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Would You Like To Be More Decisive?

Michael Lemon René Lemon
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Do you admire people who are so decisive — who know what they want and aren’t afraid to go for it? Would you like to be one of those people? See what the key is to being a more decisive person.



  • October 17, 2020
    12:00 PM
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Did you know that if you had a simple domino that domino is capable of knocking over another domino one and a half times larger than itself so if you started with a domino just 5 millimeters tall and one millimeter thick about the size of a Tic Tac it would take just $29.00 progressive leave larger dominoes to wipe out get this the Empire State Building and then 5th Tic-Tac 5 domino if you thought small dated themes to be fair topped with tween the gravitational potential energy or the energy stored by balancing that domino on its side comes from the dominoes mass and height both of which increase with every successive domino in this demonstration by physics professor thievin Morris from the University of Toronto he used the 13 dominoes and amplification of energy from the beginning to the end is to Penny and think about what they mean you put a little bit of energy in at the beginning and you keep 1000000000 times as much at the end. This is an amazing object lesson to show us how much potential energy each one of us has in the power of choice you see from the genesis of humankind everything hinged on the freedom and power enhanced in a decision from the moment your eyes crack open in the morning you have decisions to make sure you get out of bed or should you sleep in for a few more minutes even military leaders they tell their troops if you want to change the world start by making your bed and the bible adds its weight to this truth when it says Do not despise these small beginnings for the Lord read Joyce's. To see the work begin we start every day with work to do and baby steps tick tack size small beginnings are the key to success because there really are no small decisions even a small decision like making your bed is a habit that can lead to a chain reaction of successful right decisions throughout your day and throughout your lifetime bads and to your choice are you going to make your bed in the morning or not there are no small decisions just 3 minutes 16 versus 10 things where ever it is safe oh entering little things can also be trusted with much bigger decisions like being able to buy a house to get married will be affected by this series of small choices you've made in the past in the Bible God offers you the chance even if your faith in him is the size of as Jesus says a little mustard seed to make the ultimate decision when he says now I am giving you the choice between life and death and I call heaven and earth to witness the choice you make choose life God definitely wants you to live an abundant successful light not just now but terminally in today's program we will look at how every day decisions produce earth shattering outcomes. There are 3 men who have become heroes to me 2 were Canadian athletes and one was born before I was and yet he is still alive today monk who would be 3 main while the 2 athletes were Terry Fox and Paul Henderson they really arose for years yeah I think they were heroes to most Canadians but what I admire most was how they were so decisive they knew what they wanted and they weren't afraid to go for it what do you think made them lock that that's a good question Terry Fox and Paul Henderson both live so goal and are into it because they both had a burning desire to do one thing one thing for their country and for the good of all and they both had very strong supportive family members who believed in them from an early age I know Terry Fox wants to be an athlete and even we need ne rhotic to can for that didn't stop pain he said and it even made him stronger and he wanted to help other people who were with us 5 thing from canned food so you ran the marathon of home and he had the support of his family and friends and it became a charity Action where you got the support of the whole country and today there were Terry Fox runs all over the world raising hundreds of millions of dollars and Paul Henderson who is best known for scoring that winning goal in Game 8 of the Summit Series and I know you remember that goal he also had a strong supportive family but beyond hockey Paul made significant life changing decisions which we will let Paul himself tell you about in his own words later in the program so Mark you were saying it was 3 main Who would decide who was the 3rd man while the 3rd man if you haven't guessed already was very goal oriented because he had a burning desire to do one thing but. It wasn't to play hockey or to run across Canada he also had a very strong support of father who believed in him for truth Ok so this is it he is the man that we know today as the Son of God Jesus Christ and I 1st learned about him when someone gave me this Bible and they challenged me to read a chapter a day and he said it would change my life and it's the truth as it did that's when Jesus became my ultimate role model my hero my example my friend from reading this Bible I learned that Jesus had one burning desire the goal of his life was to bless every human being with a meaningful abundant life eternal life. And Jesus also had a very strong supporter for those who believed in him yes he did there were 2 times during Jesus' life on Earth when his father spoke audibly the same words to him that the people could actually hear his voice both times are found in the book of Matthew Yes The 1st one and suddenly a voice came from heaven saying this is not be love at find in whom I am well pleased this is found in Matthew 3 very 17 and Jesus is baptism and the 2nd time that God the Father speaks audibly to his son the exact same words is found in Matthew 17 verse 5 at his transfiguration which says almost the same words suddenly a voice came from a cloud saying this is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased to listen to him these words must be important because God repeated the same words or deeply 20th imagine God saying those words to you personally you might be love a child in whom I am well wow that would be amazing to me because I didn't grow up with my earthly father route but when I started to read this Bible as a teenager I decided that I wanted to be a child of God and when I chose to accept Jesus I knew these 3 things and every child needs to know these 3 things I knew number one that God was my turn all heavenly Father Number 2 I knew that he loved me and every child needs to know that and number 3 I knew that he was pleased with me and that made all the difference in the world to know