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08 The Faith of Jacob

Benjamin Ng
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  • July 24, 2020
    7:00 PM
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Father in heaven thank you so much for your watch care over us this past week thank you Lord that you've brought us to another Sabbath Thank you Lord that we can come and fellowship together Thank you Father for how you have been with us and now Lord one small We're asking that you would be with us again to lead us to guide us to teach us that we might understand the words that we're about to read and please Lord grace us with our presence we pray in Jesus' name amen. To your vows we need to Hebrews chapter 11 we have been studying the series on faith and as you see in the title before you clicked on the link we are looking at the faith of Jacob this evening Hebrews chapter 11 was starting and reading only verse 21 Hebrews 11 verse 21 The Bible says this by faith Jacob when he was dying blessed both the sons of Joseph and worshiped leaning upon the top of his staff now we're not exactly sure what it means by leaning on the top of his staff while he was worshipping But what we're looking at here this evening is how Jacob had faith by blessing the sons of Joseph Now look. By this time Jacob is an old man his eyes have grown dim he can't see very well anymore just like what has happened to his father Isaac when he blessed Esau and Jacob Rehm of that and Joseph is now called to the side of Jacob and he knows Joseph knows that he's apostle way and he brings his 2 sons less than a Bible's to Genesis Chapter $48.00 this is a chapter that we're most interested in this evening for our study Genesis 48 we're going to start in verse 3 Genesis Chapter 48 and verse 3 The Bible says this and Jacob 7 to Joseph God Almighty appearance of me at love as are laws in the land of Canaan and blessed me and said unto me Behold I will make the fruitful and multiply the and I will make of the a multitude of people and will give this land to the I seed after the 4 and in an everlasting possession he blesses Joseph of and his sons and in the in a sense he gives this prophecy to point forward to a time when the children of Israel would inherit the land of Canaan Now look at this time where is Jacob he's not in Canaan because of the famine they went down to Egypt and it just so happened that his son was the prime minister there and so when when Jacob utters this in Genesis 48 he's at the end of his life this still in Egypt but yet he reminds him I'm going to multiply you are going to bless you and only give you this land not the land of Egypt but the land of Canaan for an everlasting possession he sold beyond the comfortable life that he had in Egypt and where they'd already settled that God would still feel. Fill his promise even though in Jacob's eyes he didn't understand why he would not live to see the fulfillment of the prophecy and the promise that was given to him that was passed down from Abraham to Isaak and now to him and now he's about to pass it on and with the i of faith he looks beyond the time that they currently in and he gives this promise to Joseph the one that who had been there for so long but yet it was a reminder Joseph don't settle here Egypt is not your final home friends look we like creature comforts that this life affords and. We got to be reminded that no matter how comfortable you are you've got to remember that this world is not your home you're just a passing through and no matter where you live no matter how big or small your house we all like to be comfortable but we must remember like Jacob that would just temporary in this world and that we must live in such a way to remember that friends this is what he was 11 is talking about when it talks about how Jacob he had faith by blessing the sons of Joseph because he saw beyond his present circumstances to remind him and remind the children as specially as he's passing the blessing on that remember the land that God promised you're going to inherit one day even though I don't see how it's going to happen so let's look at it let's look at this blessing that was given to Jacob Genesis Czerny 8 Genesis 28 this chapter this is when Jacob is running from his brother Esau and he lays down on the floor and uses a stone as a pillow and he has a dream Let's look at Genesis 28 and verse 12 look at this and he dreamed and behold a ladder set on the earth and the top of it reach to heaven and behold the angels of God ascending and descending on it and behold the Lord stood above it and said I am the Lord God of Abraham die Father and the God of Isaac the land where on the lie of to the will I give it and to see and I see as the dust of the earth and the shout spread abroad to the west to the east of the north and to the south and in the and I see all the families of the earth be blessed where was this place look at verse 19 and he called the name of that place Bethel but the name of the city was called lose. At 1st this was when God 1st appeared to him this was what Jacob was