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If 2020 Won…

Dee Casper
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Dee Casper

Director of the CORE Evangelism Training Program



  • January 2, 2021
    4:00 PM
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God in heaven I just thank you for a chance to reflect upon some important principles and scripture I presume reflect upon this particular topic this evening that you would minister to us that was legal life in the us and that you would help us to process and work through those circumstances where we have not been who we wish that we would be and help us to see how you see us in those moments so help us so God we pray I pray that you would speak with power with conviction in with clarity and I ask it in Jesus' name amen as was mentioned this morning I work for the company conference we have a school handles and called Cor our website is core steel already evangelism starting with an easy and the rest of it goes to these core evangelism dot com that website we have a new one that's going to have a link any day now but the old website was p.t.a. conference doesn't work for Slash corps but I want to post in the avenue connect a Facebook page are 3 of those messages class ruffing for free because I think this is so important for people to know this message and I think it's going to a blessing to be so that's going to be sure there you're welcome to have that and you can share with whoever you want to google drive folder feel free to disperse that like Elisa bottom. But 2020 was a year that many of us would like to forget a global pandemic raised issues coming to the fore riots economic devastation our liberties and rights being challenged a brutal election that apparently still isn't over when those in the list goes on and many of us have had to face or by the way of the. Anyway I believe now that I don't even know how to clarify what I was saying I'm just saying that people are saying that anyway so many of us have had to face ourselves in a way that we never would have envisioned maybe we found ourselves again being aversive the worst of all that we regret in the face of all these challenges so maybe 2021 and we've lost but I hope that our study today can help us see that even if we haven't handled things the way that we would wish there is hope in the grace of Christ so that is my. My earnest desire in plea for all of us so if 2021 is our study this evening. But before we get into that I would I would encourage you to put yourself in the emotional headspace of the people that we observe in the study this afternoon and look at how Jesus dealt with them I think this is some important many times we read scripture in a very dry detached fashion these are real people with real stories going through real pain real loss real. You know mistakes they've made in life real shame and it's really important to put yourself in their shoes when you read stories in the Scripture and that you still being the person you're reading about that imagine yourself being Jesus when or actually that person whoever else it may be and it's really helpful to make scripture come alive in a better appreciate all of what took place in the ministry of life Jesus. I think we lose a blessing many times their studies Scripture because we're just reading words and looking at events without realizing again that the real people with real emotions and that Jesus is a man of deep and earnest compassion who sees this pain who addresses it a lot with the behavioral health and spiritual issues and so anyway I would encourage you to do that as we study. The 1st person to look at is the woman caught in the act of adultery go to John Chapter 8 for me looking at stories of people who Jesus interacted with whose lives were not what they would wish that they would be people who they mistakes in life and how did god view them and how could God even still use that on even though they had chapters in our lives and they were ashamed of and it is very important because again some of us may have a 2020 chapter that we wish no one ever saw or. By the way I was attending college and yesterday I made a vow last year that I was not going to do a single sermon title or any word play of a topic 2020 I'm not going to do it and by God's grace I made it and then for you know the 1st Sabbath of the year I did it for this year but I didn't last year I was proud of myself for that I just felt like it's too bandwagon me and I'm a bit of a non-conformist and some of those things. Yes There we go to John Chapter 8 beginning of verse one says but Jesus went to the Mount of Olives early in the morning he came again into the temple and all the people came to him and he sat down and taught them in the scribes and Phares he's brought to him a woman caught in adultery in with it sent her the Mits they said to him Teacher This woman was caught in adultery in the very act no what was this in the law commanders that such should be stoned What do you say they so they're already sent Jesus to not handle as well because Moses said this are you against Moses which is going to get him in trouble but he says yeah killer the problem is that the Romans had to give you permission to do something like that you think you have some trouble the Romans seemingly a no win scenario unless you're G.'s This is awesome. So then at this they said testing it that they might have something of which to excuse them but Jesus stooped down in a wrote the crowd with his finger as though he didn't hear I love how like noncombat of him was there throwing shade of Jesus trying to get him in trouble and it's as if he doesn't even hear and starts drawing on the ground writing something the ground now Moses is lost said the man and the woman should both be stoned together so they did not bring the man only the woman's of this isn't a good scenario for that either but they are going to her 7 so when they continued asking him he raised himself up and said to them he who is without sin among you went him for a stone in her 1st and again he stooped down to run the ground those who heard it being convicted by their conscience went out one by one beginning with the oldest even to the last and Jesus was left alone in the woman standing in the midst this is happening in church guys this isn't a temple. And when Jesus a raise themselves up and saw no one but the woman he said to her Woman were