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When God Says No

Benjamin Ng
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  • December 19, 2020
    11:30 AM
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Father in heaven thank you so much for this time thank you Lord that we are able to come and study your work again Lord you are so good to each and every one of us were so thankful for your watch care and your mercy towards us and even now as we come to study your word we need your help once again we need the enlightenment of your Holy Spirit please father speak to our hearts help us to hear your voice and guide us with your word we pray in Jesus' name amen you know life circumstances often bring us to our knees to seek God in prayer for help and most of the time we're praying for good things healing for a loved one for a job freedom from habitual sins but at times our prayers go on oncet praying for a young boy I remember one time who fell off the back of a truck in the us and he went into a coma and never recovered and never came out from it he passed away I remember praying for the life of a friend's baby I remember praying for people for their salvation and that never happened praying for marriages and spouses and relationships and for healing emotional and physical and sometimes they get answered and sometimes they don't and at times you know God even though our prayers are desperate cries and pleas for help to God sometimes in his infinite wisdom he says no and this morning I want to look at the reason why. To get a glimpse into the heart of God at least from what we see in inspiration in Scripture and what's revealed to us today this morning I'd like to start off with a character in the Bible his name David King David he had committed adultery fornication with Bathsheba she was already the wife of another man his name your Raju and he was one of the mighty men in the army of King David. And when King David found out that Bathsheba got pregnant because of him he quickly called your riot back to try to get him to go back home and and spend some time with his wife and sleep with her but he refused he was a soldier all in the soldier in the Army and he would sleep on the doorstep of the palace and refused to go back and so finally David sent you RIAA back into battle and asked his captain to put him in the forefront so that he would perish and and that's exactly what happened David thought he could get away with it and in comes and Nathan the prophet to give him a parable and he gives this parallel to men one rich man one a poor man the rich man and had many sheep the poor man had only one and basically the parable was to point at David saying you are that men that rich man that took away the poor man's sheep even though you had so much and he pointed at David saying that you had acted unjustly you had sinned against God and now this was to happen in 2nd Samuel Chapter 12 in verse 14 it says how be it because of this deed that has given great occasion to the enemies of the Lord to bless fim the child also that is born until the shall surely die because of the sin of David and Bathsheba the child was sentenced to die so what did David begin to do. In 2nd same of Chapter 12 verse 15 and Nathan departed under his house and the Lord struck the child that you write as wife bear on to David and it was very sick David therefore was sort God for the child and David fostered and went in and lay all nights upon the earth and the elders of his house arose and went to him to raise him up from the earth but he would not neither did he eat bread with them and it came to pass on the 7th day that the child died even though David prostrated himself on the dirt floor there even though he was praying and fasting all day and all night God had sent to this child to death and that exactly what had happened why why did God say no to David's prayers because of the sin of David and Bathsheba there was a consequence for his sin and sometimes God says no because there is something that we have done in our lives that have caused it in Galatians chapter 6 verses $7.00 and $8.00 the Bible says Be not deceived God is not mocked for whatsoever a man so earth that shall he also reap for he that so with to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption but he that so as to the spirits shell of the spirits reap of a lasting life. Friends what we soul is what we will reap. Can the prayers of a crisis absolutely it is possible it is able to but who knows the mind and the will of God And so as we've looked at the story of King David the 1st reason that we understand as to why God says no to good things and our prayers some time is because of our sin and because of what we have done. The reason it's obvious in this story and we can see that as we trace it back and so this one is clear we don't really need to stand there scratching our heads sometimes as an Let's go to a nother story found in Mark chapter 5 it is the story of these 2 demoniac men in Chapter 5 It talks about one who seem the more prominent but in Mark chapter 5 we start reading in verse 3 who had his dwelling among the tombs and no man could bind him no not with chains because that he had been often bound with fetters and chains and the chains had been plucked