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From Dry Bones to an Army: How to Thrive in 2021

Eric Walsh
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Eric Walsh

Pastor and Physician



  • January 9, 2021
    11:30 AM
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Start by saying Happy New Year to everyone and. As relieved as everyone is but the last year is over this one has already started up. Kind of a doozy itself. We'll talk more about that in a minute but you know God is working us through some things and I think. It's more than ever a time of preparation for God's church I think that is what is what really is is being impressed upon the people of God that we are to be preparing for what is coming upon the earth. Because there are a lot who will be shaken out as these movements continue to happen a scripture reading was taken from easy kill. 37 verses 11 and 12. Then he said unto me Son of Man these bones are the whole house of Israel behold they say our bones are dried now hope is lost we are cut off for our parts verse 12 says therefore prophesied and say on to them thus say of the Lord God Behold all my people I will open your grieves cause you to come up out of your graves bring you into the Land of Israel all my people I will open your graves cause you to come up out of the your graves and bring you into the Land of Israel our message this Sabbath is untitled from dry bones to an army drybones to an army how to thrive in 2021. Out of driving 2021 let's pray Father God we thank you for this opportunity to study your word Lord I ask for an extra outpouring of your Holy Spirit right now. Printed special way right now Lord for angels that Excel and wisdom and strength to be given charge over this place bind the enemy remove the distractions break the yokes that are upon your people Father God as your word is preached our hearts and minds would be fertile soil for the truth of your word now make me once again Lord simple nail upon the wall upon that nail or ask that you hang a portrait of Jesus Christ letter all should not be seen or heard now father instead of instead Lord allow us to hear a word from the throne room of grace this is our prayer in Jesus' name amen you're going to come from a book of easy kill today one of the most interesting books in the Bible in my opinion. One hour to describe an author has a book trying to remember the exact title of the research. And basically calling easy kill the Book of the weird and the absurd it is a very strange book Here's a man that doesn't give He's not like Jesus that gives a parable he acts it out he goes and lies down next to Ents nests and there's all kinds of strange things in this book he doesn't have normal prophecies like for face beasts appear in and wheels inside wheels to this day to people in area 57 looking for looking for aliens still saying that he saw a spaceship it is an interesting book but it is a powerful and timely book and he kill one. Sets the stage and I will give you some backdrop before we get into the part of the book that I really want to highlight. So that we get to know easy kill a little bit better you see a one and verse one it says now it came to pass in the 13th year in the 4th month and the 5th day of the month this gives us most scholars believe easy kills a Jew is about 30 years old he says I was like among the captives by the river kid bar that the heavens were opened and I saw a vision Zz of God in the 5th day of the month which was the 5th year of King joy captivity so you would remember it and in the 2nd wave I'll show you a diagram as in a 2nd in the 2nd wave of of of of captives being taken from Judah joy king the king after only reigning for 3 months is taken captive easy kill goes with that Baksh and he does not like Daniel who goes probably around 10 years earlier he goes when they're looking for people to work and so some believe that he's actually the river that he's going to this river cube hardly mentioned is one of the canals and tributaries designed by the Babylonians outside the wall of the city where they grew in a very fertile place. Rueter food and he's e.q. who was a priest in the house of God is now well lowered to the level probably a want to who simply lives to big and maintain canals but as he is there Don't miss this church as he is there working by the time now the Bible says that the heavens opened up and while easy kill is doing the monotonous the meaning work of a slave. He sleaze a vision of God It gives the timing and in verse 3. He says the word of the Lord came expressly on the easy kill the priest the son of boozy the land of the Kal DNS by the river a key bar and the hand look at this last part here and the hand of the Lord was there upon him some of you think that you have not climb high enough in life to be used by God you think that you have to have some exalted position or some some some long years of education in order to be a tool for God Now obviously we believe in education and we know that many of the folk in the scripture quite well educated like Paul but I want to submit to you that even if life has left you thinking that now is by the river key bar God's hand can be placed on you here in easy kill beaten and downtrodden surrounded by 10000 other captives who are longing for home they are depressed and hopeless here they are as easy as wondering what their fate would be what they ever see Jerusalem or sign again my Bible tells me that God opens their heaven I don't care how dark the day is for you God still can open the heavens to show you what he has in store for you so as to give you some more background I love this stuff here is the story of the life of innocence obviously you see the green bar here. In about 597 he's a part of the 2nd deportation to Babylon the 1st deportation