those excuses of yours has no one condemned you she said no one Lord and Jesus said to her neither do I condemn you go and sin no more. And it's super interesting because the way the Jesus handles this I mean 1st of all these guys are kind of clowns you know under really upset by the hypocrisy of the people involved here but Jesus doesn't shame them publicly Jesus is not a door shame and so he doesn't shave them they were convicted by their conscience not condemned by Jesus publicly he's a big difference here you have to find them by their sins but the interesting thing is as he's writing on the ground he doesn't say Fair see a liar various e x store true extortion or. Men who have Stuart's. He doesn't do that right he doesn't identify the person with this and he just writes the things those people in that crowd are storming the religious leaders it when they're convicted by their conscience they all leave but Jesus hear him doesn't really go at this lady right he realizes she was set up she is a chess piece so these religious leaders can try to get Jesus you understand the bigger picture what's going on here but it's interesting go desired a point say go to desire to just read you a quote from desire he's says that Jesus looked for a moment upon the scene the trembling victim in her shame very shaming her publicly Jesus does not shame them publicly that we would think maybe they deserve it but it says the hard faced dignitaries don't void of even human pity his spirit of stainless purity shrank from the spectacle I'm not about the fellas yet to count me out of them well he knew for what purpose this case had been brought to him. He read the heart and knew the character and life history of everyone in his presence can you imagine he looks and it's like a t.v. screen goes off and he sees this guy's real story what he really does this guy this guy and this guy he sees a white history of everyone in his presence in these would be guardians of Justice had themselves lead their victim in decision it was a center they might lay a sneer for Jesus and giving no sign that he heard the question he stooped in fixing his eyes upon the ground begin to write in the past and it's incredible I mean the stuff that it's written here in just 461462 are just absolutely lights out. But. I'll read a little bit here impatient at his delayed apparent indifference this is for 61.2 impatient his delayed apparent indifference the accusers drew nearer urging the matter upon is the tension but as their eyes following those of Jesus fell upon the pavement at his feet their countenances changed their trace before the really guilty secrets of their own lives the people looking on saw the sudden change of expression in the press forward to discover what it was. Regarding was that just honest man should a he why does religious leaders so uncomfortable What did Jesus write. It was all the professions and reverence for the law these rabbis of bringing the charge against the woman were disregarding its provisions right the husband should have taken action against her and the guilty parties were to be punished equally the action of the accusers was wholly other authorized Jesus however met them on their own ground the law specify that in punishment by stoning the witnesses in the case should be the 1st to cast a stone and then writing and fixing his eyes upon the plotting elders Jesus said He that is without sin among you let him 1st cast the stone at her and stooping down he continued writing on the ground he had not set aside the law given to Moses nor friends upon the authority of rule the accusers had been defeated and now their robe of pretended holiness torn from them they stood guilty and condemned in the presence of him for the purity here she is standing hardly close probably before him feeling ashamed a guilty but Jesus does the switch a roo Now these guys are standing somewhat negative vulnerable right by the fact that their sins are written to grab front of them those names are associated with no one knows who is tied to what but they themselves are now all in this crazy reversal of roles and. It says this. The woman stood before Jesus cowering with fears for 62 point one his words he this without sin upon us in 1st cast a stone had come to her as a death sentence she dared not literal The Saviors face but silently awaited her due in astonishment she saw heard accusers accusers depart speechless and confound those words of hope fell upon her ear Neither do I condemn the Go and sin no more her heart was melted and she cast herself at the feet of Jesus sobbing out her grateful love in with bitter tears confessing her sins this to her was the beginning of a new life a life of purity and peace devoted to the service of God in the uplifting of this fallen soul Jesus performed a greater miracle that in healing the most grievous physical disease he cured the spiritual malady which is under the death everlasting and this penitent woman became one of his most steadfast followers with still secularizing love and devotion she repaid his forgiving mercy and then she were close in this thought she says in his act of parting this woman encouraging her to live a better life the character of Jesus shines forth in the beauty of perfect right to sense while he does not pay only a sin or less of the sins of guilt he seeks not to condemn but to save. The world have for this airing woman only contempt in scorn but Jesus speaks words of comfort and hope the simplest one pities the weakness of the sinner and reaches to her help a helping hand while the hypocritical fear is he's denounced Jesus Bitzer go and sin no more it is not Christ follower that with averted eyes turned from the airing leaving them unhindered to pursue their down recourse those who are forward in accusing others in 0 is of reigning in the justice or off to the in their own lives more guilty than they right those who are unable gazing up pointing fingers at sitters are usually more guilty than the sinners they're accusing. Those who are for to using others and still some bring to justice are often in their own lives more guilty than they are many hate the sinner will get love this him but Christ hates the sim but loves the sinner this will be the spirit of all who follow him Christian love is slow distant sure quick to discern penitence ready to forgive to encouraged to set the wonder of the path of holiness in the state his feet