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Lessons From 2020

Don Mackintosh
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Don Mackintosh

Chaplain/Pastor - Weimar Institute

Director - Newstart Global/the HEALTH Program (Health, Evangelism, & Leadership Training)


  • December 30, 2020
    7:00 PM
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Pradhan heaven on this last midweek service of 2020 was this as we spend a few moments contemplating lessons we've learned from 2020 and looking forward setting goals now for the next year should you grant that to us in Christ name we pray in so I thought tonight we just talked maybe a little formally about maybe some lessons that you have learned maybe from this year and I don't know if you have your message abilities on You Tube But if you do. You might message in some of your lessons that you learn and. You can be in the mix as well tonight or if you know my personal cell phone which you probably know you can text me. The lessons that you've learned here and. Maybe I will see them as well and will attempt to bring them in so here are some lessons that I learned from 2020 and these are in no particular order. But. And they and so I haven't really put a lot of thought to chronologically put into more of a some of the lessons difficult times reveal the hearts of men as I've been through in 2020 difficult times reveal the hearts of men and it shows you really what may be their agenda is have you found that to be true and. In some ways this is been a most beautiful thing in the hearts of people being revealed I had a lot of people that were very loving and kind of me this last year in 2020 during very difficult times and I thought our hearts. Of men in a way that made me realize wow God is working through His people through believers and was a really beautiful thing also. I've seen I hate to say it I've seen the hearts of men are revealed in most despicable way. As well out of friends it's called me earlier this afternoon and said I'm being taken to a church discipline meeting tonight and so what did you do this must be interesting a coven 1000 discipline meeting is a bi zoom. And they said yes by whom and why I being taken to to be disciplined because I had people meeting for worship services and they didn't think that was right at my church and so they're going to discipline me and they may take away my membership because they thought what I was doing was wrong because I'm meeting with people to worship and they don't think that's right now to me I think desk at a despicable to be honest really if you're a church member are you really going to go after someone else for trying to meet and share God's Word I mean they were attempting they told me to socially distance to do all the things to take care of the public health needs but we've seen that a lot I've heard a lot about people turning others in come for practicing their fake so difficult times reveal the hearts of man how many of you've seen it I'm going to attention to your own personal health and wellness is something that is good to maintain. That if we learned anything this last year I mean little I learned was that is so true it's hard to play catch up you can't go from being obese to being not obese in one day unless you have the idea of amputation and that doesn't really help. You need to be watching your physical health all the time and deal with your health issues now how many of you learned that 2020 you can get your vitamin d. level up by over dazing on $64.00 be dethroned fills I would not recommend then it's best to be out there in the sun side it's out be out there exercising be out there and be taking some supplemental d 3 if you need it but you can't do that all once maintain your health. Yes or no so this is a lesson anybody if anyone texted I'm happy to hear some of the lessons besides my own number 3. Again no particular order and that's a very nice beverage my wife me by the way Number 3. Freedoms can't and by the way Ferd speaking about people that reveal the hearts of men my wife took care of me was very sick this year and showed love and to me and revealed that heart of commitment number 3 freedoms can rapidly be Chalons analyzed how do you think that's a lesson we learned in 2001. I don't know that we well on the we lost freedoms but they were challenged I would say that and they can easily be lost under a time of crisis and when you put people in charge of your freedoms that were not elected to be in charge of your freedoms. This becomes quite risky. People that are not accountable to the voters you might say. So they can be rapidly challenge and lost and I remember the last time I was in front of the National Archives or the or the Supreme Court I can't remember where this is maybe the Supreme Court in Washington d.c. there's a statement emblazoned that some suggest is from Thomas Jefferson but of the suggest they don't know where it came from but it's it turning vigilance is the price of liberty turning business as the price of any believe that's true is that a lesson that we learned in 2020 I think that's a lesson we may have learned in 2001. You know with public health concerns many times those public health concerns this year have been put in apas ison or intense and in our minds with with freedom of religion freedom of expression of religion freedom of assembly and those things have come. To be seen in conflict by many this year and they've had to choose which one is more important and there had been varying opinions on that but we need to be vigilant I just. Got a phone call from someone in the state this morning that have been listening to some of the religious liberty sermons. That we had at the church this past year and I actually got about flat 5 calls this week from different people in different parts of the country and some in Canada that were talking to me Well this is what you said and this is what's happening here what do you think about what I'm doing or what should I do. I got a