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More Than a Weakling

Benjamin Ng
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  • December 23, 2020
    10:19 AM
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Father in heaven thank you so much for gathering us together this morning thank you Lord for the bless at Sabbath Day Thank you Lord for the Ministry of your angels and your Holy Spirit and we pray that they would be present this morning to minister to us to convict our hearts of sin and righteousness and judgement to come and also Lord you will direct our thoughts heavenward May you please guide us will you please lead us with your spirit we pray now in Jesus name Amen. I want to start with the Bible Texas morning found in 2nd Kings Chapter 13 and verse 14 now a lie sure was fallen sick of his sickness wear off he died and Joel ash the king of Israel came down and see him and wept over his face and said All my father my father the chariots of Israel and the horsemen there of your life is about to pass away his ministry is about to come to an end and the king of Israel Joel where comes to seek advice and counsel and possibly a blessing from him and this is what takes place in 2nd Kings Chapter 13 and verse $15.00 to $17.00. To him take bowl and arrows and he took on to him bow and arrows and he said to the king of Israel put the one hand upon the bull and he put his hand upon it and a larger put his hands upon the king's hands and he said Open the window eastward and he opened it then the largest said shoot and he shot and he said the arrow of the Lord's deliverance and the arrow of deliverance from Syria for valor shot smite the Syrians in a feck till I have consumed them a lie show he's trying to encourage the king before he passes away he's trying to tell him that God is still going to be with him even though Eliza his presence will not be there anymore God will still fight the battles for them and that they would have victory over the Syrians and so he tells the king to shoot the arrow and he says this is how God is going to deliver you but then he continues on in verse 18 and he said take the arrows and he took them and he said unto the king of Israel smite upon the ground and he smote thrice and stayed how many times that he smite the ground with the arrows 3 times that's what thrice is and he stayed and he stopped. And what happened oh he obeyed the command of a life but what happened in verse 19 and the man of God was wroth with him and said Thou shouldst have smitten 5 or 6 times then heads are smitten Syria it's all very well hats consumed it whereas now that I shall smite Syria but thrice Eliza is actually with him he's right with the or righteous indignation he says why did you only smite the ground 3 times you should have done it 5 or 6 times you should have done a much more than that you should have persevered you should have pushed through you gotta understand this you know I've always wondered why a life has seemed to be so hard on King joy but he's like smite the ground and he takes the arrows and he goes that's it you know 3 strikes on the ground does not take much he's already shown that our role is the the object lesson the promise that God is going to deliver the Israelites from the Syrians but all he does is he takes his arrows and hits it 3 times what should you have done if the prophet said to you I want you to smite the ground I'll tell you what I would have done and then I would have looked at a lighter you know me out of looked at him and said When should I stop right but he didn't. He just did it 3 times and then he stopped and a lie sure was annoyed with him he was angry at him you should have done it much more times than that he should have persevered he should have pushed through he should have had more zeal or energy in what a life sure was asking him to do friends but God is looking for men and women today who will push who will attempt much who go beyond a simple command and do much much more not because it was simply commanded of them but because of the zeal that they have for God look at what it says here in ministry of healing for $97.00 paragraph one Christian life is more than many take it to be it does not consist wholly in gentleness patience meekness and kindliness do you see that the Christian life is much more than many of us imagine it to be is not just about being a nice person it doesn't talk about just being just gentle and patient and meek and kind friends what is this referring to this is the fruits of the spirit that we find in Galatians $522.23 it's a law of joy peace longsuffering gentleness write goodness faith meekness temperance against such there's no law. What we're told here in the pen of inspiration is the Christian life is much more than that look I'm not saying that we should just. For forget these Christian graces that are important but she's saying it doesn't consist wholly in just this let's continue that quote ministry of healing for 97 paragraph one these graces are essential what is essential the are necessary you cannot do without them they are very very important but there is need also of courage force energy and perseverance what else is needed not just these fruits of the Spirit but we need courage and force and energy and perseverance you know when we think of the Christian we think of meek Moses we think of gentle Jesus we think of all these fruits of the spirit and whilst they are important and essential we must build upon that and go beyond just the fruit of the spirit we need courage we need force we need energy we need perseverance and then it says this the path that Christ marks out. Is a narrow self-denying path to enter that path and press on through difficulties and discouragements requires men who are more than weaklings and this is where I got there's my sermon title for today God He wants men and women who are more than weaklings do you see that what makes us