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04 Jesus Encounter at the Wedding Feast

Benjamin Ng
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  • December 18, 2020
    8:30 PM
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Father in heaven thank you so much for this time thank you Lord that you've kept to say throughout this week as we are about to study your world once more we want to ask that you please grace us with your presence please draw close to us or Lord fill us with your spirit guide us and lead us is our earnest plea in prayer for you pray in Jesus name Amen. The title of our study this evening is Jesus encounter at the wedding feast and we're trying to go chronological through the life of Christ and encounters that he had with different people this is a series that we are studying right now on Friday nights and we are now looking at the wedding feast this is found in John Chapter 2 and so in John Chapter 2 we read verses $1.00 and $2.00 and the 3rd day there was a marriage in Cain of Galilee and the mother of Jesus was there and both Jesus was called in his disciples to the marriage Jesus and the disciples that he had already called Not all of them but those that had already called by the see they were invited to this marriage in Kanal of Galilee and what happens next let's continue reading verse 3 and when they wanted wine the mother of Jesus saith unto him they have no wine they ran out of wine and Jesus mother turns to Jesus and says hey they they have no wine and in other words she wanted jesus her son to do something about it I guess she must have already known that he could perform miracles and maybe she thought that this was his charts to show to the world what she had cherished in a heart for so long that he was the Messiah the Son of God he she wanted him to perform a miracle that he could produce this wine when they had run out maybe it was a close friend or relative maybe it was someone that was that was close to her that she wanted to help but nonetheless her intention in turning to Jesus and saying they have no wine was very very obvious she wanted him to do something about it you see Mary had kept these secrets in a heart for a long time since. His birth or even just before his birth she knew the child that she was Carol carrying an angel came and told her and in Luke Chapter 2 verse 5 to 19 this is what the Bible says and it came to pass as the angels were gone away from them into heaven the shepherds said one to another let us now go even out of Bethlehem and see this thing which is come to pass which the Lord hath may known to us and they came with haste and found Mary and Joseph and the babe lying in the manger and when they had seen it they made known abroad the saying which was told them concerning this child and all day that heard it wondered at those things which were told them by the shepherds but Mary kept all these things and pondered them in her heart Mary had known since the book birth of her son pardon me that this child would be for the rising and the falling of the nations that this child would bring the hope to the whole world that this child was the promised Redeemer the Messiah and you know she had been holding all this in our hearts until now and since she she's seen the sun get baptized maybe she got the reports of this voice came from heaven and now Jesus had been in the wilderness for 40 years and he comes down and he's a 40 years part of me 40 days and Jesus comes down now with a different demeanor on his face was seriousness in his eyes she knows that he's not going home to help his father Joseph any more in the carpenter's shop she knows that he is now set on a mission that only the Father in Heaven has set him on and she's hoping she's hoping as any mother would that the people would accept her son that the people would now be able to see what she has known all this time that this is truly the Messiah to the whole world but what is Jesus response to Mary his mother when she says they have no wine. What does he reply with John Chapter 2 verse 4 the Bible says jitters Jesus saith unto her woman what have I to do with the mine hour is not yet come what does Jesus say Woman What have I to do with the mine hour is not yet come I know it sounds rude in our modern day language calling a person woman especially your mother you don't call anybody that unless you just joking but here it sounds rude in the modern a but actually Jesus was being very very polite and respectful to his mother that was the custom of their time and so he addresses her in a polite manner and then he says what what have I to do with the he's not saying I don't know you who you are what what what what do I have to do with you even though you raised me what do I have to do is not saying that friends but is he has to answer the insinuation that the mother is making they have no wine Jesus go go go do a miracle right but what does he say what do I have to do with the meaning this situation has nothing to do with the reason for which I came to the earth. Deceiver Jesus saying look this is not the reason why I came to help people when they have run out of wine to give them wine Jesus did not come to the earth to put on a show he did not come to the earth to the people's fancy and perform a few magic tricks as we would say a miracles and to heal a few people and that was it no friends his mission was much higher and much broader and much deeper than even what his mother could comprehend and so he had to help her understand this and say What have I to do with the mother I did not come for this reason and it showed that even Mary had mis understood her own son's mission the claims of God friends are above the earthly ties of human relationships we have to make sure that no earthly connection and attraction turns our feet from the path which God himself once us to walk sometimes well meaning people and people that with good intentions they want us to do certain things and we got to make sure that we walk in the light of which God has revealed to us but if we are to do that that means you have to know the reason for which God has called you to this world. Do you