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Finding Purpose in Pain

Dee Casper
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Dee Casper

Director of the CORE Evangelism Training Program



  • January 1, 2021
    7:00 PM
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God in heaven thank you for loving us so much thank you for the gift of the Sabbath to rest in Christ and to rest our bodies to kind of turn off the things that distract us from Pulitzer of the course that we can just focus on what matters most so as we reflect upon a very important topic this evening I just pray that you bless us with an extra special measure of your presence and with your peace in God I pray that we would hear from you tonight that you would speak into those wounds seeing that pain that each of us may be feeling and help us learn how to process that and how to even find purpose in the painful experiences about across our path and we ask this now in Jesus name Amen. So it's a pain in the heart break in the disappointment of 2020 have led you to have negative beliefs about yourself about life or about God or even if you want or where there's even a worth trying to hope anymore maybe 2020 used of all of your good will and you just wonder can I even hope in the morning that that sense of joyful expectancy even the thought of my experiencing a more I hope that this evening study will be helpful and speak hope into those particular experiences were told Action Romans Chapter 15 in verse 13 it has now been the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing that you may have bound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit I'm so thankful for the fact that the Bible refers to as the God of hope not just a God who happens to possess hope and if you ask him he may give you $3.00 worth of hope for your $3.00 need like it doesn't refer to God that way it refers to God as the God of hope he has every amount of hope that you will ever need him more so I'm so thankful for that that's really good study to go through in the New Testament reversing as the God of the God of hope the God of peace the God of love the God of joy truly helpful to realize that God He is the God of whatever you need him to be in the loonies you have in your experience and so thankful for that so if 2020 robs you of hope the good news is there is a God of hope who understood what we would encounter this last year and still be able to give us hope for this coming year so maybe fill you with all joy and peace of believing that you may have valid hope by the power of the Holy Spirit and you have enough hope to get by the 2 abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit were told Romans 5 by that hope does not disappoint because the love of God is of the poured out in our hearts by the Holy Spirit who is given to us and I'm so thankful the Holy Spirit can help to bring God's love in Charlie. Need greater measure so the Holy Spirit is cold and hunger for a reason. He's given that name for a reason and so I would encourage a seeding to let the Holy Spirit pour God's healing 11 to our allies and to allow that hope to grow in our hearts right no matter what came against us in this last year to better how many L's we took over the last 365 days allow the Holy Spirit to rekindle in the wake of hope in your heart right keep trusting that God is able to pick you back up in the strength that you were told and then Chapter 14 verse 31 those who wait on the Lord shall read knew their strength they shone out up with wings like eagles they show rather not be weary and they shall walk and think and I'm so thankful for this text because it's being into a space that many of us have to live and maybe the entire year of 2020 was filled with waiting on something that never came maybe for some of us we were hoping for healing hoping to get out of death right hoping to knock out our classes early hoping to get married hoping to have kids hope and who knows what's good and healing and and some other circumstance but we're told that will those people who wait on the Lord will renew their strength which implies that earlier that that chapter touched by the fact that even that use will grow weary and faint. In the image will really fall but those who wait the Lord will be able to renew their strain they shall never live with wings like eagles and then they will run into the weary walk and not faint and some thankful for the fact that if we keep trusting in Jesus he does he is through these difficult and challenging seasons and brings us through something better and better side Jesus warned his disciples and John Chapter 16 in verse 33 that in this world they were going to have tribulations and I'm still thankful for this Jesus wasn't preaching a prosperity gospel that is believe in me and everything is going to be easy he never said he says you're going to have tribulations in this. But then he told them to be of good cheer why because I'm overcome the world guys and Jesus can overcome the world he can overcome whatever you're dealing with today whatever didn't go the way that you thought that it would or that you wish that it would whatever is going on in your experience right now whatever losses and challenges and difficulties you went through 2020 he can handle that he can overcome any and all of it and he actually gave the sign was a very specific warning if you verses earlier to verse 33 John 16 about the heartbreak and disappointment that was going to come their way after his betrayal in death and he used a very interesting analogy here regarding its purpose and eventual in this is what I want to really really flesh out for us this evening this idea again of finding purpose in. Jesus acquits the challenges of the difficulties are going to go through with an experience that women can relate to in the idea of childbirth not going to be capable having a child I have a puppy and it's really hard so obviously going to having kids is way harder than that. But it's a situation that Jesus speaks into the circumstance with language that really speaks to our emotions and I also think gives a lot of really helpful understanding on how to kind of measure out what we're going through the difficulties right now he told the disciples Most assuredly I say to you that you will weep and lament and will be sorrowful but your sorrow will be turned into joy so you can go through a tremendous time of difficulty but at the end of that you're going to be filled with joy and then he tells you this is what it's going to be like he says a woman when she's a laborer has sorrow because her hour has come but as soon as she's given birth to the child she no longer remembers the anguish for joy that human being has been born into the world and I love the way in which he's using here because he's making it clear that you know what she's going through in the midst of the child birthing process is excruciating it's so difficult. But once that child is placed into your hands she doesn't remember what it cost to get to that point and Jesus is speaking into the pain the disciples are about to go through they're not going to give birth it's a good to do but they are going to go through so it's very difficult and challenging and there are some some illustration here to help us get through this and based apologies is a saying here he continues a verse 22 he says there are 4 of you now have sorrow but I will see you again in your heart will reach Joyce and then he tells of that your joy no one will take from you and I think a lesson that we can take from this and the example in Jesus gives here is that pain when it surrendered to God it is directional in nature just like the pains that come in birth that it's bringing us somewhere it's leading us to something don'ts painful a difficulty that challenges and struggles that we go through her day to day life in a particular way and seasons like that we had to go through in the last year we had a pandemic we've had you know race riots we've had injustice brought to the fore and brought under an even greater visibility we've had an election cycle is absolutely