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12 The Faith of Moses Part 1

Benjamin Ng
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  • September 20, 2020
    7:00 PM
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Father in heaven thank you for this time that we have to study together Thank you Lord for your watch care over us this past week and Lord now is about to open the word to study we just ask that you please be with us guide us with your Holy Spirit Oh Lord speak to our hearts so gently that we might understand the word that we're about to look at and more than anything else the message that you have for us may that reign supreme above anything else may Jesus be lifted up at this time we pray in Jesus' name amen. So we are looking at the faith of Moses and I've been taught a part one because you see in Hebrews chapter 11 there is quite a lot of texts a lot of description that is given to Moses I think Abraham is probably the top in terms of his life and description given but we're going to spend a few weeks on the faith of Moses Let's turn our Bibles the Hebrews chapter 11 was starting in verse 24 Hebrews chapter 11 starting in verse 24 this is what the Bible says by faith Moses when he was come 2 years refused to be called the son of Pharos daughter choosing rather to suffer affliction with the people of God then to enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season a steaming the reproach of Christ great to riches than the treasures in Egypt for he had respect to the recompense of the reward we started there in verse $24.00 and about 3 weeks ago we studied verse $23.00 about the faith of Moses parents Ok they would be the one that would set the foundation and lay the table for Moses to walk in this life of faith now a very interesting side note do you know that Moses the name Moses was not actually given by his biological mother it was actually given by the daughter of Pharaoh Ok it was given by the daughter of Pharaoh that actually gave that name to Moses and you read it in Exodus Chapter 2 verse 10 but anyways in here brews 1124 we read this by faith Moses when he was come to us he was he refused to be cold the son of Pharos daughter when Moses was brought to the Egyptian palace he knew already where his loyalties lay We don't know much of his years in the. Pallas. But we do know that he never acknowledged Pharaoh's daughter as his mother it was in those years that he was growing up as a baby up until about the age of 12 before he went in to the Egyptian Palace those were the years that he learnt to be faithful to God and understand his role and expression his people and it wasn't the Egyptians it was the Israelites How important is the role of the Christian mother many of us overlook this important role we think that housewife is a degrading title but there is no other work that can actually equal this do you know that the greatest statesman the greatest missionary the greatest preacher that baptized thousands of people can never equal the importance of the role of the mother and I state again the mother it is in the in mother's hands and in her ability and her responsibility that she holds to a great extent the destiny of her children who who would go fall from the home and eventually shape or even lead nations the impressions that a made upon those at a young will remain with them throughout all their life for better or even for worse. And so of course look there was one thing that Moses did not learn to do from his biological mother and that was to kill that was what he learned in the Gyptian palace you know in Acts Chapter 7 verse 22 let's turn to Bibles their Acts Chapter 7 and verse 22 look at what the Bible says about Moses acts of and 22 The Bible says and Moses was learned in all the wisdom of the Egyptians and was mighty in words and indeed his Gyptian education made him one of the greatest generals he was really the pride of the nation of Egypt and it was there that he would learn to be a leader of Ami's a leader of people in a sense from the worldly standpoint but yet the Bible tells us back in Hebrews 11 that he would choose to suffer affliction with the people of God then to enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season look although he was trained up in Egypt he would never forget God he wouldn't bowed down to the idols in Egypt he would always remember that God Jehovah God had a special work for him and he would eventually choose to suffer affliction than to enjoy what the pleasures of sin for a season you know friends. We forget that sin is pleasurable do you know that it appeals to our carnal Sensis our old man of sin it makes us feel good let's turn to another Bible text Luke Chapter 8 and verse 14 look at this Luke Chapter 8 and verse 14 is talking about the parable of the 4 grounds and one of these grounds is being described to you look 814 and that which fell among thorns are they which when they have heard they go forth and are choked with cares and riches and pleasures of this life and bring no fruit to perfection friends there is a group in the church those that humor the Word of God and they fall short of the tunnel life because why they love the Bible says they love the pleasures of this life let's also go to 2nd Timothy Chapter 3 2nd Timothy Chapter 3 starting in verse one talking about our days it talks about the End Times the last days 2nd Timothy chapter 3 verse one the Bible