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Picking Up the Pieces - Learn the Lessons

Dave Fiedler


Dave Fiedler

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  • June 5, 2010
    5:00 PM
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okay right about now the one question that you don't need to write down but you're probably thinking this is everything in encouraging others waiting on the business are you finding it a little good news again but I guess I like to pretend that reality is the best place to start to build on you I have tried to portray the reality is I see enough of what has influenced our current status and willing to go through some of the things of the less was awarded to begin the father we do thank you for your blessing we thank you for the Council you've given the abundance counselors almost two months it's a struggle to get through it to figure out all the details father and so we thank you as well that you promised that we don't have to know everything but this get started you'll explain it as we go by now that you'll be with us as we stand this time this last meeting pray that we would find a path forward not just forward the path to the end and juice émigré day last presentation here picking up the pieces learn the lessons heated rights are going to skip over all the review because that review is all that we discovered so and Linda skip over that Julie does your Internet with a left thumb and were going to start here looking at some of the specific case all this planet only mentioned of how to work this is not mentioned promulgated role out time after time of it is elementary RSS something I'm currently involved in the first the first of the basis of the billing for the old possibility major restaurants as evangelistic enterprise did not even twenty eight eighteen seventy seven what actually happened was a colorful character of American history gathering of PT Barnum Friday Circus the Battle Creek it was a while one-day gain and the good citizens of Battle Creek was scared because the servicepeople were going to do something that but because this was the only excitement that had come into Calhoun County Vermont and from around was going to come to the surface and that she had them going to get drunk and bad things that were going to happen afterwards and so the idea was discussed around eventually the good sisters about a preacher to put up to dance our brother the brother of the Tanzania but two tenths and they served hygienic food and look at managing his overtime that would mean vegetarian I have to and they serve juice is brands and then display of Canada food in your bottles jars and jars of that was a kind of a novel thing still at that point that has been displayed and sure enough the people came from all around Caledonia became anything the best food in town was at the advancement and it didn't have a bronze of the end of people than of the town were thankful and Ellen White said while we did that was one day what if we had I will strive well she documented some doing the eighteenth eighteen eighty 's I don't really know when the person was started as an encouragement for you fine she didn't talk about it a whole lot during aging nineties when she was in Australia September twenty one nineteen hundred she landed in San Francisco Bay coming back from Australia and very quickly after that you find are discussing vegetarian restaurants in far more negative terms September twenty three nineteen oh five she spoke to a whole group of vegetarian restaurant workers earn San Francisco Janssen problems she wanted to call their attention vegetarian restaurants been taking young people away from more specifically evangelistic lines of work she said why is there such a dearth of laborers in these important lines of work our young people choose to labor in some place where they can live without any particular exercise of their minds spiritually the restaurants offer a free field for such individuals anybody here involve the summer canvassing program keep those things pure air I know the history of where the magma programs came from the guy who did more to start many other was my next-door neighbor for two years I love you my friend he runs good programs others sometimes don't don't let it happen is annoying me know when you comes up with fire momentum going from from doing something that the Lord and those who care nothing for the method may be seen our work ethic earn some money to go to college and NFL should never be allowed well okay that's what was happening with RSS if I hear the Johnny in Internet medicine now in eighteen bags there are analogous but against John workman I need you then he's culturally expected to do something for the church but he really doesn't have any appetite for church work but there's a restaurant in San Francisco observing five hundred meals a day workers on the weather pages got one more bad influence in a restaurant one more full well our Savior total eighty fifteen soul winner that Helen had some strong words in that point good vegan restaurants had been looking after the workers the managers in our restaurants and work the salvation of the employees V the managers are needed to their best powers to instructing their employees and spiritual lines explains imprisonment train with them and for that they are to guard the religious interests of the helpers as cheerfully as parents are to guard the religious interests of their children they were doing they were staying on John you are aware of the restaurant then while we pay minimum wage work eight hours a day so you can expect to get this much money finds out the part about the San Francisco