turn our Bibles there this is what let me see if I can open this real quick. There we go Matthew 2020 and 21 then came to him the mother of his children with her sons worshipping Him and desiring a certain thing of him and he said and her what wilt thou she said unto him grant that these my 2 sons may sit the one on the right hand the other on the left in the kingdom can you believe it even the mother of John and James came in asking for a position for her 2 sons and of course you can see that this would have probably caused more strife among the disciples in verse 24 it says when the turn heard it they were moved with indignation against the 2 brother and it just made things worse but look at what Jesus response was starting in verse 25 But Jesus called on to him and said you know that the princes of the Gentiles exercise dominion over them and that they that are great exercise authority upon them but it shall not be so among you but whosoever will be great among you let him be your minister and whosoever will be Chief among you let him be your servant even as the Son of Man came not to be ministered unto but to minister and to give his life a ransom for many Jesus said If we are to be great if we are to be great we must learn to minister in what way even as the Son of Man came not to be ministered to but to minister Jesus is telling the disciples follow my example. What does the word minister mean it means to be an attendant to wait upon to serve that sounds like a servant doesn't it air hostess or stewardess to stand there ready to serve and waiting on people like a waiter standing there ready to help them with their every once and need look Jesus wasn't waiting on the disciples 247 attending to their every beckoning need but the point he is trying to make is this I came to earth to serve to live for others to minister to people's needs not wants the world's idea of how to live is really quite the opposite the friends we're surrounded by influences all our lives with a message of find out what you want to do and do it find out what you like to eat and eat it it's all about what I want what makes me happy what gives me enjoyment for example in marriage you know we have to find the girl that makes me happy or girls go to find a guy that makes me happy that can make me laugh and that's why so many people they look in relationships whether the other person has the same hobbies as them whether they like the same food that they eat where they like to do the same things that they do and that sort of love friends is just skin deep because before you know it they displease them and divorce quickly becomes an option what I'm trying to say is marriage many times becomes selfish another example education. Our studies is focused on studying subjects that will get me into the career that will earn me the most money so I can buy all the toys that I want to buy and the focus is all about my life my happiness my desires my needs on my ones and even my joys but friends that's not true joy that's not the reason why God created each and every one of us the one who made us made us to work in a certain way he didn't make us to be ministered unto but to minister no matter how much money you have whether you can even afford 400 servants like Abraham he still ministered coming back to Matthew 20 and verse 28 even as the Son of Man came not to be ministered unto but to minister to give his life speaking about Jesus a ransom for many he calls himself the Son of man because he identifies himself with the human race he came to this earth for what reason not to be ministered to like a king but to minister to serve he came from where he came from heaven a place that was full of bliss and joy and love from a good place and he gave that up the best place in the universe why because of love he came not to be ministered unto but to minister and not only did he minister but he gave up his life and even today in heaven after he died and resurrected and gone up to glory he is still ministering on our behalf in the Holy of Holies interceding on our behalf this my friends is an eternal truth this is something that we must understand if we want to live this life with joy and fulfillment. In Romans Chapter 15 in verse one the Bible says we then that are strong or bear the infirmities of the weak and not to please ourselves those that are strong we should be bearing infirmities of the weak not to pleasing ourselves what does it mean to bear the infirmities it means to carry to sustain you know there are many out there today the moment our parents get weak and all and the shipped off to nursing homes pay someone to take care of them and we rationalize that they can get better service that way than staying with us why because we're busy because we can't wake up in the middle of the night and take them to the toilet because someone we paid them that gives them 24 hour care they can take care of them better than we can and we rationalize it that way and you know today millions of people are being ministered to being waited upon being sustained and carried not because of love and the ties of deep and loyal affection but because they're getting paid so much an hour to do it and many people have made millions out of nursing homes but friends that ought not to be the case we should learn to put aside our Koreas our wants and desires just so that we can learn to bear the infirmities of the weak. Including parents you know friends the ones to feel sorry for are not those that are weak and sick but for those that are living for themselves living to please themselves because it goes against the foundation the very foundation of which Jesus Christ created us at the very beginning and when sin came in Adam and Eve they what did they do they took the fruit they pleased themselves it was all about self their selfish desires their selfish motives Eve saw the food that was good and it looked policing to the eyes and it seemed to tasty so she took it and ate it gave