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03 When Your World Is Falling Apart

Mark Howard Kameron DeVasher
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Pastors Kameron DeVasher & Mark Howard share study & teaching tips for the Quarter 1, January 16 lesson, “When Your World Is Falling Apart.”



  • December 10, 2020
    12:15 PM
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I'm camber division and I'm Mark Howard and this is talking points here we are in the 3rd lesson of the 1st quarter of the New Year I say up and this time we're going to be diving into some more of the details of history from the. Time I say and the king of Juda at that time and obviously going to look at that story particularly but also drawing lessons for us today absolutely So give us a little overview of where we're headed today Mark Well basically we're looking at really the downfall of a has the king of Juda which we've talked about raining 1st beginning with as Iowa and then his son Jotham in then his son he has in Finally Hezekiah where with the reign of he has and we're in Isaiah Chapter 7 their lesson builds on and again just drawing lessons from what led to a has his downfall we're going to talk about that a little bit next week to have me. So that's kind of the overview Ok well then I tell you what let's have a word of prayer sure dedicate our time to the Lord then you can walk us through the specifics of this week's lesson salute bring Heavenly Father fake you for the opportunity to come together as your people and study these important themes and this particular passage in the book of Isaiah Lord please guide us with your Holy Spirit as you've promised to do and lead us into all truth for prayer in Jesus' name amen amen I have to say when you ask about the overview the lessons have been different this quarter in that there narratives Yes they are there just to flow through Ok I think you have to do as well for 6 than it is they would set the terms 7 and so we're seeing this so it's a little less of a you know the introduction is basically this is the historical piece we're going to be flowing through you know else I've noticed in these lessons more is that there is less of this one is coming from Sunday and Thursday and this is kind of winter because of the nature of this quality of stuff that the lesson is laid out in that so it's a lot more grouping them together of the sequential days certainly still drawing on key points and talking points out of it but you're right it tends to slow the flow lessen it because it's a historical flaw so let's get into that what if you are pretty confusing if we say if we start mixing that's the prior to this we had we had a couple things jumbled around in our notes and so it was just that it isn't a lot with the knowledge you for our own thinking all right so what boiling down all that we've covered in this week's lesson the timeframe here what are the lessons or the talking points we're going to be looking at this week all right our talking points this week number one is the Lord is our strength right sounds prior to the fact that he has forgot that lesson and we're drawing that from Sunday and Monday and then Point number 2 is believe God's prophets and drawn from Monday into Tuesday so notice there's a little over flap also over fact there's a little over flap is there. Overlap drawing from the nature of that. Sunday and Monday is where we drew a talking point right Ron and then Monday and Tuesday goes into talking point number 2 we've got profits and then Wednesday Thursday and Friday led to talking point number 3 and that is God is with us those are 3 talking points Ok And obviously going to flesh out a little bit more as we go along so let's just jump right in the beginning of the story in the lesson and draw it out of it that the Lord is our strength Ok in this in this talking point really will we have the overview the flow of the story you have to think in fact the Bible says there in Isaiah 7 verses wanted to want you read that says no it came to pass in the days of a as the son of Joseph I'm the son of Zion the king king of Juda that reson king of Syria and peak of the son of. King of Israel went up to Jerusalem to make war against it but could not prevail against it and help armoring averse to leave Well yeah and it was told to the house of David saying serious forces are deployed in a free of so his heart and the heart of his people were moved as the trees of the woods are moved with the wind. Ok And the lesson comments on Sunday in the 1st paragraph the kingdoms of northern Israel that is the freedom in Syria arrow ganged up on the smaller country of Judah to the south this happened when Judah was weakened by attacks from the Philistines in the past Judah had fought against Israel but in the alliance between Israel and Syria presented an overwhelming peril it appears Israel and Syria wanted to force Judah to participate with them in a coalition against the mighty power that police at the 3rd of a Syria. Are also referred to pull King of Assyria and 2nd Kings who continued to threaten them with his expanding empire Israel and Syria had put aside their longstanding struggle against each other in view of a greater danger if they could conquer Judah and install a puppet ruler there they could use its resources and manpower so he has is facing this this coalition of Syria and Israel who are coming to attack him take him off the throne put a puppet ruler there so they could effectively rule in his place through this puppet leader and then join all their forces up against the threats so of a Syria so this is a bit of a clone deluded situation but essentially a has a sitting there with the threat of a Syria and the threat of Israel and I'm sorry the Syrians