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01 The Preeminence of Scripture

David Shin


Dr. Shin explores the walk to Emmaus to discover a key principle that Jesus revealed by His own example.


David Shin

Dr. David Shin is the President of Ouachita Hills College.



  • January 8, 2021
    7:00 AM

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This message was recorded on the campus of watch the hills college for more information visit our website. Which si dot org. Our Father in heaven we thank you so much for the privilege and opportunity that we have to have our Bibles. Recognizing that individuals and gave their lives so that we could have this book. Lord we pray that you would help us to live by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God. That your words would become sweet. And we pray that you would create enough. A deeper desire for your. So bless us this evening Lord we need help you need the Holy Spirit. To enlighten our minds to impress and to convict our hearts we pray they do would tailor. My feeble words this evening. Through the agency of the Holy Spirit as we reflect on the Word of God that we would receive exactly what we need individually Lord only you can do this in order to be surrender ourselves to you tonight speak to us we pray we ask these things in the precious name of Jesus Christ a man. That. Invites You to open your Bibles and this evening to Luke Chapter 24 in verse 13. Will be looking at 3 different passages this evening. The 1st one is found in Luke Chapter $24.00 and verse 13 this is known as the walk to him a is. Going to read it through and then give some observations regarding this passage before we read verse 13 want to give you a little bit of background what is taking place prior to this walk to him a s. Jesus has died he has risen and. The disciples do not know what has happened to the body there is a report from women that have gone to the tomb and there's a report that his body is no longer there and there there is this unique fascinating story. In the last chapter of Luke Luke Chapter 24. And it takes up a great portion of this chapter now when you read the Bible it's important to know how much space the Bible writer dedicates to a particular passage and this space in the chapter 24 is significant. In other words there is a particular point that needs to be brought out by Luke who wants to enunciate and elaborate a little bit about this passage and there are 2 obscure disciples that are going from Jerusalem to amaze these 2 disciples have never come into the biblical narrative before this is the 1st time they come on the scene Jesus has died he's risen they don't know that he's risen and this is the beginning of a very depressing and downtrodden walk the 7 miles from Jerusalem to amaze and the conversation is quite depressing and as the story goes Jesus walks with them. The 7 miles from Jerusalem. To him is. So let's pick up in our story here in verse 13 now behold 2 of them were traveling the same day to a village called to me which was 7 miles from Jerusalem and they talked together of all the things which had happened and so small they conversed and reasoned that Jesus himself drew near and went with them. But their eyes were restrained so that they did not know him and he said to them what kind of conversation is this that you have with one another as you walk and are sad then one whose name was clean Appice answered and said to him Are you a stranger in Jerusalem and have you not known the things which have happened in these days. And he said to them what they. Promise becomes painful right. Because he's Jesus. What's the problem they think he's dead the solution if you're looking at it from an efficiency standpoint is I'm Jesus right. We live in a western society it's all about efficiency and effectiveness the most effective way to cure the problem of the disciples here in the chapter 24 and these 2 obscure disciples that you've never seen before these are not Peter James and John Cleopus and the other one we never know their name is to come up upon them and say here's my hands on my feet I'm I'm Jesus but but Jesus says what things now the question is the Jesus know what the things are depressing them absolutely and so so he's engaging them in a conversation for a particular purpose and a particular point what things and so they said to him the things concerning Jesus of Nazareth who was a prophet mighty indeed and word before God and all the people and how the chief priests in own rulers delivered him to be condemned to death in crucified Him but we were hoping that he was who he was going to redeem Israel indeed besides all this today is the 3rd day since these things have happened and yes certain women of our company who arrived at the tomb early astonished us when they did not find his body they came saying that all they had also seen a vision of angels who had said he was alive and certain of those who were with us and went to the tomb and found it just as the women had said but him they did not see. And here it is. Verse 2526 and verse 27 read it carefully as I read and he said to them oh foolish ones slow of heart to believe in all that the prophets had spoken ought not Christ to have suffered these things and to enter into His glory and verse 27 is the point 1st 27. Is why Jesus went on the walk to amaze this read it here and beginning at Mons this now what books did Moses