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09 The Faith of Joseph Part 1

Benjamin Ng
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  • July 31, 2020
    7:00 PM
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Father in heaven thank you so much for this past week thank you for your watch care and Lord I know that this past week for some it has been difficult for some law you've been tremendously grateful and blessing them and Lord I just want to thank you that you've brought us to this point as we open your words a study this evening we ask for your presence we ask for your blessing Lord please guide us police lead us please grace us with my presence and draws close to you we pray in Jesus' name amen. I did forget to pray one thing I was tell myself I have to pray for this before I started but police just whisper a prayer right now for our connection it seems that every week now we seem to be having some sort of internet problem and I don't know how to fix it is just what it is I guess here in Malaysia but do pray for that but I want to invite you now to turn within your Bibles to Hebrews chapter 11 Hebrews 11 and this evening as you noticed by the title we are looking at the faith of Joseph Hebrews chapter 11 verse 22 he brews 11 verse 22 The Bible says this by faith Joseph when he died made mention of the departing of the children of Israel and gave Commandments concerning his bones this really talks about the end of Josef's life but what we want to do in this next 2 weeks as you see on the title that is a part one so next week is going to be the parts who were going to spend 2 weeks at the least more I'll let you know but we're going to spend 2 weeks on the life of Joseph why look Joseph is probably one of the most talked about characters in the book of Genesis he's not the most talked about Abraham or Abraham is the most in the sec. The most is a Jacob but Joseph is a very very big portion of it and he's probably the most famous and so I want to look at his life and spend some time looking at his life because his life is also a testament of the life of faith lived by a big man of God and what we would call a patriarch of God as well and so let's turn our Bibles to Genesis Chapter 37 Joseph he's probably he was a favorite son of Jacob the favorite of the wives that he had Rachael was the favorite wife and no surprise that the other brothers hated him because of the favoritism that Jacob showered upon Joseph his coat of many colors you know many things that we see and how when you play favorites with your children it really causes a division within the family and Jacob's family was already fractured because of the 4 different why or women that he had children with 13 children in total and Joseph was the 12th Ok he had 12 sons one daughter so you're thinking I got it wrong no I didn't He had 13 children Jacob did but let's turn to Genesis 37 and starting in verse 3 Genesis 37 starting in verse 3 The Bible says this now is a real love Joseph more than all his children because he was the son of his old age and he made him a Coat of Many Colors and when his brother in saw that their father loved him more than all his brethren they hated him and could not speak peaceably unto him so the whole city. In the family was a toxic situation to begin with it was not a pleasant home it was not a home that you would probably be happy growing up in and 2 brothers they were murderous with a capital s. and the oldest one Reuben slept with the father's wife there was just trouble brewing in this family and to make matters worse Jacob showed his extra care and attention and love all on pond Joseph and probably his younger brother Benjamin but even then on top of that God gave Joseph dreams dreams where the sheaves of of a hay would bow down to his of the his brothers ones would bounce it is and even the sun moon and stars would bow down to Joseph as well so there was just trouble everywhere it seemed and all these things just made this whole situation a very bad situation Genesis 37 and verse 5 said Joseph dreamed a dream and he told it to his brother and they hated Him Yet the more I don't think Joseph told the brothers a dream to spite them but it just showed how little tact he had and probably you he was probably feeling pretty spoilt you see so look how would you feel if you were one of the brothers was he dreaming these things because he was already thinking about it you know thinking about having supremacy over us so the brothers they had I guess you would say in this world a just cause to hate him. Needless to say Joseph was definitely smiled and God in His providence would turn up the heat for this family we know the story Joseph he was sold as a slave to Egypt it would be in Egypt that Joseph would shine like the stars in the heavens as a small child as a small child at home we don't know much about him but the experience of being sold as a slave would make him which sure and grow up very quickly not just as a man but also as a child of God So with that let's turn our Bibles now to Genesis Chapter 39 Genesis Chapter 39 and was starting in verse one. Genesis Chapter $39.00 was starting in verse one and Joseph was brought down to Egypt and part of an officer of Pharaoh captain of the garden a Gyptian brought bought him of the hands of the lights which had brought him down through the and the Lord was with Joseph he was a prosperous ma'am and he was in the house of his muster the Egyptian So look. Was a lot with Joseph because God felt sorry that he