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Reliable Anchor for Your Storm Tossed Soul - Part 23

David Wright


David Wright

Lead/Senior Pastor, Hendersonville SDA Church


  • July 11, 2020
    11:00 AM
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So if you haven't noticed this morning our focus is on storms you ever go through times in life that you might call a storm and interestingly you don't always know when a storm is going to strike sunrise you think you know and someone who goes around you sometimes it doesn't sometimes it can catch you off guard well this morning I want to lead with a very interesting story I came across this week of the men that took their 2 weeks to put in their time at the u.s. coast guard station at great and nagual which is part of the Bahamas very southern part I'll show you a map here in just a moment but they describe you know we had to leave home for a while and I was Ok it was our turn and we were going to serve and a lot of the stuff is pretty mundane You know we help out with this and a few other things along the way but we have plenty of time to exercise in the snorkel and so that's what we were planning but at the end of September the very 1st part of October a storm started brewing and here's a picture of that storm I don't know if we can activate it here a little bit it was a storm that I had never heard of it was called walking I don't know if you heard of this hurricane walking back in 2015 it was just shy of a Category 5 at its height with sustained winds of 155 miles an hour now to put that in perspective a little bit a skydiver reaches terminal velocity at around 118 miles an hour so that's pretty fast and the thing that was unique about Joaquin this hurricane was that it was very challenging to predict and maybe you've seen a lot of these things before and how typically the hurricane will oftentimes come west and then at some point it often will arc and go north and to the east you've seen those pictures before and that was largely their projections but you if you live in Florida or have friends in Florida and follow hurricanes before you know that sometimes it does what they project and sometimes it doesn't and this was a hurricane that all the projections continued to be wrong and so they were to be. Notes and this story I'm really going to focus on the smaller boat there and you might say why is that one so small because in relationship to each other that's kind of the size this is about a 4th the size of the l. Pharo and this other one the me nosh which is French I'm told they were both leaving in fact there were many many boat leaving and they were all trying to watch and keep an eye on this hurricane but you're not sure is this going you know if I stay up high is it going to come up and meet me there if I go down low will I just miss it miss it when it turns and so that was kind of the dilemma that many of them found themselves in now if you look at this little whatever you call it here a map of what's happening you see down here at the very bottom this is an Aga The u.s. Coast Guard station this was a larger boat coming down the larger ship ended up right in the middle of this hurricane and even though they did all kinds of passes in the middle of the hurricane Mind you in a plane at those high winds they couldn't find that ship and nothing was ever seen or heard until after the fact but all of the crew 33 people died in the l far far Oh but the mean nosh ended up in a much more favorable position but as I mentioned it was only a 4th of the size 200 miles away from the l. far a little bit south as you see here and they were racing East in an attempt to outrun the storm but even though that eye you see you know that the spread of the hurricane is much larger and so both of them were running as fast as they could to try and avoid what they thought was the path of this storm they were battling waves of 2030 feet high cargo is starting to rock on the mean Osh the weight shifted causing the shift the ship badly to lean to the port or left side of the boat and so in response to the crew try to fill up a ballast tank on the right side or starboard side of the boat and while they're working to do that then the crane that unloads all of this cargo it sweep to the lab so again it went to the left before they knew it the whole boat was out of. Power and the waves were starting to bash the ship from the side with very little if anything that they could do besides hit the emergency protocols signal for help and try and get the life raft out now on this boat there were only 12 people and so the life raft was sufficient inflated as soon as it hit the water and when it was safe they all ducked inside there was a little tent on top and so now they're out in the middle of this may not the middle of a hurricane but in the middle of the ocean in very high seas bobbing around up and down the slides as Bobby alone out there in the storm they were only now grasping the magnitude of their situation what are we going to do now we sent out an s.o.s. if you will they knew the accordance we're hoping someone will respond I guess now we just wait and see what happened there's nothing more that we can do there's a little beacon light flashing in the rafters orange those are all good things but Granted this is a serious storm that we find ourselves in well that's when the call went to these individuals at the end og Coast Guard base and so they sprung into action they were sitting