a big surprise we were losing his left and right that's still the cognitive mentalism but it is stupid okay unless our restaurants are conducted in this way with the managers working for the salvation of employees it will be necessary to warn our people against sending their children to them as workers the managers of our restaurants must do more to say the young people and employ every one of them the employees needs to be sheltered by home influence we have a real problem in our culture today we have legally hypnotize ourselves into thinking that eighteen -year-olds are adults this is false eighteen -year-olds are technically eighteen euros K and they are becoming adults experience comes telling that the guys that where they house name don't take an eighteen -year-old and just roll them to the world they were doing we have such an emphasis on young people wanting to gain their freedom and their independence is not the way it works for Christians your part of the Bonnie the school is modeled after a home okay and vegan restaurants and become too absorbed in commercialism she said I've been making inquiries now many of them converted to the truth is or as a result of the world and their restaurants can anyone informing there was no answer I fear the answer might even know as God 's chosen people are only work on those three interesting words how are only work is to win souls and teach the gospel but the restaurants are not doing this work they never have done it and they never can do it unless the workers are thoroughly converted to God I do not say that all our restaurants should be closed but advancing the situation I have sometimes wished that circumstances would arise that would compel them to be closed it seems almost an impossibility for us to place ourselves in such a position of the existing evils can be corrected so I started a chain restaurant that seems like a anticandida but God 's grace it will be but I don't think it'll be done by anyone who hasn't waited their way to the bad news first in a sense FYI so depressing my first two presentations nationally unable to looking medical ministry is as religious aggression subverts and liberties of our nation those would stand for freedom of conscience would present favorable positions for their own sake they shall have opportunity become intelligent in regard to disease its causes prevention and your windows to do this will find a field of labor anywhere there will be suffering one's plenty of them will be held not only Mongols were on paper largely among those who know not to say she's saying now as things are getting found was if people start to hate you it might be a good one thing to someone what and when you have the same numbers obnoxious leaves have had something whatever you minister to them when their programs when they love even in its updates for your own sake he said I wish to tell you that soon there will be no work done in ministerial lines that medical missionary work is an interesting statement no work done in ministerial lines but medical missionary work there if you read that you might think that means everyone but doctors and nurses nurses of the other minister business but if you thought that you would be wrong so let's look at the question of who is involved let our ministers and being an extremist preaching the word learn how to give simple treatments and then labored zealously as medical missionary evangelist who was then the ministers of our coworkers should not give the simple treatments it is a much of a pain riddled disease who was at gospel workers in every place you think maybe found ineligible for this work is the question be to health reform is prepared to give those who are sick the simple treatments it will relieve them and then pray within this they will open the door for the engines the truth who were talking workers for Christ as the canvas or go some place to place you'll find many who are sick you should have a practical knowledge of the causes of diseases and should understand how to get simple treatments that he may relieve the suffering ones will the canvassers in the fiftieth chapter nightmare the Lord tells us plainly what the work is that he requires of us in order that our young people may be fully prepared this is where small senators are reconnected with our schools the students are to be taught how to use natures simple remedies in the treatment of disease whose as students God 's people are to be genuine medical missionaries they are to learn to minister the need of soul and body they should know how to give a simple treatment and is a must do we pay when you remove this means is that so there you have medical missionary work is not for everyone unless you happen to be a healthcare professional minister gospel of the deposition or church member now that was the hope the medical what what was a metal refocusing on her wall and the other common thread through all the last statements simple statements simple to get God 's remedies are these simple agencies of nature that will not have to debilitate the system to their powerful properties your errant water for proper dietary life after addressing daughter remedies for the want of which thousands are dying in these remedies are going out of date because their skillful use requires work that the people do not appreciate who the people who are because it is an interesting thing here you got the same day and he got the one who is caring for them now let's look at most of category are the people that are Christian the work is the healthcare providers chart in the open if you have an easy way to get a job done and you have a hard way to do the same job which would you