write. I write the Pentateuch Genesis to Deuteronomy and beginning at Moses and how many of the prophets and all the prophets are let's put it together here beginning at Moses Genesis and all the prophets to Malakai and beginning at Moses and all the prophets he expounded to them all the scriptures the things concerning himself this is the greatest Bible study in history talk about exhaustive. And I think exhausting exhaustive write notice the way that this verse is framed and beginning at Moses and all the prophets he expanded to them all the scriptures the things concerning himself in other words on this walk to m a s Jesus is giving them the most fun nominal Bible study in history that must've been some Bible study Don't you wish you were there. Jesus walks up doesn't show them who use. But he says Let me show you who I am. And refers them to this and it's an exhaustive Bible study from Genesis to Malakai that was probably a long walk to amaze. Jesus I can just imagine Isaiah 53 he was wounded for our transgressions he was bruised for our Nick ways text after text and it says he went through all of that. All of. It and then verse 28 so they just went through this exhaustive Bible study and he did everything Genesis to Revelation every messianic prophecy every messianic text then they near their home. Then they knew drew near the village where they were going and he indicated he would have gone farther in other words. His job was done. Give the Bible study and he was about to keep going and by the way this is a good plan for hospitality Amen. I mean if they did not give the gift of hospitality they would have missed out. On the Son of God so so Jesus is just about I mean he doesn't intrude in people's homes he's like Ok You know I guess we got here all right I'll see you guys and he's about to walk off and they're like what Wait wait a minute like why don't you stay with us I'm so so he stays with them right and then verse 29 but there are constrained him saying abide with us for it is toward evening and the day is far spent and he went into stay with them and now it came to pass he sat down at the table with them and he took bread and blessed and broke it and gave it to them Now this is what's happening so they're sitting at the table with Jesus and they're like hey can you can you say the plussing please can you do that and he's like sure and he breaks the bread and they're like. Oh. Wait. Like that looks strangely familiar like. And then the Bible says that eyes were opened and they're like it's Jesus and the Bible says He vanished. Even ish from their side it's like. Breaks the bread it's Jesus. Is gone and notice what they said their reflection. Then they turned to one another and said Did not our heart burn within a us while he talked with us on the road and while he opened the Scriptures to us. And so the story goes. They run all the way back to Jerusalem. 7 miles but they've just run down. And run all the way back. Stumbling maybe in the dark but with joy in their hearts. Jesus is alive. And men. And so they run back Zionist ages says someone was going back with them. Going back with them and you'll see it here they run back to Jerusalem as pick it up here in verse 33 so they rose up to bury our return to Jerusalem found the 11 and those who were with them gathered together saying The Lord is risen indeed and has appeared to Simon and they told about the things that happened on the road and how was he was known to them in the breaking of bread and in verse 36 look at what look what happens and as they said these things who stood in their midst Jesus stood in their midst so here's here's the narrative Jesus walks with them down the road to me is gives a Bible study he he they see who we is then they run all the way back Jesus goes back with them appears to the rest of the disciples and notice what happens here. Verse 36 and as they said these things Jesus himself stood in the midst of them and said to them Peace be to you and they were terrified and frightened and supposing that they had seen a spirit and he said to them Why are you troubled and why doubts arise in your heart behold my hands and my feet and design I myself handle me and see for the spirit does not have flesh and bones and when he had said these things he showed them his hands in his feet but while they still did not believe for joy and Marvel the he said to them Have you any food and the ate the food and then look at verse 44 look in verse 44 and he said to them these are the words which I had spoken to you while I was still with you and all the things much be fulfilled which were pretty which were written in the Law of Moses Have you seen that before and the prophets and this is concerning me and look at verse 45 in your Bibles and he opened their understanding that they might comprehend what their scriptures another Bible study do you see that So Luke Chapter 24 has to Bible studies to the want to remain. Exhaustive Bible study they run all the way back Jesus follows them goes to the disciples and gives them another I believe exhaustive Bible study Now here's the question why why go through all of that trouble. What's the principle that Jesus is trying to convey Here's one Jesus wants them to base their faith. On this. Above any experience. This this is it this is where he wanted to them to base their authority because he could have come up to them and said I'm him light shining