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06 Jesus' Encounter with the Woman at the Well

Benjamin Ng
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  • January 1, 2021
    8:30 PM
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Father in heaven thank you Lord for this New Year Thank you Lord for life thank you for preserving our life until this moment and Lord you always have a reason to help us to understand what that reason is today help us to understand your guidance and your leading in each of our lives and more than anything else this evening as we're able to open your word help us to understand your scriptures speak to us all Lord with your Holy Spirit guide us that we might not just understand this story but we might see its meaning to us this evening goddess and bless us all or now we pray in Jesus' name amen. We're going to start in John chapter 4 this evening John chapter 4 and we've been going through some stories and John already we looked last week at John chapter 3 and now we're continuing in John chapter 4 starting in verse 4 and he must needs go through some area then come with he to a city of some area which is called cycle near to the parcel of ground that Jacob gave to his son Joseph now Jacob's well was there Jesus therefore being wearied with his journey the last on the well and it was about the 6th hour Jesus he's part through Samarium and he sits down at a well in a city or next to a city in some area it's called Site com Now what's very interesting is how the Jews viewed the Samaritans in Matthew Chapter 10 and verse 5 look at what the Bible says Jesus he sends forth the 12 and he commanded them saying go not into the way of the Gentiles and into any city of the Samaritans and the not so even Jesus he classifies and puts the the gentiles with the some merit Samaritans It's as if they're not a part of God's people but when you read into the Bible and especially Old Testament you will find that the Samaritans they were a part of God's people the people of some area in 2nd Kings 17 $29.00 look at what happened to the Samaritans how be it every nation made gods of their own and put them in the houses of the high places which the Samaritans had made every nation in their cities where in the dwelt what do we understand about the Samaritans here they are idol worshippers they were actually part of Israel but they a pasta sized They fell away from God. And they went and made idols and started worshipping them and bow down to them that eventually broke off from the Nation of Israel and then one more in John Chapter 8 and verse $48.00 then said the Jews and 7 to him say we not well the Samaritan and has a devil the Jews they really despised the Samaritans that they when they called you a Samaritan It's as if you were demon possessed this is how far and how despised they looked upon the Samaritans of the people of some area and this is the town and the country that Jesus is coming to and he's sitting by a well inside a car and what happens next let's continue in John chapter 4 verse 7. There come with a woman or some area to draw water Jesus saith unto her give me to drink for his disciples were gone away and to the city to buy meat then say if the woman of some area until him how is it that thou being a Jew ask a drink of me which I am a woman awesome area for the Jews have no dealings with the Samaritans So this woman that is from this town in some areas she comes out and you are in the what time it was when Jesus sat by the well is said it was the 6th hour of the day it wasn't 6 am The Jews I reckon time starting from 6 am so you just added 6 hours on top of 6 am It was 12 p m It was the hottest all coming to the hottest time of the day time that usually people would avoid to come out and draw water from the well why it was too hot they would either come in the morning or in the evening and so she she's coming out at this time because she's trying to avoid people. Even without reading the woman's heart Jesus knows that there is something wrong with this woman just from the time the time that she's coming out to draw water from the well so by asking help for water Jesus. Her prejudice because she's on the replies What why are you talking to me I'm a woman of some area the Samaritans don't have any dealings with the people that are of Israel or that are Jews so even though the Jewish people they don't have any dealings with them Jesus he's asking for water. He shows that he's not part of those bigoted people that would just separate themselves just because of the race he's trying to find a way to be able to help this woman and he starts out by asking help from her and he's not trying to pretend he really can't get water from the well and he's thirsty and he doesn't have a bucket he doesn't have anything to pull put the bucket down and drop it and bring it back up so he's not pretending but now that he's got her attention look at what Jesus continues with John chapter 4 verse 10 Jesus answered and sent to her if the newest the gift of God and who it is that saith to the give me to drink that all would have asked of him and he would have given the living water so right away Jesus jumps into a spiritual application he talks about living water but the woman doesn't get it yet look at how she replies verse 11 the woman saith unto him sir thou has nothing to draw with and the well is deep from whence then has value that living water up there are greater than our father Chico which gave us the well and drank their of himself and his children and his