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  • January 4, 2021
    9:00 AM

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There are so many just mental people out there aren't you glad that people like you and me are not just mental. Of inverse. Coming to you from Silver Spring Maryland welcome to in the Bible based conversation on my principles contemporary issues and thought provoking. Now here's your host just in within the. Judge not lest you be judged as this is one of the most famous verses that people are aware of you are watching in verse here in the studio My name is Justin Kim and I my friends who Kelly and Jonathan in the studio and we're looking at the Book of Romans if you haven't done already go to hope t.v. dot org slash in verse to look at last week's episode and catch up on our really systematic study in the book of Romans or look at chapter to chapter 2 and before we read scripture you can pray for us so let's pray loving Father we are thankful for the gift of salvation with thankful that we have knowledge of the Gospel and as we continue to study your word we pray that we can truly come to appreciate the wonderful message that the gospel is and that you would use it to transform our lives so that it can transform others as well you play these things in your name name and in him and Kelly we looked at chapter one last week and can you just kind of hit those high points and I will read Jonathan reach after 2 but just kind of recap and we've been yes so we talked about in Chapter one The main thing there was why and how Paul is not ashamed of the Gospel and what the gospel is and how he is a debtor to share it with all people no matter who it is and we also talked about what God's wrath is and. It's this big solution to save the world's problem yes yeah and in a component of that is God's will and it's not his lawyer. But there is a but what he wants he needs to limit 8 that there are the same problem and then go to chapter 2 and I just I love Romans because it is systematic it is maybe it's the nerd in me just like there I am in a eat and so if you if you're out there. And you don't like that then then tough and said the verse so deal with it but it's it's that important of a solution and so Paul is being very very logical with that let's go Chapter 2 Brahmans chapter 2 verse 12 and John if you can read their show. For as many as have sinned without law will also perish without law and as many as of sin in the law will be judged by the law for not the heroes of the large just in the sight of God but the doers of the law will be justified for when Gentiles who do not have law by nature do the things in the law although not having a law or a law to themselves who show the work of the law written in their hearts their conscience also bearing witness and between themselves their thoughts accusing or else excusing them in a day when God will judge the secrets of men by Jesus Christ according to my gospel verse 17 and see that there are indeed you are called a Jew and rest on the law and make your boast in God and know his will and approve the things that are excellent being instructed out of the law and a confidence that you yourself are a guide to the blind to those wind Oculus and instructor of the foolish a teacher of babes having the form of knowledge and truth in the law you therefore who teach another do you not teach yourself you who preach that a man should not steal do you steal you who say do not commit adultery do you commit adultery you who abhor idols do you rob temples you could make your boast in the law do you decide on a God through breaking the law for the name of God is blast beamed among the Gentiles because of you as it is written or it will stop there was stop there and thank you for the reading that that's good it makes me. It reminds me of that when the ancient scriptures were 1st written they were read out loud and people had to listen to them too often we think I go the other Bibles and all of listening along but so we want to encourage you I know that sometimes when you're when you're really listening to scripture your mind tends to zone out and this is why we have Bible study guys who go to inverse Bible and you can download and you can use it online or however you want to do it are Bible study guides on the book of Romans and we are very excited about the Bible study guide because it interact. With your digital device and the text and together so it's one way to get into the burrs So what's going on here I mean this is a long passage and for those of us who did know now to what's going on in the zone back in what's a talking about. Think of the 1st part that Jonathan read was talking about those who have sent without the law perishing and Crimean this is the section like trying to talk to 16 you know growing up in Zimbabwe and you know missionaries came to Africa and brought you know the gospel to to southern Africa and I always used to wonder growing up like what did my grandparents great great grandparents like what will happen in the judgment like how does how does God judge them when missionaries hadn't come cruisin by narration before Christian a generation before Christianity and generations before that and this text me on says that that that God has a way of judging even the people who may not have had access to God's law in the form that we have it in the Word of God but that God revealed