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Kellogg vs. the Ministry - A Century of Collateral Damage

Dave Fiedler


Dave Fiedler

Author and Educator



  • June 5, 2010
    10:00 AM
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thank you brothers and sisters are giving me this opportunity that's can be my way than a promise I will look at him and realizing a Gosselin we actually have more than can reasonably recovered this morning so I was learning an advanced level very quickly through the opening slides because the most important stuff is coming at the end of you want to get there instead of dropping off his forehead support worker father I ask your blessing now I pray that you would hold your hand over the unusual circumstance against the ageism and everything else that will affect this presentation would pray that you would give us the time to cover that which is most important as you gave Joshua the time to finish the battle has to blessing out and use document Doctor Kellogg versus the ministry why is this important this with the better if I can see this I know I now have a goddess like that life is a good voice is important I was a teacher in classrooms and twenty years then it was only after that I rented this statement has religious teachers we are under obligation to God teaches students how to engage in medical missionary work now cutting vegetation on which is something that you must be what you get in trouble right again I never knew that language comes and goes the world more or less wherever murdering else's in transition were going to talk about medical missionary work this is not a term that had menaced always used to matter that the first time that I have record of that showing up in the review and Herald from the Pentagon like it raises one nineteen ninety three and we don't fight in the testimonies until nineteen oh one before I this word was that he had basic than a sure any other Romance languages like a boy know all those other variations thereof okay any well or good and we may derive from that a few different forms of the word there will be talking about the benevolence work the last item on that list and this before they spoke a medical missionary whatever they call the benevolent work in this was a journey is less than the MS in the late eighteen sixties on to describe efforts to help people especially the port is an interesting entity that in practical tangible ways a Senate vote this was known as the Christian help work out like that is not flashy but against the idea Crossing and other health like this was largely in reaction to the failure of the church survivor Hannah more and if I had time I would tell you the story of Hannah more I will not however because I don't have the time suffice it to say that she was our first foreign missionaries brought twenty years of experience to us when we had no foreign missions missionaries whatsoever and rather than receive her gratefully in Battle Creek we refused invariably fail to receivers you want to know the Michigan and died in six months of tuberculosis knowledge speaks about that and we will move on by eighteen eighty seven there were thirty seven administered emissions in operation but in eighteen eighty eight only twenty two were reported to why is that doesn't mean that the difference of fifteen and sixteen of the unfolded within the all twelve months time it means that they were very small and very small kind of and might argue almost insignificant operations it was fairly insignificant enough that one unit reported one year they wouldn't but that was okay this was a state of endless you know where I can read along came Doctor John Harvey Kellogg for both good and then send them in the middle of the word and later medical missionary work would never be the same Doctor Kellogg was satisfied illustrating cities once all of which I will be skipping Doctor John Wesley and the most colorful individual NSS it is as far as an individual those these great stories I pray you find something off a chocolate intelligence again it was insecure it was independent he was proud he was on that's not to tell his life as a partisan way to remind not inasmuch that it is not it was frightening octagon and as I was lazy and not because this is not a fine young ladies in and ungracious intelligent educated accomplished and even grow she simply was never seven fantasy was in the Baptist it was her former major professor Malcolm University they send a Baptist University in upstate New York let Doctor Galligan is not anything Doctor John was decidedly naughty dog was controlling and last but certainly not least Doctor Kellogg was converted I know that on the basis of inspired counsel after the meeting at Minneapolis Doctor Kellogg was a converted man and we all knew it we can see the converting power of God working in his heart and life will be meeting at Minneapolis of course a reference in eighteen eighty eight General conference session right Jones Wagner taking all something about all that with a little bit this was a meeting at what time was converted and after it was evident how now we see you says how good they see as well right is my phase that would make it so intangible and sometimes once argued the theory of it so much that sometimes infinite number of the practicality of it is impractical size of rights is my faith while the believer is justified because American pricing is not free word unrighteousness we all know that Satan works by lolling purifies us all to familiar phrase okay save buttons and blossoms and there is a harvest of precious throat yes all that white is a preliminary where faint is good worse appear the synchronism and tortured for the fatherless and widows are not neglected the negative on the deciliter that that's what righteous persons the supper in a list actually undergoing the same as in the poorer chair for the fatherless and the wheels are not neglected the naked or clothed in the destitute Arafat that is what righteous people do is file that away you'll need it for future reference I know I got the October of eighteen night