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03 Jesus' Encounter with Philip and Nathanael

Benjamin Ng
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  • December 11, 2020
    8:30 PM
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Father in heaven thank you so much for your watch care over us this past week thank you Lord for the Sabbath hours as we're about to start our time together now just ask for your Spirit to lead and guide us help us all Lord that we might understand your word fill us with your spirit and speak to our hearts so personally so tenderly that we might hear your voice speaking to us as well thank you for you pray in Jesus' name amen. This is evening we are continuing our studies on the encounters with Jesus so last series that we looked at was Hebrews 11 if you not had a chance to to listen to that series you can go back whether you're listening to this from You Tube or Facebook there is a playlist there just for those those studies that we've had together on Friday night but this evening we're going to be looking at Jesus encounter with Philip and then you'll Philip and the 1000 you'll And so you know last week we studied about the calling of the 1st disciples 4 people were called to leave their fishing nets to follow Jesus that was Peter Andrew James and John and Jesus he's not done yet with the calling of the disciples and we're going to start there in John chapter one versus 43 to 44 John chapter 143244 the Bible says this The day following Jesus would go forth into Galilee and find a 3rd up and say a 1000 to him Follow me nuff Philip was of Bethsaida the city of Andrew and Peter so very clearly here Jesus goes forth into Galilee he finds Philip and he makes a direct call straight to Philip and the 1st thing that Philip does is he goes well the background is he's from Bethsaida the city of Andrew and Peter and you know we don't know whether they knew each other whether they were fisherman together or we don't know much about his background at all but Philip doesn't stop there when Jesus calls him he doesn't just get up and leave and go follow Jesus what happens next verse 45 of John chapter one Philip fine. Nathaniel and say it and to him we have found him of whom OHMSS in the law and the prophets did write Jesus of Nazareth the son of Joseph Philip goes and finds nothing annual and who isn't a 1000 you know we don't know whether they're brothers or not whether they're related in any way but they're definitely good friends seeing that Philip goes and looks for Nathaniel straight away so he doesn't just get up and follow Jesus but he goes and looks for his friend Nathaniel but who is in the Faneuil I mean look Chapter 6 if we go there and start reading the verse 13 it actually talks about the 12 disciples and look what it says and when it was day he called the to his disciples and of them he chose 12 whom he also named Apostles Simon whom he also named Peter and Andrew his brother James and John those are the 1st 4 that we've already looked at but then it says Philip and Bartholomew Matthew when Thomas James a son of Alphaeus and Simon called zealots and Judas the brother of James and Judas Iscariot which also was the traitor what I want you to see here is notice that Philip whom we've already seen in John chapter one and Bartholomew are put together and then notice what it says in John Church when t. one verses one and 2. After these things Jesus showed himself again to the disciples at the Sea of Time Bruce and on this wise show he himself there were together Simon Peter and Thomas called did amiss and Nathaniel of Cain in Galilee the sons of Zebedee and 2 other of his disciples what am I trying to show you here here we see the disciples and Jesus appears to them and the 1000 you'll is mentioned again as one of those disciples and we didn't see nothing on your mentioned in in back in Luke Chapter 6 when it listed out the 12 disciples but we do see Bartholomew what we can definitely link together is most likely Bartholomew was nothing than you Ok who would eventually become one of the Disciples of Christ look what lessons can we learn here from Philip though he went and told his friend he was actually excited about some finding someone that matched the description of whom the Bible spoke about that would be the Messiah that was soon to come you know what that tells me. Philip was actually a student of the Word of God of the Bible he actually went to his friend Nathaniel say hey I found somebody that Moses in the law and the prophets did write about what was he speaking about he was talking about the Old Testament but he was a student of the Word of God that when when Jesus came walking along he saw in him the fulfillment of what the Bible had spoken about we need to be searching our Scriptures today friends why because we need to see how the Bible will reveal itself in how prophecies being fulfilled today such as this pandemic it is a big sign to tell us to wake us up to shake us not just because we lost a job not just because our studies have been totally different as in previous years not because we've had to change job or change our studies or or change whatever it is not because there's been a major shift in our life but because there's a major fulfillment of prophecy that we have never seen before show we thought about pandemics such as a. The swine disease and the mad mad cow disease or swine flu sorry you know we seen all of those things but not at this scale before we got to be students of the word not just for the sake of all it's got to change my heart and my life but to see how prophecy is being fulfilled today and look at the people that were living before The Times of Christ even though they only had the Old Testament they had enough evidence of His 1st coming as we do today with the old and the New Testament of his 2nd coming. Not only was Philip a student of the Bible he was sharing his faith with his friends when he sought fulfillment he went looking to share his faith with probably his best friend or his brother you know the importance of sharing what you find in the Bible is necessary to growth in faith but today we also need to be searching the scriptures not just for