there in his love that how Jesus dealt with the situation just amazing so he doesn't pay only the sin but he doesn't condemn the woman he greeted with acceptance and accountability not to the true Gospel should offer acceptance and accountability so the other thing I see here is that Jesus is willing to silence her accusers maybe there's voices of Shane hollering your heart in your mind for the mistakes you made maybe there's voices of condemnation hollering in your head because of who you are what you did 2020 maybe you have you know non-Christian coworkers or other people that you work with and who you are in front of them during this crisis you deeply regret right and even there get natus you're Christian but the good news is Jesus can silence their excuse or as he can take care of the circumstances the 1st person would also get Zacchaeus going to Luke Chapter 19 target a really cool song Zacchaeus not sure who's on. Really appreciate it recently Google Chapter 19 and begin your 1st one Chapter 1000 in your 1st one looking at how Jesus dealt with people who had blow up their lives for a people who had frustrating circumstances they got the best of them look 10019 people who are not who they wished it would have been births one Jesus appeared in part and has the Jericho double hole there was a man named Zacchaeus who was the chief tax collector and he was rich and he sought to see who Jesus was when he could not because of the crowd for he was a short stature you know there are people in our midst in our lives and maybe some of us who are short in stature spiritually everybody else seems to have that v.i.p. access to Jesus but I just can't get to this guy I don't feel like I'm ever going to be good enough I don't have it takes on a spiritual enough and I have a devotional life risking a struggle in life right Zack is was short of stature so he ran ahead and climbed up into a sycamore tree to see Jesus he was going to pass that way and when Jesus came to the place he looked up and saw him and sent him Zacchaeus and as he know his name. Zacchaeus make haste and come down for today if I'm a stay at your house she says he'll stay at the house this guy tax collector so it may hasten came down the receipt of joy but with a saw they all complained saying he's going to be a guest with a man who was a sinner Zacchaeus student said the lord lord look I give half of my goods to the poor and if I'm to get anything from anyone by false accusation I restore for full and Jesus said to him today salvation has come to this house because he also is a son of Abraham and I love this everything that you are him as entitled to this man can receive but the Son of Man has come to seek and just say that which was a let Jesus demons here right again being a sort of Abraham applied a right to all the blessings that God promised Abraham we lose that this morning because prayer Jesus gives affirmation in the restoration of the man's hope and the self-respect and saying Right. Now much traitor I'm a deceitful horrible person turn to my own countrymen to be a tax collector but Jesus restores this man's dignity right in space and they have the area of his self-respect and I love this how Jesus dealt with this man going to Matthew Chapter 26 would have life Judas Matthew chapter 26 universe 17 Matthew chapter 26 in verse 17 now in the 1st day of the Feast of Unleavened Bread the disciples came to Jesus saying to him we're ready you want us to prepare for you to eat the Passover and he said Go into the city to a certain man and say to him the teacher says My time is at hand I will keep the Passover it your house with my disciples so the disciples did as Jesus had directed them and they prepared the Passover It was evening and come he set down with the 12 now as they were eating he said assuredly I say to you one of you will be trading. Imagine hearing those words like we meet Jesus we would never do and they were exceedingly sorrowful verse $22.00 each of them began to say Lord is it is a high verse $23.00 he answered and said he was dipped his hand with me in the dish will betray me 24 the son of man and he goes just as it is written of him but what that man who made betrayed it would have been good for that man if he had not been born then Judas who has betrayed him answered and said Rabbi is it I he said to him You have said now if you've ever wrestled with temptation you know that there is a scary moment when you decide to give in and you know that you shouldn't right become your body kind of gets flushed you know up and out of the supreme happen to me I just heard of such things you know. Right but you just kind of have this this kind of like there's physiological reactions and so for you just know we're at your heart rate starts to increase you know that you're about to see do something you shouldn't do but it's just like Jesus to greet us with his goodness and love before we do so to seek to change our course and I just I take great consolation this reminds me a 2nd Christmas Chapter 10 I believe at 1st Corinthians 10 I always get this confused I've been doing this for 10 years and I still can't get it right 1st Corinthians Tim and verse 12 were there for a bit him who thinks he stands take heed lest you fall but no temptation is overtaken you accept such as is common to man but God is faithful who would not allow you to be tempted beyond what you are able but with the temptation will also be the way of escape that you may be able to bear it literally means to endure. There's always a way of escape we never have to get in these moments and is just like Jesus to overwhelm us with his goodness before the fall so that we won't. But even after he to us Matthew chapter $26.00 it's really interesting the way it was Jesus used to be Judas we know the Judas of being lost obviously but still the way that Jesus deals with this man is very interesting Matthew 26 versus 47 through 50 and while it was still speaking behold Judas one of the 12 who the great multitude of swords and clubs came from the chief priest and elders of the people now has betrayed and given them a sign saying whoever Ikea's he is the one who sees him even eally he will have to Jesus and said Greetings rabbi and kissed but Jesus said to him. Friends friend why have you come he's trying to help Judas understand what he's done but he musters the on selfish love to refer to this man as Fred and now we're not making