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01 Jesus' Encounter With The Devil

Benjamin Ng
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  • November 27, 2020
    8:15 PM
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Father in heaven thank you so much for this time that we have to study thank you for seeing a safely through this week a lot as about to open the Bible to read I pray that you please be with us guide us with your Holy Spirit and help us to have an encounter with Jesus that would bring us closer to heaven this day for we pray in Jesus' name amen. Jesus encounter with the devil you know this is the 1st encounter that Jesus has after he is baptized when he 1st enters into full time ministry and we're starting with the familiar text over in Matthew Chapter 4 starting in verses one and 2 the Bible says This then was Jesus led up of the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted of the devil and when he had fasted 40 days and 40 nights he was afterward and hungered you know Jesus he went into the wilderness to foster he had just been baptized and he was praying about his future ministry and how God would be guiding him in this area of his life now it was a change for 30 years of his life he'd been growing up in the home of Joseph and his mother Mary and he'd been working in the carpenter's shop he'd been working there with his father his dad and now the tenor of his life is about to take a major shift he's gone from someone who's been in obscurity all this time working in a humble trade now into a public ministry and so as he is about to embark in this ministry for which he was sent to the earth he needs to spend even more time with God And so that's why the Spirit led him into the wilderness not exactly to be tempted of the devil but the father knew that this was going to happen but he needed their time to Fox then to pray and to seek God's will you know friends there are physical as well as spiritual blessings that come with fasting how long if you faster before right down in the common there any one facet more than 5 days before that's the longest I've ever fast that I'm telling you it was difficult it isn't taught easy to 5 you know some people it can even fast one meal right but Jesus. Has he been fasting for 40 days not for health reasons as many of us do to lose weight to to renew our immune system and different research that has come out in the modern era that shows us the benefits of fasting right he did not foster for 40 days just because he was overweight not for health reasons he was fasting to know God's will to be strengthened to do his will when the plans are made clear to him and so he's been fasting 40 days and 40 nights and verse 2 it says of the end there that after that he was hungry and at the end of 40 days we can imagine anything would appear hungry to you but what happens verse 3 of Matthew chapter 4 and when the tempter came to him he said if that be the Son of God command that these stones be made bread it's at this point that the devil comes to him when he's at his weakest when he's been fasting already for 40 days and the 1st temptation that Satan presents to Jesus is to turn the stone into bread look 1st we have to look at why would there have been anything wrong with turning stone into bread I mean why would Jesus have sinned just by following the devil suggestion by turning this rock into something he could eat because he was so hungry Well it actually begins with the 1st words that Satan actually says to him What is it that the devil said he said what if that be the Son of God If you are the Son of God You see that if you are the Son of God turn this stone into bread so what the devil was actually asking was for. Rufe that Jesus would prove himself that he is the Son of God Now why what's wrong with that why would there be anything wrong with Jesus proving that he was the Son of God No one else could do it right so this would have been clear evidence yes I am sent by God But look it's because of what the devil said if you are the Son of God what happened just before Jesus went up into the mountain to fast for 40 days well let's go back to Matthew chapter 3 that is baptism look at what it says here in verse 16 and 17. And Jesus when he was baptized went up straight way out of the water and lo the heavens were opened and to him and he saw the Spirit of God descending like a dove and lighting upon him and look at this verse 17 and lo a voice from heaven saying this is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased when Jesus was baptized and he came up out of the water not only the hole that the Holy Spirit descend upon him he heard or to believe at least to him he understood what was spoken from Heaven His father was saying what this is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased Jesus already had evidence that he was the Son of God He did not have to turn the stone into bread to prove that fact he had heard the voice from heaven saying you are my son I am well pleased that you he heard this before he went up into the mountain he heard this at his baptism he heard this before he fostered for 40 days he heard this before the devil came to him to ask him proof of his divinity and friends Jesus he relied upon and he had to rely upon the voice of God all the words that he heard from God This is what you call faith. Faith comes by hearing hearing by the Word of God He had to live by faith in the fact that what he had heard was true and real Jesus had to exercise faith in regards to this temptation that the devil was throwing at him and it wouldn't be the last time that he would be tempted by these words but you see friends if Jesus had turned the stone into bread it would have shown that he was doubting the