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15 The Faith of Rahab

Benjamin Ng
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  • September 25, 2020
    7:00 PM
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Father in heaven thank you so much for the time that we have to come and study together Lord we pray that you please be with us now guide us with your Holy Spirit lead us into all truth or Lord we pray in Jesus name we pray and ask a man please to within your Bibles the Hebrews chapter 11 Hebrews chapter 11 and was starting there in verse 30 Hebrews chapter 11 verses 30 and 31 will be reading their Hebrews 11 verse 30 by faith the walls of Jericho fell down after they will come past about 7 days by faith aholic Rahab perished not with them that believe not when she had received the spies with peace so it looks like there are 2 stories here the walls of Jericho and the faith of Rahab the study is entitled The faith of Rahab But really we can't separate these 2 stories from each other as they are really the same story connected as Rahab is living in the city of Jericho when those walls came crumbling down now look. Rahab is mentioned in Matthew Chapter one Verse 5 in the lineage of Jesus the genealogy of Jesus she plays a very very important role and there's a very important lesson that we can learn from this but there are 2 stories and we are going to start with Ray have 1st even though the verses here start in verse 30 with the walls of Jericho so let's go to the Old Testament story shall we let's turn to Bob's or Joshua chapter 2 and starting in verse one Joshua chapter 2 and verse one Joshua the son of Nun sent out of should some 2 men to spy secretly setting goals view the land even Jericho and they went and came into our harlots House named Rahab and lodged there look friends Matthew Chapter one talking about the genealogy of Jesus there are 5 women that are mentioned there and the amazing thing about the genealogy of Jesus is that not one of these woman are considered good reputation or good women in the eyes of the world. Is a prostitute and she's also a heathen person she's not of God's people the children of Israel Israel She's of the city of Jericho verse 2 and was told the king of Jericho saying behold there came men in here the tonight of the children of Israel to search out the country and the king of Jericho sentence a rehab saying Bring forth the men that are come to the which are entered into the White House for they become to search out all the country and the woman took the 2 men and hid them and said thus there came men and to me but I was not whence they were and it came to pass about the time of shutting of the gate when it was dark that the men went out whether the men went I what not pursue out of them quickly for you shall overtake them but she had brought them up to the roof of the house and hid them with the stalks of flax which she had laid in order upon the roof so look. Rahab was willing to help the spies that had come to spy out Jericho from the children of Israel why though I mean was she a traitor It seems that way right but look at her response look at what she says to these 2 spies after the men from the city of Jericho came to our house and they've run off looking for them in a different direction let's jump down to verse 9 and she said unto the man I know that the Lord hath given you the land and that your terror has fallen upon us and that all then habitants of the land faint because of you she said I know that the Lord even though it hasn't happened yet the Lord has given you this land already verse 10 for we have heard how the Lord dried up the water of the Red Sea for you when you came out of Egypt and what you did under the 2 kings of the Amorites that were on the other side of Jordan see hon and og whom you utterly destroyed and as soon as we heard these things our hearts didn't melt neither did there remain any more any courage in any man because of you for the Lord your God He is God in heaven above and in earth beneath Now therefore I pray you swear unto me by the Lord since I have showed you kindness that you will also show kindness unto my father's house and give me a true token and you will save a life my father and my mother and my brother and my sisters and all that they have and deliver our lives from death and the men answered her our life or yours if you are not this our business and it shall be when the Lord has given us the land that we will deal kindly and truly with the god had worked obviously the signs that he was a true god and rehab was pointing out the source of her belief the source of her faith as to why she was were. Willing to help these people Tara had come upon everybody that had been living in Jericho but why and not just Jericho but the surrounding cities on nations there were 2 instances and 2 stories that she points out as to why she has such faith God has given you this whole land already even though they had not even conquered it yet what were the 2 stories are the 2 instances the 1st the Red Sea the drying of the Red Sea and how the Israelites moved through it the 2nd was once how the 2 kings see Han and of I don't know why I'm saying their names right or not but these were