is when Daniel went so then you went a few years earlier 7 years according to his church some say 10 years but just he went earlier they were very much contemporaries and I have to believe that Daniel and easy q. would have known each other quite well in a sense there's no way the Daniel and the 3 Hebrew boys would have been elevated to the top of the kingdom the way they were by the time it's brought in captivity and not recognize that the man of God was working where he was working I believe they probably knew each other but as you can see. From Josiah were like were just were Jeremiah started his ministry during this reign you can see that at this time there was a plethora of prophets there so many warning Israel warning Judah of what was to come yet the people would not listen and you can see I love this diagram to see Jeremiah's life here and you can see. All of the years the 7 years the Jews are in exile here's the here's easy kills ministry and then the really their ministries not their life and you can see that these guys all at the same time are preaching for the people and here's what's interesting during the 10 years between Daniel's captivity and easy kills captivity there are rock there are rows among those in Jerusalem many many false prophets all of whom were saying Don't worry God is not going to allow this to last long in fact one false prophet says it's only going to be 2 years and God kills the false prophet here they are. All preaching a warning that Judah and Jerusalem must repent for their sins What were your sins if you read the books of Isaiah Jeremiah you see Kill and even the prayer Daniel gives of repentance you start to see that there is a pattern of sins that really caused the fall of the people of God One of them is they began to worship the idols of the nations that surrounded them the other if you look at 16 is that they began to get proud and neglect the poor and the midi where they were in fact the Bible gives us the story of this captivity in 2nd Kings Chapter 24 in verse 8 Georgian was 18 years old when he began to reign in the Raymond Jerusalem just 3 months his mother's name was not whose stuff the daughter of l. make that of Jerusalem and this king again did that which was evil in the side of the Lord according to all his father's it done at the time the servants of member could never king of Babylon came up against Jerusalem and the city was perceived that never can as the king of Babylon came against the city and its servants did this and his servants did beseech it and Georgian the king of Juda went out to the king of Babylon he and his mother and his servants and his princes and his officers and the king of Babylon took him in the 8th year of his reign and he carried out the NZ all the treasures of the house of the Lord and the treasures of the king's house and cut in pieces all the vessels of gold which Solomon king of Israel had made in the temple of the Lord as the Lord had said and he carried away all Jerusalem look at this and all the princes and all the mighty metal valor even 10000 captives and all the craftsman and Smiths none remain who was left in Jerusalem the bibles of the poorest sort of the people of the land. It's interesting the sense of the roots of them was one of the big sins was they neglected the poor they overlooked the poor they vaunted themselves against the poor they committed usury against them and abused the poor and when captivity. Kept as much the like the clothes that the people that weren't poor where it was like the way that they did their hair and kept their skin looking fresh because that's who they took and it was a brutal journey if you could imagine the wealthy and the royalty of Judah being taken captive they had to walk a terrible distance 10000 at the time of easy kill and they couldn't just cut straight across here because you wouldn't want to walk to a desert so that's a go up and around the Fertile Crescent up and around this area and then back down and here you see it is here it is like there is the river a key bar way down here south of the of the city of Babylon which is what appear here is where is equal finds himself trapped between the city of Babylon the sea is actually to the south the Persian Gulf and the desert to the other side it is a hopeless and terrible situation 10000 of God's people leaders skilled people are now reduced to servants and slaves you can only imagine what it must have been like for even the priest the many say never got a chance to function as a priest because he was taken captive when he was there was no temple but the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy give the hint that easy kill becomes more of a pastor Daniel is moved up into a position of privilege and influence has never been measured directly. Jeremiah is left behind as kind of the cleanup guy trying to see if he can get them to repent and turn to God for those who have not been taken captive but he seek you'll get almost in my opinion maybe the most difficult challenge of trying to keep hope alive among the 10000 captives can you imagine what sermon do you preach when you know slaves of a foreign government when all your life you heard the story of Moses being delivering the people from Egypt or just was victory over the people of the land of Canaan how what sermon do you preach now when finally Jerusalem is in ruins and and all that you thought was sacred is taken the vessels of the very sanctuary have been captured and are now being used by a heathen King I want to submit to you that they were in a very pickled predicament and it seemed as if there would never be a way out fact one of my favorite songs is actually a billboard top top 100 hit as a reggae song Don't worry I won't sing it but I will read the song This was actually it is the