rather have a delay but one is your jaw is your job to heal the body only or is it a fact that our only work if the results and you know what simple treatments take usually one-on-one time with some forgot he was usually stalking bad for him he can go anywhere in dining corner what a great opportunity to and I for evangelism is not a movie why is there in this emphasis on simple remedies that will Australia I checked and I love high-tech medicine it has its place not the tool for evangelism the other thing handing again so the one emphasis for simple remedies I'm letting you yes I don't know this for sure when Wayne tied to things together if on time and correctly that's the answer if I'm trying to things belong together and reject it as a baby in a way that was brought in as my guest in the last things visitors history normal range there will be pestilence plague and famine the waters of the loan before the boundaries property life will be destroyed by fire and flood like a bad day for everybody but the news guys like the news going on again my guess is that our existing medical services will be overwhelmed through some means or another that's a bad thing but it's a good thing because it gives God 's people a chance to minister to how will that help in could it really happen maybe every era of the this on methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus asset problem isn't overwhelming the medical system I don't know yet then there's that they fit the problem okay lately and overwhelming problem L maybe now and have a degree in molecular know biology or whatever that is I think extremely drug-resistant tuberculosis yet the problem adenovirus searchlights for him however is the meanwhile back Amy and fertile age five and one swine flu nasal and one could those become problems yes they could have that yet are not as much they thought they might happen someday maybe I my profit though no family are but I'm not I don't know that's my guess I could add one more to that list that you can take on how loud the whole medical system in the United States at least being overwhelmed by them saying may be government regulations this is not there somewhere so I bought this today now knows that it in a worst-case scenario anyone is good again but that would give us a chance to do something very special the study of surgery and other medical science receives much attention the world but the true science of medical missionary work there is a truth the medical mission is contrasted with the study of surgery and other medical time it's different we are called to a different work that the true size of medical mission work carried forward as I started it is new and strange that there are messengers in the world but it will find its rightful place when we people would have great light whenever people and accurate like seven a.m. and awaken to their responsibilities and improve their opportunities it will take us across I will write will not live long enough to see it happen I think it is a promise I don't know what okay I think that is a promise is and is not wanted will blossom soon since I'm on company evangelist this is fascinating during the night of February twenty seven nineteen ten the untoward cities were represented before me as a living reality that was plainly instructed there should be a decided change from the past methods of working for months the situations that impressed my mind and I urge that companies be organized and diligently trying to labor in our important cities couple months ago I was giving these presentations separate a self-centered church in Seattle after I read that statement again waiting areas for Hannah she said he realized that one hundred years ago to the day after November twenty seven two thousand ten the special century it's been a century but there is a call for a decided change in a way of working is extended with this is not the only vision of this comes from the dishes in a certain sense is is a a March particular case I think after this vision that was never twenty seven I don't have an exact date on this but sometime maybe about April I think I could probably narrowed and nailing down the vocals have been a little regression about April nineteen ten only came to Loma Linda and she called the most trustworthy man she knew whose name was John Byrne and she called the man who she described as the best Bible worker we had the nomination his name was now rock Creek Sterling Owen RSL Bible instructor at Loma Linda she insisted on having their feet this will often start to call those two guys and I think to others are not sure exactly when they were that I didn't bring up and she told them all and I only have this from kind of verbal history right so as not rewritten down to verify all the details but she should call these three maybe format is as you said something along the lines of brethren I am placing the responsibility for gospel medical missionary evangelism on your shoulders God will hold you responsible make sure they will well I was making ten they looked around on it are now Canadian foray and I serve on the committee I hate to raise efficiency committee work I just do a distance that might think regular committees always know Lassie want to accomplish something delegated the so they looked around and he said coldly picked for the flight plan was to make this happen and they looked around at the graduating class of nineteen ten graduating from the two-year hospital medical missionary course there was one guy that stood out in their minds he was little older than most the students in their the recent convert actually only converted anything I sell the year back in eighty okay