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Do You Have Enough Courage to Love?

Michael Lemon René Lemon
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Retired bus driver, Johnny Barnes, courageously changed the island of Bermuda with three words: “I Love You.”



  • October 31, 2020
    12:00 PM
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So imagine we take a blank white canvas and we dip it into a bathtub filled with red paint and they will indeed have been to soak for 2 weeks after 2 weeks what are you seeing you reach in and pull out a raid canvas. Do you think that any of the original plain white canvas will be showing through not a challenge every 5 and mop enough fobbed off the canvas he saw and fetch arrayed in red paint Now what if that was you excuse me no I don't mean that you are soaked and saturated in red paint what I mean is what if you are soaked and saturated in the love of Jesus What if every fiber and microfiber every being were immersed in the goodness of Christ what would you look like while I would look like Jesus I would be truthful kind compassionate forgiving Misty for and I would live in peace with all people places 327 says that those who have been baptized or soaped unsaturated in Jesus have put on Jesus so that you are now living a Jesus like life that of the plain old you shows through and commissions to 20 whole thing it is no longer on her but cross the lives in me and in 1st Corinthians 3 years there's this phrase in Christ Jesus on the would. We want to encourage you to take the plunge every day become so saturated in the love of Jesus and with others look at you they will see Jesus in a moment we are going to introduce you to an amazing person who is so soaked and fetch your age that in the life of Jesus. He became the most popular man in his country. He was described as quite simply the most popular and friendliest man. He's name was Johnny bones and he was soaked and situated in my fifty's and Johnny bonds worked on the Bermuda railroad as an electrician until the railroad closed in 1988 and then at the age of 25 Johnny became a bus driver and he was a very friendly man fond of the waving to the people while driving his bus he would even fit and wave to people on these breaks or when continuing to work one day a lady by the name of rosemary Tyrrell she remembers that when she was little Johnny used to always wave and cheer to all the children and make them feel like they were royalty imagine an 86 off to 38 years of working with a bass drum and John who retired at the age of 63 but Johnny wasn't the kind of man who could retire he was in the habit of getting up every morning really early 2 am eating his breakfast reading his Bible and praying for 2 hours and one morning around 3 am John he remembers that he was praying to the Lord asking him what do you want me to do now I'm retired and I can't just sit around all day I want to help people I have to do something for other people I have to tell them about your love of Lord. I am just this little Johnny Barnes he said I am an instrument in your hands Lord Lord what do you want me to do now Johnny's face followed him pristine to course stand on the street corner and tell the people passing the following 3 words I love you so Johnny was obedient and he went to the corner of crow lane where the roundabout was the busiest intersection in Bermuda and he started waving to the people at 3 45 in the morning. It was still dark when he started prep that didn't stop Johnny he stood and a way of putting everyone parsing into Hamilton on their way to work and top 10 am that morning and the next morning he woke up at 2 am again he ate his breakfast he opened up his Bible he prayed to the Lord for guidance and he felt impressed to do the very same thing he made it to the corner at Crow lane by 3 45 am again and he started waving to the people and telling them God loves you I love you I hope you have a good day from Monday to Friday you could be found waving to the people perfect for hours and 15 minute thing God Loves You I Love You I Love You I Love You So one day the director of transportation for Bermuda there was Hermann Baz that he received a message from one of his supervisors saying Mr Barnes is waving to the traffic at Crow lane. So the Director of Transportation for America Austin if Mr Barnes could be sent to him and when Johnny Bond came off the wire was waving at the traffic and saying I love you and Johnny said Mr Bowden this is something that God has asked me to do he has blessed me to do it I need to do it I want to do it most are best and on said Wow Who am I to question there and Johnny was free to keep waving at the people and Johnny Barnes continued day after day week after week and year after year waving and blowing kisses to the people and saying I love you I love you I love you one day off to more than 15 years of waving on the street corner Johnny failed to show up at his regular spot and crowing and all over the island of Bermuda fallings were calling into the police station in the local radio station to find out what had happened to Johnny Barnes while it turned out there Johnny was in the hospital nothing serious and soon off to day he reappeared in news usual spot but this time off that Johnny had got the people to worrying what would happen if Johnny wasn't there for the drive to work in the morning now on for was to hire a local sculpture to create a lot of fast bronze statue of Johnny Barnes which they did spending over $70000.00 to honor a man who was. This got me to thinking and here's a personal question what if you didn't turn up at work what if I didn't turn up at work one morning would people call into the radio stations or the police station to find out what had happened to me when they were a $70000.00 to create a statue of you I really don't think that anyone would ever do that for me but it really wasn't about Johnny Johnny wasn't doing it to attract attention to himself he did it because God told him to do it it was about the message of love the message of God's love. Johnny said the good Lord and I are we're just trying to make people happy so let's take a look at the man himself Johnny Barnes and