the 2 kings that the children of Israel had conquered now they had conquered more than that but these 2 seem to stand out that she chose to mention Now let's look at the drawing of the Red Sea It was 40 years ago remember. Joshua is the leader 40 years ago they came out this Jericho is the 1st city that they're about to conquer going into the land of Canaan but for 40 years they've just been going round and round in the desert and so Rahab she still remembered it 40 years earlier this story inspired faith in our hearts that when she saw this 40 years ago she had already probably made the decision that God he's that true god that is guiding this children of Israel this story had inspired faith in her heart faith to believe that God was with them and that he was the god in heaven above that's what she says there and in the in and in the earth beneath it brought her to the point that she believed that they would be victorious over Jericho even before it happened that she would plead for the life of her family and her brothers and her sisters amazingly it wasn't the parting of the River Jordan that had happened just in the previous chapter Joshua chapter one that inspired faith in our hearts why because the Red Sea experience was not only a deliverance but it was it was not just a big miracle but it was the crushing defeat and blow to the Egyptian armies as well and Pharaoh himself it was a big instance of God showing them him that he was the true God so. In one instance it was hurting to the Egyptians and inspired fear in some people but on the other hand it inspired faith in the hearts of Rahab you know friends sometimes God gives us signs and depending on how alert we are and how soft our heart is and how open our eyes are unwilling to listen and to look we might miss the point that God is giving us evidence that he is the true God but that wasn't the only instance the other one was what the 2 kings see Han and og they are both found in Numbers Chapter 21 Ok and we don't have to go there I'm not going to go through and read the text but you can go there the 2nd half of numbers 21 1st it talks about King c one he was the king of the Amorites and the Israelites they were just asking to go through his land they were not going to drink any water they were going to touch anything they just wanted to pass through but he refused and not only did he refuse he came out with all his army to fight against them and obviously the Israelites won right but right after that king of all Hugh was the king of Bashan and the same thing happened he came out with all his army and he fought against them and he lost as well numbers 21 her it takes place after the children of Israel reach the borders of Canaan for the 1st time the 12 spies they have gone into spy the land the children of Israel didn't believe it was a year after the the Red Sea and they started going around in the desert and so it was probably early on but friends Rahab remembered these 2 instances. The 2 kings and the Red Sea crossing and it inspired faith in her hearts that she held on to it that when these 2 spies came to spy out Jericho she remembered this she never forgot those instances even though she herself was never there and she had enough faith to believe this being that is with them truly is the God of heaven above and of the earth beneath. Joshua chapter 2 verse 18 now. Behold when we come into the land that bind this line of scarlet thread in the window which thou didst let us down by and Thou shall bring my father and my mother and my brother and all the father's household home to the and it shall be that whoso shall go out of the doors of the house into the streets his blood shall be upon his head and he will be guiltless and whosoever shall be with the in the house his blood shall be on our head if any hand be upon him so they gave her a promise but if you want to save your life you go to bind the Scarlet Thread outside the window of your house and as soon as they left Guess what verse 21 and she said according to your words so be it and she sent them away and they departed and she bound the scarlet line in the window straight away she didn't wait a day shouldn't wait a week she made sure that her her salvation her safety would be assured of by doing that immediately you know some people might have called her rash some people might have said you acted impetuously without thinking about it but friends you know what when we know what is right when we are convicted by the truth of what we know already less not wait a day nor even an hour let's make sure we put into practice immediately that which we know is correct and you know we know that Rahab would be saved eventually but before we move on in the story our lights a look at one thing that is always pointed out about Rahab and that's alarming you know. When the when when the. Soldiers came to look for the 2 spies Rahab send them off a different way lying say they had gone that way when they were hiding in her rooftop people always like to bring this out and stating as if hey it's Ok to lie and even it seems that James in the book of James James commends her for it in James Chapter 2 verse 25 The Bible says this likewise also was not really have the harlot justified