cattle she doesn't get it she doesn't understand that this living water that Jesus is talking about is a spiritual application but what she's what is interesting is she refers to Jacob as their father but I thought Jacob was the father of the Jews right remember the Samaritans were people that had a pasta sized had fallen away from the truth and not just that because of their sins God allowed them to be conquered by idolatrous Nations. And eventually able to intermingle with all these heathen people they would intermarry and it would eventually contaminate their own beliefs and their religion until they themselves began to worship idols but this woman of some area she knows her heritage she knows that the father Jacob was their father as well and so she didn't get it yet how can you get this water you don't have anything to draw with the well is deep you can't give me this living water look how Jesus responds verse 13 Jesus oncet and 7 to her whosoever drink of of this water shall thirst again but whosoever drink of of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst but the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up into a lasting life the woman say it and to him. Give me this water that I thirst not neither come hither to draw so Jesus now really has her attention he says the water that I give you you'll never thirst again it will be in you a well of water spring up to everlasting life and she's like I want that water I never want to thirst again why because she didn't ever want to come to this well again she was coming in the middle of the day she was trying to avoid people she came on purpose at a time when no one would be coming out to draw water will be no eyes that would see her and possibly condemn her. Now it seemed that this man Jesus was offering her a solution that she had been searching for for a long time. But before Jesus can give of this water before he can quench the thirst and give of this living water he had to help her to see her real need not just something temporal as in drinking water and because she was thirsty so she would have to come to the well and draw again but truly this living water it had to be something that she realized she would need and hold on to just like thirst itself but the water that Jesus was referring to here was not literal but obviously himself how do we know look when you go back to verse 14 and you read it there it says but that water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up into what everlasting life this living water gives everlasting life and last week when we studied about Nikken Demas in John Chapter 3 we looked at a verse that is the most famous verse in all of the Bible and in all of Christendom What was it John $316.00 For God so loved the world that He gave His only beloved Son that whosoever believeth in Him in His Son in Jesus Christ should not perish but have ever lasting life look friends if we believe in Jesus Christ the Bible says we will have everlasting life he says in John 4 that if you drink this water you will also have everlasting life the illustration is clear that water is referring to Jesus Christ but before the woman is willing to drink you have to show their need they have to understand their need and look you can lead a camel to a drinking trough but you can't force the camel to drink. You know so it is with Christians we can surround ourselves with all the perfect ingredients to grow in Christ but unless they see that need they will never appreciate the surroundings that they are in many people they go throughout their lives whatever without ever realizing how much in need they are of Christ you can have Jesus the preacher standing there every week preaching powerful convicting messages but unless you see the need unless your eyes are opened you won't realize the precious precious ness of the truth that you have so Jesus he has to help this woman see her need you know many of us we go throughout life without realizing it why. The rich man surrounded by his riches the athlete at the peak of his powers the musician selling millions of albums the student with photographic memory with Ph d. when you're 17 years old you know unless we realize our need we will never drink but what gets in our way is our self sufficiency is it helps us or doesn't help us it's. How to say that it stops us from realizing realizing our need because we think that we did it all ourselves we think that we don't need Christ's help and we don't realize it so we come to church not in need but as if we're doing Christ a favor by turning up we're doing Christ a favor by putting money into the money back to support the church to support the workers to support the pastor to keep the church open we think that we're doing Christ a favor in instead of realizing that I need to come to church. To be saved not because church saves me but because there's a message there that will teach me about Jesus and about the truth and help me to believe and so that's why the Bible says in Matthew and Chapter 19 verse 23 verily I say unto you that a rich man shall hardly enter into the kingdom of heaven you know friends only when life knocks you low only when we are given a bitter pill to swallow that our eyes seem to be more discerning An open to spiritual things ears become then more attentive to the voice of the Holy Spirit because we are more desperate we become more willing with nicotine as he was blind to his own condition he was a fair a sea of the fairer seas he was a ruler of the Jews and Jesus had to shake him awake