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03 The Gift of God’s Grace

Justin Kim Sikhu Daco Jonathan Walter Callie Williams


Can there ever really be no strings attached to a gift?



  • January 11, 2021
    10:00 AM

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Have you ever been a recipient of someone doing some good deed for you Do you ever have that feeling of a man I gotta do something to pay this person back let's talk about it on this office. Coming to you from Silver Spring Maryland welcome to. The Bible based conversation or my principal contemporary issue and thought provoking. Post Justin with interest. What is it about humanity that we want to pay back those gifts of grace that we have received we're looking at Romans chapter $3.00 in a systematic study on the science of salvation and we want to encourage you to goto in verse Bible to look at our online Bible study guide and also hope. In a verse for past episodes especially I think we look at chapters one and chapter 2 in a studio we have seen Jonathan and we're going to look at the Bible we're going to Romans Chapter 3 and Jonathan if you can pray for us our heads Father we thank you so much for the book of Romans one a powerful explanation of the Gospel that we have been given I just thank you that you have revealed yourself in such a way to us through your word and that you have a desire for everyone to understand what the good news is prayed as we study today that you will give us insights and clarity and that your spirit will be not only with us here but also with those watching at home thank you so much Lord we pray this in Jesus' name amen amen amen. We looked at chapters one and 2 and just I mean there's your Paul goes through a lot and spall can be kind of difficult to read because he's. Just a little bit of this but overall what is what is he trying to lay the foundation for as we get into. So we talk about Chapter one his talk about the gospel which is this powerful thing that he's not ashamed off and that's kind of foundational for what he's going to be talking about in the book of Romans and then he switches gears and he starts talking about that were sinners even less than others than they do all these horrible things and then he goes and he says. Not just the heathen ascenders But even those who have the law of sin as though he has any talks about the Jewish people are sinners as well even though God has given them all this knowledge and all this you know light but at the end of the day were just all in the same room where it just finished and that's I think that's kind of where we were kind of almost is kind of this a p.r. campaign if you will and not to denigrate the Gospel as a p.r. campaign but he's saying he's like hey my audience is worldwide the problem is worldwide and the solution is just absolutely 100 percent you know will solve I mean it's this all inclusive Packer's you started this gospel message with so let's actually get into the core because it is distilled chapter 3 verse 2126 in Cali if you can read those verses for us yeah. But now the righteousness of God apart from the law is revealed being witnessed by the law and the Prophets even the righteousness of God through faith in Jesus Christ to all and on all who believe for there is no difference for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God being justified freely by His grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus whom God set forth as a propitiation by His blood through faith to demonstrate his righteousness because in his forbearance God had passed over the sins that were previously committed to demonstrate at the present time his righteousness that he might be just and the justifier of the one who has faith in Jesus Ok now that was a very juicy passage I was that was a very dense passage. Behave help us break some of these things down I mean as we don't use these words or righteousness just propitiation I don't think the last word. You know difference. For example. What's what's going on here let's what you brought brought over strokes and it's going to a couple verses. Well it's really this is now getting to like it seems like Paul's favorite topic right righteousness by faith what is that what does that mean and he goes right into it he talks about the righteousness of God being revealed and then and then that righteousness somehow being applied to those you know who believe the kind of touched upon a previous episode briefly but we see here court language so courts language justification the law what does this mean and where do we fit into this Paul is trying to make clear that that righteousness which means right doing it is everything that is appropriate and moral and is in harmony with God That is the standard of of of turn a life you know and he saying that this righteous. This is something that comes from God and for us to interest is only available by faith in him just before the secret room but I want to just buttress your answer go back to chapter one verse 18 is as the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and on righteousness of man and in chapter 2 and 3 is like a everyone's a sinner everyone's on right everyone's and right everyone's and righteous in the Everyone's on rightness is basically saying because we are all on right us we're going to receive the wrath of God Not the anger of God I am so angry but it's just the natural property of God that God in His holiness and humanity in our unholiness for unrighteousness cannot co-exist so we're just automatically going to just disintegrate from the existence of all existence of the essence of all existences and then you see that we establish that the heart of God has a problem with that he has a huge problem with that so this race right so and I appreciate what language is something that we need to coexist with gone into to live in terms of the the universe and I think you want to address that and then you get on Yes I was going to speak on the on the slip right to snip Yes Look invest 23 verse of the best twenty's not just before that section that we read says Therefore by the deeds of the law and all flesh will be justified in his sight for by the law is the knowledge of sin so we get this the foundation for what what righteousness is what he's on about us right justice and then because this is but now the right a sense of God So there's that contrast to what he was talking about before he's talking about deeds of the law right so right justice would be doing those things that it's quiet in the law the law but when you cannot do those things out of the quiet