begins like this this know also that in the last days perilous dangerous times shall come why for men shall be lovers of their own selves covetous boasters proud blasphemers disobedience of parents unthankful unholy without natural affection truce breakers false accusers in continents fierce despisers of those that are good traitors heady high minded and then it says this of the end of verse for lovers of pleasures more all than lovers of God. You know in the last days lovers of pleasures are one of the factors that make those days are days that we're living in dangerous you know that people are just in pursuit today of pleasure pleasure pleasure whatever makes me feel good whatever makes me feel happy whatever quote unquote seems to bring joy and laughter into my life and as a result we come short of bringing fruit on to perfection friends what do we really need let's turn our Bibles to Psalms Chapter 16 and verse 11 Psalms 16 and verse 11 this is what we need look at this some 1611 Val will show me the path of life in the i presence is fullness of joy and I right hand there are pleasures for ever more looking at the pleasures of this world than telling yourself this is not good for you will never be convincing enough you know that friends just repeating us to yourself over and over again these pleasures of the world are not good for you the world and its pleasures are not good for you don't go night clubbing don't go drinking don't go partying don't go smoking don't go out so late at night don't do this I know do that and repeating yourself to yourself over and over and over again will never make you hate the world and love Jesus more do you know that friends Hurin a sermon every week about it will not change your life what we need is an experience with Jesus in His presence. There is formless of joy and it is right hand there are pleasures of a more many of us we still love the world because we have not learned to come into the presence. Of Jesus we doesn't have we haven't understood what it means to have a relationship with him pleasures lovers of pleasure more all than lovers of God And so unless we have an encounter with Jesus we will never hate the world and that's why some of these texts Let's turn to another text Luke Chapter 14 and verse 26 it's text like these that baffle us Luke 14 verse 26 look at this. If any man come to me and hate not his father and mother and wife and children and brethren and sisters yea and his own life also he cannot be My disciple Jesus what do you mean hate your own life hate my parents some of us we can't we can't prioritize God above my family become praties God above above my my boyfriend or my girlfriend all my spouse we can't produce highs God above my mom and my dad you know so many of us we will run off with our parents and do what they say at a moment's notice but when it comes to God telling us what to do we got to read and reread and we can believe it and we just struggle with it why it's not because you're bad person in a sense lost all because of that but you are a lover of pleasure more than a lover of God You've not learnt with not learnt to come into His presence and so these texts they baffle us they confuse us they they cause us stress let's go to another one 1st John Chapter 2 and verse 15 1st John Chapter 2 and verse 15. The Bible says the love not the world neither the things that are in the world if any man love the world the love of the Father is not in him friends how can we hate the world how can we not love the world we love it because the love of the Father is not in us you can't have the love of the world and the love of God in your heart at the same time you know those magnets always thought was so interesting you know when you flip it around when when they stick to get each other but when you flip it around they they repel each other there's no way that you can bring it together when you do it just from it splits apart you know and God is saying the same thing if you have the love of the world in your hearts the love of God the love of the Father is not in you we are lovers of pleasure more than what lovers of God How to Increase Your love for God friends you got to get to know him you can't love somebody you don't know and getting to know somebody takes effort and it takes time Moses it was easier for him in a sense to choose the affliction with the people of God than to enjoy the pleasures of sin number one because he had a good foundation he had a good mother taught her the right way he had faithful parents what we looked at 3 weeks ago the faith of Moses parents but maybe a saying hey that's not fair I wasn't raised in a good Christian home friends is not too late all things what's the good of a good you know that I can do all things through Christ which strengthen of me. God he can help us and he can help us to redeem the time that was lost he can make us more than Congress he can do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think no matter our background and if you thought that Moses really his decision was so easy he chose the affliction with the people of God than to enjoy the pleasures of sin the pleasures really of Egypt you got to understand he wasn't living in poverty he was the adopted grandson so pharaoh who is the monarch of the greatest nation in the then known world at that time Egypt was a powerful nation it was a rich nation Moses had everything at his disposal he had life handed