understand your purpose do you understand your calling Do you understand the reason for why you are born into the world for such a time as this only you can unsub that and Jesus he understood it very very clearly but then the 2nd part of his response is what mine hour is not yet come it was not his time this was not the time nor the place nor the events for which God had called him to and Jesus had to make sure that he was about his father's business that was always his focus from a young age even at the age of 12 when the parents brought him to Jerusalem and they lost him for a day and they found him 3 days later he was in the temple and he was teaching them the people that were the religious leaders he was asking questions that were beyond his age and this is what we read in Luke Chapter 248 and 49 and when they saw him they were amazed and his mother said unto him Son why hast thou dealt thus with us behold I father and I have sought these sorrowing and he said unto them how is it that you saw me whist you not that I must be about my father's business even from a young age he was learning to do the will of God and not use his gifts for selfish purposes so Jesus replies to Mary woman what have I to do with the mine hour is not yet com. If you are Mary what would you be thinking at this point Well mine are as not yet come Jesus Ok I get it you're not here to turn water into wine and this is not the time for him to perform any miracles Ok at least I tried at least I tried right. Basic your thinking what Jesus is not going to help right I mean when you look at that response and what Jesus said I don't think anyone with would think differently right but look at what Mary says next John Chapter 2 and verse 5 his mother say earth under the servants whatsoever he saith unto you do it do you catch that woman my hour is not yet come what have I to do with the mine are is not yet come this is not the time and their looks of the son turns of the servants whatever he says do it Ok it's as if Mary did not even hear what Jesus was saying it's as if she didn't comprehend what he was trying to get across did you want to say that mother what I was trying to say or she understood all right but why did she why did she reply this way you know it's like she did not even get the message but you see friends what was happening here she was stepping out in faith she was believing her son but beyond that the Redeemer the Messiah It's almost as if she had most faith that he was going to help and he was able to help no matter what presumption not so faith more likely Jesus would ultimately reward the faith of the woman that was standing before. Before him not because that was his mother not because he was being an obedient son but he saw the faith in her heart that she got the message when Jesus said to her mind our is not yet come but she still trusted that he was the promised Messiah and that he was more than able to perform any miracle on this earth so let's continue John Chapter 2. 6 through 10 we're going to read all the way to the end of the story and there were set there 6 water pots of stone after the manner of the purifying of the Jews containing 2 or 3 firkins apiece Jesus saith unto them fill the water pots with water and they fill them up to the brim and he saith unto them draw out now and bear unto the governor of the feast and they bear it when the ruler of that feast had tasted the water that was made wine and knew nonce not whence it was but the servants which drew the water knew the governor of the feast called the bridegroom and said on to him every man at the beginning doth set forth good wine and when men have well drunk then that which is worse but there has kept the good wine until now. So the water is turned into wine the water is poured in and wine is drawn out by the servants to bring it to the people This Miracle has significance 1st in regard to the symbols of what it means to us and its application to us today and that's where I want to start 1st you see the water that was poured in that water represents baptism it represents baptism we know this through several texts John chapter 3 verse 5 Jesus said Verily verily I say into the except a man be born of water and of the Spirit he cannot enter into the kingdom of God So we got to be born of the water we all know that that's water baptism and then also in Romans Chapter 6 verse 3 it says this No you not that so many of us as were baptized into Christ Jesus Christ were baptized into His death so very clearly the baptism there is the baptism of Jesus and the symbolism of what it means to us today as well so not just to be baptized only but Christ's baptism. And then the wine so the water came it went in and out came wine What does wine represent that's very simple do we celebrate this in the communion Luke 221718 verse 20 and he took the cup and gave thanks and said Take this and divide it among yourselves for a sin so you I will not drink of the fruit of the vine until the kingdom of God shall come and then verse 20 likewise also the cup after supper saying This cup is the new testament in my blood which is shed for you so what does the wine represent it represents the blood of Jesus Christ it represents the sacrifice of Christ and if we were to pinpoint it to an event like what we did with the water that is baptism the blood or the wine represents the cross of Jesus Christ His sacrifice at his death how to look at this is this is the reference to the ministry of Christ on earth that as an object lesson to us here it would start at his baptism and end at his death that was Christ's ministry on the earth here and then it says what I mean how did the water become wine it was through the Word of Jesus he said to the servants pouring the water and then he said to the servants drawn out it was not because of the servants that the water became wine it was because of Christ's word. And so through his ministry throughout the ministry of Jesus Christ on earth as he walked this earth he was always pointing back to his word the power of His word whether it was his preaching and his teaching or whether it was through his healing through the miracles that he