he was converted in the spring of nineteen oh eight okay Erin yet I be right it was never in the spring again he had been a law student I don't know if he ever of the bar exam or not he had been a newspaper man I don't know if that means he was a reporter a publisher of the soul among the news quarter of an artist 's recliner know what that really means and I guess you gave those lines a working life at the more dependable anyone in the desert California someplace he was prospecting for gold okay him and they are together prospecting for gold is eight yes he gets sick and staying in the cabin of a guy they called Pachelbel anointing that began this little story was an old prospector had been not a common combination many women out there prospecting from oleoresin Seventh-day Adventist and say yes now is young and stuck in his cabin and drive them crazy with the family my my my my how is penciled Pachelbel argued with him for a while finally gave up and as I understand it the young man was stuck in bed Bob Dole says not tirelessly you there and back and walks out through a copy of his diaries he was converted in spring nineteen only the desire of ages well give up gold prospecting is is is better things about became a little and looked the situation over a say medical missionary work is that it is the cleanest method the spirit of prophecy are a sign that the Jay Leno measuring force the fall of nineteen oh eight so the spring of nineteen canyons graduating through older and so these guys for guys they look at him and they say maybe either men 's almanac Minnesota readers maybe he's our man sleep resumes and when you take on this job of showing all I decided change in our evangelistic work all approach possible medical missionary company evangelism a great about it but he said yes that's in there you may or may not ever heard John H he pioneered gospel medical missionary evangelism in California Indiana Virginia Wisconsin Oklahoma and Texas Elder to combine medical education with his gospel presentations even though he wasn't a doctor actually been trained to do at the two-year medical mission they were trying why because Loma Linda is not only center and that an educational center for the training of gospel medical missionary nationalists what a great thought okay but something was still missing physical exhibition of the regular seven nineteen ten I called the formation of companies the core of workers league soccer there is an cause of the double couple of years relevant to know Nvidia make that happen but when you did it shall it showed big thing we have the information fortunately it's been preserved for us we have the facts laid the statistics for five evangelistic campaigns that he conducted before he incorporated the company concept is organizing out fairly successful over those five campaigns he had an average of thirty six baptisms for campaign that's that's that's that's pretty fair I know a lot of advances that would be so happy for that thirty six precious souls not that but then he said were not doing what the spirit of article he got himself a company of workers we have the statistics for the next six campaigns average one hundred twenty one baptisms per campaign for the next six that's good okay not quite four times as many know he was using four times as many workers say that this was also not any good I'm announced outside of their fewer baptisms for governor if it's an act but the other workers haven't been watching it out that got me of a get no baptisms anyhow he will because what she was doing was opening doors for more church members sometimes the work I came up with an waiting work illustration this morning I may use it is an acute we become conditioned to expect large events technologically advanced ants hide I'll leave this to move them off the forward bank Noah not knocking that this area matters of the night that was a good thing I'm not saying we should do those I think we become accustomed to expect something something high-tech thing to come along and make it possible for them that's good wishes and remains again but it's kind of like we've gotten conditions now regarding tree and were waiting for a big elephant to come along and not eventually over and authors can do that to you what a few thousand termites came to pass it doesn't have to be one big events they can be keep chipping away with a bunch of people get the lady involved to help churches going to South America nothing going gospel medical missionary company events was how did you come up with those results well he had a company he had himself someone was described as a medical helper handle enemies and a bipolar those were his three-day positions he added that one businessman one singer six nurses and ten unspecified volunteers you add it all up that comes up to twenty one people eighteen of whom for volunteering they are really born and in nineteen twenty three alleging a return to college and medical evangelists the study diabetics not everyone somehow you in this and what happens home the redesign and airmail what happened basically as it were agreement preaching somebody who didn't like him at all bent out of shape and made a big mess in the and depressed and has gone around talking on anything he is not at our answers and you and Sally trying to discredit him because he didn't have formal training so Dennis is okay okay when you think about this and I'm not busy why he did what he did he wrote well-known Loma Linda taking my training and I get excited very prominent member number of denominations and me John was doing here what do you expect to studying dietetics to think and write to leave your great work as a