we can we going we can have these graces of gentleness and patience and meekness and kindliness and I'm sure that there are many nice kind and gentle people out there today but God he's asking for more today he's asking for courage he's asking for force and energy and perseverance we've got to go beyond just the fruits of the Spirit they are essential they are the bedrock upon which we build everything else you don't want to person who's courageous and angry you don't a person who's full of force but impatient you see that that's like King Saul So we need these 2 things that must blend together the fruits of the Spirit is our foundation but we've got to go beyond that today and that's what Philippians also talks about in chapter 3 and vs 13 to 14 brother and I count not myself to have apprehended but this one thing I do forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forth and so those things which are before I press toward the mark of for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus do you see that Word Press the word press there in verse 14 it means to run swiftly or to run after a person that Word Press is also used in the English if you look at the Greek word and you search it throughout the New Testament you also find the word press means to persecute to suffer so. Press forward even though there is persecution we see this sentiment and the same word of press in Matthew chapter 5 and verse 10 the same Greek word is translated persecuted blessid they which are persecuted for righteousness' sake for theirs is the kingdom of heaven the zeal that the people need today is the zeal that will be able to endure persecution to have the courage of the martyrs to be able to push forward with energy and forth force and personal vehemence this is the sort of men and women that God is looking for today more than weaklings Paul he was such a man you see in his previous life he was a persecutor of God's people he went about looking for people that were following Jesus to kill them and to put them into prison and he had his great zeal that was misguided until God Shawn light into his heart on his way to Damascus and with the same zeal when God converted him that same zeal that he put into the energy to kill God's people no he put it into God's work. And he was able to do much for God and he endured much for God as well you see many people who come out of the world the reason why they become such great workers for God is because of that energy that zeal that that fervent prayer that they would push push up the garden and the perseverance that they would be able to endure all these trials and persecution why because in the world people know how to work hard for their money they know how to chase for money and and put 20 hours into a day just to get their desired goal people know how to study hard and long for good grades and to get a good scholarship they stress out and they push for wanting to be successful even building a business enterprise and God He wants those same virtues applied also to the gospel work what was it courage force energy. And perseverance but let's keep reading ministry of healing for 97 paragraph to the next paragraph men of stamina are wanted men who will not wait to have their way smoothed and every obstacle removed men who will inspire you with fresh zeal the flagging efforts of dispirited workers men whose hearts are warm with Christian love and whose hands are strong to do their Marsters work do you see that friends men of stamina are needed men that are able to run a race with energy not just a short burst and then they glow go go out like are a shooting star but they are able to run a marathon run that race with patience that is before them but they need stamina not just the fruits of the Spirit they need courage they need zeal they need energy they need stamina they'll be obstacles along the way and they've got to overcome it but friends in order to have the stamina you need to train you need to train and what is the training ground it's our life it's the trials that come our way you know some of us we think are you've never been through my experience you don't know this and you don't know that and looks like you've had a good life Pastor how can you ever ever understand what I'm going through but Jesus understands and he tells you there has no temptation taken to you but such as is common to man but God is faithful and He will not suffer you to go you are not allow you to go beyond what you're able to handle Of course with his strength but with every suffering that comes our way God gives us training and he says now you overcome this you're ready for the next trial and the next trial and the next trial we need love yes but we need stamina as well. But we also need the hands of a strong to do the Master's work let's keep going on paragraph 3 some who engage in missionary service are weak nerveless spiritless easily discouraged they lack push they have not those positive traits of character that give power to do something the spirits and energy that can the enthusiasm those who would win success must be courageous and hopeful you see that many who are in the missionary service doing on serving God that says they lack push what is push the power to move yourself to do something what do we call that today friends another word for push it's called motivation motivation the spirit and energy that Kindle enthusiasm it's more than just the fruits of the spirit but a need in these times to finish the gospel work to preach the Gospel to the whole world why because in 2nd Timothy 31 we're told no this also that in the last days perilous times shall come we are living in those times already friends and if we are to get through it and finish the work in through this perilous times men and women of courage of Elizee energy of push of zeal of perseverance fully motivated are needed to finish the gospel work. If you call yourself a Christian friends