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Beware of Fake Science - Part 22

David Wright


David Wright

Lead/Senior Pastor, Hendersonville SDA Church


  • June 6, 2020
    2:00 PM
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Well do you remember these days when you had to put together a science fair project I remember maybe the 5th grade 4th grade even starting to stress about when you get to the upper grades I think it was 7th and 8th grade they were both required to do a science fair project. What is a science fair project anyway where you have to you know whine to your parents for a week for them to get a poster board and they all well they didn't stop by there today or I forgot find they get a poster board and you have to find things to put on the poster board that makes you look scientific and make you look like you know what you're talking about yet to come up with some kind of an issue in science that you can replicate in some way and the teachers are member trying to tell us where you 1st have to ask a question and then you have to have a hypothesis and then how you going to explore this and then conclusions all the steps and it would stress me out anybody remember that those of you that your hands that you love science fair projects don't you it was your bread and butter you were the one that got the blue ribbon while the rest of us got well the red ribbon and everybody else always seemed to have the better project than you had I mean this one looks pretty cool we eat nails for breakfast and I don't know if you can read I'm sure you can but part of his question there is which breakfast cereal has the most iron in it and so he was trying to test it did he have a magnet in there I don't know what he did this is another one why the leaves change colors Hey that's a good idea I remember going around looking and saying why didn't I think of these ideas I had these lame ideas and this was back in the day before I could go to Google and now they have you know science fair projects for idiots I would have bought that book Man course a teacher pry has a book and I automatically got what I've gotten not even the red ribbon I don't know and then this was the most nerve racking part and sometimes you had to stand by your project Am I the only one that went through this I mean this was this was terrible it is stand by your project and here comes somebody with a paper clip board yes the clipboard you don't have a clipboard you're not official but you have some kind of ribbon badge thing you have a clipboard and you just look you don't look like this someone you but you look like the new look and and sometimes they ask questions and I don't know is never a good answer why do you do this what made you think that you should try that why didn't you do this since going to check because science there. And then somebody would be awarded for you know best science fair project or whatever yeah let's just get on with that scientific method and I remember this ask a question Do background research construct a hypothesis which is a fancy word for this is what I think test your hypothesis by doing an experiment analyze your data and draw a conclusion and report your result was your hypothesis correct m m b And so confused you knew who post this was a hopeless Well that's what you think well what if what if I get a wrong it doesn't matter what I mean doesn't matter if I get it right what is the hypothesis Yeah Ok this was more at my level the effect of texting on Mario Kart performance and some you may not understand Mario cards a little video game with little Mario and Mario Luigi and anyway these kids here you can kind of tell by the look on their faces this was right up their alley to let's see how texting imprudences driving on a videogame you know these are probably the kids that got a blue ribbon over my thing today is water conduct electricity no I'm still in counseling for my science fair project experience now don't get me wrong science is done remarkable things for us there is no question about it through science electricity was discovered not by me through science we have antibiotics without which I would be dead 568 times over how about you through science we have things like vaccines through science we've been able to better understand the human body it's incredible to me the things that they are able to do today in the name of medicine r.n.a. sequencing genome editing molecular structure of d.n.a. and all these kinds of things but my fear is that if we're not careful science can become a replacement for God our God given ability to think and to reason to experiment and even predict with some reliability the outcomes. Perhaps that's caused some to think we don't need God we don't need prayer we don't need some miraculous intervention science has all the answers we need and when you take God out of science which really could be said of many things you take God out of marriage you take God out of music you take God out of childrearing you know you can put in just about whatever you want but when you take God out of science it can become a very slippery slope that can lead to false conclusions we've been going through a series on Paul I suppose we can include this one it's really more of a parentheses if you will in the middle of our series but I'm call it Be aware of fake science and this is going to start in our last piece you know Paul appealed to Caesar and he wanted to go to Rome we haven't quite gotten Paul up to Rome yet but in today's peace Paul is writing from Rome I know we're kind of skipping a few steps and we're getting him up there but he's writing from Rome to Timothy and you might recall that Timothy and he already had an interaction next chapter 16 Why are we skipping ahead because I feel like it's a little bit timely with this covert 19 and all these other things but in Acts Chapter 16 Paul and Timothy meet up Paul is a obviously much older we learn that Timothy appreciate the sacredness of the work of a minister he's not appalled at the prospect of suffering and persecution he was willing to be taught and so Paul and