call from a state where they're tying taking vaccinations are not taking vaccinations to religious exemption should you or should you not be able to have a religious observe exemption. From taking a vaccine if it's mandated now we're not going to take a vote here tonight because we basically have nobody here but. So would be very telling sample with you know far less than 10 people here but this is the debate and I want to read you the text this guy would you like to read me to read you the text. That. Man was sent to me here it is this person went to the. Legislature in his state and. This is what he said they had testimony all night and the testimony was concerning. The opposition to taking away religious exemption. Given in opposition to House bill 5044 in Connecticut as delivered to the public health committee of the kinetic Connecticut state legislature My name is I will mention his name tonight I'm a member of. The resident of Coventry I'm a pastor of the 7th they have a search to congregations I have a Masters of Divinity degree and I have it from Andrews University in a Dr of ministry from Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary I have passed it for 25 years the 7th they have been in service as a very strong record of public engagement to promote promote total health industry that practice in the blessings of the Almighty that our work has been able to span the globe. In addition the official statement of the 7 damaged church values the role of vaccinations the role that vaccinations can Ham However that same statement also leaves room for individual freedom of conscience that being said I must oppose House bill 5044 for the following reason 7th Day Adventists not only value personal and public health but also the health of our religious liberty I speak on behalf of religious minorities someone they have a mess of had an experience of religious persecution specifically for worse a pinata day different than others h.p. 5044 is a law that has a specific goal of making vaccinations mandatory for students in Connecticut in both public and private schools without the benefit of religious exemption this is unacceptable for the Pacific reason the violates the free exercise clause of the 1st Amendment of the United States Constitution not to mention the Connecticut state constitution of our 3 branches of government it's a legislature that has given us a specific role to create laws yes the 1st a member of the Constitution States Congress that is the legislative branch So make no law establishing a religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof you are a part of the a legislative branch of the state of Connecticut are you prepared for the years of litigation you will in when you will initiate with your actions in this section this session Proverbs 246 states in a multitude of councils their safety I commend you for following that counsel by allowing this to share our concerns but in hearing the testimony given throughout today I can only conclude that there is a great controversy brewing in this very room the heart of that kind of verses freedom of choice I will leave you to rest some of this question why remove the minorities rights while making a law mandating for all and light of such a great kind of Recy Please vote no on 8 b. 5044. So his debate was not about vaccines are they good or bad they don't get sucked into that you're going to get there's going to be people going around and around forever but the idea is can my religious beliefs inform my desire. Desires concerning what's going to be put into my body or not put into my body right and that's a different issue than whether or not a vaccine is good or bad. And specifically targeting groups that use religious rationale is kind of letting the camel's nose under the tent when she say so. You know personally I'm pro-vaccine for myself I'm and I've taken many vaccines I'm not going to try and convince anybody else of that I'm let them have their freedom of choice they will be confronted with the coronavirus one way or another. Either without vaccines or being vaccinated by the virus itself and they have to make that choice. And it's their religion wants to help inform them of that how many think they should be allowed to let the result religion inform them of that. As they make that choice so these are things that are going on in terms of 2020 All right. Other goals or less than. That number 4 Not everything is essential I mean you learned that in 2020 there are essential things and there are things that are not essential Now also we might say that is things that are called Essential are not necessarily essential and things that are called non-essential are not necessarily not essential I have you learned that lesson this layer I mean even now it's interesting that every Sunday and every Monday there's football. And there's big teams in there playing they don't have as many in the stadiums but they've got at least 44 people on the field that don't have massed on have helmets and they're not socially distancing how many ever seen a football game where they socially distanced. If you stay 6 feet off the line is that there will really make my job easier the running back anyway so social socially distinct did not happen on the field and yet it's time to even see how many minutes are they together on the field playfields are there longer then 15 minutes which is the time for a virus transmission they're there for 3 hours and 10 minutes so we have these things that are allowed to be seen as essential. I mean if you question Is football essential might be for the football player because that's how he makes his money I mean nothing against that but I do think they probably have some deeper pockets to maybe help them over that bridge time but we have this whole idea of what is essential what is not essential and I've every thing is essential not everything is called Essential is really essential or what's called non-essential is not non-essential princes worshipping