coming together to take over and he's in a bit of a pickle if you will and then and then Monday's lesson at the 1st paragraph tells us that you know in light of this obviously has is weighing his political options and it tells us there while he has was weighing his political options to meet the threat from Israel and Syria you know what I do how do we get out of this are going to attack me how to defend myself God knew some things he did not know the Bible goes on to tell us that he was thinking well why don't I just go to a Syria to think that police are who they're trying to overthrow which generally there is a something because he's a stronger guy and he'll save me. And it seemed like a good idea to sleep politically strategically speaking from a worldly perspective it's not a bad play if you know like I got no chance against these guys who just want to use me against this guys want to make their into me my friend but as a lesson says their God knew some things he did not and I want to highlight here this is why God sends prophets This is a whole like Isaiah there's a prophet in the reason I can't tell you how many times people was in I'm just going to talk to 7th Heaven is well I know I always says such and such I just don't see it that way of course you don't see it that way. Said the Prophet and so he's trying to help us to see what we can that's what prophets in the Old Testament times were called Sears because they saw all things God's way not means way and so God saw some things in this in this plan this. Developing plan of a Has that we're not going to be good and so he sends Isaiah with a message and we see that in the in the next few verses here 7 verse 3 says that the Lord said to go out now to meet a has you and shared tissue your son at the end of the awkward up from the upper pool on the highway of the Fullers field and say to him take heed and be quiet do not fear or be faint hearted for these 2 stubs of smoking brands is a bit like The Lord is a lord threatened by resident of Syria. No son of whom he says these 2 stubs a smoking firebrand Don't be afraid of them for the fear saying of resident verse 5 because Syria in the son of m. ally I have plotted against evil against you saying this 1st 7 Thus says the Lord God it shall not stand nor shall come to pass etc etc So he says I want you to go I want you to take your son which is going to be as an interesting side point there to hear this and I want you to tell he has not to be afraid basically kowtowing to calm down yeah there just a little smoking pot here for me and they've got this big plan I know but it's not going to work so don't worry. Unfortunately though the Bible does tell us in 2nd Kings Chapter 16 in verse 7. Once I find my way there. If you keep my patience stuck seconding 62nd king 167 says so he has sent messengers to to grasp that leads are king of Assyria saying I am your servant and your son come up and save me from the hand of the king of Syria and from the hand of the king of Israel who rise up against me this is a plan evidently that was in his heart and I don't know what the timing is after this whole account with Isaiah but he ended up going to take that police in for help and so 2nd look at me come up and save me when the Lord says it's not going to be a problem I'm going to say use like but clearly he truly has has had 2 options though there's the Lord's promise that's right and then there's his own personal play and he's like you know what I mean about my trip it's sad and it is so foreign like I can't even possibly understand how anybody would ever want to go with their own plan is exactly how we look at it is like that poor fool who thinks Well that well that's where we go here so the lesson highlights the and that's why our point number one talking point number one is the Lord is our strength if only he has would have realized that and I came God sent Isaiah given that understanding but he went his own way anyway and we'll see the effect of that as we continue on you know it's a little magination here but he must have clearly understood what I say it was like imagine if I was they think about it they have a baby so you know that but but if he must have thought like well I say it's probably sincere in his beliefs and he really mean but he doesn't understand the real he doesn't say the political situation isn't a stay of the strategy by this so it's like. I know your heart but the best players like he must he had to come with a justification wondering why he did what we do today exactly this is likely. Or like I know what you she was meaning say but shouldn't instead of my situation where. Exactly does what I know somehow he got his mind to say I hear what the Lord is saying but I'm going to go this way anyway well it gets even better or worse however you want to view it as you go on our Talking point number 2 flows right into this and you saw the overlap believe God's prophets. First of all if we look back at 2nd Kings 15 and versus 37 it was really verse 37 spells it out for a 2nd Kings 1537. The Bible tells us something interesting in light of this whole situation with. Your present in Piqua. You want to read that verse 37 yes 15 and in those days the Lord began to send risen king of Syria and peak of the son of Ramona I do see on him yet in those days the Lord begin to sin so. This is a judgment from the Lord because if we've already talked about in this lesson you go back to the beginning of Isaiah and read through all the apostasy of his people and throughout history God has allowed circumstances such as these to awaken his people so the reason that he's even facing this problem. Because we look back to what we just talked about the Lord knows who resin King if you know the story about them not only