he almost two years after Minneapolis Doctor John saw analyze reaction to the idea of starting an orphanage and she wrote this season dear brethren this is Susan the neon the general body brother now regret while in the total ski Michigan I had some conversation with your positions you can regard establishing a home for orphaned children and Battle Creek I said this was just what was needed among us as a people and that in enterprises of this kind that we were far behind other denominations Enterprises what kind of button at what enterprises we were far behind other denominations so they did ninety exacting questions rang she signals or so we these small beginnings made of that time was not enough to meet the need of our lot more orphans in North America there are now an hundred some years ago he is engaging ninety two Mrs. Caroline a household name is guess his answer and impressed to watch it seems yet Authority special needs toward when she might donate this eventually led to a thirty thousand dollars gift as a memorial to her late husband Frederick Haskell is a relation schema hassle this form is worse than the these hassles whenever Adventists okay Mister Haskell and already ninety minute Christian man he left his wife smells are talking changed and she wanted something of no more than women she thought this was a great opportunity so she gave thirty thousand dollars to Doctor not I is a BA in history later on she gave thirty thousand dollars for the establishment of what came to be known as the Haskell home for orphaned children in Battle Creek and just in case you have no concept of what inflation is under a money value try to build this for thirty thousand dollars lethargy event and nothing else that's okay him degraded after thirty grant all of you out to have been okay okay so that was the beginning of the orphanage aspect of the network again backing up couple years in eighteen eighty nine Doctor John got a firsthand look at the world of city missions he later got any sense I never had much faith in God until I went down to the Jerry McCauley mission in New York City and saw the Lord the same drunkards you know there is nothing that establishes faith in God when watching inside someone whether the drunkard anatomy now been whatever okay so the idea of sin emissions into Kellogg's thinking that in the spring of eighteen ninety three the Chicago branch Santarem in the Chicago medical mission were opened in eighteen ninety six a large church disperses and fitted up to become the working mantle Doctor Kellogg and mapping center in finance this work out in Chicago during the Chicago branch center and the Chicago medical mission by eighteen ninety six there was expanding and neighbors as this church and became a working man's home watch in the world is a working man's home and meeting people in a classroom teacher in our scenario the visas and okay and him and a warning mantle today we would call it a homeless shelter and homeless shelters we get we get we don't believe it I get the services provided included basic medical care English language classes rebound the self-service laundry limited employment opportunities many years and ten cents watching some great lessons there for three days are not nearly as productive as something that preserves the business some levels of respect event any dinners and tantalizing for the fifteen years of the mission 's operations a cappella try to spend every other Sunday in Chicago Kellogg was a long one of the things I miss up allowable as a generous guy getting engines unless you want to help people and left anticancer medical school and his wife arranges forty two children they adopted seventeen of them okay it was a generous guy at Rangers and graduated from the American medical missionary college was given I forget what all will bunch of blood so much as literature relevant on several uniforms and something else and then shipped off to a awesome as a nurse at Kellogg one million euros London he was a nice guy looking for were going to try through a series of chronological statement sounds important I keep these in mind the decade of the eighteen nineties it is probably the lowest documented point on some damaged registry is doing if I didn't know what to make on his latest book announcing the general conference as it was a matter of accepting the England problem is that soft soft soft decade okay she was in Australia into two months the mail back and forth their issues they are lots of issues but we're going attractive this aged ninety five zero I am able simply with the work that is being done in Chicago I believe in helping along every language is possible available on the steps of Christ goes into a cold on this Christian help work will consecrate themselves to not will find that he will be a present help to them in every hour of need in eighteen ninety five work was going on in Chicago eighteen ninety seven the Behringwerke octagon is the managing is the kind of work in the whole of our churches are bound to do under covenant relation to God there too long the husband and their neighbor as themselves you notice me I tell his invasion right through their demand that I did not add that what does thou mean what is in relation mean and what does it mean when you do not do that which you are bound to do undercover in relation for breach of contract breach of covenant this is serious stuff that were not this will lower the charges have left undone and they cannot prosper until the signal is organizing the highways and hedges in the Angels about what religion instrumentalities and a religious system will be inaugurated with the necessities and suffering human being for a physical mental and moral need descendent -based writer I didn't add that this one year using that word right there technically speaking that word means can not at night also and I cannot find me your delegate I will may not prosper if they're going to work his will for what my brother in America in place of questioning Doctor Kellogg using questioning and criticizing Doctor John because he is doing the class homework is not