well in a day and age where people were attack you that they will call you names they'll ridicule you and maybe even and certainly in the future they'll prosecute you for right in the sake and you can't get too easily discouraged friends we can't just give up just like that we got to go beyond the experiences that we had daily facing because we know that with Christ we can do everything we can suffer all for his name sake if he is with us let's continue paragraph 3 of ministry of healing look at this they should cultivate not only the passive but the active virtues while they are to give the soft answer that turn earth away wrath they must possess the courage of what a hero to resist evil with the charity that endures all things they need the force of character their will make their influence a positive power friends we must cultivate these passive virtues but also these active virtues as well you know what cultivate Is it sounds like growing crops it must be cultivated it must be attended to we must push ourselves we've got to train we've got to develop it it doesn't come just like that too many of us we are weak we are nice we are gentle We are loving but we are weak Christians Christ he's calling us to stand up and be counted to day in the gospel work we must have the courage of a Europe to resist evil and then it continues some have no firmness of character. Their plans and purposes have no definite form and consistency they are but they are of but little practical use in the world do you see that this weakness indecision and inefficiency should and must be overcome there is in true Christian character in indomitable ness that cannot be molded or subdued by adverse or difficult circumstances that's like persecution and trials we must have moral backbone and integrity that cannot be flattered bribed or terrified you know when I read this quote It reminds me of Daniel in the lion's Dam It also reminds me of Daniel standing in the kings court being made the prime minister of the most powerful nation in the world at that time and then being conquered by me to Persia and also being made the prime minister as well Daniel he was a good and rich man he lived a comfortable lifestyle but he didn't allow any of that to make his faithfulness to God any less dim when the Lord from the middle Persians came in he still with firmness of character and courage and enthusiasm still prayed to God 3 times a day we need men like Daniel today not only should we be studying his prophecies we should be modeling his life as well a man of courage even in the face of a lion's den friends no circumstance changed his outlook and his faithfulness to God he was faithful even to death we must have plans and purposes that have a definite form and when we have this then we have a goal to aim for we have a purpose of which we are living today as Christians what is your goal friends. Apart from just Ok I'm going to make sure I read the Bible every day a noble aim yes instead of just saying are you going to pray today what is your goal apart from that have you told God This year I want to give a Bible study and when you when you pray that sort of prayer was what sort of energy and perseverance do you move forward when you go to church when you go to Care Group when you meet people on the street God is the person that you want me to study with it gives you a definite aim and just as you have a name in your Korea I want to retire by the age of 40 I want to earn 10000000 I want to open my own business I want this and I want that we have aims in our lives what your aim spiritually we must have a definite aim but then it continues ministry of healing for 98 paragraph 3 many who are qualified to do excellent work accomplish little why because they attempt little thousands pass through life as if they had no great object for which to live no high standard to reach you see we have to have a name friends one reason for this is a low estimate which they place upon themselves Christ paid an infinite price for us and according to the price paid he desires us to value ourselves the reason why we accomplish so little is because we attempt little we have no aim we have no goal but then at the end it also says what we place a low estimate upon ourselves we sell ourselves short we tell ourselves I can't do this I can't do that we say things like I tried and it doesn't work there were no results people want interested we get discouraged we get easily discouraged and in God's work we say things like oh I tried preaching and it was a disaster. I've done it for a really long time and I haven't done it part of me for a really long time and I can't remember how to do it and so when we see the need we tell ourselves that someone else has to rise up and and fill that need it's not me God not me send someone else and without a lot of pick somebody else apart from ourselves and we place upon our own selves a low estimate and we just simply say I can't do it or I have no time you know want to share some experiences about what I've gone through and you know the things that I had to do to push. When it came to preaching you know I run the one I was studying in theology school and I tell this story every year or 2 to the salt students but you know I still on the we had to take this class called Speech and homiletics learning how to preach you know how to say and how to speak you know your your hands and how to use them and different things and at the end of the class we were graded on 2 summons we had to preach 7 minute summons so you know where we got our curriculum from for the 7 minute summons but. You know in my 7 minute summon I made an appeal and in the appeal. I made the peel and everybody stood up the whole school stood up and we had closing prayer sat down anyways in the afternoon the teacher he would review our sermons and he called me in the afternoon and he he went through and you show me Oh good good good here good