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Hold Nothing Back - Part 19

David Wright


David Wright

Lead/Senior Pastor, Hendersonville SDA Church


  • May 9, 2020
    11:00 AM
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Last Words can be meaningful when people share what's on their hearts and so we have these last words of Paul recorded almost 2000 years ago but I think they still have something for us to pay attention to today so we're picking up the story and I go ahead and go back to verse 17 from Melissa to see sent to f.s.s. and called for the elders of the church and when they had come to him verse 18 he said to them you know from the 1st day that I came to Asia in what manner I always lived among you and then start taking notes 1st 1000 serving the Lord with all humility with many tears and trials which happened to me by the plotting of the Jews how I kept back nothing that was helpful but proclaimed it to you and taught you publicly from house to house testifying to Jews and also to Greeks repentance towards God and face toward our Lord Jesus Christ Wow Paul just said an awful lot we need to go back in unpack that again because Paul is encouraging them to follow his own example and so what are some of the characteristics of Paul's ministry Let's go back to verse 19 was the 1st one serving the Lord with what all humility humility seemed to be a theme of Paul's By the way if you have not noticed Philip Ians $23.00 Paul writes let nothing be done through selfish ambition or conceit but in lowliness of mind let each esteem others better then himself doesn't come natural is not something that is just within us but it is a gift that God gives to us this loneliness of mind to esteem others better then ourselves and perhaps the 1st council he gives us care yourselves with all humility. Colossians 312 therefore as the elect of God holy and beloved put on Tender Mercies kindness humility meekness and long suffering how important to be humble to be meek and you can say it's important always but especially when you have a strong message to deliver if you're able to deliver a strong message with humility I would say there's a much greater chance that it will be accepted with humility and meekness kindness and long suffering effusions for verse 2 with all lowliness and gentleness with longsuffering bearing with one another in love again this theme of humility and so here and Paul's legacy that he is passing down he says serve the Lord with all humility don't think yourself more highly than you ought but be humble and how you relate to one another Secondly and this one will probably spend most of our time on even though there's 5 here but don't let that worry you Secondly here it says hold nothing back you see it there serving low with all humility humility with many tears and trials you know going back to the humility piece do you think that sometimes allows tears and trials to keep us humble and dependent on him to recognize our human frailty and our need and dependence on Jesus Christ that's all humility with meteors and trials which happened to me by the plight of the Jews verse 20 how I kept back nothing that was helpful but proclaimed it to you and taught you publicly and from house to house you know he says something very similar in verse 23 he says that chains and tribulations await me talking about when he goes through slim but none of these things move me nor do I count my life dear to myself so that I might finish my race with joy. And the ministry which I receive from the Lord Jesus to testify to the gospel of the grace of God He knows was going to be ahead of him in Jerusalem he knows even be beyond that to Rome because it's quoted that and I think it's Chapter 19 that he's going to go to both he says none of these things are concerned for me why because I'm holding nothing back I'm putting it all out there verse 31 he says therefore watch and remember that for 3 years and I not cease to warn everyone night and day with tears Does that sound like he's just kind of well put a little time here and I'm going to go fishing I'll put in little time they're not going to go ahead around the gulf I'm nothing against fishing I'm nothing is gulf but here we have a man of God putting everything on the table he's holding nothing back now Pastor you're saying we should be over the top just run ourselves ragged and not prioritize family and our spouses No I'm not saying any of those things but I am saying when it comes to spreading the gospel don't hold anything back Paul certainly did sometimes we're fearful to tell people the whole truth and nothing but the truth but whether it's our family our children our coworkers we're really good at telling people what they want to hear but most the time we stop there why well because there's things that are easy to share and then there's those other things that are hard and uncomfortable to share their little things easy to say and there's also things hard to say there are things that we know will bring about a favorable response and then there are those things that we know probably will bring about an on favorable response and we don't like unfavorable responses so we speak in niceties in meaningless platitudes we talk about the weather what happen in the news this or that we don't get too political because that goes out to so we just keep everything very light. Very surface and as a result our conversation can be boring and have no debt we only speak of pleasant and pleasing things but you know I both know a true friend is someone with all humility will tell it to you straight why because you need to know what it Paul say here I can back nothing that was helpful but proclaimed it to you I think there are times that we need to know that we deserve to know and it's those close friends that know in the long run it will be beneficial to tell us but I know about you but I value those friendship Those are the people they don't