regularly for the why when the brethren in America questioning and criticizing Doctor Kellogg the class of work he was doing what was he doing benevolent works okay but it will it's messy person a night with somebody going to DG 's summary must have some good resident has a nap and messy I need on my classroom for one time zone by the government last influence all night that was weird I was not I do know everything but you have sluggish in America instead all in the place in question drizzling underdog to Boston were the years when you know doing your non- human service you will be hard and soul engaged in doing the same kind of work which will be on farm or account is either not been for so many do flock inappropriate when they become religious Schwarzenegger began under the were not visible and there is a technical term for this thing is called out in that plaintiff religious works that is not to be insensitive to those statutory statutorily challenger Howard County said that whatever nothing inventive again the problem that I face my renew statements as they apply to need to us about as much as everybody else but I have no great world for posting on it is the best thing I can say now is in trying to reform so I can say I think the work I'm in now is the opportunity somewhat pessimistic as it is to examine the religious reconciliation I slept eighteen ninety seven now they start the change needs ninety eight the question has been asked did you not get Doctor Kellogg encouragement after he had entered into this one I answered I for I had been instructed that aware of the miscarriages and be done by all our churches that a deep interest to be taken in this area aboard the network that according to the light was awarded in pleasing to me this one works in the signal the fire ministers not to create a large center in one place to establish the work in many cities this is a turning point writer Philip Todd was doing nothing to documentation for why this lens and then destroy they also spent the day he was doing this now at this point because he was mad at the Ministry of the severe measures and that's why this is entitled Kellogg versus the ministry ministry some members thereof had been criticizing and fighting Doctor Kellogg by eighteen eighty seven eighteen ninety eight he was sick of it Doctor Kellogg was not used to coming in second to anyone that was one of the stories that indicate and I'm putting words in his mouth but essentially Doctor Kellogg Lake and ninety seven eighty ninety eight said stupid ministers are well out Christianize the world more than possibly ever dreamed of doing I will be I would like better converts and you know is not just idle boasting Doctor Kellogg at that point controlled the employment of twice as many people as the entire workforce the General conference event to Doctor John expanded and expanded and expanded the Chicago city Michigan is a fellow Muslim he was using a lot of money to do that where did that money come from Symbian OS was happening in Australia we think anybody airline do any any any history of eighteen nineties and thinking any sanity was happening in a state that will I hear from me there's writing in Avondale on the ground all I can write about it not merely of lands under the money and nobody was in the money Doctor dog was using up a big chunk of it this was in constant was a disproportionate why was it is important because I think I was about and he was a ministry that is going to the doctor is relevant the Lord God point out to those in Battle Creek and as I was loving the Lord God planted out for those in that upgrade was not only battle creek and work in places where there was nothing to represent the truth the plants would of been made in many places and Doctor Chawla was working cadre that the Saints congregate in Battle Creek working country that Doctor Kellogg world economy that by moving down to Chicago is setting up an operation in two big conglomerations of evidence we have been great we have Chicago and in between nothing is writing God has not received his people this elite ninety eight but it did not present any of those in Battle Creek suitable to the one who needed their help Doctor talked about the work they did not do the spirit of criticism Sean 's work from the first is the very adjustment has made his work hard the latter simply run in Johannesburg await the work he is doing in and doing criticizing them the Lord has no justification for any such work the point is both sides were wrong and just as I'd love to explain I'll let the one wartime that he'll commit more leisurely they had pictures done in different localities were given in my .net they follow the example left them by Christ there would now be centers of America plans to be established in a pleasant it would be a great showing there would not be a great selling in Chicago alone the Lord will be multiplied in many places with the full cooperation institution deception Battle Creek so it got Battle Creek had done wrong that we got Chicago had done wrong path but I like especially in exile 's right worse than others José the pastor should be Sunday thirteen the Lord will now have a medical worship missionary work recognizes a helping hand in the fall now there's a thought while we recognize that it is working out and mountains we haven't done that in the past okay you will recognize only thirty month and nothing else okay you recognize what this world is an interagency list only one placement plan zoning made in many places the Lord is given object on his work it is a fact that our ministers are very slow to become health reformers notwithstanding all I was given one is something that has caused Doctor Kellogg to lose confidence in them there administers twenty working out the forms created him a spirited criticism he is born down in an unsparing manner whatsoever the agent is belittled in the home ministry and unions regard and ideas like the medical mission work above the ministry I have seen in the manufacturing of ministers remarks have been made which have not been to the honor and glory in the