words of his father at his baptism so that's a 1st step why would it have been wrong we see the same words will be repeated again in the next temptation so 2 times it would have been wrong trying to get Jesus to doubt his divinity his connection with heaven the mission upon which God had sent him but then coming back to the 1st temptation of what Satan said right if you are the Son of God I want you to turn this stone into bread and what a strong temptation that would have been you know as I said our fossil for 5 days before that was over 10 years ago to be honest the last time I fasted for a longer period of time than just one day was about 2 to 3 years ago it was 4 I think 3 days and I tell you it was difficult I don't know I just struggle with fasting but I remember at the and heart of the past just plain bread tasted so nice at the end of my fast all I ate all they gave me was bread and soup that was it but I tell you it was that tastiest meal I ever had for those that have fasted before. Anything just the mention of any type of food would make you hungry and many people I'm telling you when it comes to appetite which was what Jesus was tempted on in this 1st temptation for the devil many people have failed the test allowing appetite to control you Jesus he was being attacked on 2 fronts 1st the temptation to doubt the father's word as to whether he really was the Son of God Secondly the temptation to simply turn the stone into bread because he was hungry friends why was this the 1st temptation and why was a so important in 1st Corinthians Chapter 15 and verse 22 The Bible says this for as an Adam all die even so in Christ shall all be made a life you see Christ he had to overcome where Adam and Eve fell and where humanity failed in general which was what that area of appetite this is what brought Adam and Eve into sin by what they ate in the Garden of Eden which God told them not to eat you know friends countless of millions of people have been overcome by appetite and it's on this point that even today Satan still a sales and attacks and overcomes people do you know that majority of the diseases that exist today they're based upon the things that we eat and drink for the most part when you when you think about this for example heart failure cancer tumors high blood pressure. Diabetes all these what we call lifestyle diseases it's a pretty much of an effect from what we decide to put in our mouth what we decide to eat and drink today this is all what we call the sin of intemperance over eating and it's not just about eating taking in drugs or smoking or drinking alcohol and killing ourselves that way many of us we overeat and because we you know the overeating and obesity leads to so many complications in our lives today countless millions are still suffering from the sin of intemperance and they even say that what coven 19 was started because of what somebody should have not eaten that they decided to eat isn't it the sin of intemperance is still killing many people today and even in the Bible not just Adam and Eve We saw Sampson we saw Aaron son's name Devon a by who even saw Eli's sons Hockney in Phineas So there are so many people even in the Bible that were overcome by their appetites and Jesus came in this 1st point well it's not that he asked for this temptation Satan had been so successful throughout the thousands of years tenting people and causing them to fall that he was sure he could catch Jesus here especially when he'd been fasting for 40 days and so for Jesus to turn the stone into bread what a major temptation it would have been but it was only for his selfish purposes as well you see and that was not the reason why Jesus had come to this earth he had comes over come in the points where Adam had failed not to serve his own desires not to serve his own once and and even need seems after 40 days of fasting right Jesus did not exercise any of his power for his own selfish purposes. So what was Jesus' reply How did he overcome Matthew Chapter 4 verse for man shall not live by bread or he answered and said it is written and shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceed earth out of the mouth of God part of me I just repeated the so much I got excited because we're so familiar with this text if John 316 is the most famous text in the world this is probably the 2nd most famous text but Jesus he countered temptation with Scripture we had to live by every word of God And where did Jesus hear the Word of God regarding his son ship his divinity it was right there at the baptism he had to rely on that evidence that he had there or rather than to prove it all again in time of temptation Jesus had to live by faith back then at that moment just as we have to today so he had to overcome the the temptation of appetite now let's move on to the 2nd temptation shall we Matthew Chapter 4 verses 5 and 6 then the devil take a thin him up into the holy city and set him on a pinnacle of the temple and say a 1000 to him if that will be the Son of God cast themselves down for it is written He shall give his angels charge concerning the and in their hands they shall bear the up lest any time that dash like foot against a stone so the devil again once again he prefers with if that be the Son of God and so he brings amount to the top of the temple and he hears what Jesus said it is written and so he counters now with quoting scripture as well it is written He shall give his angels charge concerning the Jesus just jump off God will send his angels to take care of you see it's written right there. Friends the devil knows the Bible or he won't give you a Bible study that you can be saved but I'm telling you he will give you a Bible study All right just so you can misinterpret scripture just so