that God was pleased with me so here's a question do you know that God is pleased with you. Look at this very encouraging quote from a book on man life of Jesus called the desire for ages the voice which spoke to Jesus says to every believing Thall this is moppy love a child in whom I am well pleased. Off to teaching ha school for so many years I know that lots of young people have a hard time believing that God is pleased with fame but it's true God is well pleased with you now some have said no guard car be pierced with me and the whole God is pleased with you however when God favors he's pleased with me that does not mean he's pleased with my son God hates it but you are not your sin God to hate sin but He loves the center he laughs you as you see God knows that sin is the deadliest of cancers so he is like an on college just whose goal is to eradicate the cancer in order to save the patient so when we say that God is pleased with you we are saying you are not your thetan 30 is not your identity you are a child of God That is your identity and God is pleased with you as he's beloved child look at this f.e.m.a. sure from God's Word say what kind of live the Father has given to us that we should be called children of God And so we are God loves you as his child and he hates sin because sin destroys the real you think about it take any sin take lying for example if you lie you are not being you all sin is really like that it destroys the real you but this leaves God with a very big problem what problem it's a deep problem and here it is that which God hates the most is inside that which God loves the most thought that which God a hates the most is certain correct and. That bitch got a hates the most certain is in thought that rich current loves the most which is you and me yes children sin is like a deadly virus and it's inside of each one of us but God's Problem is even bigger than that though it is you yes it is here it is that which God loves the most is in the love with that which God hates the most there is a bigger problem much bigger better which God loves the most you and me use children we are in love with that which God hates the most which is certain correct so God's big problem is how does he get you and me to not be in love with sin how does he get us through fast the power of choice to willingly just passively laid go of 13 and never want to touch it again it's really the same problem as the father who loves his teenage son who is addicted to drugs the father hates the drugs he hates the addiction but he loves his son that's the big problem when you left the very things that are holding him back inflating you and even destroying your life and you hate what they are doing to you but you can't let them go anyone whose job it is to how people know is that you contact anyone who is not willing to be how right and here is the key to being decisive here is the key to changing your life you have to discover that you have an urgent need yes when you discover that you have an urgent need you tend to become to Sas of about resolving Beth need to look at all the people who came to Jesus they all had urgent needs. Let me take you back to Paul Henderson the Canadian hockey legend who scored the winning goal against the Soviets in the Summit Series with 34 seconds left on the clock in game 8 Remember I said that he was so decisive Well he was so decisive about his life until the success and fame was not enough to listen to his story in his own words. Scoring the winning goal in the last game 34 seconds left has given me an incredible indemnity and. We really felt it was our way of life against their way of life back in 72 and so it was a wonderful satisfying feeling as a kid growing up I figured if you had money you had a great marriage and had a career you really liked I mean what else could there be you have all those things and you and go enjoy the good life and now I have all those things now it was the toast of the country but I knew there was something missing and I would say to my wife there's something missing there's an angsty in my life a guy in the name of Mel Stephens knocked on my door one day and asked me to work us hockey school I had no spiritual dimension to my life at this point well he said to me Paul you can learn to live lightly and freely but you got to get to know who Jesus is he said he prayed for me for 4 years before he had enough courage to come and knock on my door and it was really interesting after I became a Christian it became public I received letters from 4 people that God had laid it on their hearts to refrain from me and they said Paul I just want to let you know that God laid you on my heart but I've been praying for you for 4 years you know that I did absolutely blew me away now it took him 2 years to help me to really grasp and understand the things but the good news of that is taking that much time when I became a Christian I've never taken a backward step I became convinced that Christ was who he said he was and he was worthy to follow we were in Birmingham Alabama to govern him a John Bradford got me into a men's group and he became my mentor for 3 years and he modeled what it was to have a dynamic relationship with the Lord he was a very successful businessman but he loved the Lord and then after 3 years the pastor and John came to me and says Paul you need to lead other people can't do that I haven't been a Christian long enough but sometimes you need people to have you know faith in you and so an 85 I started with 3 men and trauma and we grew it from there and now we've got over 700 men that meet weekly in. All groups and you work out what does it mean to walk with the Lord to day to day basis and obviously trying to raise up leaders and the really neat thing about that is when I look over my shoulder I can see some of the guys that I've led to the Lord got them in groups and now they're better leaders and I am one of our best leaders one of our 5 guys invited them 7 years in a row before he came out finally came out and now he's one just a dynamic leader have an incredible influence and the old fill area you never give up you never know when the person might be ready next and that's what I try to tell all their my friends when they invite people over to events and their buddies don't come I said Don't give up invite them again next year it's so satisfying to look over your shoulder and see change lives behind you hopefully we can get a bunch more and change the whole country. Christianity is is a dichotomy in a lot of ways sort of an oxymoron you want to get rich give it away you want to enjoy your life give it to the Lord there's that little song All for Jesus all I am and have an ever hope to be all my ambitions hopes and plans I surrender these into your plans God has called us to be embossed sinners and that's what I've chosen to do