in the law then you are right. So really that that contrast if you like all right is this can seem like this lofty word but if you have a standard which is the law and you are failing to meet that standard then you cannot be right. Right and he's saying that we have all failed at doing whether we know it whether we know what the law is and we don't know what the law is we're all failing at it in chapter 2 verse 21 it says that the Russian guys apart from the laws revealed being witnessed by the law and the prophet so it sees the Jewish people were given the law and the prophets they have that knowledge that we talked about in previous episodes so like men we know what it is what righteousness looks like but then they just weren't doing it yeah there's a dissonance there. That's actually exactly so sorry just that the law is simply the standard it's the standard there so like no one the other is a standard has meaning me to see it and so there's a big difference between knowing something and actually practice. 20 true you who say do not commit or do adultery do you commit adultery you have your idols do you rob temple and so it's exactly Paul saying that all agrees with what we're saying yes. Yes it is beautiful the heart says that it's witnessed by the law in the prophets you know as a witness when you witness something you see something happening so the law and the prophets they see the righteousness of God They point to the Old Testament points to the Messiah as the solution for our problem and pausing listen the Messiah is Jesus through faith in Him through believing and acknowledging that what he provides can help you you will receive that help and that's what he says here in verse 22 it is through faith in Jesus Christ to all and on all who believe and this is I mean this is the Gospel it is trusting that what Jesus provides his righteousness everything that Jesus did has done and is doing for us that is what you need and you can have that if you acknowledge that you are a sinner and that you need his help and that is the gospel very simplified It's acknowledging that God is whole. The imperfect and he can make me that way but I cannot do it on my own I can't do it in my own strength I trust in him to be able to do that and this is something that goes you know we have a hard time getting to mine you're talking about you know heart x. excepting grace and those kind of things how do we how do we accept that reality that I cannot provide anything from my life than my doing the rule in any way I'll do all the bad stuff that's in my life all the sins we have to accept that it's God's righteousness that is his work that saves me and is not my work. Ok. Ok Well you asked earlier like why do we have this obsession with trying to pay something back and there might be like a nicer answer to this one exact question and I don't so there might be a more pleasant answer to this but at least my answer is I don't like being dependent on anyone. I have a really hard time borrowing money from people because I just I don't want to I don't like being index I don't like owing someone I don't like being dependent and so for me that's one of the greatest difficulties actually a member very early on my Christian experience so you don't have a pastor. With p.c. those you guys know him and I said something to the what you say you get out of that. And I said something to the effect of you know I appreciate you working on me but like I want the credit I don't like that Jesus gets all the credit for all the good things like why can't i be like Kalish just so awesome like I can calibrate awesome me like because you're not. And I was like. And but like that's at the end of the day that's what that's what we want the right we want glorious We want things about us and we can misconstrue it talk about it's all these different things but that the end of the day is just pride of I want to be the focus I want to be the person who's glorified but like it's not even that Jesus takes the glory from us it's that we don't have any We aren't right and so I love I just love what i love of the Gospels it's just reality like this is your state it's what it is this is what Jesus did it is what it is you can accept it or not but doesn't like change anything about how reality actually works. And so I can try to refuse I can try to war against like I'm not dependent and I don't need anyone but like I look I look like a 2 year old throwing a tantrum in a grocery store like you look like a fool and so you can try to you know try to muster something to say this is what actually is but it's not. And we are dependent and so warned against that just surrender to the loving embrace of Christ and to say what God did for us I think that core core what you have confessed to is what we all experience is that desire for independence desire to. Hold on for me the same thing but I would think I don't want to be sticky I just want to be just clear clean and just just me or is it God but I just mean God I mean work you know how does that all work and sometimes that I get confused with the gospel you know like with so and if I'm doing it how does that all work when we come back after the break we're going to look at the actual dynamics of Johnson talked about justification in court language and sanctification How does this all work within in a mill you Grace So stay with us. Has impressed been a blessing to do you have questions comments all feedback you'd like to leave us find us on social media or by searching enforced by law on Facebook Twitter and Instagram for you to out there join us like us comes up next I'll handle again and invest Bible Belt states now back to the discussion. And welcome back this is a great talk passage in Rome is chapter 3 and we looked at different words just justification and righteousness and we established that this is core language and this is kind a little of separate from my experience Yeah and the way I see it there are 2 levels one is the world of sanctification where we see in front of our eyes it's really happening in our lives so before I was a jerk but Jesus comes into my life and slowly sometimes it's instantaneously sometimes it's a very. Old at this this jerk it needs to die. But that's that's where the sense of occasion and then there's also this opera world of the world of courts and really in the mind of God and it's within God and it's about this justification and sometimes in our modern modern senses don't like to think about that we want to think about the fight world but Paul spends a lot of time here and I want to let's talk I want to talk