asunder by him and the fetters broken in pieces neither could any man tame him and always night and day he was in the mountains and in the Tombs crying and cutting himself with stones this man was of sight for sore eyes he would come out and greet the disciples and Jesus who had just spent the night on a boat storm and rocked to and fro they were ready and happy to get off on the dry land and here is what greets them a man possessed he's naked he's been crying and cutting himself he's making a loud noise and he's he's got these chains still on his hands even though they've been broken and he's rushing at them and the disciples turn around and are ready to run back into the boat and sail off again but Jesus he puts his hand up and he stops the man from coming forward any more and ultimately he would cast it this the bone the demons that or in this man that is tormenting him day and night he would give them permission to go into the swine and they would run down into the water and drown themselves there but then we read in March up to 5 us 15. And they speaking of the townsfolk who had heard about what had happened to the pigs they come to Jesus and see him that was possessed with the devil and the Legion sitting and clothed in his right mind and look at this they were afraid Can you believe it a man that has been possessed all this time now he's been delivered by Christ he's in his right mind he's closed he's a sane man and the people they come and see him and they are afraid why why are they afraid well let's keep going verse 16 and they that saw it told them how it befell to him that was possessed with the devil and also concerning the swine and they began to pray him to depart out of their coasts they began to do what they began to pray Jesus please leave you know sometimes our prayers are such off the mark that it's unbelievable that we would pray such prayers but we can pray it's possible for God to leave us alone and you know what Jesus would eventually depart he would not force himself upon them he was God He came to to bring blessing but yet these people are praying God police leave us alone Have you prayed such Prez before friends asking God please take anything except this please don't touch it God leave me alone in this area whether it's my relationship whether it's my fashion whether it's how I spend my money whatever it is my degree and my studies or my work we pray many prayers and sometimes we pray God leave us alone. But why were these people praying for Jesus to leave why were they afraid you see the demons that were in the man they went into the swine and killed the swine and they were afraid of Jesus stayed any longer they might lose more money or possessions they were happy for the men to stay possessed why because it meant that the demon was isolated to that man and could not trouble them and now they see that the demons had come out of the man and they seem to be floating around and causing trouble so they prayed Can you believe it they prayed Jesus please leave and friends Jesus will not stay in a place that he is not invited to where people do not want him he will only come when he is invited and he doesn't force themselves upon us so Jesus turns around to leave with his disciples but then the man that was possessed just a few months before he runs after Christ and look what happens and when he was come into the ship Mark $518.00 he that had been possessed with the devil prayed that he might be with him he's praying this man who is only just possessed a short while ago he wants to follow Jesus he always Jesus is all life he had been possessed for so long he probably didn't know how to integrate himself back into society he wanted to go with Christ he wanted to be with him to be his disciple So he's praying he's pleading he's begging he's probably even grabbing on to the feet of Jesus like Peter when he grabbed on to the feet of Jesus and asked him to depart and his savior the one who set him free and gave him a 2nd lease on life the one that wants to be with Christ now Christ turns around and says to him what's what does he say. Let's look at verse 19 how be it Jesus suffered him not Jesus said what no Jesus please let me come with you and Christ turns around and says no what would you have done if you were Christ I would have turned around out a looked at Judas and said Judas get out this man get in the one that was about a betray him yet get up a no you don't love me as much as guide us maybe a little to Peter and said Peter I know you can betray me make room for this guy you you maybe just hang on the side of the boat in the water you get in what would you have done I know what I would done but Jesus turns around and says Jesus suffered him not but say it on to him Go home to their friends and tell them how great things the Lord have done for the and have had compassion on the boy this person must have been disappointed but this man went ahead and lived by the faith in Christ's words and started doing what Jesus asked him to do which was simply to share his testimony and look at what happened Mark 520 and he depart and began to publish in the capital is how great things Jesus had done for him and all men did marvel to the extent that when the next time Jesus would come back to the same place many