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God's Greatest Objective and its Practical Application

Don Mackintosh
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Don Mackintosh

Chaplain/Pastor - Weimar Institute

Director - Newstart Global/the HEALTH Program (Health, Evangelism, & Leadership Training)


  • January 2, 2021
    11:30 AM
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We're going to talk today. About God's greatest objectives as we start the new year it sounds like maybe a good topic to. To look in. And in it hasn't really changed God subjectivism change but you know this last year. Many people experienced losses loss of health loss of jobs. Loss of peace loss of confidence lost the. Trust in maybe government officials maybe loss of trust in Scientific of officials maybe a loss of trust in themselves and their ability to provide for their family and instead of having cheer they've had fear and so. Maybe it would help us to see how God wants to relate to this and would help us in our own journey so let's pray together and ask God to bless us as we consider this Father in heaven thank you today that we can come and study your words we ask that you would address the loss in our lives and that you would. Teach is what your great objective is in Christ's name. Now God's great objective if you are going to say what is God's great objective in. In the world what would you say that is I think probably a text that would come to mind would be Luke 19th in that the Son of Man is come to seek and save that which is lost so as we're talking about loss he has come to see can save those. That have feelings of loss and that are in fact lost. John 316 tells exactly why and by the way John 316 is always the most searched text. On the Internet. If people are looking at what the Christian faith has to offer this is the number one taxed for God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have what everlasting life in this idea you know the Bible says it's a point to man once to die even Chapter one Verse 27 it's appointed to man once to die it's it's almost natural it's like death and taxes right it's appointed to man once to die and then comes the judgment. Of the law if there's any water back there anywhere. But if there isn't helping it's a point to man once to die then comes the judgment so this is natural but this text says something else God to love the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish so while men may die they will not Paris and there's a difference that word Paris's Upolu me in Greek. And. That means to be destroyed eternally to never exist again to never to never continue one and that's the promise of got you can lose everything in this world but you will not lose the ability to live forever because of God's love I mean this good news in a time of all lies. Of loss. When people feel lost and this is not just Jesus it doesn't sell you know he gave his only gods and now God was in Christ reconciling the world to himself self God the Father God the Son God the Spirit all are involved in this idea of addressing a loss and you say hallelujah I think that's pretty good news pretty good news. Now you know I've grown to love a solemn over this past several years in a song that I often use in talking to people who maybe have lost confidence in God Maybe they don't even know God and that Psalm 139 so to use that today turn with me to someone 39 and gives an overview of what he's done and is doing to seek and save the lives 1st of all let's start in verse 13 for you for my inward parts you covered me in my mother's will I will praise you for I'm fearfully and wonderfully made marvelous all your works in that mind soul knows very well my frame was not hidden from you when I was made in secret and skillfully rot in the lowest parts of the earth your eyes saw my substance being yet unformed and in your book they all were written the days fashion for me when as yet there were none of them so someone 39 is making a suggestion not to suggest is making a statement it's saying look I formed you. Before you were born I sye your substance I knew what was going on now that's on one level incredible but the the other level is not only the foremost he came in and was for the White House the whole idea of the fact that Christ was born and entered human history is a parallel to this not only life form you I came and was formed like you I originated in a mother's womb and I was formed and I was fashioned then that my substance was seeing me and God had a plan for me and he has a plan for you can you say hallelujah to that so don't lose your focus gab knows what you're supposed to do even before you knew. Who you were it doesn't take away your freedom of choice but he certainly has a plan for you and so we have a sense of loss of direction or connectedness remember he he knew you from before you were born and he can actually help you be born again Hallelujah That's point one from Psalm 139 His love is demonstrated in that way for us well let's keep going in the song. And see what we have next. It looks as though he reached my notes. By touching the wrong book but that's Ok. Let's see verse one through 6 of Psalm 139 old you have searched me and know me you know my sitting down and rising up you understand my thought of far off you comprehend my path and my lying down and are acquainted with all my ways. And there's not a word on my tongue but the whole Lord you know it all together you have hedged me behind him before and laid your hand upon me such knowledge is too wonderful me for for me it is high I cannot attain it so not only do the form us he knows us completely. He knows our thoughts he knows our rising up he knows our sitting down he is has just behind and before he kind of directionless and this is the picture of Psalm 139. Now that's not just for us and I've got to saying that