does Lord know there he's like I'm the one who sent them I'm just going to draw that back like I'm in control this whole situation that's why you don't have to fear so much is because I know things it's because I'm leaving out well it's interesting too and Isaiah 7 verse 2 is very red It says so his heart in the heart of his people were moved as the trees of the woods are moved by the wind so it's saying they were out there were shaking and they were nervous at the Lord's plan worked it's I think it but once they were thinking he had that option to either follow the Lord or not and you know as they have peeled to him and it's interesting then he took his son share to shoo in the name means a remnant will return and the lesson brings up an interesting point that you know we think of a remnant overturn if you know the history of Israel you know that Israel went captive now Judah didn't in the case of a has here was not taken into captivity by the Assyrians But Israel did Judah later by the Babylonians but the idea of a remnant overturn Well they're going to be rebellious are going to be taken into captivity and some time later God will bring back a remnant but the lesson brings out that this could have been taken 2 ways a returning could have been returning to the Lord not necessarily from captivity and. So the message in it and I think this was an intention of bringing shared dishes into this contest was to say he has you can go into captivity by going your own way or you can just return to me now and spare yourself and your people well God is going to have a written it one way or the other either you're going to turn your hearts No that's right or he's going to turn their lives literally come back but it's going to work in the lesson highlights that on Monday 2nd paragraph the end of the 3rd paragraph says the message from God He has Was it means what you make it mean in other words the remnant will return whenever you want to turn from your sins turn return now to me or go into captivity and from captivity a remnant overturn the decision is yours and you think about that wow what a night is the reality he could have all that was riding on how he was going to handle the situation if the prophet goes to him and that's not the end of it in addition to that the Lord offered him a sign. In verse 10 it says moreover the Lord spoke again to a has saying Ask yourself ask a sign for yourself from the Lord your God ask either in the depth or in the in the height above we're talking about this like. You've had times in the Bible where people ask God for a sign but for God to say ask anything you want how amazing you think about solving wigglers like you're going to give you anything call it what if Solomon said you know what that I'm good. He said know it and he Lord rewards and God here says I'm giving you a thing what would you like it to be that's right Bible says verse 12 he has said I will not ask her only test the Lord and initially you might look at that and say wow he is so Pius x. and the Lord told you to ask for a thing but ask for something yeah and so it comes across like not on I don't want to be presumptuous 1st of all presumption is when we we we press the Lord without an invitation we demand things from the Lord that He didn't promise but to claim the promises of God are not presumptions you know and you see that you know this is a response verse 13 Isaiah says the Bible says then he said here now oh House of David and dressing you know the leader good leadership here he has the king in the line of David here no house of David is a small thing for you to weary men but will you weary my God also don't understand the idea of wearing God this is what he has said no I don't want to hear God that's in essence what he was saying Yeah I'm not going to ask cause I don't want to be your God and I was it pretty much says in trying not to worry God according to what you're saying you're wearing turning down his gift is a lot more hassle than just giving your us and I like how the lesson. Brings this out it says oh no I'm sorry I'm in the wrong I'm in the wrong place. Anyway he was wearying God by he was actually presuming upon God's mercy and I was in the wrong place yes it is what you can for you have there the last paragraph of the reading on Tuesday Isaiah pointed out that by refusing to put God to the test outwardly to avoid wearying God he has in fact we read God but the most troubling it's aspect of the verse in fact that Isaiah refers to my God by clear contrast Isaiah 71 with a process 11711 where the Prophet asked the King to ask the son of the Lord your God when He has refused the divine offer he rejected Lord from being his god. That's a power vessel however save a bit since the what he's doing is like the Lord gave you this opportunity and for you to come up with this you know pious like oh I don't want to worry God it sounds all good and everything but it's disobedience on the lessons and that is wearing on the Lord it is it is prison you're pretty like I said it's he was presuming upon the mercy of God by not asking for it and with the lesson highlights here is he was actually choosing to reject God and I think the lesson for us is when God sends a prophet with a message and we say no. We are choosing to not have him is God that prophet is only a mouthpiece of God It's only a messenger from God And so we see this and the reality is underneath all this the reason was not that he has didn't want to be presumptious is that he already had his own plans and he didn't want to change it and that's often the reason we don't follow the words of God It's probably also given to us whatever goes against our inclination you know it's going to Seems a little bit trouble you upon the Lord No you just want you