good there and and then he came to the people and he said Ben do you know why everyone stood up it's because they felt sorry for you Paul that my world was shattered they stood up because they felt sorry for me and ever since then every time I know appeal is coming I begin to sweat because I don't want people to feel sorry for me I get nervous and you know but I've got all this negative feedback in a sense it was a not to discourage a person saying hey Ben preaching is not your gift. But you know what I continue to get opportunities to preach at churches and I would preach and you know what people give you feedback straight away or my classmate would stand at the back correcting what I said wrong I was preaching at a nursing home an evangelist experience and the classmate who was my senior was sitting there and correcting correcting great I said yes thank you says the making mistakes all the time all I've preached at places people where they fly you over in invite you to preach and you know what at the end of the sermon people stay back and tell you all the things you said wrong that unlike the spirit was set in then like how you said it and all sorts of things and you would think a God this is just discouraging you are not calling me to preaching and that's why I've always loved teaching more why you can get feedback straightaway you can adjust it's easier and you know all these criticisms it's just so easy to just go oh God this is not my calling you're calling someone else you're calling somebody who has more talent who understands more who whatever it is but God this is not my cup of tea and is just downright humiliating standing on the stage sometimes but you know I could have said God anybody but me but you know what God kept putting me in these positions to preach to stress me out to get me comfortable standing on the stage to make me study harder for the content you know so had I just said God send somebody else or God is just I don't want to be a pastor they preach too much right I would be giving up too easily. I want to give you another instance you know if we want to do much for God we got to tell much you know for piano I only studied on so great 5 piano I hated practicing piano do you know why every time I wanted to go play my mom said Ben but there's a piano Saturday night in Penang growing up there they all we always play volleyball table tennis we played all these running games and I wanted to go and mom says not until you practice your piano I hate it and I got to the point when we moved to Australia my mom said are now it's more expensive right you hate practicing I hate paying no more I quit piano but you know what happened. This guy came to our church he's from Indonesia and he started playing and he played by ear and he made the music sound so beautiful and I just remember in our youth group I would sit there on the piano chair next to him watching him play and I was just mesmerized mesmerized by his playing and then the church got me to play piano just for Sabbath school not for divine service because I wasn't that good but I tell you I I said Yes I always run but there was so many mistakes would you sing 2 or 3 hymns before sub school begins and I was so nervous that sometimes I would stop in the middle of my piano playing because I was confused and they just kept singing the congregation would just keep singing but I persevered I would come back on Friday afternoons and I would bang away on the piano until I got a headache but God gave me more and more opportunities there was one time I went to do Bible work in Hawaii I was working for an amazing amazing facts of Angeles I was there for 10 weeks doing Bible work and then the evangelism was for about 4 weeks and guess what they had no pianist. So the Vangelis asked me to the piano. To play in the piano I had to play for the singing to play for special music to play for the appeal music you know what happened I ended up practicing 3 hours a day because it was so stressful and the special music guy whenever he sank used to sing all these difficult places horrible I came away from that is tapping my fingers to this day you know when I hold my wife's hand I'm tapping tunes in my head because of the time that I practice so much in Hawaii and I could have gone to the evangelists and said look I did not sign up for this I came here to do Bible work I did not come here to play the piano and I could have made excuses but look friends sometimes we have expectations and then sometimes God says this is the real reason why I brought you here not to be a bible worker but to help with evangelism piano and as a result today I'm able to record for this trip to songs not that it's the best sounding but God has given me enough knowledge to be able to recall the scripture songs because people were coming to ask me Hey how do you sing this and how do you sing that I said Look I'll record it for you but I'll get someone else the thing that's the reason why we're recording all these scripts or songs today and we and Sabrina nozzle of the creating more scripture songs to be a blessing but I'm sorry the piano is a bit behind in recording that but you see friends if we learn to attempt much we can accomplish much we can do much more. You know when it came to this covert and all the sermons are online I still run the my 1st sermon was over the i Phone and at the end of it all the youth at least on the sax I would tell me are how to improve and what to do and everything I moved out and even my wife told me how to improve as well I moved out to the living room and I store on the putting the chair there with a piece of paper telling us when we're going to start but I praise God for the opportunity to preach and I praise a lot to be able to do all this video stuff there and get tips from Donnie and different people and lighting and all of the so that sorts of things if we attempt much at the beginning it will be humiliating