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07 The Faith of Isaac

Benjamin Ng
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  • October 7, 2020
    7:00 PM
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Father in heaven thank you so much for this time thank you for seeing us safely through another week thank you Lord for this Sabbath that we're in and as we come to study your word right now Lord I ask for your presence I asked for the blessing of the Holy Spirit who inspired these pages of scripture that we're about to read from I pray Lord that he would alumina hearts and minds help us to understand what faith is help us to understand how to live by faith and as we learn from the triumphs and even the mistakes of those before us I pray Lord that you'd strengthen our faith this evening so Lord please guide us now we pray in Jesus' name amen. Let's turn our Bibles to Hebrews chapter 11 Hebrews chapter 11 and we are reading from Verse 20 we're going systematically through verse by verse the different characters and look we could spend a lot of time on Isaak we even spend a lot of time on his sons whom is mentioned here as well about unfortunately we're just skimming and looking at the different circumstances surrounding each text based upon the faith that is mentioned there Hebrews chapter 11 and verse 20 the Bible says this by your faith Isaac blessed Jacob and Esau Khan's sunning things to come so we really have 3 characters here to look at this evening we have Isaak and then we also have to look at the story of Jacob and Esau and so we're not looking at the early life of Isaac in fact we don't really know much about it except the circumstances surrounding how he got together with his wife but here it's to do with Isaac and his 2 sons Jacob and Esau song and what you tell with mean a Bible's to Genesis $25.00 we're looking at the faith of Isaac but in order to understand this and how he blesses Jacob and Esau we've got to look at their circumstance starting with the circumstance surrounding their birth Genesis 25 starting in verse 21. Genesis $25.00 verse $21.00 and in treated the Lord for his wife because she was barren and the Lord was intreated of him and Rebecca his wife conceived and the children struggle together within her and she said if it be so why am I thus and she went to inquire of the Lord and the Lord said into her 2 nations are in the womb and 2 manner of people shall be separated from the Baals and the one people shall be stronger than the other people and the elder shall serve the younger and when her days to be delivered were fulfilled behold there were twins in the womb so Jacob and Esau they are twins but what we understand about this bus lets continue in verse $25.00 and the 1st came out red all over like a hairy garment and they called his name Esau and after that came as brother out and his hand took hold on Esau as heal and his name was called Jacob and Isaac was 3 score years old when he bear them so Esau was the older of the twins he was the older of the 2 brothers and they named Jacob as such because he grabbed onto his brother's heel while he was coming out and Jacob is actually in not a good meaning look Jacob eventually becomes Israel but the name change is actually taught a good meaning for that name so you know that's how they name them back then so look by right Esau he was the oldest meaning he had the right to the father's. Inheritance it was called the birthright Ok so the birthright would go to the oldest and all the fathers blessings would fall upon the oldest one he was basically inheriting everything but also there was spiritual bless. Sings that were attached to it you see back then there was no such thing as a sanctuary there was no such thing as priests and so really the all of us who would become the priest the oldest in the family would become the priest of the whole house and into seed on behalf of the whole house just like we saw or see in the Book of Job Chapter one when he intercede for his children every single day so there would be spiritual blessings that would be contained in this birthright as well now. How did Esau look at his birthright understand that some of these things are maybe a repeat to some of you but for the benefit of those that I don't know out there I want to go through the story in great detail Genesis 2529 so they're all there ready it jumps from their birth right up to when they're older and they're having a conversation between each other the brothers Genesis 2529 The Bible says this and Jacob sawed pottage and Esau came from the field and he was faint and Esau said to Jacob feed me I pray thee with the same red pottage from faint therefore was his name called Edam and Jacob said to sell me this day the birthright and you saw said Behold I am at the point to die what prophet shall this birthright do to me and Jacob said Swear to me this day and he swear it to him and he sold his birthright on to Jacob then Jacob gave you sole bread and pottage of lentils and he did eat and drink and rose up and went his way thus Esau despised his birthright so Esau sells his birthright to Jacob for a bowl of lentils and the Bible goes so far to say that he despised his birthright it was worthless to him at least at that point you know how many of us have made rash decisions emotional decisions based upon a circumstance that sometimes stands right before us you know we don't think of the future we just think of the present and many of us we do this even with our appetites even today you know we sell and we mortgage our futures based upon short term pleasure this is exactly what Esau did he despised his birthright he sold his birthright he didn't care about it. But we will see that he actually did to a great deal later on let's jump over to Genesis 27 by this time Isaac the father is an old man he cannot see very well and he knows that his days are numbered and so he wants to bless his sons especially Esau who was his favorite and then Jacob would