up getting all the gear that they needed empty in a few things from the helicopter because they heard that there were 12 on the boat we're going to need the space to try and bring them all back and these were the 4 crew that got in the helicopter and if you look at this map their island is still very much in this storm and still the rain is pelting down the waves are crashing on the island and now the call comes open up the hangar right it's a helicopter a little I don't know John Deere type tractor thing comes and grabs that thing polls it out of the weather and the whole thing starts rocking and they fired a vaster go through all their checks make sure they have all their gear and now their blood is pumping they're no longer on a snorkeling expedition in this sunny weather they're on a mission and so let me go back to the picture of these men here Joshua Andrews all refer to him as Andrews his job was to secure the basket that went up and down this other guy was to come. Fandor Dave McCarthy So he was primarily overseeing the whole thing bin Kearney a he was the rescue swimmer not the job that I would want and then you have the pilot or he says copilot but they said he did most of the flying on this mission and so out in these high speed winds they're navigating this helicopter and sometimes you blow up really fast and then down really fast and right and left and the rain is just pellets in the sides and all over and the waves are rough here we go looking for the raft at these coordinates about 30 minutes later they find the boat sure enough by this time it's on its side they do one lap around this is actually footage taken from their infrared goggles that they're wearing or mask or whatever and so they see this boat just being kind of hit by these waves it doesn't look like big waves but it's also a big boat they come around the 2nd time by the 3rd time they lap around the boat is already going under they were shocked at how quickly a boat of that size was sinking light still on and plummeting quickly down down down down they said it was kind of eerie almost ghostly like to see the lights below this dark black water and the ways going over top over top over top but then they find the raft and they open the door and the swimmer he feels instantly in fact they all feel the air come rushing in and the rain and the wind pellets and he looks out the ways in the ocean crashing below or sizing below and they turn on the spotlight there's so much rain it just shines back in their face they turn the spotlight off he says this was the moment we'd all train for time to go in so he put the cable hooks a cable on and this is not footage from that this is a sunnier day but this is how it basically goes they repel you or lower you down I guess is not technically repellent down to the water and then Andrews the guy that was up there at the top he's the eyes for the pilot so he said swimmer out of the cut out of the aircraft swimmer halfway down swimmer in the wall. Water swim or as detached say for us to depart as are trying their best to hold steady the pilot said he had to watch the gauges the entire time because his whole equilibrium was so so thrown off he couldn't tell where level was can you imagine going down and unclipping go time right when this is it he remembers before he actually stepped out he said you know I thought to myself The longer I sit here and stare out the more scared I'm going to be so let's just go he gave thumbs up and when he starts winning swimming swimming swimming trying to get to the raft he gets the raft they and zip the thing he says is anybody in here no English one of them says I do he says good we have a translator and he says anybody injured no nobody's injured and he says I I went for the one that looked the most scared I said Come with me and he pulled them out into the way they go and then everything's rolling in the wind and all the rest and they're waiting for the basket he puts them into the basket Oist him up 1st ones up turns around to go back how many more last 11 there's no raft Finally he looks when a off in the distance a 100 yards away there's the rat he's got flippers a snorkel he starts swimming with all that he has over over over over takes him 5 minutes to catch back up with the raft is just being blown by the wind finds another guy pulled him out put him up in the basket and who's watching all of this from the top he says I don't know how long he's going to be able to make this piece as new plants were going to start taxing you back over to the raft every time Ok that sounds good to me and so they grab onto them take a little further which again is dangerous because you have big rollers coming in and here you have this man dangling and also you might get blown into a waiver something they take him and drop him off they keep doing this time and time again one complication that comes up is one man doesn't like the idea of being saved everybody is in panic mode tensions are high he screams at the top of his lungs grabs the rescuer with all his might start pushing him down climbing on top he's trained for this he goes for a pressure point just below the juggler and another one somewhere just above the elbow I don't know where these are but he grabs these he gets them under the right control where he's dragged them backwards put him on the basket he goes up 3 him. A lot more to go again and again and again everything is so rough and the swimmer is thinking we're not going to have a lot