know what they think well it leads nicely to the next point like if you should not believe that comes from Isaiah 7 verse 9 where says if you will not believe surely you will not be established right and so a has his own experience as a demonstration that spiritual principle that if you actively reject the offer. God of the counsel of his spirit right Vin you will not be established as you should be it is to your detriment to avoid this. Anyway And there's other passages so well and then it even in my Bible here has a reference to 2nd Chronicles 2020 and most people aware of that believe in the Lord your God you shall be established believe his prophets and you show you prosper so it's the exact contrast is the same as saying the same thing this is the prophet and he saying if you don't believe you're not going to be established and what's also interesting is and the lesson brings this out the word for Believe and establish are the same word in other words if you not believe you will believe and it's almost as if to say you know there's always room for doubt isn't there in things and there comes a point where you have to take the weight of evidence and make a choice make a choice or you'll always be wishy washy and so the prophet was yeah there may have been unknown variables to a has but there were also known things this was the prophet of God and he knew God and God leading in the history of Israel and even in his own life enough to have taken a stand in that would have a stablished him and taking that 1st step of faith will lead to the platform for greater faith that he would yes stablished of the faith by exercising faith but. If you will not believe in this is not just a Has this is us if you will not believe don't hope you're ever going to be established at some point and listen you know some people say well you haven't I'm just waiting I want to I want to make sure I'm not positive and if you wait for every reason for doubt to disappear you're never going to believe oh right I mean faith means there's going to be some element that you don't have. You don't have all the answers for or would need to except to you are brother point you do have the prophet there standing you got the history of the Lord's leading you have evidence is to build your faith but now that it's your turn to go forward you have to trust in what you have seen so you can have faith in what you have not yet seen right and bottom of Monday's lesson says he has needed to be sure in order to be made sure you know he made sure yeah and he needed to rely in order to be reliable so he had to take that 1st step of faith and as we all do exactly and his unwillingness to do that set up the stage for all of this fall into the cove Well I mean I don't know about your experience but I can I can even count the times in my experience for the Lord has brought me to some Red Sea as it were some How do I do this and how I didn't see my way clear on on the path that he was leading me on and I had to make a decision and then when I did in retrospect Oh it was perfectly clear that's the direction I should have taken all that God would have made that clear beforehand and I don't know if you experience that where you're like on the other side of those difficult decision you look back and say well it's obvious but it's not the obvious when you're in that situation where you have to take a step of faith Absolutely but once you do you're established and that pattern of continuing establishes a lineage that's we have a white you know famous day we have nothing to fear yet except as we shall forget the way the Lord has led us as teaching as Baptists or exam but if you don't take those 1st steps you're not going to have that legacy of faith to be standing up on well the Lord goes he's not going to ask a sign but the Lord says I'm going to give you sign anyway and the sign he gives him we're actually going to get into a little bit more in next lesson as well for next weeks but it says verse 14 therefore the Lord himself will give you a sign you now school or himself going to give you a sign behold the Virgin will conceive and bear a son and you shall call his name Emmanuel or and shall call his name Emmanuelle curds and honey he shall eat. That he may know to refuse evil and choose the good for be for the child to refuse the evil and choose the good the land that you dread will be forsaken by Brother kings again the next week's lesson actually touches on this a little bit but most of you have had exposure to this passage in its messianic context yes we Christmas season Yeah well you read about in the gospels the Gospels quote this and say this is exactly as was foretold by the prophet. A virgin shall conceive and bear son and he should be called Emmanuelle and pointing to the birth of Jesus Emmanuel means God with us and that tells us that it doesn't tell us that in this passage but it does in the book of Matthew and so you have this this prophecy now scholars believe this is a. Both a classical and an apocalyptic prophecy of classical prophecies when a prophet told a prophecy that had to do with their time then where apocalyptic is a foretelling of something that would come in the future and they believe it has both elements here obviously merely make exactly messianic going to talk to the manual that means that child Jesus is God with us yes but in this context it very well could be saying this is the sign and when you see this child it will be a reminder that God is with us yes and so there was an application as it is day where there was a child born about doesn't give us the details but it was born within a such and such a time period and the lesson highlights that you know the some of the discussion has been well we don't have a record of a child named