to him on a plate simply because who he was connected to do you think it was hard do you think it was easy the decision that he made to choose the affliction with the people of God then to enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season his decision wasn't that easy friends you got to understand that the choice that he had to make when he was not living with his mom and dad any more say from the temptations of the world and Egypt especially and the idolatry and the licentiousness that could have taken place he'd still chose the faith of Jesus he still put his banner on the side of God after all those years 28 years. In the courts of Egypt and the palace that he had everything at his disposal but yet he chose to suffer affliction with the people of God. However Moses was not where God wanted him to be just yet let's go to Exodus Chapter 2 Exodus Chapter 2 in verse 10 he's brought to the Egyptian palace he grows up he's weaned and at about age of 12 he's brought into the Egyptian palace now we're looking reading verse 11 of Exodus Chapter 2. Second book 2nd chapter verse 11 and it came to pass in those days when Moses was grown that he went out and saw his brother and and looked on their burdens and he spied an Egyptian smite in the Hebrew one of his brethren and he looked this way and that way and when he saw that there was no man he slew the Egyptian and hid him in the sand by this time Moses is a grown man somehow he still regarded the Israelites as his brother and he never forgot the lessons learnt from his mother's knee but Moses hasn't had his own plan you see. He killed the Gyptian that was hitting his people he was protecting them right thinking all this is going to inspire confidence in me as a leader and God was going to help him lead the Israelites out of Egypt as an army conquering their enemies you know that's what Egypt had taught him Moses was a military genius you got to understand this but God had different plans he had different plans altogether you know friends so many times probably more often than not God's ways are not always his thoughts are not our thoughts God needed most of us to learn a more important lesson he didn't need Moses to learn how to be a great general and a good manager and know how to organize the people into groups and tribes and all these things he didn't need them to train them to how to hold a sword and how to fight and how to defend and how to attack and he didn't need to be a man of war god was the man of war. He needed Moses and learn all those un-Christ like attributes and Moses he had this goal and vision of leading the Israelites out of Egypt because he never forgot the promise that God gave to his ancestors to Abraham Isaac to Jacob I'm going to give you this land the land of Canaan you're going to inherit it and you're going to be a blessing to all the other nations around you he never forgot that the promise that Joseph gave when in his dying words he said don't forget to carry my bones out of Egypt when God visits you because he will surely visit you that was in Genesis 50. And most never forgot that if you read Exodus 13 verse 19 let's turn to Exodus 1319 the Israelites are coming out and look at this Exodus 1319 Moses took the bones of Joseph with them for he had straightly sworn the children of Israel saying God will surely visit you and you shall carry out my bones away hence with you Moses always remembered the covenant that God had made with the children of Israel and he honored that that request of Joseph to take of his bones out of Egypt and to be buried in the good land the land of Canaan but. Most As wasn't ready at the age of 40 he thought he was ready he thought that God I've got all the training there need to get trained now ready to lead. But the killing of the Egyptian didn't turn out as planned the next day he saw 2 Israelites 2 Hebrews fighting each other and they said what you're going to be going to kill us too like you killed Egyptian word had gotten out and it reached all the way to the throne of Pharaoh and Pharaoh knowing that this was not his biological grandson looked to kill him and so Moses ran. It wasn't God's way for Moses to lead the children of Israel out of Egypt God did not need Moses to be a man of war he would take care of that himself what God needed was a leader capable enough to handle and to lead the children of Israel and he knew what type of people would come out of Egypt with Moses he knew what sort of people they had become in Egypt and if you read the history of the Israelites it is know that there is no very well that is hidden from us the their problems are well and true and clear they were complainers they were murmurs they were alive years they were idolaters did I say that they were complainers already had every sign of trouble they would complain anything happens they would be ready to retreat back to Egypt at a moment's notice always ready to complain about no water no food and when God gave them food they didn't like the food they were just always always complaining God had to strengthen the faith of the Israelites and so the type of leader he needed was not Moses when he was 40 years old a man of war a general. Intelligent about modern warfare in a sense knowing how to conquer countries and nations and to subdue them and bring them under their control he didn't need a man like Moses at the age of 40 can you imagine Moses at 40 leading the children of