God help me to be a better person God help me to know your will and your way but to see how today things are being for filling scripture to show us the near in us of Christ's 2nd Coming but look at Nathaniel's reaction Philip comes to him says hey I found this man he's the messiah he's the person that Moses in the law in the process been talking about but how does nothing when you react John chapter 146 and the thing you're selling to him can there any good thing come out of Nazareth Philip So you've been to him Come and see the fan your replies Can anything good come out of Nazareth such a wicked city he doubted Are you serious really the Messiah would come from a place that is no Torricelli known for being so we could impossible now really was famous for all the wrong reasons or infamous as we should say surely a Messiah would not come from such a wicked place right Jesus though never made an excuse for his background where he came up grew up from he never pointed to others saying that they had an unfair advantage the spotless Lamb of God He was brought into a wicked part of the city and that's where he grew up and not only that he was from a poor family. You know I think we need to learn to be content content in what way in our background in our raising you know our upbringing rather I hear so many people that they say are if only or Auburn you don't understand how I grew up and we like to point to to our past as to why we are allowed to act a certain way today you know we like to tell people oh I would grow up like this in such a family that's why I'm like this we told people I was poor so that's why I act this way and you know they'll tell you are you know of a group like me you never had you know such poverty in your place so that's why you're not you don't understand but Jesus to us he was so poor he had to have as help is that ad in the workshop from a young age he had chores to fulfill because the dad was working hard and he had to help both mom and dad at home and in work but friends Jesus he never made an excuse as to why he might have sinned of course he didn't but if anybody had an excuse for their upbringing and their background that was not probably probably the best it could have been Christ Nathaniel saying what can any good thing come out of Nazareth his faith faltered when he heard where Jesus came from and isn't it true that sometimes we have biases we make prejudices because someone came from a certain time around someone came from a certain country you have a certain ethnic race you know we have all sorts of biases that we have towards people because of their background isn't it and that's what Nathaniel was going through really the Savior come out of Nazareth nothing good can come out of there but how did Philip reply. He didn't try to strike up a debate with Nathaniel and he didn't try to justify his his comments he didn't try to give us run a Bible study he just said to him Well come and see for yourself you know friend sometimes we think that if we're going to go to the mission field if we are to be witnesses for Christ we need to build to preach or teach or sing or whatever it is but Philip he was a successful evangelist and he didn't even use one Bible text he said Come and see but all he said and you know. I think many more people would come to know about Jesus simply if we had just turned on the television for them to watch whether that was a Bible study whether there was a sermon whatever it was or maybe just invite them to church or invite them to care group not expecting you to give the Bible study but just maybe hand out a d.v.d. or a book or just share a link on what's up today right it is so easy that we can use all these resources to be a blessing to be much more than what had happened in the past where it was simply just word of mouth I don't even think they had such things as fliers you know it's a post-up banners and all of that right so look the way to be a witness it is so much easier and many of us maybe the tonight are even praying for our family members and people who have not fully accepted the Lord but we need to go beyond praying for them friends we need to buy a Bible for them to read maybe. Or we need to send them a sermon or invite them to a church program or maybe you saying in your heart well my church doesn't have such a program that I can invite my mom or my dad all my relatives all my friends well why don't you go to the past and say Pastor can I run a church program that I can bring my my my family to church and instead of sitting there waiting for the church to fill your needs why not fulfill those needs yourself you see that friends we can get involved in ministry just so we can tell others wanted to come and see instead of arguing you just got to say something or do something or try something so in a 1000 you'll He goes his curiosity is stirred Let's continue John chapter one and verse 47 Jesus saw Nathaniel coming to him and say I thought him Behold Israelite indeed in whom is no guy oh wait what did Jesus just declare of Nathaniel he said what in Israelite indeed in whom is no guile friends you know the word guile means it means the seat and of course look Nathaniel was not being deceitful by saying Can any good thing come out of Nazareth So you know where else is this word guy all used in Revelation Chapter 14 in verse 5 the Bible says and in their mouth was found no guile for they are without fault before the throne of God. Nathaniel represents a faultless group of people that will one day stand before God or God will himself will judge them and call them faultless and in this story Jesus declares Nathaniel to be without guile the same Nathaniel that said Can any good thing come out of Nazareth the very same Nathaniel that was doubtful when his friend came and said I found a man who fulfills all these prophecies in the Old Testament you know friends it was just like what we study about Peter last week remember when Jesus told him Peter. Out and get this catch what Peter say Master we've toiled all night and caught nothing he was downfall just like the Thegn you know but he didn't stop there as well he said one nevertheless at the word I will try it Nathaniel was doubtful