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  • December 26, 2020
    6:00 PM

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Imagine yourself in the middle of I don't know a pandemic and you had the cure the solution to the disease would you keep it to yourself would you be embarrassed or you shout it out to the whole world let's talk about it on this episode of inverse. Coming to you from Silver Spring Maryland welcome to enter the Bible based conversation on life principles contemporary issues and thought provoking. Now here's your host just in within the hour. We're not talking about a virus here we're talking about sin and the solution to sin is the gospel thanks so much for joining us on here on in verse in the studio I'm just in Kim and in the street we have our friends we have Sebastian Cali and Jonathan and we're going to board a prayer read scripture so encourage you to take out your Bibles whether it's on your phone or in a book somewhere and get into the actual text of in the verse. You know what you did there Ok so special Can you please pray for us yes let's pray Father in heaven we are grateful Lord to be here We're also thankful father that we have the opportunity amidst these trying times to study your word and to gain encouragement we pray that you would be with those who have loved ones or friends who are suffering under the weight of cope with 19 that for me provide comfort and healing and Lord we also pray that you would guide us to the person is at the very center of the Gospel and ultimately the center of the book of Romans we thank you Lord for these gifts. And we offer this prayer from our hearts in Jesus' name in a minute and thank you Sebastian very excited about this episode in this quarter we're looking at the Book of Romans a letter to the Romans it's central to Christianity and for those who out there who may not be familiar with the book of Romans a letter to the Romans we want to encourage you go to in a verse Bible dot org And you can actually download and look at the online Bible study guide that we have it's for free and it's an opportunity to get into chapter by chapter verse by verse study of all this frankly it's a difficult book but it is a logical book and learn from episode by episode and through our discussion and through your study we're going to look at this just really what is it already called a scorner stone centerpiece the core. Of Christianity points to Jesus so let's go to chapter one Romans chapter one in Cali we would I do feel like to read a whole chapter there but let's get to the core of Chapter One we start in verse 1314 let's try 14 and go to verse 20 please. I am a debtor both to Greeks and to barbarians both to wise and to unwise So as much as in me I am ready to preach the gospel to you who are in Rome also for I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ for it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes for the Jew 1st and also for the Greek for and that the righteousness of God is revealed from faith to faith as it is written The just shall live by faith. For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men who suppress the truth that right isness be put because what may be known of God is manifest and them for God has shown it to them for says the creation of the world his invisible attributes are clearly seen being understood by the things that are made even his eternal power and Godhead so that they are without excuse in very good things Kelly Johnson tell me a little bit about this book of Romans who wrote it and you know why is he writing to the Roman people who are the Romans or the Italian in the. Yeah. I mean even. If you want written by Paul you know one of the great apostles who felt a burden to bring the gospel message of Jesus to the whole world you know he did not stay in Jerusalem where he's from you know that area but he said no I'm going out there because Jesus called me to share the gospel with what you know the Bible calls the Gentiles those who are not Jewish and he did that through many missionary trips and the Gospel had spread through some of the converted Jews who were in Jerusalem for the feast they would go back to you know Rome where they used to live or whatever it would spread a little bit so churches would pop up here and there Paul started some churches but he felt a burden to you know encouraged to believe us or help them with their understanding of the gospel so he wrote a letter to the Romans we believe around the end of you know 575880 so this was you know all 28 years ish after Jesus died and so the Gospel is spreading and Paul is trying to encourage now to believers here in the Roman Church and you know going to study here and in this in this segment we're going to see that you know at the core of his of this book is because it's Jesus it's cool I don't know when you want to 1st get a Bible I was good at the back and I look at the mat and us feel like the 1st. In the 2nd mission yes with Paul the 3rd and then it's not a 4th but his trip to Rome when it's just funny and you see all that you know never and this was it was it was very not normal for a Jew and Paul was Jewish too and as you said to go out of his comfort zone and talk about the gospel to other people who didn't believe and as you're saying Jonathan want to underscore that let's go to verse 11 there this is a very personal