Israel out from Egypt and and then at the 1st sign of trouble what did they do they start complaining what would Moses as a man of war do you shut up you don't do that you'll be quiet start commanding them they get to the other side of the Red Sea on and they start complaining about water what would Moses do you be so fed up with their complaining right to the point what he might have killed them them so himself. Any sign of grumbling or taking up a stone to stone Him or Aaron what would Moses do draw his sword and defend himself and and fight back isn't it that was what the type of leader was Moses was at the age of 40 God knew what type of man he needed to become and at the age of 40 in the prime of his manhood Look Moses He lived about 120 years right let's say we live about 80 years nowadays he was about one 3rd through his life he was about the age of 27 Ok that's about the prime of your manhood the strength of your manhood right Moses would have thought God I'm ready but only be at the age of 80 that he would finally be ready but do you think Moses knew that course and. He was hoping to inspire confidence in the children of Israel look I killed the Gyptian I'm on your side I'm on your side but it didn't inspire any faith whatsoever as him as a leader. It's just that we don't foresee what's to come you know. And sometimes we look at the glory of being a leader people strive for positions even in the church in the mission people are playing politics we just try to climb the court unquote corporate ladder to gain just some sort of respectability but that's not what Moses needed to become He didn't need to be more glorious more wiser in the worldly wisdom more and more powerful and bigger biceps and no that's not what God needed Moses in the in his later life would be called the meekest man that ever lived what Moses needed to learn was the lesson of humility when they complain he wouldn't react when they're ready to stone him he wouldn't stone back he wouldn't throw back he had to learn to not react he had to learn to become meek and humble you know I'll never forget this 1st advice and I tell this to many people never forget this 1st advice that was ever given to me as a pastor when I was entering into past the ship of the church the older gentleman who had been a pastor but he was there in Taiwan studying and not as a pastor but for for health and he put his arm upon me says Ben remember one church member one problem 100 church members 100 problems what God needs as a pastor is not a person who can just preach speaks fine eloquent words you know I don't have a problem with preaching but sometimes my tongue is too quick. What God needs is a meek man a humble man who does not react under pressure. That's one of the things that has spoken to me as I was studying this out he needs a man that is meek You know what that word meek means humble lowering of yourself lowering your estimation of yourself and sometimes I'll admit I'm too much a man of wall not the man that God wants us to be to be a good leader you know so Moses he's faithful to God he's choosing to suffer affliction with the people of God then to enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season but he's not ready. He's not ready yet Exodus Chapter 2 verse 15 what happens Pharaoh he heard this thing he sought to slay Moses but Moses fled from the face of Pharaoh and welts in the land of Midian and he sat down by a well Moses had to run Pharaoh's heart on his heels he runs to 1000000 and in the middle of nowhere and we know the story he's there for 40 years Acts Chapter 7 verse 30 says that he was there for 40 years doing what we don't know much about the 40 years and that's the thing he was learning to become a nobody he was the pride of the nation of Egypt he was one that was winning those glorious battle. But now 40 years in 1000000 a shepherd. Taking care of sheep. You know they say sheep are one of the dumbest animals like they can drown in running water that's how dumb they are how incapable they are representing us you know. And there also one of the most stubborn Ammann animals to so he was tending sheep for 40 years can you believe that that was God's training method for Moses sit out in the country country living sit out in the middle of nowhere to talk to she taught of the air taught to the birds they don't reply and that's a funny thing that's what he had to learn maybe he was walking along one day and the sheep I got so angry that she would just keep running off me that 1st you have been a shepherd he must have been so angry at the sheep who responds nobody who talks back no one the sheep just go on as have nothing happen he's talking to himself and that's what he had to learn when people are angry at him just be quiet don't respond don't talk to anybody just don't say anything and you know those are studying this out for those that know me I just convicted even more and more for my own character this is not even for my children anymore you know I've been telling people hey the country living is for for children is for children you know they need to get away and not be tempted I realize the country living is for me I need to be more calm I do need to be more tender and need to be around people less God's got to teach me how to be meek It took Moses 40 years. To learn that 40 sitting there doing nothing just taking care of sheep every day some of you might think man I would go crazy doing