be the favorite of his mother but he wanted to bless and hand on the birth right to Esau Genesis 27 starting in verse one this is what the Bible says. And it came to pass that when Isaac was old and his eyes were dim so he could not see he called Esau his eldest son and said unto him my son and he said and to him Behold here am I And he said Behold now I am old I know not the day of my death now therefore take I pray thee thy weapons they quiver and I bow and go out to the field and take me some venison and make me savory meat such as I love and bring it to me that I may eat that my soul may bless thee before I die so I calls out to Esau and he wants him to make him a special meal his favorite meal probably but after that he would bless him and hand on the birthright to him and of course what happens verse 5 and Rebecca heard when Isaak's break Esau his son and his whole went to the field to hunt for venison and to bring it and Rebecca spake unto Jacob her son saying Behold I heard their father speak and Esau saying Bring me venison and make me savor meat that I meet and bless the before the Lord before my death now therefore my son obey my voice according to that which I command the so Rebecca hears what Isaac is going to do and he wants to bless his son his favorite Rebecca once the blessing to rest upon Jacob and so she tells Jacob listen to me listen to my voice you know just as we studied before this is about now 3 weeks ago the faith of Jacob Abraham part one when he listens who his wife over God's word and here we see the same case the challenge of faith God's word versus man's word what God says vs what man says. Remember the promise from God Was this the older would serve the younger but here we have 2 parents playing favorites upon their sons which cause division but now Jacob's mother is saying what Jacob listens to me to do what verse 9 go now to the flock and fetch me vents to good kids of the goats and all make them savory meat for their father such as he love and Thou shall bring it to their father that he may eat them a blessing before his death and Jacob said to Rebecca his mother look at this behold you saw my brother was a hairy man and I'm a smooth man my father peradventure will feel me and I shall seem to him as a deceiver and shall bring a curse upon me and not a blessing and his mother servants of him upon me be like cursed my son only obey what my voice and go and fetch me them so Rebecca is teaching Jacob how to get the birthright from his father and his brother by deception God's word versus man's word Look God's promises are faithful and true they will definitely come to pass no matter what man tries to do it comes to pass the older would serve the younger and so I guess in the mother's desperation maybe their heaven she's had a fight with her husband and thinking that he's gone send maybe or he can remember the promise that God gave when the children came out she resorts to what deception short sightedness she doesn't see into the future and you know we're going to look at this the story's going to unfold in a very interesting way as we're going through all these details but you've got to run for the promise of God now versus what. Rebecca's word the mother's word God's word versus man's word and she's trying to fulfill God's promise the older would serve the younger in her own way and in the human sinful way you know God said to Abraham I'm going to bless you with children his wife Sarah said was not through me go sleep with my maid trying to fulfill God's promise by adultery now God made a promise the older would serve the younger Rebecca says well I don't know how it's going to be fulfilled so I'm going to deceive my husband or teach my son how to deceive the Father and the brother in order for God's promise to be fulfilled do you see that why just by works is not just so much I'm going to work work work work work but this more I'm going to try to do it my way the wrong way but my way to fulfill God's promise you see that so it's by works is not just on going to work my way to heaven I don't think many of us really think like that but we try to take God's promise and make it our was and before filling it in our own sinful human condition and we don't wait on God but we run ahead Rebecca is about a teacher son how to deceive verse 14 and he went and fetched and brought them to his mother and his mother made savior meet such as his father loved and Rebecca took goodly Rayment of her eldest son Esau where which were with her in the house and put them upon Jacob the younger son and you put the skins on the kids of the goats upon his hands and on the smooth of his neck and she gave the savory meat and the bread which she had prepared into the hand of her son Jacob everything is prepared for Jacob's deceptive act verse 18. And he came in to his father and said my father he said here are my who are down my son Jacob silencers father I mean you saw my 1st born I've done according as I bade us me arise I pray thee sit and eat of my venison that very soul may bless the here is the 1st time Jacob lie to his father who is this I mean you saw by firstborn. And I think said to his son how is it that the house found it so quickly my son and he said because a lot by God brought it to me and Isaac said and so you go Jacob come near I pray thee that I may feel the my son whether they'll be my very son Esau or not and Jacob went near him to Isaac his father and he felt him and said the voice is Jacob's voice but the hands are the hands of Esau and he discerned him not because his hands were hairy as the brothers Esau's hands so he blessed them and he said that al my very son Esau and he said Jacob said what I am now he confirms his wrong act you know there is still a chance but he confirms that by lying for a 2nd time to his dad he says that he's Esau. So by and by. Jacob is blessed by his father he said and so he said verse 25 bring it near to me and I'll lead on my son's venison that my soul may bless thee