savage and brutal that's over or it's not over who even knows just all of this stuff right economic hardship sickness trials difficulties it's been really hard on a lot of people and if we're going through all this I think one of these that Jesus wants us to understand is the things you had to go through the hurt that were painful were directional in nature it's not the right this painful experience is leading to something and good comes in the other and that's what Jesus is alluding to here. And I believe on the other end of our people experiences God can help us to forgive all the excruciating details of how hard it was him to be able to appreciate what was allowed to take place for us to receive what we needed to receive him to become who we needed to. Read these challenging circumstances we go through what can be used to refine us to grow us to develop us and as we go through the circumstances many times it's those experiences that we didn't like that made us into people who were better off on the other end right were smarter people were healthier people it brought to the fore under result internal conflict that we had to face worked through and all the other into that we found ourselves big healthier more whole people right and so there's a purpose in the pain that's allowed to come our way that's the was the Jesus is wanting to see in John chapters 16 other places so I believe that God can reveal her pain for good and this is what I believe Romans 828 is alluding to this idea that. All things work together for good for those who love God or call according to his purpose These able to take these things and use them in ways that they got chooses bad things to happen or watch for his decisions room a think you know here's a bad thing I could bring it to so and so's life is not what's happening here but if he's going to allow for something to take place he already perceive is the purposes that can be achieved through this difficult process it will be Cheat On the other him right and I think that sometimes in these difficult circumstances it takes difficult circumstances to realize that he's what we really been looking for in those dark moments when we got so caught up in our phones in our stuff and in the things of life that will we lose a lot of things around us we remember what matters most the people closest to us there's a God in heaven who loves and cares for me at least I have my health I'm not so worried about whether I'm having a good hair day or a bad hair day or that you know my boss referenced me my boss doesn't by the way but you know in a way what are the circumstances maybe the egos of those circumstances and you just. When we lose our jobs we start to get a different perspective right on the things of Bob listener day to day life or we lose our health we realize man like even though I was frustrated by the fact that I could run as fast as he used to at least I could run right challenges can kind of help us to really prioritize our lives right and it can really help us to realize what's the most important we're told Proverbs 1312 that hope deferred makes the heart sick how many people can testify to that having to wait on God is not easy but then it says but when the desire comes it's a tree of life it's a gift that keeps on getting We'll talk about that tomorrow. By believe that God is asking us to surrender that pain and that fear to hope any more in a trust that what's on the other side of this can actually bring us new why. It got Also re deems our pain by using what we learn in the comfort that we find in him to help others and I think this is so huge I did a study of this a while back that I want to keep studying it so rich go to 2nd Christian Chapter One there's a beautiful beautiful stuff in here the polls broken down that was just such a blessing to me as a study into this a few months ago when the myths the you know the lockdown and trying to make sense of things. Got really really helped me with this good thing can be a Chapter one Verse 3 to 4 so you can is one just 340 says this lesson to be the God of the Father of Our Lord Jesus Christ the Father of mercies and then it says the God of all comfort read he was cold they got of hope in Romans Chapter 15 now he's called the God of all comfort which again means he's literally one to be the god of what ever you need him to be the. Right if you need comfort he's the god of comfort you need peace he's the God of peace you need love he's the God of love he's the very source of the things that you're needing whatever those needs maybe but it says the God of all comfort who. Comforts us in all our tribulation and I appreciate that and I'm going through difficulty and hardship and there's a God of comfort who's willing to comfort me in the midst of that tribulation this says that we may be able to comfort those who are in any trouble with the comfort with which we ourselves are comforted by God that words used a lot in the series of texts but the basic point he saying is the very God of comfort is going to comfort you in your difficulties and when he covered you in your difficulties he doesn't just do it to get you through this he's also going to allow the story of his faithfulness in the midst of your difficulty to comfort somebody else who goes in the same circumstances later so you lost a job and God comforted you and helped you through that circumstance of losing a job so that when you meet somebody who loses a job later you can speak why even their experience of the testimony and how they got of comfort comforted you you can be the means of comforting someone else by taking the comfort God gave you and sharing it with them which is really awesome and you think about it because the comfort that God gives us isn't just for us right God gives you comfort and because he's a god of comfort he doesn't just give you enough for your needs he gives you even more than what you will need and that overflow those lessons and those blessings that you receive even in your tribulations now overflows in the lives of people around you who need to hear the hope that you just family who need the comfort that you just received are you with me that guy's huge huge blessing is a stop they're going to respond for as the sufferings of Christ abound in us so our consolation it's the same Greek word comfort so our comfort also bounds through Christ now if we are flicked and it's for your consolation Did you ever think about that the challenges that I'm going through life that I'm going through life right now could actually be for someone else's consolation. And then it goes a step further than that Paul says that if we're afflicted it's for your consolation and salvation that literally the hardships that I'm going through right now could lead to somebody else a celebration which is affective for enduring the same sufferings which we also suffer or in for your comfort it is for your consolation again and so he says it twice and our hope for you is steadfast why because we know that as your particular of the several weeks so you also a particular consolation now only somebody who has seen God faithful their sufferings can say something with that boldness right my hope for you is steadfast because I know God going to comfort you in this hardship you're going through but you know why because I was going through that same hardship a month and a half ago something very similar God is faithful to me and I believe he'll be faithful to you too so one of the ways that we can find purpose in pain is realizing that the difficulties of come into our lives can actually not helping other people on the other side and that God will show him self a fully human in the midst of your difficulties 10 times the word comfort is using these passages and again it's so encouraging to me that we go through tribulation distress trials and heartbreak that there is a God of comfort of able to us who is able to redeem this pain and allowed to be used to comfort somebody else in their pain which also implies that God sees in you the ability to make it through this trial maybe you don't think you can make it but God believes