from heaven like the Mount of Transfiguration it could have been this spectacular event and would the disciples have believed absolutely but here Jesus one of the final acts of his life before he goes to heaven the last chapter of Luke Luke Chapter 24 is to give an exhaustive Bible study 2 times the walk to a mass and back in the upper room to enunciate to to demonstrate to to build on this principle that it is scripture 1st above any experience even a real experience with Jesus Jesus wanted them to base their faith on this on this now hold that thought here because we'll go to our 2nd passage of reflection and it's found in the last chapter of the book of Acts go to Acts chapter 28 Acts Chapter 28 who wrote the book of Luke Luke who wrote the book of Acts Luke who was the book of Acts written to the office who was the book of Luke written to the office if you read the big beginning of access as the former account I have written to you feed off Ellis In other words is the sequel is the sequel so the last chapter of Luke ends with the Bible study. Let's look at last chapter of backs. Chapter 28. And verse 23. There's Jews that have come to Peter's house he's under Paul's house he's under house arrest and they come to his home to talk with him in verse 23 and so when they had appointed him a day many came to his launching to whom he explained solidly and testified of the Kingdom of God persuading them concerning Jesus from both listen to this part what does your Bible say from both the Law of Moses Have you seen that before are so so here they come to his house and he's giving a what in the House he's giving a bible study in the house and notice the way the that Luke frame says he says he's giving a bible study in the house from the Law of Moses and what and the prophets and notice how long this Bible study goes from morning till evening from morning to evening and arguably the greatest apostle of the New Testament who wrote the majority of the New Testament the most eminent figure in the 2nd half of the book of Acts is giving. A phenomenal Bible study from mosis and all the prophets and here Luke you think Luke is trying to tell us something and. The book of Luke Chapter 24 with Jesus giving a Bible study. And Paul giving a bible study in the end of acts. What I read here a statement. From the book create controversy. And if you have not read the book great controversy. Now is a good as time as any. Great controversy. Page $595.00 and it's the chapter entitled The scriptures as our safeguard read that chapter. Here it is. But God would have a people upon the earth to maintain the Bible and the Bible only as the standard of all doctrines and the basis of all reforms. The opinions of learned men the deductions of science the Crean's or decisions of ecclesiastical councils as numerous and discordant as are the churches which they represent the voice of the majority not one nor all of these things should be regarded as evidence for or against any point of religious faith before accepting any doctrine or precept we should demand a plain and thus saith the Lord in its support. Amen. In other words. She's saying that this. Should be our final authority. And when someone comes to with a teaching we should ask for a plain Thus saith the Lord not some obscure passage. But it clear passage and not only that but 8. I don't know what the right word is but a cast of supporting passages as well we should ask for a plain Thus saith the Lord in its support Now the question is why why. Why did Jesus go through so much trouble on the walk to a maze to give this Bible study another Bible study and then in the book of Acts Paul is giving another Bible study and why is this to be our final authority after all we are living in the 21st century and millennial Zinn's in eels I don't know what you call it anymore but to put to are all about experience that's the age and the era that we're living in right now experience is reality we're getting so so far into it in postmodernism where it's like if you say it's your experience that's gospel we can judge your experience because that's your experience that's good for you this age of pluralism everyone wants to have an experience and here there is this this idea that emerges in this in this concept of sola scriptura and let's go to our 3rd and final passage of reflection this evening let's go to 2nd Peter chapter one verse 19 2nd Peter chapter one and verse 19 and here Peter establishes this idea. Of how scriptures and experience should be related to by the Christian 2nd Peter chapter one and verse 19 the sexually pick it up here in verse 16 2nd Peter chapter one in verse 16 for we did not follow cunningly devised as you say fables In other words what's a fable it's a myth it's a story it's something that it's been made has been made up it's a fairy tale so so he says look what we're telling you is the truth is not a myth it's not something that's been made up it's a reality when we may known unto you the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. And how does he base the reality the truth of Jesus in the beginning part of his argument here he says because we were what because we were eyewitnesses of his Majesty and so he begins here stating that look what we're telling you is the truth because I was there now that's pretty compelling. He says look I was an eye witness I saw with my own eyes and in a court that's that substantive 