God. With one another if Perkasa are to are kept number 5 people are really much more interested in what God has to say then it might appear now that we this was a great thing that came out in 2020 they're much more interested in might appear like it and I talked about this last week you have had a 1000000000 more people searching one a Bible app and who knows how many people going directly to their Bible and they in the time of crisis are actually looking to God and saying we need help and we're not getting it from anywhere else to God and we've seen that this year and so they've actually telegraphed the idea that got a sense of let me put another one with this. Now there were number 9 this is number 9 on my list but I'm now moving it up to number 6 with some of this this is I mean I started to review some of these papers and get through them all but there's a lot of research that was connected to spirituality as something essential during pandemic time that it's been published in various scientific and medical journals one of them said this spiritual care is a core skill needed in health care professionals it should be implemented in all medical curricula physicians should possess of this in pastoral skills of which they have very limited to none that I think that that is very interesting this is a secular Journal The closer you are to death said the journal the more you come the closer you come to spirituality. And this was a from a Catholic country the priest worked tirelessly and without personal protective equipment to give spiritual assistance to suffering people to our patients as well as to us as we face death this has especially been seen in not only their care but willingness to die to give up their own personal equipment so others could have it so they could be with those that were dying leading to their own death and to see all these people die because they simply wanted to be someone else when the was someone else when they were dying deeply impacted us and it has led many of us to convert to Christianity I mean that's a powerful statement right there they came in and said look I don't need to leave the hospital I'll stay here till I die with the patients that's mill you might say that idiocy but you might say that sounds pretty Christian. Sounds pretty Christian lessons from 2020. People do not really believe evolutions or sciences mantra of evolution that's another lesson we learned oh they say boldly when there is no death serve ival of the fittest but as soon as there was a wisp of pandemic death everyone was concerned about the lives of everybody survival of the fittest they were out there saying let me remind you of what we put in all the textbooks concerning survival of the fittest Did you see that look like we said survival of the fittest we just want to go on c.n.n. we want to go on Fox and we wanted to say we were right nobody said it nobody said that nobody even talked about that for them so that there's much more interest in got and much less interest in these notions such as survival of the fittest and that's what I might say is and we saw this and if you want to review it just go through all the sermons that we preached on Matthew $24.00 the coming of Christ is soon and we believe that coming of Christ The Soon we went through that this last year we went through verse by verse and almost seemed as as we went through one verse the next verse happened in society the next week a lot of listeners of down did challenging of various commandments of God from all these different things and so the signs mentioned by Matthew 24 are really kind of present truth once again and the coming of truth is coming to a crisis and number 8 lives with gratitude for the blessings that you have right now are you grateful for your life I mean you're grateful for your life bask in grad I am eager thankful for food finances some of you have still have jobs some people don't have jobs some people don't have food some people don't have life. Some people have lost those that were close to them be grateful to your family be grateful for your friends and be grateful for face as well so live in gratitude isn't this a lesson that we learned in 2020 grateful this not stress and anxiety how many of you had at any time this year stress and anxiety where you kind of were totally so freaked out that you were depressing your immune system so much for that matter how much you took of any natural remedy you're doing yourself in because you're so stressed out instead of stress replacing that with what caution but a large dose of gratitude number 10 our hope should not be placed in transitory resources new treatments ventilators vaccines politicians that's our trusted b. these are transitory methods I don't care if you've got a vaccine that had 150 percent efficacy. I mean if it transcended 100 percent doesn't matter it might limit the immediate threat but the reality is that death will still have its day and still have its way so that place your trust in vaccines our politicians and the central get one I must say I have value but don't put your trust in them God alone holds the only path through fear and to the future of forever death how would you learn that 2001 a new way to not trust in transitory things. Number 11 you know and by the way a microscopic virus has within a matter of weeks and months. Brought the entire world with all of its economy and all of its gadgets and all of its physical out of Texas and all of its technology to its name that is nothing you could find anywhere in all of that mass of wealth the materialism that protected. From that tiny microscopic virus everything it's been brought to its knees so don't trust in things you can build things you can by. Trusting God We learn that lesson number 11 prayer is important have you learned the importance of prayer prayer is important prayer is important to me families on board number 1213 treasure the moments you have with those you love no matter what age they are document the moments