letter right this is a this is an e-mail it's a very long e-mail and you may like it and you don't want to know what is a t t t l d along. But you want to read this you know you totally want to read this and go to us 11 for I long to see that I may impart to you some spiritual gift so that you may be established that is that I may be encouraged together with you by the mutual faith both of you and me now I do not want you to be an issue unaware brother and that I often plan to come to you I mean this is just this is kind of like writing these aren't the best Bible verses to memorize when you're middle of a crisis Yeah that's the inspired word of God but it's a personal e-mail is a personal correspondence. So let's go that's kind of setting up in the 1st verse 14 is where Kelly started reading. And what's what's going on in these verses let's actually look at the micro of this of the 1st why I think the 1st thing that Paul is a stablish in the burden that he has to preach the gospel which is the banks of the area kind of heard a hold of the office and in fact he says in the text that I am a debtor right so in essence Paul is is looking at the fact that he holds the gospel to them and in essence right it's a debt not so much that they lent the gospel to him and now he's paying back to God as a little confusing there right so when you're like I'm a debtor like I owe you the gospel but really speaking more about his own experience so it's like what the Gospel has accomplished for me is actually making me a debtor to those who don't have it or may not fully understand it and I think that's a critical composed. We don't just hold a gospel to people who don't who have never heard it but even to people may have heard it but don't have a full grasp and understand that when you think about it we have to put ourselves into the context of the time this we are now after 1500 years of Jewish traditions true you know the Jews doing their thing and that was you know God gave them a lot of these rituals and all these things that they do but they have kind of missed the point in some in some regards to the Messiah they didn't recognize him you know Dr was there and they didn't recognize him they killed him yes and then all Paul is saying is I don't know if Paul felt that way but maybe he felt like he has to make up for all these last decades of what the Jews are supposed to share the good news that there is a messiah going to come while he's not here I'm going to share this with the world and it's amazing when you when you look at the where he traveled how much he was able to accomplish in one lifetime with all the technology that we have they didn't have you know hoped and cameras he went from place to place I share in the good news he was he was compelled by the Gospel Yes and if he said he was a better because what else can you do when you hear good news you have to share it later on with me in Chapters one through 11 that he that the Gospel in many ways as you said was given to Israel and this was Israel's responsibility to send it to the whole world to go out and he's kind of fulfilling that Israel is written on Israel Israelites the politics here. That it's Jewish injunction that has given him let's go to the for interesting then verse 14 verse 14 starts off with the phrase I am especially as I am a debtor verse 15 if you go in the middle there it says that I am ready and in verse 16 says I am not ashamed What is this what is there so there's a motif going on here there's a repetition again it's a very personal letter but what does this reveal about about Paul do you think that's what I think one in his heart that you see what I to me what immediately jumps out in the text when you see this I'm a debtor I'm ready and now I'm not ashamed so. It's almost like he's leading you up to Christian dough to his statement that he's not to preach the gospel so I'm not ashamed to pay a debt that I all right I'm not ashamed to do something that I'm ready to do right and he says there in verse 15 so as much as is in me I am ready to preach the gospel to you who are in Romo still so Paul is looking at the fact that he went universal in verse 14 right to Greeks and barbarians to the wise and to the unwise he kind of blankets everybody and then in verse 15 he's like as much as is in me I'm ready to preach it to even you who are in Rome so Paul is now Christian don't themselves so that we are seeing him declaring his intention for the book this is where I'm about to get into I couldn't come to you in verse 11 but I can write and it goes to show you that when we live in a day right now even where there may be limitations in order to share the Gospel we must take a note from Paul in the book of Romans that find a way to share it even if it's not the traditional expected way to share it adjust yourself and that's what Paul did I'd long to come to I wanted to come but guess what I'm ready and if that means I have to do it digitally if I have to do that in person about to do with through a family or an e-mail I'm going to do it and then when we lose that that excitement this I am and I am this Christian Doe because we don't know kind of what I said at the top of the show we don't know there's a disease out there we don't know about the solution and the cure to it so we're really not that excited about it so when we read Paul going I am and I'm not I am I like all right you're. A little extra Yeah can you just chill out of it what does he excited about what's the crescendo coming up to a point what's the apex of that pressure. From verse. 