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02 Jesus' Encounter with the First Disciples

Benjamin Ng
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  • December 4, 2020
    8:30 PM
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Father in heaven thank you so much for this time that we can come and study your work together we just ask for your presence to please be with us to guide us and lead us with your spirit or Lord and I pray that you would please help us to understand the message that you have the words that you have for us this evening may you guide us with your spirit that he may alumina minds and not that we just understand but will have wisdom to know how to apply these words to our lives that we might increase in faith this evening and that truly we might know that we have been in your presence and that you have been with us today thank you a lot for you pray in Jesus name Amen. So our studying for this evening is untitled Jesus encounter with the 1st disciples we have started a new series this is already the 2nd study of the encounters with Jesus a series of studies that my brother and I had written quite a few years ago but as we're going through it this is something that we study every Friday night there are a few series that we have we just finished Hebrews 11 together and I pray that you are blessed and this is our 2nd study this evening Jesus and counter with the 1st disciples last week we started about Jesus encounter with the devil we started there because it was right after his baptism Jesus went into the desert into the wilderness to pray for his future ministry to a pair of himself plus an only for what God had sent him forward for the work that he had been sent to the earth for and of course the devil came to tempt him at his weakest moment and Jesus would overcome the devil in every temptation that was thrown him with it is written and that was in Matthew Chapter 4 now this is what we read right after the encounter in Matthew Chapter 4 Matthew 417 to 22. From that time Jesus began to preach and to say repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand and Jesus walking by the Sea of Galilee saw 2 brethren Simon called Peter and Andrew his brother casting a net into the sea for they were fishes and he said to them follow me and I will make you fishers of men and they straightway left their nets and followed him and going on from thence he saw other to Brother and James a son of the body and John his brother in a ship with Zebedee their father mending their nets and he called them and they immediately left the ship and their father and followed him Jesus he began to preach to start his ministry he was preaching the kingdom of heaven is at hand this was right after he was baptized then it's a similar message that we should be preaching today for truly the kingdom of heaven is at hand signs all foretell one of those signs that we are seeing in a great degree today as one pestilences right covert one theme and we truly see that the signs really in our days are much much much closer as every day draws closer right but you see after his preaching he calls the 1st disciples and in Matthew we get this big overview he calls Simon Peter who we know usually just as Peter and his brother Andrew and then he calls also James and John brothers as well. And I see here that o.b.s. has disconnected my software I hope that it's Ok are you all there if you're there please say you can hear me or something like that but it just disconnected Ok I hope you're all able to follow We're back but anyways Jesus after he's preaching he calls Peter Andrew James and John all together and these are the 1st 4 people that Jesus calls they're all fisherman in Matthew Chapter 4 here we just see a brief overview brief encounter and what we're going to do is we're going to go over to Luke where we are going to see more detail so Luke and we're going to start there in Chapter 5 but we're going to end go to the end of this story so I can show you that this is the same story that we're looking at in Matthew Chapter 4 it says you know Luke 510 to 11 and so was also James and John the sons of Zebedee which were partners with Simon and Jesus said to the Simon fear not from henceforth valor shall catch men and when they had brought the ships to land they forsook all and followed him. So James and John they were brothers who were called after Peter and Andrew who were also brothers as well but these 4 Peter Andrew James and John they were all partners together in this fishing quote unquote business I guess but the 4 of them were working together when Jesus calls them and Matthew seems to indicate that Peter and the brother were called 1st and then James and John but we see here that they all came together at the same time Ok but now let's go back to the beginning of Luke Chapter 5 What can we learn from Jesus and county here with the 1st disciples in their call from being fisher men to be fishers of men Luke Chapter 5 and we're going to go to the beginning now Luke 5 verses $1.00 and $2.00. And it came to pass that as the people pressed upon him to hear the Word of God He stood by the Lake of the Knesset and saw 2 ships standing by the lake but the fishermen were gone out of them and were washing their nets so Jesus at this time as we knew from Matthew Chapter 4 he was already preaching he was preaching the kingdom of God and he had only been a short time in ministry he'd only just been baptized we don't know how long for a couple of days