to David in the song Mary's he actually did the same thing he came into human history and was in all points tempted like as we are yet without sense in our afflictions he was afflicted which means not only was he formed like we were he also had dots and entered into life and went through every experience that we have to go through in some fashion I mean it gets good news for someone who's lost if you're lost you think it's good to have someone with you who's actually been through the experience and got through it that's why we have guide you know we hire guides. Do to or is to Europe and to the Middle East in other places the 1st time I went I went with somebody else I didn't go by myself I went with a guide and fag even though I go many times I still have a guy because it's even though I may know more than the people on the tour that I'm taking I still don't know as much as someone who's been through the experience and God has been through the experience of being a baby and a young man and a man he's gone through the experience of life and he's a guy Hallelujah so. He came to see can save the last. And he did say the lie he said it is finished and he knows the way he says I am the way I am the truth I am the life. I lead. So not only the form you he also fully knows you now people are more open to God Now this time a verse history right now on this poem Hillier moment then they normally are there are more searches on Bible applications than last year it's up by a 1000000000 and one app alone but they can stay think that when you look at everything else more people are looking at God's word than ever before at least they're buying it. They read it but they're looking and and. There are texts that have been underlined on these bible apps one of them is John 316 Another one is Isaiah 4110 fear not for I am with you be not dismayed for I am your God I will strengthen you yes I will help you I will uphold you with my right his right hand I mean think that's a great day so people when they're looking for an answer for fear and anxiety they're turning to the Bible and that's the most underlying text and I think of my priest about that 11 o'clock but that text. Is say people are looking to someone who can help me while someone can help you who has formed you and fully knows you but not only that he can help you because it says that well look at verse 7 through 12 where can I go from your spirit where can I flee from your presence if I ascend into heaven you're there for I make my bed in hell literally she'll or the gray. You are there if I take the wings of the morning and well in the other most parts of the sea even there your hand so lead me and your right hand shell hold me as very interesting as I was in Isaiah 41 thing your right hand shall lead me and hold me within a stand more about this right hand I think I'll talk about that later Also at 11 if I say surely the dark this shell fall on me even the night shall be light about me indeed the darkness I'll not hide from you but the night shines as the day for the darkness and the light are both alike you you've been through darkness you've been through light you've been to the grave you've been to heaven you follow me everywhere I go one of you have followers on Facebook or Instagram and you add to your story of my so I'm adding to my story so that all my followers can see I've seen some of you do that actually recently. I followed your stories on one of the few fans and. It and maybe peephole have followed me on Facebook I don't know sometimes I actually have had some people say look I read what you wrote that is so good I I want to put it in my magazine this happened the sale of the stuff that's fine and now is going to be 6000 more people that have the potential of reading the magazine how many are get magazines you don't read so I'm not saying the whole treated but you've got these followers and in this you have guy who's saying look I follow you in the darkness and in the light in the morning in the evening in the good and in the Beth I'm right behind you I'm following you now that kind of sounds eerie how many are like people following you like a stalker This is the divine stalker. That has all the good in mind for you he loves you and he wants to help you now when you love somebody and one of you knows that when you love somebody sometimes you follow him around yeah your eyes follow them around the room like a wife looking at her husband her husband looking at her wife I know when I was wanting to marry my wife illuminator. I decided I wanted to marry her long before she decided she wanted to marry me and I don't think he even knew this but I begin to follow her before she even knew I was following her nose kind of weird but I I went and I went to this big computer that was on the university campus and I went to the computer and I printed out a printout that showed me exactly where she was at all times my friend let me into the computer room and that was a big computer back then they didn't have like little computers they can do everything that a computer do like in your hand that was like a building so I went in there and he saw these desk and I printed it out and I knew exactly where she was and when she was what arrived at the door of of of the classroom I was there to open the door and then I was somewhere else I've followed her everywhere she did not know that I had a print out and one day she said to me she goes how do you single know wherever I'm going to be. Said. Sometimes people just know these things. Why was I following her that I have evil intentions no it was because I had good intentions and I wanted to convince her of these good. And this is was God does do is he's formed were formed and he knows all about it and he was formed. Internet he fully knows our thoughts he was an all points tempted like as we are and he knows our thoughts and knows our