referring to when he was speaking to Joseph when God appeared to him at Lowe's right and gave him this promise he is passing it on now so who to Joseph Where did he get it from where did Jacob get this promise from it was from his father Isaac Let's go to Genesis 26 Genesis 26 and starting in verse one I just want to show you the progression of how this promise has come from Abraham down to eyes that events of Jacob and now he's passing it on to Joseph Genesis $26.00 verse one and there was a famine in the land beside the 1st famine that was in the days of Abraham and Isaac went on to a been elected king of the Philistines. And the Lord appeared on to him and said Go not down into Egypt well in the land which I shall tell the of so journey in the land and I will be with the and will bless thee for the and to the seed I will give all these countries and I will perform the oath which I swear on Abraham by Father it's the same promise that Jacob has that he received and that he passed to Joseph it was from Isaac Let's go to Genesis Chapter 17 Where did I get it from Genesis 17 and verse 7. And I will establish my covenant between me and the and I seed after the in the generations for an everlasting covenant to be a god unto thee and to the I seed after the and all given to v. and to the seed after the the land where in a stranger all the land of Canaan for an everlasting possession and I will be their God So Jacob is reminded he does not forget what we call the Abrahamic Covenant the covenant that was given to Abraham and those passed on to Isaac that was given to him and that now he is passing it on to Joseph and his children and his seed to remember that Egypt is just a little time that you are here right now it is not your final home God still has a promise and a covenant that he must fulfill it and it was only by the faith that Jacob saw this why it was only a small number of people the Book of Acts I think the records 75 people only went into Egypt there wasn't many. You understand that maybe hundreds of years later they came out there was a 1000000 strong but it only started with $75.00 people Abraham had no idea pardon me Jacob had no idea how this promise would be fulfilled it was only by the I of faith and that we understand it as he's blessing his sons that Jacob has faith in God's word even though he doesn't know how it's going to be fulfilled even though they're not coming to close to its fulfillment even though now he's moving away from the land of Canaan down to Egypt yet he reminds Joseph Do not forget by faith Jacob he blessed the sons of Joseph and really friends that is the essence of what Hebrews 1121 is talking about this evening but I'm not going to have a just a 10 minute study here with you this evening there are important lessons that we can learn from Genesis Chapter 48 so we are not done yet I want to go through the study with you and I want to show you this other interesting elements that we see about Jacob blessing the sons of Joseph and how it relates to our life today so. Faith Absolutely we knew from the fact of how he just blessed the children of Joseph but now. Look j. So Jacob part of me Jacob is about to pass down the blessing of the birthrights a Joseph do you know that so when you look at the Abrahamic common and the covenant that was given from Abraham to Isaak and then to Jacob remember Isaac was the somewhat only child there was Ishmael who was sent away and then Esau wasn't meant to inherit the birthright we looked at this last week and then Jacob stole the birthright of that so Jacob's he's about to pass the blessing of the birth right down to Joseph do you know who the birthright is meant for turn with me in your Bibles to 1st part of me Deuteronomy 21 who is a birthright meant for you and I think you know the answer to this but I just want to show you a Bible text Deuteronomy 21 verse 15 Ok Deuteronomy 21 verse 15 look at this understanding of what the birthright or who inherits the birthright. Deuteronomy 2115 if a man have 2 wives one beloved and another hated and they have borne him children both the beloved and the hated and if the firstborn son be heard that was hated then it shall be when he make of his sons to inherit that which he hath that he may not make the son of the beloved firstborn before the son of the ated which is indeed the firstborn but Hugh shell acknowledge the son of the hated for the 1st born fight by giving him a double portion of all that he has for he is the beginning of his strength the rights of the firstborn is his who receives the right of the 1st Born in the birthright it is the firstborn even if you hate this wife sounds familiar it's because Jacob did not love his 1st wife as much as his 2nd it was who Leia versus Rachel so the birthright always would go to the 1st born you see that and who is the firstborn of Jacob. It's Reuben Ok Reuben but why not Reuben Why did Reuben not inherit the birthright Well let's turn our Bibles in Genesis 35 verse 22 Genesis 35 verse 22. And it came to pass when Israel dwelt in that land that Reuben went and lay with Bill ha the