a massive application here that if you've got people who are violated or harmed you in your past that you need to have a wide open door policy we're not going anywhere with this we're just looking at how Jesus dealt with people who had issues in life right people made a mess of wife made mistakes and you know caused problems and Jesus even though he's been betrayed by Judas and to desist Pern is like completely over to the forces of darkness Jesus is disposition toward him still is one of love and it's amazing to me he said this friend why have you come and then they came and laid hands on Jesus into. The look of the thief across the chapter $23.00 we're going to how Jesus has a love affair with the guilty. Luke Chapter 23. Beginning of verse 32 Jesus dealt with people whose lives were not. Not the best in we're not saying signed up for a life of sin Jesus love you anyway I've never said that never would say that please don't imply that I'm saying that the point is many of us over the course of last year have found ourselves in circumstances that we realize Man I don't know I wouldn't do that that I was capable of that like is God of the Ok with me is God want anything to do with me doing what I did even though we love Jesus we want to serve Him we just got the best of us now have we lost faith mean we stop craving we stop communing with God stop going to church when you have to stop going to church but now that gives an excuse not even trying to do spiritual things anymore because there's no peer pressure to show the church we're in the right clothes now he has completely go it all and how does God work with us in these circumstances has got to see people who go through these dark chapters in their experiences are still hope for us right Judas is unique so it's situation here where he made his final decision but you know Jesus spoke to this man as someone who causes tremendous problem was just amazing to me through Chapter 23 beginning of verse 32. Then there were also 2 others criminals led with Jesus to be put to death and when it came to the place called Calvary there they crucified him and the criminals one of the right hand and the other on the left then Jesus said Father forgive them for they do not know what they do. People who are crucifying Jesus Jesus in response to the father's look they don't know what they're doing they have no idea what's about to happen and how significant this event is Father forgive them read his disposition to be thinking about other people he has every right to think about himself in this moment is beyond me and he doesn't stop there and if they divided his garments think cast lots verse 35 and the people stood looking on but even the rulers with them sneered saying He saved others whether to save himself if he is the Christ the chosen of God The soldiers also bought to becoming an offer him Sauerwein to say if you are the king of the Jews save yourself. He says because he is the Messiah that he's not going to come from that cross it says. 38 and it inscription was also written over him and there is a Greek Latin in Hebrew This is the king of the Jews the one of the criminals who are saying to blaspheme sinning if you are the Christ save yourself in the us but the other answering rebuked him saying Do you not even fear God So you're under the same condemnation and we indeed justly for we receive the due reward of our deeds but this man has done nothing wrong and then he said to Jesus Lord remember me when you come into your kingdom and Jesus said to him assuredly I say to you today you will be with me in paradise when I come again of those clouds you will be with me. Jesus clearly meets this man where he is this going to doesn't know why but what he does know is that Jesus is the Christ and he's the answer to a spiritual poverty and Jesus says that's an f. at the guy's being crucified you can't give him 25 bible studies in clear him for baptism is a very small window to work with in Jesus meets this guy where he is right he acknowledges the spiritual poverty his need of Jesus in Jesus meets that guy that very secret space any affirms that that's enough and he promises him acceptance in eternity Jesus doesn't judge him for 6 verse 37 the all the father gives me will come to me and the one who comes to me I will by no means cast out and I will love this right and l. I have to read a letter to somebody who was deeply discouraging their faith in one and they even be accepted by God because the mistakes that they have made which he says the message from God to me for you is him that come of them to me I will in no wise to cast out if you have nothing else to plead before God But this one promise from your Lord and Savior you have the assurance that you will never never be turned away it may seem that you're hanging upon a single promise but appropriate that one promise in it will open to you the whole treasure house of the riches of the grace of Christ cling to that promise and you are safe him that come of it to me I will in no wise cast out present this assurance to Jesus and you are as safe as though inside of the City of God. Maybe you feel you have nothing to offer Jesus today 2020 was a dumpster fire I made so many mistakes I made so many decisions I wish I had made and I just wonder does God want anything to do with me now right I've been snapping at my kids or why I provide family right up to the dog whatever right of just lost it at work like the stress of what's going on in the road right now has absolutely gotten the best of me or told if you have nothing to offer Jesus but this one promise that he who comes in to me I will know why is cast out that's enough that's enough which tells me that God is for us and not against us right God is losing for every reasonable reason to bring us into the kingdom not to keep us out Jesus prayed very fervently in John Chapter 17 father I desire that they might be with me where I am Jesus earnestly desires to see us of heaven if we come to Jesus if we own our spiritual poverty and confessed I am nothing without you I've been a mess of my life Jesus forgive my sins and set me free in that moment you were forgiven in that moment you were a safe is the inside of the City of God and I take great great consolation in this but I want to look at another individual today that I think is probably the most compelling and the most comprehensive on how Jesus dealt with him before