following got this amazing patella they bought us each and those who are reviewing the warnings of God who did what I think those reviews warnings and I have followed a course of action was brought against a result these influences on the automatic on the list artist and event may have led him to stand apart to some degree for ministry I desire does it matters as they are presented to me that the spirit of criticism and faultfinding is at work same as Angel leaned on Doctor Kellogg was then led to take the course he deemed it his duty to take he is not connected with those who were not in sympathy with the world he knew to be in the rock hard place okay what do you want Doctor Kellogg to do while we wanted to do is remain converted you know but what I would you have leaving the categories are getting a shot in the back biting your own site so much fun that let's see are people and not all appreciated as it should the man to whom God is working with whom he has cooperated buzz of the health reform they are not reasonably cause-and-effect understand how great was a blessing as angina Battle Creek under the management Doctor Kellogg as faithful associates through this work which was asserting his message of entered where it would otherwise have been very difficult for them to find entrance but the priests perceptions of our people have been blinded that was eighty ninety eight nineteen hundred here is a written elderly general conference present she says see the same Doctor Kellogg from himself he is not hitting the Council he said he is not satisfied because Lord is invited to missionary work business consists alone in this Walmart in Chicago that works out to be the great and important thing to be done is a very effective and expensive work she is not there ruling it out cannot say the word to work in slums nothing to say that Obama lacks you can spend all your money there is not the work you got to be a good steward and stewardship sometimes involves the diversification of your portfolio he decided to invest all your money into Sainsbury's petroleum stock him since I God forbid that the purpose is not to target in mind to be carried out our work is not to be divided work four years later she made another comment and maybe helps us understand what she was referring to in this one there is a four-year Japanese using the site might invite Internet is zero later when the gospel ministers and a medical missionary workers are not united there is placed on our churches the worst evil they can be placed there a glomerular problem is that I cannot write the judicial one percent of the crowd understands grammar okay is that the related is smart and knows he can't do it wars are the worst thing except dramatically okay Dayan Miller is a warning field not heeded them this was deducted on all the work you have taken up in Chicago the Lord inquires Jonathan glared that is required is a grant to establish as a man of your own ambitious grading as he belongs and him as people got his new network to do you've not been called to do this work is that the power of the enemy and let you to leave God actually had us about their lot has committed itself is working a denominational inward which was taken money from the people are decidedly denominational people I is the great medical missionary chapter of the Bible Isaiah fifty eight does not sustain you in the kind of work you are doing anything and I threaten on the class on that cause people domiciled there we obtain the least results for labor expended the work is beheaded because the budget had to resign far different than skimping on down here and remember what God does not endorse linking all three nineteen older this year and a month after Kellogg will living Temple the guys already published and the next was what he says God does not endorse the efforts put forth by different ones to make the work of Doctor Kellogg as hard as possible in order to build themselves up now in Iraq she's not endorsing his pantheism gone game delight on health reform and those are rejected in rejected God for one and another who knew better said that it all a lot and they made war upon him was an abandoned Lebanon to report on the color regurgitation and retaliation guy did not want him to stand in a position warplane is not want you to stand there going on while Haskell home burned down near the morning if there were nine nineteen oh nine three children died unfortunately that's adamant did nothing to heal anything like a round of recriminations Doctor Kellogg sent this to Haskell never was owned or controlled by something Adventists or any other church relations of money with which the home was built was given to me personally by Mrs. Carolyn Haskell the leaders in Symbian 's nomination were never much in sympathy with the hassle home enterprise nor for that matter with any other line of philanthropic work the top portion of that quotation is alive Doctor Kellogg light we haven't documented the top heart is alive I wish I were anywhere near as confident in saying the bottom part was also my wet woods of the case is still done as president of vacation to prove that a cappella was lying on his people the fallout in the early nineteen hundreds there were more than fifty votes benevolent institutions operate within them is the United States falling undeveloped lots of church membership over pantheism and other issues in nineteen oh seven and the home fire nineteen oh nine this number declined rapidly to largely created the greeted nomination had washes most of the network is not hard to understand the current administration believes Daniel 's agent is the beginning God big guys were really really really tired until he told in I suspect though I don't consider a full resume and I suspect they returned the favor on occasion I don't think they were the primary one for making war upon you but I do think that they sometimes make errors that way that earns his disdain so that was the rest between the conference ministerial leadership as a medical missionary work in as a result at the time was gone within a wash their hands of the