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Why Doesn't God Answer Your Prayer Immediately?

Mark Finley
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Have you ever wondered why God does not always answer your prayers immediately? Have you ever prayed only to feel that your prayer ascended no higher than the ceiling? Sometimes we have all felt like the proverbial well-digger who seemed to always come up dry. Our video today takes us behind the scenes. It reveals a titanic conflict between good and evil. Although we sincerely seek God for answers to our prayers, there are powerful Satanic forces working in opposition to God. At times, these forces prevent immediate answers. Good and evil angels wage war in the supernatural battle of light and darkness, good and evil, truth and error.


Mark Finley

Assistant to President for Evangelism at the General Conference



  • January 8, 2021
    7:00 PM
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I'd like you to come back with me for a few moments to the year 1992 it was the 500th anniversary of Columbus discovering America and on that day Americans were celebrating that great anniversary Little did most people know that there were 2 radio telescopes that were focused on the Heavens one of them in fact was a 1000 feet across what were they focused on what did they want to discover they were wondering is there anybody out there listening there are any aliens out there any place can we even pick up a faintest ping is there somebody out there beyond the starts somebody out there in the cosmos somebody anywhere out there well we've got incredibly good news for you and that's this there is somebody out there. And Daniel discovered that there was somebody out there beyond the stars that there was a God in Heaven the Bible says In Daniel Chapter 10 verse one in the 3rd year of Cyrus king of Persia a message was revealed today whose name was called Bell to share as are now you remember that Bill to shatter is the Babylonian name of Daniel Bell was the chief god of the Babylonians they had 13 gods and so Daniel's name was changed from the Hebrew which means God is my judge or God is my Vindicator God will set all things right it was changed from that when he was taken captive into Babylon his name was changed to Bell to share as Or or the keeper of the hidden treasures of the the leading god of Babilon Bel So in the 3rd year of Cyrus king of Persia a message was revealed to Daniel whose name was Bill to shatter it here's what the Scripture says the message was true but the appointed time was long and he understood the message and had understanding of the vision so the message is true but the appointed time is long what is that talking about Daniel was taken captive at 17 years old or thereabouts by the Babylonians and brought from Jerusalem to Babylon this is the 3rd year of Cyrus now the 3rd year of Cyrus is 535 b.c. So if you take Daniel's captive by never Knesset or in 605 and you come down to 535 b.c. that means that Daniel had been in captivity for 70 years he's now 87 years old. The appointed time of the Babylonian captivity was to come to an end it was a 70 year captivity the appointed time was long so Daniel is there praying is crying out to God God The time is long God it's time for our people to go back to Jerusalem it's time for our people to be released from this bondage it's time for them to be released from this captivity you know you and I are captives in a foreign in a foreign world in a world that really is not our home you remember that old spiritual that says This world is not my home I'm just passing through we live in a world of sickness and suffering and hearty We live in a world of disease and disaster and death we live in a world of calamity of chaos of confusion we live in a world of pestilence of poverty we live in a world in a planet that is just groaning for its deliverance don't you agree with me that the appointed time is really long don't you agree with me that indeed we 2 with Daniel. Cry out Lord it's too long when are you going to deliver us when are you going to come again you remember what Jesus said 2000 years ago John 14 verse one Jesus and let not your heart be troubled you believe in God believe also. In my Father's house are many mansions if it were not so I would have told you I go to prepare a place for you and if I go and prepare a place for you I will come again and receive you to myself Jesus promised 2000 years ago that he would return and every passing generation has looked forward to has intice appétit has longed for the coming of Christ but the appointed time is indeed long we'll long for the return of our Lord we long for it seemed to see him coming in the clouds with glory power we longed to see our loved ones again who have died believing in the 2nd coming of Christ raised from the dead we long to be receive those Koreas immortal bodies where there is no more pain or suffering there is no more cancer there is no more diabetes there is no more heart disease where worry and fear and anxiety are a thing of the past we long with Daniel for that deliverance in Daniel Chapter 10 verse 2 in 3 of the Bible goes on in those days I Daniel was morning 3 full weeks I know pleasant bread nor meat or wine came into my mouth nor did I anoint myself at all for till 3 weeks were fulfilled now I need to pause there we need to analyze that passage because it could confuse you didn't Daniel say in Daniel one that he