oldest actually the oldest lyrics ever to make the Billboard Top 100 asylum 137 all Jamaican singer sang by the rivers of Babylon there we sat down yea we wept when we remembered Zion we hang our hearts upon the willows in the midst there of look at verse 3 for they carried for they that carried us away captive required of us a song and they that wasted us required of us mirth Sing Sing us one of the songs of sign can you imagine what was life easy kewl. Sodomised is telling you not only were the slaves they were asked and required to entertain and make them laugh and to sing it was a hopeless bitter situation verse 4 of someone $37.00 says it like this how shall we sing the Lord's song in a strange way Samas then says If I forget the old Jerusalem let my right hand forget her coming in other words let my right hand lose its skill if I do not remember the let my tongue cleave to the roof of my mouth if I preferred not Jerusalem above my chief Joy let me take some This is prophetic because we are now at the Rivers of Babylon we now live captives in a world that is darkened and let me tell you what sane wants to do is what he tried to do to Daniel in the 3 Hebrew boys and they have to push back against enough in the 1st 2 chapters of Daniel what he's trying to do is get you to like the things and ways of Babylon so much that you're willing to sing their song in their land that you're willing to point take in there into tame it that you're willing to be a part of Babylon the psalm is warns you listen if you forget Zion if you forget for us as Christians as modern day Israel if you forget the kingdom of the Living God he says it will be better that your tongue got stuck to the top of your mouth if you prefer the chief joys of this world over that of the New Jerusalem situation for them good stuff and I would imagine hopelessness begins to set in for many as we heard of before we had the prayer today hopelessness is really where much of America is right now. Many in the world are in a place of direct and complete hopelessness and we'll talk more about that in a 2nd but I want to make it plain to you that the guy writing this book and preaching the sermons also had to deal with hopelessness one of the toughest things in the book of. Is this passage where you kill 2415 through 18 it says also the Word of the Lord came up to me saying Son of Man behold I take away from the the desire of the eyes with the stroke yet neither shall the more nor we neither shall die tears run down what is he talking about here all of a sudden easy the one thing you have left in captivity that you love the one desire of your eyes is going to be removed with a stroke suddenly it's going to happen look at this he says and you can't mourn for bear to cry make no mourning for the dead but on the tire of the head upon the and put on the high shoes upon thy feet and cover not the lips and not the bread of men and look at what happened in verse 18 so I spake unto the people in the morning and that even in the evening my wife died and look at this last part of it and I did in the morning as I was coming he killed is just removed from the position of priesthood in Jerusalem and in the temple he does not just watch this trace of his people as a foreign invasion reigning army marches out the smartest and the wealthiest of his land and makes them stand by canals and dig to make sure that the oppressors can eat the c.q. is not just suffering the difficulty that comes from being a captive in a foreign land a hostage against his will not knowing the fate of his homeland or the rest of his people easy kill is not only hit with all of that on top of that the one desire easy kill has left in this life. His wife got more exam you know strength she'll be taken away from me and you can't even morning talking to some strange book where God is equal to act things out and when you begin to begin to it the reason for this is God is saying listen Judah was my wife Israel was my wife and she has been taken suddenly and God is saying listen just as many of you are not mourning what you have lost spiritually because of your sins just as you are not mourning all that you have lost and all that has gone from you as Jude and as Israel as the very chosen people of God God is saying to how easy Q behaves here he is saying to his people you will not be lamented all mourn for music you had a tough 5 years about afterwards he could begin his ministry when he starts ministry at around 3435 years of age Jeremiah when he starts at 30 Jeremiah is 46 Daniel's around 20 years old when he starts to really try and put the thing back together he is deep into the time in oppression and this is where we jump into the verses to focus on and he can Chapter 37 verses one into is one of the most storied scriptures in the Bible he got 37 in verse one says the hand of the Lord was upon me and carried me out in the spirit of the Lord and set me down in the midst of the valley which was full of bones and cause me to pass by them round about and behold there were very many in the open valley and lo they were very dry when By the time easy recovers from the loss of his wife and he settles into this thing one of the visions that is given one of the profound visions that is given is one of the bones in the valley the spirit carries him. And here is a q. is forced to see this the valley of bones and and all of the death and destruction in fact the Bible makes it clear as we just read that he killed 37 in verse 2 the bones were very dry making the point that there was no coming back these bones had just been dropped they speak to the condition of God's people drive not just dead people now they're dry bones they have rotted they have been corrupted for so long so many generations of of file kings so many generations of idol