and he brought it near to him and he did eat only brought him wine and he drank and his father Isaac 7 to him come near now and kissed me my son and he came near and kissed him and he smelled the smell of his Rayment and blessed them and said See the smell of my son is a smell of a field which the Lord had blessed therefore God give the the dew of heaven and the fat ness of the earth and plenty of corn and wine let people serve the nations bow down to the be lord over the brother and let the mothers sons bow down to the Cursed be everyone that curse of the and bless it be he that blasts of the this really is the blessing that God gave to who Abraham back in Genesis Chapter 12 and is worded a bit different but basically the inheritance of the land of Canaan and Hoover blesses you that person we bless and have a curse as you that person will be cursed basically through you all nations of the Earth would be blessed now he gets the birthright that is revived reserved just for the firstborn and he had barely scarcely gone out for just a short while when Esau the brother returns with the savory meat and he says in verse 31 let my father arise and eat his son's venison that those soul may bless me and Isaac his father 7 to Him Who art thou. And he said I my son the firstborn Esau Nizar trembled very exceedingly and said Who Where is he that hath taken venison and boards I mean I've eaten of all before now came most and have blessed him yea and Huey shall be blessed Esau comes in only to discover that someone had come a bit earlier and stolen his birthright and of course it could only be one person his brother Jacob but he saw of course he was very angry and it's very interesting what Isaac says at the very end there are verse $33.00 he says and I've eaten all before dark Amos and of blessed him yes a and he shall be blessed it sounds like Isaak could not reverse the blessing. But is that true Could he really not reverse the blessing that he blessed to have with of friends it was possible he could have cursed his son Jacob he could of why because look when we disobeyed God friends God's protecting care is removed from us Do you understand that the realm of the story of bail them could try to curse the children of Israel and every time you try to close the children of Israel because King Baloch the more bite King was afraid and he said bam please come curse him every single time he tried to curse the Israelites he blessed them why because God protective care was upon them but only when he was able to get them or by woman to come in and dance before the children of Israel that God's protection was lifted and a curse came upon them they were plagued. So could he have cursed his son Jacob and reverse the whole blessing yes he could of Isaac when he said. When I bless it will be blessed he didn't really mean it in that way that I can't reverse it but he thought back to what Genesis 2523 when the 2 boys came out the promise was what one people should be stronger than the other people and the elder shall serve the younger so look he remembered the promise now now in the time of crisis I guess you would say being deceived by your own son I guess would be a crisis in the time of this crisis he remembers the Word of God that came to him at the birth of their children and it's not because he couldn't reverse but he realized and found out and understood that even though Jacob had taken the birthright by deception. That he was probably the best suited for it how do we know you see verse 33 was where we stopped in Genesis 27 and says I can't I can't and he's also all don't you have a blessing for me don't you have a blessing reserved for me dad and he tries but look at what. Isaac says about Esau and Jacob in verse 39 It sounds like he's repeating the promise that the Lord gave when the children came out Genesis 2739 and 40 look at this. And Isaac his father censor him Behold died Welling shall be the fat ness of the earth and of the do you of heaven or from above and I saw the shop and by that I sought shelter live and shelters serve my brother do you see that is a repeat of what God's promise was when the kids came out by that I saw you will live and you shall serve your brother and it shall come to pass when thou shalt have dominion that I shall break his yoke from off the neck and so when Jacob part of me when eyes like replies to his son yea and he shall be blessed you know what he was really saying he was confirming that even though I had been deceived Jacob was the right person to receive it now look this is really what the blessing is that is talking about in Hebrews 11 by faith Isaak blessed who Jacob and Esau he did it rightly and he could have turned it around but his faith be held Clearly the circumstances of the situation even though he was deceived by his son for him to get the birthright he could reverse that but when he saw the circumstances take place he realized this is what God wants you know friends sometimes we are in situations where we think hey I have to deceive I have to do this or have to do that or maybe you're on the receiving end of a deception you're on the receiving end of a bad situation that has happened to you maybe you have been deceived maybe people have said bad things about you maybe you've been betrayed maybe even left out or forgotten you know and sometimes you think God where are you in all of this. It takes an od of faith like Isaac to realize that God overrides situations for a reason Jesus died on the cross for a reason from the human perspective he got there because he was betrayed you understand that when we look from the human perspective we think bad things have happened to me and I could have seen it from that perspective and said something bad happened he deceived me he deserved to be cursed but in fact friends he did not he did not curse his son he did not reverse the blessing but he what you call it he confirmed it he ratified it that's what I was of the word I was looking for he confirmed the