why are not it expert in videography I never have been you'll see some of the videos I've edited before I look read I don't know how to color great to ask Danny to help me adjust the camera and I don't touch it anymore this is how it looks and that's it I don't use this this camera for for show for shooting photos or anything it's just that way because I don't know much but friends if you attempt much you can accomplish much it goes beyond love joy peace kindness goodness patience gentleness long suffering friends we need courage we need push we need stamina we need zeal we need in durance we need all these things perseverance if we want to get the gospel work finished in our lifetime ministry of healing for 98 paragraph ife. None should consent to be mere machines run by another man's mind God has given us ability to think and to act and it is by acting with carefulness looking to him for wisdom that you will become capable of bearing burdens stand in your God given personality be no others persons shadow expect that the Lord will work in an by and through you friends are not asking everyone today to be a preacher but I know that every one God is calling into his vineyard and there are specific burdens that he places upon everybody especially for his work and if you want to discover what that is you've got a push you've got to attempt much you must have courage to step forward in faith you must cultivate perseverance and enthusiasm you must put in much energy I believe in our churches there are many more people that God is calling to be preachers but you're scared you tell yourself I'm not preaching for a camera before I'm afraid when I stand before people friends I know that God is placing this burden of preaching the 3 angels messages to much more people than just specialists who have been quote unquote trained in theology schools and look at this Christian service $10.00 look at this friends so everyone work has been allotted everybody and no one can be a substitute for another each one has a mission of wonderful importance which he cannot neglect or ignore as the fulfillment of that involves the wheel of some soul and the neglect of it the wall of one for whom Christ has died. Everybody has work a law to them by God What is your name as a Christian has God given you a definite aim for which you should live that life in faithful service to him Do you know what he's called you to have you attempted much or has every at every turn when the past that comes all the other comes you say not now I'm not ready I'm not called to this I'm too scared give me another year give me another 2 yes friends we've got to stop throwing out excuses we've got to be courageous it's a tent much for God I'm not qualified you know even with the Sabbath school I've had a lot on my plate with preaching twice a week the preparation that it takes to preach online is different than having to stand up before the people I don't know why it just is not as much preparation for some reason but you know when singing school superintendent on sax i asked me to teach 2nd Christians I said Ok this time. And as I attempted much God He gave me more blessing not because I was trained in theology school I had to go and sit down and write out my commentary from the beginning because i'm not been attending much of the Sabbath schools you see we've got to learn to attempt much everybody has a role so when you're sad school teachers ask you to come and teach when the elders come and ask you to preach when the nominating committee asked you to take up a position trust that God has his plan and his reason not because there was no one else in the church not because you're the only youth there not because you're the only pianist and there's no one else God has His reasons friends and some we need help with Pathfinders there are some that said all we have done Pathfinders in a long time you know you must the guides 10 years ago. But we're going to attempt to much friends we don't know how God is going to last we got to attempt much Ministry of Human 500 paragraph one look at us many become in official by evading responsibilities for fear of failure thus they fail of gaining that education which results from what experience the way that God educates us is from experience and which reading and studying and all that vantage is otherwise gamed cannot give them you know friends I don't know why we have this fear of failure maybe we don't like to be ridiculed we don't like to me made fun of maybe you don't like to give get feedback wrong from a sermon you know. I don't know what it is but there is this sort of education that can only be gained by experience which means all the devotion that you have in the world all the time that you have in prayer all the time that you have reading the Bible all the time that you have read in the Spirit of Prophecy is not enough there is a sort of education that can only be gained by experience you know she says that we result as a result we fail of gaining that education that results from experience even a study of the Bible can only take us thus far you know in the last verse of the Book of Daniel were given similar counsel you know what it says Daniel 1213 it says but go they wait til the end be speaking to Daniel for you shall rest then you but you will stand in your lot at the end of days. Daniel would stand in his lot a lot that was appointed by God a lot that only Hugh could fulfill a lot that no one else has ever been asked to fill we all have similar position in Christ's ministry today and he wants you to stand in your lot he wants you to attempt much he wants you to have an aim for which you are living as a Christian more than just going to church coming together of Fridays and that's it he wants you to have an aim for which that you can pray for you can study for and you could put unbend all your energies for friends Ellen White or such a person and if anybody had excuses it