just come along and blast me they don't ignore Paul's 1st directive with all humility but in love they come alongside and they say something like Look Dave you know how much I care about you and how much I value your friendship or our friendship and you're doing a lot of things well but there's this one area that I keep noticing that has been a concern for me and I've been praying about this and I felt impressed that I need to talk to you about it that's a true friend holds nothing back I mean what can be said about the opposite a friend that sees me headed in this wrong direction sees me going towards destruction but says Well none of my business can be bothered to get upset at me it's not my fault I don't want to get involved never mind no that's not a true friend but to share to talk straight can take some holy boldness and all around you people may say don't go there they will like it they won't take it well just leave well enough alone but folks you can't keep silent because it's not in their best interest for you to keep silent Paul didn't travel around on 3 missionary journeys to tell them nice things and empty platitudes you're good everything's fine no worries just keep doing what you're doing no everywhere Paul when he stirred things up and sometimes people got upset off. He had to leave town and under the cover of darkness sometimes be lowered off of walls in baskets other times in boats you name it time and again we see God preserving Paul from being put to death early by people is that to assume that Paul was arrogant in your face rude No not at all but he presented the truth the whole truth in all humility and love it wasn't watered down it was exactly what they needed to hear you know the problem was some just didn't want to hear it yet by the power of the Holy Spirit Paul keeps going he keeps preaching he keeps teaching he holds nothing back because God has laid a message on his heart and he desires to share regardless regardless of the backlash that it may cause now we've seen in Athens he tries to be sensitive he tries to to not overly agitate people but he's not going to sugarcoat he's not going to water it down he's going to tell them the truth and to do that to know how far to go to know how straight to talk folks I submit we need to not only be filled with humility but we need to be thick with the Almighty God People don't give your marching orders God does we already read where he says you know people are telling them don't go to Jerusalem don't go to Jerusalem he says No God has given me a directive to go I know what awaits me there but my life is nothing to me I'm going to go Paul got his directives from the Lord and so Paul tells elders of emphasis hold nothing back eyes verse 26 he says I'm innocent of the blood of all min just a little lower here in the passage why would Paul say I'm innocent of the blood of all men simple he didn't hold anything back he told them in love and in humility the straight and honest truth and then it was fully up to them to decide what they were going to do with that truth verse 27 of this passage he says. For I have not shun to declare to you the whole council I've got a lot of preachers and pastors out there that like to give part there's a popular part there's a soothing part there's a comforting part as a compassionate part and I'm not going to say that that's not part it is but is that the whole counsel of God is there some accountability is there some call to repentance to reform to change there is why is is so important too often people perish for lack of knowledge verse 29 Paul says this in this passage for I know this that after my departure savage waltz will come in among you you know how wolves work in packs. It's not just one animal that's bigger than you it's a lot of animals and when they work together in force they take down sometimes animals a lot larger than them for I know this that after my departure savage wolves will come in among you not sparing the flock also from among yourselves men will rise up speaking perverts things to draw away the disciples after themselves what will be the thing that will keep them from being deceived the whole truth the whole council of God telling it to them plainly holding nothing back and in fact we see exactly that this is what happened in Europe deception did come in people were caught off guard things change very quickly and Paul is saying to the church of evidence hold nothing back give the whole truth with all humility verse 28 of this passage Paul says further take heed to yourselves and to all the flock among which the Holy Spirit has made you overseers to shepherd the King James Version says in that word it says to feed the Church of God which he purchased with his own blood as church leaders as the spiritual leader in your home as the one with spiritual influence at work in the place of influence that the Holy Spirit has placed give them spiritual nourishment whole nothing back why because Jesus held nothing back he gave his all by the purchase of his own blood talk about skin in the game did held nothing back for you or for me he gave himself wholly and now he's asking us to hold nothing back. But to be crucified with Christ that I no longer live but Jesus Christ now lives in me going back here to verse 20 but I kept back nothing that was helpful for but proclaimed it to you and touch you publicly and from house to house 2nd Timothy 4 verse to Paul again and Molly admonishes Timothy and some other last words he says preach the Word be ready in season and out of season convince rebuke exhort with all longsuffering and teaching basically in his final words to Timothy he says Timothy hold nothing back preach the word Jesus Himself in Matthew 5 beginning verse 13 he says you are the salt of the Earth but it's a salt loses its flavor how should be seasoned it is then good for nothing but to be thrown out and trampled underfoot by man you are the light of the