that you'll be lost so don't think just because you go to church or just because you've been in a bar or study or just because you've been reading the Bible casually that you are understanding what scripture is all about or that you understand God's will we have to be so careful friends when it comes to the Bible even the devil knows those references himself but he's not going to use it for the glory of God but for his own sinful sinister advantages but where did Satan quote this text from Psalms $91.00 verses $11.12 for he shall give his angels charge over the to keep the in all the ways they shall bear the up in their hands less they'll dash life foot against a stone so Satan he was quoting right here from Psalms $91.00 but friends look there is a difference between what Satan quoted and what Psalms 91 actually says so I want to put both these texts on to screen on the left there Matthew 46 it shows what the devil quoted Ok he says. He shall give his angels charge concerning the and in their hands they shall bear the arm less that any time that dash I foot against a stone and you see there in Psalms only one verse is love in the 12 the similar words of course not word for word but friends there is a difference here and I'm not asking you to see the difference in word for word but a thought for thought difference what is the thought difference what is it that Satan he changes or he omits that is written there in Psalms $91.00. He shall give his angels charge of the that's what he said also in Matthew $46.00 but then it says work to keep the in all vie ways whose ways not our ways this is the ways of God God will give his angels to watch over us to protect us to keep us in the ways of God and this is a very very solemn understanding friends just because we pray it doesn't mean God's angels are with us look God can only help us God can only assist us God can only send his angels to be with us if we walk according to his way his will not our will not our way just because you're prayed it doesn't mean that the angels of God are with you just because you went to church just because you open the Bible it doesn't mean God is with you look what I mean by this let me give you an example if you go rob a bank but you prayed just before that for protection you ask God God please on the right this bank now please protect me do you think God will protect you of course not I mean that's a good extreme case right but it's obvious he's not going to do that. If you pray for protection just before you get into your car and then you get in and you know maybe you've made it a habit in our family every time we get into our car before we drive off we always pray but then I get in the car and I drive off at 300 kilometers an hour do you think God is going to send his angels to watch over me probably not how can God you know how can I assume that God is going to be with me when I break the laws of the land and go a dangerous beat of which certainly no one in their right mind should be going today right so look when we pray we must pray according to God's will so that when we walk according to his way he can and he will send his angels to have charge over us to protect us to lift us up to guide us when we pray we must walk and live according to God's will and then when we step out we're going to make sure that we still in his will so that God's promises then like Psalms $91.00 can apply to us now Jesus he's brought to the pinnacle of the temple the devil says if you're the son of God jump off someone who wants us he will send his angels to have charge of you have you ever said that to your friends here we have a stone on the 3rd story of the 2nd story of a house and say hey guys watch this sums 91 and you jump out have you ever done that before it's probably not God's will and it certainly was not God's will for Jesus to prove himself again to the devil that he is the Son of God by jumping off and presumptuously claiming a promise for which God did not give the provision for in this case we got to be careful to apply the promises of God correctly. And so if Jesus had jumped off he would have acted presumptuously this is what we call the sin of presumption and look Jesus does walk on water in his ministry he does do many miracles but none of those miracles were for him or for a selfish motive all that would go against the Word of God or what he already knew you see God had made it clear to him by speaking to him at his baptism you are my son I'm well pleased in you you don't need to prove yourself again Jesus if you had done that he would have shown that he dealt with the Word of God that he was not living by faith and most likely that angels would not have come to his rescue at that time everything Jesus did in his life it was all within the limits of God's will for him he never went beyond what God the Father wanted him to do or even say moreover the devil started this temptation with what if you're the son of God So was Jesus reply Matthew Chapter 4 verse 7 Jesus says to him it is written again valves shall not tempt the Lord thy God Once again Jesus counters this temptation with scripture the scripture friends is our only safeguard that's the only way that Jesus fought against the devil and one you know what important lesson can we learn from the 2nd temptation if we read scripture because remember in the 2nd temptation the devil quoted scripture to him as well so even though Jesus answered him with it it is written. He has to counter Scripture with Scripture so let me put it in a human context today when your friend comes in and he starts quoting scripture to you about certain topics the only way that you should counter him is with scripture sometimes you like to use logic this is what many times we call apologetics