people were ready to accept Him Many people ready to listen because of the testimony of this one man. And of what Christ had done for him you see friends here is the 2nd reason as to why God sometimes says no and it's because he wants us to be a witness he has a better plan he wants us to go and share our story and so he says No sometimes even to the good things this man who wanted to walk with Jesus he wanted to be his disciple he of all people would have been an ardent follower of Christ he would been on a fire he would have followed Jesus to the ends of the earth he would have given up his life in an instance just for Christ but Jesus said no I want you to go home and I want you to be a Witness friends sometimes God says no so that we can be a witness for other people let's go to another story a story that you're familiar with his name is John the Baptist You see he was the forerunner of the Lord he was the one that was to do a great work and Harold in the 1st coming of Jesus even from his birth this was the prophecy of John the Baptist look chapter one and verse 15 for he speaking of John shall be great in the sight of the Lord and shall drink neither wine or strong drink and Hugh shall be filled with the Holy Ghost even from his mother's womb can you believe that. Filled with the Holy Spirit even before you were ever born but John he was to do a great work and he would come on the scene of Earth's history with a powerful preaching calling many people to repentance filled with the zeal of God and full of the Holy Spirit he would denounce all the hypocrisy of his time he would even stand before kings pointing out their sins He was Philis he called up the fornication and adultery that was taking place with Herod and her rodeos who was his brother's wife he lived in a day with no Facebook no Instagram telling people where he was preaching hoping he would come you know sometimes I get on Facebook and like all I'm preaching at such and such a place if you're there please come and see me no John didn't live in those days he lived in the days where there was no media and communication but yet people would flock in droves to listen to this man preach why because there was power in His word there was power in his preaching even though it was straight and to the point he would draw crowds because people were looking for something more than the formal religion that was in those days and you know even in our days some people who say are we're sick of religion but friends is because many people are preaching formalized religion they don't have the spirit and the power that God wishes for them to possess but John the Baptist his preaching was straight but it called many people out of darkness into the light of God's glorious gospel. He was dressed in the dress of the prophets he lived a simple life but his ultimate calling was to do one to bear witness to Christ John 129 the next day John see if Jesus coming on to him and say Behold the Lamb of God which taketh away the sin of the world he had a high and holy calling and he had such spiritual discernment that he when he saw Jesus he saw God in the flesh he recognized the Messiah with his very own lives and he was the greatest of all prophets friends and yet it says in John 127 he constantly pointed to Christ he it is who coming after me is preferred before me whose shoes I am not worthy to unloose he would say in John 330 that he must increase but I must decrease and yet John himself was no small player in the circle of preaching he was famous he had his own disciples people followed him thinking that he was the Messiah but yet this is what we read in desire of ages 216 paragraph 2 John was troubled to see that through love for him his own disciples were cherishing unbelief in regard to Jesus you know people were missing the point of his mission and John just to help you to see how much in high regard people held John to the extent that what he began to be afraid that people would begin to despise Jesus by taking sides with John you know more and more of his disciples and more and more people left off following John and they would follow Jesus and his own disciples began to be jealous for him and John saw that. Eventually his straight preaching though would put him in prison when he called out that fornication on Herod or odious was very angry and caused Herod to put him into prison at that time he was too afraid to kill because he thought everybody was regarding him as a prophet Herod would be in big trouble but while he was in prison the plot for his life would be laid one day as Herod was having a feast for his friends the daughter of her odious Salome would dance before Herod and ultimately he would let Salome have any request and she was ready she asked for the head of John the Baptist. And though Herod was sad he could not because of those that were sitting before him go back on his request and so by and by God allowed John the Baptist's not only to suffer in prison alone but to be killed. Why didn't Jesus save him why didn't he do anything to even comfort his beloved disciple and prophet of the Lord I mean they were cousins Jesus never once visited the home in prison why what was the reason I want to share with you from desire of ages 223 Paragraph 4 Listen to this why did