worshippers so many generations of rebellion against God of the of the oppression of the poor so many generations that spiritually God's people were like Dr Bones let me tell you something coming out of 2020 and going to 2021 it feels like we are in the days of easy kill in these dry bones the world has no answer for what is going on in fact it seems like the situation he was in that when it seems like maybe something is going to get better what is something you can hold on to something else happens let me look at this is the coronavirus. Worldwide I think is the death graph the death rates shot up shooting up one of my friends a nurse anesthetist I want to open when at Loma Linda University Hospital where I trained and he was I was talking to him as we can He was telling me that it is like a war zone in California with code that he said is so much death all day every day it's difficult to even describe what he was telling me something was still think over it is not real I feel sorry for you if that's what you think and you are not Christian if you don't believe that God is going to allow pestilence is that is what Matthew chapter $24.00 and verse 7 says. This is not I don't know I do not believe it's a punishment I believe it's a warning for the world and for the church and I have seen patients with this thing it is it is difficult and some people get it and they brush it off this mildly ill few symptoms some know you have symptoms but the those patients we see that get sick Marci it rattles their body from the crowd of their head to the soles of their feet and able to breathe difficulty moving Nazia vomiting diarrhea. Every challenge of blood pressure that can be controlled ultimately respiratory failure kidney failure and if not fixed in time death drybones of a situation we've all. Been baffled by and there and of course when we said Ok the vaccines are being released things are going to get better then they say wait a minute there's a new variant just when you thought it might you Stephen see some light at the end of the tunnel and one of the articles I read is we say they're not 100 percent sure that the new spike proteins which are these red things they can offer a virus here they're not sure sure that because that's where the mutations happen they're not sure that the vaccine is going to be as effective on the variant strain as it was on the initial strain that the vaccine was. Created for you get what I'm saying to you that even the hall that they're putting in front of us now this issue and I'm not questioning the vaccine I'm telling you that based on the science the virus is mutating you can see the worldwide cases and deaths if it was just a virus if it was just a disease it be one thing but it is the fall out last month 140000 jobs lost in the United States alone and let me ask you this dry bones and hopelessness if America is suffering like this what is happening in the developing world. If I really thought about what's happening in central South America Africa Southeast Asia the Caribbean how difficult must life be for those countries that depend on tourism and only a handful of people are traveling Dr Kong. Macy's the big retailer going out of business permanently I read this week over the next few years ago saying that all our stores the world will never be the same in fact I read an article from. Where they were describing that there are certain individuals and certain forces in the world that view this as an opportunity for a Great Reset So that's when I begin as I was doing he was going to reset the world that God has going to move people from where they were put them other places change the world into a Babylonian image I want to submit to you prophetically I don't have time to get into today but what you are watching is a certain powers trying to reset the world prophetically set the world up to be in a position to receive the mark of the beast in the in the form of a Sunday law and do away with our freedom of religion and rights to gather and worship on a Sabbath I don't sounds outlandish may sound crazy to some folks but if you're reading carefully many of us as an opportunity like never can as it did to reset the world and of course this week one of the most startling things that happened we watched American democracy give one of the most embarrassing shows ever I thought it was fascinating all of this was going on and the truth of the matter is so much to do something about our election system because the last 2 elections have been challenged pretty great by both sides which I think you can we can all agree that there's been challenges so much going to do something about. But the idea of violence pipe bombs and tape of the things that happened this week 4 people died and in a 5th when the when one of the police officers succumbed to his injuries this is America but my Bible tells me in Revelation Chapter 13 that things are going to change in this country somehow this beast meaning this country this government this beast that had 2 horns like a lamb you meaning that it had more of a Christian demeanor somehow one day it is going to begin to speak like a dragon one of the ways you get an excuse to control the people is a pandemic from a public health standpoint you can put all the laws that we have to follow this one way you can do it but the other way is insurrection if your government can make the world and the country believe that somehow it must put down a firm fist in order to control unruly mobs and this has been a year 2020 Up till now there's been a time of big protests and and damage of federal property whether it was important in that federal justice building there or whether it was in d.c. this week that's a matter of both sides and this is why they are going to have to be clear not to take sides you've got