he thus a startling statement that Christ had to make it a religious leader to tell him you can even see the kingdom of heaven but with this woman Christ knows that she's broken she's dejected she's come to the well in the middle of the day but still he has to help her see that he is the answer to all her problems you know even a poor person even a person that's dejected and downtrodden can turn to the wrong things for their solution and we do this all the time drugs drinking the wrong type of relationship to get into. All sorts of things even travelling can be something that we try to use to to drown our sorrows or make us forget our problems but crisis the only true answer and so what does he do let's continue John for 16 through 18 Jesus say if and so her. Go call the husband and come hither the woman answered and said I have no husband Jesus said and to her that all has to well said I have no husband for the will has had 5 husbands and he whom down now asked is not by husband in that service the truly Jesus now calls or tells her to call her husband and he focuses on the main reason why she is out here in the middle of the day drawing water she quickly replies that she is not and Christ replies candidly Yeah I know you have none in fact you had 5 in the one you are now with is not even your husband Jesus lays bare before her her own life holding up the mirror seeing her life looking right back at her was she really that infamous maybe she was thinking at someone's holder or him rather how does a stranger know the intricate details of my life she been trying to hide a life she this reason why she came out in the middle of the day to be unseen to be unnoticed because she was famous for all the wrong reasons she was trying to hide the problem that she was in so just like Nicky Bemis Christ had to get her attention a straight fact about the hidden secrets of her life. We don't know what the hidden secrets were of or hidden sins of nicotine as his life was but we know that he could not see the kingdom of heaven in the state that he came to Christ and they could be most were so shocked when Jesus told them hey you got to be born again or else you can't enter into the Kingdom of Heaven he was so shocked that he answered with a ridiculous reply all how how can I go back into my mother's womb and be born again right but when Jesus gives this shocking statement to to this woman of some area and and shows her that he knows the hidden secrets and past of her life she actually replies in a pretty interesting way look at what is has in John 419 the woman saith unto him Sir I perceive that thou art a prophet she doesn't come up with a silly response a ridiculous reply she has a bit more perception than what Nikken Demas had and she begins to see that the person that is sitting there before her is more than just a man that is more than just any ordinary human being but even as she pauses and thinks about that she tries to stop Jesus from digging deeper into her life and so she tries to change the topic let's continue verse 20 Our fathers worshiped in this mountain and you say that in Jerusalem is a place where men ought to worship she tries to divert the attention even though she realizes Mum are you a prophet and then she tries to talk about worship but she says what our fathers worshiped in this mountain and this mountain was not a mountain in Jerusalem in in Israel but it was in some area. And this mountain was where the Samaritans worshiped and this where they set up their rival temple it was the worship of the Samaritans versus the worship of the Jews that's why she said if you look back there are fathers worshiped in this mountain in some area and you say that in Jerusalem is a place that men ought to wash up so she's pitting 2 religions 2 races against each other but Christ is ready he's been he's been training for this moment he's been waiting for moments like this where he knows when he touches the hidden secrets of people's lives that they want to leave hidden that they'll try to divert his attention and he comes back and he uses what she talks about in worship and brings it back to help to solve a problem let's continue shall we it's very interesting how you here he replies John for 21 to 24 look at this. Jesus saith unto her Woman believe me the hour cometh when ye shall neither in this mountain nor yet at Jerusalem worship the Father you worship what you know not know not what we know what we worship for salvation is of the Jews but the hour cometh and now is when the true worshipers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth for the father seek of such to worship Him God is a Spirit and they that worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth friends what is the essence of Christ's reply for reply in this way 1st he shows that the Jews had the right understanding of worship we know not what we know what we worship for salvation is of the Jews that's what he same is not that you'll be saved because you are a Jew but the way for salvation would come through the Jewish nation that must sign you would be the one that Ruby revealed not as in the Samaritans but in the Jewish nation of Israel a nation which of course in a sense he was points himself however even though he's a Jew Christ States ultimately that true worship has got nothing to do with a place or even a race that's why he said at the beginning of your run of this woman believe me that I will come at verse $21.00 when you shall neither in this mountain nor yet at Jerusalem worship the Father so