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Satan's Strategy to Establish Counterfeit Sabbath

Mark Finley
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What does the Bible predict about lawlessness in the last days? In this video Pastor Mark Finley will study how Satan will manipulate people into carrying out his master plan to bring in the Mark of the Beast through the Antichrist.


Mark Finley

Assistant to President for Evangelism at the General Conference



  • January 11, 2021
    12:00 PM
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It's good to see you again and Happy New Year to you Bible prophecy predicts that the lawlessness we see in our society will ultimately lead to the erosion of religious freedom and that's what I want to talk to you about in this video when you look at 2021 of the things that is very clear is that there has been social unrest certainly didn't read a number of peaceful protests that are taking place all year on a variety of things but more often than not these peaceful protests have turned violent they've been burning stores there's mooting and yet the 1st Amendment of course gives us in the United States of America the right to peaceful assembly the right to state their grievances. The prime example of what I'm talking about took place this past Wednesday from when we were doing this video on January 7th when a gathering in Washington d.c. of thousands of people who were protesting when that gathering turned violent Not by everybody by any means but by a group of people who stormed the capital 62 policemen were injured 5 people were killed and as the his individuals entered into the congressional haw No I don't know what sort of political perspective spectrum Juran in that does not make a great deal of difference to me but here is I think where all of us can unite wherever we are on the political spectrum and that is that violence of any kind is wrong. That violence that destroys property that violence that takes human lives that that should be totally denounced as Christians what does the Bible predict about lawlessness and violence in the last days of verse history and as we look at the instability of society as we look at the lawlessness of society as we look at major cities in America that have increased gun violence and people's lives being lost every week because of the wanton killings as we look at protests movements that have some of them that have turned violent this last year what does this say to us what does it say in the light of Bible prophecy like you to consider with me some of the aspects of viable prophecy we're going to look at Jesus' words in Matthew 24th chapter in Matthew chapter $24.00 Jesus was sitting on a hillside hillside outside of Jerusalem overlooking the temple and there Jesus said to his disciples not one stone is going to be left upon the other the disciples thought that event as cataclysmic as the destruction of the Temple must be the end of the world Jesus of course was talking about the destruction of that temple in 70 a day and he blended masterfully science that would lead up to the destruction of the temple with signs that would lead up to the end the age. In that sermon after Jesus talked about the destruction of the temple the disciples thinking that he meant the end of the world team Jamie to Matthew $24.00 verse 3 said tell us when show these things be that is when shal the temple of Jerusalem be destroyed what shall be the side of your coming and the end of the age the Jesus plans both events he talks about the rising of false Christ and prophets he talks about wars and rumors of wars now no closely no one side constitutes a sign of the times but when you see. Constantly these signs taking place in society when you see false religion when you see the rise of the occult and spiritualism when you see the instability among nations when you see famine pestilence and earthquakes in various places pestilences I mean this isn't true 20 has been a year this past year pestilences says that you would get covert 90 it's affected the world the german think in your lifetime that you could have shut downs in the lock downs of American quarantine said that wearing masks would be a common thing in that thousands of people would die and even now as I speak in January of 2021 we're in the middle of this pandemic certainly we're living in a time of false religion and the occult spiritualism certainly living inside of instability among nations certainly we're living in a time of pestilences and think about the natural disasters but on the hero of all of this Jesus puts it this way in Matthew chapter $24.00 in verse 12 because a lot of us miss will abound the love of many will grow cold but he went towards the end should be saved Jesus loves us and what about about means leap forward a ballad has to do with getting out of control so here Jesus predicts in the context of false Christ and false prophets in the context of the occult and spiritualism a context of wars and rumors of wars and instability among nations in the context of natural disasters of famines and pestilences in fact context Jesus talks about rising crime and violence in our streets he talks about instability in the streets he talks about the time that society would be wracked with crime and violence. Paul talks about this is well in 2nd Timothy Chapter 3 here's my point prophecy predicts before the time of the end in and inst unstable society that is filled with crime violence and lawlessness we find this the 2nd Trinity chapter 3 Scripture says but no this is something you can no not guess but know that a 2nd Timothy 31 that in the last days what days the last days perilous times will come what it was were perilously times filled with peril dangerous times will come and then it talks about men lovers of themselves lovers of money and loving and forgiving slander without self-control Brewton if you look back over 2020 and you see many of these riots they become prove. With vandalization and and with violence it says they would be brutal and then having a form of godliness but the mind the power there of so what we see taking place in our society today with this instability is something that Christ has predicted it's one of the signs of the times the Old Testament is very clear on this as well in the book of Hosea chapter 4 and verse 2 The Bible says. Talks