vandalism come here and spend all his time studying dietetics in reply to my good friend I said time will show the wisdom of my plan brother did you ever read in testimonies volume nine page one hundred twelve Florence says there are some who think that the question diet is not of sufficient importance to be included in their evangelistic work that such make a great mistake him and I want no one is there to drop his nails off by eleven points go in anyhow general game at in nineteen twenty three and sign up for it to your diagnosis using those things as well anyhow I finally graduated in nineteen twenty five along with these nice people actually I think these two are staff members over the small class I thought more important to our story at the moment though is the will happen when single sign up for dietetics and twenty three and talk among other things a chemistry class and lab partner in the chemistry class who was an unusual statement he should not have been there actual the main reason was that he was very young he was only seventeen and the college didn't accept people who are seventeen in those years not only that it was difficult to really say that he was ready for college because he advance we know scholastic record he had been homeschooled all the way to high school but nonetheless he applied to Loma Linda and was accepted into the two year medical missionary course and it is perhaps a great blessing that he was accepted because nineteen twenty three was the last year it was ever well designed up the two-year medical missionary course ends up being John Kindle 's lab partner in the chemistry class they like each other didn't like the younger guy they finished their class whatever in our candlelight on a graduated that was in twenty five games that I was mistake him like any in nineteen seventy seven the California conference called to know and said it was Elder Scoggins I remember that the presence rent apartments president is only one telephone conference those years is a goal of Kimberly said we want you to establish a sealed short of the school of exam was teaching how to do gospel medical missionary company evangelist we got to salaries whether you want for any anybody want to do best many we really want this is because we seem to handle the Kindle said okay I know I want all that I want my former lab by nineteen twenty three he was seventeen so when he graduated in nineteen twenty five he was nineteen years ago nineteen twenties and then the young man is now all of twenty one and has no real work experience or tracker interdenominational employment of the Scoggin said John I'm only sleeping on me we want this war to succeed the best man you know I will communicate you get back a week later Buckley one completing using on who you want it I want my web between ninety and came back a week later because I want my laptop why he said why this is a key thing is is why I want a bunch of twentysomethings in Wichita okay he said because he is young and doesn't think he knows everything it I'd rather train them from scratch then retrain them after they got other ideas that you may have guessed by now hasn't somebody post a wrong button the young man was diabetes is a will that's not a picture taken in his youth Elvis Presley was eventually ordained of course the game Elder for the elderly worked with Gerald for ten years it feels cool evangelism in very please in the late nineteen nineteen thirty seven the skillful medical evangelism how was the funding that we say it wasn't impressed money was tight and the school died held for the carried on some evangelistic work here and there around the country finally in nineteen forty one Nintendo conclusion he said Gospel medical missionary evangelism is if there is not a school someplace teaching it because medical missionary course was last offered at Loma Linda nineteen twenty three what do we hear some in nineteen forty two elder frizzy sounded a little institution you may have heard of wild went down to Georgia with the amount intention of training possible medical missionary company events list and I would considerable amount of admiration for literacy but he didn't have much success starting forty two the entire first generation of people the train they learn a lesson from November the learned a lesson on how to go out and start another institution they did not learn a lesson out of Stardust medical missionary company evangelism and so you had done nothing as bad be handling other hand okay even if anyone is a Michigan getting Valley in Colorado limestone cave and iron are always on it all the schools always a little as users are definitely was a gospel medical missionary company evangelism the first time that I know of world numbers he finally got somebody to go out and do this was a young minister in the late sixties the young man who her developers he hurt his handsomest talks admire the spirituality the nanny was there was a deeply spiritual man anything and I want to be with AIM measures that will be transferred on George's I can work with this guy a result of anything installed he said if you do that it will be professional suicide your career is that his ministry will be willing Alice Kesselring thought about it for a while is cited in run the risk that went down to Wildwood spent some time working in learning with and from the limousine and finally illnesses the needs of arrangements with another friend of his from able recognizes the gentleman by the name of OG Mills that would be Rachel Nelson 's grandfather O.J. Milstead worked with frizzy and was now a minister in the southern New England conference and frizzy made arrangements with LJ and send this