he's like Lady when it comes to true worship even Jerusalem is not where true worship is found just like nicotine MOUs when Christ stated you must be born again he now says to this woman that true worship. Is not by seeking a holy mountain or a sacred temple religion is not confined to external forms and ceremonies because this woman was just as lost as Nikodim us was but just as nigga Demas needed to be born of water and what the Spirit So this woman of some area had to understand that true worship was not just truth. But it was also spirit those that worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth not just simply truth and not to say that truth is bad or not good but just as being born of water is really important they miss the other half of the equation truth is important but the working of the Holy Spirit in the hot transforming the character is that which brings the life into harmony with the life of Christ the man that she was now with was not her husband gently Jesus was showing her a better life and even though she diverted the topic Christ use that topic and knew how to bring around him back for an application that would be close to our hearts he was helping her to see that the living water whilst showing her that he didn't accept what she was doing and had to change and he was the only one that could help her to change but the power would not come from just truth or a temple but it was truth and the spirit you know friends if we want to have a different life we need to experience true worship as well we must be born of the spirit and we looked about last week. But having a theory of the truth is not enough that's just the form of religion but you deny the power there of look truth is really important truth in John sets us free that truth is Jesus Christ and the truth is found in the Scriptures and the truth is really needed to show us how to live a better life to be like Christ what it means to be loving we might have our own ideas of what love is but Jesus is Love God is love he showed us what love us you see so when you have truth it also shows us where we fallen short and many times majority of the time really it does that for all of us because all of us have fallen short of God's glory of His truth of his character and so truth is needed to bring conviction of sin but just to be convicted that you're wrong is not enough you know that to remain in that sort of conviction of a change is to remain in a condemnatory state it's just this religion is just a burden then because you know you're wrong but knowing you're wrong it doesn't help you it just burdens you with guilt and that's what worship in truth only does it's not that truth is bad friends you go around with this right truth brings conviction of sin truth shows us our life versus the life that Christ wants us to live our beliefs versus the belief and the faith that we should have truth sets the foundation but truth that only remains our truth is something that makes the Christian carry of very heavy burden because we will never be able to live up to it we need to worship in spirit as well. True worship spirit and truth and allowing the Holy Spirit to work in your life is as simple as getting on your knees as we looked at last week right now where you are closing your eyes and asking God for the Holy Spirit to help you to be born again to change to have the power to live a life in Christ but before all of that happens you have to see your need right you have to see your need and I'm afraid that many people just think that they are not wrong. Some are just plain fighting against the 10 Commandments fighting against the Sabbath taking God's name in vain dishonoring their parents others they don't think it's wrong to be in an equally yoked relationship still others they struggle with dress standards and more they struggle even with diet you know do you see your need or you come to this point where you're fighting against the truth and you want to silence your conviction by telling yourself that it's it's Ok to keep doing this even though right and we part of the Scriptures Yeah I see that but and we try to wall Jesus never lived in the 21st century right and so we have all sorts of excuses and we have all sorts of reasons as to why we don't have to obey the truth but really the real problem is what it's we're missing the spirit we have the truth it convicts us it shows us that we're wrong it shows us where we need to change it tells us where we need to come up higher and if we don't have the spirits we know that we're fighting a losing battle so in order to silence conviction we have to change the truth and maybe you just branded the messenger wherever you go nowadays as a heretic bearing a false message. But friends have you tested all the Bible texts that people have showed you in regards to the truth that you see. Maybe you're sitting here even the see evening saying to yourself every time Ben preaches he's got of speech about the Sabbath or he's going to talk about the diet he's got to talk about the 10 Commandments but I'm asking you this evening friends is a truth and some of you you're convicted you're worshipping in truth but the reason why you're not applying it is because you're not worshipping in the spirit there in lies the biggest challenge for all of us if worshipping in truth was enough Jesus would have come a long time ago why when you read the Bible it is clear there's no 2 ways about it the 10 Commandments there's no mis understanding that it is clear but at the end of the day it's not