about society says by swearing and ally dishonesty killing and stealing in committing adultery we wonder what a description of our society killing stealing commit adultery they break all restraint with bloodshed after bloodshed therefore the land will mourn so here who is a prophetic least speaking of his day and looking at our day says that there be killing and stealing and adultery immorality breaking all restraint bloodshed after bloodshed and the land will mourn Jose in Tucson to say it was 8 for 7 they sow the wind and they reap the whirlwind when you sow the wind of lawlessness in society you reap the whirlwind of violence crime immorality Guti and stealing when you sow the wind of all this mess you reap the fruits of that in society throughout the Bible God speaks of the necessity of obedience and the way to peace is not the way to of all incidents it's the way of obedience. Let's look at that in scripture and see just how the Bible leads us back to obedience and then let's look at how end times scenarios will shape up as you look at scripture Let's go back to the Book of Deuteronomy we're going to look at some principles Deuteronomy Chapter 6 Genesis Exodus will because numbers do to Romney look at literally chapters 6 and since Season biblical principles the principles are outlined in God's law are the principles of happiness and peace for our own lives and principles that lead us to stability in society Deuteronomy Chapter 6 we're looking there at verse $6.00 and $7.00 and these words which I command you today should be in your heart you should teach them diligently to your children you shock talk of them when you sit in your house when you walk by the way when you go down and rise up you shall bind them up as a sign so here God is saying that the principles of his law passed down from generation to generation bring peace prosperity to our lives Deuteronomy Chapter 30 and verse 16 to look at Deuteronomy Chapter 30 and verse 16. Why did we find the problem still is in our society because men and women have turned their back on God they've turned their back of the law of God And when you do that it leads to violence and crime in our society Deuteronomy Chapter 30 verse 16. And look at purse 15 and 16 See I've set before you life and good death an evil in that I command you today to love the Lord your God to walk in His ways to keep his commandments is statutes in his judgments that you may live in multiply and the Lord your God will bless you in the land which you go to possess but if your heart turns away so you do not hear your worship other gods then you shall surely perish so the question is as might be asked what was everybody in the protest movements were they rebellious against gata Certainly not certainly not that's not the point in all there is a legitimate right to protest and express one's grievances in fact the 1st Amendment gives that let me share with you the principles of the 1st Amendment the 1st Amendment of the constitution prevents the government from making laws that regulate the establishment of religion but notice what else it prevents or that would prove Hibbett the free exercise of religion or bridge freedom of speech so in the United States your freedom of religion your freedom of speech the freedom of the press the freedom of assembly so in the United States we have assembly and the right to petition the government for redress of grievances now the 1st of them was adapted to. December 15th $791.00 as one of the amendments to that that would constitute the Bill of Rights so you look at those things that the Constitution American grandson us but the freedom of assembly. Were were citizens get together to express grievances that that freedom is here in the United States but that is not the freedom to who it is not the freedom to burn buildings it is not the freedom to do to physically harm others and it's not the freedom to decide to to to storm the Capitol building. So we have that 1st Amendment but let me ask you this question what if what if society turns its back on God's Law in general what if it immorality and adultery become commonplace what if crime and violence become commonplace What if the Pend of thems swings from peaceful protests to lawless protests might that cause the majority of people in America to say we need tougher legislation that restricts these freedoms and since the freedom of the establishment of religion is tied into the 1st Amendment could it be possible that the lawlessness in our society could lead to totalitarianism and the ultimate in of force moment of what Revelation calls the mark of the beast it's very fascinating when you look at how. Paul in the 1st alone eons ties Wallace n'est to the rise of the anti-christ if you look at the 2nd Thessalonians. You'll notice that there is the rise of lawlessness. To the. That is related to the n.t. Christ power. Second Thessalonians chapter 2. Verse one now brethren concerning the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ in our gathering to him so here Paul and puts us in the context of the coming of Christ he says and I want to be shaken in mind or troubled that's the church at this and I can so the day of Christ is come let no one deceive you by any means for that day will not come unless there's a falling away 1st and the man of sin or lawlessness is revealed the son of perdition So the devil loves to incite Wallace he loves to incite violence the loves to create instability bats the devil's plan and then it says who opposes and exalts himself above all but is called God or that is worshiped so that he sits as God in the temple of God showing himself that he is gone so the devil works through lawlessness so that the anti-Christ power can arise to bring together society under his it guys of introducing world peace that's the ultimate strategy of Satan and let me be very clear Satan strategy is to create chaos and society Satan strategy through natural disasters through an economic collapse through the inciting of violence and lawlessness Satan strategy is to create such chaos in society that the average person will say we need to get back to God and could it be that the enforcement of a common day of worship namely the 1st day of the week. Could be part of that coming back to gone Could it be that Satan at a time of lawlessness at a time when tips appears society's falling apart