to understand prophetically what's going on there is going to be a movement to give government more power. It was interesting the Confederates armies never were able to breach d.c. this week the Confederate flag was walked right through the u.s. Capitol we were in a time drybones here some of you have drybones in your personal life difficulties and challenges maybe related to this to this pandemic may be related to other things but you're dealing with a time of drybones. Life does not seem as it is what it used to be you you are dealing and facing challenges and obstacles and and even in your spiritual walk this things just don't seem right you are in the Valley of the same type of bones but I want to tell you that we serve a God who can take dry bones and make armies 1st story of easy kill says this and he said to me God says the Son of Man Can these bones live musical gives a good answer and the answer oh Lord God that knows spirit of Providence as this kind of shows that he may not have been 100 percent sure of an answer but as he is in vision God shows him the valley of dry bones and I believe God asks. This question like he's asking you this question as you look at the world as you look at the nation as you look at the church as you look at your own life God is asking as you look at the dry bones around you can they live do you believe that they can get better are you stuck in hopelessness do you think that it is all over you your marriage or your relationship with your child your ability to work and feed your family do you think God has given up and it's nothing left but dry bones well versed forget he said unto me prophesied upon these bones and say unto them o. you dry bones hear the word of the more that's an interesting thing to preach the bombs make logical sense if you think about it there is no acoustic apparatus in a set of bones that hear stuff with but I want you to get that that is the power of the Word of God It penetrates it in such a way that even if the individual hearing the Word of God is not cool Stickley connected to you know my Bible teaches me that God's Word cannot go out and come back void. If this word goes out even the dry bones of me just look at your poverty and say why this story means so much to me right now because there are people in my life that I am fearful have gone so far from God that they will come back I am worried I have folks I love dearly that I weep over let me tell the sensitive kid in many ways and I remember I had one aunt who. Loved her so much she took such good care of me but she would not go to church and she continued to do many of the things of the world even to look at I could tell and I remember one Friday night as my mother she would lead us in these powerful. Worship songs on Friday nights. We would sit and read the scripture and she would explain to us the Bible stories and go to the Spirit of Prophecy to try and make it make sense and I remember one night we were talking about heaven and how beautiful heaven was going to be and how amazing it would be when we walked the streets of go and I began to weep because I was so concerned that my job would not be there let me tell you something there are folk in your life that may seem like dry bones it may seem like it's a waste of time to try to reach them what the Gospel of Jesus Christ I've been guilty of this thinking that some are too far to be reached by the Word of God But this story reminded me that in 2021 it is a year that we must preach even to the dry bones 1st 5 Thus saith the Lord God unto these bulls Behold I will cause breast to enter into you and you shall live it is prophesied while it's still a bone that it's going to live. First 6 godsons and I will be sinews upon you and will bring upon bring flesh upon if you can see in your in your mind you can you can actually begin to paint the picture for yourself that is God begins to talk in vision as is the bones begin to stand up they begin to assemble themselves in proper order the vertebrae all I lined up the ribs come in and connect around them the shoulder bones then attacked the arm stuck to form the legs attacks that a bone which connects up into the vertebra cocks like holes the whole swing together and in the bones begin to stand up at the bone to begin to stand up the connective tissue starts to rise up and the muscles start to be laid over the bones and and the cartilage finds its place until finally skin is wrapped over the entire body and I will make a scene use upon you and will bring flesh upon and cover you with skin and put breath in you and your living shall know that I am the Lord so prophesied a so I prophesied as I was commanded and as I prophesied there was a noise. And behold a shaking and a bones came together bone to his bone and when I beheld low the sinews in the flesh came upon them and the skin covered them above but there was no breath and all of them were put together but it was no breath was just a body standing worse now and then said he unto me prophesied unto the wind prophesies Son of Man and say to the women thus have the Lord God come from the 4 winds of breath and breathe upon the slain that they may live what's interesting is God children answering this is Revelation 7 says that there are 4 angels holding back the wings of strife and what God was showing me is that one of the ways that God turns dry bones into flesh and in the flesh into something active and living because of breath is because God allows them to pass through the winds of struggle and strife some of the difficulties you're facing. God alone his breath to be blown back into that you might live verse 10 so I prophesied as he commanded me and the breath came unto them and they lived and stood up upon their feet my Bible tells me that in this vision you'll see them go from