that. But you know friends if you know what that 1st step is to take towards God You just got to do it and don't go Ok God I'm going to go into the wilderness so you can make me a great leader No God's got to make you me that humble lowly having a low estimation of yourself go into the country talk to sheep because God needs to change your deformed wicked ugly character that's what God had to do with Moses he was a murderer do you see that friends there was so much that God needed to teach Moses in the wilderness and maybe some of us we need to experience that today a wilderness experience getting away learning to be a nobody no rank of humble origin when people looked at Christ there was nothing special about him that stood out you know when when they came in the garden of get somebody to arrest Jesus they asked who is the one that is Christ because he didn't stand taller he didn't stand out his clothes were not different from the rest of his disciples they couldn't figure out of the 11 disciples and Jesus because Judas wasn't there anymore right he was with the mob who is the Christ which one of you is Jesus he learned to be a nobody. He learned to be meek and humble friends you want to be a great leader I know that Moses is one of the greatest leaders that we ever have in the Bible. Leading a 1000000 strong. Of complainers and murmurs and barbarians and just horrible group I would never ever wish that sort of position on my worst enemy that's what Moses did but God could not do it without training him for us learning to be a nobody you know this is totally opposite to our world's education today isn't it. You've got to be a somebody you've got to put yourself in a position to succeed you've got to go drinks with people you've got to go eat with them you've got to you've got to rub shoulders with the right kind of people and make friends with those that can recommend you to a better position in the end that's not God's ways friends it's not God's ways that's not his type of leadership but I want to come back to Hebrews 11 there's one more verse that we haven't looked at yet a read at the very beginning but it's verse 26 I want to look at that now he was 1126 as steaming the reproach of Christ greater riches than the treasures in Egypt for he had respect unto the recompense of the reward you know the key word here is the word esteem. Counting supposing this was Moses conclusion this is why he chose the affliction with the people of God then to enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season because she could see beyond the palace of Egypt the glittering of the golden the tinkling of those gold coins and the diamonds that he had his disposal. He considered the reports of Christ of far more value than anything that Egypt could offer Why how could he do that at the very end of $26.00 says he had respect and to the recompense of the reward he understood the value of the reward that would be rewarded to him one day he didn't look at the present he looked at the future you know I've been reading a finance book recently. Spight Dave Ramsey something about money I forgot the title of the book but it's like if you live like no one lives today you will live like no one lives in the future if you can look into the future and understand how you will be able to not have to worry about money when you're older it will give you some perspective of how you can learn to sacrifice today that's his point and that's the point that Christ is trying to make here in Hebrews 1126 when Moses he had respect unto the payments of the reward that would come in the future you know that word reward is only used 3 times in the Greek and it's all in the book of Hebrews. No where else do we find this in the New Testament when it says that he had respect unto the recompense of the reward that would reward is only used 3 times here in verse 26 is one of those I want to show you another one Hebrews Chapter 10 verse 34 and 35 Look at this is talking about the recompense of the reward Hebrews 103435 Look at this for you had compassion of me in my Benz Paul and took joyfully the spoiling of your goods knowing in yourselves that you have in Heaven a better and enduring substance he's talking about what you gave me all this stuff in my need because you knew that you have something better and more lasting enduring in heaven cast not a way there for your confidence which hath great recompense of reward what was a reward that Moses saw the heavenly kingdom the heavenly reward but look I has not seen your has not heard nor even entered into the mind of man what God has prepared for us but yet somehow Moses is able to understand it most is unable to see the recompense of the reward even though he is living there right there in Egypt amongst all the pleasures of sin how. His faith took hold of something that was not seen the word that his mother taught him the word that he continued to read even though he moved into the palace of Egypt that kept his eyes single to the glory of God But yes God still had to walk in his character but his heart was in the right place. He desired heaven more than anything else this earth could give him and yet even then he had everything at his disposal didn't he he could have asked for anything and it would be given to him but he still chose heaven he saw the eternal route reality how by faith the Word of God became real to him Hebrews 11 verse one faith is the substance