during and after his fall when this what it Peter is John chip in 13 versus 36 and 38 this to Peter before he falls some Peter said Him Lord where you go in and Jesus answered him where I'm going you cannot follow me now but you shall follow me afterward. Peter said to him Lord why can I not follow you down all laid all my life for your sake Jesus answered him will you lay down your life for me and most assuredly I say to you the rooster shall not crow too you have denied me 3 times there's no other place where Jesus says Peter Satan as you know want to sift you as. As he says as we sifted but I've prayed for you your face should feel you not when you're converted I want you to strengthen your brother right Jesus is trying to warn Peter you're a very dangerous ground right now and he was just sure that what Peter said was sincere but it was sincerely wrong he was not cruel it was not correct he wasn't going to do this right he didn't fall right only don't your wife I will lay down my life or say he didn't he ran for his life and that's before he falls but here's the amazing thing even mediately act as I did not see this for the longest time staying with the for of the Boston area and he was sharing with me that the very next words because it's really easy for us as Westerners especially when we read books especially the Bible that we read a new chapter and you know that you know if you're Chapter 13 you go to Chapter 14 like it's a change of scenery a change of thought a change of idea but there were 2 chapters of verse of occasion when the Bible was written those weren't in there originally they were added later and helpful reference to it but not inspired or they were they weren't you know given their whatever their 1st written in so when Peter tells Jesus will you lay down your life for my sake most assuredly I say to you the rooster Shem not cruel to you to 93 times the very next words out of the mouth of Jesus are let not judge her be troubled Peter. You believe in God believe also would be in my Father's house are many mansions its rooms and you originally but the point is there's room for you Peter and I'm going to prepare a place for you I don't what you're about to do but I also know the trajectory of your heart that this isn't the end of your story right Jesus isn't Paley eating the sin the Peter is about to commit he knows that Peter's going to turn around this is going to be the thing that breaks Peter and gives him a full surrender to Jesus and Jesus tells him I'm going to prepare a place for you if I go to perve place for you I will come again and receive you to my still that where I am there you may be also even meet Lee following this exposing of Peter's future fall Jesus encourages him I'm still to come back here I'm still coming back because I know this isn't the end of your story I know what you're going to do and before you do it I want you to know that I love you and that after my sufferings or resurrection I still had every intention of coming back for you you know the amazing. Peter as he falls then after about an hour or a past another company a firm saying Surely this fellow was also with them for he's a galleon But Peter said man I do know though what you were saying and the media while he was still speaking the rooster crow. Jesus in that very moment turns and looks across the courtyard and he stares at Peter then Peter remembered the word of the Lord how he said to him before the rooster crows you will deny me 3 times and Peter would know and wept bitter. Listen this is art it is while the degrading ost were fresh upon Peter's lips and the shrill crowing of the cock was still ringing in as ears the savior turn from the frowning judges and looked full of promise poor disciple at the same time Peter's eyes were drawn to his master and in that gentle countenance he read deep pity and sorrow but there was no way here it would to God that I saw that when I see. It happen it just as much for me in that moment as it was for Peter in this moment but I can't see it but can you just imagine Peter has done the very unthinkable thing he swore he would never do and in that moment when Jesus bust and season in that moment there was the hook of anger there's no looking but pity it's. Just amazing in the sight of that pale suffering face those quivering lips that look of compassion in forgiveness pierced his heart like an arrow the goodness of God led him to repentance the Savior is tender mercy is kindness and long suffering his gentleness and patience to his errand disciples all was remembered he called a caution sign to behold Satan have to Zire to have you even if he was weak but I have prayed for it be that I faith. Jesus has created for us to Sig's long to sift you aren't we and he's praying for us too that our faith would fail and. He reflected with horror upon his own ingratitude his false hood his perjury once more he looked at his master and saw sac religious hand raised to smite him in the face an able longer to endure the scene he rushed heartbroken from the whole. Peter runs from Jesus it is great this time of need and trial even after you encounter his compact action in forgiving face in the midst of his fall you've been there God shows you undeserved grace and it freaks you out get away from me don't touch me don't forgive me I'm dirty I don't deserve your forget. I've been there right when shame is so loud that voice of condemnation is so loud that we just cut ourselves off from it from the grace of God He's showing us grazes we don't want it you cannot give it to me no way Peter did. But eventually he rose to the guard against somebody were Jesus had wrestled alone without Peter help in the weeps and we use him. Well what happens after his fall go to John Chapter 21 so that we see hundreds is dealt Peter before he falls we see how Jesus deals with Peter as he's following Now go ahead Jesus deals with Peter after he falls John Chapter 21 verse 15 so when he wrote this Jesus said to Simon Peter Simon son Jonah do you love me more than me is the word Jesus uses here is the word of copy right do you love me with a perfect unselfish other centered love Peter said they have yes Lord you know that I love you here you are he uses here is for Layo I have human love for you Jesus it's the best I can give That's all I got I don't have a giraffe but I have this Jesus said to him feed my lives he said to him a 2nd time Simon sort of Jonah