performed even carving that storm that was on the sea it was through the power of His Word that we would come to understand the gospel of salvation specifically the ministry of Christ even on this earth and it would be through the word that the great plan of salvation would be unveiled So all of us but you see who was the one that brought the wine to the people it wasn't Jesus it was the servants and so the servants of Christ are tasked with bringing the gospel to the whole world tasked with bringing this message and his word to everybody and so the blessing of the wine from this wedding feast it will be brought out by human hands not angels even though the Bible says that angels they desire they really want to spend time in giving the gospel it's such of wonderful work to them but God has left us as human beings and so today the Gospel in and of itself has no has in it and of itself power but it must be brought out of the whole world by human hands by your hands and mine not just the pastor not just the church leaders but by every single person we are to be messengers of the blessings of God. And you see before that could happen though what had to take place the servants themselves would have to believe as well right they had to follow the crown of Jesus but they were put in sticking their necks out by following Jesus and we don't know whether they they already knew that it was wine already I don't know they tasted it or not before they brought it out they don't know whether it was the best of quality or what but they even had to have faith that I trust the word of Jesus and what he says and so what he says I'm going to do it you see that so even then they had to have faith in the word that Jesus gave to them that that water had already been turned into wine even though they just moments before had poured in water so the servants are just as important in this story as anyone else because they represent us but I want to pause here and address that issue of Jesus turning water into wine real quick Many people point to this and say that Jesus turned water into wine you know it's Ok for us to drink wine alcoholic wine but you see friends I want to look at a few facts before we draw some conclusions as to whether we think that this is alcohol or whether we think this is great juice the 1st thing is we find in Isaiah $65.00 Verse 8 this is what the Bible says about wine Thus saith the Lord as the new wine is found in the cluster and what cluster is this is obviously referring to grapes and one so you destroy it not for a blessing is in it you see there is a new wine is what we call freshly squeezed grape juice so in the Bible when we look at that word wine we can't look at it how we interpret it today. When we look at the word you know in the Bible uses the word. Of God Be careful about this I don't know if it's used in the Bible but you know in the maybe 30 years ago you it was Ok to say the word gay because that word gay is happy but you can't use that word today to describe how you feel you see that so you can always go oh this is what how we interpret today that's what it must be know in the Bible the word wine is used to describe alcoholic wine and also freshly squeezed grape juice so we see that in Isaiah The 2nd thing that I want you to consider is this you see the wine represents what Jesus blood we already looked at that in the communion so his blood cleanse us from all sin so it can't be fomented wine that that causes. It can't be represented by that wine that causes us to get drunk the Bible itself condemns this type of wine in problems Chapter 20 verse one the Bible says wine is a mocker strong drink is raging and whosoever is the sieved there by is not why there is a wine in the Bible that the Bible itself condemns and it doesn't make sense that the God of the Bible Jesus Himself who is the author of this word would come down and make something that he himself condemns it can't be that Jesus made alcoholic wine you see that and then number 3 I want to look at the amount of wine that Jesus actually made. Because you know they say yeah Jesus made wine but if you really made wine are you really sure that this is alcoholic and not just great juice you gotta look at how much he actually made because when you calculate it he made enough to send people to the hospital or even to their graves so let's look at this real quick Ok in John 26 coming back to the story John Chapter 2 verse 6 how much wine did Jesus make there were set there 6 water pots of stone how many 6 water parts after the manner of the purifying of the Jews and how much are they hold 2 or 3 firkins apiece Ok so there were 6 water pots and they can taint about 2 to 3 firkins apiece all right and when you look at that word folk in the Concordance one fork in is approximately 40 leaders All right so 6 what are parts containing anywhere from 80 leaders it's a $120.00 leaders so at a minimum if Jesus made 6 water pots with 2 folk and a piece that 6 times 2 times 40 to bring into our conversion today he made $480.00 leaders of wine at the maximum he would have made 3 folk and which is 6 water pots times 3 folk and times 40 leaders it gives us 720 liters maximum that Jesus would have made but the Bible says $2.00 to $3.00 so we take an average. Between $480.72 that average is 600 liters now want you to consider this Jesus made 600 liters of wine and if we consider that to be alcoholic wine it contained alcohol that would have sent all the guests to the hospital in fact it would have sent some of them to their graves and you know a good one Jesus performing a 1st miracle in killing people. But we know that that's not what Jesus did it just doesn't sound right it does not sound like what the Savior of the world would come to do to bring a curse and not a blessing and moreover at what point did these servants Bring out the wine to be served in John Chapter 2 and verse 10 it says this The master he says to the bridegroom every man at the beginning the set forth good wine so at the beginning of the wedding feast everyone sets forth all the best wine and when the men have well drunk meeting when they've done drinking and they finish drinking