what the people of Bermuda thought about him take a look at that. He can. Speak in. Everything. He teach you. See. God gives us all something to do wrong here in the column speech. We can use it to go on from the moment growing all the thing you could do to your opposite ways. Is not paid he's not he's not asked to do it and does it for free he stands out there in the wind in the rain and the sonic every day at 6 and talk can't shut up. But that's just standing on a roundabout and in the heat it can get quite hot and homey just to think he gets up that ever voted day early in the morning for Christmas and then goes all the way over to his rabbi and starts there's never a happy. Mind blindly that someone would do that. Fair level to my pair but not. And he said he said the finding Grant he said I love you I love you. Through this shopping there and when I read come by someone even. When I started. Out as a pretty girl that has. More. Important or maybe been the plan. That. I commenced are not because the painter had to run the thing after overtime. That counted fine. He'd been doing I love you I love you for a time thank you. I want to go to heaven you know I don't want to leave you forever no way I want to go up stairs. I want to get ahead as well I'm trying to do my little bit trying to leave this world a little better place and i Phone. Happiness. Happiness is a choice you choose to be happy true or not to be if I choose to be happy when the good Lord wakes me up one what a song I saw you on my so I smile on my face I just give it away to all of us that's why so good or not down every morning yes trying to give away make people happy is a chorus but I think it's the them. And his time. He used. Here make all things beautiful in his time. He's time. He's time everyone will always remember you tell him the memory $20000.00 and they will read your old ways do it with actual money until after the memory Well the cost of like a law you know well remember him for the great D.T.'s them false hope Anita. There was one man who saw Johnny Barnes for the 1st time and he said when I saw this man standing there on the street corner I expected him to come out to me and asked me for money but when he didn't ask me for money I don't understand what is guy doing there another lady on earth why would a person go up there in the middle of the knots in the rain in the thunder. He's there with a rain suit and brain when it's raining with one message I love you I don't even say that to the people I love I don't understand we have babies coming from I'll tell you where it's coming from it's coming from this book the Bible and from Johnny's relationship with the God of the Bible the God who is Love in song Chapter 81 verse 10 God says open wide your mouth and I will fill it that's precisely what Johnny did every single day he opened wide He's now theme prayer these are all some of Johnny's own words and he's prayers listen to. Johnny say God wakes me up in the morning because he wants me to draw nearer to him they're not there's yesterday I'm Frank full for here and this is why he prays laughing father we invite you to come by you want to find Holy Spirit to play for us and to. We do eventual ministering angel is to keep us on every side and to find us with you know great life and peace. Everyone comes to the roundabout to. Pass to be kind and laughing thank you for all you want for last with you want and for we ask this in Jesus' life. Can you hear and see how Johnny Barnes was so soaked and saturated in the love of God that he couldn't help spilling over into the lives of everyone that you know. Jesus identified the curd entrance of his followers in this way when he stated by this all men shall know that you are my disciples if you love one another. Johnnie bones left Bethany feature because he wasn't afraid to say to everyone he made I love you did you know he even said it to the Queen of England it's true or her majesty Queen Elizabeth the 2nd visited Bermuda in 2009 and when she met Johnny Barnes to give him a certificate of honor he said to her I love you and I am praying for you and the Korean responded and I live here too Wow Can you imagine her majesty Queen Elizabeth the 2nd saying those words to you and I love you to God's Word if Earth speak in all of and then riches of men or of an angel but do not have to laugh i'm or near a resounding gong or clanging from bomb so there are approximately 6500 languages spoken in the world today so how many of those do you speak and say maybe half 3250 that would be impressive if you did if I met someone who could speak to a man we just flew in 3 I would be very impressed and need to know the Bible says that as impressive as that would be if I could speak all the languages of men and of angels but do not have love then I would be an annoying distraction like a resoundingly gong that's always booming or a clanging cymbal. First to 1st Corinthians chapter 13 thing is if I have the gift of prophecy and can fed them all mysteries and all knowledge and if I have the faith that can move mountains but I do not have land I am nothing so no matter how high your education how deep your understanding of prophetic mysteries or if you should possess such great faith and have power even to work miracles yet without love those gifts would be worthless. In the hearts and mind of God Laughing is clearly the most essential of all caring to try and yes it is and look at this simple man Johnny Barnes a retired bus driver but the love that he demonstrated caught the attention of everyone that he met even the Queen of England. First 3 years 1st Corinthians $13.00 fees if your gave all my possessions to feed the poor and the 1st surrendered my body to be burned but do you know half an hour it does me no good at all so if you didn't have any genuine love in your heart even if you gave all your money to feed the poor that it would not win the favor of God career and even if I was so enthusiastic about by faith that I were to be burnt at the stake and receive a martyr's death. Yet if my fervent faith were not activated by love I would be regarded by God as some kind of deluded enthuse iest or an ambitious hypocrite of some kind that's