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11 The Faith of Moses' Parents

Benjamin Ng
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  • August 8, 2020
    11:00 AM
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Father in heaven thank you so much for this week thank you Lord for the time that even now we can come and study together thank you for giving us the strength the wisdom to accomplish the path the task for this past week and that we can rest fully in you this day will you please guide us Lord as we study now lead us with the Holy Spirit or Lord we pray in Jesus name we pray and ask a man. Let's turn our Bibles to Hebrews chapter 11 the source of all our past studies as we looking at the Faith series and the soul hubris 11 we're looking at verse 23 today Hebrews 1123 please turn with me in your Bibles Hebrews 1123 by faith Moses when he was born was hid 3 months of his parents because they saw he was a proper child and they were not afraid of the king's Commandments so obviously this was speaking about the parents not Moses and his faith it was talking about how the parents were the ones that hid Moses for 3 months here's a quick quiz for all of you what are the names of Moses parents the mom and dad anybody know the mom is all famous but the dad's name is mentioned in the Bible as well it's found in Exodus Chapter 6 and verse 20 Their names are. And Jack Abed Ok but look there are some things that Observateur Hebrews 11 and the passage that they were not afraid of the Kings Commandments What was the king's Commandments well in Exodus one there arose a Sphero that chose not to remember what Joseph or done for the nation of Egypt which was pretty much saved the whole country the whole state the whole city and he chose to ignore what Joseph are done and the Israelites began to multiply and guess what that Pharaoh obviously got worried that these Israelites might join someone else one day to fight against them so they made them slaves but that didn't work the harder they worked the more they multiplied God was bringing a great nation growing up there in the land of Egypt and so this is where Pharaoh issued an order an Exodus Chapter One less read verse 16 and 17 Exodus Chapter one Verse 16 and 17. And he said when you do the office of the midwife to the Hebrew woman and see upon them the stalls if it be a Son then you shall kill him but if it be a daughter then she shall live but the midwives feared God and did not as the king of Egypt commanded them but save the men children alive so these midwives they were so Hebrews but they were instructed that if you saw there was a male kill it but the midwives of course feared God and they refused to do that and God instead bless them and the children of Israel multiplied even more so what happened next verse $22.00 Exodus Chapter one Verse $22.00 and Pharaoh charged all his people saying every son that is born you shall cast into the river and every daughter you shall save a life so it became an executive order straight from the highest authority in the land from Pharaoh himself and look friends it takes courage if you want to follow Jesus It takes courage if you want to live by faith going against the commandments of a king is not a small order it's not a small thing look going against the wishes of your parents going against the order of your boss or your teacher at school that's nothing in comparison to going against what the prime minister or the king of the Sultan or whoever the government this was a big issue most as parents look. They looked at Moses when he was born and in Hebrews 11 it said that they saw that he was a proper child what does that mean that we're probably just means beautiful look that's nothing out of the ordinary every parent when the child is born and honestly I don't know how they always think that the kid is covered in white or in red or coming out screaming but every parent when the kid comes out they think that this kid is the most beautiful kid alive so this there was nothing really special about Moses birth there was nothing that seemed to make them to have to think this way that Ok Moses is destined for greatness in fact they already had a son his name was Aaron obviously they must have remembered the prophecies of Joseph and Abraham that we studied last week look they must have been students of prophecy that they were willing to take the risk of their own life disobeyed the pharaoh or the king's command just to keep their son a life they were living in what we call unusual times a decree from the king to kill their sons. Not everyone was keeping their sons alive I guess a guess for fear of fair on what he was going to do to them but we see here that Moses parents were willing to take that risk by faith they saw that he was a good kid a proper child and what did face do it cause him to hide him for 3 months look what was the prophecy that Joseph gave less turn up I was a journalist Chapter 50 and verse $24.00 look at this Genesis Chapter 50 and verse $24.00 and Joseph said to his brother and I die and God will surely visit you and bring you out of this land under the land which he swears Abraham Isaac and to Jacob so that was a promise that God gave he you're not going to stay in Egypt forever no God is going to bring you out and bring you to the land of Canaan but look the people kept the promise in their hearts but many forgot it really and they forgot really that Abraham also had a prophecy did you know that God gave him a prophecy Let's turn our Bibles to Genesis Chapter 15 that lines up with just what Joseph said and it's probably something that Moses as parents also remembered Genesis 15 verse 13 and 14 Genesis 15 verse 13 and he said and Abrams know of a surety that those seed shall be a stranger in a land that is not theirs and shall serve them and they shall afflict them 400 years long 400 years they would be in Egypt for 400 years and also that