father's concubine and Israel heard about it Ok so the reason why Ruben did not get the birthright is because he slept with the father's wife look at Genesis 49 he makes it very clear Genesis 49 verse 4 he goes through every single one of his sons as he is about to pass away any tell Reuben this Genesis 49 verse 4 unstable as water valve shalt not excel because they all went up to their fathers bed then defiled list it Hugh went up to my couch so Ruben didn't have it the 1st war of the 1st born right which was a birth right it should have gone to the 2nd or not the 2nd and the 3rd in the 4th you know what I mean but who's a 2nd Does anybody know who was the 2nd born of Jacob anybody know it was Simeon Why did Simeon not inherit the birthright after Reuben Let's go over to Genesis 34 and verse 25 Genesis 34 and verse 25. And it came to pass on the 3rd day when they were sore that 2 of the sons of Jacob Simeon and Levi diner's brother Dean as brother took each man his sword and came upon the city boldly and slew all the males you know what Simeon did along with Levi Simeon he was guilty of mass murder of the shack and whites who had slept with the daughter but then in his sincerity went and asked for the hand of the daughter from the father so they got them all to be circumcised and while they were all in pain and cannot fight back Simeon and Levi went in and killed the whole town and so because of that Simeon he also would not inherit the birthright Ok so Reuben didn't Simeon didn't so how is Jacob able to pass on the birth right to Joseph and his 2 sons do you know the name of the 2 sons it was Ephraim and Manasseh How is he able to pass on this birthright Let's go back to Genesis 48 this chap to really is the backbone of our study this evening Genesis 48 and verse 5 look at what the Bible says. Genesis 48 and verse 5 and now died 2 sons Ephraim and Manasseh which were born and so the in the land of Egypt before I came unto the into Egypt are mine as Ruben and Simeon as who Reuben and Simeon they shall be mine so what is Jacob do basically he adopts Ephraim and Manasseh he is like you from a master I know your children were there my grandchildren but now I am considering them as my children he gives a double portion of blessing to Joseph in what way by including the 2 sons into the church well ved tribes at that time they will be 13 but we know that Levi would eventually parrots the priest of the priesthood line Ok but look Ephraim and Manasseh his grandsons are now adopted into his family and he considers them their sons they will have inherited among my church well children that's what he's saying so he gives the double blessing to do Joseph. All right now look it's very clear that Joseph receives a birthright how do we know 1st Chronicles Let's go there 1st Chronicles chapter 5 verses one and 2 let's read them 1st Chronicles chapter 5 verses one and 2 now the sons of Reuben the firstborn of Israel for he was the 1st born but for as much as he defiled his father's bed his birthright was given unto the sons of Joseph the son of Israel and the genealogy is not to be reckoned after the birthright for Judah prevailed above his brother and and of him came the chief ruler but the birthright was Josef's for those that don't know I think I showed a devotion probably a few months ago on this text but it would be through who it wouldn't be through Reuben or even Joseph Judah that eventually Messiah would come even though the blessing of the birthright would be given to Joseph very interesting isn't it Joseph now receives the inheritance of the firstborn even though he's like the 11th or right or the 12th I should say because they had a sister but it sounds like Jacob is playing favorites again which was what got this whole family into trouble at the very beginning right he is putting the double portion of that blessing on Joseph and it sounds like that by the way he talks let's go back to Genesis 48 let's go there Genesis $48.00 and we're now looking at verse 7. Genesis 48 verse 7 and as for me when I came from pardoned rate chill died by me in the land of Canaan in the way when Yet there was but a little way to come unto Eve for us and I buried her there in the way riffraff the same is Bethlehem so as he's talking with Joseph he he talks about the mother and almost as if this is the reason why I am choosing you to be now the one that will inherit the birthright it was the favorite wife of Jacob look Rachael was his bride by choice Leah was his wife by chance deceived by his father in law Laban and Bill har and Zille Pa I don't know if you know them but there was the other 2 wives in a sense and the Bible calls him the concubines was his bride by competition meaning what because Leah and Rich were fighting for the attention and affection of the husband they eventually Well it started with Rachel because she can have kids and she said Jacob go into my maid so that I can have children so that's how the 12 sons of. Joe Jacob came about so look what do we see here though Jacob has finally realized after all these years that God is not bound by