of fuel left Sure enough by number 8 getting into the chopper in fact right before Number 8 Andrew says I need to clear this space we have more people coming they're all just laying there not responding at all I need you to move some have bloody noses but everything everybody is more or less Ok except they're in such shock it takes about 10 minutes for them to kind of wake up from this nightmare they're in and actually go and sit in a c. but after Number 8 is in there he says you're going to have to come back up run out of fuel we have to go back luckily the island's not too far away the wind is at their back 15 minutes later they're back on the island they're geared up in their minds quick turnaround as you're coming down bird gets in the road so now another 40 minutes are going to have to go through all this checklist to make sure there's no feathers and other stuff and all their gear or the helicopter I should say while they're doing that they're checking the gears the cable Ok is it you know is the integrity good looks good they head back out there back there the 1st guy goes he goes down again to get the next guy number 9 pulls him in and Andrews is kind of holding the cable and steadying it because there's a lot of rock back and forth and he doesn't want this guy to slam into something he's not supposed to he feels something catch on his glove the cable is starting to become an twined you've got to be kidding me we have a compromise cable we're going to have to go back again or use the swimmer back up they always been back fly back to the island they were radioing we need a new helicopter get the other one ready the word comes back we have a problem yeah was that the hangar now this hangar was built like Fort Knox because it's right there in Hurricane Alley I mean we're talking 60000 pounds in the doors super heavy and the whole thing it won't open what do you mean it won't open I don't know it won't open fix it we need this other helicopter by the time they get back they figure something out the door opens and they get in the other helicopter fly back out and by this time the storm is worse not better and he swims out to try to get the next or the last 3 or. Remaining people in the raft and one by one they come up nobody's hurt everybody gets in safely and successfully And finally this guy I'm sure exhausted in fact I wondered if we didn't have the rest of the other trips what would happen but finally all 12 make it back in there was one more cat so I should say on this last part as the storm increased there was much more lightning and they were fearful that there would be too much electricity because of static in the helicopter and in the lightning and sure enough they put a rod on the cable but the storm blew it off to try and help the electricity go down and ground the thing it got taken away as and it was trying to steady one of the 1st few people that came doc came through his body he says we're just going to have to be more careful next time I grabbed and had to make sure that baskets touching the water otherwise I'm hoping for the best and there's actually another detail I forgot one of the last guys coming up a big bit of wind comes by the whole helicopters doing like this you can actually watch a video of it it's nice courteous lady computerized lady comes on how to how to take altitude meaning you need to what your altitude else is in the meantime the basket gets hit by a wave underneath and starts to get pulled out and it has to flip the things that can just run like if you're a deep sea fisherman goes a basket they're trying to recover altitude altitude and then finally pull him back up and trying to get him back into the plane and then this drama already they all made it back all 12 men survived and to read they can't yes they were courageous but above all that they all said the same thing this is what we had trained for and because of their training they knew what to do they knew how to respond they remain calm under some pretty horrific circumstances and despite setback after setback after setback your life ever feel that way but the end result all 12 made it back alive and in one piece we're continuing our series on Paul and in the story of Paul we find Paul the storm is well what about you and your storms and life have you trained for the up come. Storm are you prepared for the coming crisis and storms can take many forms maybe a relationship that seems to be sinking beyond all hope perhaps a storm of unemployment perhaps a storm of personal finances you don't see a way out perhaps the storm of your adult children and the path they are choosing perhaps you're facing consequences of your own making and too much to bear friends whatever your storm this morning thank you Abby for reading this verse this hope we have as an anchor of the soul we have hope as an anchor other soul both sir and steadfast which enters the presence behind the veil which the forerunner has entered for us even Jesus having become our High Priest so was the hope was the anchor is Jesus being the forerunner is Jesus going before us is Jesus ministering in the heavenly sanctuary the courts above in our behalf and with that being the case what can man do to me what storm can prevail against me I have a hope it's an anchor to my soul and his name is Jesus Christ so in this piece continuing in this series with Paul reliable anchors for your storm tossed soul you may think now Paul has been to just about everything he's been run out of