himself even to those people so that even if a missionary had him come it's not like God was absent from them and God doesn't care and but God still interacted with them and revealed Himself to them in this at a certain level and he will judge them by the knowledge that they have an actual Xman question and actually answer people are worried about that question how many years have you heard that question what about those people in Africa and you're talking someone from Africa very very very very good very good point when I went to Africa they're like well what about those people living in Korea you know like what it was so this is a reversal world it was a school but we are worried about or anxious about older generations or current people who have never heard of because what happens to them yeah in the 2nd section. Has been reading and talks about a comment on each other right. He moves from the Gentiles not to Jews and he's very interesting in his approach because he starts and indeed if you are called a Jew you rest in the law you make your bow. Allston God you approve of these things you know you've been instructed you're confident your guide to the blind you know yes wow you know you are a Jew Yes And then verse 21 you therefore who teach another do you not teach yourself not Paul Paul is saying to these people just for the Gap Yep I'm one of these get away hold on. You do you approve these things but you don't practice in you have the law you know the Ned Gentles they don't have a law and you know that you kind of looked odd but you have a law you are not better you know hate to break it to you and you know we know from Paul from other places where he sat in on the chief of sinners and he was but he he considered himself at one point you know the most righteous man and so he is now turning the tables not because he is evil or angry with his fellow countryman but because he wants them to see the reality off of what it means to stand before God as a sinner and even though you might have access to all these things it doesn't make you automatically righteous very insightful Jonathan and I think seekers tone when she was reading kind of kind of exaggerated and you know we're in a very good way but I just love that is it kind of passive I don't say passive aggressive but passive. In phatic. Verse and I love you brother verse 21 is a 21st 18 you want a guide to the line if we can zoom back to verse one. You need an exclamation mark 1st one therefore you are inexcusable Oh man whoever you are whoever you are who judge for in whatever you judge another you condemn yourself and in that chapter one I mean he's just taking a bazooka and going at the pagan like they're worshipping idols and you guys are right and you know I can never get that I have to end in chapter 2 verse one is like there for you and then in this all mankind you know all mankind. So basically what is Paul saying in in Chapter 2 what's kind of his argument. If you want to have. Jonathan's you know like just seen that the contrasts like side by side those 2 portions of Scripture that we read that the one thing that jumps out at me is Paul is saying that knowledge isn't the problem because you know you have this information and you know the law you know and sometimes you can think Oh those poor people they don't know right and we can take pride in we think we're better than people because we know stuff and Paul is saying that there's a transformation that needs to happen in your life that doesn't come soley on knowledge so what God accomplishes in your life in this thing that he's talking about that is so powerful it's not just knowledge base Yes knowledge is important you have the law which makes you in the skills of all but the knowledge isn't the thing that is going to actually solve this problem you know and more information is going to result is not going to resolve it so that and many in our generation do have that mode of thinking I know that in the way that my wife and I function and when people say something we go online and we get more we go to Amazon so is that actually the best product. On That's not the best you have more information here and we think just by information ring we're trying to hack the system and and these little habits you know we were in our journalism we think we do more we know the board better we perform but you're saying no all that is useless down with Amazon is that we're saying. Down with Google I'm going to. Do something more than for me more than information is necessary and to go to you read verse one if you could read 1st 11 Ok we says it's 11 I have a love for there is no partiality God So whether you're whether you're a Jew gentile whatever level of knowledge or information that you have God is not partial in the way that. He deals with that so God is there and we have our notion of what looks like but God's fantasy apparently is different from how we conceive the all caps and just chapter one and we one needs the Gospel chapter 2 and 31 needs the gospel because everyone does know what there is no advantage and everyone's everyone's evil and everyone the center Kelly. Say oh he's a sinner Ok. John Yeah I know I was actually sick I make the same point for keeping that we are all polished trying to make it clear for everyone no matter how much information you have yes you are a sinner and that is not necessarily you know trying to blast you are you