just about truth isn't it isn't and. I'm not even asking you this evening. Whether you're you're ready are you ready to change you know maybe some of you like to make that excuse sometimes I read the truth but not right now you know when people tell me that I don't understand what that means how do you know not right now now is not the time for what is it because you need a bit more time to break the Sabbath and break the 10 commandments and do what you know is not according to the Bible but that's why we say that but friends I don't know I don't know I just know that God can help you to be ready now if you want to if you're willing to believe it will him to accept it the question that I'm asking you this evening is the one Have you seen the truth is truth what you've heard. For those that have been back in sac for the past 3 years for the past 7 years that I've been with you have you gone back and checked every sermon that I've preached to make sure that I've not got it wrong hey there there are times that I've gotten wrong even during this online Nesa just people message me other area I think you got the wrong text you know it happens but you've got to go back and check it only if you've checked it and truth is your foundation and then the next step is worship in spirit look let's finish off this conversation this crisis having with this woman we're going to come back to this Ok let's continue 1st John 42526 The woman said and to him I know that Messias cometh which is called Christ when he is come he will tell us all things and then finally Jesus says to her I that speak unto thee and he you know she's been looking for the Messiah and she knows that the mandate sitting there is more than just any ordinary met but now Jesus gives her an opportunity to exercise a faith that He reveals himself as the Messiah and look at how she reacts verse 28 The woman then left her waterpot and went her way into the city she forgot the whole reason as to why she came out in the 1st place trying to avoid people and now she's going into the city to do what she says to the men come see a man which told me all things that ever I did is not this the Christ she became one of the greatest evangelist to the Samaritans just a few moments before she she's avoiding people and now she's going into town unashamed unabashed telling everybody about Jesus about the Messiah that she met the well. She's got courage all of a sudden she's ready to change she leaves behind her guilt she leaves behind that water pot that reminds her of the burden that she was carrying and she goes off with a heart free she's found the Messiah finally finally she's able to change the Messiah came read her heart and still accepted her as she tells the whole town about Christ about the Messiah just a few I'm just a few moments before she wasn't ready and this conversation just sparked a fire in art and off she goes. You know let's make sure that we don't put changes in our lives it's down to emotions you know I've seen people that they say that all my my son went to you Conference and came back and he's ready to give up his life and serve God want to be a pastor my daughter went off to this other you conference and you come back and just want to study anymore she want to go to Bible school and you know we think they're making emotional decisions but friends if you make an emotional decision to go and serve Christ praise the Lord but I'm telling you it is the Spirit of God that is moving upon this person's heart is just we don't realize it is hidden deep within this woman it wasn't just the sudden like that the Holy Spirit was working upon her art and I'm sure that the Holy Spirit is working upon someone's heart even the this evening as we were watching and was studying and reading together prompting you wooing you to make a decided change in your life to believe the words that Christ has been saying to you but it's not enough just to know the truth knowing about the truth does not set us free you must have the truce and the spirit it's not emotions. It's the spirit of God working upon the hearts this woman she went and became the greatest evangelist to a hometown she was infamous but now she became famous for all the right reasons look what it says John for $39.00 to $42.00 and many of the Samaritans of that city believed on Him for the saying of the woman which testified he told me all that ever I did so when the surroundings would come out under him they were sought him that he would tarry with them and he bowed their 2 days and many more believed because of his own word and sentence of the woman now we believe not because of deicing for we have heard him ourselves and know that this is indeed the Christ the Savior of the world many more would believe not because of the woman's word but because they came and heard Christ for themselves unlike nikka Demas who we studied in John 3 last week this woman was willing and ready to respond right away we don't know what happen it could be a mess but she didn't respond because she was rash it was because the Holy Spirit had been preparing a heart and help her to be ready for this moment friends have you had this sort of encounter with Jesus before or maybe you are just struggling with the truth maybe you have been listening to my preaching a lot and you know that I talk about diet a lot then the Sabbath a lot and God's law a lot you know seeming standards and maybe some of you have branded Mia Farrow's Sakal preacher preacher that just talks about standards all the time and walking away to