human tradition he was not playing favorites he was doing what God had instructed him to do why and how do we know. It's not that he just chose Joseph because we know that he's not just following this human tradition and he's skipping it but also what he does with the sons of Joseph look at what Jacob does in Genesis 48 is very interesting Ok Genesis 48 and if he was just playing favorites he would have listened to Joseph but he doesn't look at this Genesis 48 verse the team Genesis 48 verse 13 the Bible says this and Joseph took them both Ephraim in his right hand towards Israel's left Ok so he's facing Israel Jacob his father and he takes it from his right and he pushes him forward on this side which is Israel's left and Manesar in his left hand towards Israel's right hand and brought then near unto him. And Israel stretched out his right hand and laid it upon Ephraim's head who was the younger and his left hand upon the asses head guiding his hands wittingly from NASA was the 1st born verse 17 When Joseph saw that his father laid his right hand on the head of Ephraim it displeased him and he held up his father's hand to remove it from you from head on someone Nasa's head and Joseph sentences father not so my father for this is the firstborn put the right hand upon his head so Monastir was the oldest of the 2 Manesar 1st and then Ephraim cause him to forget is his name and fruitful is the name of the meaning of Ephraim and so Joseph he was unhappy. Thought the father and made a mistake father Father police will please go to your move your hands but remember. Jacob was not acting on just his own thoughts he was acting upon the information of God upon his prompting and Huey would put his right hand which signified where the birthright would go on to the head of Ephraim the younger one Genesis 48 verse 19 and his father refused and said I know what my son I know it he also shall become a people and he also shall be great but truly his younger brother shall be greater than he and his seizure become a multitude of nations and he blessed them that day saying in the shall Israel bless seeing God make the as Ephraim and Manasseh and he said Ephraim before Manesar So look friends. Genesis especially is full of accounts where the younger is chosen over the older here Ephraim the younger inherited the birthright of the whole tribe of Israel Ok he was the one that would inherit the birthright the spiritual blessings in a sense and it's very interesting when you look at this this progression in Genesis we have so many accounts of the younger always being chosen over the older starting with Seth after Abel was killed by the brother Cain of course Seth would come in and he would be the chosen one over Cain Sherm he was the younger of the brothers of the sons of Noah he would be chosen over j. Perth. Isaac he was much younger than Ishmael but yet he would be the one that would be chosen over Ishmael and then of course we have Jacob and Esau Jacob being the younger Esau being the older even though they were twins in a sense Esau was the older and then finally we have this example here in Genesis 48 where Ephraim is chosen as a younger over Manasseh. But you know what's interesting. It's when Jacob chooses the younger over the older God does not approve and are not talking about it from NASA here it's when he chose himself a wife he chose who rate children but that she was the younger one and the reason why Laban the father in law deceived Jacob and married off 1st was because she was the older one and so you know no no no I guess it was in God's providence that Leah was chosen and not Rachel fussed why because it would be through Lila that she would give birth to the son that would through him come the Messiah it was Judah and all also be through her she would give birth to a son Levi who would inherit the head of the priestly line it was through Leah not Rachel that the world was blessed it was leader that was buried in the cave of not Pella with Abraham and his wife and Isaac and his wife and where Jacob eventually would be buried Rachel was not there so interesting isn't it younger chosen of the older and then finally when when Jacob chooses a younger over the older it doesn't go his way either you know what the Bible is trying to teach your friends God's ways are not man's ways. Joseph was telling the father Jacob please Ephraim is wrong he's a younger one dad put it on my Nasser but the father knew God's ways it's not our ways God's thoughts are not author or it's the Bible says as the heavens are higher than the Earth so are his ways higher than our ways and Jacob he finally understands God's election whom God chooses it's not based on outward qualities it as of Jacob could do more for God than his brother Esau could do or vice versa no friends God simply chooses because he is God and he must choose someone to represent him do you see that. But even though the choice is made when you know understand this even though the choice is made even though dose of would receive the birthright Ok yet even though the blessing granted to him it doesn't mean