was sold as a slave and Egypt that he was hated by his brothers No that's not the reason why he was Saul the Lord was with him absolutely not God was not having a bit of pity on him souls that are better draw close to Him God does have tended care for all his children especially those that suffer wrong but friends that was not the reason why the Bible says here in verse 2 that the Lord was with Joseph friends I have news for you the Lord was with Joseph because Joseph was with the Lord let me say that again The Lord was with Joseph because Joseph was with the Lord this relationship as with human relationships it requires a 2 way street friends in spite of what happened to Joseph in spite of having been sold as a slave into Egypt he chose to remain faithful to God even when he saw the hatred of his brothers those with whom he brought up together with all his life wanting to kill him but instead of that did something far worse made him live out his worst nightmare to be sold as a slave in Egypt far away from home and friends it's usually in times like these times where we are so absolutely discouraged times where we just have gone through a very very very bad situation in life. Son this is something much worse than just having a loved one perish someone close to you dice this is much with us Joseph he went through this really bad situation in his family and you know it's in times like these that we give ourselves excuses to go back to World all the habits of sin just for a little while we expect people to understand why we're being unfaithful why we've decided to just push got away just for little while God let me have some breathing room and so the drunkard they go back to their drink for a while the gambler they go back to the casino for a while we give ourselves excuses to go back to sin just for a little while because we've been through this tragic experience but that wasn't the case with Joseph. You know friends in fact some of us when we go through really bad situations and we still remain faithful to God people are more surprised actually what do you know here while you're at church you know or why won't you come back so quick you just take a break you just take a break as if it's Ok to take a break from God When bad things happen to us but that was not the case with Joseph he chose to renew that covenants a god that even when he was in Egypt amidst all these pagan people that had no idea about the God of the Bible he was faithful faithful to what extent Genesis Chapter 39 verse 3. And his master saw that the Lord was with him and that the Lord made all that he did to prosper in his hand the heathen master the one that did not know God at all he saw that something was different about Joseph he could see do you understand that he could see that the Creator God was with him everything that Joseph did God made it to prosper not because he felt sorry for him not because he had bad been through a bad situation but because not only was God with him but it was because he was with God. Now I want you to pause from minutes and I want you to think about this statement that the Bible makes though God made everything to prosper in Josef's hands Joseph was a slave Joseph was what he was a slave What could he possibly do to show that God was with him he was a slave I mean what was the proof of a slave to show a heathen man that the Creator God the God of heaven and earth was with him how did he prosper Joseph did he even bigger muscles did he make it more and some did his bed suddenly grow nice feathers in it and give him a better sleep did did he have a better house and part of even though he was a slave No All right look what could it possibly be well number one. It was probably because the way he kept himself he was tidy and neat as a man even though he was a slave. Was probably because he washed that toilet extra clean. It was probably because he swept the floor extra special not a single dust in the house. It was probably because he tended to the Gardens really neat Lee and kept them nice and it bore big succulent fruit juicy and sweet. Crops grew more because of him everything that Joseph did prospered Was it because it prospered himself No it was because it prospered pot if. You see Joseph went above and beyond the call of duty as a slave he went above what a slave was required and probably went that extra mile some would say that he was playing politics but it wasn't God truly blessed God was with Joseph and you know friends as slaves they probably had specific jobs but Joseph he probably went further than his job description he made sure that not only he did his job well but he probably did even more he wasn't a lazy man and just did the bare essentials of what is required as a slave part of for a heathen man could see that God was with him he didn't do just the bare minimum. Now Joseph. He was a slave but who did the prosperity come to it came to pontiff. Not Joseph Joseph didn't become more rich he was a slave. Owned him right. He was on the receiving end I mean part of the he was on the receiving end of the blessing that God put on Joseph because of Joseph part of 1st household was blessed. You know friends what we call this we call this the covenant that God made with Abraham back in Genesis 12 Do you remember that. God said to Abraham I want to bless you so that you can be a blessing to others do you see that. I want to bless you so that through you the whole world can be blessed and for what just so that we can have a better life no but so that the name of