do you have got a me. He said to him Yes Lord you know that I follow you and he said to him to my sheep again Peter's confessing his nothingness reminds me of a quote from the faith I live by I want to leaven what is justification by faith it is the work of God in the glory of been in the dust and doing for man that which it is not in his power to do for himself and when minced see their nothingness they are prepared to be clothed with the righteousness of Christ now be ready he wasn't ready before all these other losers going to leave in Jesus but I won't Peter didn't see is nothing he does now all I have is fillet over you Jesus is the best I can give she's does this to my sheep verse 17 he said in the 3rd time Simon son of Jonah do you feel a oh me Jesus meet somewhere he is Peter was greeted because he said to the 3rd time do you love me he said have war you know all things you know that I have believe you Jesus said to him feed my sheep Most assuredly I say to you when you were younger you gird in yourself and what were you wished but when you are old you will stretch out your hands in another wonder if you would carry Were you do not wish this he spoke signifying by what death he would glorify God and wait spoke in this he said to him Follow me do you love me Peter now though is it your asking Jesus will give you what I do have in Jesus as all will take that and you mazing thing to me is Jesus tells him look this is this is was the cost of peak and this can be difficult can be painful. Then he invites them to follow him he doesn't cut it off after he fell he invites some to be a coal a Ber in advancing the king he leads Peter to repentance and reconciliation he gives him a work to do and he tells of the cost that comes with that call and lastly he still invites him to follow me guys Peter blew it big time he wasn't who he wished that he would be but it doesn't have to be the end again if 2021 and you are not who you wish you would be even a lot of mistakes your time of God's plan plummeted you know you just left the things of God you're struggling spiritually or floundering you're falling back into bad habits you're just not in a good place Jesus and I'm with you and he's inviting you to come back and he's leaving us with his undeserved grace that merited favor right leading us to repentance and reconciliation and there's still a work for you to do reminded of Alija we cover this I was here for restoration in a message called What If I fail in the light of bailed when God needed in the most because things didn't go the way that often it's your God given he chased the guy down helped him to see the real issues in his in the back it's a Look I salute you I'm not I didn't sit you here right and I'm not giving up on you because you are here go back I still need you in my service and guises make it seem appeal to you today God still beats you God still has a plan for you but you've got to come back come back and let him do that work in truth for you that you cannot do yourself but guys the only reason why Jesus would bear this long with people in love them in spite of who they have been him is because he sees something of value in them they don't even see him. This is the faith in Jesus reminds me of Revelation chapter 3 verse 20 where it says Behold I stand at the door and walk in the turn of you there. Relations Kemper 3. Verse 20. Says it will hold I stand at the door and in and if anyone hears my voice and opens a door there's no pre-requisites if you just open that door he responded by pleading to your heart let me hear him I will come in the dim and die move him in he with me would a precious privilege but there's a context for this because the person he's speaking to here in Revelation chapter 3 verse 20 early in Revelation Chapter 3 he told him that your religious experience makes me want to vomit because you know on fire get a hot charcoal either you're this tepid lukewarm Middleborough and it makes me want to vomit and he says I don't know your work so you're neither cold or hot I could wish that you were cold or hot so the because you're a luke warm this is a revelation 3 percent now and either cold or hot I will vomit you my mouth but because you say I'm rich and become wealthy and have need of nothing but you do not know that you are a wretched miserable poor boy. Or you don't understand your true spiritual condition you don't see your nothingness you're not prepared to clothe the right is the Christ the white girl he's about to offer right he says I can't you to buy me gold tried the fire glaciers That's a faith that works by love he offers the white Raymond's his righteousness and then he offers them I set the servant to recognize your true condition right Jesus points out where we are that we're not ready to be but that he offers a solution in himself in that that last was the hardest at spiritual discernment to recognise our true nothingness but again Jesus is knocking of the door of the heart of somebody whose relationship with him isn't that great he sees something of value in them even though they are not who they need to be. That's the faith of Jesus guys he sees something in you that you don't even see in yourself and he treats you as if that's who you really were in this is what awakens a desire in your heart to live a life to honor such a thing. And I love this is from Egypt Wagner the book the everlasting covenant He says God chooses men not for what they are but for what he can be if them and there is no limit to what he could make of even the meanest and most of craved if they are only willing and believe His Word as God doesn't choose you because you have it all together he chooses you for what he could mean he gave you if you can. It will you be willing it will you believe what His word sin is about you and he's not asking you have feelings 1st and then take action where to take action before we feel anything right to act a poet the Word of God says that's what we're told to do and we're told this is our ages page 2 or 3 regarding the man who is in the pool Bethesda right with Jesus tells him to rise take his man and walk there is no physical infrastructure to rise take a walk he has to choose to act upon what God's word has told him in spite of what he feels in spite of what he sees you know what I mean it's a practical application to our life to this she says through the same fate we may have spiritual when we