promise that he put upon Jacob and then he tried to give Esau what was left what eventually happened to Jacob verse 41 Esau hated Jacob because of the blessing where with his father bless them and use or said in his heart the days of mourning for my father are at hand then I was slay my brother and these words of Esau her elder son were told to Rebecca and she sent and called Jacob a younger son and said to him Behold my brother Esau as touching the comfort him selfe purposing to kill the and so what does she end up doing she sends Jacob off he runs off from his own home as a fugitive and unbeknownst to her it's the last time she sees her son her favorite son Jacob. So he runs off. You know this part of the story it seems like it's not connected but I want you to follow along with me Ok when Jacob runs off how long is he Laban's place his uncle Rebecca's brother's place how long is he there for in Genesis 2918 you know the Bible says here Jacob loved Rachel and said I will serve these 7 years for Rachel die daughter and so he served him 7 years and then in verse 25 came to potter in the morning behold it was Leah and he said to Laban What is this that the has done to me they're not serve the 4 Rachel wherefore then has now beguiled me and Laban said it must not be done so in our country to give the younger before the firstborn fulfill her week and we will give the this also for the service which they'll shut so with me yet 7 other years you know it's very interesting God did not bless him he did but yet he did not you know he comes out with great substance right but yet he is deceived just like the very deception that he deceived his father with Leah is part of the deception as well very interesting she marries him Jacob and then later on Rachel another 7 years for her as well he's been there 14 Yes Genesis 3141 Genesis 3141 at this time he's already left Laban's house and Laban catches up with them and they have this conversation. Thus have I Jacob been 20 years in the I house I serve the 14 years for their 2 daughters and 6 years for the cattle and the has changed my wages 10 times Jacob was at Laban's house for 20 years separated from his mom and dad in fact Jacob really would not see his parents ever again and by this time he returns from Levens House both are already passed away do you think he was blessed do you think that birthright was worth that probably not remember but the birthright has 2 sides to it spiritual blessing physical blessing the father's inheritance and the spiritual inheritance and you know what's very interesting about all of this. Genesis 32 verses one and 2 did Jacob get the spiritual blessing Genesis 321 and 2 Jacob went on his way and the angels of God met him and when Jacob saw him them he said this is God's host and he called the name of that place many he eventually hears the news of his brother you saw coming with 400 men always flee not to greet him with a good greeting 20 years have passed but Esau was still angry at him and so he passes over the river and he wrestles with God for the whole night until what look at this verse 25. Genesis 3225 and when he saw that he prevailed not against him he touched the Holloways thigh and the whole of Jacob's fly was out of joint as he wrestled with him and he said let me go for the day break it then he said I will not let the go except what thou bless me. And he said to him What is our name and he said Jacob and he said the name shall be called No More Jacob but Israel for as a prince has the power with God and with men and has prevailed and Jacob asked him and said tell me I pray the name and he said wherefore is it that our dost ask after my name and he blessed him there. Look. When Jacob ran from his father's house he took the birthright blessing with him for 20 years he was not lost during that time his wages was changed 10 times he says himself he got to see by who he married and then within the family there was constant war between the 2 sisters for vying for the affections of the husband and he eventually would sleep with the 2 to 2 servants of the daughters as well he had 4 wives 13 children and even then his favorite wife Rachel cannot give birth do you really think if you are in Jacob's position that you are blessed I don't think so and it was only 20 years later after he comes out on leave and house that he wrestles with God Himself and He says I need your blessing and it's at that point that God has now I can bless you do you see that the blessing of the birthright really did not rest upon him in the spiritual sense until he came up 20 years later one wrong act 20 urse 20 years of suffering. Just to make it right one wrong act of Abraham 14 years and even then you add another out on our own or how many years 1315 years when Isaac is older and then God says you got to sacrifice him more than 20 years before the test would come again and God can say I can trust you not Abraham one wrong act you know friends we don't discern Sometimes the things that we do ourselves put our own lives in a tailspin for 20 years and sometimes we have the audacity even to blame God I deceived but god why why did you do this to me God didn't do anything to to Jacob he brought it all upon himself friends Galatians chapter 6 for 7 says Be not mocked Don't be deceived God cannot be mocked what ever a man solves that will he also reap and you know what that interesting situation is the birthright spiritual blessing came 20 years later physical blessing Jacob did not even get a single cent. From his father Esau inherited all everything that Jacob had he got from Levens place he fled empty handed to go to live in his uncle's place and it was there that God blessed him in a sense with lots of flocks probably the only visible blessing that he got everything else was just a disaster in his life he didn't really get the spiritual blessing. He didn't get the physical blessing did the birthright really the blessing of the birthright really work it didn't he had to be blessed