town people been rioting because of his message people been plotting to take his life at all cost some of you and said we're going to fast until he's dead that's how much they hated him we've had arrest we've had in prison men we had trials filled with false witnesses and inaccurate information by none other than church folk church leaders we should say and after seamless or seeming endless waiting games time after time after time his appeal is finally granted to go appeal to Caesar to go to Rome as on today's p.c. find himself on a boat sailing for Italy maybe Italy was on his bucket list maybe he's imagining nice pristine beaches but I doubt it so we're gonna pick up the story though if you have your Bibles I hope you do good thing to have with you when you come to church you don't have. Bible there there's a copy in front of you in the pew but I want you to see and read these words for yourself I mean from the New King James Version Acts Chapter 27 beginning verse one and when it was decided that we doesn't say Paul but that we who's writing this account in the book of Acts Luke and so Luke is along as an eye witness to this whole thing he's on board and when it was decided that we should sail to Italy they delivered Paul and some other prisoners to one named Julius as in Turin the Augustan regiment as well Julius is in charge he is the man that is taking all these prisoners to Rome and Paul is one of them given the anniversary and the next day we landed inside on and Julius treated Paul kindly and gave him liberty to go to his friends and receive care you might say where's side I'm going to put a map up here he started out here this is Sessa Raya Biden's not too far away and you're going to see they're going to take this little path we're going to get some words about where he's going and the main part of our story is when they leave hearing in the storm here on their way of eventually to Rome and why would Paul need care from his friends were to be treated kindly and liberty to go to his friends and receive care welfare property tells us an exit apostles for 40 The permission was greatly appreciated by the apostle who was in what kind of health people health anybody here feel like you're in feeble health not in tip top condition and could it be that his health was poor because of the conditions he'd been living in you don't get all of the perks in prison nor do lashings feel good before whatever case Paul is feeble in health but that's really the last we hear of it we don't even get a clear picture of that from the doctor but that's really what we have continued on verse 4 when we had put to sea from there we sailed under the shelter of cypress because the winds were contrary and when we had sailed over the sea which is off Salissa and Pamphila we came to Myra a city of Lycia or Lucia near this inquiry and found an Alexandrian ship sailed in. And put us on board and so is this documenting where they're going along the way showing us the route that we've pinpointed there they get on a new ship and they continue to march along and we had sailed slowly many days for 7 and a ride with difficulty off night this the wind not permitted us the wind not permitting us to proceed we sailed under the shelter of Crete off Salome pass it with difficulty we came to a place called Fair Havens near the city of Lecia So here's our map again anybody that sailed or units use canoe paddle you're always looking for the best weather the best way to get there and so at this point the winds were coming from the north and maybe a little bit to the west and so they're finding shelter behind this island here in the middle called Crete and they're just kind of weaving their way alone there's 9000 foot mountains on that island pretty good shelter this is also where Paul leaves Titus but the people of Crete are not really described well in Scripture let's say Titus chapter one versus 12 and 13 as Paul relates Christians had a reputation for line gluttony and being generally vicious and immoral people that was their reputation so maybe a nice stopover but not necessarily a vacation destination a place that you want to stay one prophet of their own said Christians are always liars evil beasts and lazy gluttons have mercy hope they don't say that about us here in Hendersonville So where we are in the point the story there and Fairhaven which you see here on the map but there was a general brutish immoral type of people at least that's their reputation and so we continue here verse 9 so when much time had been spent and saying was now dangerous because the fast was already over Paul advised them let's unpack that a little bit the sailing is now becoming more dangerous the fast is over the faster that they are talking about is the day of atonement and would have fallen in late September or early October and the Romans regard the end of May to the middle of September as safe to travel to see that's when you would do all your. So really the summer through the middle of September was good sailing but then things started to change from the middle of September through November it was considered well risky and then from November onward you were just being crazy to be out at sea and so they're entering into that time of riskiness when it comes to travelling they know full well they're not going to make it all the way to Rome they're going to have to winter somewhere in til the end of May comes around again and so everybody's wondering where are we going to when