benevolent work the kind of a classic case of throwing the baby out with the bathwater and Kellogg did more damage to the church by what he talked with him anything he ever left my bike at the miscellaneous comments on the topic and was it is rare rapidly you may set you been taken in and have been at least all your means upon the world you have your charity and therefore you become discouraged and trying to help the needy I present Jesus before you became disabled volunteer to bring salvation to his own nation but they were not accepted all your efforts for good have been unsuccessful ninety nine times and you receive only insult reproach and hate yet if the one hundredth time bruises access and one soul is saved a lot of victory is achieved or like to suggest that is that I and maybe some others in our efforts to be good stewards of God 's funds have had vastly inflated concept of what the return on investment can reasonably be expected to be in a sense if I had one eighty some percent of the people to respond favorably why do you greatest lies along the eighty three percent of starting that I was suggesting one percent return might be something to be proud of that tells me that people finalize our wraps and ensure how I can tell you for a similar trend in the context enough people are ungrateful righteous one of them might respond favorably new safe a lot of victories gained I think and had my expectations there is enough wealth in your Continental Congress president is wealthier straightforward to work successfully and soundly present darkness eleven undisputed possession of our great cities because the cost of existing missions to those who follow Christ fully even if it be over the heads of ministers and president was doing such a work as this will say I pretty read have me excused and beware lest they received their discharge for time and eternity only twice do I know on Ellen White suggesting a circumvention on the structure of the General conference once was immediately on a GBA the ministers will not receive this I will bother with jungle I don't think alike and then press the people will receive it she's okay this is the second one I would like to suggest it's because they're exactly the same thing righteousness by faith is so intended only as our word ran into integrity is integrally united with righteousness in a RSS on a regular basis so generally united with the benevolent work that they are the same thing in the elicited the same response nonwhite in the Digital divide network of the people of God are doing Priceline as I thought there to break a majority of editing a little taken bring the point of death unannounced brontosaurus on wings as I did let itself be in the present of the law-abiding isomers in love they will represent the cared about in the world and receive the richest blessings of heaven I would simply ask I don't think they carry out they will represent exactly when they represented the going on again and what was the surgeon operate in those all Americans are there to wage a much higher standard and special events and maybe it was then awake and asleep and what without the camp boarding facility ready for the medical missionary whether handling along the blood they were corresponding to the church in Battle Creek is a genetic not sitting there getting the last causes over which he is prepared in order to be carried a tendency over that things get over that it's watching about those Benjamin Institute on the product and the Lord signified his displeasure by permitting big principal buildings of these institutions to be destroyed by fire Pentagon not to say that whenever the Lord at Providence in these of divorce among us and not hesitated to make light of same in these buildings were burned because management swing things in the directions which the Lord could not approve religious buildings and questions entering on the top the review and Herald abominable rundown year nineteen oh two you ask Muslims at one name on the fire started in Battle Creek to come up with the idealist pantheism possibly the radio burned because the Pantheon books and even when one of when the sanitary burnout I liked all attention she said then this continue on a single quote is that we committed a departing from right principles for the promulgation of what's these institutions were established and failed during the birth or the garbage to be done to prepare people to build the old legislative record is about understanding the breach as representative gets jeopardizing in the script of the work regularly defined as being medical measurement this work is to be done in all places and she discussed I think that's why the fires came to Battle Creek because he failed to carry out the work of Isaiah fifty hi Vanessa your carpet looking to chapter of Isaiah to my bottom physics behind the massive solid oracles in the network want to let our people everywhere be encouraged to have a part in its banana last three local statements you visit once a discount for me a very short lab meeting to the sufferings of every man of the sufferings of God 's child and those we don't know helping hands that are perishing fellow beings provoke his righteous anger this is a wrath of the Lamb I am not interested in being a recipient of the wrath of the Lamb that statement intention and this one I'm going to drop down here if we neglect the cases of the Union forces that are brought under our notice a matter who they maybe with no assurance of eternal life for we do not answer the claims that God has upon us and them there I lay down no Pearson as when encouraging the come back at four o'clock get another dose of discouragement come back apply angle in a positive note at him and lays that lets virus for fun we thank you for the Sabbath day we thank you for your blessing with a history or instruction and most of all Lord we thank you for your integrity that even where we are when we wander from the path you pointed out to us the prelude guide and direct and bless all of a sudden unknown Jesus name we pray


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