it to Adam Adam looked at Eve she pleased him more than God did and so he chose her over God to please himself people that can give about all it tastes good people that can't give up smoking it makes me feel good it's all about pleasing self in the society in the day and age that we're living in but Romans Chapter 15 and verse one to 3 it continues without a strong order better than Firman seas of the week not to please ourselves but look at this let every one of us please his neighbor for his good to edification for even Christ pleased not himself but as it is written the reproaches of them that reproach the fell on me even Christ did not please himself instead the reproach the suffering of men fell upon him he bore our infirmities but notice what it says in verse 2 let every one of us please his neighbor for his good to edification. It doesn't mean that whatever a person wants that we should give it to them because it makes them happy it pleases them it doesn't mean that we should just give our kids whatever they want because when whenever their displease they roll on the floor they start crying into such a thing if it no friends it says we should please them for their edification What does the word edification mean it means to build up and there are many that are there many children out there that cry for things that will not build them up but rather destroy their life and health and will look into this later but friends we are to please God Part of me we are to please people for their good to build them up we are to do what is best for them whether they know it or not but the all the while we are to live for others I want you to consider this quote taken from ministry of healing for own 9 paragraph one like our Savior we are in this world to do service for God We are here to become like God in character and by a life of service to reveal him to the world in order to be coworkers with God in order to become like Him and to reveal his character we must know him a rights we must know him as he reveals himself friends this is the purpose for which every one of us are created it is to do service for others to live for others it is a life of service Sin is what has made us insular sin has made us look at self sin has made us to look to please ourselves and not to serve others sin is what makes us all. About Us It puffs us up and makes us forget about everyone else around us look at this ministry of healing $391.00 paragraph one true education what is this true education is missionary training every son and daughter of God is called to be a missionary we are called to the service of God and our fellow men and to fit us for this service should be the object of our education what is true education it is missionary training. I think that many that are conservative out there and look at that word true education can get mixed up what true education is all about look some of us think through education is home schooling that's not true education is some of us think it's all about gardening and reading the Bible all day no that's not what it is did you see what she wrote there true education is missionary training and it says that every son and daughter of God is called to be a missionary we're called to serve God and our fellow men and education should fit us for service it's not that our kids won't come home from school cursing It's not about our kids we don't want to turn to normal school so they won't get bullied it's not about our I don't want to kids to be influenced by evil associations many. True education parents maybe are are content with children to have. A below average intellect so long as they have good characters but for what just so you can hibernate and wait for Jesus to come no friends true education what is it really all about it's about missionary training it's about surface it's about fitting people for service that is the true object of through education some of us we just become professional students thinking that we should study this and study that but friends if you have enough knowledge right now to serve God why are you pursuing even more when you have not been deficient look if you've been deficient in knowledge maybe as a nurse or a medical doctor some of you guys go all I want to study this so I can serve God in the mission field Well have you been to the mission field before if you haven't how do you know that this is what you need get out there and serve God 1st that's practical education isn't it not so many of us we tell ourselves I want to get this degree so I can serve God in the mission field and they get so many degrees as a result they start having these offers of earning 100000 a month and they get tempted and so you all got God let me save for retirement then I'll serve you so many of us have what understandings of what true education is all about thinking that you need to study when in fact you don't and then I know people are going to brand me saying Arbenz discouraging people to study no I'm not I'm encouraging you to get what God wants you to get and then serve Him with all your heart. So many of us we are working in professional work serving companies but friends where is that time that you are serving God and for those that are in the mission field have you been deficient in knowledge already have you felt like you need to get even more knowledge to serve God even better if you have then by all means go if not then why don't you just stay where you are and continue to serve God and so he shows you Ben You need to go and get further study because what you have right now is not enough you got to get trained even more so you can be in a more effective minister for me you know friends this is where the education of the world is really in told Saul opposite direction to true education you know education in our schools today is about getting a good good grade is competitive it's mainly focused on self and individual achievements it's not about being different in curriculum Look