winter at where are we going to be we like to go down to Florida to winter can we do that no that's not one of the options and so Paul speaks up and 1st hand Paul advised them saying man I perceive that this voyage will and with disaster and much loss not only if the cargo of the cargo and ship but also our lives so here we have a prophet of God saying I don't think this is a good idea I don't forsee that this is going to end well not for the cargo not for the boat and not for us and so they respond positively and say thanks for the warning we'll just hunker down here that your translation says I haven't seen hunger in any translation but anyway verse 11 nevertheless a Centurion was more persuaded by the helmsman that's another word for Captain and the owner of the ship than by the things spoken by Paul and because the harbor was not suitable in winter the majority advised to set sail from there also if by any means they could reach Phoenix the harbor of Crete opening toward the south west and northwest and winter there for whatever reason Phoenix was a better place to winter and so we have 3 reasons the prophet gives his 2 cents we should do this this is dangerous and they say no we're going to trust the captain the owner of the boat they're the professionals what was a 2nd reason well the harbor here just isn't suitable I mean hang out here all winter and it's going to be so lame I mean let's just get on with it already and the 3rd reason well they have the majority the majority wanted to. Why they want to risk it now time out right there I'll give these people a pass because I don't see anything here that tells me that is it Julie Assia doesn't say that Julius is converted doesn't say he's a Christian doesn't say all the other prisoners are converted or Christian and so they really don't have any reason to feel like Paul's authority is any higher or more of any more significance than anybody else I'll give them a pass but here's my question for us this morning when the prophet speaks to us What's our response because I'll tell you I hear many of my peers using these same tired arguments well I know the prophet says this but the professionals say something entirely different I know the prophet says that but I really can't be bothered I mean really you know how lame it is for me to winter here it goes against my own personal preference so we're just going to disregard and then in case they need any more reassurance they say well the mass majority of people say oh don't worry about that I mean after all Ellen why is fallible Have you heard that before now granted was Ellen White perfect no was her grocery list inspired No it was not but I'll tell you folks when God gives a message to his prophet that's no longer the prophet speaking that's the voice of God that you're choosing to either follow or ignore it's out of God's mercy that he sends a prophet for our best good but I hear too many people say oh the prophet is fallible trend that is dangerous ground because as soon as you do that it's a slippery slope because now I'm putting myself in the position of God and now I choose if this is inspired or not like goes against my personal preference that can be inspired that goes against my preference Dechen means by the majority says the professionals like that can't be and you know before long I take the same approach to Scripture and before long all of that is know and boy so be careful friends Be careful what you do in regards to the council given to God's prophet but maybe I'm just off on the soapbox be. Because they don't see Paul as authoritative though we'll just leave that alone and move on continuing We'll see how it works out when the south wind blew softly supposing that a obtain their desire to do you think made a nice South Wind blow softly and there was some of those kinds of things this is our chance here's our opportunity everybody in the boat where I go in the scenics beaches or they sail close by Crete verse 14 but not long after the tempestuous headwind arose sounds like Satan as well called Iraq lead on or we could say North East or in our vernacular So when the ship was caught and could not head into the wind we let her drive if you want that means when you're in a sailboat and you let the wind drive we can't fight it we've tried and we've gone this way and that the fact if you're in a big storm just no steady wind to follow it's going every which way and your sail keeps going back and forth and if you're not careful it could break so we're just going to bring it all down and we're going to let the wind take us where ever it wants to go 1st run verse 16 and running under the shelter of an island called cloud we secured the skiff with difficulty when they had taken it down on board they used cables to undergird the ship and fearing lest they should run aground on the Started sands they struck sail and so were driven to see some desperation here and because we are exceedingly tempest tossed and the next day they lose lightened the ship oh so we're not even to the 3rd day that's the next 1st corps already lightnin the ship how many suitcases you bring don't need it throw it out but what about the precious cargo hold I don't know how come well for good reason we're scared verse 19 on the 3rd day we threw the ship's tackle overboard with our own hands now when neither sun or stars appeared for many days it may as well say now that we had lost power and could not communicate with our g.p.s. and had no clue where