about justification a little bit and also to talk about what are the practical elements of that is it just in God's mind or like well that's what is up there with me if you can because there is a free element cation as well so John yes the justification really just means. To be made right you are you know when you say I'm justified in doing this that means you have you know the moral right to do this but in the context of salvation justification means you are you have the status of being in full harmony with God You are perfect you are without sin and this is the crazy thing for us too. To grasp Paul is saying you can't have that standing with God right now by faith what does that mean though because by faith means that you are trusting that God will actually get you to that point where you actually become perfect you alluded to sanctification there will be a point you know in the future when Jesus comes back where all humanity who believes in Jesus will actually be perfect through the grace of Christ you know through a lifetime and so what we see then is that it's kind of like looking forward Jesus looking forward to what will be and saying this Jonathan will be one day you know perfect by what I have done in his life and. Because of that because he believes that I can do that I can treat him right now as he if as if he already is that way that makes sense so it's kind of like a future now experience and as we trust in the grace of Christ God will actually take us there you know through through the process of life and trusting him walking with him and then we ask where glorified when he comes back so it's just a it's it's it's not what we treat people in this world but this is how God treats us he looks at the future and he treats you that way now and there are some elements and I just remember that in sanctification as we say is a process of a lifetime and there are some things that we will struggle yes a long time but praise the Lord there are Scripture gives us a very clear instruction and there are some moments of victory where we can have right now instant pain and that's there is a long term sanctification but there is also that instant thing to fit cation in and how that happens I have no idea if that's really in the mind of God and leading the Holy Spirit and I know for me there were some sins that I had an issue with and I'm not going to tell you on t.v. And you know and we don't want to hear from on there and the Lord gave just complete victory over instantaneously at that point and there's other things that that I don't know whatever reason there's just there's just they'll still lingering there but the cool thing is the attachment and the helplessness to that has been broken Yes right the victory has been won and so my calibration is what we're trying experiences here on it and if you need to go into this so quickly but as long as my calibration is to Lord Jesus I have that hope I have that because he's been punctual you're victorious with me all these years I have that hope eventually it will and at a future point we know we will have in our body with the body the book the Bible calls glorification and that So that's also an awesome hope so I want to throw that in there before because I don't think it's going to. Good Foundation for the future so you're going to only I just want to point to verse 242420 talks about all have sinned fall short of the glory of God which is kind of summary of what he's missing and then when he says being justified freely by His grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus and so that this Gift of justification comes to us in Christ Jesus it's it's what Jesus does in me. At the point when he justifies me so like I think about the way that I conceive of it in my mind like is somehow in God's mind when he justifies me even though I feel like I'm still struggling with you know I I still have to grow in so many areas of my life at that moment God looks at me as if. Completely clean slate he looks at me and he sees the writer snus of genes that just stands there every word play of justified. If Jesus were just as well I remember. Just as if I was like yeah but when he sees me now when he sees me he sees what he is saying the righteousness of God In verse 21 when he sees me his not seeing you know what I did and so when he goes on whom God set forth in verse 25 And God set forth Jesus God said Jesus to be a propitiation by His blood through faith and he continued So really Jesus is the key to this justification experience it's all about Jesus and what Jesus does in me not about what I can do how I could pay God what what I could do to deserve it or what I can do afterwards you know to to make sure that it was worth it it's all about what Jesus is doing for me and that's justification and I think it's it is super humbling like you're saying Our inclination to try and want to do something to feel like we deserve it pull yourself up by your bootstraps kind of thing but when it comes to this really in our salvation experience the only thing that I can do is realize that Jesus is the one who's going to do it and that's that phase right just realizing you know what it's just right there's no more you know certificate of congratulation there's no like that from it's coming you know it's just just believing that because of that it's a free Thelema some people have a hard time when you need to but there's no substitute me that's just not trying to let you know here so I want to let me say a couple prayers to like to compensate let me let me give something here let me go walk on my knees and you know do something and. It's just me believing like you know when I confess to God when I when I say Lord I have sinned so 1st on one night and if we confess our sins He is people that are just like give us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness faith says even if I. I'm still feeling bad about what I yes I asked God for forgiveness I believe what His word says that he forgave me he now sees me just as if I had never sinned and then that faith is what gives me the freedom not to move forward and experience sanctification and experience the change that he wants to bring in my life we're going to we have to take that interject real quickly into a no you can't i think but what the beautiful thing is that it says that you know being just for the best grace through Denton is in Christ whom God set forth as a proper tuition by His blood through faith in Jesus life and death plays a huge role in all of this so when Jesus lived here on earth he lived a perfect life without sin it was not easy for