Jesus might be glorified throughout the whole earth as evidence that we are different because of the God that we serve Let's continue worse for of Genesis 39 and Joseph found grace in his sight and he served him and he made him overseer over his house and all that he had he put into his hand and he came to pass from the time that he had made an overseer in his house and over all that he had that the Lord bless the Egyptians house for Joseph sake and the blessing of the Lord was upon all that he had in the House and in the field and he left all that he had in Josef's hand and he knew not ot he had saved the bread which he did eat and Joseph was a goodly person and well favored God bless the Egyptians house because of Joseph Isn't that so interesting friends look this is all about material blessings we don't talk about any spiritual blessings here all blessing of the Holy Spirit came upon part of her and became a more godly man no. We don't see anything about carrots in that whatsoever part of the would understand all of this but what he did see was the blessing that Joseph had he came upon his house he was personally blessed because of it friends the Christian must be a blessing to the world too often the Christian mindset is I want to be rich like Joseph and then I'll bless the world I'll give money I want to have a bigger house I want to have a bigger car I want this I want that and then I will be the blessing you know that's many of our mentalities especially as Christians but yet here Joseph did not receive any of that quote unquote material blessing he was still a slave. Be a part of his house was blessed Let's continue Genesis 39 verse of and it came to pass after these things that his masters wife cast arise upon Joseph and said lie with me but he refused and said to his master's wife behold my must the what is not what is with me in the house and he have committed all that he hath to my hand there is none greater in this house than I can you believe that Joseph knew and he knew his position in that house he was 2nd in command in part of his house neither had he kept back anything from me but the because that is his wife how can I do this great wickedness and sin against God Joseph recognizes why he's in that position not because of anything he had done but because of God guiding his life because of God's providence because God was with him because of God's blessing you see Joseph recognized I am 2nd in command in part of his house because of God. And because he realized that he understood the source of all his blessings the sin also then would not be against part of it would not be against part of his wife it would even be against his own body it would be against God and God himself had God not blessed him he would not have been in that position for part of 1st wife to tend to him Do you see that subtle the position that Joseph had in part of his house Joseph recognized who gave it to him it wasn't part of or know was it and why is this so important for us to understand you see friends when we realize the source of all our blessings when you realize and recognize how God has led you in your life that the riches that you have is from God that the wisdom that you have is from God that the health that you have is from God Then when you recognize where God is in your life and that he gives you the promotion he gets you the wealth to give you the wisdom for all of this you recognize that when you sin you do it against him or on the flipside it only makes you more faithful So all that God asks you to do why you are not about to cut off the source of all your blessings friends Joseph he recognized that he was indebted to God a great deal even though he was the top slave only in part of his house but yet he recognized who was the author of all the blessings in his life. So friends we know the story. Part of. He's lied to from his wife about how Joseph tried to come in and make her live with him and part of the gets angry and throws Joseph into prison and we know that part of her didn't really believe his wife he had to probably appease the wrath of his wife Ok And the reason why we know this is because look Joseph she was a slave and is my slave someone I bought and own if my slave really try to sleep with my wife without me being there I would have killed him on the spot you see part of it was the captain of the God he had the authority full of authority to do that but he probably knew Joseph character better than that but simply to appease his wife he threw Joseph into prison. Genesis 39 verse 21. But the Lord was with Joseph and showed him mercy and gave him favor in the sight of the keeper of the prison. Even though Joseph was thrown into prison God was with Joseph why not because God felt sorry for Joseph. Not because God was pitying Joseph God was with Joseph finish it for me friends why because Joseph was with God friends he still remained faithful in spite of what had happened sounds familiar right it's in situations and times like these that we give ourselves excuses to go back to our all the habits of our lives for a little while. Do you understand that it's exactly what we see in the 1st part of the study we expect people to understand why we are being unfaithful the drunkard goes back to his drink the gambler goes back to his casino we give ourselves excuses to go back to sin just for a little while because we've been through a tragic experience friends breaking the Sabbath it's just because I'm going through this bad situation so I'm not coming to