it be cam and that he also believes in your ability to use the purpose of healing you find through the circumstance to bless and help somebody else if you allow it to. Right and it can even be used as there being a salvation and I read these texts man it was just so helpful to just get a bigger picture of what God sees read went to trial comes into my wife and a challenge comes into my life God doesn't see what you and I see this is hard I don't know if I'm ever going to get through what God sees is an opportunity that there is an opportunity for God to show himself people to you when you need of the most and there's an opportunity for God to use his faithfulness in your life to comfort somebody else who goes through something challenging because remember it's not just for you the difficulties that we endure in this life that we go to chapter 2 and beginning in verse 3 pulses and I wrote this very thing to us when I came I should have sorrow over those from whom I ought to have joy but having confidence in you all but my joy is the joy of you all then he says for I don't much affliction and anguish much trial right looking the translator notes here for verse 4 and. Your chip tubers for tribulation It's a scene where you can join ship or 16 so in for and of much tribulation and a question of heart I wrote to you with many tears this wasn't easy for him not that you should be grieved but the you might know the loafer which I have so bluntly for I want some hard and difficult step to you so that I could communicate my love for you this is another step I want to address here another thing I want to address we come to how God comforts us in our pain and brings purpose through these circumstances but there is also pain that we're going to go through messages from acts of what are seemingly you know acts of misfortune or trauma or difficulty or trial but there's also pain that you and I go through in receiving discipline. Right we go through difficulties were disciplined a poll says this I wrote these things to you I had to discipline you as a church it wasn't easy right I cried over this it was very hard for me it was brought 8 wish to be right but I did it because I wanted you to know how much I loved you and I think we need to understand this as well that when God has to discipline us bring us to the painful process of discipline we need to understand that God is doing that to show his love for us not his disapproval sometimes that we think that we get discipline that's God saying I don't like you right that God's upset with me that's not what's happening God is refining us God is showing his love for us and his desire for us to not remain in the circumstances that we currently are if he gives a verse 5 after this he says if you want to cause grief he's not grieved me but all of you to some extent not to be too severe Now the context of this is and 1st Corinthians verse Corinthians he loses some pretty scandalous to happen in Corinth he says it's reported to me that there's sexual immorality among you that isn't even reported among the Gentiles right a man has his own father's wife you do the math it's really bad right at best is the guy step at worst it's biological and he says a man has his own father's wife and he's telling him he need to deal with this you need to administer church discipline so they did that they disfellowship the guy and Paul now is following up on this this is what he says verse 6 this punishment which is afflicted by the majority is sufficient for such a man so that on the contrary you ought rather to forgive and then those who say come for him less perhaps if you will be swallowed up with too much sorrow so. He said Yeah you had to give discipline to this guy you had to do that but don't overwhelm him right help them see that what has happened is wrong but don't push it afforded absolute despondency you need a cooperative either person ate their. Urge you to reaffirm your love to him for this in I also wrote that I might put you to the test whether you're obedient in all things now whom you forgive anything I also forgive for indeed I have forgiven anything I've forgiven that woman for your sakes in the presence of Christ then he says list Satan should take advantage of us for we're not ignorant of his devices so heavy handed discipline going too far can be a divisive say for one Paul's alluding to here right in that we need to make sure that we probably offer forgiveness grace to somebody we need to administer to discipline but we also need to make sure this clear that we're not pushing to the point of complete despondency they think that they can never be saved or to God as wanting to do with him because of the Church the Body of Christ is having to administer discipline they're speaking on behalf of God but the church handles so heavy handedly this person think there is no chance for them to come back to God because the church doesn't want to do it meaning God is one thing it can lead to the opposite result of what you're wanting the purpose of discipline is to correct it is to instruct to help people see something isn't Ok to bring them back into her me when they should be Ok so there can be pain that we experience a discipline but God is quick to ensure that we see the purpose for it and that we find comfort in his forgiveness as well he tells us that if we endure chastening then that means that God deals with us as with sons for our prophet and that we may be particulars of his holiness right so he allows us to be disciplined because he loves us as a father and so allow us for take of His Holiness and now don't chastening or discipline seems to be joyful for the present but painful nevertheless. Afterwards it yields a peaceable fruit of righteousness to those who have been trained by it right to the pain of discipline can lead to fruit in righteousness and holiness and to redemption at the end so it's an important lesson for us to who are in it with this whole discipline thing so pick up now in chapter 6 and verse 11 as a preface is really going to Chapter 7 burst to 13 we're still in the same letter so Chapter 6 or is alleged 1st of all it says Oakridge peons we have spoken openly Our heart is wide open you are not restricted by us but you're restricted by your own affections and now to return to the same I speak is to children you also be open right don't close yourselves up because I've had to deal with you for it and you succeeded you did discipline this guy you did the right thing don't go too far with them you did the right thing you do what you need to do but don't close yourselves off to be it be open in the same idea is picked up in chapter 7 verse 2 same thought process open your hearts to us we have wronged no one we corrupt and don't want we have cheated no 1st 3 chapters there is a grievance I do not see this to condemn friends sent before that you are in our hearts to die together in to live together in great is my boldness of speech towards you. Great is my boasting in your behalf I am filled with comfort and I am exceedingly joyful in all our tribulation Guinea's pity upon the scene from chapter one. Filled with comfort and I'm exceedingly joyful in all our tribulation why because he knows an arch of relation will be for somebody else's benefit. Right God sees that he's got it God allowed for this because he knows he can see us through the challenge 1st of all he's improved so faithful our lives missed that challenge 2nd of all in 3rd of all that God will allow the story that he writes through his faithful this inner trial to bless a body also helps somebody else so now I don't look at trials the same way now I don't look at my circumstances that are painful life the same way because I recognize you know God The only reason why this would be on my doorstep is if you're if you're holding my hand to every step of this and if you're going to be faithful to be and you're not going to allow the comfort you give me in this trial to redeem me you can use it to help somebody else and even save somebody else right that's the problem is that we've been given and so Paul's talking about verse 5 for indeed