Timothy hit it off right off the bat they got along really well they must have had a lot in common there was a special bond between Paul and Timothy and so in this piece today where already placing Paul in Rome he's there in prison but he has some leeway there it's almost more like house arrest and he's writing doing a lot of writing there in Rome and I'm thankful that he did and so are you and one of those things that he wrote was to Timothy this young adult just starting out in ministry. And as he's giving advice and there's a lot of things we could look at but we already have too much to talk about this morning but in his last few lines and his 1st letter you confused 1st letter 1st time he writes the time and the but the very end of the letter this is what he says oh Timothy keep that which is committed to the I trust he has a set of some other ways hold fast don't give up don't give in stay true to your calling if you will oh Timothy keep that which is committed to the I trust of voiding profane and vain babblings an opposition of science falsely so called And Then if you have your Bibles open to the passage all that's left is grace be with you amen Paul why would Paul and his 1st letter to Timothy in this way I imagine Timothy the young adult reading this letter that he just got from not just Paul but the Paul this big huge person in ministry now he's writing and he's saying Dear Timothy Wow And he's right he's point over he's able to read and reread this letter keep that which is committed to the trust Timothy avoid profane and Vane babblings and oppositions of science falsely so-called And what is this keep that which is committed to that I trust Well he says earlier on in this 1st letter to Timothy the grace of our Lord was exceedingly abundant we could say the grace of the Gospel that flows exceedingly abundant and in fact the verse right before Paul talks about this very grace that changed his life spent some time since we talked about Paul's conversion and its totality but he reminds Timothy in verse 13 of chapter one when he was a blast Beamer and I persecutor he was a Jesus and a jesus follower hater in fact he went beyond hating but he got letters from people who travel great distances 150 miles yet Jesus in his. Grace knocked Paul office whores off of his high horse if you will Paul was touched by the hand of Jesus Christ and so really Saul the proud and arrogant went to Paul a humble servant who shared his glorious gospel with everyone he met everywhere he went including Timothy And he saying Timothy you to keep what has been committed to you the grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ preached the gospel of grace but then Paul also saw some dangers and he's giving some warning to Timothy right here at the end as he's a young minister be aware of profane babblings and he's especially concerned with one the oppositions of science falsely so call he saying to Timothy you will be encountering fake science watch out don't just watch out for fake news but watch out for fake science is that advice to Timothy still relevant for us today is there still such a thing as fake science as you hear them drone on about millions and billions of years as they talk about our origin of the species and how the greatest discovery was Darwin and so on and so forth this is a picture of David Kinnaman He's the president now the Barnett group and he wrote this book called You lost me and in that book on page 22 he says there's a 43 percent drop off between teen and early adult years and terms of church engagement 43 percent drop off between tween teen adult years now this is for the Christian Church in North America this isn't confined to Evan to them but somebody else came along and said I want to see how that then compares with the avenues church Sure enough the avenue search is 37 percent that's a little bit better if you will in that age category that for whatever reason stop attending but then there are some reasons that this born this book by. David can I'm in published these are the reasons grievances towards the church number one intolerant of doubt number 2 in list or sorry elitist thank you and its relationships number 3 anti-science in its beliefs number 4 over protective of its members 5 shallow in its teachings and number 6 repressive of differences and so this is why they say Christian young adults are leaving the church in North America this same study was more or less replicated except this time was asked Aves young people young adults to see who would be any different and how did we do well the 7th Day Adventists are the top portion of each line the lighter portion if you will and have mercy we scored worse in every single category except our overall out the door was less which is good but which one in particular did our own 7th Day Adventists millennia old have a hard time with science how the church relates to science we live longer than any other people group on the planet because we follow the counsel given to us in the Bible and the spirit of prophecy yet the prevailing notion is that something 7th Day Adventists don't understand science. In this book I mentioned earlier the author David says Every week I am contacted by young Christians who tell me that their faith cannot survive their interest in science they feel the church has forced them into an either or decision they can either stay true to the Christian faith or become intellectually honest scientists it's not interesting how they use religious terms to push got out of science we're going to be intellectually honest what saddens my heart perhaps the most is that many of our avenues universities and medical schools our young adults are confronted with this very dilemma even in our own schools you can expect it in outside schools will give them a pass but within 7 Day Adventists and we have either non Adventist professors or even our Aves professors putting before the students these ideas you need to be intellectually honest and they're careful in their language but they're very clear in what they're trying to communicate and the students are picking it up and some