so bad as you think this is the reality we're talking about we deceive ourselves with so many things you know the problem in Israel was that they were deceiving themselves by thinking we have all this knowledge we have all this rituals that is you know that's what's keeping us safe or we'll have circumcision he pointed out later and starting with 25 well you know I'm circumcised I'm good so having all these things Paul is blowing the lid off that and signal it doesn't matter what you have because Chapter one we talked about this the righteousness that you need is the righteousness of God but only which only he can give you if he's trying to just level the playing field and say Ok here we are all standing before God the God of the Gospel the God who wants to save us but let's get the facts straight we're all on the same level we're not better or he's really dressing down all of humanity he should 2 chapters just right and there's and is as uncomfortable as it may be we kind of need this experience to even really appreciate being saved what does it mean to to be say what doesn't mean what we need faith from right that was a right to give us a say in to in terms of and I talked about that contest between those who know and those who don't but in terms of leveling the playing field this means that even the person that I would consider it. Be worse off than me and you said you tease about judging people and it's kind of like the Jews knocked at the Gentiles judge mentally you know like that was soft I mean they behave worse than me you know and but but he's saying that person who you think is the worst of the worst you guys at the same level you know like the person that you could not conceive of them being in heaven because they did such heinous crimes you guys are at the same level and it's just it's mind boggling like how many resonate with that you ever have this kind of trip that you have that in your mind whether it's through information or through a ritual or tradition that you are better than other people we're going to address that when we come after the break. And embrace been a blessing to you Do you have questions comments or feedback you'd like to leave us find us on social media by searching influenced by well on Facebook Twitter Instagram for you to while you join us like us part us thumb's up next our handle again is inversed Bible no spaces now back to the discussion. Well welcome back to self elevating more a higher key is what some people call it and we place ourselves in this kind of spectrum and don't we do it to like a least I'm not a murderer in the murders I well I'm not a child molester and I'm lesser role at least I don't sell nuclear weapons to North Korea and in the north in the Middle East I'm not whatever they go into things and we kind of place ourselves we don't look above us but we definitely look below us and we get into these traps and it's the self-deception that we may not really need to be saved that much because I'm not as bad as all these other people and they really need right so tell you being really quiet with us and you think looking at us judge mental you know from your better than hurt their what's going on just chapter 2 and you mustn't I'll go with my mind so I'll survive the 1st wave left field but 1st Corinthians 81 is that knowledge puffed up but love edifies Ok Ok Ok nothing other than you know your true knowledge just as pop up going to get information you know yeah and I definitely think you know I there's there's been points in my journey that I'm just like yeah if I had just I memorized Bible verses on to so much better than everyone because I can meditate on scripture all the time and I'm the super holy there when I look at the Bible like pagans and like obviously I'm not thinking that strongly but you kind of are when someone like Kathy opened a Bible like I know the verses and says That's were wielding the sword of the spirit in the wrong way that's the wrong wielding. And I also think too you know sometimes we have different struggles from people there are certain sins or certain temptations that are hard for me to resist for as others of my only once about the problem for someone and a very humbling experience I had was. You know my friends would come to me and talk to me about how they were struggling in their romantic relationships struggling keeping the proper physical boundaries or just kind of really staying on track and like that know enough like I'm really not your problem is and it's because I've never had a boyfriend. All this like man you see to pray more be Jesus I was promised and then I start wonderful Christian and yeah I need a prime you have so you should pray more I might just don't be alone after dark what's your problem but then I started dating my now husband and I was like oh this is kind of hard to this not actually God difficult and I remember saying that to me like he was like and like me. Relationship Oh yeah and so even just that experience showed me that 1st were different and I had even I had even realize how Judge Mental I've been towards people until I was struggling with the same thing like this is actually difficult just like a someone doesn't have kids I see people have kids I'm like Michael never act like that but I know I'm going to be humbled when I have children to be like my exactly like family. You guys have great kids I don't know if you're going to hear it's