what we can do best to do and you know our bodies had no rest but we were troubled in every side outside recount Flix inside her fears right pulled out with fear Nevertheless God what does God do who comforts the don't cast comforted up he picked up again of the projector what God who covered the downcast he's in the business of that guy he's the god of comfort so if you're going through hardship and trials right now sprint to the feet of Jesus sprint to your loving heavenly Father and allow him to comfort you plead with him to come for your word says you're the got of comfort well tell you what I need. I need of a bunch of it right now right as much as you're willing to give right to God and comforts downcast comforted us by the coming of Titus and only by his coming but also by the consolation with which he was comforted in you it when he told us of your earnest desire your mourning in your zeal for be so rejoiced even more even if I need you sorry with my letter I do not regret it though I did regret it for I perceive that the same pistol made you sorry not only for a little while though only for a while and then I rejoice not that you remain Sorry but that your sorrow led to repentance right when you recognize that what you had done was wrong you received that correction it legit to repent. And is a pick up on this idea he keeps going he says in verse 10 or sorry it led you to repentance for you were made sorry in a Godly manner the you might suffer a loss from us if nothing bursts him for godly sorrow produces repentance leading to salvation not to be regretted the King James is not to be are considered because there is a repentance that needs to be repented of right that's that really sorry that leads to death he says here the next sentence but the sorrow of the world produces death right if you're just sorry because you're going to get a woman that's not real sorrow and that's not real repentance but if you truly sorrow for the sins you have committed that's totally different right and that truths are leads to real repentance right was leases salvation personal in from serve this very thing that you sorrow to God the manner in which diligence. You know what diligence have produced in you what clear you give yourselves what indignation what fear what vehement desire what zeal what vindication in all things you prove yourselves to be clear this matter therefore overwrote to you I do not do it for the sake of you who have done the wrong nor for the sake of him who suffered while but then our care for you the side of God might appear you again is making this point I did this in that you would know how much I love and care for you which tells me that when God has to discipline me when God has a discipline you he's doing it to communicate his love to you. Then it says a verse 13 therefore we have been comforted in your comfort. Right this is exactly what Paul said in chapter one that other people can find comfort in the cover that you receive Paul brings it full circle if I go through hardships for your benefit then he says the hardship that you went through it's a comfort to me because I was scared that I went too far when discipline I wondered like is this going to push them away will I lose them but they will behold here they are right you did stay you responded to the correction you gave got me sorry kids and and it comforts me to know that when I follow God's will and agonize and with there my own trial in communicating these things to you you got proof faithful right it rejoiced exceedingly more for the joy Titus because his spirit has been refreshed by you all. So well so good lessons there you keep walking through same Cribbins the principle principles by though it really helps for me to recognize is that one of the ways in which we go through trial and through the problem of pain in this world right it is wrestling with pain for all some of the pain is discipline some of that pain is just because we live in a sinful world and this is difficult right I'm not saying that you know a trial you're going through right now is because God has discipline you I can't speak to that but I am saying is discipline is painful what I can also say is even of those other circumstances that we go through the heart dissipate related in both circumstances God is there to comfort us God is there to help us to grow us to transform us and to help see us through it and the lessons that we learned in those dark moments will be used to help other people if we allow them to right so that comfort that you receive want to stay with you God gave you that comfort not just for you it's easy when you've gone through a long hard season to just want to lay down enjoy that comfort for a while but make sure you don't forget about the fact that God did not give you that comfort just for you he's giving you a testimony that's going to come for many more people in the years to come now. There is a principle that we see here in the Old Testament. That I want to go through after going through one example of Jesus helping somebody and their people experience that these things are really really helpful so going to Chapter 7 there's a bunch of examples I could use with Jesus I still have time but I would encourage you to read through the Gospels and just look at how Jesus dealt with people who are going through painful in challenging experiences because the way that Jesus dealt with them is a way to Jesus the Father deal with you Jesus tells the disciples John Chapter 14 or 16 I think that if you see me you see the father writes If you want to know how the father views you in your painful experiences look at how Jesus help people in their painful experiences such an encouraging heart warming study could it John Chapter 7 beginning of verse 11 says this now what happened the day after that he went to a city called in many men disciples with him and a large crowd and when he came to the gate of the city behold a dead man was being carried out the only son of his mother and she was a widow writes got this side statement right the kid just died right her kid just died it is your only child. He was the only son you don't want to carry on you know and take care of her provide for her he's gone but it gets even worse oh yeah by the way she's also a widow so every social support this woman would be clean to in her latter years is now gone there's a lot of fear there's a lot of insecurity in this moment let alone grief wretch's already lost her husband now she's lost her only son it's a super hard experience for her and a large crowd in the city was with her but then it says a verse 13 when the Lord saw her he had compassion on her right Jesus when he saw her had compassion. Right he felt the pain this woman felt had compassion on her and then he said to her Do not weep then he came into the open coffin of those who carried him stood still and he said young men I say to you arise so he who was did stand up and began to speak and he presented him to his mother. And says the fear came upon all the glorified gods the great prophet is risen above us and God has visited his people in this report about him went through all Judea and all the surrounding region but I love this because in this circumstance Jesus sees the pain but he observes the pain that this woman is going through he's moved with compassion he feels her pain he doesn't just observe it he enters into that pain but then he does something about her pain right he intervenes and does something about it that god of comfort came into Naina. And ministers and this woman her greatest him so think of that as practical as the Jesus sees her pain he feels her pain in that he does something about her pain this is the way that the god had this life ever living to minister to people to comfort them to help them and strengthen the pain in the difficulties of life but I want to look at a story now in the Old Testament that I think is just rich. With lessons on this very topic of finding purpose in pain a go with me to the Book of Ruth who was me the Book of Ruth and I wanted to kind of summarize for time sake Mehan there are some