of them are even writing the pastor right this is what my professor is saying what should I do how sad is that some of these professors saying if your going to make it through medical school and get through this class you're going to have to study on status have mercy I'm thankful for one student that comes to mind that decided no from sundown fi and I had to send out Saturday night I'm not going to study I'm going to follow the commandments of God And that's exactly what they did and they graduated head of the class in fact I can think of one from this community who is really heading some of that up and some of this other students are actually coming to this individual and saying what's your secret what are you doing how are you studying can we study with you and he said why don't study on Sabbath you need to know that has never going to work for me I will die suit yourself but the point is our own young people are coming under this pressure it's going to be my faith or intellectual honesty when it comes to science now Timothy o.j. Kapo sero anybody name you want to put in the gap he. That which is committed to the I trust ovoid profane in vain babblings and oppositions of science falsely so-called You see my friends this is not an antiquated book but I believe the Bible is more relevant today than perhaps it's ever been I want to show you a clip here hopefully the sound will work and not blast you out but shows very clearly the agenda and the push of the world that science is King Let's see if this will play the turn when things are most on certain we turn to the most certain thing there is science science can overcome disease create cures and yes beach pandemics it has before it will again because when it's faced with a new opponent it doesn't back down it revs up asking questions till it finds what it's looking. That's the power of science so we're taking our science and unleashing our research experts and resources all in an effort to advance potential therapies and vaccines other companies and academic institutions are doing the same the entire global scientific community is working together to this thing and we're using science fiction because when science when we. Get message. Science will win in a time of uncertainty we turn to the most certain thing there is science they seem to think that science can solve everything and some might think I'm overstating this but to many in those fields the medical field and beyond science is God and we live in a culture where that is more or less belief by many don't agree of the power and influence of science insert exhibit a present of our own nation surrounded by 2 top scientists made a decision to shut down our come. Enemy and notice what they said to show you a picture of them says President and Mitt that during a press conference in April that 2 very smart people came into his office and urged him to lock down the economy or 2200000 Americans would die from the China virus but President Trump did not say who those 2 very smart people were you know know who they are don't you and they when am based on science they told the president shut down this revved up economy shut it down and he did which goes to show how powerful science is could I have come in there as a minister of the Gospel and shown prophecy or Bible verses or anything else and Trump shut down the economy is he going to give me a hearing in his office he's going to give you a hearing who's going to give a hearing but he gave them a hearing and all the sudden this man that is so least he likes to think that he is Mr economy and I have to say he's done pretty well in those realms but they say shut it down and he says say what and then he does I mean this boggles my mind just 2 people in a conversation with one person that led to trillions of dollars lost and perhaps thousands of lives saved and I'm not saying it was the wrong or right thing to do what I am saying is that when the science speaks politicians move out of the way theologians often move out of the way businessmen move out of the way virtually everyone moves out of the way but I want to pose the question could the science ever be wrong this is a news headline governor Cooper our own governor Cooper we're going to rely on the what science and the data and the facts to determine when to begin phase 2 reopening and we heard that over and over and over Haven't we were one of follow the signs we're going to follow the science wherever the science lead science is going to dictate if you will science will be our guide protesters no politics no. Oh the only thing that will sway me as governor will be science going to follow the science This article says White House takes new line after dire report on death toll that's the report I was talking about that when in to the president where they get the report where in fact she and Bert or is a bricks are Birks get the report Well they got the report from the United Kingdom from a gentleman who said you are going to lose 2000000 people if you don't do something they show the president graphs that looks perhaps something like this and what we have to do and we have this Dr Rick's description of the findings was consistent with those in the report released on Monday by an epidemic modeling group at Imperial College London the lead author of the study Neil Ferguson an epidemiologist Professor epidemiology professor said in an interview that his group had shared their prod projections with the White House task force about a week ago and that early copy the port was sent over the weekend this is the report that changed everything but what fascinates me about the report we read here the report which was not released in a peer reviewed journal that was authored by 30 scientists on behalf of Imperial College corona virus response team simulated the role of public health measures aimed at reducing contact Now wait a minute wait a minute wait a minute wait a minute what did it just say right there at the top of the paragraph to the very opposite of everything that we have heard from the scientists when they're up front with President Trump and so on