young minister to work with Elder Mills is suddenly nonconference doing gospel medical missionary company evangelism and the young minister worked with LJ for our I think about four years for Nancy or something like that while he was there he learned he learned the science of gospel medical missionary company evangelist for his different least he also met a young lady they took a liking to any narrator and along the way it could be argued that he did not in fact commit professional suicide you may recognize them for Marvin Jeannie met with LJ and Miller's home then why were they there because they were volunteers working in gospel medical missionary company evangelism while Mark was there O.J. kind of stays out of the picture Martha became more the leader in the project another young man the young minister had gone down to Wildwood until everything I can think I like that spent thirty years after he got his second graduate from the biomedical measure a car second and another young minister who sent him up to work in so doing you probably won't recognize this guy maybe you will send the money and I think Brad for the early works of gearing hands he is the codirector of the whole channel again I think the pictures and stories is reasonable to have this on my trailer for personal stretch sideways Brad was a young single minister came from the town of Colonna British Columbia happened to be the Thorpe family activity some of the best friends of my wife's family life 's Canadian so they knew him that was interesting Brad worked with Mark for a number of years and then he went to Vancouver British Columbia a convinced obesity conference to try gospel medical missionary company evangelism what this team as well some of you may possibly recognize Jack and Trudy Thorpe at their this is sad and Ted and said and to say thanks for doing earnings are ensuring their attention was okay this dominator is no wife's brother the failure was my best buddy in the nineteen seventies and again that's where I got my introduction to this was really living seminars managing a budget of twelve volunteers to live in a big house and the program lasted from seventy eight to nineteen eighty three and then ran the program close down bread went down to the notice lucid waking in soul winning Institute will mark again down by Chicago they were hoping to combine classical medical missionary company evangelism training with the ordinary or datagrams program only lasted a year don't know all the details on that one can but the idea stock up in British Columbia twenty five years later three brothers landed in Vancouver fresh out of the my was it coming mission college oregano fresh out of Mission College of evangelism you may recognize these guys they wanted to do evangelism Vancouver Sun some are out there remember the old radiant living seminars team and that's where they got their name rank so they started ringing living in a meal Jeffrey J Frank but in all this there's still something missing and this is the thread this is the only threat that I know of they continue this decided change that was called for in nineteen ten is the only thread that I know of but it still is still there and still there okay but there was something missing and that is there's any companies organized and educated most thoroughly to work as nurses as he dances as ministers and canvassers as gospel students to perfect the character after the divine similitude what was missing was the full scope aspect that had been tried in San Francisco nineteen oh one to nineteen oh six the gospel medical missionary company vandalism approach had incorporated some medical work Kindle for Z they both have nurses and physicians working with them I don't think Mark Finley ever did not she had health education P health professionals who speak another bread didn't indicate spam church members doctors that you work with a little bit but they didn't have anybody entertain Jeffrey J him illustrated I don't think that they do not aware of if they do and none of them have the other things were called for the men of them have the one Holocaust of the impermanence centers of influence in town none of them had a vegetarian restaurant a health food store was in a place where people get to know that's what I can come to find these Adventist books that have of Jesus and I have a program places on the time being where people are in a ridiculous amount okay some of them had outposts none of them had a permanent place in a permanent center of influence in town some of them had some medical words and had lasting up nobody ever brought it all together and that's how I think it's going to work God is calling not only by ministers and also upon physicians nurses canvassers by the workers and other consequently made a very jealous of a knowledge of present it to consider the needs of the unwarned cities everything everything promotes everything else in our restaurant we got pictures on the wall of our health Center sixty five miles out of town people as ones that looks pretty helpful as I alone free hosting the sixty five Mathematica is also where we grow the food that the lettuce is unethical and with humor and prequel again claim and is excited to get the certification that we didn't want anything different in and the farm gives our restaurant really cool bragging rights now you have everything organic it be nice that we don't believe in saline this is what brought ourselves that's cool people like that okay the restaurant advertises for the farm we wanted to McCandless and energy begins right now we've got washed titles college as a team of fifteen canvassers are doing is made of the program in Wichita