him who was tempted beyond all measure of right but he lived a perfect life and because of that he can he can have empathy with us he understands our struggles right and so God. As we put our faith in Jesus and in His righteousness and everything that he has done we can trust that he understands the struggles and he's going to help us you know through the walk of life through the walk of faith but I think it's so beautiful that the life of Jesus his life and his death are part of this justification process as we put our trust in the blood in what he has accomplished for us on the cross is not just God just says oh I'm just going to justify you like he did to life Christ and His death play a major role in all this and going to unpack more of that as well as the Romans but this is just something I had to bring up here and yeah yeah you know it. Was a few things that comedy said that I wanted to say but why I just really want to harp on is that faith is independent of your emotional actually what you're this has faith of are feeling excited to remember this so often and so important Yeah because because faith is intangible and emotions are kind of intangible so real like it's the same but it's not the same. Doesn't have the same and I think of the story can be told before and it's kind of silly but it stays in my mind of just a reminder of how God sees us. And that is so there were 2 brothers an older brother younger brother and then rather had a pet frog that he loved very much and the older brother accidentally took him out and left him out overnight I got cold and he passed away the frog brought passed away I'm not a little brother but yeah that I really don't know looked at. The perils of the dark so the little pet frog died and so when the little brother came home older brothers like I'm so sorry I forgot and so little brother was kind of separate like you know I forgive you it's Ok so they had like a little funeral and they buried him but then that night if they want to bet little brother still feeling really bad so I went outside and dug up a little frog and went to little brother's room was like I'm so sorry please forgive me a little bit like I forgave you he's like Ok Ok Ok so I'm back and buried again so I don't know man so you went back out I dug it up again which is little brother that's trying to you know I know it's like that's that's what we do yeah. We really repent and we're like Jesus I'm so sorry this is what I did I confess and he's like I forgive you way but I did you really forgive you know and we have those little like momentary prayers like were put forgive me we're considered. Like it's not it's not a repetition right that's a kind of repetitious prayer that Jesus like that doesn't work and so if we repent sincerely we confess believe it and so something I try to do because I can't just sit there in silence but I have that the thought of just remembering and having faith that Jesus has forgiven me is a sort of privilege over and over again to say in Judas thank you so much for your forgiveness thank you so much for your love that reaches down even to this and affirming it and sort of trying to be as silly as an older brother bringing back a dead frog over and over again and it's kind of like a sense of sort of pride you know it's like yeah I can i need to be forgiven and I need to feel like I forgot I'm like yeah it's really a focus on me it is other than a focus on much Jesus does you know I like that me focus though you know let me ask you a question. That I have encountered many times is what about sins that are habitual sins that you have thoroughly repented and then you committed again so if we take the parable I mean the brother goes and kills all struggle and. How does the or in terms of not sanctification But in just what is really the same thing but in justification does that mean the 1st time you asked for confession you asked for forgiveness was it real or that the power of God isn't working in account of how does he explain those trying to mix because there are people who do struggle with this and then they feel like maybe God isn't with me God has forsaken Me Maybe the sin is too powerful in my life whether it's gossiping or whether it's whatever it is yeah there's 2 quick things of and I'll stop talking for a bit but one is you know Jesus tells us to forgive 70 times 7 right so Jesus like if he said you guys do that but I won't do that and the 2nd thing is Proverbs 2416 says for a righteous man may fall 7 times and rise again but the look at shall fall by calamity the main difference tween the richest of the rights and the wicked and that verse is one gets back up one doesn't so there is a genuine getting back up and there is a I see that's not in my. Future I will keep going that way and it might look the same outwardly but there is a heart difference yeah a struggle and rebellion might look the same outwardly but there's a different heart. Not in a sense our weaknesses and he understands what you know how scene is affected human nature and how habits are not easy to overcome overnight you know unless there's some incredible miracle every time but God wants to develop our character and so as we as we learn our lesson this way you know sometimes we stumble a couple times he has patients and grace and as he said What is our attitude in all this heat as we have the attitude of I don't want to do this anymore God is gracious and he's going to help us and we don't lose that justification if we're on the trajectory of walking with Jesus and all I love what she could quoted 1st John chapter one verse 9 and parallels verse 26 to demonstrate that at the present time his righteousness that he might be just and the justifier of the one that has faith in Jesus and so we want to encourage you all that this is God and he has a has huge dissonance he wants to be with humanity but he cannot because on righteous men but the Bible says He is just and he saw was the world's problem all he needs is for us to partake and choose to be in a relationship with him that's my prayer hope it's a prayer of our panelists and you out there thanks so much for joining us we'll see you next week here on in. You've been listening to inverse a Bible based part of the station the calendar is wrong Jonathan Walter Sebastian Braxton. And your host Justin. Inverses brought to you by the hope channel television that changes like this and more inspiring episodes visit inverse Dr Hope t.v. news that Origen find us on social media hashtags in verse 5 until next time this isn't verse.


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