for a few weeks we don't know exactly but as he began to preach people began to flock to him to listen to him why because people had never heard such amazing preaching before or in the words of what the Roman soldiers had said Nan had never spoken like this men before they they were captivating they were thrilling their hearts they were they were bringing many people to repentance such power that attended the preaching was rarely heard Yes John the Baptist preached that way but apart from that this man was different the messages that he brought was different and so people were flocking to Jesus they were hungry for the Word of God they were hungry to study and so crowds would come in the days where there was no social media in the days when people were not saying hey I'm in the area please come Jesus didn't have to call the anybody the word of mouth brought flocks and flocks of people to come and listen and as Jesus was standing there there was so know many people that were pressing up against him made it difficult for him to minister to them made it difficult for him to preach So what did Jesus do well Luke Chapter 5 Verse 3 tells us and he entered into one of the ships which was Simon's and prayed in that he would thrust out a little from the land and he sat. Down and taught the people out of the ship what the geezers do he got into one of those ships that were sitting there at the shore and this ship just happened to belong to Simon Peter or Peter as we know him and he asked Peter to push away from the shore so that Jesus could sit there and teach the people and be able to minister to everybody had you not done that he probably would have been able to minister just only 25 percent of the people that were present because the crowd was just pressing in on him and he would not have been able to preach to the people that were standing far back large crowds large crowds and so he gets into the bowl and he's able to teach and to preach from the comfort of the boat now look Peter was helping the Gospel cause he wasn't preaching or teaching Peter just by letting Jesus into the boat was helping Christ and the work of the gospel so that Jesus could be the one that would teach everybody and you know friends at the beginning Jesus doesn't always come to me come to us I should say and just say look I want you to teach I want you to preach Jesus doesn't always do that at the beginning maybe he's just telling you today hey why don't you open your house why don't you open the doors of your home and let people come in. And then show them a video or get the pastor to come and teach or preach up or get your neighbor or someone your elder whoever it is but there is an importance of the gift of hospitality Peter was allowing Jesus into his personal space Peter was allowing him to come into his his boat where no one else had dared to enter no one was there with them they were cleaning their nets they are done but Jesus came into his boat and maybe maybe today Jesus is asking you why don't you let me in to your personal space maybe God is asking you hey if you want to help in the Gospel cause maybe you can't teach and preach maybe you can't be an Avenger list but you can open your home maybe you don't have a home maybe you can bring the food the gift of hospitality is a gift that is underrated in many ways they say the power of the spoon does a lot of power for good it is sometimes more powerful than the pen but you know there is other work that we can get involved in that doesn't always Intel teaching and preaching directly but it is just as important to spread the Gospel had he not gone to the boat Christ's ministry and preaching at that time would not have been as effective but because of that he was able to minister to the whole crowd that was pressing up against him friends we don't realize how important this is many blessings we might miss out on just by closing the doors of our house you know it's tempting to do that why the gift of hospitality sometimes comes with a lot of work. Sometimes more often than not I should say not sometimes more often than not not only are you the one opening the door but you have to be the one that cooks as well isn't it and even sometimes after they clean the you've got to clean again it's a lot of work and that's why I know some people they don't like to have people over or maybe even sometimes you know we don't like our people over because our furnishings are too expensive or we have you know 20 people sitting on our couches in a couple of years' time my 10000 dollar college is going to wear out well maybe if we want to open our doors to have the gift of hospitality we're going to buy some cheaper furniture a mess or at least not be worried about having our furniture worn out and eventually really ruined but the give the possible how the hospitality very very important very very important but let's continue here shall we what happens after Jesus is done with his preaching what happens Luke Chapter 5 in verse 4 and when he had left speaking he said into Simon launch out into the deep and let down your nets for a drought Jesus asks Peter to launch out into the deep not only had the fishermen left their boats they were cleaning their nets you see that but now Jesus is hate pushout go into the deep and let your nets down for drought and that word drought there means for a catch and so it's almost as if Jesus saying Hey Peter thank you for letting me onto your boat so I could I could preach today now I want to bless you back Peter