receive spiritual healing by sin we have severed we have been severed from the life of God Our souls are palsy of our cells we are no more capable of living all holy life it was that it man capable of walking and there are many who realize their helplessness and who long for that spiritual wipe which will bring them into harmony with God but their vainly striving to obtain it in despair they cry over and that I am who shall deliver me from this body. Let these desponding when once. The Savior is bending over the purchase of his blood saying with expressible tenderness and pity wilt thou hope he did your rising health and peace you were told to not wait to feel that you were made whole right this guy was waiting for some holy mojo feeling in his legs he never would have walked again he had to choose to believe what God said when he felt nothing believe His word and it will be fulfilled put your will of the side of Christ your power of choice will to serve him and acting upon his word and you will receive strength whatever may be the evil practice the master passion which their long indulgence binds boasts soul and body Christ is able and longs to deliver right you may feel it your whole life has been a disaster or maybe just the last series of months has been a disaster and you have no potential to bear fruit right I got knocked down on the mat 2020 and I can't get up I've tried and it's not working I relapse in a falling to bad habits a given right I'm even desire for spiritual things anymore it's difficult for me to even commune with God Read the Bible or pray I'm just so overwhelmed by what's going on in wife and I can't change at this stage I'm so messed up you know there's no hope if you you don't think it's worth wasting any more of his time right I've been sitting here year after year after year and I'm no good you know he says Give me one more year the parable of tree Luke Chapter 13 where people say look it's work it's not worth the time just did this thing up to get rid of it says no. Give me another year let me pour myself into this thing let me give it everything it needs for Dursban strength courage to be one more year what better time to make that tired the choice that right now guys maybe 2020 was the worst experience of your who I was asking you give me one more year. Don't give up hope we talked about this last night and again this morning don't give up hope we can't and this is not the time to let go of Jesus Paul said a signal that we have a great high priest pastor the hymns Jesus the Son of God Well let us hold fast our confession let go of Jesus cling to Jesus in this moment for we do not have a high priest who cannot sympathize with us but was no points to him to his we are yet without sin so let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace that would be a mercy if I grace to help us in our time of the right don't give up he's not giving up on you don't give a point here given a year right learn a lesson from what happened 2020 and give God a chance listen this is from the book testimonies and sexual behavior adultery divorce there's books mazing really good stuff from there we need good heart religion that we shall not only reproved rebuke exhort but also have long suffering in doctrine but we shall take that in our arms of faith and bear them to the cross of Christ treating people who are struggling in stumbling with gentleness with tenderness we must break in contact with the sin porting Savior I am more pain than I can express to see so little aptitude and skill to save souls that are ensnared by Satan I see such a cold there is ease of holding off an arm's length the one who's been deluded by the average serious souls and then I think. What if Jesus treated us this way what is Jesus treated us the way that we've treated others with this whole this hearted cold indifference she says is this spirit to grow a business if so by brethren must excuse me I cannot labor with them I will not be a party to this kind of labor she says. I think this is amazing right and yet so many times we see people with problems and we immediately cast them off and because we see other Christians treat people that way we may not open up to the Christians because what if they treat me the way they treated that person right my church was way too hard their guy when he met stepsister we can't tell by turns up story because we're going to meet one of Jesus' treasons this way this is not the Spirit this is that we've got a church it's not Jesus doesn't deal with us in the ways that we deserve we need to come face to face with there but I want to make it clear right 1st John Chapter 2 verse one John speaking to his beloved church he says my beloved my little children these things I write to you so that you don't sin I don't want you to set up a telling you go sin we want Jesus' love to forgive you anyway like that would be total nonsense I never said there would never say it right I wish you didn't sin but here's the good news guys if anyone sins we have an Advocate with the Father or Jesus Christ the righteous there is hope in Jesus we said this is morning there's hope that Jesus right I don't want you to stumble of a cent I want you to backslide or fall the old habits because the 2020 has been so gnarly but that's not what I'm asking if you're not saying that's Ok that the point is that if we sin we have an Advocate with the Father Jesus Christ the righteous 1st one die says that if we confess our sins He is faithful he's not going to let us down and these just in doing so to forgive us our sins in the clips us from all unrighteousness in the originally which actually reads to separate us from our sins and the Clintons from all right as this was and this is from the book review here on Earth and periodical reviewed here made 121896 this is a guy who might have. If one who daily commutes with God ears from the calf if he turns a moment from looking steadfastly into Jesus it is not because he sins willfully for when he sees his mistake he turns again and fasces eyes upon Jesus and the fact that he has erred does not make him less dear to the heart of God There are some people who need to hear that right now I want to read it again if one who daily commutes with God People who love Jesus but still not go along the way errors for the pap if he turns for a moment from looking steadfastly under Jesus it's not because he sins willfully he forgot who