purposed in his heart not to eat of the king's meat or drink of his wine why would he say in this passage that no meat or wine came to my mouth did that infer that he was drinking wine before let me help you understand this passage let's look at it he said he more and 3 full weeks what does this mean it means he is fasting. Petes no pleasant food fasting no meat or wine fasting and you see that expression meter wine in the Hebrew that's an idiomatic expression for a total fast it's not that he was eating meat it's not that he was drinking wine but it's a way the Hebrews expressed that he was fasting we find that clarified where it says nor did I anoint myself at all and the annoying ting is also part of that fast till 3 weeks were fulfilled so what's going on here Daniel is in this fast probably likely only drinking water during this period of time and he's praying earnestly he's seeking God earnestly what is he praying about he knows that the 70 year captivity is prophesied by Jeremiah is about ready to come to an end Daniel News that and so he's on his knees praying because the time appointed was long they were still in captivity the Babylonians had fallen to the Medes and Persians. Darius was the ruler of the Medes but now Cyrus is the ruler the Persians Cyrus is not yet signed a decree to allow the Jews in captivity to go back to their homeland of Jerusalem so Daniel is praying for 3 weeks that indeed God would work a miracle for Cyrus to sign the decree so this really is a call to prayer when you look at Daniel Chapter 10 it's a call to recognise that God is ruler over all that God is sovereign and that God respects our freedom of choice and that is we seek Him in prayer that he will miraculously answer those prayers so we are going to see in this chapter how God miraculously God providentially answered Daniel's prayer and when you and I are on our knees when we are seeking God's will our hearts are opened to God He then manifests his hand and answers our prayers as well Daniel 10 verse 4 now in the 24th day of the 1st month as I was by the side of the great river that is the Tigris he continues I lifted my eyes and behold and behold a certain man clothed in linen whose waist was girded with the gold of youth as though Daniel is in that place by the river he's out in nature and he's prayed you know one of the most the places I love to pray most is out in nature not far from where my wife and I live there are trails that often I will go on those trails and walk and live my voice to God and seek God in prayer if you really want to have a purpose variance with God get away from the clamor get away from the clutter get away from the ringing cell phones in the and the honking horns and get out in a quiet place in nature in Pray you say Well look I live in the city I don't think I can find a place we'll find a place in your room find some place to be quiet where you and God can communicate now what happened to Daniel he's out there praying it was it say he says I lifted my eyes and behold a certain man who was that man clothed in linen. Whose waist was guarded with the gold of. His body was like Barrel his face like the appearance of lightning his eyes like torches of fire his arms and feet like burnished bronze in color we go on and the sound of his words like the voice of a multitude who is this that Daniel sees who is this that comes an answer to Daniel's prayer do you remember in Revelation Chapter one when John on the island of Patmos had a similar vision now notice and Dan I Daniel was alone I saw the vision for the men who were with me did not see the vision but great Terra fell on them so that they fled to hide themselves who was this if you happen to have your bible tonight take it and turn to Revelation the 1st chapter because here in Revelation you will see a very very similar vision Revelation Chapter One we look there verse 13 in the midst of the 7 candlesticks one like the Son of Man who's the son of man who is that that's Jesus isn't it what's he like he is clothed with a garment to the feet and girded with a chest with a golden band we saw that in Daniel 10 didn't we his her head in his hair was white like whoa as white as snow his eyes like the flame of fire his feet like brass and as if we find in a furnace his voice was like the sound of many waters this is the exact description very very almost almost exactly to the detail this description in Revelation one is the description of the being in Daniel 10 Daniel prays and Jesus comes an answer to his prayer. That's pretty exciting isn't it as you and I are on our knees Jesus listens and does Jesus have a representative who's Jesus representative g. said if I go away I will send the Holy Spirit to you and the Holy Spirit is the representative of Jesus the 3rd Person of the Godhead and as we pray the Holy Spirit comes to give us wisdom the Holy Spirit comes to help us to solve the riddles of our life though his spirit comes to give us guidance the Holy Spirit comes to give us strength in our weakness he comes to give us wisdom in our ignorance he comes to give us enduring might in our frailty So as we pray just as Jesus came to Daniel just as Jesus came to John so he sends the 3rd Person of the Godhead the Holy Spirit to us to enlighten our mind to illuminate our path. That we walk through the Christian life the way I walk through the valley of the shadow of death you are with me Jesus said in Matthew chapter 28 verse 20 Lo I am with you always Hebrews