we were and no small Tempest beat on us all hope the universe 20 all hope that we would be saved was fine. Anneli what given up that's a bad place to be in friends when all hope is lost maybe you can speak from experience I hope not but when all hope is lost there's a futility there there's a wos me mentality there's nothing I can do oh well all hope is lost but then we go into verse 21 but after long abstinence from food then Paul stood in the midst of them and said Man you should have listened to me and not have sailed from Crete and incurred this disaster and last through verse 22 and now I urge you to take heart for there will be no loss of life among you but only of the ship I imagine Paul interceded in a miraculous way that God would preserve their lives and God in some way said Ok and so he says Take heart no one's going to lose their life 1st 23 for there stood by me this nice and Angel of the God of whom I belong and whom I serve saying Do not be afraid Paul he must be brought before Caesar and indeed God has granted you this the prayer he has granted you all those who sail with you and therefore again in case you missed it take heart man and Paul says for I believe God you didn't believe in the 1st time you believe the professionals and you believed what you preferences were in the majority but I'll tell you one thing this is what God told me and I believe God do you think in the midst of that storm there are some other believers there to verse $26.00 however we must run aground on a certain island and this verse baffles me now when the 14th night had come 14th as we were driven up and down in the Adriatic Sea About midnight the sailors sensed that they were drawing near some land and they took soundings and found it to be 20 fathoms about 120 feet and when they had gone a little further they took down and again and found to be 15 fathoms that's about 90 feet then fearing lest we should run aground on the rocks they drop for anchors from the stern and friends from here I want to talk about for a. There's there when you find yourself in a storm and you're afraid you're going to run aground and dash yourself on the rock throw out these 4 anchors are you ready we're going to have to go fast because we need to be thrown out for pot like this is for anchors anchor number one the anchor of prayer when you're in a bad place you pray I think what we just read from Paul is evidence of a man that parade in the midst of 14 days of storm Paul found time and a way to pray and he's answers and says I'll preserve you I'll be with you here we have Mark one verse $35.00 now in the morning haven't risen a long while before daylight he Jesus went out and departed to a solitary place and there he did what prayed Jesus saw the power of prayer the importance of the connection directly with he and his Heavenly Father Jesus himself was often in prayer his humanity made prayer and necessity if the savior of man the son of God felt the need of prayer how much more should fallible sinful mortals feel the necessity of fervent and constant prayer it was Jesus' life line but somehow we think it's optional what is prayer is not necessary that we make known to God What we are but in order to enable us to receive him to purchase not bring God down to us or to me it brings me up to him and friends God is ready and willing to hear this and see your prayer of the humblest of his children and yet there's often a reluctance on our prod to make known our wants to God Why is it our pride isn't our own self-sufficiency I don't know what to say just talk to him as you would a friend and pray that he will lead you to verses that you can claim just like we heard described this morning thank you Bryce that was a blessing already read it to you and then read you one other one here and then went to her with Kay never is one repulsed who comes to him with a contrary heart liver show me this is weak not one sincere prayer is. Lost amid the anthems of the celestial choir God hears the cries of the weakest human beings we pour out our hearts desire in our closets we breathe a prayer as we walk by the way and our words reach the throne of the monarch of the universe friends that's amazing That's the power of prayer continually stood out to pick up a few more anchors here I don't know if we read the rest of 29 says they dropped anchors for fear of the rocks and this is a prayed for day to come and as the sailors were seeking to escape from the ship oh what's happening now when they had let down the skiff into the sea under pretense of putting out anchors from the proud Paul said to this in Torreon and soldiers unless these men stay in the ship you cannot be saved a little bit like no one the ark doesn't and then the soldiers what they do they cut away the ropes of the skiff and let it fall down off the boat these sailors saw an opportunity to cut and run I don't know how everybody here is going to make it but I know how we're going to make it there's a skiff over there you look strong you look healthy Let's go over there let's lower down we'll be on land and who cares about the rest these people cut and run but friends Paul knew that staying together was the secret to their survival it's the anchor of unity and in times of life the temptation can be strong to abandon ship to cut and run every man woman and child for themselves there's that moment when seems easier to walk out on a troubled marriage than to face it and work towards resolution there's a human nature