treasure the moments because they may be the last you have and I learned that personally this year as well Number 14 Jesus birth life death and resurrection overcome sin debt and the devil actually what we've learned this year is that he is our only hope no other hope but Christ I mean I learned this year and woman alone number 15 my last one of my list. Is the love nothing can separate us from the love of Christ Romans 8 tells us separate have our choice but if we choose nothing can take us out of his hand nothing I think that is a very good news which means we probably need to more understand more about the love of Christ because it's the great connector is a myth. Between us and Christ between us and those who have died between dust ups and those who lives the love of Christ is the only connector I mean think we need to understand more about the love of God only thing. So those are the 15 now coming out of that you know how many think there could be some goals that come out of that a gold understand God's love more fully a goal all these different things could be turned into gold Now I did a little. Study on on goals and I want to share that with you because we're looking for the towards the new year this is a time where people right or wrong may look at what are my New Year's goals or resolutions now they've done some science on certainly an uncertainty the level of ambiguity in choices correlates positively the activation in the middle and the orbital frontal cortex and negatively with destroyable system subsequent or go from the lesions were insensitive to the level of ambiguity and risk and behavioral choices this data suggests a General Merrill circuit responding to the greed of uncertainty so if you can have certainty if you have a purpose if you have a plan if you have a goal it actually helps you in many many ways uncertainty registers in the part of the brain called the anterior singular cortex has an error gap or tension something that must be corrected before someone can feel uncomfortable given this is why people crave certainty not knowing what will happen next can be profoundly debilitating because it requires extra neural energy this diminishes memory under mind's performance and disengaged as people from the present This is one of the reasons why we here at the we mark campus church. We did not set down basically at all every Sabbath we had either something online or on location because people need certainty how many say amen to that so one of our goals for the new here is to maintain certainty we will do everything we can here to be there for you in 2021 just like we were in 2020 our media Levites which I can show you right now the skeleton to cruel crew how many of you would do well without your skeleton you'd be a jellyfish you would not be able to stand up to anything or for anything how many are thankful for the skeletal crew of we mar t.v. turns media if you are send a text give them some love they've come here rain or shine some of them here have been here every single week they did better than the pastor who got sick and had a quarantine and be out and so we want to make the everyone make that a goal how many are glad we're making that a goal for 2021 now science adjusted fuse based on what's observed and we've seen the science this year kind of waffle I'm using science waffle throughout the year waffle waffle waffle waffle you know I say about waffles they get eaten so and people are kind of distrusting the scientists a little bit more because they want a man asks the man asks lockdowns no lockdowns you know it's kind of it's been waffle city it's been waffle house nothing against Waffle House Ok but you know say what I'm saying Listen to this science adjust its views based on what's observed faith is the denial of observation so that belief can be preserved faith is the evidence of things hoped for the substance of things not seen. How even though the world might look like it's going to tear Well if you believe that God is still in control and he's got a plan even though you can't maybe see him tangibly that makes sense so it's important to have a goal New Year I like the New Living Translation of Job 611 I do not have the strength to endure I do not have a goal that encourages me to carry on I think it's important I have a goal the New Year something to focus on to go forward I remember living with my grandfather when he was 88 years old I was talking to him one day and he woke up and he said I'm still alive why am i still alive. And they looked right I mean it goes you must be because a you I'm alive because of you I'm here to help you that's why I'm alive I'm going to stay alive until you get through school at least. You said the same thing my brother he had a goal and his goal was to help me you know it says and Psalm 7271 verse 1718 whole lord now I'm old and grey haired don't for sake me until I declare that I strength to this generation and every generation that is to come how they want to have a goal going for him or took care of this man is name was Clive Clive not Clive is a Clive here on campus I didn't take care Clive. But Clyde. I'm saying here this guy and this is no HIPAA violation because you know he told me I can tell anybody the story of this family that to this happened years ago when I was a nurse actually before I was a nurse I was studying to be a nurse and this nurse saw me and said you know what you've got a personality that will help save my father's life I think he might die we don't want him to die we're all getting together for Thanksgiving do you think you could keep you think you could keep my dad alive until Thanksgiving and I said Well I certainly hope so because I need a job until that time as well now I think that's kind of superficial alive for Thanksgiving celebration or alive because I need a job I mean I think that this sounds even bad that was back when Dr Tom and I went to school together and we had we had different ideas back then I'm not trying to cast my ideas on him is