right we want to use logic and human reasoning to show people why God is true but friends the only sure and safe way is to counter temptation and even misquoting of Scripture with Scripture and that's exactly what Jesus did but we have to be so careful that we don't misquote it otherwise we may act presumptious Lee on something God didn't even promise in the 1st place right so we got to not make sure we know our scripture well as as well you know in the very beginning when the devil came to tempt Eve God told them what don't eat of the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil in the day you eat of it you will surely die and what there's a double come in tempting Eve She got nervous maybe I don't know but she added what God said don't eat or touch it and that really became her downfall it was from there that she put herself in a whole lot of trouble which of led to her eventually to eat the fruit itself so the sin of production presumption the 1st one is appetite the 2nd sin of presumption now the 3rd Matthew Chapter $48.00 and $9.00. Again the devil take them up into an exceeding high mountain and show us him all the kingdoms of the world and the glory of them and see if answer him all these things will I give the if that will fall down and worship me this time the devil does not even say anymore if you are the Son of God he just throws off his whole disguise and tells what Jesus if you will just bow down and worship me I'll give you all the kingdoms of the world he wasn't trying to. Just disguise and deceive Jesus any more now it's just outright just got to do this he knows it's wrong but it still is a temptation to Jesus Nonetheless why he was trying to give the option to Jesus to take the easy way out. Jesus he came to this earth to ransom back to to bring us back into the fold of God to bias back with his blood in a sacrifice he knew what it would cost to get this earth back and and rip it from the the devil's hands right but now here is that all the rightful owner so to speak because it was Adam and Eve that were given dominion at the very beginning but when they sinned they became slaves to sin they became slaves to the devil the devil had rightful ownership and he he had for 4000 years rightful ownership in a sense of the earth and now he's offering it to Jesus if you would only worship me don't need to die don't needle hang on the cross don't needa take the hard path Here's the easy path all the Devil wanted and all he's ever wanted. Was to be worshiped and now that was his last opportunity here he offers the kingdoms of the world to Jesus what a temptation what power he was giving him what glory what ease of life instead of taking that sacrificial self-denying path sounds familiar isn't it wouldn't you take the easy way or if you had a $1000000.00 sitting right there before you and I just offered it to you we would always take very easy path instead of going out to earn it isn't it and this is not even just about earning it Jesus did even more than that he died for it you see but you know friends what lesson can we learn from this temptation Satan he came out right to tempt Jesus to get him to deceive obey the 10 Commandments every time we resist temptation friends it comes out stronger look if we overcome a temptation at this level it would make no sense for the devil to give you a saint and similar temptation at the same level right you don't have to give it a bit more because the last temptation didn't work or so I have to make it a bit harder and every time we overcome temptation the temptation gets harder one more trying to say the 1st temptation that the devil through Jesus was not the most difficult even though they're Satan he's disguised as an angel if you are the Son of God turn the stones of bread there is skies is not fully revealed yet but just by the way this Angel seems to speak Jesus knows something is wrong but finally in this 3rd temptation he throws off his disguise. He knows why Jesus is there and he offers him the easiest path you see that and what a temptation this would have been just fall down and worship me Jesus already we can I'm a see it with hunger he's probably on the ground all that have to do as well you see temptation one has appetite temptation of the 2 presumption and temptation number 3 power and riches you know we have all these temptations in our hearts appetite I mentioned as the mystics and even here in Malaysia especially in Southeast Asia in Malaysia we are the worst in health do you know that we have the highest rate of high cholesterol high blood pressure what do we call these things friends we have the highest rate of what you call 1st world diseases is the diseases that when you look back into the Old Testament the d.z. Zas that that Jesus God promised not to put on the Israelites that the Egyptians had that the research has been done people have gone back and looked at the diseases of the Gyptian it was the diseases what you call affluence having too much food having too much things to eat and the high variety the rich flavors are high in sugar high insults all these things and deep fried are what we call the diseases of the 1st world Malaysia is the worst. And so here we have appetite let's not deceive ourselves whatever a man's soul is that will you reap do you know that you're going to gain weight and you think is not going to affect you at all you think that or you've been eating deep fried food every day for the past year and you've not gotten fat at all in fact maybe you still have a 6 pack that doesn't matter or catch up to your friends sooner or later we got to be so careful with our appetite appetite is such a strong temptation for all of us why we all need to eat to live and on top of that we face it 3 times a day