heaven on no friends I don't believe in that do I believe we need to change yes but I believe that the only way we can ever change is unless you are willing to ask God. For His Holy Spirit Acts Chapter 5 and verse 32 says this and we are His witnesses of these things and so is the Holy Ghost whom God hath given to them that obey Him You see friends God gives us the Holy Spirit so we can obey he gives the Holy Spirit to give us the power to put into practice the convictions that God has laid upon a heart from the truth the Holy Spirit is the one that strengthens us the Holy Spirit is the one that empowers us and so if all you've been having is just Bible study I'm telling you it's not enough or why love the truth and you got to read the Bible friends you got to spend time in it we focus on it Sabbath school during a worship service here on the Friday night and sell group on a Saturday night when the young people share the always of a Bible text truth is important but it's not enough you need the Holy Spirit this evening 2021 is here it's time to take a more bold stand for Jesus and for the truth what are you waiting for Jesus he's waiting for you to respond tonight and I'm sure there are many here that have heard enough truth you've studied enough already you're not sitting there not obeying because your mis informed or because you mis understand and maybe you've even heard the story about the Samaritan woman many times but how have you responded That's my question have you accepted what you heard believe then ask the Holy Spirit to change you as well align yourself with the truth that you've been studying Christ as ready. Now he's waiting for you to respond today. He wants you to worship Him in truth and also in spirit you know friends I want to ask you to bow your heads with me as I pray but I'm going to pray that the Holy Spirit will touch your hearts in a mighty way this evening like he has never touched you before some of you you've gotten used to being in a pandemic already you know in March when I 1st start up these online online studies. I saw many people were starting to watch and viewership increase an increasing increase and then I think we got to this point it's not a saturation point or a tipping point it's just we get to this point where people are used to being in a pandemic and being in lockdown and the urgency and and the way that they see life is not so urgent anymore the urgency dies away so we get to this point as there are and then it's not so bad we got this under control and life has become normal during this pandemic. And. You don't see the importance of praying anymore asking God for the Holy Spirit and the application of truth is not just about. Going to church it's not even just about reading the Bible it's about being like Jesus and there is a group that's focused just on a what do I need to read the Bible I just pray with all the spirit that's not enough because the Holy Spirit is changes you put into what is the Bible that tells us what Jesus is like and so there's 2 groups but the group that I find missing a lot is the one that learns to worship in spirit that is asking God for strength for power to obey Him to live like him to dress like you to to walk like him to eat like him to be like Jesus through and through. Not by might know by power but by my spirit so I thought unless we have this who will come infinitely short of heaven and then only way to quieten our conscience we're going to change the truth you've got to start disagreeing with the Bible you go find out one text that just. Is so ambiguous that you can just use it for the wrong as well and that's what was shipping only in truth to us but tonight if there's ever a time we need the Holy Spirit is today and so I'm going to pray and ask you to buy your heads and if you see the need in your life pray honestly with me in your hearts Let's go ahead shall we let's pray Father in Heaven Lord forgive me for just having a form but having no true gotten in us Lord please I know I've come so short of a character so many times and I've tried to do it in my own strength. You know we sit there we read the Bible thinking yes God you're filling us with your truth but Father unless your Holy Spirit comes in the truth will just be words that will condemn us all the time we will never be able to live up to that standard we need Jesus we need your spirit today laud Please help us lodge you promise that if we are asked you are more than happy to give us all the Spirit not on condition because we have obeyed but to give us a spirit so we can obey so Father please help us to place our will our mind our heart on the side of right this evening and not just to make this news resolution to be a better person to be more like Jesus but Lord you have to be the one that will fulfill that desire as well police give us the Holy Spirit help us to stop struggling with the truth change our. Our desires hearts and our minds change us from the inside law to the outs and father made this year be a year that all of us begins a pray more earnestly for your Holy Spirit to change us you know our struggles you know where we hate the truth you know where our lives are just miserably failing every week may this week be different give us rest the Sabbath day but empower us to live for you. As we seek for your spirit each and every day. Just like we seek for you. We pray in Jesus name. Amen. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons pleading visit w w w audio verse or.


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