that that they are blessed and that's it and there's nothing they have to do look at the example Reuben is 1st born Ok but the birthright goes to Joseph yet it is through Jacob not Jacob Judah that the Messiah would come the birthright really was the spiritual blessings through which eventually the whole world would be blessed by the Messiah but it wasn't through Joseph Isn't that interesting mans ways are not God's ways and God's ways are not man's ways so even though Jacob blessed Joseph it didn't mean that everything would be set in stone. And I told you this last week. Jacob he received the birthright over his brother Esau. Did he get the inheritance of the land it seems not really didn't get a single cent from the Father and the 1st 20 years of his life while he was with labor and all he could think about was or God I'm being cursed not blessed even though I stole the birthright but why is because in the manner in which he lived his life to obtain the birthright and so it would be with Ephraim and Manasseh. If you're getting confused over all the names I suggest you listen to the sermon twice Ok and write down all the names and you make sure you go through and understand this picture because it's really important. Even in the case of Ephraim and Manasseh Joseph sons Joseph was upset he was displeased because the father bless the younger over the older Ephraim over NASA and did that really take place there was a firm really blessed more than one NASA It would seem that way at the very beginning let me show you this Numbers Chapter 2 Numbers chapter 2 and verse 18. Numbers chapter 2 verse 18. This is talking about the tribes after they come out from Egypt and they're in camps around the sanctuary look at this verse 18 on the west side shall be the standard of the camp of Ephraim according to their armies and the captain of the sons of Ephraim shall be Ella Sharma the son of I mean hood and then in verse 20 and by Him shall be the pride tribe of the NASA and the captain of the children of NASA shall be gone a little the son of Pendarves or so even is mentioned in that section on the west side and next to him would be his brother and then look at verse $24.00 Ok numbers 224 all that were numbered of the camp of Ephraim 100008100 throughout their armies and they shall go forward in the 3rd rank do you know the camp of Ephraim contained mights Manasseh and also Benjamin and their armies the Army of the camp it was the 3 of them added together that made over $100000.00 you go back and at the numbers up their numbers you'll see that that's what it means so that the group Ephraem Manesar and Benjamin wore one group but they were called the camp of Ephraim so was seemingly blessed just because he received the birthright it might seem that way but then you come to Revelation Chapter 7 let's turn our Bibles there Revelation Chapter 7 when the 12 tribes are mentioned at the very end spiritual Israel look at it Revelation 7 verses 5 through 8 these are the names of the 12 spiritual tribes of Israel Judah in verse 5 and Reuben and gad. Eisa. Manassas Simeon Levi Issachar Zabulon Joseph and Benjamin guess whose missing friends it is Ephraim. Ephraem is missing NASA is there why why is Ephraim missing from the Church of Spiritual tribes even though it seems like he was greater in the Book of Numbers right the beginning let's go to Hosea Hosea Chapter 4 verse 17 Hosea 4 verse 17 what happened to Ephraim the Bible says Ephraim is joined to idols let him alone. What you see from Genesis 48 the passing down of the birthright we see now there in Genesis 48 that Jacob is passing it on to Joseph and from there he's passing it really directly to his sons who are alive and they're about 20 years old at that time and he elevates Eve frame above the NASA even though he's a younger but yet at the very end guess what Ephraim is missing friends just because God blesses. It doesn't mean that you're blessed forever only as a friend remained obedient to God. Could the blessing of the Covenant fall upon him and remain with him and we know it didn't because it wasn't through Ephraim that the Messiah came it wasn't through the tribe of Joseph that the muss up Messiah came it was through Judah. It wasn't through Manesar or Ephraem neither of them it was through due to the priesthood did not come through them either it was through or from the tribe of Levi friends just because you receive the birthright maybe you've had some certain advantages in this life you think as the oldest or maybe the most benefits that you're getting from your parents it doesn't mean that you'll be the more successful it doesn't just because you're blessed at that point in time there are condiction continued acceptance of the blessings from God as we saw with Abraham as we saw with Isaac and as we see with Jacob now and then if he had not repented as he wrestled with the angel that Angel would have killed him there would have been no blessing for him if he had not repented of his sins on the past and so even as Ephraim received the blessing of the birthright we see that the blessing really