painfully true all soul as humans we are desperately complex creatures we can perform what appear to be impressive acts of kindness and love but they may be entirely motivated by a heart that is soaked and saturated in selfishness a heart that says look at me look at me look at how good I am. This is a trap that can catch every person because God's word warn fast that the human heart is distinct from of all things and beyond. And then the question comes to can understand the lot critically on things I don't know would search the heart and because they're in the mind we look at outward appearances but only God sees the heart and knows its true condition and motives that is why man lacked journey Pons felt motivated every day to wake up in Syria in the morning to our conies. To our pretties heart before that in order to see current you pray to honestly families on heart and to ask the Almighty Creator to fret him with His Holy Spirit to fill him with a matter of God The Scriptures tell us that God is love and that he wants us to love one another when you are soaked in saturated in God's love when you are filled with His Holy Spirit of love that love fills you that it overflows and spills over into their lives of other people there is Jamie. And only know my 2 powerful working after her and her kind trying to. Form our hearts last month and it is completely free from complaining criticizing competing and comparing ourselves as one another we want to share a song with you right now called still mean it was ended by song the Academy orchestra singing the words of the song army of pray for God to find us with peace or the sperm to bank hearts and. So that we would be sucked in to. The way Johnny Bonds was let's listen to this song right now. Thanks. For. Was. A with. A. Bang. Bang Bang was. So you may be wondering how do I become the filled with the Holy Spirit of God Jesus is careful on so when he say Ask and it will be given to you think and you will find knock and the door will be opened to you when she was a little girl our youngest daughter McLean once asked me for a pony and I made a deal with her I told her if you get a job and you earn enough money to pay for half then I'll pay for the other half the price of the party and didn't take too long and my plan was riding her very own power and name and I was very happy to help her to get that pony but you know it's not the same with the Holy Spirit God gives us His Holy Spirit without us paying a single said. And new king may have been verse 13 she is the star is that how to become full with the Holy Spirit 20 save these words If you've been there you are evil know how to give good gifts to your children how much more when your father in heaven give the Holy Spirit to those who on earth can so ask and you will receive the Holy Spirit that is exactly what journeyed to when you were capper to remember morning he almost forgot to frame with the Holy Spirit and God faithfully filled his heart and his ma with with the wonderful words of life and love to speak to the people passing by in Bermuda from the time he retired at the age of 63 and at the age of 93 Johnny bronze today on the corner of crowing Lane shot into the people I'm out of here because that's what God told him to do so for the last 30 years of his life from 345 until 10 in the morning rain or shine 5 days a week from Monday to Friday Johnny Barnes showed up and freely share a simple message of love we want to share with you this last trip in you to Johnny's laugh which was formed the year before he died when he with 92 years of age. I love you I. Love. You darling what do you. Write a nose guard give or something to give thought are not done then don't put it out of fear but you get through if you want to give them yeah you're right. Something that they should be some people. Come by Doc that some American ever Everyone has something to do. And that no matter no water they're not got one of those and I mean. You know that we're out of the water at a. High level. Down. On their. Being prayed for and love them on the On Live on your hog for a minute right. I don't want any one avenue Cubano here often looking up of Iran looking down at him. And what I'm going do keep their eyes on the lawn do the right that is they only want if there are no one can they have you there no one can keep you and if there are no are going to take you from this world in the next world. What a beautiful testimony to a life well lived Jesus truly is the only one who can think of you the only one who can keep him and he's the only one who can take you from this world to the next well so let's take a moment to pray to him right. Over Jesus we ask you to cleanse our hearts from all selfishness we long to be so saturated in you know love please be them our hearts and our minds and still us with your heart the spirit we pray in the love the name of Jesus. The larynx of a once popular song Wait black that is what the Woke me up for now if my sweet Johnny Barnes would have agreed 100 percent with those lyrics we would like to offer year a futile book entitled What the will mean so get out your pen piece of paper and maybe take a note on your cell phone because here's the information that you'll need to receive today's free offer Well it's now. To request today's offer just log on to w w w dot com It is written in Canada dog ca that's w w w dot it is written in canada dot ca if you prefer you may call toll free 1888 call my i.w. that's one called. Call any time or if you wish you may write to us it is written books 2010 Oshawa Ontario l one h 7 day for. Friends I would also like teen violence you need to find that Mr Instagram and Facebook and subscribe to your chit chat and almost turn this into a parked car. And if you go to our way you can see our latest. Commuting night exercise work will be experiencing a national sport for me such as in time. They're all there for you free to watch whatever you choose because we want you to experience what Johnny Barnes experienced this truth sound in the words of Jesus when He said it is written man shall not live by bread alone. Leave the seeds of. Good the good.


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