was her you know we have the testimonies written for the church through the world church if you've never read testimonies for the church you go to start with Volume one it talks much about her life but she was hit by a stone at a young age and she she was it was so bad that when the father came back from his work a few weeks later he couldn't even recognize his daughter anymore she was deformed she was weak she couldn't even finish high school she was sick much of the time but here we are talking about a woman that lived a long time beyond the years that she should have lived 80 plus year us wrote many many books and I was reading this past week she would speak 24 sermons in a space of 6 weeks or where maybe was 4 weeks it was about 6 sermons a week we're talking about the weakest of the week that God sent in our day and age. Should write pamphlets and articles she would do so much and be a blessing to so many people and she had 4 kids to raise as well and she had to leave them behind many times and she had motherly instinct she told the people it's not because I don't like to be a mother or because I'm heartless or because I'm sick of having children oh she missed her children dearly but even then she attended much for God and for his work she gave herself no excuse you know friends we've got to have a definite aim I have aim of 30 baptisms you know many of you know that I've never accomplished that in one year but it drives the work that I do it gives me a vision and a sense of mission and you know I have an aim so that if I can attempt much I don't know what God will give me but I pray one day he'll answer that prayer but this day in age friends what is needed to finish the gospel work and preachers of the whole world in our lifetime is not just the fruits of the spirit we need men and women who are courageous who are willing to stand up and be counted because there is coming a time of trouble such as never was ever since there was a nation and the people that are going to go through it unscathed to be able to preach in times of crisis like Paul when he's in prison and standing before Nero the judge we need men and women of courage and Durrance stamina who will push who have a definite aim and friends even through persecution they are going to stand up and be counted today the signs are all there stomach pandemic we need even more pastors give yourselves a challenge to preach every week. Every week remembers challenges selves to study the Bible was somebody we have a challenge now from the church discipleship handbook find a partner and study it together and grow together you must have a definite aim and even though you don't reach it even though you don't get through it maybe some of you had a definite aim of 40 days or you tell yourself a god or aim for that and even though you don't finish it at least you got through some of it which you would have never had if you didn't even join at all are you with me the blessings that come with having a definite aim is an estimable you can't estimate it we need the oil of love joy and peace today friends but we need courage energy push and perseverance and enthusiasm to carry the work even further today and now is a time to take the Gospel message the 3 angels messages even further than we've ever taken before then we can arrive at that point like Paul and say we have preached the gospel to every creature and then we can look up to heaven and when Jesus comes you can say I have waited for you I've worked long and hard for this day and we will hear the blessing words entered into the joy of the Lord friends that is our ultimate aim to hasten the 2nd coming of Christ but today we got to take a small goals small steps the discipleship handbook studying having a Bible study with one person bringing one person to church the conversion of one person through your life and your witness and your testimony and your prayers and your bible studies with them we've got to have some sort of definite aim than just listening to a sermon once a week friends you must be tired of listening to me already aren't you you must be. If you heard me for the last 7 years maybe you said all I heard the sum of all he preached that before your your Christian experience has got to be fresh pasta stop stop give me some time I want to share about how God has been good and been working through me those are the sort of testimonies we need today but you've got to start with a definite aim in your Christian life that's all that be I pray that God would give you that definite aim today that we would realize the purpose for which we were born in this world here in this location at this time we are living in stupendous times and a crisis of an estimable magnitude is about to come upon us we need now an experience that many of us do not have Let's stand up and be counted let's pray Father in Heaven Lord I know that you are calling all your sons and daughters today everybody that is listening to the sermon and that will listen to it Father help them to realize the purpose for which they were born and I pray Lord that you would work mightily and wonderfully through them I pray Lord that you would police store all our hearts help us to have a glimpse of heaven and then we might say in our hearts Lord here I am send me send to me Lord help us father to have a bigger a Christian life than just going to church help us Father to realize what it is give us a courage to pray that prayer Lord what is it that you want me to do and then will you strengthen us give us courage give us a zeal give us the energy the perseverance. To go beyond what we are so comfortable doing all this by. Multi-skilled of. Help us we pray to the. Spirits their hearts we pray in Jesus. Name. This media was brought to you by audio person a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermon or leave a visit w.w.w. dot audio Verse dot org.


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