sometimes even more for some people right and friends you can even eat too much of a good thing so appetite is certainly something all of us face something all of us are tempted by something I believe many of us fail at I know I have in this past 78 months that staying indoors and the temptation to just eat and not exercise and not being mobile and going out and about right it's so easy to caught up get caught up with what we eat even though we have good intentions you know I just went to the exercise shop last this past weekend I asked them How is business and it's been booming people have been have been more into health but the fact is do we actually get up and do it are we taking our physical bodies into our own hands and learning to live for the glory of God presenting to him a work living sacrifice a holy abode where the Holy Spirit can dwell in appetite it's a very difficult issue and I'm glad that our 40 days of prayer it's focusing on health it's focusing on appetite it's focusing on exercises focusing on the new start and there might be some things that you go Ok doesn't apply but I tell you friends we got to learn how to fast. Not just for physical but especially for spiritual as well well as the 1st temptation 2nd presumption or how that affects so many of us the sin of presumption we want God to be with us so we read His Word and in the Bible we find so many rich people people like Abraham who had 400 servants he was so rich he could support 400 people by 2 churches combined together is not even that much and if I disappoint that many people in just my churches how go broke and I'll go stressed get stressed just thinking about it but this is how rich Abraham was and we see people like Solomon who had 4400 wives I believe it was and how many concubines want to be like Samson so strong when we read the Bible we aspired to be like these great men in the Bible not because of their faith but many times because of their physical attributes and physical blessings that they seem to receive from God And so we take short cuts in God's Word we try to take matters into our own hands and we take the Bible presumptuously thinking that God wants to make me rich because I have it in my heart that I desire to be rich but someone that is not as ambitious out there does not desire so God that must be from you God please just tell me rich I mean take short cuts we want to be rich like Solomon want to be rich in every way where it was said on a golden throne sleep in the Golden Bear right we forget that Psalm One never prayed for his riches do you know that Solomon he prayed for wisdom. He prayed for understanding heart and when that left him the riches became a snare to him whole friends we've got to make sure that when we take God's blessings we take all the conditions with it as well we got to be careful that we're not presumptuous and start praying out of God's will you know there was something that I heard in from Pavel God when we had our spiritual we have spiritual emphasis where he mentioned we do not a prayer right when we pray seeking blessings for ourselves we do not pray right when we ask for blessings just for ourselves so friends of your thinking should I pray to God to make me rich or does not God's will for once you let God deal with that in his own time but too many times we take short cuts in God's Word we want to take the blessings but not the conditions we want to take all the spiritual blessings even just like Jacob but lie to the father you see we've got to be so careful with the sin of presumptious that we make sure we're not living outside of God's Will thinking that he is with us and his angels are guiding and guarding us when in fact they're not and lastly we want power we want power and riches that Satan offered to Jesus what a temptation we want the easy way out we want to get wealth we want to get fame we want to get the power and so if we don't get it out Christ's altar many of us were willing to go to the altar of Satan to obtain it through what lying through breaking of the Sabbath through the destroying of our homes our dishonoring of our parents we we tell ourselves are the end justifies the means. In what sense I'm giving tied back to God And look if it wasn't for my dive the pastors wouldn't be supported and that's what we tell ourselves we take short cuts we tell ourselves it's Ok so long as it's fulfilled what God promised me it doesn't matter how I got there right but not so with Christ he stuck to the plan of salvation he took the only path that would bring true redemption to fall in humanity it's not that he took the hard way you see Christ he took the only way because he knew to worship the devil would not be only to give up this world but all the other one fall in worlds as well so friends it's not about 2 roads in which one's easier and which one's not and then you're taking the hard way and I'm not oh I'm taking the easy way and you're not there's a right way and there's a wrong way and we're going to make sure that we're walking according to the will of God What's a solution for all of this friends how did Jesus overcome it is written Matthew 410 and 11 then see if Jesus and see him get the sense Satan for it is written that I'll shout worship the Lord thy God and Him only shalt thou serve then the devil leave with him and behold angels came and ministered unto him friends the scriptures are our only safeguard Yes the Bible can help us with our appetites and our passions it can hold in check how much we eat and drink and if we believe it and world willing to allow those words to reside in our hearts it can change us it can give us strength of will power to do God's will so as the Word of God abides in the us. It becomes what easier not because I'm suddenly stronger