Chapter 10 Jesus said never leave you will never for sake you we seek Him in prayer and we sense his presence we sense him being around us this is a vision of Christ because there in Revelation wanted says in the midst of the 7 candlesticks was one like the son of man he is clothed with a garment down to the thirty's girded about with a chest of a golden bread Christ came amidst the candlesticks amidst the churches in through his spirit he still walks with us he still impresses us he still guides us he still directs us his head in the Sahara like wool as white as snow in his eyes like the flames of fire the bible says his feet were right the feet of brass Revelation 115 is if we find in a furnace is as the sound of many waters Daniel 10 and Revelation want to parallel passages that describe Jesus when you and I pray Jesus is there he is by our side he is with us and we are not alone. In the Book of Daniel Christ is pictured as someone who descends from Heaven coming close beside us as stand continues to pray something happens Daniel sees Christ he sees Christ in his errant distant glory he sees Christ in his dazzling brightness he sees Christ with all of his beauty and wonder and in the presence of Jesus Daniel things he cannot endure as a soon full human being the spectacular glory and the amazing wonder of Christ Bible says and Daniel 10 verse 8 Therefore I was left alone when I saw this great vision I had no strength remained in me for my vigor was turned to frailty in me and I had I retained no strength defames there he just can't endure the glory of the presence of Christ yet I heard the sound of his words and while I heard the sound of his words I was in a deep sleep on my face and when my face to the ground because he couldn't endure the glory of Christ's presence and longer suddenly a hand touches me which made me tremble on my knees and on the palms of my hands so I hand touches it Jesus leaves but he sends the Angel Gabriel down and Gabriel touches Daniel and as he does Daniel awakens and Gabriel explains why he comes and he explains that he's come to answer his prayer and he said to me Oh Daniel Goleman greatly beloved understand the words that I speak to you and stand upright for I have now come to you now notice 2 things 1st Daniel had been praying for 3 weeks and during those 3 weeks he had no apparent answer to his prayers have you ever prayed for a day not much as it happened 2 days not much has happened a week not much has happened 2 weeks not much has happened 3 weeks and you said God My prayers are just going to the ceiling they're bouncing back Lord my heart is so barren I don't feel you're answering. God began to answer Daniel's prayer the 1st day that he prayed his will see the 1st thing you notice is this because there are no apparent apparent answer to our prayers doesn't mean at all that God is not listening the 2nd thing we notice from this text is this he said to me Oh Daniel man greatly be loved you and I may be perplexed as we pray but Daniel says God says to us as he did to Daniel you are my child your great would be. Your my son your my daughter your greatly be loved in prayer we find the warmth than the intimacy with God We find that sense of oneness with God We find that sense that we are greatly beloved of God We may not see the answer to our prayers immediately but God is at work in ways that we may not know or understand while he was speaking this word came to me and I stood trembling so the angel is speaking to Daniel he has come one stand you is fainted he's touched Daniel wakens and as the angel comes this is what the angel says to Daniel then he said to me Do not fear that's what God says to you and me do not fear the field with peace do not fear Daniel for from the 1st day what day everybody what day the 1st day let you set your heart to understand the 1st day that began pouring in to humble yourself before your God Your words were heard and I have come because of your words now this is rather interesting isn't it Daniel from the 1st day that you began to pray. Gabriel says I have your words were heard in heaven so the 1st day that we begin to pray our words are heard we may not see the answer to our prayers we may not understand the answer to our prayers but from that fairy 1st day that we begin to pray heaven here is now why didn't God answer Daniel's prayer of immediately it is here in Dania Chapter 10 that we have the curtain drawn aside in the great controversy between good and evil it is here more than any other place in the Bible that we understand this great controversy between good and evil and that we understand why our prayers are not immediately answered as we go on we discover some of these amazing biblical truths 1st annual was a man greatly be loved he was a man cherished by God when you and I pray we are cherished by God Daniel 10 takes us behind the scenes in the great controversy between good and evil it helps us to see what's happening as we pray now why weren't Daniel's prayers immediately answered Daniel 10 verse 13 but the prince of the kingdom of Persia withstood me 21 days and behold Michael one of the chief princes came to help me for I had been left alone there with the Kings of Persia So now you have 3 beings here 3 different groups let's back up and look here. The Prince of the kingdom of Persia is fighting against Gabriel we need to find out who's the prince of the kingdom of Persia Well obviously it can't possibly be the king of Persia