1st person not 2nd person not 3rd hand Peter says I was there and then he elaborates on what the there is let's let's go through it but we were eyewitnesses of His Majesty for he received from God the Father Honor and Glory when such a what a voice came from the excellent glory this is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased and we heard the voice which came from heaven when we were with him on the holy mountain what experiences you talking about here he's talking about the Mount of Transfiguration and there were only 3 individuals that had the privilege of being there and he was one of them Peter James and John now that's pretty substantive don't you think Peter says I was there right. I saw Jesus he could have added I saw Moses and Elijah. I saw Jesus glorified I'm telling you he's the real deal now if Peter would have left it there we would've said Holiday your praise the Lord you were there I believe but then if you're reading especially in the King James Version I want you to notice what Peter goes on to say in verse 19 he says we have a more shore word of prophecy that's a revolutionary statement what Peter is saying. You have the Mount of Transfiguration how many of you would like to be there. Is then experience. You better believe it. I mean remember what Peter said he started saying like just I'll build each one of you house I mean it was so you know what he was saying I don't know I mean he just started ability to one of you house and so it was an earth shattering experience I mean you read about Moses you read about a lodge and they're there and Jesus is glorified and you recognize that he's Son of God I mean that's. I mean Sign me up for that right amount of Transfiguration it's hard to get I mean I what are you going to we're going to say I went to I don't know I want to retreat to it to try to say that that's my experience I mean talk about the ultimate retreat on the mountaintop That's that's hard to be it's up there it's up there this generation how many people would sign up for that everybody absolutely no one even nonbelievers would sign up for that one. It's up there but you know what Peter says. You have something more sure of. Scripture. And I would just want you to process what he's saying here this is. This is heaven. Mount of Transfiguration. Peter says scripture. Mount of Transfiguration scripture. In other words scripture is more of an authoritative substantive. Entity if you can call it that on which to base your faith. Amen. In the Mount of Transfiguration. Wow. Where should we be spending our time. Here. This is it. This is where it's at Jesus. Paul Peter. This is it. Great controversy again page 593. Here's one of the reasons why God has chosen to make this the ultimate standard. Of authority. And not an experience. One reason great controversy page 593 so closely will the counterfeit resemble the True that it will be impossible to distinguish between them except by the Holy Scriptures. She goes on page $624.00 and describes an experience. As the crowning act in the drama of deception Satan himself will personate Christ. The church has long professed to look to the Saviors Advent as the consummation of our hopes now the great deceiver will make it appear that Christ has come in different parts of the earth Satan will manifest himself among men as them being a majestic and listen to this. Being a majestic dazzling brightness resembling the description of the Son of God given by John in Revelation the glory that surrounds him is unprecise uncertain by anything that mortal ever beheld talk about an experience the shout of triumph rings in the air Christ has come Christ has come the people prostrate themselves before him while he lifts up his hands and pronounces a blessing upon them as Christ blessed his disciples upon the earth His voice is soft and subdued yet full of melody he looks like cheese he sounds like cheese. He acts like cheese sauce everything you would imagine Jesus mean that. In gentle compassionate tones he presents some of the same gracious heavenly truths which the savior he's quoting scripture. He heals the diseases of the people and then in the assumed character of Christ. And here's the hook now mind you. He looks like Jesus he sounds like Jesus he's quoting scripture like Jesus he's doing miracles. He's got the world. In the palm of his hand. It's an experience. That we can't even imagine. Do you think those people feel something. You better believe it or do you think the atmosphere feels spiritual. You better believe it. But here comes the hook. And then in the assumed character of Christ he claims to have changed Sabbath to Sunday and commands all to al the day which he has a blast. He declares that those who persist in keeping holy the 7th day that's us. Are blaspheming its name by refusing to listen to his angels sent to them with light and truth and then she says this is a strong almost overmastering delusion. Why did Jesus Paul and Peter say that this is the final authority more than any experience no matter how authentic it may be. One reason is right here. Because if you living by experience going to swallow this. Hook line and sinker. You can be swept away. And then the great controversy 625. She says only those who have been diligent students of scripture and who have received the love of the truth will be shielded from the powerful delusions that takes the world captive. So here