bones to the last part of your 3710 recess and it seemed they became an exceeding great army so guess what church and I suppose just a drive only I will just get a life for the sake of getting life you get life to become a member of the Army of the Living God That is the purpose that is what we must each find in 2021 all rolled in this army then he said unto me Son of Man these bones of the whole house of Israel we hold these they say our bones are dried and our hope is lost look at our hope is lost we are cut off for our parts verse 12 therefore prophesies and say unto them thus they are the Lord God Behold all my people I will open your graves cause you to come up out of your graves and bring you into the Land of Israel church I don't care about 2020 was I don't care how tough things are for you right now God is still in the business of raising folk up out of seemingly spiritual death setting them back on their feet verse 13 and you shall know that I am the Lord when I have opened your graves o. my people and brought you out of your graves verse 14 and shall put my spirit in you and you shall live and I shall place you in your own land and you shall know that I the Lord have spoken it and performed it say of the Lord what is God really talking about is not just talking about them getting back to Judah after 70 years he is also speaking that some of us need to be looking forward to the New Jerusalem God has a place for you in the New Jerusalem he has prophesied that if you can come in line with him he has a place for you there is a chance for you at the welcome table. There's a crown waiting for you to Rome waiting for you God has made a room in his house for you and mansion in the countryside for you I don't care how dark it gets them out hopeless it seems one reason the Bible explains it heaven in such beautiful detail as my mother did that night when I cried for this for the state of one of her sisters the reason the Bible does that is so that when this world gets dark you can look to the light of the future understanding that God is not designed us to live in a world of pestilences of pandemics of of inflation and famine and difficulty and trial our God will use the wind of strike to purify our character so that we are fit to sit at the table I don't like says it like this or a little what he says on these passages the souls of whom we desire to see are like the representation which he saw in vision in valley of dry bones they are dead in trespasses and sins but God will have us deal with them as though they were living yet at the full This thing blew my mind I read this fault that we think cannot be covered God says do not look at them as if they're dead speak to them as if they're alive. They are dead in transit but God would have a deal them as though they were living where the question put to a son of man can these bones live our answer would be only the confession of ignorance or doubt know as to all the parents there is nothing to lead us to hope for their restoration yet nevertheless the word of the prophecy must be spoken even to those who are like the dry bones in the valley we are in no wise to be deterred from fulfilling our commission look at this by the listlessness the dullness the lack of spiritual perception and those upon whom the word of God is brought to bear we are to preach the Word of Life to vote so we may judge to be as hopeless subjects as though they were in their graves though they may seem unwilling to hear or to receive the light of truth without questioning or wavering we are to do our part we want to repeat to them the message away while that sleep is and arise from the dead and cry shall give the like it is not the human agent that is to inspire with life the Lord God of Israel will do that part quickening the life of a spiritual nature into activity the breath of the Lord of Hosts must enter into them lifeless bodies in the judgment when all secrets are laid beer it will be known the voice of God spoke through the human agent in Iraq as the torpid conscience and stirred the life of his faculties and moved sinners to repentance and contrition and for seeking of sins in will then be clear clearly seen that through the human agent faith in Jesus Christ was imparted to the soul and spiritual life from Heaven was breathe upon one who was dead in trespasses and sins and he was quickened with spiritual life would be profound if that was all or if he stops he doesn't stop there he turns to us the Church not only does the simile of the Dr Bones apply to the world but also to those who have been blessed with great light. They also are like the skeletons of the valley they have the form of men the framework of the body but they have not a spiritual life but the parable does not leave the dry bones merely knit together in the forms of men for it is not enough that there is symmetry of limb and feature the breath of life must vivify the bodies that they may stand upright and spring into activity these bones represent the house of Israel the Church of God and the hope of the church is the vivifying influence of the Holy Spirit the Lord must breathe upon the dry bones that they may live the spirit of God with its vivifying power must be in every human agent that every spiritual muscle and sinew may be in exercise without the Holy Spirit without the breath of God there is for pity of conscious loss of spiritual life many who are without spiritual life have a look at this church have their names on the church records but they are not written in the Lambs Book of Life. They may be joined to the church but they are not united to the Lord they may be diligent in the performance of certain set duties and maybe and may be regarded as living men but many are among those who have a name that doll livest and art dead unless