launch out and let your net down for a catch and he not only once to bless us. But he wants to make us a blessing you see that and in this case is reversed Peter became the blessing 1st and then God says Thank you Peter now I want to bless you back but this is the Abrahamic Covenant friends this is what God told Abraham in Genesis Chapter 12 when he asked him to leave is his home town his place of familiarity he says in verse 2 and I will make of the a great nation and I will bless thee and make the name great and that I'll shell to be a blessing I want to bless you so that you can bless others you know in the case of Peter he had received the blessing the ready but now Christ he once did bless him back Peter launch out into the deep let your net down for a drought and how does Peter apply Yes Sure let's do it geezers definitely can't wait is that what he says Luke Chapter 5 and verse 5 What is Peter say and Simon Unser ring said and to him Master we have toiled all the night and have taken nothing Nevertheless at the word I will let down the net you know we were the thought hey this is Jesus you're talking about sure this is the savior of the world right but they don't know that that yet you see they didn't know that that was Jesus and the miracles that he could do and how all nature was at his command. And in fact Simon begins to give reasons as to why that was probably not such a good idea what did he say muster We've worked all night and caught nothing we have worked all night eat un tired I've I've done finishing washing my neck that's what it said and worst that they were sitting there was preaching they were saying that they had come in from the sea and they come in and put their boats to shore and they were sitting there washing their nets and surely by the time Jesus was done they would have been done washing their nets so you know from all human reasoning from logic this request that Jesus was giving just did not seem like a good idea Number one we worked all night and caught nothing Number 2 we're done with washing the nets I mean Jesus you're not even a fisherman What was Jesus' background he was a carpenter that's what his his father Joseph was and that's what he had grown up doing being in the father's workshop the whole time sure the dad might have brought Jesus for fishing here and there and he might of you know gone on a boat to to fish you know like how people like to do it as a hobby but a fishing rod is very different to a fishing net you know fishing rod for a hobby is one thing but fishing net 2 to have a business and to survive and to feed your family that's what you needed to catch enough fish to to to help your family to sustain itself right and surely it would not have been enough Jesus what do you know about fishing and then on top of that we have nets we don't use anything else once you throw the net into the water during the day the fish will see the the shadow of the net they'll all run away they won't come from all human reasoning and logic it just did not make sense. It didn't make sense and so we can probably understand the reluctance that Peter had Jesus we've been working all night we call it nothing absolutely nothing and there was reason enough not to listen to the advice the command from Jesus however Peter did not stop there what else did he say he said nevertheless a word I will let down the net this word never the less this word nevertheless is key do you know what this word nevertheless means it means more over it means but and you know we do how to study the Bible the word but is what it's a contrast it's a contrast this this this is this is this and this happens but but you see that So Jesus We've fished all night we've been working all night and we caught nothing but and that's the key friends you see Peter presented logic he presented enough arguments to convince anybody not to go and listen to the command of Jesus and I think probably 9 times probably 9.9 times 99 times out of 100 the people would listen to the logic of Peter and not goal and throw out their net again when they've been fishing all night and caught nothing and they're ready to go home and go to bed but you're just a carpenter but it's the sun has come up but I'm tired Jesus but all the reasons that Peter gave he contrasts that. Nevertheless at the word I will let down the net nevertheless that single word showed Peter that even though he didn't agree he would give it a try anyways even though he was doubtful he would give it a try he would test the Word of God out of respect for him as a teacher maybe because he saw how powerful Jesus had been preaching and convicting men's hearts at the respect that I give you as a teacher of the word Jesus unwilling to give it a try certainly one that seemed to possess such power. He kind of been totally wrong right and so even though in the midst of all that logic Jesus I'm going to try I'm going to try at your word I will let down the net even though he was doubtful he still went ahead and obeyed. You know friends we learned a really really important lesson here on faith even though there was doubt in Peter's response he himself did not allow himself to to stop him from testing the validity and the power of Christ's word you know sometimes we sell ourselves short of a miracle we present all the facts all the evidence why something can't work why it's impossible and then we stop right there without ever trying without testing without stepping out in faith and sometimes we don't even give Jesus a