by works when she had received the messengers and sent them out another way it's almost as if God is commending rehab for lying but we know that's not the case look. Why was it Ok for Rahab to lie in this instance friends you got to remember she did what she thought was best of the her ability and her circumstance at that time she was a heathen person she was not an Israelite shouldn't know better she was a harlot she lived in the slums probably the worst of the worst and so you know friends she lived up to the light that she knew of at that time maybe a few years later she wouldn't have the excuse she was with the children of Israel she knew about the 10 Commandments already and God said do not lie but at the time that she was housing those spies she did not know better her experience is summed up in Acts Chapter 17 and verse 30 this is what the Bible says and the times of this ignorance God winked at but now command of all men everywhere to repent you know friends she did not know any better that's the case that we see with Abraham when he lied about his wife Sarah being his sister it seemed like God bless him right but it wasn't God that really blessed him it was pharaoh that blessed him because he thought that Abraham was his sister you know friends are not going to go over the ground of Abraham again but he didn't know better and sometimes friends you can't look at riches as been blessings sometimes it can be a curse so if you want to go back and study that you just go back to our study on the faith of Abraham part one I go through that situation why it seemed like when Abraham lied God bless him even more friends that was not the case the devil knows our weakness and some of us are we. Weakness is our riches is is the possessions that we have it's these things that sometimes cause us to forget God and so sometimes it's not a blessing from God It's a curse from the devil but Ray had she was a pagan she was the worst of the worst but she acted on the best of her ability as to what she knew and what she thought was correct and as a result she was saved Joshua chapter 6 verse 25 let's turn our Bibles there Josh was 625 and Joshua saved Rahab the harlot alive and her father's household and all that she had and she dwelt in Israel even on to vist day because she hid the messengers which Joshua sent to spy out Jericho by faith she was saved by faith she was spared it was because of her faith and her belief in the words of what the spies had said but even then because of what she had experienced not even experience what she had seen or maybe even just only what she had heard about the stories of the Red Sea and the stories of the 2 kings you know in that sense friends. Rehab is no different from us Ray had didn't see the Red Sea experience I don't think Jericho you could see the Red Sea from where they were there were no photographs back then it was just by word of mouth right and it was up to us the person to believe it or not sometimes when we read the Red Sea experience none of us were there either none of us were there in creation none of us were there to see that pillar of cloud and pillar of fire none of us were there to see the manner raining down from heaven none of us were there to see Peter walk on water none of us were there to see the sun stand still or even move back 10 degrees we have heard all these things we've read it with our own eyes which is as good as hearing but it still is up to us to believe and when really had heard those things. It inspired faith in her heart faith to believe faith to trust that this group that was coming they had the true God and that faith would eventually save her as well friends how is your faith this evening how is your walk with Jesus do you trust and hold on to every word that is there in the Word of God in the Bible you believe it with all your heart and you allow God to Will in you to do of His good pleasure because of these words now let's continue and look at the walls of Jericho somehow this situation was important enough for Paul to mention in Hebrews chapter 11 but let's go to Joshua chapter 6 starting in verse one Joshua chapter 6 and verse one. Now Jericho was straightly shut up because of the children of Israel none went out and none came in and the Lord said in Joshua see I have given into the vine and Jericho and the king there of and the mighty men of valor and you shall compasses city all ye men of war and go round about the city once thus shalt thou do 6 days so for 6 days in a row they were marched around the city one time verse 4 and the 7 pre-show bear before the Ark 7 trumpets of rams horns and the 7th day you shall compasses City 7 times and the priests shall blow with the trumpets and I shall come to pass that when they make a long blast with the ram's horn and when you hear the sound of the trumpets all the people shall shout with a great shelves and the wall of the city shall fall down flat and the people shall or send up every man straight before him friends you know this is very interesting this is what you call modern warfare it's off the wall it's unimaginable It's why would God tell us to do this sort of. Fighting isn't it once again we don't see anywhere in history any context of where God