church I'm just going to go out and spend some money or whatever it is just to get my mind off of it I'm going back to my games just for a little while why not I just need to stop having all this stress in my mind I've prayed I've tried to read my Bible but I need something else as well and we give ourselves excuse as to leave God just for a little while friends I want you to consider the life of Joseph and then I want you to put yourself in his shoes with your experiences I want you to compare. Has your life been much worse than Josef's up to this point have you been hated by your whole family and sold as a slave have you been lied to and lied about pardon me and thrown into prison if you have you're in good company God was with Joseph even in prison. Joseph did not give himself any excuse to sin. Joseph did not give him any himself any reason to be unfaithful God was with him. And look at this verse 22 of Genesis 39 the keeper of the prison committed to Josef's hand all the prisoners that were in prison and what so ever they did there he was the door of it the keeper of the prison looked not anything that was under his hand because the Lord was with him and that which he did the Lord made it to prosper. Joseph was a prisoner. A prisoner a prosperous prisoner how would you like to be that I don't think any of us envy that position we all pray God we want to be like Joseph as a prime minister but please don't send me to prison you know this is a different situation same results friends if it works for Joseph it will work for us today what's the recipe to success faithfulness to God no matter what the circumstance Let's get to this point in our life that we give ourselves no excuse to sin old pastor Ben you don't understand my situation my family's not administers they're not even Christian Oh Pastor when you don't understand my situation my family is poor I can't even get an education Oh Pastor Ben you don't understand I was born deformed and so that's why I'm allowed to be angry with God past when you don't understand and friends that's the thing we don't need to understand I could never imagine the situation that Joseph was going through now. I know what I would be thinking God I was faithful to you I was faithful Why did you do this to me isn't that normal typical Christian thinking nowadays. God why did you do this to me I've been faithful I've been welkin with you why did you throw me into prison why but Joseph yet evidence he didn't let go and he knew just as well that God was with him in prison why because all that Joseph did in prison became prosperous now pause with me a minute again all right look what sort of prosperity could God give to a prison look it says there in verse 22 that all the prisoners were committed to Joseph had everything that he did everybody in that prison was under the care of another prisoner can you believe that but what sort of prosperity that the prison become rich of course not that they have more beds and softer beds all of a sudden of course not did those locking doors become electric and no what sort of prosperity could a prison have for a God who is the keeper of the prison to go Joseph I trust you here's the keys unlock yourself and then a lock everybody and take care of them how could God bless Joseph in prison and make everything prosperous even for the heathen god maybe it was the character of the prison us. How they were affected for the better after Joseph arrived it was more peaceful in prison. Maybe there was less cursing in the prison maybe there was more order maybe even the health of the prisoners and even the god improved who knows right but yet here is a heathen god and he can see that the God of heaven. Is with Joseph and it's not because rubber God felt sorry for him God was with Joseph because Joseph was with God. Look France as a slave God could prosper Joseph because what ever Josef's hands found to do he did it with all his might as a prisoner God could prosper Joseph his presence wasn't just felt by the expression that he wore on his face and his countenance I'm sure there must have been peace in his heart but that peace pervaded the whole prison he probably went beyond the call of duty not waiting to be served but being active in serving others as a slave so now as a prisoner God was with him friends do you go beyond the call of duty are you proactive in helping out. Not because you've just been trained right friends I believe that a gentleman should always open the door for a lady I believe that I believe that there's courtesies that should come with being a Christian really not because we've got to learn it from a certain country or from our parents but because God makes us that way I just talked with my Summer Youth year but I believe that. Young people wash up after the mothers are cooked for you a mere. The people here will know what I'm talking about but you see the pattern of Josef's life it started as the favorite son of Jacob. But then it became a slave in Egypt and then it got even worse a prisoner in Egypt as well. From good. To bad to worse. From all I would appear and says it would seem like Joseph was cursed that God was not with him or we would say today if this is what happens when you are faithful to God then I don't want any part of this god we tend to miss about the 1st 15 years of Joseph life in Egypt it wasn't that good do you know that we all like to focus on Joseph as being prime minister of Egypt and we aspire to be like that and you know even cartoons at a creative It created by