nation whom they shall serve will I judge enough to share afterward shall they come out with great substance so Abraham he was given a time prophecy 400 years they would be in a strange land Egypt. And for those that worse studying the prophecies they would see and they could understand what that god he was about to fulfill this prophecy. And that it could have been possible that this child who was born in unusual times would be set up for the fulfillment of that prophecy did they know exactly no but they were willing to take the chance look friends I want to ask you what is your part in the finishing of God's work on earth what is your part in this world for the hastening of the 2nd coming of Jesus have you looked at your life lately and wondered God what are you calling me to do we are living in a sense in unusual times or do you think that your life is too ordinary and that there's nothing special so there's nothing that God would want to do through you why would you go against the wishes of your parents or your boss or your teacher or your friend or even the government one day as what we're studying here because you see how God sees as you look into the scriptures and you recognize the winds of Providence and that upon it you understand your role in the wrapping up of God's work at the end of time Moses as parents looked upon this child they were living in unusual times and so look we're going to save this child we're not definitely on the lead and perish maybe he's destined for something great in the Lord's work now let's go to Exodus Chapter 2 verse one. They want to man of the House of Levi and took the wife a daughter of Levi and the woman conceived and bare a son and when she saw him that he was a goodly child she hid him 3 months and when she could no longer hide him she took for him an ark of bullrushes and daubed it with slime and with pitch and put the child there in and she laid it in the flags by the river's brink and his sister stood afar off to wit what would be done to him Look hiding a newborn for 3 months is no small task I'm telling you the thing that babies love to do especially the 1st 3 months is cry I'm tired I cry my diaper is settled I cry I want to eat I cry and I'm telling you in order to keep this sun hidden so that people want to come and check Is this a boy or a girl they don't hide in for 3 months morning afternoon evening through the night they had to keep watch they had to be careful they were being vigilant the whole family was involved in it and what would happen next in verse 3 it says what that when they couldn't hide him anymore what did they do they built a little boat for him and put it into the river Seriously how would that help. That is not even a temporary fix it would only be a matter of time before the baby would cry because of something whether it's too hot or too cold or he pooped or he peed or he's hungry or he's tired the baby would have cried but what were they try thinking what were they trying to achieve out of this well that's the thing friends you see he still was a pampered baby but. They were willing to try anything just to keep him alive even though it sounds so crazy it was what you would look at an act of desperation right and it seemed on reasonable but I'm sure that they were praying and circumstances led them this way because it was probably all that they could think of off friends here's the lesson that we can learn from this the faith of Moses as parents right here we got to learn to just try we got to learn to just try not more than half of success is just in showing up just trying you don't know what's going to happen but just try try everything yes we should try everything even when we think it might look silly just try that's what God wants us to do who knows how God would work right I think many times we fail because in our mind we can't we can't get behind around the fact that this is so silly so we don't even try we don't even step forward and try but Moses family they tried they stepped out in faith just like Peter he tried he tried to walk on water success at least when it comes I think in the physical world as well as the spiritual world is just trying we don't know. We are not God We don't know the future we don't know the circumstances we don't know the outcome from the beginning we just got to learn to try put our best foot forward and give our best efforts now let's continue Exodus Chapter 2 verse 5 and the daughter of Pharaoh came down to watch a self at the river and her maidens walked along by the river side and when she saw the ark among the flags she sent her maid to fetch it and of course what did you find she found a crying baby and it stirred up what the compassion of a mother of a woman and she obviously the sister came running out and said Do you want me to find a maid and of course she did and runs home gets the mother and the mother comes look do you think Pharaoh's daughter knew that this was the mother of course but she was just being compassionate at least that's what we're looking at from human terms but you know what was really happening because they stepped out in faith because they were willing to try God was willing to work and he was the one that's so often the heart of Pharaoh's daughter and to the extent one verse 9 look at this and pharaohs daughter 7 to her Take this child away and nurse it for me and I will give the the wages and the woman took the child the nurse that she knew that was a mother as soon as she picked up baby Moses the baby would stop crying of course she knew but God was the one that was working why because she was willing to try so not only did the mother get her baby back but can you imagine this she got paid to do the work of a mother how amazing. This is what happens friends when we just simply learn to step forward in faith how because of trust in God's Word because they were students also of prophecy and faith it leads us to do things