then you bring up that which is worse but you've kept the good wine until now what is that now that he's referring to hey usually people bring out the the worst wine at the end of the best wine at the beginning but you brought out the best now that now was at the end you see they had been already going for a few days and they ran out of wine they ran out they didn't run at the beginning they would had plenty but they had already been drinking are you telling me that Jesus made 600 liters of wine for people that hold had been drinking for a few days it doesn't make sense he would have killed them all. 600 liters and we know that wine usually contains greater alcoholic content than lookalike beer maybe there are other spirits out there that you know the liquors that are higher but I know wine has a higher concentration and this would have absolutely killed people it would have because they'd already been drinking I do not believe that Jesus made alcoholic wine something that he himself in the scriptures because he was the word the living word condemned in the Old Testament so friends it is very very clear that Jesus simply made what grape juice. But you know in verse 10 as we read it and I want to read this again to you every man at the beginning doth set forth good wine and then when men have well drunk than that which is worse in verse 10 there is a very very important truth every man sets forth what is best at the beginning and in the end out comes the worse and that's what the world offers and all its gifts all its pleasures all the seeming achievements it seems pleasurable at the beginning but all that excitement and all that mirth ends with weariness and disgust it doesn't deal with the root of our problems or fill the void in our hearts friends but Christ he is the opposite every day with Jesus only get sweeter and sweeter he declares to those that are open to him he says in John chapter one verse 50 Jesus he speak to the Nathaniel because I said into the I saw the under the fig tree believe us that how that house shan't see greater things than these if you believe you will see even greater miracles there are greater miracles that Christ will reveal to us than when we 1st followed him and from when we 1st believed him our spiritual life should not grow stale the miracles should continue and not just only continue but they should get greater and in greater magnitude you know sometimes we look at maybe some people that are Christian for a short time we thing or maybe their praises are so called and caught elementary and that's how you felt back then but maybe it's because we feel like that because we ourselves have not experienced a miracle that is meant to be to the magnitude of our faith if we had been walking with Christ Jesus as you haven't seen anything yet but the world it gives as best. And then the worst at the end but Jesus he gives his best and it only gets better and better and better and better. John Chapter 2 and verse 11 the very last verse ands like this this beginning of miracles did Jesus in Cain of Galilee and manifested His glory and his disciples believed on Him This is the 1st miracle that Jesus performed when he came into full time ministry and it says there in verse 11 that he manifested His glory and as a result his disciples believed in him even more and they already believed in him to some extent but this Miracle was performed also for the sake of his disciples the disciples they would encounter many and great temptations to unbelief they would look at the religious leaders of their time and their their acceptance of Christ only to see him rejected and maligned and betrayed and ultimately crucified the disciples that they would go through a lot of trials on their faith so Jesus every opportunity that he had he would take to strengthen the faith of His disciples and these disciples they would go out to declare their wonderful works of Christ he would send them out 2 by 2 and then in pairs later on in a group of 70 and 120 and even more greater and when they go out they would be amazed and probably bitterly disappointed by the unbelief and the deep seated prejudice that people would have against Christ and his message that probably be discouraged by the priests and the rabbis those religious leaders of the day hoping that they would accept Christ but ultimately rejecting. But it would be these earthly miracles from Jesus that would strengthen the faith of the disciples to stand against this opposition and hold on to Christ and continue to believe that he was the Messiah friends have you experienced the acts of miracles in your life have you seen Jesus for yourself because what I see too often at least in the churches is that the 1st sign of trouble the 1st sign of disappointment the 1st sign where something does not go our way and it shakes the boat that we're in that we're sailing in a life gets rocky and choppy and we seem to lose sight of Jesus the minute that happens many of us we forsake Christ we blame Christ we question him and doubt him friends what we need is a strengthening of our faith maybe that to hear the Word of God and to do service for him through the bringing the gospels of the people is not just about standing up and singing songs service and playing the piano and and all these small little things in church but giving the Word of God to people and as you do it will strengthen your faith and you'll see greater miracles than these have you seen those miracles friends has your faith been strengthened have you beheld Jesus and the wonders that he wants to do in your life and through your life that no matter what happens it will never shake your foundation Jesus he was giving the evidence and the proof of his divinity and his messiahship to his disciples but Jesus he was also there to grace this wedding feast with his presence just as he performed the 1st wedding in the Garden of Eden for Adam and Eve the 1st miracle that he would do. Would be at a wedding he showed the importance of social interaction sure we're at the end of times friends and some people believe that we should even get married and I don't wish to get into such a debate but you know if