has ever done this before March around the city one time each day for 6 days and on the 7th day march around it how many times 7 days 7 times shout at the wall and it will come crumbling down this had never ever happened before and this would not happen again for the rest of the Bible we don't see anything of this sort Now what's interesting here as well that has taken place at this time there's no more pillar of cloud and pillar of fire. The Israelites are entering into Canaan and God He doesn't need to lead them anymore because they have arrived that's the 1st thing. The 2nd thing the manner stops just before that you read in Joshua chapter 5 verse 12 that on that day the managers start the normal cloud no more fire no more manna and the Lord only communicated directly with Joshua he didn't tell all of Israel to come and say let me tell you what I want you to do so it was left up to the people as to whether they wanted to listen to the words of Joshua or not look Joshua was not a new face they had been familiar with Joshua he was one of the 12 spies so he'd been around for a long time the whole 40 years but he was a new leader Moses had just passed away and Joshua would step in but of course it was not their 1st encounter with Joshua as the leader why back in Joshua chapter one remember God gave instruction through Joshua for the children of Israel so walk across the river Jordan now there were no enemies chasing them this time it wasn't as urgent and a serious but nonetheless it was a miracle the parting of the River Jordan so allow the children of Israel to walk through to the other side and then stand before Jericho. It's almost as of God is reminding the children of Israel this is what I want to do with you at the very beginning but God in His mercy He puts his his trust in Joshua and he tells the Children of Israel I am working through this man but the instruction that is given here in Joshua chapter 6 is just really different march around one time each day for 6 days and then on the 7th day matter on 7 times and to shout and the walls will come crumbling down isn't that so weird it was left up to the children of Israel whether they wanted to believe the words of Joshua or not there was no visible presence of an angel guiding them they could have reasoned in their hearts and said What other movements is this that we're making to overthrow the city it just seems ridiculous to march around the city and blow on it and then you want to shout at the walls is that really going to help. And why do it's a matter of that 7 times on the 7th day why not just one time shouldn't we be conserving our energy instead of marching and walking so much Jericho was in a small city you know they had to march probably like a 100 kilometers if they were going to march around the city 7 times it was not just a small little town it was a major fortress a major city we know that because in the next city they would conquer is Ai and they said oh this this city is much smaller We don't need to send that many troops so general Cole was definitely a huge city and it made no sense what Joshua was telling them there was no history to go back and see this is what God did in the past so we're going to do it again they had to choose to believe the very words of Joshua. And you know friends the time that it took for them to march around the city 7 times it gave them time to build their faith to strengthen their faith and develop it just like how it Abraham when God came to Abraham with a command to sacrifice his son Isaac he had a few days of walking to mount Mariah a few days to think about it to a few days to grab hold of God's command so did the Israelites they had 7 days to think about this and to develop faith God wanted to impress upon their minds from the beginning that it's not about man's wisdom or his might but salvation is to be found wholly on the Lord you know God was trying to teach them that they had to get used to relying fully on his word and His Word alone for strength for salvation and especially for victory you know friends. God wants us to do that today as well he wants us to to trust Him in His word holy he wants to give us great victories in our lives and you know God's ways many times if not majority of if not all the time God's ways are not our ways God doesn't see as man sees on the outward appearance God when he does as he's testing not only that the people in Jericho giving them time to repent and and to live very in a rehab his house but he's also giving the children of Israel time to think and to pray and to to see whether they want to go ahead with us or not and believe God's words or not and you know we have to come to this point of trusting in Him and His Word alone the reason why so many of us don't have strength is because we trust our own wisdom and we don't even give the Lord an opportunity to reveal his power for us many times we don't take the 1st step because we don't believe because it sounds too ridiculous it sounds too outrageous it sounds out of this world that God would ever even work this way shouting at a wall and it will come crumbling down and we reason away God's word before we even give him an opportunity to work or before giving ourselves an opportunity