well that's not peer reviewed study that has been looked at by many different people that's not a double blind or triple bind that doesn't have a disease score or an elemental Peace Corps or whatever doesn't have any of that going on it was this report that was sent there was looked at by their not very many people and then they when and with this report and used it to tell the president the condom it needs to be shut down we believe this will happen if you don't shut everything down one study one report now student with. Associate degree in science should know better than to base their entire paper on one study that's not been peer reviewed that hasn't been looked at by many people and call it science as if that makes it fact well this is what the science is telling us is it are you sure and your proof I mean we looked at your bibliography and you just have this one source gets more troubling Neil Ferguson is the British academic who created the infamous Imperial College model that warned Boris Johnson I put a picture of him up in case you forgot who he is that without an immediate lockdown the coronavirus would cause $500000.00 deaths and swamp the National Health Service So Boris Johnson the prime minister of the u.k. got the same record report before that they were following the model of Sweden of herd immunity but this very same report that fatty and Brooks took to Trump took this very same same report to Johnson shut the economy down and he did but Ferguson admitted something Ferguson admitted that his Imperial College model of the Coven 1000 is easy was based on un documented 13 year old computer code that was intended to be used for a feared influenza pandemic rather than a corona virus is that scientific Ferguson declined to releases original codes and other scientists could check his results he only released a heavily revised set of code last week after a 6 week delay I don't know about this and they gets even worse Professor lockdown Moller resigns in disgrace now the one who made the report that caused President trying to change his mind that caused Boris Johnson to change his mind has been disgraced Why what did he do during lockdown he went out and visited his friend who was a married woman and got caught not so we say social distancing. And coupled with other things before they could let him go he resigned and notice what's being said about Ferguson's model Imperial College model Britain used to justify a lock down buggy mess totally unreliable experts claim another one Imperial College u.k. Coben 1000 numbers don't seem to add up top right influential coping 1000 model used flawed methods and shouldn't guide us policies critics say and now my Power Point locked up here we go one author summarizes the situation this way the authors of the Imperial College model shared their find with the White House quantifiers task force in early March Dr Hal Sheehan Dr Burk's then met with President Trump privately and urged him to shut down the u.s. economy and destroy the record Trump economy a new critique of the Imperial College model finds that the study is completely unusable for scientific purposes the study is a sham Dr Foushee and Dr Burke's pushed a garbage model on the White House the American public and destroy the u.s. economy has somebody summary of what's going on and this scientist was seen being discredited on social media and other places Here's Iran Musk an engineer worth over 36000000000 who founded space x. among other things and was he say here thanks something more should be done this guy has caused massive strife to the world with his absurdly fake science some might be thinking So why is he sharing all this I'm not showing you this to take sides in it we've faithfully follow the directives of the government here we've stayed within those confines we're thankful for their conscientious response to what they think is true and I think we should do that in fact Jesus told us to respect the governing authorities our governors have not had an easy job these past few months and I think you would agree and sometimes they make mistakes but even Jesus respected the governing authorities I'm not trying to be a sideline. We're back I'm not trying to go on record saying who is right and who is wrong I don't believe this is a religious liberty issue in any way I truly believe our state leaders see it as a public health issue and I take their hat off to them for doing what they feel is best so I'm not commenting on that what I am commenting on is the amazing reality that the entire world is driven and mesmerized by this thing called science but sometimes sometimes science can end up being fake the reality is all true science is rooted in God which you agree I've heard people say we need a miracle we need a miracle drug we need Americal vax thing but a vaccine is really a dumbed down version of the disease so that it won't kill you but it's just triggering the amazing amusin system that God has put within us and so when you take a vaccine what happens when your immune system creates antibodies so you can no longer get that sickness but let me be clear the vaccine is not so much the miracle as the true marital of the immune system that God has placed inside of us to be able to change and adjust and overcome and we get all heady thinking we soul of the world knows the immune system Jesus gave us that made us able you're doing a little tinkering along the way and good for you we're happy for what you've done but you're still millions of miles away from being God Your Highness Kepler Isaac Newton John Ray Robert Boyle they were all our Sabbath school lesson last week great scientists and they all understood that their work revealed even more about the handiwork of God's creation in fact they study many of them Isaac Newton studied his bible far times more than about science or anything else and he's remembered even by secular you know Isaac Newton he was a great he was a great theologian friends but after the French Revolution 100 centuries science began to move from. See a stick worldview or God's standard worldview to one based on naturalism