world a city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden nor do they light a lamp and put it under a basket but on a lamp stand and it gives light to all who are in the house therefore let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven folks Christians must permeate society as agents of redemption if we don't do this the results may be as follows This is taken from Christian service page 111 I heard someone say we knew the judges of God were coming upon the earth but we did not know that they would come so soon maybe so quickly as Charles point out others with agonizing voices said you why did you not tell us we did not know on every side I heard similar words of reproach. Spoken friends neighbors colleagues family members you knew we didn't know why didn't you tell us why did you hold back so continue with Paul's legacy 1st serve the Lord with all humility Secondly hold nothing back and thirdly be inclusive verse $21.00 testifying to Jews and also to Greeks repentance towards God and faith to our Lord Jesus Christ Paul preached to everyone no one was left out Paul saw his own special calling as being the apostle to the Gentiles but he never abandon the synagogue friends there is no room for x. exclusive ism in the Gospel glace in $328.00 there is neither Jew nor Greek there is either slave nor free there is neither male nor female for you are all one in Christ if you study Galatians 3 This verse is in the context of salvation and Jesus came for all Jews and Gentiles alike who is too far gone that God cannot say don't categorize don't marginalize don't be exclusive the gospel for everyone we all are sinners in need of a savior and Paul didn't play favorites No he ministered to everyone whatever their class or rank or gender or anything he minister to all Fourthly preach repentance we see that there in the middle of verse 21 testifying to Jews not of the Greeks repentance toward God you know supposed to go back to f.s.s. and tell him to repent I don't like telling people to repent I imagine it wasn't in vogue then and I'm not in vogue today you don't hear the church say repent much anymore. Rather it's all about love and acceptance and I sit on the board of coming out ministry and this week we were looking at a popular book promoting and being circulated with this idea that the church needs to change its stance on the l.g. bt plus community rather than ask the individual to accept or subject I should say their cherished opinions to God's Word I mean that may require a change of heart and a change and shift of behavior but we prefer the emphasis of love and acceptance to the exclusion of the need of repentance or submission or transformation of character I don't like to admit that I'm wrong that I've done something that needs to be corrected I just like to be loved I like to be accepted I can be told it's Ok sometimes Us Vs sighted John a verse 11 neither do I condemn you remember the story woman Khana adultery she was caught in the middle of a trap the man that brought her at trap is probably around point his finger at her neither do I condemn you Jesus says as he writes their sins in the same I mean these are words of great and incredible love and compassion but it's not the whole verse then Jesus says Go and sin no more so he commands no compromise or no accommodation for sin but says turn from your ways change your lifestyle repent make an about face friends encounter easy is has always demanded transformation of the life the turning a way from sin sin was not treated lightly by Jesus but sinners were offered the opportunity and love and grace to have a new start in life. And so Repentance is not a dirty word is simply the turning away from sin those things that lead us unto death and I heard another preacher on our radio station this week say that temptation is death we don't think about it in those terms but essentially that's exactly what it is every time I'm tempted I'm staring death in the face because the wages of sin is death and so if I buck against repentance I'm saying I want to die. Doesn't make sense and so Paul says in our passage and verse $21.00 teach repentance towards God and they continue on the verse he says repentance towards God and face toward our Lord Jesus Christ preach faith in Jesus Christ some are saying that we cannot overcome our sins maybe you've heard that we're going to be slaves of our old simple habits until Jesus comes but friends that's not the full gospel either in the heart of the Christmas story and Angel the Lord appears to Joseph and says and she will bring forth a son and you shall call his name Jesus for He will save his people in their stand is that it says no it says from their sins there's a difference John chapter one verse 5 in the New International Version says the light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it to say through the power of the living Christ and to the end when the Holy Spirit we cannot overcome sin is to say that sin is more powerful than Christ but this verse tells me that the light of Jesus Christ was sown in the darkness and the darkness the devil himself was not able to overcome this light no Christ is more powerful not just in his while we live here on this earth but in life as we ask him to change us from within. First John chapter 4 verse 4 you are of God and have overcome them because you because he who is in you is greater than he who is in the world do you believe that verse do I believe that verse If so I can be an overcomer why because Jesus Christ who is living in me is greater then my sin then my evil per frenzies then my my corrupt thought patterns he is greater than all of these things and as I look on to Jesus the author and finisher of my faith he will bring me through and so yes preach reprints repentance but preach faith in Jesus Christ to overcome your sins to live a victorious life another verse 1st John 5 Verse 5 he who sorry who is He who overcomes