chance we'll let doubt and logic get the better of us and really it's logic and then doubt right but too many times we look with our human eyes and we think with a human brain and and we tell ourselves it's impossible this can't happen not in this day and age and we give out reasons the culture that we're living in the country that we're in you know in Malaysia this majority is Muslim you know is difficult to baptize and I always say all sorts of things and and we sell ourselves short of how God can work but that's the key word that we got to learn I'm not asking you this evening that you have to have 100 percent if you can be full of faith that you're ready to just do and die for Christ No but you got to be willing to test God to step out Nevertheless nevertheless look chapter $56.00 and $7.00 and when they had done this they enclosed a great multitude of fishes and their net break and they beckoned into their partners which were in the other ship that they should come and help them and a big and they came and filled both the ships saw that they began to sink can you believe that friends they caught saw much fish. That there now broke and both the ship So Peter let down the net the net broke or try to pull it in his ship began to sink the other boat came over James and John and they try to help and put the sum of their fish under the weight on their boat to both ships began to sink can you believe that this was a catch of a lifetime I mean we're talking about seasoned fishermen here we're talking of people that have grown up on the sea not someone who's doing fishing as a hobby these people they do fishing for a livelihood they know the limits of their equipment they know how much is needed and what they've normally caught right on the seas and their equipment was not sufficient enough for the catch that Jesus provided for them you know. They didn't have the right tools and their net broke because they had a lack of faith you know when you go to the end after Jesus has resurrected and the disciples they go back fishing you get in right at the same situation happens again and Jesus says Throw your net on the other side and that they catch this great amount of fishes but this time the net doesn't break I believe that net translates to their lack of faith or their faith that had grown later on in the later years after Jesus had been with them for 3 and a half years but they're not broke because they had a lack of faith and they missed some of the blessing but look did Jesus reward the little faith that Peter had oh yes he did nevertheless at their word I will throw it down and you know friends we got to learn to have a faith as a mustard seed we can't be content to leave it there but the mustard seed must grow and take root and then grow up to be a big tree. At this point Peter Andrew James and John their faith was just simply so small even though they were willing to step forward but yet God gave them such a huge miracle so big that the net broke and the ship began to sink how many of us miss out on the miracles of God Just because we're not willing to try. Peter he'd be grown up as a fisherman all his life he had never seen so much fish before or at least not in his catch maybe other people had bigger boats but their capacity only brought so much are you might argue that there maybe the net was all that's why broke but the boat began to sink this was the reward of the little faith that God that Peter had in the Word of God and you know Peter realize that why look at this what happens after when Simon Peter saw it he fell down at Jesus' knees saying Depart from me for I am a sinful man o. Lord for he was astonished and all that were with him at the drought of the Fishers which they had taken. You know the blessing came as a result of the Word of God and Peter realized that because he knew that he had so little faith that when he looked at how little faith he had in Christ and then he looked at the catch that was given it was not he wasn't deserving of it he knew that he was doubtful and so when he saw all that was taking place his heart was overwhelmed any found on at the feet of Jesus if Jesus Depart from Me I'm a sinful man but yet he held on to him isn't a so interesting Depart from me but please don't go he realized that he was in the presence of one more than just human and he knew that he couldn't let goal and loses passing you know how many of us realize that our lack of faith really is sinful sometimes that we think Hey. It's just a small little word of God you know this isn't the 10 Commandments Peter launched of the deep let down your net for a catch would have been salvation or it could have been why well if you're not willing to obey in the little things how can God trust us with the bigger things you can see where Peter started here you can understand how eventually walked on water his faith was still not a little mustard seed but without faith it's impossible to please God without faith it's impossible to be righteous and God He always tests us in the little things in the Word of God beyond the 10 commandments is given us instruction on how to live how to live the fullest life and I want to challenge you to test the Word of God I want to challenge you. To test God's word and even the littlest of things from health our diet how we live how we dress God's given us instruction for everything in the smallest of things he has given this all to us for our blessing and for our happiness and for our joy and awful film work that we can live