and materialism and then there is no room for super natural and then these philosophical ideas were popularize of course by Charles Darwin on the Origin of Species in 859 and since that time science has increasingly distance itself from a biblical foundation if you want to be what was the phrase academically honest as a scientist but let me propose to you as Solomon wrote in the Is pages of this book there's nothing new under the sun Revelation 12 or 7 a war broke out in heaven Michael and his angels fought with the dragon and the dragon and angels fought I don't think is a new idea to you that I don't think this is fist to fist combat I don't think you're just slugging it out this is a war between idea who is fair and just and true who can be trusted who's telling you the truth there's a letter from pen of inspiration and it says false science is one of the agencies that Satan used in the heavenly court and it is used by him when Today the false assertions that he made to the angels his subtle scientific theories led many of them from their loyalty where is this in Heaven nothing new false science false theories false assertions and then it comes right down here to earth continuing the same source same letter having lost their place in heaven they prepared to him take actions for our 1st parents m.e.b. yielded to the enemy and by their disobedience humanity was in strange from God and the earth was separated from heaven and what was the argument the context fake science fake theories fake assertions they sounded good fact they sounded really good but they were not accurate the manuscript here says the following photo deals in his science today is a fairly and in the same way as we need to see. Adam and Eve Webster defines science is this knowledge about our study of the natural world based on facts learned through experiments and observations can we learn things from experience experiments and observations absolutely we can learn all kinds of things and should we observe those things absolutely So we apply and yes of course here's a scientific method ask a question Do background research construct a hypothesis test your hypothesis analyze the data and report your results you've heard it I've heard it how about this here Genesis chapter 3 verse one we are a loser this has God indeed said You shall not eat of every tree of the garden Satan asking a question and the woman said in verse 2 to the servants we may eat the fruit of the trees of the garden but of the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the garden God has said You shall not eat it nor shall you touch it lest you die Satan is doing some more background research as if he needs more and then he states his hypothesis you surely will not die and that what he told you that's not what's going to happen here for God knows that in the day you eat of it your eyes will be opened and you will be like God knowing good and evil I imagine this is very right you know very much right there with the same hypothesis he shared with the angels in heaven is that what God told you will let me tell you he's really not fair and just and true in fact God is keeping something from you how do I know as one of the covering cherub am I have access I've seen behind the veil let me tell you I have some inside information I have a different hypothesis I've done my own background analysis of the situation and let me tell you what's really going on and so what's left of the scientific method for Adam and Eve Well test your hypothesis come on honey take a chance. And you know the rest of the story he did in that very thing she tested saying hypothesis she got Adam to test the hypothesis they were left to analyze the data and draw a conclusion and with Satan's hypothesis right well in a sense their eyes were open but did they become like God people are still trying to achieve that today case you haven't noticed it sounded good it sounded reasonable here was this beautiful creature in the garden it seems worked out well for him he appeals to my reason and intellect but it was fake science with a pretty bow on top you member No of course you remember know you like that story from your childhood Chapter 6 verse one of Genesis Now it came to pass when men began to multiply on the face of the earth and daughters were born to them that the sons of God saw the daughters of man that they were beautiful and they took wise for themselves of all whom they chose so was the question why is God keeping good things from us we've seen these other women some like to to think that somehow the angels are procreating with human beings it's not all the case we see other places that the sons of God or Gods people the daughters of men are the heathens and so they're seeing these people that are outside their God said leave them well enough alone but they say but they're beautiful what's the problem God is keeping something good from us and so they do their background research Sure enough they are beautiful they're friendly they're nice are kind we like their company was their hypothesis God doesn't know what he's talking about we know better and so they test their hypothesis and he says they took wise for themselves of all whom they chose their doing the choosing not God and notice is of all that they chose I don't mean to just take one let's take many maybe there was some Darwinian back then who said you know you just look at the animals and and denied the origins of man and thought was it feels good go for it if one is good 18 must be. Then you are as we further analyze the data what do we find 1st 5 in the Lord saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth and then we have 3 separative and that every intent of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually How sad is this It grew out of a distrust of God in His word God created for Adam one wife but maybe there was some scientific study proclaiming how men are more happy with multiple wives just a word of caution I imagine you could find a scientific study that would prove just about anything that you want to believe does that make it true science and the law