anyone there handing out every door legal Junior handing out a piece of paper that has little advertising for the social and restaurant again Diflucan is to help you sell books they advertise against waiting people out there on the streets doing doing him house to house work you know you can get into a lot of houses just by going up to the door knocking I say not my name so-and-so emphasizes such as churches and they were just working through the neighborhood here you have anything that you need the like me to pray for people like not everyone is a bigger act now go away and others of you will say that the all I really know why how is that way maybe my beginning weight all these different things working together that's what will make city mission work go back where will it all end on one hand am I talking well at all and have learned almost that remain fairly wrong with that here again God has given us a commission which angels mind any positivism on I would like to propose for your consideration something that I believe eventually every angel in heaven would trade places with you that fast if you have a chance for the simple reason that this earth out of all the universe is the only place where souls are being saved and Angels are all about saving souls unfortunately we aren't always all about saving souls so the angel sounds near the permit has almost permission here for the advances they might turn out okay it was originally trained as mine individuals in charge to convey to the world without delay got sitting mercy this is the trustees given us sinners three days later medical mission work is to be done thousands upon thousands of human beings are perishing and soon the compassion of God is moved all heaven is looking on with intense interest to see what character medical missionary work will assume under supervision of human beings they already watched Jesus did choose a medical missionary work already know what it's like when Bob on the program otherwise she was like when we rise to ask some questions will men make merchandise of God 's ordained plan for reaching the dark parts of the earth of the manifestation of his benevolence will they cover mercy with selfishness and then calling medical missionary work there are times I believe when that has been done God is calling for a selfless medical mission Christ is waiting with longing desire for the manifestation of himself in his church when the character presently perfectly reproduces people that he will come between them as a way to make it all it has something to do with whether a lesion that you links are something I will know what everything perfectly reproduce the church of Christ look at the next payments the completeness of Christian characters obtained when the impulse album bless others things cosmic from within God 's work is a benevolent work there is no change in the message the goddesses in the past the wording is it is the essential work this timeliness and does not happen the result will be the setting in operation the mighty movements as we know it when that my friends is the louder incontinence is no question do you want cilantro cheated in the city 's changing to them right with God 's way move forward by faith act as if you had thousands of dollars in stimulus you know me but here was at least one sermon from David Gates and extreme state does not recognize international boundaries it's not something that only happens in South America stepped onto the plane there is to be working of our cities is a never as they never have been worked that what should've been done I added hundred and twenty yes more than eight hundred and twenty years ago is now to be done speedily the work will be more difficult to do now the Taliban years ago but it will be gone there will get well now I think that the emphasis there I added that this time last my personal favorite quote we shall see the medical missionary work broadening and deepening every claimant 's progress because reapplying of hundreds and thousands of streams until the whole earth is covered as the waters cover the sea that's what medical mission work is going to get there's only one question on what brothers and sisters are you willing to be one of those strengths or will we continue to be islands sticking up through that which is supposed to cover the whole earth I'm done that would never happen bless you the pages of the face is located right here in Loma Linda how do I have to have the guts and cards are ever and good doing it that's the extent of her and father I thank you for the fantastic fun I've had today I love this stuff father and I love to be presented I pray that's someone maybe many will gain something that will be useful practical and helpful to them Lord we probably do not yet fully understand what you're calling us to the Lord your calling I pray you help us to come there will be differences in how we work there will be differences of understanding that's all fine the father there are simple things that simple people like me can do I pray that you would bless every one to take the very talented they have we have some here who have have considerable training wonderful talents make info for your cause I pray we have others for whatever reasons and circumstances less training you told us that even they may be rich in other lines of learning that they may know things that those of us who think we know all about the books don't know Freddie would take them to use father I just want to consecrate to your service every life you they stuck it out this long they must have some interest I pray you would bless them now in Jesus name and


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