God say no to John the Baptist the greatest of all prophets to many minds a deep mystery surrounds the fate of John the Baptist the question why he should have been left to languish and die in prison the mystery of this dark Providence our human vision cannot penetrate but it can never shake our confidence in God when we remember that John was but a sharer in the sufferings of Christ. All who follow Christ will wear the crown of sacrifice they will surely be mis understood by selfish men and will be made a mark for the fierce assaults of Satan it is this principle of self-sacrifice that His Kingdom is a stablished to destroy and he will war against it where ever Nana festered many people even said they are confused as to why God did not answer the many prayers of those that were praying for John the Baptist whilst he was in prison and he died it seems to many a useless death only 6 months of ministry Why God why God didn't exactly say no but didn't help either so from the silence and circumstances it's clear to us that he did say no but why let's continue reading this are of ages to 24 Paragraph 2 Jesus did not interpose to deliver his servants he knew that John would bear the test gladly would the savior have come to John to brighten the dungeon gloom with his own presence but it was not to place himself in the hands of enemies and in peril his own mission gladly would have delivered his faithful servant and God was more than able you see but for the sake of thousands who in after years must pass from prison to death John was to drink. The cup of martyrdom why for the sake of others who would go from prison to death John had to do this he had to set the precedence that example as the followers of Jesus should languish in lonely cells or perish by the sword the rock or the faggots apparently forsaken by God and man what a state to their hearts would be the thought that John the Baptist to whose faithfulness Christ himself had borne witness had passed through a similar experience do you see the reason why friends just so that he could be a comfort for those in the future that would be lonely in prison and eventually pass of the death that they could have the comforts that God understands and there's someone in the Bible that can relate to Him God could have delivered John he could have more than answered the prayers of those that were praying for him but he didn't why so that his experience should be a comfort to those in the future look at this desire of ages 224 Paragraph 5 and all the gifts that heaven and of all the gifts that heaven can bestow upon man fellowship with Christ in his sufferings is the most weighty trust and the highest honor this is what John the Baptist went through and so friends for the 3rd reason why does God sometimes say no is so that we can be a comfort to others in the future. There might not be a reason why why did this happen there's no logical explanation why did God allow it to happen sometimes we don't see it until thousands of years later when we look back and realize that the story of John the Baptist has been a comfort to so many people and so John had to be the forerunner of suffering for no reason to see that he had to be that one that would set the precedent and the bar so that other people could be comforted in their time of sorrow and distress friends do you feel like there's no reason why you put through the situation why does my loved one have to die that seems sometimes no good reason why all of this is happening you know some of us we take over quite lightly but there are many people that I know in that I read in the news all the time that people are dying of coal that it's real but why look back to John the Baptist Sometimes the reason is not given at all but take hope take comfort know that God cares even more than you ever do that he's greed for every person that passes off the scene of this earth's history it cuts to his heart more than it cuts to your heart but yet he has a rhyme and reason behind it you've got to trust them you've got to trust them and so we come to one more story it's the story of Jesus Christ when God said no to his own son in Hebrews Chapter 5 in verse 7 the Bible says Who in the days of his flesh when he had offered up prayers and supplications with strong crying and tears and to him that was able to save him from death and was heard in that he feared. Jesus he offered up strong crying and tierce and he had the assurance that he was hurt but yet God still said no look at this in the garden of get so many in Luke 22 and verse 40 and 44 and when he was withdrawn from them about a stone's cast and kneeled down and prayed saying Father if they'll be willing remove this cup far from me nevertheless not my will but thine will be done and there appeared an angel and to him from heaven strengthening him and being in agony he prayed more earnestly in his sweat as it were great drops of blood fall into the ground he was not strengthened to sue to take away this situation he was strengthened so that he would go all the way to death and to the cross that Angel did not come to offer comfort and mercy but to reassure him that he had to go down this path that his father and he himself had decided for the salvation of the whole world he cried out with tears and he