was sorry that he made man on the earth and he was grieved in his heart and for 120 years Noah preached and I imagine for 120 years the scientific community had a field day coughing say what rain flooded out here has never happened before How's that going to work no that's impossible no it's fine there's some scientific evidence that could ever happen no. Impossible taken from the review and herald it says this about the time no the preacher of righteousness was proclaimed to be an ignorant fanatic who had no knowledge of the laws of nature ignorant fanatic hasn't a clue this know what guy they reasoned from scientific principles that the world could not be destroyed and that no attention should be paid to the predictions of know how they prove it scientific principles we have the facts to prove it is not going to work who have a book here of knowing your words of this flood will never happen. So clever last paragraph here this philosophy or science falsely so-called sounds like she's quoting to me the exalted the law above the law giver and things created of the Creator and we could keep going down this road of fake science the devil appealing. To our reason our intellect but here we're tipped off to a clue a clue to not being duped by fake science a clue that keeps us from being sucked in to fake science did you catch it takes science exults the law or laws of science above the law giver further fake science exults things created you and me above the create or and what's the outcome Well we know the story of Noah and it didn't in well for the scoffers Jesus himself said in Matthew $2437.00 but as the days of Noah were so also will the coming of the Son of Man be I think Noah provides a pattern for the faithful to follow safeguards if you will against fake science I'm going to put him up there rather quickly 1st of all safeguard number one faith in the Word of God over experience or reason where you tell me I'm supposed to check my my brain at the door to know Come let us reason together but I need to have faith in God's word over what I see what I hear what I touch what I feel and he gives us good reason and good evidence for that but ultimately that's what I need because if I'm waiting all the time prove it prove it prove it prove it prove it so I have any faith and my trust in God at all or my just trusting my senses number to safeguard faith lead to action faceless action what action Well he built an ark for start and he preached for 120 years to a rough crowd Lord I'm going to preach again maybe there's somebody out there that will listen to what I have to say today Nope Thirdly no one took a stand against the norms of culture he wasn't a polygamist we have very few generations I'm sure he knew the 10 Commandments very well that were out of Lee passed down I believe that I shall not commit adultery is very exclusive in nature and we see no ill go into the ark with his wife and his sons. With their wives one each took a stand against the norms of culture not only that he took a stand against norms of of diet and health Why how do we know that when he took more of the clean animals and left the young claimed not left but only brought what he needed to the young Klee without according to the norm I'm sure it was not lastly or number for no embraced the grace of God What do you mean embrace the grace of God Friends Well 1st of all know his name means rest and while no was a good man let's face it he was still deserving of death but God and His mercy per via did away or ark of escape an ark of safety if you will and so I just want to caution everyone here be very wary of scientists that are not placed faith in the Word of God over their experience or reason the world tells us that is true science but at the roots I believe it is fake science and at some point they will be deceived be very wary of scientific studies that seem to have an agenda to support the norms or the pitfalls of culture be very wary of scientific studies that seem to dismiss God's grace as necessary because we don't need God to when we don't need is grace to win no we just need science science will win for us but the reality is without the blood of Jesus Christ each of us is hopelessly and utterly lost without the Ark No and his family as wonderful as they were would have been lost their property says the devil feared for his life in the midst of the storm and the angel kept a hand over the ark of protection it's God's grace that carried them through nothing else oh well no it was a good builder don't believe it God's grace that carried him through we have one more stands an example for us today we turn to Daniel one mission our Sabbath school lesson this week Daniel Chapter one Verse for children who was no blend blemish well favored and skillful in wisdom and cunning and knowledge and understanding and science and such as had ability to them to stand in the king's palace and whom they might teach the learning and tongue. The Cal the Ns Here's a couple articles ancient babblings 1st to use geometry another one Babylonians developed trigonometry superior to modern day version 3700 years ago this was the epicenter if you will of top notch thinking and science and research and here they come in as the newbies who are you verse 5 in the King appoint for them a daily provision of the king's delicacies and of the wine which he drank and 3 years of training for them so at the end of that time they might serve before the king So here we have a handful that is selected the cream of the crop and we're going to train you in our scientific method and models and ideas and we're going to give you the best of the best are going to eat from the king's table sounds better than pot luck like potluck but anyway verse 8 but Daniel and his 3 friends purposed in his heart says Daniel purpose is hard but we know 3 friends did too that he would not defile himself Nathan Crabtree Rob The great point our Sabbath school class in regard to this text it means to decide in advance you don't wait until you're confronted Daniel decided in advance the purpose of his heart I'm not going to stand against God