because that somebody separate later on in the text remember Jesus when he was on earth in John 12 says the prince of this world comes and has nothing in the who is the prince of the world who God created Adam and Eve He gave them do a minyan over this earth but when Adam and Eve sinned they was their dominion so Satan became the prince of the power of the air according to officials to became the prince of the world according to John 12 so Satan was like the Prince of Persia he's the one that took over so the Bible says the prince of the kingdom of Persia it withstands Gabriel he fights against him he battles against him for 21 days they who do they battle over the Bible says they battle over the king of all the kings of Persia but Michael one of the chief princes know in the Hebrew language it's the chief Prince So whoever Michael is he is the chief Prince and he comes he beats back the forces of Hill he's beats back the devil who's battling over the mind Osiris Why is he battling because it is one Cyrus to sign the decree that the Israelites go free from captivity what was Daniel praying for he was praying and fasting for 3 weeks that there's the lights would go free and as he's praying that because prayers go up to heaven God sends the Angel Gabriel down the enter Gabriel battles over the mind of Cyrus with the king of the princes of Persia that is with Satan and so there's this battle going on and Gabriel wants to bring into Cyrus's mind light in truth so who signed that decree he wants to impress it the devil the Prince of Persia at that point wants to bring in darkness to keep the Israelites in captivity so that battle that great controversy that intergalactic struggle that struggle that's going on that Star Wars is going on we can't see it but it's happening and so Michael comes so who who's the mighty Michael who is that. Notice the Bible says for John 12 verse $31.00 now is the judgment of the world now the ruler of this world will be cast out so the Devils the ruler of the world we know that he's going to be cast out we know that God respects our freedom of choice so when we pray there's this big struggle over the mind big this big conflict we may be praying for something but the devil you may be praying for a son or daughter that doesn't know Christ you may be praying for a husband or wife that doesn't know Christ a neighbor and what's the devil doing he's bringing darkness what's Jesus doing through the Angel Gabriel or angels he's bringing light so that why doesn't God answer the prayers immediately because God respects their freedom of choice but when we pray God respects our freedom of choice and the river of water of life the power of God comes through us to touch that other life the power of God comes through us and God reboot doubles the forces of heaven working on that other person let me put it this way isn't God doing everything he can to save your son or daughter your husband or wife who doesn't know Jesus is he's doing everything he can is nice and in angels he is but he's limited Why is he limited by their freedom of choice of course and what is Satan doing bringing darkness to their mind so they will not choose what happens when we intercede when we intercede it gives God freedom because of our freedom of choice our liberty to work through us in the Spirit of God comes pouring out through us to touch them in ways that wouldn't be touched our prayers ascend to heaven and God looks at Satan and says I have freedom now to do more more can you limit the unlimited bulldog. According to some 78 you can't it says the Israelites turn back into limited the God of Israel so God can be limited by our choices when you and I choose to pray for another the ground rules of the conversely between Good and Evil say that God respects our freedom of choice and therefore his power is poured out to touch the heart of that other person in fuller ways somebody says I don't really understand that do you understand like tricity that I can just go throw a switch over there and turn these lights on do you can you fully explain to me electrical engineering and how all that electricity works you may not be able to do that fully Do you understand how that there can be pictures in this room floating in the air you say you're crazy man and listen to me now that I have a thing called a television I turn that thing on in those pictures come right through that television do you fully understand that you fully understand radio frequencies now we don't understand fully electricity or television or radio frequencies but that does that stop you from taking your little remote and turning on the t.v. or turning on the radio or throwing a switch not at all you don't have to understand everything about something to get the benefit of the something you don't understand everything about right and so we may not understand everything about intercessory prayer but this we know that all through the Bible intercessory prayer works into Sesar prayer is part of God's plan we see in Daegu Chapter 10 as Daniel prayed there is this great controversy God respects Danial freedom of choice and as the result of the Angel Gabriel comes to battle over the mind of of Cyrus to be back the force of hell when that doesn't work Michael comes down and Michael battles in this fight the forces of God in Gage against the forces of Satan and that's we really need to understand that there's a real conversely going on in the world is a real battle between