coordinates and some honest theology and beautiful stuff here for us so. We get to chapter one and there's a woman named Naomi whose husband has died and now her 2 sons have died she had left Israel she let Juda read she goes inland a Boab into a foreign land and she loses her 2 boys and she loses her husband and it's a devastating season for her I mean I can't even fathom that we just read something similar in luge the Gospel of Luke but she goes through this horrible heartbreaking starters and she's devastated and she prays she basically told her daughter and was like Look just move on Ok I'm no good to you and God's curse to me I don't get to you just just go on and maybe God bless you. It's really kind of heartbreaking the way that she kind of addresses this but she says a verse a go return to Easter a mother's house the Lord you know kindly with you as you deal with the dead with me in the glory in the Lord grant that you may find rest each in the house of her husband so even though she feels that the Lord has not don't Kylie with herself she's praying to the Lord will go kindly with them and. Nothing good ever happened to her right so verse 9 we read it reads reverse 9 so the think it could ever happen to her she doesn't feel like she even has hope anymore in verse 12 she says turn back by daughters go Friday and too old to have a husband and if I should stay I have hope because I don't if I should have a husband tonight and should bear also very sons would you wait for them until they were a girl would you not restrain yourself from having husbands Ok so she telling them turn back turn back go away I don't have anything to offer you k. and then she closes out verse 13 by saying because the hand of the Lord is going to give me God as it gives me and man it is so easy in the un for scene challenges and heart breaks and dramatic experiences of our lives at the because against the right what does God lead you into circumstances that you think are going to go one way and they don't go the way you thought they should and it's devastating You just think man right just this speaks into the human experience this isn't one of those cute you know pretty you know practical lessons that we see like this is this is the raw stuff we see the got in the Book of Ruth writes really raw circumstances here they hand the Word of God out against the rights she has watered down her personal feeling to that point in time but her daughter walk won't leave her a roof will leave her and so she says Your god will be my God Right she says this good verse 14 that he looked at the voice of the web to get him or kissed her mother law but Ruth clung to her and she said look your sister in law go back to are people who are God You go after her but Ruth says of her 16 intrigued me not to leave you right I don't want to go urged me not to turn back from going after you for wherever you go I will go where you lodge I will lodge your people be my people and your God my God Now what's so significant about this is the fact that she's saying I want your god to be my God But what if they only disabled her god he's against me. He's the one that's taking action against me she's struggling in her face right now and yet rue the saying I want your god to be like God where I don't I were you die I'll die all be buried with you the Lord use would be more also if anything but death departs us and so when she saw that she wouldn't stop when she stops because you're a sucker until her change course so they go back to Judea and it is interesting to Bethlehem and they say is this not Naomi but in a verse 20 Naomi says Do not call the day of the which means pleasant it don't call it pleasant call the Mara bitter really all I think has dealt very bitterly with I went full in the Lord has brought me home again empty Why do you call me day oh he again pleasant says the Lord has testified against me and the Almighty has afflicted right I've heard people say Incredible of this idea that you know that Ruth is you know one by Naomi but that's not the narrative that I see here right the witness that they are always getting right now is not a good one right if someone said hey God is against me God you know I've left my home full but God has brought me home empty God is afflicted me the Almighty is obliged to be by the way you want to go to church with me next Sabbath like I think the answer is probably going to be no but God speaks of the circumstance and what I'm looking to see here when I see the recognition is near Is this not so much that they only wins groups right this more white woman is it the Spirit of God to reach its roots and God uses routes to comfort and minister to Naomi and a strengthened Naomi's faith and to rekindle her faith and the Spirit of God have to work in the opposite directions what I see in this narrative so they return she is back there to the barley harvest. And then they route by the way AK simians companion or friend so she's saying I'm not going to leave you alone we will follow God together and God is abusing with mightily to inspire Daley's we can fought through faith as the story goes on so she respect returns for a lamb we don't want that. But then she says when we're just a Boaz and Ruth can't understand why he's favoring her he replies it's been fully reported to be all the have done for your mother in law since the death of your husband I think this is powerful because she chose to focus on another need in her own pain and grief and there is power in this guy's Will he get you know sacked by travelling just difficulties we don't know what to do to take time to focus on the needs of other people who are grieving and similar fashions can help us get through those difficulties and that's what happens with Ruth and so she chooses to help her and that is a witness so the comfort that God gives roots is her difficulty of widowhood and having lost a father whenever that happened. And a brother in law that grief the company guy gives her is a big testimony to the community that she moves to and how you've left your father and your mother in the land of your birth and you come to people who did not know before 1st well it says the Lord Hey your work hey the Lord repay your work in a full Rouer be given you by the Lord God of Israel under whose We have come for refuge and I love this because the idea is you took a leap of faith in leading reward to come back to this country Ruth and never been here. But the point is you came to the Lord for refuge and that god of comfort was faithful in the answer that prayer God is going to use me to bless and provide for you and that's what happens and news of the sparks hope and they always experience in chapter 2 verse 20 they always said are a daughter in law glisten be here the Lord who is not for sickness kind it's a living and the debt and the only said to her this man is a relation of Horrors one of our close relatives in this is where this narrative takes a turn This is revealed his faith starts to be rekindled because she sees the goodness of God through this circumstance I realize wait a minute maybe God hasn't been against me I was struggling I was in a dark place but because somebody else go interest similar circumstance to me kept it moving right because they moved forward in faith in encouraging God bless them this is now showing behavior to God to bless me to this is why how we handle our trials and difficulties is so important because other people are watching right when you lose somebody when you lose your job when you lose your health people are watching and I'm not saying get your act together because you need a good witness while you're hurting us what we're saying here the point is the way in which we handle the difficulties that we encounter in this life the painful seasons of life. People see that right and it can actually be them to wanting to know what it is that saw you through the circumstance whatever I would have collapsed under the weight that you're dealing with and so we've got dreams through the child later in this book it's actually referred to as Naomi's child it's referred to as they always just as