was heard and the answer that was given was no it was no friends it was no why we know why friends we know that tax all too familiar in John $316.00 God gave His Son so we could have eternal life he said no to his son so he could say yes to us he rejected his son so that he could accept us into the beloved and adopt us as sons and daughters in Christ but he had in that sense to reject his son was strong crying and tears he heard his son crying out to him and all how it must have broken his heart but he looked beyond the cross and he saw many sons and daughters coming into glory and so he allowed his son to suffer he allowed his son to be whipped. He allowed his son to have a crown of thorns pressed upon his head he allowed his son to have nails piercing through his fans and through his feet to be nailed to the cross that shameful cross why for you and me why because of laugh why so that we could be saved Sometimes God says no to our press our desires not because it's bad but because he wants us to save somebody else that's the life of our Savior and you know sometimes we go through all these life experiences and we cry to God We asked why and we end up getting bitter with God but it didn't happen with King David it didn't happen with John the Baptist it didn't happen with Jesus they didn't get discouraged and disappointed and turn away and you know as I'm asking you for phrases and Thanksgiving maybe some of you sitting there this morning and you don't have anything to praise God about 2020 has been a bad year for you but I want you to cling on to Christ I want you to take comfort in these words maybe life has taken a turn for the worse maybe it's your own health maybe it's your own life maybe life has just gotten downright bad and sometimes you get to the point where you feel like there's nothing worth living for I want you to remember John the Baptist in prison I want you to remember Jesus in the garden of got so many I want you to remember all these times that God said no to them and yet at the end of the day they will come off more than Congress God has his plan God he's perfect in wisdom. This morning I've only showed you just for instances for stories for reasons but God His ways are much deeper than us his thoughts past searching out in 1st Corinthians chapter 13 it says now we see through a glass darkly The picture is not always clear to us the understanding as to why God allows us to go through all of this is not so clear and that's where I ask you friends to continue to hold on to the God who sees the end from the beginning he knows and he sees through the fog and the mist of our lives you've got to trust him and this morning I'm asking you to hold on to him and don't let go to make sure that he pulls you into 2021 and I don't know whether that time in 2021 is going to be better off or worse but all you need to do is look to the Bible gather the strength there know that God has His reasons and his plans and sometimes we will only find out that reason when Jesus comes for a 2nd time friends many people do not understand the situation of John the Baptist they didn't but we can cling to the promises of a God who is infinite in see and love and wisdom friends were almost at the end of this year I want to encourage you to hold on to Christ through the thick and the thin through the trials and the Temptations through these things that life just throws at us prosecutions things that was not even of your own doing or of your own fault you are minding your own business but yet the devil came roaring after you friends God stood back and seemed like he allowed it to happen. Trust them have faith in him because in the scriptures you see the same stories and we see the glory that comes with it as well as our brothers and sisters today let's hold on let's persevered Let's continue to trust in Christ and not question his infinite wisdom let's pray Father in Heaven Lord this morning I'm praying for my brothers and sisters who have gone through unfortunate situations even in this past year maybe some of us we lost the picture of hope and we've been tempted a 100 times and just let go of you because we see no point but Father help us to see today that even though we don't see even though the path ahead of us is so dim and cloud even though trials surround us on every side help us to trust you help us to allow you to take our burdens help us all Lord to have faith that you know what you are doing and that you're in control and that you love us with endless love and you want the best for us as well so with all the billions of lives that are living on this earth Lord as you're managing and you're trying your best we know that all things will work together for good help us to believe that end of Father for you never make mistakes and you're boundless and endless and mercy and grace Father thank you thank you that we have a more sure word of prophecy we have a faith that we can place our faith upon a rock that is immovable despite all the storms that are thrown at it. Lord we want to stand upon that rock this morning. Help us father to be more than overcome us to. Pray in Jesus' name. Amen. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons leader visit w w w audio verse or.


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