just because you study math out of a world the math textbook it doesn't mean that you're not having true education but will this math help you to serve God people better and more in the future but well the education primarily is not about the textbook that is used but it's focused on self and on the individual so you can get into a good course so you can get a good job so you can be successful so you can support yourself whereas true education is focused on serving others allowing others 1st place giving preference to others sacrificing for the sake of others that is fundamentally opposite to the education that we receive in our in our schools today that of the world. You know Paul when he was on the way to Damascus he was he was blinded but you know he was a smart man he was an intellectual man destined for great things and when he was converted he gave all of that up do you know that it didn't mean anything to him to the point that he said in Philippians 34 or 7 though I might also have confidence in the flesh if any other men think is that he hath aware of he might trust in the flesh I more circumcised the 8th day of the stock of Israel of the tribe of Benjamin and Hugh Brewer of the Hebrews as touching the law a fair a see concerning zeal persecuting the church touching the righteousness which is in the law blameless but what things were again to me those I counted loss for Christ why for Christ in verse 10 he says that are you may know him and the power of His resurrection and the fellowship of His sufferings being made conformable on to death he wanted to live the life of Christ in the fellowship of sufferings in service to humanity a life of serving others he threw everything out this man was debts and for great things he was probably the hope that all the fair received these centered on like this is going to be the next great leader of the fairest seas. He cast all of that aside it didn't mean anything his degree meant nothing even Matthew the tax collector when Jesus came by and called them he got up and left his tax collecting job he left all that money behind just like Zacchaeus willing to give all his money to the poor for a life of service you know these successful men they all had money and you know sometimes when that happens to us we get a hold of all those riches and suddenly we start thinking about all the things that we can buy the car the laptop all these things and finally I can buy my dream house or get that that electronics and that camera that I've been dreaming of all these years self just creeps into our mind and all that tinkling of the money just it is just changes the way we think and we forget about service to God or not doing anything bad but are not doing what God wants me to do either our education true education it's all about missionary service about serving others that's what our schools should be focusing on today ministry of healing 395 paragraph 3 the children and youth with their fresh talents energy and courage. They quick susceptibilities are loved of God and he desires to bring them into harmony with divine agencies and look at this they are to obtain an education that will help them to stand by the great by the side of Christ in unselfish service friends let me repeat that again it's not about having different subjects and studying math or juggle fi or science out of the Bible it's not any of that but it's what the Bible needs to do in our hearts and our minds to transform our lives into selfish service for humanity we can use the Bible as a textbook like how the people of the world use the textbooks for geography and history in math and science but unless it turns our lives into servants of God and for humanity that education that we have received from the Bible has come short it's preparing us and to prepare us for a life of service that's what happens in your daily devotion as well and that's what will happen when you learn to walk with Jesus it's a life of service ministry of healing 400 paragraph one with the people of that age the value of things was estimated by outward show as religion had declined in power it had increased in pomp. The educations of the time sought to command respect by display and ostentation So all this the life of Christ presented a marked contrast to see that there was a huge difference between that of the schools of his age and how Jesus was educated his life demonstrated the worthlessness of those things that men regard as life's great essentials the schools of his time with their magnifying of things small and their belittling of things great he did not seek Jesus the way he was educated was totally different look there has to be a difference in how we educate our children compared to the worldly schools are not saying that there's no difference with what textbook we use at all but we can't miss the mark in the purposes in all these differences it's got to be a life of service but the things that the schools even in Jesus' time the things that were small they made big and the things that were big an import in this life they made small How does it apply to our time today friends well what is our focus in our schools of today achievement getting good grades excelling in sports and that's all focused on self the little things in life suddenly become so important about that sort of great that you've got and even of use lied or cheated getting to that grade or worse at least you did well in a sense right but friends what was Christ life all about service service service servicing others serving humanity it's not that Jesus didn't study look at where he got his education from look at this. 400 point one is continued his education was gained from heaven appointed sources from useful work from the study of the Scriptures from nature and from the experiences of life God's lesson books plural full of instruction so all who bring to them the willing hand the seeing eye and understanding hands do you see this there were 4 great text books the one