there is genuine conversion of the soul to God unless the vital breath of God quick into the soul to spiritual life unless the professors of truth are actuated by heaven born principle they are they are not born of the in corruptible seed which live and abide is for ever unless the they trust in the righteousness of Christ as their only security unless they copy his character labor in his spirit they are naked they have not on the roof of his righteousness there are often made to pass for the living but those who are working out what they term salvation after their own ideas have not got working in them to willing to do of His good pleasure this class is well represented by the valley of dry bones he saw in vision. You want to thrive in 2021 here's the thing make this a year of humility number one there is no such thing as an arrogant Christian it is an oxymoron you can't be arrogant and Christian at the same time this year ask for God to humble you number one number 2 I want to challenge you to create a prayer journal and plan that you will pray without ceasing that you will stay on your knees in God create a prayer journal and keep track of the blessings of a book that I keep but I don't I'm not consistent with it but when I go back and read how God delivered me from things when I thought it was hopeless keep a prayer journal have a prayer plan study the Bible with intention this year make it your duty to study books of the Bible like easy killers and Jeremiah and other books that you may often gloss over not looking to take the time and get the s.d.a. Bible Commentary and go into the Word of God and in reference back to the spiritual proper spirit of prophecy you don't have to cover massive amounts of information at once but if you just begin to open his word just as easy kewl saw in vision the breath of God will begin to to blow and the dry bones will begin to live and one thing to pray for this year specially is this is the Holy Spirit itself to get to know the person of that was there is a lot of rain that will fall is a great move that is about to happen to God we should be praying for the work of the Holy Spirit on our hearts even now as God to make you drive bones live then ask him to send you into the valley of other Dr Bones that they may leave lasting for me I want to give you these few verses right here you speak of 36 in verse 26 for this New Year says a new heart speaking through zeal a new heart also will I give you and a new spirit will I put within you and I will take away the stony heart of your flesh and I will give you. I will take us the stone heart of your flesh and I will give you a heart of flesh and I will put my spirit within you cause you to walk in my statues and you shall keep my judgments and do them well in the land that I gave your father that you shall be my people and I will be your God I will also save you from all your own cleanliness was deep about this is something that Morris meant and says in his devotional. Faith that works and this is my last bit of advice for 2021 spiritually what you find is that many of us never gain victory over sin because we spend all our time focusing on the sin we spent all our time trying to muster the will power to conquer the addiction the bad habit or a character flaw and so we spend all our time thinking we can muscle through and not realize as already read in the spirit of prophecy when we do that we leave no space for God to work to do of his own the pleasure where fighting the good fight we're fighting a fight not realizing it's a fight we can't win what is the secret it's right here you be the heart of flesh you need God to give it to you and when God does that he will cause you to walk in His statutes keep his judgments he will make you a commandment keeping Christian as long as you're looking at this in what you can be is what you're looking at might be holding you will become changed this year I challenge you to turn your eyes upon Jesus to look full in his wonderful face so the things of earth will grow strangely dim and the light of His glory and brings the secret to overcoming Gerty is to keep your eyes fixed on him 2021 may not be the year when all the problems in the world come to an end. 2020 may only have been an introduction things may get very much worse the global economy could collapse things get word of these in the variance keep coming out they could make vaccine after vaccine and can't keep up things could get worse where is your trust and the whole are you standing by the river kid are wondering where God is are you standing in the captivity that Babylon would have you wondering where the god of deliverance is are you wondering if the dry bones will ever have life again I came to tell you that in 2021 don't worry about the world don't worry about the politics don't worry about what they're all doing you focus on the Lord Jesus Christ there is victory victory in Jesus this is that year the pivot year make your calling and election sure let's pray Father God we thank you for this opportunity to study you were thank you for the book of easy. Lord even with its quote unquote quirkiness there is such powerful truth that you have people Lord even as equal in vision sought out a valley of dry bones many as Father look at our lives and just see nothing but dry bones help us to realize that you can make the drive home into an army not just give the bones life you can make the bones an army Father God Let us realize that you are soon to return it is time for God's people to stop laying in the valley as if they had. Come Alive by the power of the Holy Ghost. But this year different. Story for us. Is for us. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon or leave a visit w w w audio verse or.


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