that we probably wouldn't even try in the 1st place the government says kill the baby if it is a boy I'm sure something would happen if they didn't do it something serious against the mother or father but yet they were willing to save the baby alive got problems with the Sabbath runs be faithful I don't know the outcome just try. Success is found in the 1st that taking it by faith trusting God and stepping forward just try. How long was Moses with his mother before going to the Gyptian courts I want to show you a quote taken from patriarchs and prophets 244 Paragraph one she kept she this was a joke about she kept the boy as long as she could but was obliged to give him up when he was about 12 years old from his humble cabin home he was taken to the royal palace to the daughter of Pharaoh and he became her son yet even here he did not lose the impressions received in childhood the lessons learned at his mother's side cannot be forgotten they were a shield from the pride that infidelity and the vice that flourished amid the splendor of the court Moses was with his mom for 12 year. I want you to think of a 12 year old that you know my daughter's not even 12 yet she's only 9 I know a 12 year old I think her name is Chloe in Dhaka there can you imagine being taken from your parents and brought into in the Gyptian. Palace surrounded by pagan idols pagan worship totally different religion totally different lifestyle given all the privileges that you never had when you were growing up but yet Moses he still remained faithful he still remembered the lessons that he had learnt it is no other side now I'm telling you joke about it went away from that river experience with the daughter of the pharaoh with this thought this boy he's special it was only then not at his birth but it would be then that Ok God is saving this kid for something special she recognized the winds of Providence that were blowing upon this boy and she did all that her power to train him for the right not just remember that you're a Hebrew you're Israelite but remember to be faithful to God even amidst all the pagan worship there was taking place in Egypt jock Abed took the training of her son very very seriously and look friends do you recognize the hand of providence in your life no man or woman's life is guided by chance God is guiding the affairs of the world you hear for a reason God never makes mistakes friends the only question is how are you living your life today do you understand God's calling in your life. Or you just going through the motions of living a life just following the standard norms going get going to school going to college going to uni get a degree get a job get into a relationship get married have kids earn mark more money don't worry about money anymore retire have grand kids enjoy life these are the norms of our life do you know that and many of us would just striving for that that is our goal our intentions our focus so many of us are just caught up with the norms of life work a 9 to 5 job the rest of the time is mine I need to relax God I'm stressed out don't tell me I got to read the Bible we're just going through the motions turn on a t.v. turn on a laptop and watch something go out and just have fun with our friends. Granted Moses as parents we're not living in normal times it's not every day that a pharaoh requests if you have a boy killer but friends if you haven't noticed the times that we're living in today are unprecedented they're not normal prophecies are fulfilling at a rapid pace and we're living in what you call a new normal and honestly I'm getting so tired of hearing those words but it is true people are trying to go back to normal as much as possible the reason being is because of the financial situation and we're scared of that if the economy crashes there's goes my investments there goes my house there goes my studies there goes my thought of finishing my degree I'm in my final year or I just got a job I don't have a job I got fired from my job. Many people want to go back to the old normal because of financial reasons wanting to support themselves wanting to support their normal lifestyles but in trying to go back to the old normal friends maybe you're missing the need for greater faith in these at normal times friends I want to ask you again today how are you living your life and really how should you be living your life today have you gone back to the normal life and chase for money status making a living or if you're reevaluate your life and realize that it should have been lived a different way. Are you on that path already most as parents they recognize the importance of being courageous in the face of penalty from Pharaoh it had a domino effect from their faithfulness down to the preservation of life of Moses who eventually became the one who would lead the children of Israel out of the land of Egypt do you recognize how you should be living your life differently today in 1904 the Gospel was making great strides from January to June there were great revivals taking place the message was Jesus is coming very soon people quit their jobs they stopped going to school I mean what was the need for it Jesus was coming that was the message and and it was sweeping through North America will Miller was leading the charge for this message and many people were called from the plow to preach the gospel message even little kids who would go to bars and they would stand on tables and the Holy Spirit would rest upon them and they were pretty powerful messages to those that were there it wasn't a normal time but we know the story Jesus didn't come in 1904 the date was correct but the event was wrong and many people would go back to their normal lives. Ashamed and telling people that they were not deceived by these end time Miller right preachers but there was a small group that didn't go back to normal life they knew that something was different about how the way