that once to retreat to lock the door to pull the blinds but friends that's no way to survive a storm and then they will sink further into depression or alcohol or drugs or even suicide for some no a quick death is not the answer I urge you stay aboard the ship lock arms stay in touch with those that love you most. And stay a united with the Lord you and I are designed by God to make it together so the anchor of unity holds us close someone 33 Verse one behold how good and pleasant it is for brother and to dwell together how in unity friends nothing weakens a church or a family for that matter as disunion and strife but the inverse of that is also true unity has an irresistible influence upon the world why because the world sees it there's all kinds of dis unity don't believe me turn on the news for 10 seconds but if Christ is in your heart and if Christ is in my heart there is a unity that is palpable that the world takes notice of and they say What do you have that we don't have what did Jesus say in John 1721 I do not pray for these alone but also for those who will believe in Me through their word that they all may be one as you father and me and I in you why are they one because as I mean you do and if you are in me Christ doesn't work against his him self the father is a work against itself so when Christ is in me when Christ is in you we are united if not that you give away some of your ideals and I give away some of my morals no no it's about being united in Christ being united in his word that rings true unity Testimony Volume $1182.00 it says as we approach the last crisis it is of vital importance that harmony and unity exist and what is this harmony harmony and unity exists because the Bible is made the guise of life you have heard the expression expression read enough the same page that's how unities achieved and God's church and it's one of the anchors continuing on earth 31 Paul says and Syrian soldiers unless these men stay in the ship you cannot be saved in the soldiers cut away the ropes of the skiff and let it fall off praise the Lord verse $33.00 and as day was about to dawn. Paul implored them all to take food saying today is the 14th day you have waited and continued without food and eat nothing therefore I urge you to take nourishment for this is for your what service I will since not a hair will fall from your head of anyone of any of you verse 35 and when he had said these things he took bread and gave thanks to God in the presence of them all and when he had broken it he began to eat some necessary to include in the story they eat well I think it is the anchor of renewal once the anchor of renewal Well it's replenishing reviving if you will whether we say here or what I read here Mark 6 or a certain one and he said to them this is Jesus speaking come aside by yourself to deserted place and rest a while the disciples were tired for there are many coming and going they did not even have time to eat the bible passage says and was Jesus say come and rest awhile Ok says James rest awhile this is one of no less than 11 occasions on when Jesus retired from his work in order to escape his enemies or to pray in solitude for rest or for private conference with his disciples apparently it was important to Jesus to come away to rest to be revived to take nourishment and sometimes when we go through the storms of life we ignore all those things I'm going to pull an all nighter and get no sleep I'm going to skip meals I'm going to go go go I'm going to bail bail bail or the time a storm of crisis tell me time to sleep when I'm dead and if you don't get any sleep you just might be I mean how basic is this you're going through a storm keep exercising you going through a storm keep eating nutritious foods you go into a storm keep going to bed on time or early and you're going through a storm don't just take in physical food take in spiritual food I mean how obvious is this passage that he says. And we took bread and gave thanks to God in the presence of all and then we broke it and began to eat this sounds very much like the communion verses that we read and then he took bread and he broke it he gave thanks and they ate and he said this do this in remembrance of me right this is my body which is broken for you feed on his word renew rest nourishment Paul says it's for your survival it's not optional you have to do it can you imagine fine a storm for 2 weeks and getting virtually no nourishment but that's how most of us respond to storms don't do it Isaiah 40 verse 29 he gave us power to the faint and to them they have no might he increases strength who gives power who increases strength God does so when you're going through a storm what is a devil want for you to abandon all these things so you get weaker and weaker and weaker and after 14 days aboard in this storm that you're struggling and and trudging through and battling and rowing and you're exhausted you're vulnerable and he says that's just what I want Isaiah 40 verse $31.00 but they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength they shall mount up with wings as eagles they shall run and not be wary they shall walk and not St We got to pick up one more anchor there was 4 of them. We slip past it here it's in the last part of verse 34 when he says take nourishment this is for your survival since not a hair will fall from the head of any of you this is really a reference in the promise he already made in verses 22 to 25 I urge you take heart for there