Christ has laid that conviction of your heart to remain single I'm not going to argue with you every man and woman to their own calling but there is nothing wrong with attending such social gatherings you know Christ would eat and laugh with the sinners and the publican so hard that religious leaders got upset then they would call them a wine bibber they thought he was drunk but Jesus would be at these times at these social gatherings these a light hearted gatherings that he would bring the truth in that he be able to share about his mission and his word it was the in these Ok jps that he was able to turn people's hearts and minds to heavenly things friends there's nothing wrong with going to social gatherings but just make sure you're not like the world that you take the time to point people to Christ show them that there's something better that will satisfy their thirst that is more pleasurable than what the world can give We've got to make sure we don't remove ourselves from these situations only to think that all are going to wait for the 2nd coming of Jesus and everyone else is just we're good we could we could no friends even Jesus did that but you know lastly remember this miracle was a result of the faith that Mary had in Jesus even though she missed understood his mission at that point the simple faith that she had in Christ was ultimately rewarded so with the simple faith that we have today. If we have faith that's like a grain of a mustard seed so small though it start small as it starts to grow our understanding and comprehension of God's work will also continue to grow and expand and strengthen our faith to an overflow as a blessing to others because of Mary's faith all the guests in the wedding tasted a wine that had never been tasted before on this earth it had a heavenly origin you know even the minute grapes are pressed into great juice it begins to break down it begins to ferment it begins to rot but Jesus when he turned that water into wine man had never tasted such a blessing before and so with a little faith that you have you got to remember it's not just blessing for yourself is not only that you can see a miracle and strengthen your faith but you become a blessing and so friends we got to learn to exercise the faith that God has given to every single one of us we can't shut ourselves in and just keep asking for blessings and pray for blessings and seek for blessings in the Word of God and point to the Bible and say God I want to be like Abraham I want to have $400.00 servants God I want to be like Solomon who had so much gold he left off counting God I want to be like King David who is so wealthy and rich and famous God I want to be I want to be and instead of telling God who you want to be in the Bible look beyond that and be the blessing like Abraham was for that Abrahamic Covenant I have that faith that exercise in God that will bring a blessing to the whole world friends with faith as a mustard seed will grow into a great blessing. To all those around you not just for ourselves but to our neighbor to our family to our friends can people see your faith can they taste it can they feel that effects of your faith Mary's faith it was felt by a whole town that came together for a wedding feast and today Jesus is still calling you to be the light and the salt of the earth to be a blessing and he wants to give you his light he wants to shine the light of the glory of the knowledge of Jesus Christ into your heart and set it on fire so that you can give light to others not just for salvation and sake but for the salvation of others in this Christmas season in this time when many of us really think about ourselves I know my children the thinking about all the gifts you know we don't have a Christmas tree and I'm not saying anything against those that do is not about that it's about the spirit in which you approach it and the time when the whole world focuses on that the birth of Christ we know the best not when he was born but we can turn people's hearts to the Scriptures Let's aim to be a blessing even in this time of Christmas where many of us are used to getting presents for self this year see how you can use some of your own money some of your hard earned money not claiming it from the church not taking it from the church not taking from anyone else but take some of your money and buy something for somebody that is not as fortunate as you. They can never give something back to you so that you can be a blessing so that you can shed a little light on the earth in this Christmas season and this festive holidays may we learn to be a salts and a light of the earth let us be a blessing let's bow our heads shall we Father in heaven oh Lord Jesus came to live his life to be a total blessing and he poured out every drop and ounce of the gift of his life to each and every one of us and I pray Lord that you please help us to have faith faith to trust and believe in you because without that we cannot be a blessing we need not a blessing from heaven but we need the blessing himself Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior to dwell in our hearts so that we can be the blessing to others Lord touch our hearts this evening help us to see that we can do much more and be much more than what you've ever and wanted for us to be help us not to focus on self in this holiday season but help us to focus on others and to realize that there are many blessings that we have missed and sometimes a lot we focus still too much on our own problems and our own trials help us to look beyond that in the next few weeks to see how we can just simply be a blessing thank you Lord. Because you've been a blessing to us in this past year and this past week and I know that if we pause even for today we can see a blessing that you've given to us while you're so good because each and every one of us we love you and may you continue to strive with us and be with us and guide us and bless us so that we can bless others as well as we pray in Jesus' name. Amen. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons believe it is a w w w audio verse or.


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