probably much more noble than I was but I did I want to keep it so I said how am I going to figure out what motivates this guy and I couldn't find out anything he was languishing each night he had a big store on his back I thought he's going to get septic he's going to have infection and goes to his body and that's it I don't have any job so I got to get him to roll over and then one day it happened it happened it was it was amazing one day it happened I was in the room and the ball game came on it was the Cubs how many viewers watch the Chicago Cubs during those years they never won any games whatsoever every game was a disaster but this guy loves uncover he loves this guy called Harry Carey and here and he would sing the song Take Me Out to the ballpark and he would sing this song and he would just love it and I watched this guy he woke up he woke up when it comes came out he was a Cubs Cubs It was a school and when he was like he was wide awake and he was in a stance and go ah right cobs are the also but motivator for Clyde so guess what I did. Whenever I wanted the Cubs whenever I wanted him to roll over I took the Cubs and I took the t.v. and I rolled it to one side of the bed and he would roll towards the Cubs and then I would take the Cubs and put him on the other side of the bed and he would roll towards the Cubs back and forth he would roll with the Cubs and I was like yes he's growing older I didn't have to help him roll over before they would have to make him roll over now he's like and then but he would he would curse at me because of when or why the blanket going to Jammu because I said look there comes a move themselves look at the wrong he bought it so he went back and forth then guess what I wanted to get up start get up out of bad so I move the Cubs down the hall I plug them in the hole you can hear because we couldn't see the help where the Cubs other down the hall bring them back and I can't do that whether we are going to come so Ok We want to get up and go see because yes they got him up and they started doing transfers of the bed on 2 wheels. And then I think that comes into the living room and there was and is sore starting getting better and everything getting better he not only lived a Thanksgiving he lived all the way to the next summer while the carbs. That mission less than 2 months of because of something was motivating him something was motivated How many of you want to find the ultimate motivation this next year your goal is to find an ultimate motivation that will move you to do things you never did before I mean I want to find that and how many here maybe your goal is to help other people find is that I think the ultimate motivator is service to others. And showing the love of Christ extending the healing ministry of crisis some put it or healing or hurting world I think this is a good motivator. And why is it that we preach why is it that we teach the why am I here tonight talking to you when I could be home roasting just Chestnut's by an open fire why am I here because I realize that people need motivation especially now this time of year between Christmas and New Years many people give up don't give up God has a plan for your life might look like you have no job no finances no future or God has a plan for your life you know. Of once it starts thinking about any goal they have they start taking note of others that are doing the same thing how many of you notice that people are about to have kids like to hang around people that have young kids they want to have all kinds of conversations with and we have a number of couples going through that right now. And. The right to kill or activating system is activated when we write our goals down it helps our brain focus on things in the environment that are associated with achieving that goal and as we behold we become changed and we start to meet the goals that are before us back and said this write the vision make it plain on tablets so that he may run who reads it or still the vision awaits its appointed time and it hastens to the end it will not lie it seems slow but wait for it will come it will not not the laser back and said that ancient price is right your goals down make them plain so that when people see them they see that you're heading towards that goal and it keeps you on task and we think that's a good idea there can be sinister goals just a couple days ago someone in Nashville tried to blow up Nashville his girlfriend and told the police a year before he's easy building bombs he has a plan to blow everything up and they didn't they didn't listen. But he did have that goal for a sinister mother you can accomplish very negative things or positive things. Hopefully it will be positive with your goal and benefit in not only him he wrote it down but others would read it they would know how to run and prosper severe in accomplishing that goal so 5 quick things as we close tonight on how to set goals number one this is this is pretty standard stuff 1st Corinthians 926 I do not run without a goal I fight like a boxer who is hitting something not just the air you know you watch boxes you know I don't know how many of you or have ever been in a boxing match. I'm sad to say I have been. But boxing you don't you get a specific target when you're hitting you just randomly flailing you open yourself up to a counter points and you will never get your opponent get to have a plan get to have a purpose and that's why the apostle Paul says I know I don't fight like I don't have a goal so number one be specific in your Goal number 2 so number one was what be specific to I'm going for that now you may not hit it. But at least you had a name and you could regroup and square up again you know they mean by square off you know because you have more power in your pockets. And we don't teach that here we were we gave up on the boxing program a long time ago but but this is from other schools but it's in the bible isn't it I don't beat I don't fight as one who beats the air