he was he got overwhelmed by what he was dealing with for when he sees his mistake he turns it in any facet as I guess a part of Jesus and the fact that he has air does not make him less dear to the hearts of God He does that he has communion with the savior it would recruit for his mistake it's a matter of judgment he does not walk stolidly in complained of God but turns the mistake into a victory he learns a lesson from the words of the master and take heed that he not again be deceived and I love this so much that true Christians people who don't Jesus stumble on the way they're not going to do what a loser they are for the mistake they made the God hates my guts the realize there must be a reason why film this I don't want to do that again right it was just a stumble on the way this is the whole still really holy to God is just part of Christian growth and when it happens you can learn lessons from this and you can turn that mistake into a victory she says another place that our weakest points can become our strongest points by the grace of God and I love this so much so in short those L's are losses their lessons guys 2020 wasn't filled with losses it was filled with lessons if you allow them to be. 2020 doesn't have to. Write this message is a title if 2021 it doesn't have to win or write anything that you struggled with it messed up with the mistakes that you've made along the way they don't have to defy you they can make you a better Christian and a stronger Christian by learning of the witnesses and your character the legend and make those mistakes in the 1st place right there nothing els or not losses there Wes and if you allow them to be 2020 doesn't have to win was the bits minute who got favored and who had trusted great responsibilities were sometimes overcome by temptation and they committed since even as we the present day strive waver and frequently fall into error but it is encouraging to desponding hearts to know that through God's grace they could gain fresh vigor to again rise above their evil natures and remembering this we are ready to review the conflict with our selves right this would be my challenge just today going into 2021 of them just because this New Year. To begin redoing that conflict with yourself with your flash right ask yourself the hard questions Who am I really what are the things I have my affections are pulling me away from God what happened this last year they got be derailed from my relationship with Jesus and how can I keep that from happening again by Encourage with us today is 1st of all God's not done with you no matter what losses you have for 2020 and 2 you can turn those losses in the lessons by God's grace and those weak points of your character can become the strongest points of your character by the grace of God But when you take that pledge today this year is going to be different I had no idea what would be coming as we read this morning very controversy it's through seasons like we had to deal with this last year that are preparing us for the much larger crisis that's to come. So what lessons can we learn through this process to ensure we don't be deceived mistake him and then we can cling to Jesus and plead with him become Bolinas presence resolutely get by grace to help us in our time of need in say God I am not going back to that ways by God's grace I recognize my Nothingness my inability to overcome the situation but you can if you came in human flesh and overcame all my behalf that you could set me free and help me in this circumstance just as I don't do that that's why you came and make a pledge to Jesus today I want 2021 to be different I don't want 2020 to be an l. as a loss I want to be in l. as a West and I want this year to be far better by going to Grace I want to be more it in tune with your sphere more intentional and focusing on others and not my own problems right be honest with yourself about what's going on deal with them plug in the community get help but don't just focus and while it was happening to you right as we covered last night let God console and comfort you in those dark seasons and take the comfort that God gives you any give that to somebody else who strobing the same ways right be more intentional in reaching out to others during the season discouragement isn't it just you know going off to yourselves by white terms applies a toilet paper in Iran or something right looking outward in the business did difficult trials and I believe by God's grace this year can be far better than last year even if the external circumstances don't change because we're no better prepared to handle future difficulties because of the lessons we learned from the previous year it with me guys 2020 did with. It was can be lessons that are going to power us to succeed in 2021 no matter what the externals are let's pray God thank you for speaking to us for helping us to see that there's a lot of people that you love a lot of the loop in Scripture the stakes in their lives but they recognize those mistakes they came to Jesus they sought forgiveness reconciliation in those animals were not lost as they were lessons and they better set them up for the trials were to come Lord 2020 has been a training ground for the future crisis in Fallout to be and I pray that you would help us to see that it would help us to grow and learn from it 2020 did not win it by God's grace it made us better people for the crisis to come so Lord forgive our sins cover them with the blood of Jesus we need the outpouring of your Holy Spirit now more than ever oh God give us an insatiable desire to commune with you to be faithful to you to be about our father's business and sharing his beautiful message with the world you know what I pray that you will help us to better understand why we are 7 they have insists what we believe what we believe and had an intelligently it tactfully share this presses message precious message with the world and this 3 messages class can start to help people that direction and more use it used to be a blessing to power your people. We want to be ready when you come and we want the world to be ready. To hear my soon. We asked that snow in Jesus. This media was brought to you by audio force a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio force or if you would like to listen to more sermon this plea to visit w w w audio verse or.


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