16 and it says that in the Gospel. It is the gospel of Christ and you know other else where he says that there is no other gospel or people come in with false gospels and so Paul is. So focused on the true gospel which is all about Christ what Christ has done for us and the gifts He gives us in his life and his death and his resurrection and I do want to go back really quick just because I want to go back to verse 14 just an idea that we have talked about but I love that Paul even from the beginning doesn't like ease into like so other people get the gospel. Like from the very beginning he's like oh listen like I'm better to everyone and I'm going to preach to everyone in Rome not like Hey Jude you guys partition yourselves up talk to you really quick and I just think you know about Paul's background that was a very very bold radical thing because you could you could ostracize so many people like I don't know so that radical preacher talks to everyone and so Paul is just so soul to the message of the Gospel and to Christ and it's not about like let me gather enough people and then will you know strategize he just like listen the gospel for every one that offends you that's your fault and I'm going to keep giving it to everyone and so I love that just in the beginning yeah because he talks about it throughout but from the start he's like just to make it clear my intention the gospel for all people can we can he go to verse 14 with a debtor to the Greeks and to the barbarians and in verse 16 it's a that the Gospel is the power of God to bow who believes to do 1st and also the Greek someone gives them bearings here Jonathan like why are there Greeks and then Romans and then barbarians and like where are where are the Americans where are the all and we're going to read barbaric well through. Talking about and kind of give us a gun and g.p.s. court I mean we're here in the 1st century after Christ and you have the Roman Empire this ruling but then in the north you have a very in tried to have you know it says here the Greeks you have the group you have the Greek empire before but they were spread out everywhere so you had a and mixture of cultures Rome was ruling the Jews had also been spread into different places about the centuries and they had pockets here and there and synagogues here and there but America still far from the landscape. This is the center of the known world of the excellent excellent If not we'll be back after this break but before before we go there we're going to look at the wrath of God and how that partakes how to connect with the Gospel here so stay with us. Has in place been a blessing to you Do you have questions comments or feedback you'd like to leave us find us on social media by searching in 1st Bible on Facebook Twitter Instagram or You Tube while they're joining us like us part us thumbs up us our handle again is inversed Bible no spaces now back to the discussion. Welcome back John was mentioning that we had in the ancient world you had the Greeks or sophisticated uncivilized we had the barbarians who were the other and we had a small minority of the Jews who at that time was a minority but they had this religion in this religion was to spread to the Greek into the barbarians so Barbin is not meant to be offensive in any way just as these non Greeks is probably a better way to look in correct we're going to look at verse 16 there is a I am not ashamed and I want to talk a little bit about this and why I mentioned at the top of the show Shane and why why does he say this John you know it's it's very easy nowadays especially where we're from you know him the United States it's very easy to claim you're Christian and be accepted that way but back in those days that the gospel message centered around you know the crucifixion the death of the Messiah that was a radical concept why would God die was that even possible I had and and not only just die but die on the cross the most shameful possible way to die is a horrible shameful death and and to claim that as the good news message and this is the person you worship criminals are on the cross right the you know the rather weak the the worst of the worst and up on the cross and now you're worshipping a guy was up that is shameful of Paul this is this is why this is so radical plussing I'm not ashamed and of course the Book of Romans is going to explain why he's not ashamed but to someone who has has not heard much or heard that these people worship some guy on the cross that is like that's shameful You don't think about that and you've seen it you don't want to see and I would also add to that you have the component of persecution Yes Right so it was illegal to worship anyone outside of Caesar so when we're when we're grappling with this whole concept of being the shame you're dealing with your message is shameful because what you're saying is the person is most powerful in your relive. And then your worldview just was crucified by our Emperor and then on the other side we've been killing you off in coliseums and all these things for worshipping someone outside of Caesar So Paul is essentially dealing with a certain declaration and indomitable spirit that says I'm not going to be