it just it just zooms through that part of his life but do you know that for a good 15 years he was a slave and then a prisoner it wasn't just 2 years and then he became prime minister we forget about all these experiences that he went through in part of his house in prison God was preparing Joseph to be a wise and compassionate prime minister do use discern God's movements in your life today do you discern God's movements in your life in those shadows and in the valleys I'm not just talking about times when God is walking with you in the sunshine I do you discern God's movements through the dark phases of your lives friends I'm not talking about you know you smoking and getting lung cancer you know you don't need to ask God why you know why. I'm not talking about you not studying and then you failing your exams and not getting into the course of your study or having to repeat a whole year and wasting your parents' money you don't need to ask God Why for that either you know why you should have studied. I'm not talking about that failed relationship and failed marriage because of neglect and abuse friends you know why you don't need to ask God Why for that I'm talking about those situations in life where you've done nothing wrong where you don't understand why this is happening even though you told the troops even though you did what was right you were faithful to your work you did your utmost best for your studies for your work or for ever you were focusing your energy on but it still flopped and it still failed but yet you were still faithful yet life took a turn for the worse. Is that your life being described right here right now then you're in good company that's exactly what Joseph went through all that's left for you to do today is this to still have faith in God even when you don't understand the reason why. To still keep being a good representative and citizen of heaven because in due time God will deal his plans for you you know they say that Hindsight being able to look back on your life is 2020 vision you can understand our God that's the reason why but when you're in the one you're right there in the valley in the shadow and not on the mountain top sometimes and very often friends it's very easy to doubt God and His love for you and His guidance for you but friends it's especially in the shadows and the valleys that we got to hold on to God because in the right in due time God will reveal his plan to you as to why he allowed you to go through the Torah model that you're going through today. I can't empathize everybody's situation is different dose of can't empathize either he's dead and buried but his record is there given to us that even in spite of what happens your brothers hating you being sold into slavery being thrown into prison you can still be faithful to God no matter what and it's not because of home training only but it's a daily recommitment to God as we journey throughout this life friends some things are self-inflicted. And it's in those times that we got to learn our lessons through God's grace he gives us a 2nd chance he reestablishes us and allows us to grow from it that's the story of Abraham that's the story of Jacob one lied committed adultery with Hagar the other one deceived the father and ran off and got deceived again you know did so many things but he will repent and turn back to him he will heal all our backsliding as and reestablish his covenant with us but the story of Joseph is not there. It's about God working in the shadows and through the valleys of our lives loving us to experience failure rejection pain so that we can be the blessing to others if we remain faithful to Him God he still wants to do that for us today just as surely as you can see him in the sunshine God is there with us through the storms and floods of our lives friends that we walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil for the hour with me so before we get to the sunset years of Joseph slice we must understand what got him there in the 1st place. And so as we aspire to be like Joseph as a prime minister let us make sure we learn those important character lessons in the valleys and in the shadows of our lives as well let's pray Father in heaven. Lord I know that because of the devil because of sin suffering is the lot of our life but yet Lord in spite of what we go through I pray that you would give us strength each day from your grace from your throne of grace and mercy to be with us to strengthen us to guide us to lead us but Lord help us to make the decision in our hearts to hold on and to never let go Lord police be with anybody who might be out there this evening suffering that's been buffeted by Satan and they've been knocked down low Lord I pray that you draw close to them or pray that you strike than them I pray that the story would help them to hold on and to not let go in is spite of what's happened and lord it might be days or weeks or months or even years like Joseph but yet Lord your timing is perfect and so even as we ask the question why Help us Lord to remain faithful and true to you help us Lord to have the faith of Joseph for this evening that we can be a blessing to everyone else even through the valleys of our lifes. So thank you Lord and please bless us if in this evening as we are it's time for the Knights it was a good night rest blessid suburbs. We pray Jesus. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermon or leave a visit w w w audio verse or.


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