anxieties he knows how to have victory in every situation that we go through and not only that he follows us like that Texas his eyes are on the land from the beginning of the year to the in does the year have you remember reading that text he follows us all year and he does it was good intention he does it with good intentions Hallelujah. Now notice this if somebody totally new you from before you were born and knew all your thoughts. And fully followed you would that be good news for you or bad news for you will there be good news for you was a they were out for your evil with it was a Ever of are found anything from the time you were born that they could have huge you of that said they were an accuser of the brethren could they find anything to do you in lets say this text together all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God so they would find something in other words this is not good news if it's an enemy who's following you from birth and that's why these next texts are so interesting look at verse. 17 in 80 how precious also are your thoughts to me oh god how great is the sum of them if I should count them they would be more in number than the sand when I awake I am still with you so even though they've is being followed by someone who formed him following knows all about him and has followed him everywhere he saying wait a minute this is this is actually good news you have precious spots. Now how do we know their press is it has because when I awake I'm still with you God does not abandon him he's still with them and he has all the stuff more than the number of the sands on the sea and we can say hello they're here and David is saying wow look at this this person loves me that much in the last the world God's objective is to reach out and help us know that even though we've still lost we may feel us he is thinking about us and he's out to help us anyone abandon us and David's like overwhelmed by their egos fan out precious are your thoughts to me how great is the sum of them not only that and in Jeremiah $2911.00 a says I know the thoughts that I have to wards you towards you thoughts of a future and of a hope so not only did David think that's about God's thoughts Jeremiah tells us that God thinks that towards us. He's thinking wow what does Matthew need today I think I'll projects and thoughts towards you know. What does Avi need. And what's this crystal meaning David needs a lot. Any begins thanking those that it telegraphs those 5 by the way if you want to look at those that there are in the Word of God written down we're reading some of them today but I really think this is a great guy who actually thinks thoughts towards us and how we think of the his thoughts are higher than your thoughts Well it says and Isaiah 55 my thoughts are higher than your thoughts I am the most high. I have thoght 2nd guide you I have a perspective you don't have if you're lost I can see more clearly than you can and I have slots for as a learn to realize and accept this and sometimes realizing it and accepting it is a big challenge I mean are a fan of the challenge to to think that God really loves you and yet he does when you accept this and the devil doesn't want you to hear about the good news things change what happens when you accept the goddess said you have a future and you have hope they've actually done research according to the American Bible Society the systems of Harvard University is discover that people who frequently read the Bible write themselves 33 points more hopeful than irregular scripture readers that you know that just reading the Bible increases your hope l.-y. talks about the fact that we should do bible readings Bible readings I'm abroad was given a Bible study this man and I was trying to get him to believe what I believed and I was kind of. I don't know I didn't have that obviously didn't have the Spirit of Christ in my study to the extent that was needed and. What Alan went to his house and I went to the front door I was pretty sure is in there but I couldn't see him as car was outside there was smoke only other Jimmy and lights were on but I couldn't see it but on the side his big lazy boy chair kind of moved a little bit and I saw his arm he was hiding behind his chair with it and I could see it through the front window he was hiding from me. Is I mean come and he slipped behind the lazy boy. And he never answered the door he wouldn't answer the door even though I knew it was there and then found I said I see your arm behind the chair. And then he sheepishly came out and he told me I said Do you not want to see me says no I don't want to see you well. Why don't you want to see because every time you come you read the Bible to me and it terrifies me the way you read it and said What do you mean well you always bring up these texts and you say here and there that I feel so guilty I feel like I'm going to be I'm going to be lost and I feel like that I'm doomed. As a. Terrible because it is terrible and I don't want to go to your church and I don't want to come back to my house anymore. And I says really and that's why you are hiding behind a Lazy Boy Yes sir that makes me very sad because I was not my intention I didn't want you to be afraid and I've done this and I just want to tell you that I'm very very sorry and and he said I am to yours because I like you but you're. I don't like what you tell me so I said Ok and I actually started to cry I started crying because there's a man I did such a bad job that this man does not want to see me and he does not like me and he's also known as a maybe like God and then walking away from the house. Kind of like the end of the whole I was I was probably about 30 years old and walking along to my car and I just get my car he goes Why the turnaround. Come back because I can see that what you told me when I told you very sad and you and that