friends can any good thing come out of Nazareth but yet he was still willing to try he was still willing to go and see let me have a look for myself to see whether Philip Philip and what he really says is true because you know Philip's a good man I've been studying with him and I know that he knows the word of God Let me just go and have a look even though in doubt he still tried he still trust that. Why Not only was Philip a student of the Word of God Nathaniel was as well obviously he also had been waiting for this man in whom Moses in the law and the prophets spoke about so with some sort of doubtful and to suppression he went forward to see whether what Philip said was real and true or not he didn't allow his personal bias to get in the way his own prejudice to get the better of them Look I'm not saying that it's Ok to doubt friends but let's not allow our doubt to stop us from trying when all odds seem stacked against you at least give God a fair chance to prove himself before you write him off and so we continue John 148 Nathaniel say Earth and see him when snow was still me and Jesus answered and said and to him before that Philip called me when I was under the fig tree I saw the you know Nathaniel he was shocked when Jesus said Behold the Israel in whom there is no guile and he's like how do you know me Christ how do you know me Jesus and he said one before you ever came I saw you sitting under the fig tree Jesus gave an evidence of his divinity is that like Nathaniel was just sitting right next to him he was offered a place that Jesus could not see him and he could not see Jesus and so he gave evidence and hey material I saw you I knew where you are you were sitting on the fig tree you see that and most likely Nathaniel was what he was praying Hughes meditating on John the Baptist's words. If you read the earlier part of John chapter one I'm sorry I don't have time to go through it this evening but if you read the earlier part of John chapter one this is the famous verse in John one where John the batter says Behold the Lamb of God that taketh away the sin of the world and so when you go back and read that there was a crowd and there were some people that followed Christ even at that point to see where he lived Philip possibly was one of them but Nathaniel was meditating on what John the Baptist had said probably could this really be the one and then here comes Philip So he goes and checks it out for himself and now Jesus gives evidence of his divinity Nathaniel before you ever came I saw you sitting under the fig tree Jesus helped Nathaniel to believe friends what helps us to believe today what can establish our faith we don't have Jesus standing there telling us that he knows what we were doing and where we were but we have something just as powerful in John Chapter 1429 The Bible says and now I have told you before it comes to pass that when it is come to pass you might believe friends what helps us to believe according to John 1429 The Bible says I tell you before it comes to pass that on what it actually happens you might believe friends what we call that that's called prophecy God predicting the future in advance before it happens that when it actually happens we can believe everything that the Bible has written about. And the foremost books of prophecy look every book pretty much has some prophecy in it but the foremost books that we know Daniel and Revelation is is not just Daniel revelation but the whole Bible yes but look these are the books of prophecy that we as administers we've grown up we've known about and they are just as important why because it tells us things will be fulfilled in the right time and then when you go to Matthew 24 it talks about our time living in the time of pandemic incurable diseases pestilences is what the King James Version says if you don't see the fulfillment of prophecy to help you believe the Bible even more they will really missing a big part of our experience because you know to some people is not enough even when you study Daniel revelation sometimes we choose not to believe like Thomas do you know that as we all know him to be called doubting Thomas When Jesus had risen from the grave already after he died and then been dead for 3 days he rose up Thomas never saw him the other 10 disciples because Judas hung himself there were only 10 there and Thomas wasn't present but he received the testimony from his friends his own disciples that had walked with Jesus for 3 and a half years and he still chose not to believe you know that look what the Bible says John 202425 but Thomas one of the 12 called did a mass was not with them when Jesus came the other disciples therefore servants of him we have seen the Lord but he said into them except I shall see in his hands the prince of the nails and put my finger into the print of the nails and thrust my side into his him my hand into his side I will not believe Thomas he chose not to believe and he wasn't willing to listen to the testimony of his friends whom some would call to be prophets eventually. Brothers that he had walked with for 3 and a half years he did not want to believe their testimony and on top of that he'd forgotten the words of Jesus when He said they'll kill me but after 3 days all rice he forgot everything he chose not to believe he chose to stay in unbelief So are there people that can study prophecy and still miss the mark of what Jesus is trying to do he's trying to establish our faith friends of your faith is wavering and it seems like the fire that you used to have in your faith and your zeal for God It seems like it's burning out it's going dim you've got to go back to really study the prophecies God will reignite the flames of your faith again and maybe you can tell me all I've studied Daniel revelation before and maybe you've heard many Daniel revelation seminars maybe even your church runs a Daniel and Revelation or prophecy seminar hint hint at Hackensack every year maybe you get to this point where you even can quote the text of what the preachers say because you've heard so many preachers preacher It doesn't matter friends maybe even you've told it yourself then my next question is this Are you like Philip