Useful Work Number 2 the study of the Scriptures number 3 nature and number 4 that experiences of life friends if we want to experience the education that Jesus had we got to experience all of these 4 things so let's look at the 2 in the middle because they are the ones that we most commonly dwell upon Ok the spot the Scriptures and nature look in the Bible we see the life of Christ we see his service to humanity we see the great men and woman in the Bible who served others as well this lesson is all too clear and if you missed that point you missed the whole reason for reading the Bible in the 1st place and the nature Well that's very simple as well all nature lives to give the trees were taken are carbon monoxide are coming dioxide part of me not monoxide and it will pump out oxygen for us to breathe they all exist to live for us all nature lives to give so we see the lesson of service in the Bible and in nature but yet the slide said one useful work also and experiences of life. These 2 are very closely linked with each other useful work experiences of life in what way Well let me show you another quote 400.4 The home is the child's 1st school where the home not church school not school not primary school not daycare the home is the child's 1st school and it is here but the foundation should be laid for a life of service its principles are to be taught not merely in theory they are to shape the whole life training friends the home is a school where the a like it or not the home will shape our characters to be in service or to live for self what type. A type of not self service but serving our this so parents we must please others for their education we should please them to build them up how to train our children for a life of service Well pardon me let's continue reading ministry of healing for one paragraph one look at this very early the lesson of helpfulness should be taught the child as soon as strength and reasoning power us sufficiently developed he should be given duties to perform in the home he should be encouraged in trying to help father and mother encourage to deny him to control himself to put others happiness and convenience before his own to watch for opportunities to cheer and assist brothers and sisters and playmates and to show kindness to the aged the sick and the unfortunate The more fully the spirit of true ministry pervades the home the more fully It will be developed in the lives of the children they will learn to find joy in service and sacrifice for the good of others friends what do we call this in our modern day today we call this home chores. House chores house duties it's called Washing dishes it's called scrubbing the toilet it's called sweeping the floor it's called mopping the floor it's called wiping down every surface that has collected dust It's called making your bed it's called cleaning the sink It's called taking out the rubbish it's called cleaning the hair from the shower drain it's called packing up your toys before you move on to something else it's called taking the clothes down from the clothes line it's cold folding the clothes It's called putting your own clothes away so much that we can do so much that children can do and for parents to train them but you look at this list washing dishes scrubbing the toilet mopping the floor wiping the floor what wiping down surfaces who does that usually today in your house is it a maid you are robbing your children of education and paying someone else to be educated do you see that it's not about just giving your children an innocent life or a carefree life this will in many cases hurt them more than help them we must please them for their edification to build them up it's time to stop getting the made so much and that your children do the work not slave labor but to build them up you know so many of us you know find this with my children they begin to complain after one minute of folding clothes they say Mom I'm tired and when my kids say that I don't believe them even for a 2nd I say rubbish continue. They're able to run around for 3 hours downstairs nonstop and here they are folding clothes for one minute and they're tired already you know don't please them in that regard friends that's a time to put your foot down and require them to do it no matter how much their mouth and their mind tell them that they're tired parents I appeal to you Don't let your children get away with being lazy you will hurt them for the future and you might even try them out from service to Christ one day as well it's not a it's not a matter of saving money to stop getting the maid to come it's a matter of training your children for missionary service to teach them to be like Jesus even though they might have a long face at the very beginning even though they might cry or roll on the floor in rebellion we must edify them we must build them up to be useful men and women in the future not just so that they'll have a clean home when they get married one day or when they move out of home and go and study in k.l. far away from you know it's that they will learn to say of Christ where ever they go friends if you didn't get that sort of home training when you were a kid it's not too late to start now don't clean your own room because you like a clean place that that's got nothing to do with missionary service you clean the room for yourself because you live in it that selfish service but when you go to someone else's house don't expect to be waited upon to be served go serve them go help them that's service lighten the burdens of others you know Christmas it's it's less than a month away and this is the time that many children are this is how I grew up many children look forward to 2 gifts the presents right to be exchanged and the time when more often than not we look forward to what we are going to get under the Christmas tree. People say that it's a birth of Christ and I don't believe that for a 2nd Ok but if it is the birth of Christ Usually the