gives me hope that you actually care about me. And he says I tell you what I'll let you come to my house but you only can read the Bible with me you can't say anything about it we're just going to read the Bible just read it I don't want to hear anything you have to say about it because what you say terrifies me but I just want to read the Bible. That was a very humbling moment. And I said So let me get this straight you just want to read the Bible yes because I want to hear God's Word but not your word. Move. As Ok as that do I get to think you don't know you cannot take revelation and you cannot take Daniel. And that's where we have been studying. Mr What book do you want to study or what is the I don't want to study it just read it for books you want to read I want to read the Gospel of John just the Gospel of John we went back the next week or read John chapter one he goes as in a very short Bible study. So what did you think of it because we don't need to talk about it. Of the parade and I love Nesquik 2nd set went back I try to sometimes say you know this oh no. I said I was going to say this beautiful now so then I just gave up this when it just read I got I'm convinced that we could read 3 different translations of it. So we read the chapter 3 times from different translations but no comments whatsoever after about 10 weeks he said you have done very well in reading and I know that you love God and me to do that and so if you want to say something you could say so and then he came to church and then he got baptized Look how many of you in the New Year want to hear what God has to say because as you do if you're just reading the Bible I have a trail at my house and I now have an app a Bible app I look up several different ones and I can listen to the Bible as I walk and I listen to the same chapter 3 times and then I go you know sometimes how many have been listening to something on an app and you do your mind wonders listen to it and listen to it. Most Kayleigh one to 100 with 100 being most helpful. Americans a reporter in the Bible 3 or 4 times for a year when up to 40 out of a 100 people who read monthly $59.00 people who read a weekly $66.00 people who read multiple times per week in other words daily up to 80 per cent more on the hope Scahill 75 a just reading the Bible increases your hope and sense of well being and if you attend church by the way if you attend church you're more apt to read your bible the study study so it increases your Bible reading if you go to church Bible reading has gone down somewhat during the pandemic for those who are not going to church but those who still go to church either by zoom or in the room probably in the room more than by whom. There are more hopeful they're happier they're actually less likely to die by suicide and have a greater sense of purpose in their lives and then notice what happens next when we see that he formed us and then he fully knows us and the follows us and it starts our precious towards us what do we do look at one thing all together look at it years it's looking at me you have your vice. All that you would sway the wicked Oh god the part for me there for you bloodthirsty men for they speak against you wicked Lea your enemies take your name in vain do I not hate them oh lord who hate you do I not lo those who rise up against you I hate them with a perfect hatred I count them my enemies you go when the world the sounds not so loving I hate them I have a perfect hatred What does this mean why are these verses in there talks about he was formed I fully knows them how he follows them his thoughts are precious it all is and I have a bloodthirsty man. What do you make of this thank you for those comments the. What do you make of this you see he seen a picture of God The so beautiful so powerful so loving that he actually is reacting against people who are speaking evil of the person who loves him so much and women you don't know my God and. You will not shed your blood for me or a blood in you your blood thirsty but you not shed my blood from a lie God will either of them or stand who God is I hate you with a perfect hatred you can't have hate without understanding and love right and so the opposite they're rejecting God they're speaking evil of God They're taking his name in vain which means they have their own commandments and their own ideas. Teaching as doctrines the commandments of men rather than God And so he says I hate you with a perfect hatred and this is what happens when we fall email God's love for us then we love right isness and hate lawlessness because we're anointed with the oil of gladness Amen so he is defending God and that defense of God leads him to do something else 1st 23 and 24 what to say. Search me oh God know my heart try me and know my thoughts or anxieties as a New King James has it and see if there's any wicked way in me and lead me in the way everlasting So look at what the love of God does he's with us from when we're born and even before we're born he knows all of our thoughts he follows us everywhere he has presses start toward us so we want to defend him but also we want to say what search me know me know my heart try me know my thoght and discern any wicked away in me do you know that word a wicked way means a literally a word a look at up it means an idol or grieving or sorrow it's almost means that if you have a wicked way in you and idle it's going to bring was sorrow and grief and we are following this so wickedness is idolatry that brings what sorrow and grief lead me in the what the way everlasting not this lasting ever lasting the way of joy. The way of peace the way of love not idolatry not wickedness leave the m. the way everlasting Genesis 324 What's our title today or message What's God's big objective What's he trying to do is seek and save the lost so one of people get lost original parents got lost in