a life of abundance here on this earth but it's got to start somewhere friends and I'm telling you if you're compromising on the little things you're certainly compromising on the bigger things because it doesn't get easier to obey the 10 Commandments when you kind of be the little things that God has given you unless you think. It's not important but Peter didn't see it that way he said Depart from Me Christ on a sinful man he knew he didn't deserve this blessing he knew that that he didn't deserve this this Gift of this big catch but you so glad that Christ didn't leave and that he was so glad that Christ rewarded his faith because of what never the less because of that you still apply the word of God even though he didn't have a strong faith and today I'm not asking you to have a faith of the martyrs and are asking you that you have to have the faith that is strong as a cedar tree or oak tree that the winds blow and nothing moves and it doesn't doesn't even feel look like it's shaking or on moving in the wind at all but God he's asking you to start small he's saying to you some 34 of us a taste and see that the Lord is good blessid is the man that trust of than Him Christ these are seen to taste just to try just to test. And then 1st us on Ian's 521 he says prove all things hold fast that which is good Jesus is the one that's inviting you test them e c of not I'm going to prove myself true or not but to many of us we miss out on the blessings because we don't want to test God we don't want to try him we get too distracted or will dwell in a tried different foods try different clothes try different job change our studies we try many things why not try and test Christ c. of not you will bless you got to trust him he says prove me and don't start trusting him don't stop short of that try it nevertheless But sure you may reason out why you shouldn't do it and how it could possibly not even work out like those fissures they cannot be caught with all human power but it doesn't matter Tess Christ yourself nevertheless it doesn't matter what I know it doesn't matter how I feel it doesn't matter just try to respect and love for Christ as our Savior just test him see who is true or not see was real but you know Christ didn't stop there he called them to be His disciples and so there was really one last test you got to understand this the ships were sinking this was a catch of a lifetime you know what when they're looking at the Earth fish are not thinking and then have a good dinner tonight right that's not what they were thinking they were thinking money money money I can support my my family now I don't have to work for 2 months maybe 3 months 5 months after a year I don't know I can buy that that horse or that cow or that you know I can add an extra room to my house now I can do that renovation that I was thinking of for so long. All the things in the mind begin to rule I can do this and I can do that I can do this and I can do that but in Christ as one Luke 510 and Jesus sent to Simon fear not from henceforth the shalt catch men. What would you have done in Peter's position now I can buy a bigger boat I can get a new net Jesus just wait let me be financially free let me be able to support myself so I don't rely on you and I can follow you he was a test Christ had just provided for them a catch of a lifetime Christ was now telling them give it all or come follow me here proven to them I don't need your money I don't need your support I can support you with one word you don't have to work for months with one word you can make the whole world rich Jesus proved to Peter I can support you but are you going to trust me when they brought those chips alone we already know they forsook everything and followed Christ they don't just drop it all but in Mark 120 I'm sorry the text is not on the sly there it says straight away when you call them they left their fathers or body this is John and James his father in the ship with the hired servants and went after him they didn't even clean up they left it all to the Father the call was too urgent and important and the call today is still just as urgent and just as important and to many of us we've forgotten that Christ he gave us the blessings so that we can be a blessing. And you maybe think that Christ has not given you enough blessings this evening maybe you think that you need a car like your neighbors you need a house like your neighbors you got to have so many digits in your bank account before you feel confident to follow God has god proven himself worthy of your trust that he can support you that he can take care of you that you don't need to worry but that you can go forward not having to worry about money and go forward in faith to serve Him fully with a whole heart you know I want to share with you. My journey of this past 7 years being here as a pastor in Malaysia I never thought about having bible workers to be honest the reason why I came back was because David called me and says hey we need help with running a Bible school can you come back and I love to teach so I came and it was after the 1st year that we had our 1st Bible worker who's still with us today and shortly after that a 2nd us Alex and a knock So our 1st 2 bottle workers at Dak there and we were going to have a Bible work a fund you know I had gone preaching the year before and people that donated to me but I didn't see fit to keep this money I put into the church account and I knew that God was going to provide for us now. And to Bible