Oh this is a small thing of diet to just eat around the edges you know whatever the garnish is that's yours but he requested vegetables and water for 10 days and at the end of 10 days what happened 1st 15 tells in the 10 days or features appeared better than all the young man who ate the portion of the king's delicacies verse 17 for these 4 young men God gave them knowledge and skill and all literature and wisdom and Daniel had understanding all visions and dreams by the time we get to Daniel 2 to we see again in this group that purpose in their heart to be faithful to God stands head and shoulders above the rest and never can as he has a dream the wisest man in his whole kingdom you can say the world for that matter nobody but then Daniel his 3 friends they have a prayer meeting God reveals their above the wrist pin of inspiration says the Kal the. Magicians were placed where they had to acknowledge the in a fish and sea of their scientific power so that God could show disappear wisdom possessed by those who worship him he sought to lead princes and people from broken cisterns of the living fountain by revealing the divine Science of eternity and again the same same safeguards faith in the Word of God over experience or reason faith led to action like I said they could've eaten around the meat Daniel Chapter one Verse 10 says when the chief of the Unix doubts their plan he says why for why should he see your faces looking worse than the young men who are your age really the Hebrew word there means your circle meaning there's other Hebrew young man they're not making a fuss what's your deal there's other avenues kids that are making a fuss why are you making a fuss can't you just fall in line but very respectfully they request their faith led to action number 3 I took a stand against norms of culture boy did Day And number 4 they embraced the grace of God how they do that they said Our God is able to deliver us and how were they delivered only by God's grace with this ever happen and again they stand as an example for us today when more counsel here's some advice for medical students let not medical students be deceived by the wild who the devil or by any of his cunning pretext which so many adopt to beguile and ensnare stand firm to principle at every step inquire what say if the Lord say firmly I will follow the light I will respect and honor the majesty of truth that's the advice for the medical student you have in my professor says what say at the Lord a little more advice guard against contamination from the evil influences with which they are constantly surrounded when their instructors are worldly wise men and they fall and their fellow students infidels who have no serious thought of God Even Christians of experience are in danger of being influenced Nevertheless some of gone through. The Medical Corps and have remained true to principle they would not continue their studies on the Sabbath and they have proved that man may become qualified for the duties of a physician and not disappoint the expectations of those who have encouraged them to obtain education Oh we can't mix God and science you really can't afford not to because if you don't it's a slippery slope and somewhere you'll get off course well I won't have the the prestige behind my my title maybe not now but you will later which is more important as the days of no are so also becoming the Son of Man be as it was in the days of the 3 Hebrews so it will be at the end another image is going to be set up Daniel 7 talks about 4 kingdoms Babel and me to Persia Greece and Rome these are a matter of fact and next we know comes a little horn the little horn directs attack on the facts as explained by God he will think to change times and laws using some fake science and we have seen how quickly the world over can change in unprecedented ways in response to science this or that so far fetched to think that this little horn will think to change times and laws and do so by using this unquestioning arm of science to show the necessity of Sunday sacredness I mean now the planet has conducted a forced scientific experiment and they have all these to to fix their already reporting them how desperately aren't world needs rest already NASA satellite images have document a 30 percent decline in nitric oxide levels carbon monoxide emissions mainly from cars and trucks down 50 percent in New York City according to researchers at Columbia University the e.p.a. has record the best air quality in Los Angeles than any time during the last 40 years there is plenty to read science says and is a precedent on the books of what we need to do in light of science so this little horrible thing to change times and laws will persecute those who go with God's view of the facts but at the same time the Son of Man will arise judgment will be made in favor of the saints why because they decided long. Though that the Little Horn is not there Judge Daniel's name is their name to God is my judge manuscripts tells us this what is soon coming upon us seducing spirits are coming in if God has ever spoken by me you will hear before long of a wonderful science the science of the devil it's a movie to make of no account God and Jesus Christ whom he has sent some legs all this false science and through them Satan will seek to make void the law of God Great Miracle will be performing the side of man in behalf of this wonderful science maybe this has something to do with Paul's warning to Timothy and maybe it was preserved to time as a warning for us to Missy Oh Matthew Oh wrong Oh Susie keep that which is committed to that trust of void profane and vain babblings oppositions of science falsely so-called great controversy 572 God designed that man's intellectual power should be held as a gift from his Maker and should be employed in the service of truth and righteousness but when pride and ambition are cherished and then exalt their own theories above the word of God then intelligence can accomplish greater harm than ignorance I've seen that happen all too many times we see the example of no Daniel in the 3 Hebrews of Paul's counsel