we are. 2021. And who knows what 2021 is going to be. And the devil is going to do everything to keep you from this book. Effort thing even. Supplant it with good things. As reading Hudson Taylor said. The devil keep you occupied with the innocent things like. Arranging the blinds. To keep you immersed from this away from this book. And so theme this weekend give me the Bible and if you're in my hermeneutics class in issues class. Remember this book. A man. Correlated Bible reading. You can find it in your local bookstore in a couple weeks and man. On campus. It's a systematic a reading of the Bible in spirit prophecy they have a one year plan a 2 year plan and 5 year plan you're not required to do this remember what I said you receive special. Grace a man Grace. There's that we've got a plan in place so that you don't feel obligated to read but there's an opportunity to read. Every student that goes through these halls of learning. Should be convicted by the Spirit of God to read this book. A man. And college students. When you graduate from this institution my prayer and my thrust and my emphasis will be that you will have read the Bible through at least once while you're here I'm not going to make you do it no one can make you do anything and we're not going to put requirements there that take the joy away but. We're going to. I don't know what do you know what. I'm going to exude that passion so that you can feel the beauty of what it is to read this book a man. To read this book look Greek Hebrew you look you can master that believe you haven't read this through you missed the point you've missed the point of read this book through at least once and to fall in love with Jesus Christ. And if this is not the center of our education we failed. We must close up I believe it is the center of our educational process that's why I am here. But this needs to be the emphasis. And the passion of every staff member. To live by this book the experience of this book every student. To spend time in this book. I tell you our phones and the Internet is the greatest blessing in the greatest curse. Put your phone on airplane mode. And open this. Time or. Those emails will still be there those attacks. Will still be there. Right here. Right here look there's a storm coming. And those angels are holding back those winds because of the command of God but one day those winds will be let go. And want to see I mean if this year has taught us anything just like that our life can be changed right away. Overnight. And if you think our constitution is going to hold back great controversy from being fulfilled think again. Just like that. Changed. And if we're not living by this. Reading it. Was swept away. Swept away. It's a mess Richards. And you still have these tapes that my dad had H.M.'s Richard Sr voice of prophecy I listen to them when he spoke. I tell you he knew that man was a man of God. He read this book 2 times a year. He read it very quickly in the 1st couple months of the year and then read it through the rest of the year. Now the important thing is not just getting through it a man and when White says it's better to take one verse fix it in the mind than read the entire whole bunch of pages without a particular purpose and you know if you have a person in your view and you know what you're structuring that's different but if you're just reading aimlessly it's better to take one passage memorize and reflect on it meditate on it make it yours. Be transformed by it. And if you'd like help in your personal devotional life. Talk to your dean I'm here this is Clark all the staff members are here the chaplain. Your teachers we're here to. To help in this process. To live by the pages of this book. I want to read. This article. That I read from. A news website and. The title of this article. Compelled me to read it. I want to tell you the website I found it on because. I don't want to color. The this article because depending on your political persuasion that I try to stay out of politics. I do I do to stay out of politics by the grace of God in the pulpit. But this article the title was was quite interesting and you'll discover why as I read this article this is a secular individual. He says and this is like a personal testimony is quite unique quite unique he says things weren't going so well I wasn't happy I needed a shakeup in my life and that's what happened and I decided to make a career train leaving my job and coming back to where I was happy in a prior phase of my life it was risky for one thing you're not supposed to leave a job after 3 months is a period of transition and so I started reading the Bible a secular person. Can. Now say what you will. Whether you're religious or not I'm happy to report that those trying times and stormy clowns quickly evaporated as I started reading the Bible. I read Genesis during my last week at my former company reading the Bible daily on my i Pad became was becoming so immersed in my mind body in spirit and part of my routine at times I physically wanted to kneel on the subway in prayer as I read on the commute to and from work I never did that but I did find a routine of standing all the time as I read and balancing myself without holding on to anything. Nearly everything around me seemed to take on great. Spiritual me. I started realizing my view on life was changing ever so slightly and as all these good things happened I was