own and they own he has had a child it says this in verse. Immersive and teen also this is chapter for her 17 also the neighbor when he came to give them a name saying there is a son born to Naomi and they called his name obit which means servant and this is the interesting thing through this whole challenge difficulty the child that is brought forth through this union for God's faithful provision for Boaz Boaz and Ruth coming together we're going to the whole story the powerful way to beautiful writing a love story there's virtuous people on both sides richest man a virtuous woman oh it's beautiful narrative of relationships but what happened as was a child is born forth it's a servant. Right what came out of the trial was service for God right and the actual child that came through this actual circumstance into being the lineage of the very Messiah who will save the world right so God was able to take something was painful that was challenging that was difficult he turned into something it was beautiful it was inspiring right the very comfort that God gave Ruth and Naomi is bringing comfort to people for thousands of years right the very thing Paul was talking about this book is doing for so many people for me and for other people who study this book because it really is me if God was faithful to him brought good out of their challenge that on purpose the pain they went through that maybe God can bring something good out of my circumstances well right it leads to that the genealogy of Christ the greatest of comforters in what's you know birthed through this circumstance is a servant a servant of the Lord. So when we're hurting losing faith is just like God to send his people to remind us where we came from and were whole I'm truly is I'm so thankful for this right that we have those moments where our faith falters and we're not who we thought we would be rushing to talk about that tomorrow afternoon and a message called. I heard for it was called Anyway hope. Tried to think through the sermon but the way it's all to the message but. I think it's cool I think is called If 2021. Maybe if 2020 just just handed you your int if you just had a horrible experience that God still able to work through these circumstances and find good things that maybe you found yourself not being who you wish you would be maybe your faith faltered in the midst of your challenges the good news is God can see us through that God can help us through it and bring good out of that in the comfort that we receive in those circumstances isn't just for us it can comfort other people it can even lead to their salvation you can do that for people you could be that route to somebody who's hurting right now right God may have placed a route in your life right now and appreciate in value because we all need that we're going to secrete insulin to say going to perform for 1618 so therefore we do not lose heart even though our outward man is perishing yet the inward man is being renewed day by day draw a light affliction which is but for a moment is working for us a far more exceeding any turn away the glory while we do not look at the things which are seen but the things which are not for the things which are seen her temper but the things which are not seen are eternal right and I love this point the polls making here again same book written about earlier saying for the ends this idea is what you're going through right now is temporary right there will be an end to that but there are eternal things that are achieved through these circumstances right that our affliction which is but for a moment is working out for us a far more in exceeding eternal weight of glory read God is able to take these things and grow as and I think it for us with ourselves we can look back upon some of the darkest chapters of our experience and realize you know what man I would there's a pretty gnarly seasons a life but looking back who I became through that process. Eclipses however painful the circumstance itself was right again says John 16 thing the idea that you're going to forget the pain that you went through for joy or what you received or who you became as a result of those circumstances and God knew that and a friend of mine has a testimony in this that process of their own so to be a while back and I am asking for their permission to share this because that was so relevant to what we're talking about today exercise whether other people point to or bring out he said this honestly I needed a good beating now they say stay with me I never thought I'd look back on the last few years and be thankful for them right some of us may say about 2020 I never thought I could look back actually thankful for 2020 I never thought I'd be grateful for the beating of life I've always wanted to escape pain as every human does and I think like many can't you just people I immediately equated pain or hardship in life to God's disapproval of me and there is so much truth to that that is raw but it's real right many times we go through trials in me a thought has gotten a happy with me I did something wrong and it may not be the case at all and his displeasure or as punishment for not being well perfect I guess I guess this is why I have to go through his Because I'm not perfect or something. But looking back I realized that it wasn't punishment at all it wasn't his displeasure in truly it really wasn't a hardship it was life it was life God and wife with God means yes ups and downs but it also means he takes those downed any flames them so high that the normal ups are nothing compared. And the downs now give context to the ups and you learn to thank God for both those trials help us to bring context to life I've learned it is best to not trying to escape pain but to embrace it ready to lean in to it to learn what this pain is teaching in this moment don't push it away but to put in your very heart and soul and to face it no glee in with courage into learning that in a simple world pain becomes an unwanted and yet except a companion is so instead of running away I opened my arms to the one true companion of this life pain and it kind of reminds me of an e.p. Jones in his 893 General Conference sermons he has this message where he alluded to this idea that we're going to look at the trials of our lives and refer to them as old friends because they always brought us back to Jesus right those challenges those trousers difficulties led us to Jesus are forever friends right who helped who was our Comforter who saw us through the circumstances if there are those kind of reminders are needed that can paint through life Jesus is so they say they continue to say and I embrace the pain of who I am with all the disappointments because it fuels me to become better I brace the pain of heartbreak because it leaves a void that God is eager to fill I am braced the pain of failure because it's a stepping stone to success I am braced the pain of loss because it keeps my eyes off of this earth and I embrace the pain of discipline because it enables me to give up what I want now to have what I want but most. I'm not there yet they say but I hope one day the unwanted campaign inculpated will become to me a welcome companion and even a gift the gift that was so Desa Siri to give a simple whirl when love was vanquished from our hearts I hope one day to see pain for what it really is the path to joy the past the purpose and yes even the path to truly the only Many times we don't realize how much we need him until he's all that we have we don't realize how much we need him until nothing in this world is beating that the got him and so paid has been one of those things it is that the one of the flesh that college to write about or how he please it doesn't go away but it pleases to God and God told him in that circumstance he says you know that that I will come for you in your weaknesses and able to help you through your challenges and through difficulties that my strength is made perfect in your weakness God told in that circumstance that had to go through my own story of this where I had to come face to face the fact that I have spent