God had worked so they went back to the Scriptures and studied even harder they prayed even harder and they found up there in that Jesus in Daniel Chapter 7 to 9 he moved from the holy to the most holy place he did not come to the earth as they were expecting it was from the small group of believers that chose to hold on to their faith and lived abnormal lives that they would eventually form the foundation of what we call the administration 20 years later there was a group of people who built their faith and dared to continue pushing and not go back to normal life and you know what friends God could have come shortly after 844 but he didn't because many people turned away they went back to their normal lives but God he could have come but he didn't because people didn't hold on they didn't learn the lessons from those abnormal times that they were going through an $845.00 in $840.00 a group falling stars and a fulfillment of of a great prophecy in August of that year he granted probation to us though not that we could go back to our normal lives and enjoy this life a bit longer he didn't delay so that we can enjoy our Ferrari's or our retirement or a nice new home or or enjoy travelling to other countries and taking more pictures and post sitting up and letting people know or enjoying our married life or relationship or whatever it is Jesus did not delay so that we could just go back to normal life and enjoy it more he delayed so that more could be saved and today we're in the tearing time. You know there's a story in the bible of a king his name is as a as a coyote and he got sick one day to the point that prophet Isaiah he came and told him to get his house in order because he was going to die but Hezekiah he really prayed and he prayed so hard that he turned the mind of God and God told Isaiah to go back and says I'm going to heal you and you going to live for another 10 years he granted more time not that he could go back to normal life not that he could enjoy the life that he was living before but what happened that's exactly what he did he went back to his normal life and and these Babylonians came in and they heard about this great report about this king being healed and the son moving backwards because of him and so they came and asked Hezekiah what was going on and instead of giving praise to the God of heaven who had healed him. He showed them all the treasures that he had in his house instead of witnessing to them of the true God He showed him his pride and his life he had forgotten that he had been living in abnormal times just a short while before that he was destined for death and he forgot today the economy is trying to go back to normal and look I am hoping or go back to normal a lot of people are are out of jobs and you know we can't have church in physical church we can't meet people people are scared to just meet up just because you got a cough. Has life become more normal again for you that you're almost forgetting your mission to be a blessing to the whole world God wants you to bless you so that you can bless others in your desire and quest for this world to go back to normal Do we put aside our mission of what God calls us to in this new normal. To lead souls to Jesus to witness for him let's not forget that we've got to live life differently for Christ because Jesus he's preparing each of us to be instrumental in the closing work of this earth's history and it's vents like this that seemingly seem a bit further away from us now because in Malaysia at least the lockdown is not so serious anymore really everything is going back to normal and talking to people in the capacity of what their business was before is is creeping up is not where it should be but it's getting there and friends I just want to remind you that in these quests for going back to normal let's not forget the unusual times and let's not forget that in those times God's calling us to something greater not just for a closer walk with him but yes that must be part of our goal because without him we can do nothing but he's calling us to a different normal from what we were used to before in our own life and so friends in these unusual times let's have the faith of Moses as parents that courage that strength that fortitude that faith in God and His Word. That not only does God call us but he qualifies the call as well but we've got to make the effort friends got to step forward we've got to be willing to trust Him Are you willing to are you willing to say God you know maybe this past week a been stressing too much about my business about my work about my money my life so busy for what my pleasures. My selfish gains and desires but let's remember to be a blessing to the world today. Let's pray Father in Heaven Lord I don't want us to forget what has happened in this past few months and some people are still suffering through it in other countries but Lord help us not to forget that you are calling us to a new normal even in a spiritual life in how we live our physical life for you you want us to be a blessing of God So Father in our quest to get back to normal so the economies will crash and things will go from bad to worse help us remember that it's not about working harder or studying hard of that will make this country go back to normal but Lord the new normal is heaven and Jesus appearing the clouds of glory please Lord help us to look beyond what we just see here physically help us to look with the eye of faith so that the life that we now live in the flesh might be lived truly and totally for you so Lord we just surrender our lives we ask that you would please come in and guide each of us and help us a lot. To allow Jesus to live in and see through us by faith today. Is honestly and pray a lot. We've crane Jesus' name. Amen. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons pleading visit w w w audio verse or.


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