so it's actually biblical to talk about number 2 measurable if you run a race or if you're in a fight you need to know when you've won when you've reached the Senate's line or you're going to be. You're going to be wasting a lot of energy you're not going to know where you are you need to know where you are on the court I'm used to be player used to play basketball still do Kazan but not so much anymore but when I 1st are playing basketball I didn't know anything about it they gave me the ball I ran down I scored only to realize I was at the wrong end of the court I was I scored a for the opposition now for my team they were not half with me I didn't get picked because I didn't know where I was on the court I'm going to be and think we need to know we're on the course so specific and then measurable are in our mind the 50 yard line I'm on the 40 yard line and need to keep going until I get to the end zone measurable You know. If possible pick your guys in time people by saying here is the patience of the saints here are they they keep the commandments they have the faith of Jesus it's measurable it's the faith not of their own but of Jesus the commandments and here they are enduring. Context of in durance so specific measurable a attainable. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. All things doesn't mean you can do anything you want like let's say I want to. Obliterate the Bible and Christianity you're not going be able to do that God's word is going to stand forever it's an internally thrown in the halves are never going to be unrealistic goal but if you are with then God's will then you're going to be able to attain the goals that he has for you so is your goal specific is it Taina Bl is it specific is it measurable is it attainable is it relevant your goals need to be aligned with your core value core value or core truth that is true and accurate. When this research in the case when this happens we're much more likely to find long term success except the Lord build the house they labor in vain who build it in other words make sure your goals match with God's that you're going to avoid frustration and ultimately loss and that you'll have a whole team of the film and why is this true because the plans of the Lord stand firm for our long for ever the purposes of his heart through all generations Psalm $3311.00 so they're relevant and then finally they're time bound or goes to be time bound got goals need to have definite in point deadlines right now we finished up a semester in today was the day to turn in grades I turn in all the grades. Right up to the end students are like how do I still have time to I still would have this happen what if that happened you know in. It's good to have a deadline or a teacher would never get a break. Does God have an m. time goal for us this God has is he coming in does he have a timeline that he's following is there a great controversy are there prophecies that are coming to the end you know. Right remember Jesus even talking to a tree that was not bearing fruit but did he say Look given you to next year you don't bear fruit fly can you up by the roots even talk to plants that way. Much less people. So God has plans and goals for your life I know the thoughts I have for you the plans I have for you plans to prosper you not to harm you plans to give you hope and a future and. He reveals his thoughts to man and I like this as well as we close our goals are Specific Measurable Attainable relevant time in the smart goals like we just went through and they're in God's will it says this 1st that's the Lonnie in $524.00 this is a powerful text faithful is he that calls you who also will do it so if God calls you to a goal and you know it's God's goal that you can to say look I'm Jesus I'm the Holy Spirit you're not Jesus you're not the Holy Spirit how to be realized analogies is not the Holy Spirit but how we want to follow Jesus and have the Holy Spirit and if you're within God's will he will do it in and through you how many think that's just a wonderful promise so spend some time with those goals spend some time maybe expanding your list of what you learned in 2020 and then a list of goals for what God is impressing you to do through you in 2021 already have several goals that he has impressed me with and written down because ain't expression deepens impression and. I know God will do it I've seen God do some amazing that I think when I was back in my twenty's I read a book once and said Write out your goals what you want to do I wrote look women when I'm in my fifty's I want to be teaching in a college I want to help start a school I'm doing that God does honor your goals if it's within his will and within his word did you know that I want to be working with people in the area of ministry and health care and mental health I want to do that I'm doing that I'm living of the goals that God placed in my heart years ago you can do the same guy has a plan and purpose for your life and as you ask him he'll reveal that to you Don't let other people trying to find your goals let God to find your goals a man he can use other people but. Primarily he needs to lead you. So you know we're heading to word January the word January is from the word Janice it was a god but this God was known as one who looks forward who look backward and look forward that's what the word January means and that's what we want to do as we near January want to look backwards to what we've learned and then look forward look backwards we can't we can't change the past but we can redeem the time when it says that if you know we want to redeem the time and go forward in the future with God Is this a day of new beginnings it is a day of new beginnings a time to move on and God's strength and his powers of this past year and. Thank you though you've been with us through the hard times and through the glad times we ask that you go with us as we go into the new year Lou thank you write. 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