again 20 years later do you see that everything that he deceived his father for Hugh really never received. And had he not repented of his sin. Even though Isaac quote unquote had blessed him he would not have been blessed you know friends sometimes we just saw short sighted we look for the physical blessings we ask people people to pray for me pray for me pray for me and we think that just this act will change our whole situation and not realizing that the change of the heart is needed more than anything else we clamor for those things that only we can see and then we use our human methods to devise or to deceive so opt in the blessing when God says you got to do it the right way you saw he got what he wanted Jacob only through hard lessons learnt. Would he realize the blessing of the spiritual birthright friends by faith Isaac did the right thing he had the opportunity to curse his son Jacob but he didn't but yet at the same time Jacob had to learn his hard lessons we come back to he was 1120 Hebrews 11 verse 20 where we started by faith Isaak blessed Jacob and Esau concerning things to come we see that even though originally Isaac hadn't tended to bless Esau after Jacob had obtained the birthright by fraud Isaac eventually saw that God had over ruled all the events for good he was willing to ratify the blessing to Jacob and repeated the prophecy of the angel in his blessing to Esau Jacob should not have deceived his father to obtain the birthright. And he paid many times over for it. For his own life his wife's his children the family turmoil Levin and how his father in law treated him. You know friends we need to learn to trust God instead of taking situations into our own hands you know our human short sightedness makes us think that sometimes we know better than God But even in the midst of this deception. God turned it around for good but God could not totally bless Jacob until he repented friends God's promises not all of them are unconditional some of them there are conditions attached to it you know that in fact there are quite more more often than not the promises of God come with conditions and you know we like to quote I will never leave you not for sake you even though you walk through the valley of the shadow of death I'll be with you and we like to quote those sorts of promises you know but sometimes we willfully leave God but we like to take these promises sometimes and attach them without conditions but we fulfill in our own human way. Not realizing that that's right as a spy works you see in 2nd Corinthians chapter 13 totaling your Bibles the police as we are wrapping up your 2nd Corinthians chapter 13 in verse 8 Look what the Bible. For we can do nothing against the truth but for the truth what I mean by that and how does this apply to the story that we looked at the sea evening even though we think that we can men seem to get their own we could ways and Jager was. Triumphing in his deception Yes he had to learn that lesson many times over. But even in his own human way to deceive his father God's will still move forward today friends we've got to stop worrying about how people treat us and what I say that I mean it for myself a lot we've got to stop worrying about how people treat us what to stop getting angry over being mistreated mis understood gossiped about and rightly judged defrauded and in this case deceived we've got to stop worrying about all these things why even in the innocency of our own hearts even when we can men seem to triumph God's will still moves forward we cannot do anything. Against the truth but for the truth what's our part to play in all of us only let us learn to be faithful we're not to sit here and figure out the end from the beginning what we've got to learn today is to commit our ways to God to make sure that we're not fighting against his will or what His word says but let's pray that we can see God's guiding hand in each of our lives this evening you might be in unfortunate circumstance you might be tempted to blame God you would be tempted to blame God why was I born into this family god why did you name me such a bad name just like Jacob it was a prophecy of his life's a planter but friends we don't have to live up to negative situations around us we can ride above it all if we learn to live by faith. Faith comes by hearing hearing by the Word of God May God give us strength today that no matter through the good all the bad there will learn to hold on to him to trust him and to follow him every step of the way that's my prayer for you each and every one of you this evening that God would teach us so right above the circumstances of life and not allow them to affect us I'm still growing in that area and so trust me when I pray this prayer I pray it so much for myself as I do for each and every one of you let's bow our heads Father in Heaven Lord we are human beings we are so easily affected by what we see what we hear and even some things that we like to imagine about what we think people are saying about us and Lord many times we even mis understand situations because we don't see clearly Father help us not to give excuse for ourselves and justify ourselves why we are allowed to act a certain way Lord help us to see Jesus who was betrayed by his closest friends who was rejected by so many more of them Father help us to see that even in the midst of all of that your will for this whole earth was being fulfilled for even you hid your face from your son on that day so Father police help us help us to discern you through the darkness and in the light especially as will guide us through the thick and the thin. That we would never let go of you oh Lord in spite of the circumstances that are around us each and every day so thank you Lord please strengthen our faith again today help us to walk by faith and not by sight we pray in Jesus' name. Amen. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit w w w audio verse or.


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