Are you like Philip come and see have you been inviting your friends because it can get to this point where you've heard this sermon 100 times about the Sabbath or the state of the dead or the 2nd coming and we hear all these doctrines in our head and it doesn't mean anything to us and if you were to just be like Philip and you bring your friend you invite your friend and you see how they react you see how they get excited about it. You want to go wow our truth is really that precious you begin to treasure it you see the excitement that can come from inviting your friends come and see come and see for yourself taste of God's goodness friends is not enough just to listen but this word of God must transform us to the point that we go and tell others about this good news and maybe just maybe the reason why your faith is waning this evening is because the truth has just been shut up in your heart and you've held it for so long that you don't realize how precious it is you know some people like to complain about their phones or their cars or the house they live in until they go and find out that they are actually quite lucky that you actually have a car or you actually have a phone that works and you see how much God has blessed you and you realize that when people see what you have they get so excited whereas you've had it for years and. The joy and excitement seems to just grow dim do you see that friends maybe what you need is not just more Bible study maybe you need to be like Philip and tell others comments you don't have to give a Bible study just bring them to a Bible study you don't have to be the one of the teachers just invite them to a program to share with them on whatsapp just go over to the house and watch with them or invite them over to your house and watch with them you see that friends is not only just about storing the Word of God in the truth in your hearts and minds but is allowing it to become experience. Creation is not just a story it's not is it's not just 6 days and that's it it's an experience so it is with Daniel and Revelation so it is with the prophecies in the Word of God is not just to excite your your intellectual mind and have this stimulating conversation but it's got to change your heart it's got to reach to the depths of your soul you have to realize things are changing your life if you want to see Jesus come with your own eyes so Jesus he proved himself in the fire in you and now look at his response look at what Nathaniel says John 149 Nathaniel and say then to him Rabbi that art the Son of God Now Art the king of Israel right away Nathaniel he had knowledge of him to be the Son of God He believed and it's not because he was a person that's easy to believe anything is not that he was gullible No Number one is because the thing you have been studying the Scriptures and the number 2 of course Jesus proved himself to him and number 3 Nathaniel had simple faith you know there's nothing wrong with the claim that Jesus is a Son of God on the spot and too often I find that when young people they make decisions they go to conferences they're they're preaching the Word of God and they come back and they want to serve God they want to quit their studies and go and serve God or go into the mission field we think that this young person has lost their mind they made an emotional decision and the preachers of pushed them into making this decision and put all this pressure on them and and deceive them with the truth of friends look you can never go wrong choosing Jesus and serving Jesus right Nathaniel he had simple faith. He had been studying he'd been praying he'd been meditating and when Jesus came in prove themselves to him he grabbed hold of his hand and never let go but in Jesus replies John 150 and 51 Jesus answered sen him because I said into the I saw all the under the fig tree believe us that you believed just simply because I told you I saw you on a victory you shall see greater things than these I mean 7 to him Verily verily I say until you hear after you shall see have an open and the angels of God ascending and descending upon the son of man you know Jesus said look because you believed you going to see even greater things that simple faith that when he recognized the divinity in this man Nathaniel grabbed all on by face to really wow this really is the Son of God the King of Israel and what does it mean that Jesus when he says you in a sea angels of God ascending and descending upon the Son of Man the throne you because you believed you're going to see this happen what did Jesus mean by there while the son of man was obviously Christ angels of God ascending and descending on Jesus what does that mean what is the Ministry of the angels What does it mean that the angels are sending up and coming down through Jesus Christ well in Hebrews Chapter one Verse 13 and 14 look at what the Bible says about angels but into which of the angels said he at any time sit on my right hand until I make enemies that footstool are they not all ministering spirits sent forth to minister for them who shall be heirs of salvation. Friends what is the Ministry of the angels their ministry is to bring salvation to us they are working in cooperation with those that are working for the salvation of men and women and obviously the one that brought the greatest salvation ever was the foundation of it all was Jesus Christ Jesus said to Philip after this you are going to see angels ascending and descending on the Son of Man What is he saying you are going to see the blessings that will come through me not because I can of myself do anything in John Chapter 5 Verse 30 Jesus declares that he does nothing of his own self all that power that he on the head on this earth was not because he was God He laid aside his robe of divinity he laid aside that power he became a human being but everything that Jesus did from walking on water to Huling the sick to healing the blind to raising the dead all those things that he did combating the devil he did it through the ministration of the angels that were working for him angels of God ascending and descending upon the Son of Man carrying up the prayers of the saints and of Jesus himself and