Emmanuel Well let's be clear Jesus was a name Emmanuel or he was named Jesus Jehovah Yahshua salvation so the idea of a manual was was the prophet was conveying. The meaning that that child would convey in both cases whether we're talking about Christ or whether we're talking about the prophecy of Isaiah here God is trying to communicate with a Has he was fearing the nations around him God is with us you don't have to be afraid of these or. 3 Kings and Ok you want to ask for a sign I'm giving you a sign and we believe that there was something that happened that gave that evidence to right on top of him mercy because he didn't deserve evidence with his attitude I think God gave this and need to do it to be honest but God gave this evidence to help him to know that I am with you and the lesson highlights that in fact. Thursday's lesson says on the 2nd paragraph the name Emmanuel is not just an abstract description it is an assertion of a promise that is fulfilled now God is with us and remain the name you know oftentimes it is interpreted in transit to God with us but the author of lesson brings up that more accurately it's a present tense God is with us now but in the person of Jesus he was God with us that's right but this the whole purpose is not the emphasis on the child but the sign that the child would reemphasize the fact that Jesus God is still with us presidents so it's not the child is the emphasis it's the significance of the birth as the prophecy but even as we speak of Jesus as God with us Him as God With this was communicating God is with us he just have an ultimate was assurance for us to put our trust in God So the lesson brings up on Thursday in the last paragraph even when the Lord does not appear in physical form on earth he goes through the experiences of his people with them God is always with us he is present with us he goes through our experiences with us and that that is what is communicated with goblin to communicate a has what he wants to still communicate to us today. Which leads us to our conclusion yes there's a summary statement on Friday I'll go ahead and read that and there's a there's a great quote to finish up with Ok so on Fridays lesson the summary says God brought faithless King Ahaz to circumstances in which he had to make a difficult decision God did bring into that we saw that in the last to believe or not to believe that is the question even though the Lord offered him any sign his imagination could devise he refused to allow God to demonstrate a reason why he should believe instead he chose as his friend the King of Assyria. Of the aspired commentary this I think is a beautiful way to close here this is from your fight on Fridays lesson but it's prophets of kings page 329 well would have it have been for the kingdom of Judah had a has received this message as from heaven of the 1st you know. His message right but choosing to lean on the arm of flesh he sought help from the he even in desperation he sent word to take with police or King of Assyria I am vice servant and my son come up and save me out of the hand of the king of Syria and out of the hand of the king of Israel which rise up against me the request was accompanied by a rich present from the king's treasure and from the temple store aisles so after all of this sign and you asked 1st I know I will go Bob give you a sign and all this appeal that Isaiah makes he still chooses to play or that he had a head is to make friends the other way well I have a little bit more that wasn't in the you read that from the quarterly in the lesson. That goes on to tell us the aftermath let's have it she says the help asked for was sent to get police who did send help and he did save him from pique and it looked actually look like a work of yours. And that is the help ask for rescinding King as was given temporarily but at what cost to the tribute offered arouse the cupidity of the Syria and that treacherous nation soon threaten to overflow in spoiled you that he has in his unhappy subjects were now harassed by the fear of falling completely into the hands of the cruelest Syrians which was a much more fate then falling in the hands of resonant peak so what looked like a great idea this is what God saw and he said no no no I'm going to cinemas and save you from this and how many times God would save us from those pitfalls and perils if we wouldn't just demand on having our own way well I know that there's an application to the church in these last days but let me tell you this is more of a personal application to me like say how many times have we thought we could have a great plan or have this scheme in our heads or how to work out the future according to our own in the Lord's Council seems to go directly against that but I want to seem so clear you know but at the end of the day how much better would it have been if we just been faithful from the start and kept on that direction. In about you but for me that's a that's a stirring reminder of that we need to be faithful even in those small things because it's going to lead to those big things that we don't it's right see the in from the beginning but God can we need to trust his vision more than ours has prayed every father thank you so much for this lesson thank you for these stories in your word even though they often have sad outcomes they're still instructive to us about what not to do and to learn the lessons of their mistakes and Lord help them not to be our mistakes please forgive us when we have fallen. Guide us by your Holy Spirit by the word of Scripture and help us to make those decisions steadfastly in faith we each time so we can build that legacy of faith and have put our trust in the King of Kings for praying.


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