me. And so but it's just the same thing we're I don't think we should have to suffer or struggle with the same thing in order to have compassion empathy because Jesus never sinned but he was still very empathetic and sympathetic and kind and we need to have that like and sort of seen this hierarchy of just like you know we're all here together and we all need the grace of Christ we all sin and we all don't merit the gifts that He gives us and so even if you're like I don't do the 12 saves you do it doesn't make me a better you you deserve my prayers you deserve my encouragement and you deserve my camaraderie as as a brother and sister in Christ Thank you Kelly Well you're mentioning these things like I'm thinking I mean is this this Jesus that you're presenting is a very judgment neutral Jesus yes and it's it's it's so so inviting like I want to be that way and while you guys are talking like there are people who are judged mental Yeah I mean they look down in I'm definitely in that boat and then there's a people on the other side who are who are let's say they call them the judged but they are also a judge mental too on the kind of on a different side yeah they're like well those are all the believe are people and they should have their act together but they don't they don't they're just like me at least I know all that I'm not together and I'm real and they're not so the judge judgement is actually going on both ways yeah and what you're saying is that real Christianity is this Jesus who is free from this which the Bible talks. And also free from the yeah all others because because just looking at his empathetically Yeah because the important thing to do is to remember that Jesus didn't not ever talk about sin he's not like everything's fine everything is beautiful like hate that that's not coming out mean and so I think of it where I was talking to a good friend recently and he was going the wrong direction and I was really convicted to talk to him about that but it was making me sick to my stomach to have to talk to him so straight It wasn't like I'm going to go blast this dude I'm going to go see that I'm like it was like hey I really feel convicted talked about this but that's how Jesus was like he was weeping over the nation and like I long for you to come to me but you refuse and that is the judge mentalism of Jesus' words an invitation to come back and to love and it's a draw and not a condemnation that like chases people to hack them to pieces and I think another aspect of you know there's the empathy that comes from you know realizing that I mean the same boat but one point to in verse one of chapter 2 again. Says Therefore your inexcusable all men it's almost like looking at and seeing the evil in the way could not so somebody else see it what it ought to do is point you in would to your own wickedness right what it usually does because I'm assuming this what it does is it causes me to think I'm elevated above them or you know like to point a finger with up or down but what it's saying is when you see that when you see the wickedness of somebody whose heart what it should remind you of is that you are inexcusable because you can actually see that that is wicked you don't know if they know what they're doing is wrong you don't know their life you don't know what's what's been happening with them God is the one who's going judge them but when you see that it ought to cause you to look at to sell. And Jadzia south but we don't do that and you know we don't want God to search me I want to send somebody out a kind of painful painful I don't want I want to look at other people's problem not mine I will. Just so beautiful thing is if I can bring the Gospel back in a 2nd. Part is making it clear to have 2 to 3 all the same and everyone is wicked Yes when I realize that and I look at Jesus and I see how he treats me he gives me the grace treatment right and how he is loving and kind towards me he has empathy realizing then that his love is directed towards me in that way it is kind of takes off the burden of me trying to make myself feel good or make yourself look better in the eyes of God I know I'm loved I don't have to you know make yourself look better by judging others or make yourself feel better by judging and I know I'm loved you know I'm cool I'm good with God but that helps me because I because in that light I stop pretending and I realize my and my brokenness that needs healing from Jesus but then that helps me to see through to judge mentalism of others and see the brokenness that's inside of them and have empathy towards them decide what they're going to underscore the status then again good education I don't know if that is just a little bit I do yeah I mean on shows like this many times you can't judge people or judgment only underscore that point when people are judgement told what is a revelation and it's a revelation of the brokenness that that they are dealing with and so you can you can kind of just look beyond the judgment look beyond the negativity that's coming and to see you can still have compassion because you see this person actually hurting they don't realise they're hurting you don't realise there's a solution to that the sympathetic and and you can approach them with empathy with love with patience and kindness and gives them the grace treatment that Jesus has been I want to ask him for you said look beyond and I don't