Eden right but even though they got lost this says Genesis 324 that God was there to keep the way to the tree of life can you say hallelujah lead me in the way of relaxing to bring me back to the way everlasting if they eat the tree of the free tree of life they live forever lead me back to the Tree of Life Revelation 2214 Blessed are they that do is commandments that they may have right to the tree of life and may enter in through the gate into the city in other words the people that are totally lost now are totally found Vialli in Revelation $22.00 and Blessed are they the do his commandments now he leads with what that right hand them the right hand was the hand of creation and redemption what it is all cell to him the road God's law 7 Deuteronomy 23 so here it is we can have peace we can have that sense of comfort as we allow Him to lead us in the way everlasting and as we do His commandments we have rights of the tree of life and how many of you. Believe by faith that you can do his commandments and how many that ever struggle with that and hear some good news the largest quotation sowing the largest objective from the old to the new Jeremiah 31 of this text. 0 Maya 31 it shows the human condition in verse 30 I mean 29 and 30 in those days they shall no longer say the fathers have eaten sour grapes in the children's teeth are set on a and that's the situation there's a transgenerational problem of sin that goes from the father to the children and it leads to death but never once will die for his own iniquity verse 30 and every man who eats sour grapes has tea should be set on that says 3 that's the reality that the genetic and somewhat epigenetic reality but then verse 31 behold the days are coming to the Lord when I will make a new covenant with the House of Israel the house of to do that not according to the covenant made with the their fathers in that day that I took them by the hand and to lead them out of the land of Egypt my covenant which they broke and with anything wrong with the covenant there though I was a husband to them set the Lord there was only a problem from his side of the relationship Husbands love your wives and give yourself for them as Christ love the church and gave Himself for that God in the Old Testament give himself for his people and he lead them by the hand of Moses and Moses is the type of crisis as in Acts Chapter 3 so wasn't on his side but on their side but then even though they had an adulterous idolatry situation with their husband that is with God He promises something else 1st 33 but this is the covenant I will make with the House of Israel after those days say at the Lord I will put my law in their minds our right on their hearts I will be their God They will be my people no more shall every man teaches neighbor and every man his brother saying the Lord for they also know me from the least of them to the greatest set the Lord for I will forgive their their quickly and their sin I will remember no more. This. Is the New Year promise the new covenant promise of God So he says look if you want to if you keep My commandments you'll enter into everlasting life but I've got some good news for you I will make a new covenant on those these are I will statements who stuck in here to say you will make a new covenant No says I guide will make a new go again you say hallelujah I will put my a lot in their inward parts literally that word in where parts mean dots and emotions and I want someone to change your thoughts and emotions in some way this year I will write it on their hearts Let's see the word heart is the mind the memory the moral character and the will how Mona have increased morality in the new year increase morality how women have increased will power from God and knows what his promises I will. Write only can write in the heart of someone who says search mail guy and know my heart try me and know my thoughts and anxieties and see if there's any wicked way in me and lead me in the way everlasting that person is a person and he can do this this is what he wants to do I will do this I will be there got this is the ultimate attachment theory. I will be their God They won't have a problem was identity issues they will be my people Hallelujah. I'll be their God I will and those same forgive their iniquity the word forgiveness is 1st time isn't a thing commandments in the Book of Exodus not a New Testament concept. It is a New Testament concept but it is also an old says of a concept I guess as a way to say it and it comes right out of the 10 Commandments showing mercy in the thousands of them that love me keep my commandments and forgiveness and who does that I will do it God says and then I will remember that means to call the mine to record their stand no more if a Lord Valve should mark in equities who can stand but there is forgiveness with you Psalm 130 says how we say hallelujah it is that all these statements are made by who who is promising these things whose New Year's resolution is this. God's New Year's resolution for you how you accept his resolution for you and he does all the heavy lifting Doesn't of the story about the elephant cross the bridge with a mouse leg out of the bridge of the mouse said to the elephant we really shook that bridge didn't really who was at that the bridge the elephant did also you know I was watching a documentary of this guy Carnegie the steel magnet he would make these bridges a made a huge suspension bridge I think it was in Missouri and no one would cross the bridge because they're afraid it wouldn't hold them up so he took an elephant and the Senate elephant across the bridge end of the bridge could go an elephant it could hold you right. So remember who the elephant is he's the one that can get you across the bridge. Now you you cannot do this but he can not my will but that I will be done can you say hallelujah to the. He's doing