to Timothy we go on through the entire book you know all the stories of scripture but the safeguards remain the same faith in the Word of God over experience or reason faith that leads to action taking a stand against the norms of culture embrace in the grace of God and by God's grace standards example for others today that's what Noah did that's what Daniel did that's what the 3 Hebrews did I believe that's what Timothy did polled others did and that's what is calling us to do and is that really so far fetched I mean if we truly believe that our foundation is that in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth if he truly is the author of science then why is it so difficult for us I mean yes we can figure. Al lot of things and it's amazing the laws of nature that can be observed to study and observation and data and the deeper we did with humility we really need to declare the wonders of the Lord because as soon as we think we've reached the end we have and there's so much more that we received that are so much more and so much more than we ever fully understand the power and wisdom of God Listen to what God said to Job Job Chapter 38 God is speaking here he says where were you job when I laid the foundations of the earth tell me if you have understanding who determines its measurements to what words foundations fastened or who laid its cornerstone who shut in the seas with doors when I said this is as far as you may come but no further and here your proud ways must stop have the gates of death been revealed to you have you comprehended the breath of the earth tell me if you know all this where is the way to the dwelling of light have you seen the treasury of hail which I reserve for the time of trouble for the day of battle of war but what way is light diffused or by what way is light diffused who has been gotten the drops of you how does that work can you bind the cluster of please or loose the belt of all Ryan who has put wisdom in the mind or who is given understanding to the heart the bottomline folks is that God is so much bigger than us we can't define him we can't put him in a box and how absurd to think that because we know a little bit about cellular or molecular biology because we know a little bit about chemistry or biochemistry or microbiology How absurd to think that we know enough now that we don't need God no science will be our God And again science says improved our lives in many ways but science is not the silver bullet sometimes the hypothesis does not hold true. Sometimes even with all the controls on our experiment sometimes things happen for reasons we don't yet understand or comprehend so above science must be face and the Word of God over experience or reason why because God is the creator and inventor of all true science he created gravity centrifugal force of all the rules of the d.n.a. structures of chemical compounds and so really the study of science is the study of God Isaac Newton understood that but somehow the devil has warped our worldview to think that in some way God is bound by science he's not creation is never above the creator what scientific law can explain how Jesus created from nothing but he spoke and it stood fast what scientific law can explain how Jesus placed the planets in their orbit and filled the sky with stars and solar systems and solar systems and solar systems what scientific law allowed the bush to not be consumed for the Red Sea to open and for there to be dry ground was scientific equation brings about manna or water to spring forth from a rock what scientific law can explain how an axe head floats or how Chariots of Fire take people to heaven what scientific law allowed Jesus to heal the lame and the deaf and the dumb to feed 5000 to walk on water to bring people back from the dead and what scientific law can explain how Jesus was crucified but how every demon of hell cannot hold him in the grave. No science can explain a lot of things. Befriend science cannot anywhere touch or explain an all powerful all knowing omnipresent infinite self existing just merciful loving holy and glorious God And that's precisely the point all of these things reveal the very obvious fact that Jesus was not just a mere man no Jesus is the Son of God God goes well beyond what we can explain imagine define replicate or think and I imagine that's why Paul wrote here in Romans chapter 11 verse 33 and 340 the depth of the riches of the wisdom and knowledge of God how unsearchable are his judgments and his ways past finding out for who has known the mind of the Lord or who has become his counselor friends in a world that says science is king there will be a group of people who have faith in the Word of God over experience or reason whose face leads to action who takes a stand against the norms of culture who embraces the grace of God and by His grace stand example for others so the question is simple by God's grace will you be one of those people of Timothy keep that which is committed to the I trust avoiding profane and vain babblings and opposition of science falsely so called friends by God's grace may we each keep that which is committed to us Dear Heavenly Father forgive us for the times that we have placed our reasoning and our intellect above were superior to what has been written in your word Lord I pray that you will grow our faith. That we will trust what is said in the pages of scripture that we will act on what we find there that we will rely upon your grace that we will push against the culture and only by your grace that we may be an encouragement to others along the way that someday very soon we will not be fooled and tricked by fake science but that we will be counted as one faithful to you to the end because of Him who loved us while we were still yes. We worship you today we glorify we honor you as our Creator our God in our case in Jesus name and. This media was brought to you by audiophiles a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or you would like to listen to more sermon leave it to w.w.w. dot audio Verse dot org.


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