will work through science and wonders and supernatural miracles to unite church and state but God will have a people that will be obedient to Him and keep His law could it be that one of Satan strategies is to undermine all of the stability in society to to destroy that stability through all of us notice what it says in the Book of Revelation. We begin our study here with Revelation the 12th chapter. Revelation Chapter 12 and we look at Revelation 12 verse 17 the dragon who is the dragon as Satan right was enraged with the woman who's the woman well according to Bible prophecy the woman is the church and Jeremiah Sixers chooses I've likened the daughters I in the church to a delicate comely woman and in a fish in Chapter 5 it says that term Jesus is the husband his church is his bride were pictured as a beautiful woman so the dragon Satan is angry with the woman the church goes to make war with the rest of the Varanus bring to keep the commandments of God who have the testimony of Jesus Satan hates those or a bt and to God Satan hates those who keep the commandments of God So what we do. He creates lawlessness in society which is opposition to those who keep the commands of God and the reason he does that is to in a stablish a counterfeit Santa that can be a very a couple of church unity rather than the true Sabbath of scripture outlined there in the 4th commandment were God says Remember the Sabbath the people who look at Revelation Chapter 13 for example Revelation 13 the bible points it this way it says that he saith is granted give power to the breath of it to the breath of the image of the beast of the image of the bishop both speak the beast power in Revelation 13 represents the papal power as we look at Revelation 13 and if you have any questions about that you can look at my presentation that you can find on the You Tube on the mark of the beast under revelations ancient discovery in that presentation we look at Revelation 13 and we detail very clearly the identification of the beast power as the papers then it says to give life to the image of the beast what's the image of the beast it is that which. The beast power tries to enforce his or his counterfeit Sanda it should both speak and cause as many as would not worship it should be kill How do nations speak they speak through their laws so Revelation 13 talks about a time when church and state would unite to enforce laws that were contrary to the law of God very simple Where are God's people in all this Revelation 14 verse 12 says here it's the patience of the saints here are they that keep the commandments of God and of the faith of Jesus so let me summarize fully the lawlessness we see in our society today is instigated by Satan to create instability that instability will increase in society as this instability increases in society who the people themselves will demand of their government leaders laws that attempt to bring stability back to society in that context church and state will unite and a counterfeit Sabbath will be introduced as a variable to establish world peace now don't let this surprise you because this is exactly what happened in the Roman Empire in the days of Constantine when the Roman Empire was falling apart but very in tribes are coming down from the north there was lawlessness and instability in the empire in attempt to unite the Empire Constantine passed in 321 a day the 1st Sunday when he said on the venerable day of the sun that the workshops be closed. Now this was not a worship decree but later Council of Laodicea for example a few years later the people prefer of the church united with the state in attempt to unite the Empire and bring stability to the Empire Why did Constantine lead out with that Sunday want to bring stability to the Empire to bring peace he saw fall apart why did the church unite with that because that would be a vehicle for converting the pagans So we see historically in the 4th century this union of church and state that took place they are in those centuries to bring peace so we should the Devils use that strategy in the past we're all God's people. God's people saved by grace charmed by a reboot deemed by his power God's people at this time will be faithful to him loyal to him and keep His commandments remember Daniel Chapter 3 going up again as are set up a counterfeit image of Daniel Chapter 2 we've studied together you have an image of the great nations of the world Babylon be the Persian research you know that image don't you if you don't again go to our material on The Book of Daniel you'll find it there we have it here posted on the internet but Daniel Chapter 3 instance of account of it Inge he demands all to bow down to worship that him. And as Shadrack me sheckler Bendigo would not bow down churches they united it was a universal death decree passed and all were summoned to come just like in Revelation 13 the whole world was follow the beast but yet although God's people went through a period of difficulty and trial Jesus was there with them here's the incredible good news as you and I are faithful to God and keep His commandments by his power and through His grace Jesus will be there with us in the most difficult times Jesus will be there to strengthen us these advance that are coming hurried preclude the coming of Jesus they reveal to us in this generation they were living on the knife edge of eternity soon are ordered for her soon as Revelation one verse 7 says every hour I see you soon as Scripture tells us it comes in the clouds in glory and in power and law for that day don't you the day the Jesus of come the day that was missile gear and hand the day that peace will reign in society the day that our Lord will be crowned as King of Kings and in order for its joy to say Jesus I want to be 3030 you. In these last days versus street that's pretty good Father in heaven thank you for your love your Grace should Goodman should power thank you that although the devil stirs up Wallace's in so many ways we see a setting this taking place for your soon return thank you that we can know that you'll be with us who are we want to be safely you said if you love me keep my commandments father we love you would want to be obedient pricing on this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon pleaded visit w w w audio verse or.


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