a large portion of my life nearly 30 years of my life running from pain right I've alluded this in other presentations I've done before my mom with a really horrible experience the guy she married after my dad be a rep really bad and I wasn't there when it happened but I saw her soon afterwards and it just filled me with fear and fruit for a good chunk of my life from that point forward I felt myself not want to do anything that seemed unsafe right I know how I don't want to be a roller coaster as I don't want to play you know super dangerous looking sports I'm not looking to go you know. You know snow more down to black diamond slope like there's a certain things that I wrestle with because of that early you know kind of foundational experience of my childhood and so that might my default response has been to avoid anything that looks painful right to try to not get near those types of circumstances but the problem is when you spend your life avoiding pain you never sit still long enough to face it in the learn the lessons your pain is going to teach you right in the learn how faithful God can be for you in the midst of the pain and so I want a lot of blessings on the table by running from the people experiences and when therapist told me one day this line it was just so so helpful for me he said the only way to deal with pain is to feel it. Now to give a disclaimer here what he's not saying is to go back and relive all the excruciating difficult you know experience as we go through life is not what we're saying here but the point is I had to go through a process of facing right I mean I I went through a difficult during a lot to going for these one prayer was every morning with I don't point 4 miles every day just kind of walking through a lot of different stuff really learning my own story to acknowledge the things that happened in my life this happened not the gory details but this happened this wasn't Ok and to let myself grief right and feel that it does understand that that was Ok it's Ok to feel that that was Ok to let myself feel in deal right and I had to go through a season of that that was pretty gnarly but God was so helpful for me to finally be able to grieve and close that chapter of my experience right because the problem is if you are running from your pain the problem is it catches up with you at the most inopportune times you find yourself in a relationship and something happens that relationship that triggers you and you turn into somebody you never thought you would be maybe even turned into the very thing that you hated the most by those people who caused you pain in your early years rightly fighter souls reliving the very because we never dealt with that we never addressed it and we never found any closure for the circumstances I had to go through that and I did I did this right under the guidance and you know kind of the structure with their piece it was helpful for me as this is something that really helped me to kind of process and work through it and I was learning to embrace pain and to listen to the story that my pain is telling me right learning the lessons I need to learn that I can move on and not run from it any further has been so helpful for me it is interesting because it says a humorous Fiverr say that Jesus though he was a son yet he learned obedience by the things which he suffered there were things that Jesus learned. About how to be a child of God through the suffering that he endured on this earth Noura lessons that we learn through our painful experiences right that's how we can find purpose and pain is through this process and this reminds me of a quote from desire Beach's a commentary on the life of Christ speak of the death of John the Baptist I believe there is not time with the death of Westerners but says to all who are reaching out to feel the guiding hand of God the moment of greatest discouragement is the time when divine help is nearest and man do I take consolation. Right that we're reaching out for the guiding hand of God those moments of greatest discouragement are actually the times when divine help is near those times when God feels the farthest from us that he has ever been under pain of our difficulties God is actually the closest that he's ever been and we're told from every temptation in every trial he will bring them forth with firmer faith and a richer experience by going through the pain not by avoiding that. In this is that they will look back with thankfulness of hope and darkest hour of their way and you think how could they even be possible how could I possibly love packable of that chapter of my life with thankfulness Well we give our pain to God let him redeem it for those purposes and let him bring comfort and healing in those areas of our lives those dark moments don't have to define as they can mold and shape us into people who can be a tremendous force for good in this world that has filled was suffering because if you seen Hell face to face right if you've looked the devil eye to eye in the painful experiences life all the hardship that he's thrown at you then you're the very type of person who would deal with somebody in their painful experiences with grace. Who would listen with the form of understanding right and with compassion because you've been there maybe not exactly where they are but you've been in circumstances of trouble difficulty that molds us into a person of compassion and understanding and also we're a person who now has a testimony to God was faithful to me in my challenges of my difficulties that I'm fully convinced my hope for you is steadfast but though you're going through the same trials I went through earlier God will comfort you just like he comforted me right those is it actually possible Could it be that those dark challenging experiences that we went through were preparing us to be missionaries in that very field that hurt us that is I interact with people who've who dealt with you know violent homes going up or abusive circumstances that my story can bring comforting consolation to them that my pain God's faithfulness and my pain can speak wife and healing in their experience that's exactly what's being said here right that God uses our dark circumstances as a goldmine of grace to help other people you don't King David and saw 35 says that when God delivered him from his the versity that he would testify of God's goodness before the assembly and I think this is one of the reasons why the righteous are permitted to suffer. Right because other people are watching you think about Daniel when he gets thrown to the lions and there's other people watching right with make a decree if you can a prayer he's not going to pray you see the circumstances they go to right whenever their lives are on the line and he chooses to go pray with his friends and testifies of the Faithful is of God when he prayed in all these powerful enters a god or Joseph ever he was blessed to be present like people in the midst of the reverse the one God sees them through that right it brings great glory to him because the character of God The Faithful is a God shone through their dark chapters to illumine the dark path with somebody else's dark chapter God can do that for us right so what the writers will bring glory to God for their trials in the victory they got affords with a look at are going to do that. So I hope that for the study we're in here that God is able to read d.m. our pain right to refashion And again the only way to deal pain is to feel it to not run for with the feel and deal to let yourself process to work through it do you have to go through the gory details or there would be a whole has thing to do but to acknowledge the fact that this happened it was Ok This hurts and though I herself to feel that the degrees that now allows us to close those chapters and move on and have God speak a wife into us and comfort us and console us and have compassion on us in our painful moments. That very comforting God gives us can be used to comfort other people in their trials and the steadfast people is a God in that circumstance is our testimony somebody else and