but Jesus is living in and through my life to will and to do of His good pleasure friends the Bible helps us with presumption when you pray for wisdom and spend more time in the Bible you can clearly see how God wants you to live this life if not at least he will guide you to someone who can direct you or teach you or show you God's will when you're spending time in God's word every day giving the best of your time he will show you clearly how to live so you don't have to be presumptious can help with our desires for power fame and fortune reading the Bible is not necessarily going to make you rich it will make you content it will make you happy if you will give you peace in your life it will give you the best life on this earth in might not make you the richest even though Abraham was rich but for every one rich saint there are probably another 50100000 poor saints start about that friends but God He can give your heart that is content and in your own converted state maybe you scoff at that thought content I don't want to be content with just living a poor life you know I'd even ministers come to me has been I've been poor all my life you don't understand and so it's even possible to get into ministry with your heart set on money money money but God He wants to give us the content of heart so we don't scrounge around for those riches he wants to give us a heart that has its priorities correct focused on God and worshipping Him from the beginning of Christ's ministry friends he gave us the tools on how to overcome the devil and all the temptations that he would ever throw at us it is written. But today how can we make that practical where do we start start by memorizing scripture you know have you tried memorizing scripture before I've tried it once and I don't find it very effective for my devotion so I changed it but you know in order to memorize scripture you got to repeat it over and over and over and over again until it gets written in your heart you know when Jesus quoted it is written He didn't he didn't say double just wait where was that text you don't do that he countered with it is written He had memorized scripture he didn't have the Bible poured into his brain because he was the Son of God every advantage that he had was also ours to command as well which is the power of a sound mind and he office we spent time reading it over and over again and the more time we spend in the scriptures whether it's memorizing or just continually reading it and meditating on it the more time we spend in the scriptures the sooner we can use it as a weapon to fight back against the devil or a shield to protect us with it is written friends we're going to spend more time walking with Jesus if you're going throughout the day and that day has caused you to forget everything that you read that morning. When your devotion really has in a sense been neutralized by the world it serves no greater purpose it's like taking a pill for a disease that you have and then going and eating some food that will feed the disease even more sugar or whatever it is you know it's like taking chemotherapy and then go and eat more sugar more Shogun go eat more you want each and I and all the deep fried foods and everything it neutralizes it it doesn't help we got to get to the point that we get to the end of the day and we realize that the Word of God has remained in our hearts and our minds you see when you spend that time we're going to allow God to write His word in our hearts and minds from the very beginning of Christ's ministry we see this 1st encounter rather very beginning the double throws all of hell against them and Jesus has victory he commands the devil to leave and the same power that Jesus had he gives to us today in the Person of the Holy Spirit and as we speak the words inspired by the Spirit on the scriptures that we can command the devil to leave as well but we've got to make sure that we're not overcome by appetite there will walk in according to His will in his way not presumptuously in our hearts and minds are not fixed so fully on the riches of this world that the scriptures mean nothing to us friends were at another Sabbath have you what closer with Jesus this past week have you been more fervent in your devotion to him we spent more time in his presence he spent more time in His Word has your relationship with Christ been growing deeper and deeper or. Is it heading for a divorce too many Christians get baptized and marry Christ within a few short months or years the divorce because I think that Christianity is all about going to church with friends it isn't about spending time in His Word and allowing Jesus to write His word into our hearts and our minds so as we study into these encounters that Jesus had with different people I pray that will find ourselves also having an encounter with Jesus as well let's pray Father in Heaven Lord I want to thank you thank you for the victory that we find in Jesus Christ our Savior wild thank you that through Him we can have victory Thank you Lord that by His blood and through his life and resurrection we are saved so Lord I pray that you give us more of Christ today and less of the world help us all Lord to spend more time in your word Father you've given us more time during this time of pandemic we don't need to be rushing around in our lives and going here and there for futile things things that will soon to pass away help us law to focus more eternal things will you please give us your word this day. And write it up on a hot sideline help us a lot to do all puns that you might do yours as well. Pray in Jesus' name. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon or leave a visit w w w audio verse or.


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