influenced by the culture of my day I'm not going to be quieted because it's not popular because it's not convenient and also because it may appear right now that my religion is weak but you would laugh right looking back you know thousands of you 2000 years ago and think Christianity covers a 3rd of the earth religiously and its influence and power and financially and your life at the time in Rome people would look at you like you're crazy and say it will be bigger than Rome by far so we looked at this culturally looked at this anthropologically steel logically but what at the core is the Gospel like right like I'm so excited it's going to I don't I'm not a ship that's going to do all these things and but what does it do and and I think we also me me me me me talk about what is shame in that sense he's he's Shane is when I can't talk about it because I'm afraid of what other people may think right so it's having a public awareness and public opinion is very important to me but he's saying I'm not really worried about public opinion because this trumps it all correct but what is this and then Cally says the power of God but by what this I mean we sometimes it gets so Christian clichéd we going to lose what's that what is sad I think it's the cure it's the cure for the thing that is broken in men right which mall eventually will go into sin and this is what's going to deliver you from the spiritual pandemic that is swept over this planet right so God is like I'm trying to contain my own code that 19 situation and this thing is more aggressive more debilitating more oppressive and creates a lot more problems you know and so Paul is essential like I am carrying the ed to do to the. Greatest problem in human society just in the power of these words and how can I be ashamed of that which solves and will cure every ill in your life. That makes perfect sense to the Apostle Paul it's like there's no way you could be ashamed and that's why even though I can't come physically I'm going to write it I mean I'm just I'm just the audacity of Paul Chapter one is pretty amazing you know I'm just thinking like I don't like the color pink I am ashamed of the color pink. I get I don't like drinking Pepto biz mall I don't like going down the pink aisle of target with all the toys there so I take my boys and we go to the Lego section or the actual figures are a dollar and a lot of working on your manhood you know it is please pray for me and I want the color pink. And that of which I'm ashamed of if this color pink had the power to heal every single person of the pandemic I'd be flouting this. Helping you know and anyway I don't know I mean what I mean it's and I don't care about the social connotations of a criminal of this horrible death of a small little Jewish you know people running full out on as loud as I can yes and then this is the God of creation that's that's giving this answer and this is this makes me wonder as a Christian and do I have that you know or am I am like yeah and we do this I'm a Christian we kind of do this little Ask yourself the question Have you seen Pink you will someone and there's no possible way right to me that ashamed this if you will comes from the fact that some of us haven't really felt the shame in this and we should let you know. My editor is coming up but yeah that's Ok so it's like that she really is. It's present because we have not experienced the power of the Gospel right because we haven't seen it in reality in our lives and in the lives of people who are. But when you preached it and you see a person called in 2 years to the foot of Christ and lay down their life and see the transformation that I was a drunk but now I'm sober that I was addicted to porn and clean that I was a prideful arrogant person and now I'm willing to be humble and defer to others to see the change of relationships in my life that when you see that transformation and when you've experienced it there's no question right that pink you will promote it because you're like look this is not cunningly devised. I think of the thing that happens to you is even if we do experience that we forget it because we're so used to having that peace of God I know sometimes I've talked to you before and they're going to different things and. In my mind I've always experience will responses that that you can ever be sad but until it gets good but then I'll mention something biblical in there like tell me more about that and like oh you don't know that it's so sorry like we almost forget that there are people who don't know God you don't know we get acclimatized is or are used to those things Yeah well if you're going to change your whole life oh you don't yeah yeah yeah and there's there I remember just talking to friends about just even just reconstructing their view of God of like like oh like because they thought you know he my someone and I have my life died because God doesn't like me and I'm like that's not Biblical and so you know be able to explain that they were like I've never seen that before and so just not grappling with the same issues we just forget that the world is 6 so it also does we need to not be so selfish just because I'm not sick doesn't mean no one else is and there's a super hard core important point for us truly understand the gospel is we need to understand the sinful context that we're in yeah if we don't understand it we're