the force of good the force of evil the force of Christ and the forces of Satan but as we pray God redoubles the good angels and they beat back the forces of evil as we pray the good angels come and they enter this battle but you say to me. Who is this Michael as Daniel is persistent in his prayers a battle that was being lost by Gabriel at least not being one by Gabriel is one by Michael So who is this Michael let's look in the Bible and see if we can discover the 1st mention of the book that of Michael that we have is about Michael having this battle up in heaven against Satan when Satan rebelled in heaven Revelation 12 verse 7 and war broke out in heaven now that's a strange place for a war isn't it Michael in his angels fought with the dragon and the dragon and his angels fought but they did not prevail nor was a place found for them in heaven any longer so Michael in his angels fight the word Michael you notice that last word last 2 letters of the word might go l. comes from the word in the he were to have meaning God So what is Michael mean one who is like God So every Michael is in heaven he's the one like God Michael and his angels do what everybody they fight and who they fight against they fight against the devil and his angels and what happens to the devil and his angels their cast out of heaven they do not prevail so whoever Michael is he has the absolute power and authority to cast saint not to heaven so Michael is the one like God who can cast Satan out of heaven that's what the Bible says in Revelation 12 verse 9 so the great dragon was cast out that serpent of old called the Devil and Satan who deceives the whole world he was cast to the earth and his angels were cast with him so the great dragon is who that's the devil the devil is called The Dragon and he's called the serpent he is the serpent because he deceive sees the dragon because he destroys so here. The devil is cast out of heaven and he comes to deceive the world who cast them out Miko the one who is like God has that authority has that power so ever Michael is he has authority divine authority because he is the one like God He has divine power because the is the one like God He is the vine knowledge because he is the one like God So what does he do he cast Satan out of heaven now the next mention that we find of Michael after this rebellion in heaven after Satan is cast out is in Jude one verse knowing it Michael the Archangel What does it mean about the what is the meaning of Archangel Archangel is the one is the commander in chief of all the angels in contending with the devil he disputes about the body of Moses dared not bring a writ against him reviling accusation but said the Lord rebuke you Moses died before ever entering the earthly promised land. And Moses was resurrected from the dead and brought to heaven who ever Michael is he has the power over the grave to raise Moses from the dead so we've learned 3 things about Michael the name means what it was like God 2nd Michael is the one who has power and authority to Cassie not of heaven 3rd Michael is the one who has whose rage can raise Moses from the dead he has the power over death you say this sounds a lot like Jesus it is but you say I'm a little confused because it says Michael the Archangel is Jesus an Archangel is Jesus a created being Jesus is not a created being Jesus existed from eternity in the past he'll exist for me Turnitin the future he is Alpha and Omega he is the eternal Christ he is the one that was is and ever will be you say what about this Arc Angel business the name Archangel that name means that he is the commander in chief of all the angels and do you see the word arc to the word arc comes from r.k. in the original language and it means he's the beginner of what the creator of all the angels Michael has the authority to cast Satan out of heaven he has the authority over death must be Jesus Jesus Christ of course is the only one that has that authority now you say what about Archangel this is going to help you 1st that's only once for verse 16 the Lord Himself who is it the Lord who himself. Will descend from heaven with a shout with the voice of the archangel wow this is Jesus he comes with the voice of the archangel What does this mean well Matthew 16 verse 2728 lightning shines from the east even to the west so will the coming of the Son of Man be and he will come to gather the the righteous with his angels so Jesus is the commander in chief of the angels not a created being he existed from eternity but Jesus comes with the voice of the archangel that is the command is the commander of all the angels with the trumpet of God the dead in Christ will rise 1st and then the Bible says then we would share alive and remain shall be caught up together with them to meet the Lord where the meet the Lord in the air it's Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air will always be with the Lord so Jesus Christ is the one that comes as the commander in chief of all the angels the lightning flashes the thunder crashes the earth shakes Jesus the Saints down the corner of the sky the righteous dead are resurrected the righteous living receive glorious immortal bodies with the righteous dead in their cut up to meet Jesus in the Bible only 5 times Michael is mentioned. Once in Revelation $127.00 to $9.00 once in Jews there chapter only one chapter but Jude $91.00 in 3 times in the Book of Daniel Daniel 10 mentioned twice Daniel 12 mentioned once every time