there's your mind to the lyrics of a song. For the because the version this book from a guy named Jesus great. Things called why you brought me here but he says I know I get an answer that I can't understand if I ask that your intentions be clear speaking to God and I know your plans are greater in that greater plan why the reasons why you brought me here this story would be different if it were only mind to write there are secrets I would never volunteer but secrets lose their power when they have no place to hide maybe that's why you brought me here. Oh I see you in the ruins Yeah as a smoke starts to clear who I hope you know what you're doing because you brought me here right we can get to these scary moments we're we're God and you're working in our lives and we find ourselves falling where we believe that God is leading us and it did lead to a place of triumph but you think of Abraham in Genesis Chapter 12 God calls into a land he's never been to before and when he gets to that land there's a famine there that's painful that's challenging and you just you have this mode in God I sure hope you know what you're doing maybe God called you to school and you got to school and you realize this is way worse than I ever imagined I did great in undergrad and this place is rough how I'm going to survive this God I sure hope you know what you're doing because you lead me to live but I don't know how to survive this 1st year or whatever you're going through right Jason kind of speaks into that circumstance but this circumstance he says you know it's a mess of my own making this I want to die and know the consequences shake my heart with fear if I was happy with the way things were going I give more of a fight I guess I'm happy that you brought me here. Who all I see are the ruins Yeah as a smoke source to clear who I hope you know what you're doing because you brought me here and if it's hard to raise the white flag it's even harder to believe that surrendering is worth the sacrifice and the very things I always feared would be the death of me was a way to come alive man I've had those circumstances that the very thing I thought God please oh please don't let x. happen to me if that happens it will be a death of me and sometimes God has to bring it to those moments to realize it's not going. On and then God's glory shines brightest in those disappointments in those trials and difficulties but he closes by saying no it hurts to be this broken but it's bearable somehow as the chance to prove I'm worthy disappears I always heard you love me but I think I know it now is that the reason you brought me here I guess I'm grateful that you brought me here now again we can't say that every trial that comes into our life is something that God prescribe for our lives but certainly it is a circumstance that God had to allow for and if we're in a circumstance that we don't understand it hurts it is difficult if we don't quite understand what he's doing here's what we can't know there's a faithful God in heaven who hasn't left me alone in this moment and if God Believes in my ability to make it through the circumstances he would never allow me to be somewhere out fall on my face it completely destroy my life and that nothing good could come from it that's not going to happen. And I have to trust and believe that God's going to hold my him through this that God will be faithful to be the God will comfort me in this circumstance you know it may be scary and I'm going to face some of those things I never wanted to face though there's parts of me I never wanted to deal with that are coming out of these painful experiences if I come to Jesus and let him have this painful chapter of my wife he can bring good out of it that's what scriptures promised us in that when we get to the other side of this will forget all the great details will forget all the painful experiences approaches that point it will just be thankful for who we became will be thankful for what God taught us and what we thankful for the fact that we received him right that it was him but I was looking for a whole lot he's what I've been looking for and I take great consolation in this because I've dealt with some stuff in 2020 I don't know about you and I've had to scratch my head and just wonder God how do we deal with this. God and this is not what I expected when you lead me in this direction and I don't know what to do the good news is he knows what to do and he's willing to walk through it every step of the way with us and that he can give us comfort of those moments and the comfort he gives us isn't just for us the company God gave me through some dark chapters this last year were not just reserved for me those lessons I learned the faithfulness of God knows dark chapters is for other people's benefit and it can even be for their salvation and I hope you take consolation of that tonight because it's helped me a lot to recognize that if God allowed for me to come here that he's in the glory of it and we see that throughout Scripture and I'm so thankful that the story of Ruth and Naomi is there because it speaks into the real raw emotions that happen of those moments where is God It seems like God's against me right now but. Through the faithful this of others around us our faith can be rekindled and through God's faithfulness to us even though we're not maybe thinking the most healthy thoughts about him of that moment a good that can rekindle isn't helped us get through and I'm so thankful who I am now is not who I was January 12020 and I'm thankful for that I had no idea it would look like this but I can say that God has been good to me who I became to the course of 2020 is a man that I'm thankful for now and is a man who's better prepared for the future chapters the god writing of my story and I believe the same is the case for all of us so River 2020 wrote you. And if 2021 in your experience. God is not dead God is able to mold these things for good in God as he would repurposed even those challenging circumstances not a pretty consolation that so my appeal to you this evening is to take an earnest time this evening to pray and ask God to help you see how he was faithful to you through these dark and challenging experiences at 2020 and to recognize his faithful hands his blessings the peace that he gave the courage that he gave provision that you receive that he people around you didn't receive. And to ask him to give you clarity God hurting right now but I need to know that you're here and I need the comfort that you're willing to give and saying to be as one in 4 and 7 in the word God would you comfort me and got a pledge before I even know what that comforts going to look like I'm pledging tonight that the comfort that you give to me is not just going to be for me. God I will allow that comfort you give me to be a blessing to other people as King David said I will stand before the assembly and testify that I had a knee to God faithfully provided for me and he'll do the same thing for you got me a Jew uses his missionaries in this way would you allow us as Paul said to glory over it should be relations not to be sadists but certainly to recognize it of God and allow me to be in this circumstance and he must see that there is a lot of glory is going to come out of it in that God can even use my story of his faithfulness of my story in this dark moment to say you so to comfort other people and even brings me more comfort to see the comfort that he gave me comforting others in the cycle continues that circuit facades and we have a pretty good cover our sins maybe some of us have found ourselves bitter like Naomi that were bitter right now because of what we have to go through in her you know what I pray that you would bring that pleasantness back into our experience Lord that you speak life to us I pray that you bring us to Ruth for those of us who are struggling to speak wife into us and we're to pray for your for your for your grace and for your peace to see as through we love you we think you are to react to these things in Jesus name. 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