bringing down the blessings through him to us basically Christ was calling Nathaniel to be one of the 12 disciples privileged to see the ministration of the angels ascending and descending upon and through the life of Christ and today God wants His angels to ascend and descend on Earth Well you know the answer through you and me he wants our press to go out and he wants to send those blessing down the presence of Christ. He wants us to be that channel of blessing just as Christ was not studying the Bible for our own selves so that blessings can be our own not praying just for blessings in our own life but to be ministers of God to study to be a blessing to others to pray to be a blessing to others do you want to experience the blessing of answered prayers learn to pray for us learn to pray for the salvation of others why because God is in that business today in the 2nd Peter chapter 3 verse 9 The Lord is not slack concerning his promise as some men count slackness but is long suffering to us we're not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance God is not willing for anyone to perish he wants everybody to repent and to be saved that's his will and when we pray like that God's God will always a hear those price because that's according to His will and you could expect for the blessings to come down but the challenge that we face today is too many of us were praying selfish prayers for praying press for ourself God help me with my studies God help me of my work God help me with my life God help me find a wife I feel lonely God I need more money so I can get married or I can buy a car I can buy a house God please give me more money so I can retire we have all sorts of requests for ourselves and so many of them are selfish but if you want to see deathly angels of God ascending and descending you got a protocol into as well you go to pray where you know God was definitely answer and when it comes to the salvation of our fellow brothers and sisters he will definitely. Let's learn to pray pray is that a blessing to this world not only press for self and look there's nothing wrong with praying for prayers for self I do everybody does. But you can't is limited to that my work my life you know my studies my money my investments my family let's learn to pray for blessings spiritual blessings to be poured out on others around us our families who don't know Christ our neighbors we all have neighbors the matter where you live our friends from high school or college or university people that you've grown up with your childhood friend your best friend whoever that might be your work colleagues even customers and people that we meet along the way as we we're doing our job whatever it might be why not today instead of praying for prayers just for you and me that are just about my life my own little life in this little box that I'm living in as learn to pray for blessings for other people and I believe that when you start praying those press it gets easier to say Come and See you're not ashamed anymore because you've been praying you've been asking God to help this person to come to know Christ Lord help me share and then when you get to that person and you realize that or they don't know Christ. Let me invite them wanted to come and see taste of God's goodness not simply because you're just trying to convert somebody you want to bring them to the well that never will help make them thirsty again that will be in them a well of war springing up the everlasting life you're inviting them to to get to know a man who who who wants to give them a blessing abundant life more than what they're ever experiencing today yes more than the millions that some might have in their bank accounts more than some people might have in their garage full of cars more than the big house 10020000 square feet it's not about their friends. There is a sort of blessing that only Jesus can satisfy And tonight have you tasted of that blessing Have you yourself realized the goodness of God and if you have I know that you want to share with everybody your belt the whole back all you need to do is say you were come and see have simple faith start praying for your friends your family people that you don't even know maybe you catch a bus to work every day and you see similar people in the same seats on the same bus week in and week out you never know come and see son what's a message to someone on your list they're a work colleague maybe you never know the far reaching influence then you'll see angels ascending and descending as your prayers go up certainly the blessings will come. Let's pray Father in Heaven Lord I know that all of us we have somebody and I believe it's more than just one person there are people in our lives Lord that have never heard of your goodness that are never heard of the Gospel had never given you a chance and now this evening we're listening to this message and we realize the blessings of the Gospel maybe some of us we don't we thought that the blessings in life is because of our own hard work we don't realize that you have blast us Lord open our eyes and our mind to that understanding this evening how you want to bless your children so much and I pray Lord that you would please help us a taste of your goodness and as we pray for our friends and our family and those that don't know you Lord help us to be courageous in inviting them. Just a taste of your goodness whether that's a church whether that's for a care group or that's just even what's happening them and sending them a link for a blessing of a message Lord Help us Lord but just to be do is of your word but share us as well because we want to see the blessings we want to see the spokes of blessings not not spiritual blessings in our own life that will make us rich and comfortable but the blessings to know that God is working through us Father we are living in serious times Help us Lord. Help us father to be with us. As we don't know what tomorrow holds only help us to be the Today we pray Jesus. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio 1st point if you would like to listen to more sermon leave a visit w w w audio verse or.


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