Michael is mentioned in the Bible it's mentioned as Jesus as the mighty warrior Jesus as the conquering King Jesus is the one triumphant over the evil powers of hell and the mighty conqueror over Satan now there are many names of Jesus in the Bible Jesus says though I am the dying sacrifice Jesus is the door the way to the Father Jesus is the Rock of Ages the the solid ground between our feet Jesus is the lion of the tribe of Judah the victorious one Jesus is the prince of peace that will bring peace to the world Jesus is The Good Shepherd the one that guides us and directs us hope. Jesus is the rose of Sharon the one the perfumes our lives Jesus is the lily of the valley the one that makes all things beautiful Jesus is Emmanuel God with us why are there so many different names of Jesus in the Bible why is it that he is pictured with so many different images because he is the infinite Christ he is the water of life that satisfies her inner thirst he is the bread of life that satisfies our soul hunger he is the Way the Truth and the Life see so many names of Jesus Michael is a special name of Jesus Michael is a special name of Jesus when the Bible uses Michael in those 5 instances every time he is in conflict with Satan and every time he is the mighty conqueror every time he is the victorious Lord Michael is the powerful commander in chief of all the angels and will wear on our knees praying and we are battling with some sin in our life better only with some habit in our life when we are bound by the chains of sin and we pray to Jesus the mighty commander in chief of the angels the one who is never was the battle sends is angels in answer to our prayer the devil is beaten back and Jesus comes across as conquering our lives here is the incredible good news when we are praying for a son or daughter or husband or wife a neighbor that doesn't know Christ a working associate a dear friend we pray in Jesus the mighty conqueror since those angels of heaven down to be packed the forces of hail notice again Daniel 12 verse one at that time Michael shall stand up and who is he is the great prince that stands watch over the sons of your people he is the great prince at that time. Michael stands a remember in Daniel Chapter 7 Michael sat down in the judgement Jesus sat down the Son of Man in the judgement here in Daniel Chapter 12 Michael stands up judgment is over the time of trouble begins there shall be a time of trouble since there never was since there was a nation even at that time and at that time your people shall be delivered everyone has found written in the book Daniel 7 Michael sits down the Son of Man sits down father son meet together the divine drama of destiny the judgment in heaven takes place here at the destinies of all human beings are to be decided here Jesus is to reveal. Let judgment be passed in favor of the people of God here in Daniel Chapter 7 the judgment begins Jesus steps forward he sees those that have accepted Christ those for whom their lives have been committed totally completely to Christ Jesus stands up the devil tries to condemn us Jesus says this may and this woman is one of mine that judgment goes on we discover that that judgment began at the end of the 2300 year prophecy in $844.00 but here at the end of time when the destinies of all human beings have come up before God When Jesus has revealed through his people that they would rather die than be disloyal to him when they are totally committed to him Michael stands up as he does there is a time of trouble this world is plunged into a time of difficulty trouble but at that time Jesus eventual he will come to deliver his people everyone found written in the book where ever a Michael appears in scripture there is Deliverance wherever Michael appears in scripture there is the tree Jesus has never lost a battle with Satan yet prayer lobbed at the throne of God produces amazing results Daniel 10 verse 19 Jesus speaks he says oh man that Stan you greatly be loved fear not Peace be to you be strong yes be strong the words come echoing in really echoing down through the centuries God speaks to you my brother my sister he says. Oh man oh woman greatly beloved He says I haven't forgotten you you're not a speck of cosmic dust he says oh that greatly beloved fear not Peace be to you do not fear lay your fears aside grasp the reality that I am the victorious Lord Peace be unto you be strong yes these strong God is speaking to you this very moment be strong be strong not in your own strain but in Christ strain as you Neal to pray sense his presence as you can as you walk on that quiet path since his presence sends his strength flowing into your life be strong yes be strong he will take your frailty and turn it into his enduring light he would take your weakness and turn it into his strength he would take your worry and turn it into his peace he would take your fears and turn them into joy be strong yes be strong as we pray Father in heaven we sense that you are the Almighty God that you the divine Son of God have conquered over Satan you crush the forces of hell that we hear your voice Be strong my child in my strength and so tonight we open our hearts to receive your strength and Lord thank you. For the call to be strong. Not in our strength but in yours and by faith we grasp your strength in Jesus. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon or leave a visit w w w audio verse or.


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