workers would have to worry too much. You know at that time the expenses were low. But then the money kept increasing to bother with this formidable work with 7 behave all that went 11 then I went down again and as I. Sighing sighing a sigh of relief why because all the workers that we have are sourced supported locally and. I used to worry a lot about finances stuff used to get stressed out about it you know I remember attending this class one of the pastors from Andrews came and taught us a master's class and he said never ever worry about money from the church board level all the decisions you ever make should never be factored into about taking into consideration finance and I knew that in the back of my mind but you know just stepping forward is so difficult especially with Bible work as these are people's lives you know we've got to make sure we take care of them and every place I'm trying to tell the public is be careful be careful be careful be careful and even sometimes I find myself doing it today you know but this year we have 15 piebald. 15 and I'm learning to trust God I'm learning to let I'm sorry any of you watching but I learn learn to let my treasure of worry about it in fact I don't look at a Bible work or find it too much I maybe look at it once every few months you know and get an update about how much we have in there. But I praise a lot that God has been providing an appraisal or that God has been touching the hearts of people they've been listening to to give vent to help but you know friends we should never ever ever make decisions based on money especially when it comes to the Word of God especially when Christ has made it so clear that he'll take care of you especially when he's the one that gave you the blessing and then he says now give it all up follow me our lives we've got to be preparing for that day for that moment the rich young ruler hardly shall a rich man enter into heaven it is so true because we have to sell all and give it away that's what Zacchaeus did but the rich young ruler went away sorrowful because his heart was tied up with all his possessions. It was so difficult to give up everything you know why it was easy for Peter it was easy for his brother Andrew and James and John because they didn't have much to give up they didn't have the world's attachments in their lives so it was easier and it's not that Christ only accepts the poor he accepts anybody but it's just as difficult for the rich man to give up everything but how much are you willing to give God a try I'm not telling you that you got to sell your house that day but look if God has been telling you that by all means apply it as soon as possible some of you might have to give up your studies others might have to give up your job to serve God yes to serve them but every step of the way there's there's evidence of God's provision for us it's not about how much you earn it's about where your hardass And so look some parents maybe you're not so happy you you want my kids to give up studies are look at least finish high school Ok at least finish high school even the big tech companies today that are asking for degrees they care about what you can do and you can learn to cope well from a young age and and join Google or Apple or whatever a big company the might be out there you don't need a degree even the world is not looking at that anymore why should we right but look you've got to make sure you follow where Jesus leads I hear the logic I hear the human reasoning I hear what my parents are saying I hear what my friends are saying I hear what my counselors are saying I hear what the pastor is saying but what does Jesus say what is Jesus saying to you this evening and where is he guiding and directing your life. I pray that would be like the Disciples of Christ because they have gone out to make disciples of all nations and the 3 messages in the Gospel that we preach is to make disciples of all nations as well but that work is going to be accompanied with sacrifice is going to be accompanied with a lot of faith and trust that Jesus will still take care of you even though you give up everything for him although Be Friends Are you willing to test God a will that are you willing to test his word step out in faith today if you hear his voice harden not your hearts let's pray Father in Heaven Lord I want to pray for all my brothers and sisters who are listening to this I pray that you would give them courage for a lot that's what they need at this time courage to follow your courage to test your word courage to put into action the words that you are asking them to follow Lord after the sea or the logic help them just to still test you to try you taste you to prove you for Lord Your words are not only commands they are promises promises given to bless us to bless us so far the police I know that there are some and there are always some people that are listening that are in the valley of decision I pray that you would speak to their hearts so tenderly help them to see that you still calling them even now and give them the courage to step forward in faith Lord I surrender my life again to you. I know that I need to call higher in my walk and my journey and my test of faith with you strengthen all a faith today will give us the resolve to follow you all the way to the very. Honestly and. We pray in Jesus. Name. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons pleaded visit w w w audio verse or.


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