of things hoped for heavenly treasure heaven itself I hope for that but it's also the evidence of things not seen friends does the glitter of this world just take you away make you forget about Heaven Have you been focusing so much on the world and its treasures the pride of life things phones cars clothes perfumes how your hand looks shoes more money to invest so you can retire early more and more things has the glitter of this world just taken you away maybe to some of you it's not something that's tangible it's it's something you can touch it's your games it's your movies it's it's your music something to excite your senses just for a little while makes you make you to forget about even this life never mind the future life. Have you forgotten about heaven friends. Does Heaven seem so unappealing to you seems too good to be true seems like a place that isn't desirable to you anymore. Maybe you lost your faith maybe you've lost the love of God in your heart I want to enter day by sharing a Texan Hebrews 11 please turn with me to verse 13 I'm going to read from 13 to 16. Hebrews 111-3216. These all died in faith. Not having received the promises but having seen them afar off and were persuaded of them embrace them and confessed that they were strangers and pilgrims on the earth for they say such things they that say such things declare plainly that they seek a country and truly if they had been mindful of that country from whence they came out like Egypt or in this case Abraham he kept thinking about the country came out from her of the kill these they might have had opportunity to return but now they desire a better country that is in heaven me where God is not ashamed to be called their God for he had prepared for them a city friends have you lost your faith has your faith been weakened. And so all that you do see is just what your eyes behold your literal eyes behold that you forgotten haven't. You forgotten what the word tells us about the sweetness of Canaan heavenly Canaan will pluck a flower and it won't fade no more death sorrow crying or tears No more stress just love evermore where the gold of the streets on the walls friends have you forgotten to look to Heaven maybe today you got to come back to the basics and just simply build your faith again today. Us got to open your eyes and help you to see that eternal realities the heavenly country Jesus says he's coming back to take us to heaven where he's prepared mansions for us we need to re prioritize again. God our faith. Has to be 1st last and best Jesus got to be the lover of our soul he's got to be the apple of our eye he's got to be our 1st our 1st love in everything God 1st his word 1st his love fast we got to commit to him the 1st thing in the morning we got to spend time with him somewhere throughout the day we'll come back at the end the day and tell much troubles in our stresses on our life we got to make him 1st and everything else 2nd Friends Are you struggling in your faith this evening maybe the world has taken your eyes off of Christ and the world money your job your studies your games your your shopping your fashion your There's so many things to take our eyes off of Jesus but Moses even though he was an Egypt he kept his eyes on Christ and God was able to do something great through him even though he had to train him for another 40 years God still was willing to work with him why because he kept his eyes on Christ and so this evening we're coming into the Sabbath hours now is the best time to really focus really prioritize. Everything must come 2nd for us otherwise we miss out on so many blessings we miss out on so many miracles we miss out on how God wants to do great things through you today you want to finish the work through each and every one of you but we've got to make the choice this evening France. All of me take the world but give me Jesus let that be our earnest prayer and tell God Lord we need to in minutes and God help me just to repro Tice help me to focus and so sometimes we just get so busy you know some of the students just now this week has been busy the semesters been shortened star subjects are crammed then but even then that has to be 2nd summer you're facing financial troubles not enough food on the table that still has to be 2nd seek 1st the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and then as we keep Jesus and Heaven and the heavenly country within our peripherals within our eyesight. Everything else will change. God will begin to work through each and every one of you mightily to finish this work so that Jesus can come for a 2nd time that's my earnestly and pray. With that be our desire this evening as we recommit allies against God even now in prayer let's pray Father in Heaven Lord help us to refocus this evening. Help us to look to Heaven help us to look to your word help us to build our relationship with you again oh lord help us give us a love of God we don't have it in and of ourselves naturally Lord give us your love we we can't do it ourselves Lord just just come in and give us that love that we might know what it means to commune with you to sup with you to walk with you as you know that of old. So far the police as we are reprivatize ing in our hearts and the sea evening. Help us to put you 1st last and best in our life's a day. Got us a lot continually is honestly in prayer. We pray in Jesus' name. 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