will be no loss of life among you but only of the ship and he talked about the angel that came and said Do not be afraid Paul you must be brought before Caesar and indeed God has granted you all those who stay with you therefore take heart man for I believe God was the last anchor the anchor faced taking God at His word saying I believe what you say say it like Paul I believe God what a pastor Purgason like to say God says it I believe it that settles it it's simple it's basic profound Texas 1414 the Lord shall fight for you and you shall hold your peace and maybe that's what you need most of all in your storm this morning Isaiah 4110 fear they are not for I am with the be not dismayed for I am not God I will strengthen the yeah I will help the Yallop hold the with the right hand of my right to snip this I could to grab promises from the New Testament there's tons of them there is replete with promises these are all from the Old Testament all one Paul could have claimed anchors of faith Isaiah 432 and 3 when you pass through the waters I will be with you and through the rivers they shall not overflow you when you walk through the fire you shall not be burnt nor shall the flame scorch you for I am the Lord your God the Holy One of Israel your savior anchor of faith don't think just because it's last on the list that is least important it really came up 1st. But there are all necessary they all go together as a 50 for 10 through the mountains be shaken and the hills be removed yet my unfailing love for you will not be shaken don't miss that mountains may shake the hills may fall into the depths of the sea and they get really bad. For my own family love for you will not be shaken it cannot be shaken nor my covenant of peace be removed as the Lord who has compassion on you and me one amazing God acts the apostles for 42 it says he Paul grasped by faith the arm of infinite power how much is infinite friends and his heart was staying upon God we could say therefore he had no fears for himself he knew that God would preserve him to witness at Rome for the truth of Christ but his heart yearned with pity for the poor souls around him sinful degraded unprepared to die describes our time doesn't as he earnestly pleaded with God to spare their lives it was revealed to him that his prayer was granted and she later says a few paragraphs down at these words hope revived through one man hanging on to these anchors of prayer of unity of renewal and of faith quickly finished the story verse 37 and and all there were 276 persons on the ship. That's a surprising to me that's more than I expected 276 so when they had eaten up they lightened the ship and throughout the week into the sea and when it was day they did not recognize the land but they observed a bay with the beach on which they planned to run the ship if possible and they let go the anchors and lift them in the Sea Meanwhile losing the rudder ropes and they hoisted the main sail to the wind and made for sure but striking a place where to seize met they ran the ship aground and the Prouse stuck fast and remained immovable but the stern was being broken up by the violence of the way this storm is relentless verse 42 in the soldiers' plan was to kill the prisoners why because of a prisoner gets loose under my watch then they'll kill me and so I'm going to just do away with them 1st let's see them to swim away and escape 1st 43 but this in Turin I think this is Julie's wanted to save Paul kept them from their purpose and commanded those who could could swim should jump overboard 1st and get to land that's implying that there's me that can't swim as a nerve racking 14 days and the rest some on board and some on parts of the ship so it was last verse that they all skate safely to land every last one of them can you imagine the scene everybody just going for whatever they can find and trying to grab and swim and go to shore and then there are some people who make it to shore and they're trying to throw out some lifeline to those that aren't quite there yet in the ways keep pan in the rain keeps falling but the last verse says and so it was they all escape safely to land how many started the Voyage 276 how many were promised they'd make it 276 how many made it safely to shore 276 friends God is safe and when the strong winds blow. And when destruction on the rock seems certain and when your circumstances leave you with no hope throughout an anchor the anchor of prayer the anchor of unity to pull together our men are the anchor of renewal nourishing yourself feeding yourself on good physical but plenty of. Physical food flavored water rest but certainly spiritual food feeding regularly on the bread of life and use the anchor of faith stand on his promises he won on a storm right now perfect polish your anchors memorize Bible promises develop such a relationship with Jesus Christ that you could be described as stick with the Almighty and then when the storm comes you'll have the peace of Paul that will carry you through any storm 276 board the boat in 276 survive the storm for no other reason than the power of God for you cling to him today in your storm your Heavenly Father we are so thankful that we have an anchor that keeps our souls we praise you for the ways that you have kept us in the path we praise you for the way that you are keeping us in the present and Lord May we never fear the future as we hold on to you we pray to Jesus and. 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