the world but he who believes that Jesus is the Son of God doesn't say who is he who just kind of rolls over and says Well nothing I can do I have these evil propensities I can't change no Who is He who overcomes here believes that Jesus is the Son of God 1st Corinthians 1557 says this but thanks be to God who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ friends face is the victory we sing about it we need to live it as well Romans chapter 8 verse one it says there is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ you know walk according to the flesh but according to The Spirit some of you might be asking Will that all sounds nice but I know my own experience I know how hard I've tried I know how it just hasn't worked out that way for me I love this precious little book I hope it's in your library if not. We want to help you add it to your library steps to Christ page 47 so practical so filled with Scripture says this many are inquiring how my to make the surrender of myself to God it's a good question is now how might it make the surrender of myself to go if you desire to give yourself to him but you are weak in moral power in slavery to doubt and control by the habits of your life of sin your promises and resolutions are like ropes of sand is not an amazing word picture and I can so relate to what she's saying here it says you cannot control your thoughts your impulses your affections the knowledge of your broken promises and forfeited pledges weakens your confidence in your own sincerity I've been there too and cause you to feel that God cannot accept you but don't stop there but you need not despair what you need to understand are we listening is the true force of the Will this is the governing power in the nature of man the power of decision or of choice read the whole great controversy hinges on this power of decision this power of choice to choose you this day whom you will serve goes on everything depends on the right action of the will or decision or choice the power of choice God has given to men it is theirs to exercise you cannot change your heart you cannot of yourself give to God it's affections but you can choose to serve Him you can give him your will he will then work in you to will and to do according to His good pleasure folks that's the practicality of it give him your will and you might say why did that a baptism that's wonderful. I did that a few years ago when somebody came to town there's a big spiritual revival that's great I did that and some called the pastor Hyman mate even just a few weeks ago that's wonderful but how about today and today and today and today that is all to Millie where the battle is won or lost when we say Jesus I am struggling with this temptation is not a sin to be tempted Jesus was tempted but how do you overcome that temptation it is written by the power of the word and so you are in the midst of that temptation and you start claiming the promises of God and you submit you give him your will and you say Lord I want I believe help me overcome my unbelief I desire but I'm not fulfilling what I want to fulfill or I need you to do this and often I think in my experience God sitting there thinking I thought you were going to ask this time that you're going to do it on your own I'd love to help folks the reality is we're no match for the powers of darkness but the powers of darkness are no match for Jesus Christ put your will on the side of Christ exactly what Jesus does in the garden and get 70 Matthew 26390 my father it is possible let this cup let this temptation letters horrible hellish thing pass from me nevertheless not as I will but as you will I'm making a choice Jesus is saying I'm putting my will on the side of my Heavenly Father Flippy and for 12 and 13 again the words of Paul Work out your own salvation with fear and trembling for it is God who works in you both to will and to do for His good pleasure God the one is going to have to do it. He's going to have to bring it to pass but he's not going to barge in the God and Jesus the whole Godhead they're all gentleman they don't barge down the front door they wait to be invited in and so we need to give them full access not yesterday but today and today and today friends faith is the victory Romans 8 1st 7 yet in all these things we are more then the conquerors through him who loved us doesn't say through me and my will power doesn't say through gritted my teeth you know we're more than conquerors through him Jesus Christ who loved us so what is Paul submit to them serve the Lord with all humility hold nothing back be inclusive preach repentance and preach faith in Jesus Christ and then Earth verse 32 there's other things that he said along similar lines we can unpack it all but he says in verse 32 so now brethren I commend you to God and to the word of His grace which is able to build you up and give you inheritance among all those who are sanctified there it is again and Paul gives a few more words which again you have to read on your own but verse 36 to the end it says and when he had said these things he knelt down and prayed with them and they all wept freely were they convicted and fell on Paul's neck and kissed him sorrowing most of all for the words which he spoke that he would see that they would see his face no more and they accompanied him to the ship they took every moment. Paul held nothing back they took every moment and now your ship is leaving Paul we've got to go got to have prayer and so they kneel down with tears and with weeping and then they head back the 30 some odd miles to fs but I imagine they went back different to the way that they came they went back contemplating the words that he shared and with this desire now or this this this charge if you will that we can't count on Paul he's not going to be back to tell us that's it if we don't do it who else if we don't go who's going to go if we don't speak who will speak if we don't care