living in a desert we don't appreciate the cup of water that's offered to us in that context you know yeah I don't plan on one more thing here as we talk about the power of God Sebastian you mentioned it it's changing lives when you see it you know it's real. Verse 17 it says For in it in you know in the power of God for salvation in that the right distance of God is revealed from face to face so what Paul is saying is like the Gospel is God's work and it can affect you if you it says you know by faith Yeah so we have to make that very clear from the beginning Paul is making clear right at the beginning top 1st couple verses here that salvation is based on what God is doing in your party is to believe that God is good that God is doing the census and that you are not in any way participating in it as far as marriage is concerned towards this salvation which is a radical concept compared to any of the other religions at his time and even today in The Only in the gospel of the Word of God will you have a God who works for yourselves and gives it to you for free and we're trying to different episode but I want to mention there's something in us that wants to do something. To get us out of the predicament that we're in and you let those who are trying to I can't talk much about as I want to later it's got a verse 18 and then there's a phrase there that many people me me kind of verse 18 for the wrath of God Israel feel from have been against all on godliness and righteous of men who suppress the truth and on righteousness I want to ask you guys can you tell me more about this wrath of God because that's a phrase that that that people automatically shut down on the don't like I mean I don't you know looking for the wrath of God is this is a some kind of evil emperor that's going to electrocute us because he's angry what is that well 1st there's a characteristic that we could see about the wrath of God in verse 18 and I think is very encouraging and gets a lot of clarity is what it is against it is against an godliness and unrighteousness of men not against men so it's not God against men against humanity it's against and fulness and I'm godliness and wickedness and those 2 things only come together. When humanity clings to it and so I think sometimes we just see it like it is I mean that God hates me now it's never God never direct his anger that way. And so another part is that God's anger here we see is it's not it's not partial where we are very partial in our our our anger against Sen So like I don't like your side my friend great fantastic I will keep it but your sin is bad just that or Jonathan's but God's like no no all of it all that's about and I want to save all of you from all of it so those are 2 characteristics from the onset that are so different from our definition of rapid thank you for the clarification that you know that we humanize is not enough not the right word but the God Isaac brings it. Makes it makes it understandable and also in also notice that as he progresses from here because he says at the end of verse 18 who suppress the truth and righteousness so they know the truth yes and therefore they're there knowing God they're understanding him they understand what he expects and the rebelling against that and what we notice 3 times in this chapter moving forward in verse $24.00 this is therefore God also gave them up and then we see in verse $26.00 For this reason God gave them up and then in verse $28.00 God gave them over to also the smallest of repetition into each each of these sections he's he's just driving home the fact that something was looking for you because you hold this truth in your suppressing it I have to just give you over to your own desire like you can have a correct and so to me the wrath of God is not so much about the idea of God wanting to destroy but essentially God is saying that I wanted to keep you I didn't want to give you one but you were persistent so now I have to give you up and that in essence is the wrath of God into Often we think of the wrath of God as who's the angriest person that I know what is the most amount of the wrath that I've experienced I don't think we start thinking of like ma'am I was a little kid my dad. He just went like you off the mic on the right also God most of my life but all atomic right. The billows of slowly but we're seeing that this is a actually of God's character against anything that is on righteous and we see that the heart of God wants us to change so that God and humanity can co-exist as evidenced in the Person of the Lord Jesus this is what a wonderful study in Romans chapter one would encourage you go to in verse Bible dot org and get into the Bible study guide we want to say thank you for joining us we'll see you next week we're look at Romans chapter 2 and Romans Chapter 3 and 4 and as a systematic study in the topic of salvation thanks so much for joining us we'll see you next week here on in verse you've been listening to inverse a Bible based conversation telling what is wrong with Jonathan Walter Sebastian Baxter the secret doctor and your host just to. Invest is brought to you by the folks that are with television that changes like that but this and more inspiring episodes is that embrace that. Or just the bias on social media. In the 1st 5 until next time this is enforced.


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