Millet he's doing the lessons you know this quotation this is quoted in Hebrews Chapter 8 fully quoted in chapter 8 of Hebrews and then in Hebrews Chapter 10 it's quoted again summarized look at you have to tend Hebrews Chapter 10 look at this and here is you have to turn and we'll close up with this because I want to so you the benefits and what God wants His greatest objective and how he's he's attempting to do this verse 15 but the Holy Spirit in this is Hebrews Chapter 10 versity the Holy Spirit all also witnesses to us for after he has said before in other words the Holy Spirit said it before the saying of after by the way says and Hebrews 4 that the Gospel was preached also to them like it is to us that the Gospel was in the Old Testament and the New Testament and this was to say it was the gospel this is the covenant I will make verse 16 with them after those days that the Lord I will put my law in their hearts and in their minds our right it and then the as their sins and lawless deeds I will remember no more Wow So this old covenant the Old Testament part of the Bible had the new covenant promise all the way back to Adam Abel really all the way and it's all the way through the New Testament and when we had that was going to happen verse 19 therefore brother and have boldness to enter the holiest by the Blood of Jesus so we have boldness with God verse 19 how many who have more boldness with God by a new living way was he consecrated for us through the veil that is his flesh so we have boldness it's increased now because Christ has come in the flasks the incarnation in the flesh that's why the story of Christ's birth the so important he came in the flesh he was all points tempted he went through every variable for us all the core and teen veils of the sanctuary he went through they all represent us less he went right in for us so we can have all this with God Hallelujah. Verse 21 having a High Priest over the house of God Let us draw nearer with true heart what kind of heart because he's written his law in our hearts and minds a true heart in what kind of assurance full of servants of faith having our hearts sprinkled from an evil conscience in our bodies was like were baptized both mentally and physically and we have assurance so when we understand God's new covenant promise it gives us boldness with God It gives us a service with God and then notice what it does verse $23.00 Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering for he who is promised as faithful a son other words as we have confidence with God boldness with got we begin to confess God we begin to profess God Do you have nervousness about professing God when you're working with people that are not of your faith you need not have it how many want to have greater boldness better greater assurance let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering for he us promised his faithful not based on us based on him and led us then what do next so in other words we have boldness with God We have a service with God which means we have profession for God. And then was that lead to let us consider one another in order to stir up love and good works. Not for saying the assembly of ourselves together as a man of some but exhorting one another and so much more as you see the day approaching so that's why we come together and worse of to remind ourselves of God's great objective right and how to practically express it why we reach out into the community we stir things up we stir up love and good word. I want to stir things up in the neighborhood this next year I want to stir stuff up on the campus and eggs or one another that word exhort provoke means to stir up story of love not stirring up animosity but love. And then exhorting What's it mean to exhort as the word peril kill Lael Param means to be parallel with someone else come close to someone else and then kill Layo means to call out tell them the good news tell the good news that Jesus came to do what he can save the life he came it was given by God to show love what was the love we saw that he formed us that he fully knows our thoughts that he follows us for our good and as a result we want to defend him as a result we want to say serves me no God No my arm try me an author's my anxiety to see if there's any wicked way in me and lead me in the way everlasting so I could go the tree of life because I'm doing the commandments of God now because I did it but because I allowed him to do it with his I will statements I will I will I will I will and as I enter in then I have boldness I have assurance I have confidence I am provoking one another so love and good works and I'm confessing his name alone. Well that's what I wanted to share with you today so in 2020 has been a time of unprecedented fear and anxiety but at the end of the year we see an unusual openness to God's word in the world and a realization of the insufficiency of humanity and people are turning to God and God has a message for them that he loves them. All the things I said But finally what is saying in Jeremiah 31 says no one will have to tell its neighbor anymore for everyone will know how we got to that point yet so Last Call is a call to mission no God and make him known Jeremiah 3134 how many want to have it be your mission for the New Year to know God to know more of his love and to make him now let's pray Father in heaven thank you today for your great object of your New Years resolution. That is to write your law in our hearts and minds and to lead us and guide us to be in a relationship with us to forgive our sin in our iniquity but also not just leave it there have us. Tell our neighbors a lot. Of that and we write right. This media was brought to you by audio person a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermon leave it w w w dot audio 1st dot org.


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