for if we don't give them the charge and they get the call if we don't preach it to him straight if we don't put everything out there and hold nothing back who do it we've got to go maybe they banded together maybe they said we're going to keep each other accountable maybe they came up with a game plan after some time in prayer I don't know but I imagine they win back different to the way they came to friends the time are coming and are even here in the sense in a very real sense when the minister of the Gospel not be able to do the work in fact even now our influence has been significantly hampered yet opportunities abound the question simple what are you doing with those opportunities today marks the 2nd Sabbath of May and my father and mother in law were supposed to be in p. and g. which is Papa New Guinea. Why well in Papa New Guinea for the last several years they have been laying the foundation if you will for t.m.i. stands for total member involvement every member of the church doing something for Jesus whether it's going door to door passing out literature giving health lectures exercise classes cooking classes giving Bible studies and all of this was leading toward some big events one of them was going to be a big Health Expo that was both take place just a few weeks ago with hundreds of doctors and physicians and nurses from around the world treating thousands of people all free of charge everything from family practice to cataract surgery and then last weekend and this weekend going to start preaching evangelists we're going to come in from all over they're going to be some local evangelists but they're going to be people from the d.c. and and various divisions all over the place and they're going to preach powerfully in these multiple sites as it has been building and building and building and the hope was that there would be perhaps by God's grace maybe 200000 baptisms as a result of this and the shooting of by God's grace and then Kovan one team put this entire planet on a very different trajectory the borders of Papa New Guinea like many other places around the world closed none of the speak guest speakers or evangelists pastors presenters doctors physicians dentists nurses none of them could come in all our gatherings were banned sound familiar empty church but rather than just give up and just announced and just announce it's canceled I'm sorry nothing we can do is out of our hands the lay people chose to move forward. Similar to the elders perhaps of this church right is we're at the cusp of starting this series we already we are right at that point where we can still bring some money back from the. Flyers that we were going to print and so on and and we're going to still send them out with a link to the live stream address and so on and the elders said you know if we know we're going to move forward we're going to do this anyway we're going to go be a live stream and that's the people and p.n.d. decided we're going to go forward men and women young and old chose to move ahead on their own with their own small groups of 20 or less to carry out the meetings on their own to provide as much health service as they could on their own and preaching the gospel and by God's grace I is very possible we still may see a 100000 baptisms because of their efforts we don't know we'll see what this will look like but there's an energy there's a fervor there to spread the gospel to hold nothing back they're taking God's final commission very seriously and I believe in all humility not only are they not holding anything back but they are being inclusive of all the desire to hear and to learn they're preaching a gospel of repentance and also of faith of Jesus to overcome and be victorious in Christ and I believe God's going to bless their efforts and the question that simple that I want to ask this more is how about us how about me how about you is Ministry on hold until covert 19 is over or do we see the opportunities all around us in our neighbors that are so desperate to talk to anyone that's breathing What an opportunity to go make friends to show them that we are our God fearing Christians that we are upstanding citizens that we are nice that we're friendly that we can make good chocolate chip cookies took some to our neighbor she said I don't know stepdad does have chocolate chip cookies does that all we do. And then present them with something else as the Holy Spirit opens doors share with them truth filled literature that God can take and use to change their lives friends Jesus held nothing back but gave himself fully for you and for me I with the purchase of his blood he sends us on our charge today the question is will you give your all to him Let us pray your Heavenly Father I feel the need to make a call this morning wherever people are wherever they're watching wherever they are tuning in Lord I believe that your Holy Spirit has convicted hearts this morning across this county across this country that we need to do more perhaps we've found ourselves on a spiritual siesta perhaps we've fallen asleep. Perhaps we feel like in till this ban is lifted there's little that we can do Lord forgive us help us to push forward with all humility to hold nothing back to be inclusive and to preach a gospel to share the gospel of repentance and faith in Jesus Christ Lord that is our prayer and if we desire to do that if we desired to ask this week each and every day Lord how can I do that in my setting we're not talking about the masses we're talking about the individuals that are still within our sphere of influence a neighbor a relative someone online whatever it might be a phone call. Below we want to commit by raising our hands is now and saying Lord I want to make it a matter of prayer how can I put more on the altar for you. Show us Lord. That we may bring honor and glory to you. In these times we pray in Jesus' name. 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