thinking wait really why and what do I have to do in return I was becoming more spiritual more reflective I pondered the meaning of life more I wrote a post on the importance of being humble and humility and constantly asked myself during these past 100 days how I can help others more and do more for others. I'm on a mission now. Because even though these 100 days are in the past his goal was to read the Bible in 100 days I can still carry out all that I've read I constantly refer back to the words of wisdom that I can apply in my life every day to be a better man and a better human being. And say what you want. But I kind of feel like it's a modern miracle in my life. That it's turned out the way that it has and this is how it ends I hope that you'll consider reading the Bible too. When you both pave this secular. Secular. Website. That's got all kinds of anyways and secular. And the title was how reading the Bible in a 100 days changed my life. You never hear someone say. I took a course in biology. Or physics. Or algebra not saying that those subjects are bad Never mind you good. And I stopped beating my wife. I stop swearing. I stop stealing. Transformed me you never hear a testimony like that ever. And then. Thousands. Thousands I don't know what the number is but thousands throughout this hope of human history. Have read this book. Changed. Changed their lives. A man. And here and watch the hills. You have a tremendous opportunity. And environment that fosters opportunities to spend time in this book Don't waste it away. Don't squander the opportunity. For. College students every Saturday. Ford 9. We're giving you time with God. This is not time to fritter away. Especially with sundown coming so early. We on the Internet now we're not going to be. Doing surveillance or anything like that. But I encourage you to take advantage of that opportunity to spend time with God in this book a man. Spend time in this book not only on Sabbath evenings but every day Amen every day spend time but we're giving that special time for the 9 to read reflect on. Meditate on this book. Beginning next up and. Take advantage of this opportunity. Amen. One in courage you encourage each other and men to support each other as we make this. And the reading of this. A high priority in our lives a man by the grace of God. And I want to make a very simple appeal. This evening. How many of you want to say Lord. Create in me. A does that deeper desire. To spend time in this book I mean the notice and create in me in other words. You may or may not desire and if you desire praise the Lord you can say Lord help me to desire more Create in me it's not as though we have to fabricate something create in me a deeper desire for you and look we become so jaded by sin. And entertainment. That when we begin to read this don't get discouraged. We've acquired a taste for sin and it takes time. To get our tastebuds sanctified Amen and so so keep at it. Keep back. Persist just like when you change diet and you go from junk food to wholesome food your taste buds need to be retrained in the same way we have this this wonderful book and when you begin especially if you're not used to it. But persist persist and wrestle with the Lord and say Lord wake me up in the morning go to bed early. You have to eat a lighter supper and eat a lot of supper. Go to bed early and say Lord wake me up May your angel touch me in the morning to wake me up so I can spend time with you. Make a commitment in 2021. That will be the year of the Bible. And every year after by the grace of God. You want to make that commitment with me today a man by the grace of God created me a deeper desire for this book help me to spend time in this book in 2021. Amen and look we serve a God of miracles you spend time in this. You study hard. God will bless you academically. Amen. You provide for your needs. We serve a big God. And if you seek 1st his kingdom and His righteousness he says all these things are reality. Let's pray and still together with prayer. And. Our Father in heaven. We thank you for the Word of God. We thank you that your words are spirit. They are life. And Lord we pray today that you would create a nice a deeper desire for you. Hunger any and thirsting after righteousness create. A deeper desire for your word. Sanctify our taste. Expel in us the desire for worldly things. Do for us what we are incapable of doing on our own Lord help us to fall in love with you through the reading of your word. And I pray that 2021 would be the year of the bible of the Lord help us to spend more time in the Word of God this year than ever before if the events of the past year tell us anything it tells us that. That we are hearing the footsteps of an approaching God But Lord in your mercy you're holding back the wind. We have a work to do and Lord we pray that would be rude that we would be rooted and grounded in the rock of Jesus Christ your word I pray for every student every staff member here today. Lord we pray the not even good things. But get in the way of our time with you. So bless us help us we thank you that your buildings our neighbor Ling's and that within every command is also a promise so we asked for your help we claim it by faith for we ask these things in the precious name of Jesus Christ in. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit w w w audio verse or.


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