see how do you look beyond because we sometimes we can say look beyond we do try to do that in our own strength and it becomes a downwards and. Or spiral to right now do we do you even that much only and only I had only was a member of the Spirit but Apollo Yes spirit in totally So how do you look at what you're going to say that you know is totally How did Jesus look at me he looks you know when he justifies when he does the Salvation miracle in our lives he looks at the potential he looks at the at the end game he knows where he's going to take me when I trust in him right and so we can know that God with every human being who is struggling with their brokenness you know and that expresses itself in that you know mean ways you can know that there's a potential there that you can even imagine that God can do in this person's life and that when you wouldn't keep that in mind it would also of course the Holy Spirit is Don't want to help you but it helps if you just treat a person with kindness instead of reflecting that judgment or whatever their slogan I can you can add to that you know they say that some of the kindest people are the poorest people and that's because they they know poverty yes and because they know poverty when they see poverty and somebody else they want to help. When we know our own brokenness we will recognize brokenness in other people in the sense that when we know our own brokenness and Jesus is healing us you know and he's resorting us then when we see brokenness in other people I'm not like what's wrong with you I recognize what's going on I know that I'm Judge Mental know that I've struggled with being judgmental and I've seen what God is doing in my life and when I see that in somebody else I recognize what's going on because I've had that experience which is why it's important that it's not to be you know sadistic like the looking to ourselves to ask God to search us you know for our son fullness it's it's Fondation will to even the salvation experience we cannot experience that transform ation and that restoration until we take a hard look in the mirror. And face the reality that we're messed up. And even addition in addition to seeing that broken with other people the only way we are able to withstand it and not want to retaliate in kind is by having the security of Christ. Because there are times are people I can tell what I'm more irritable or what I just really just want to return whatever I'm given the worst it's because I'm just I'm in secure at that time like you know I'm not having as much time so I'm just I'm apart from reality and so I've noticed that the more time I spend in the more I'm convinced and completely convinced of God's love for me even when I feel he will be judged mental I'm just I genuinely feel bad for them like you must be so burdened Right now I'm so sorry and but you know there because it's a lot easier to come across as Judge Mental and angry than to come across as hurt has been coming across as her as a very vulnerable state at the end it's a lot more powerful to be mean and just mental So I'm going to push back here and I appreciate this discussion and in this totally I'm a just mental person and I confess and so are you and so we're all in this tournament Yeah Ok but no we are encountering a jet encountering a generation that is kind of flipping to the other side. And they want to judge no like you can't say anything is wrong you can say well I don't really care about you I'm not going to look at your life I don't know I'm not going to get into all your business and where we're inexpressibly in the social distancing world we have our space and frankly there's a lot of people are very comfortable with that without getting into messy alive right let's go to John Romans Chapter 30 in chapter 3 verse 9 which by the apex of this whole section What then are we better than they not at all what we have previously chars that both Jews and Greeks us the 2 categories there are people that they are all under sin and you have this whole Bible study on from the Old Testament I want to go to John Chapter 7 really quickly and the Bible says that John Chapter 7 verse 24 that she's a Says here do not judge according to appearance I can hear amens out there people are saying awesome awesome awesome Do not judge lest you be judged right but then Jesus continues it says by Judge with righteous judgment and then this and this disgust me so much hope that in this judgement this is what's so funny that humanity is scared of the judgement gone will find out that I'm a sinner but the reality is quite a chapter 2 in chapter 3 of Romans were also in our friends we are all in the same boat and we need a righteous judge who will get us out and only That's your prayer and that's our prayer and we skimmed over a lot of juicy stuff we were encouraged to go to in verse Bible Dorji and our study guides the book on Romans we'll see you next week we look at Romans Chapter 3 and for the next week. You've been listening to inverse a Bible based part of the station the calendar is wrong Jonathan Walter Sebastian Braxton. And your host Justin. Inverses brought to you by the hope channel television that changes lives for good and more inspiring episodes there's an inverse Dr Hope t.v. news that Origen find us on social media hashtags in verse 5 until next time this isn't verse.


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