person who has a birthday should get the most gifts right have you ever been to a birthday or you celebrate your birthday where everyone else got gifts and you didn't in the time of Christmas is a time that we should be serving each other the most learning to give and not learning to take and that will be a hard lesson for children to receive if they're used to just getting getting getting all their lives you know we've had to take a turn for how our Christmas is celebrated this coming year and instead of letting the kids just buy whatever you want for a 100 ringgit we said you have a portion only of that 100 and the rest of it you've got to buy gifts for other people learning to surf and I'm telling you the heart that looks at all those toys and what they want they are constantly thinking about themselves trying to stretch the dollar just for themselves and so often the selfish spirit is not manifested in school but it starts in the home friends this is what must separate the selfish from the unselfish those who live for others and those who live for self learning to serve others this is where we can find true joy true contentment true satisfaction a life of fulfillment Why how do I know Jesus made us that way he lived that life he lived a life yes full of power but he lived a life full of service for humanity and so today friends I ask you what are you striving for. To be financially free to finally be rich for what reason so that you can just go off and enjoy life and that's not what Christ created us for he created us for a life of unselfish service to be a blessing to others. This is where our happiness can be found friends this is where true joy can be found so today instead of thinking about yourself all the time let's look and see how we can be a blessing to others for parents start the children on choice don't let the maid take all the blessings and neither you steal all the blessings you know so many times we think of that as child training child training we got to train them but friends know it's not just for their own character but for a life of service that we can be true ministers for Jesus Christ it begins in the home on our knees scrubbing the floor on our knees scrubbing the toilet on our feet getting our hands wet in the sink washing those dishes putting them away drying the dishes washing the clothes all these things get your children involved Sure they might break a few plates along the way sure the dishes might be still little bit dirty show you might have to come up behind them and sweep the floor again show you might have to ring them up for them because they're too small but I'm telling you friends get them involved and early get them used to the fact that this is training for missionary service one day because life it's not all about them and playing and enjoying life it's about making sure that we are living a life of service. The disciples finally got it in Acts chapter 2 when the Holy Spirit came down upon the disciples there then that book is rightly entitled The Acts of the apostles of course it is the acts of Jesus Christ through the Apostles but they were busy they were busy in missionary service to the point that Paul could see in a few short years I have preached the gospel to every creature it wasn't about their lives it wasn't about their comfort it wasn't about their money it was about the gospel they were all about serving all about giving and friends today even as we are trapped in doors even those we are more insular today than we've ever been before because of this pandemic let's learn to give let's learn to serve call your friend whom you've not called for a long time to reach out to them just to see how they're doing call another to pray with them call another to see if you can deliver food to them cook at the end have it sent by grab and you pay all of it we can still be a blessing even in this time of pandemic let's learn to surf and for parents let's begin to train our children with the right methods. The whole duties useful work and responsibilities that we can give to our children and so when we surround them with that sort of atmosphere and we put them in nature as well and we give them the scriptures telling your friends we are getting our children ready for missionary service that no matter what degree they might have one day no matter where they might be sent no matter where they might live even the choices that they make in a spouse they'll be thinking can the efforts that we have together combine and make us an even greater blessing the choices that we make for our occupation so what you don't work in full time ministry do you think Ok I can only give 40 hours to this work because there's other time that I need to give to God in service do you see that we got to get involved in useful service for Humanity whoever would be great let's him or her be on minister make Christ give us that missionary spirit we are past many of us maybe are past that point of high school and home education but it's not too late today we're going to shake off that dust of indolence and laziness and go forward to serve one another we can help us help us to be like Christ in view us with His Spirit of missionary service for all of humanity let us pray Father in Heaven Lord I want to thank you for Jesus who gave us so much he left that adoration of angels to come and serve in each and every one of us the angels were his chariots. Yet he walked to this dusty road with his own 2 feet angels desire to serve him yet he got on his knees to wash his disciples feet Lord please humble us help us to serve even more help us to be like Jesus that we can be a blessing to all of humanity imbue us with that spirit of service Oh Lord help us to realize today that you're calling all of us to be true ministers for you. For you pray in Jesus' name. Amen. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons pleading visit w.w.w. audio verse or.


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