did not stay with him it did not rest upon him he ran after idols and so God had to take the blessing from him and he had to put it on somebody else. Friends Just because the pastor prays for you it doesn't mean that you're blessed you still got to go back and live a faithful life to God you must align your life with God's will in the water for that blessing to come you can get a 100 people to pray for you. But it doesn't mean that the blessing will come and really on the opposite end as well you might be blessing people try to curse you and it doesn't matter because God is with you. But friends we see here very clearly life's advantages or seeming advantages it doesn't matter a single thing unless God is right there with you. And I want to give just the application for us for those I might be listening that are from the summer they haven't missed church you know I believe with all my heart that the 7th Day Adventist Church was born out of the pages of prophecy if you study it properly Revelation Chapter 10 revelation to the 12 Revelation Chapter 14 you will see the characteristics that are. Mentioned there it is referring to only one church that keeps the comments of God and has a testimony of Jesus there's only one church that fits that mold I believe it's a 7 day Adventist Church but just because you are a 7th Day Adventist. It doesn't mean that you are say lived here with me you got to be faithful to God you got to allow God to work in and through you for His good pleasure only as we surrender to God on a moment by moment day by day basis all me as we learn to live by faith can we remain true to God and the call that he has placed upon this church for a certain reason just like he did upon the nation of Israel. For these last days. And so friends my challenge to you today. Is not so much simply are you part of the something of honest church I hope that you will but are you being faithful to what God has called you to are you being faithful to the light that he's shown upon your pathway. Or you're resisting it or maybe you understand it you're convinced by it you're convicted by it but you're not living the life of faith you're not fulfilling the condition upon which God can grant you power to live a holy life friends just because you're in the someday even as church it does not mean that you're safe from the end time problems that will come upon the earth. Today we got to understand what it means to live by every word of God if one was blessed at the beginning and it seemed like God bless that tribe above Monastir but then he joined himself to idols and the blessing of God especially the birthright cannot remain upon him and we find at the very end the revelation he's left out friends is not enough just to be recorded have your name recorded in the church books you've got to have your name recorded in the book of life in the ledger of heaven today the only way to get there is by the faith of the Son of God who loves you and he gave his life for you and today he's just asking you to trust him to take his word to allow him to ride in your hearts and your minds and to live by faith each and every day how where faith comes by hearing hearing by the Word of God and there are some 7th Day Adventists. That need to hear more of the Word of God What I mean by that you might have been baptized you might even be a deacon or an eagerness in your church but you are not born again. And you got to go to your pastor you got to go to your elder you got to go to the leaders of the church you got to find a Bible work and say I need Bible studies I need to strengthen my faith because I know that through my fruits are not living the life that God wants me to live even though the blessing has come upon this church and there are people in the church that doing great things for God It's not enough just to sit on the side to see a show and the Gospel move forward friends you've got to move along with this movement otherwise you'll be left behind at the end of time. And so may God help us to live by faith today by every word let us pray Father in Heaven Lord help us to see open our eyes that we might understand. Where we stand in our relationship with you today help us not to just rely on the fact that we've been brought up in a 7th Day Adventist hole that we've been attending a 7 day even as church help us not to think that these qualities will get us even one centimeter in one millimeter closer to heaven but Lord only us by faith that's exercise in the blood of our Savior Jesus Christ can we be justified and brought into right relationship with you today Lord please be with each and every one of us help us to have a proper assessment of our life and the Lord where we fall short when you forgive us but strengthen us that we might be more than overcomers through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior that truly you can bless us so that we can be a blessing to the whole world. Lord fulfill that promise in us each and every one of us today is my earnest plea and perhaps. Jesus' name. Amen. 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