initially I thought I was making a tremendous sacrifice to come into ministry and you know after a while you reckon you can never sacrifice the Lord he always goes above and beyond anything you could ever give I told my wife when I when I start to lose it just take me by the hand and say Paul maybe we should just go for a little walk here but as long as I can there I'm affective then I would love to continue doing what I'm doing and so just I'm intice a plate of the future I mean to supportive of the opportunities that it's going to bring and so take today and give it your best shot the wake up to more do the same thing the more. What impresses me about Paul Henderson story is the mouth Devens thought that urgent need of a professional hockey player he didn't even know personally he saw how unhappy he was and he had enough calm passion to 1st start praying for him relying on God's power before he decided to kick it up a notch and knock on poles door giving up and lead him to Jesus you know dolls decisive actions that day remind me of your decisive actions when our friend Daniela's daughter was dying and you had called me I just came back from work and I remember her little baby's name was Amber and I came home from work one day and you said to me Amber is dying which I knew already but you said you have to do something I'm like What am I. Supposed to do I'm not a doctor and the doctors can't heal her and I'm not God so what am I supposed to do. And I was 2 years old but she looked like a newborn baby because the digestive system did not work properly from the time she was born so she was in the hospital more than she was at home one day are cold and both math and ambers grandmother on said the phone she told me that the doctors told Amber would Lockley die over not because their little body was not able to take up anyone your tradition so when you came home from work they're not 13 you have to do something and what was I supposed to do You told me oh why don't you do an annoying thing I'm like I can't do an annoying teen because we have to get permission from the parents so I needed to call the grandmother and she said You have my permission to anoint her because the doctors have given up hope and she hoped that it would where. So I called the head l. there a very church it was like 11 o'clock at night and I asked Wally if he could meet me at the entrance to the hospital he agreed to do that and so the 2 of us we walked into the hospital to that upstairs intensive care ward and I asked the nurse on duty where Amber was and she pointed to this little baby who was basically skin and bones she could hardly breathe and Wally and I immediately looked into each other's eyes and they were filled with tears my nans and his as well and I opened up my Bible and I began to read the following words from the Book of James Chapter 5 verses 14 and 15 it says this is anyone among you sick let him call for the elders of the church and pray over them and annoy them with oil in the name of the Lord. And the prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well then the ward will raise them up and then I. Said the Wally Well here is the oil and I want you to pray 1st and then I will pray next and I will annoy Amber with oil and I believe that if it is God's will then Amber will be healed this evening what do you think Wally and so he said to me Oh I agree if it is God's will and then he started praying through his tears and afterwards I was praying through my tears cheer and before I finished praying Amber opened her eyes and she raised her little head and made me open my eyes as well and she looked at me and she looked as if she wanted to say something to me and then she put her little head down and she closed her eyes again the next day the doctors found a little girl who continued to grow in you know from the term that you were in one of the winter knowing to her in the hospital. And man does not the spoke to you and thank you for praying for and because she said if you did not pray for my daughter she would not be embalmed today and I told her that I was only doing what the Bible told me to do and that when we put our faith in the Word of God we have nothing to worry about because God's word is life giving what really impressed me about that experience was how you were so insistent that I call Amber or go and pray for call her parents or her grandmother and because of your persistence because you are so decisive that impressed me. There is a song that has very serious in challenging work and a fun time at school to Weinstein every man and nation it's about how everyone gets opportunities to be decisive please listen to the music and the words of this song which found the Academy students saying and performed when I was with them in front of the Coliseum in Rome Italy. We. Love. You. Mom. God wants you and me to decide to live and to experience life to its fullest we want to invite you to make that decision or to reaffirm your decision right now. Heavenly Father. If a teeny tiny bit daunting about the size of the tank has enough power to start the chain reaction unleashing enough energy to wipe out the Empire State. That we can see there are no small decisions even our small decisions like making our. Own leading up Bibles the free hobbits they can lead to a chain reaction of successful right decisions throughout our day throughout our lifetimes and into eternity in Jesus's name we pray and. Friends laugh a sprinkled with moments of fake tree games while Holmes purchased promotions a time these are the moments sweet enough. But when the game is over what they offer to your victory to what Laughs Do you want to return our free offer today in life from off to victory so please get out and paper or if you have a smartphone take a note because here is the information that you will need to receive today's free offer life after victory. To request today's offer just log on to w w w it is written Canada dog that's w w w dot it is written in Canada dog Ca If you prefer you may call toll free one call i.w. one call my i.w. or if you wish you may write to us it is written Box 2010 Marshall Ontario l one age 74 and thank you for your prayer requests and your generous financial support. Cranes and we'd also like to invite you to follow us on Instagram and Facebook and subscribe to our you chip channel and also listen to our part codes and if you go to our way page you can see I made us programs including I exercise work scored experiencing laugh and our shorts grow so may stitches them in time they never mean they're all there for you to watch Syrians charge whenever you choose because we want you to experience it sure sounded in the words of Jesus when He said it is written man shall not live by bread of. Every word that proceeds out of the wealth of God.


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