to step forward in faith you know maybe they're scared of people of Jericho mocking them so they don't want to do it they had many many reasons and humanly from the human standpoint they could have had many excuses as to why they shouldn't. But friends we got to trust them why because God will help us if we believe in him and in every emergency we place our entire confidence in him and faithfully obey Him He will certainly come through for us so walking around Jericho it was a test for the children of his around they passed their faith what the was inspired through the passing of the River Jordan already and they were willing to believe the Word of God through Joshua Joshua didn't have a hidden agenda and even sometimes as pastors we don't have a hidden agenda except to communicate to the people what the Lord has told us friends are you struggling with maybe a man's word maybe you've gone to the certain church and you go oh that's just him but have you tested it with the Word of God Have you gone back to the Word of God investigate to see if these things be soul or not and as you have seen it have you trust that God is the one that is guiding no matter how outrageous or off the wall this command might have been just like Abraham when God told him to sacrifice his son Isaac the command was clear the instruction was clear and the walls of Jericho would not have come fall down if the children of Israel did not follow the instruction of God in every particle Now here's the thing though. When the walls came crumbling down do you think the Israelites thought it's because of me of course not what did you do you just walked around it you just shouted the war. Friends if I shouted at a wall not even a wall that is fortifying a city if I just shouted at one little brick wall in my house my room there I shouted it at it and it fell down our beats haughtily shocked and I know that not for a 2nd what I look at myself and go. I'm some amazing person because I shouted at the wall and it came falling down our not even think that from moment I would know that this power not from me but from God made it happen but it would not have happened if the children of Israel did not follow in every particular what God had instructed them do you see that friends God's command was clear weird as it may have sounded it was clear walk around at one time for 6 days each day and on the 7th day 7 times and then shot at it we can always go based on history as to how God works will work or not work you know in Genesis there are 3 Famines there are 3 famines and each time it happens Abraham Isaac Jacob there were 3 famines in the lives of these guys one each to Abraham when the famine took place God said Go down to Egypt to Jacob when the famine took place this is the most famous of all the famines because Joseph was in Egypt already God said to Jacob go down to Egypt but when the famine happened in the life of Isaac God said don't go see Egypt he could have pointed to his father Abraham and said Ah but you told my father Abraham to go there not only that he was blessed one went to Egypt I should go to. He could have reasoned that out but friends God doesn't go based on track history of how he's done things even in the past we can always look to the Old Testament stories and all these lessons of faith and put God in a box and saying this is how God is going to work sometimes it makes no sense friends the command is clear I'm not saying that it makes no sense like God what do you want me to do but the command is cool I just don't know the reason why this is where we have to trust God and to step out in faith to believe him to trust him that he knows what is best for us at that point of time is God asking you to step out in faith today friends. That instruction a command that has come from the Bible into your life is it clear today is what he wants you to do clear is Jesus waiting for you to step out in faith whether it be the Sabbath whether it be on health whether it be and in the 10 Commandments that is given to us whatever it is the calling your life the person he doesn't want you to marry your date are these commands clear and sometimes we can't see beyond our present situation and are our faith wavers for a 2nd but friends I want encourage you this evening to trust God to hold on to him no matter the situation why he loves you and he wants the very best for you not just in the future in heaven what he's going to come to take you home there but even in this life that he loves you but your brother and sister he loves you so much he wants to give you the best even in this life he wants to bless you. And sometimes the blessings come in the weirdest of ways contrary to the ways of the world contrary even sometimes to our own way and to our will but friends let's learn to trust God no matter the situation today let's pray Father in Heaven Lord I want to thank you for your word that comes so clearly to each and every one of us only help us to trust you Lord help us to have faith in you help us to believe with all our hearts help us to love you or father and when your word comes to us give us the courage to step forward and obey help us to put in our hearts and minds that we're going to follow every particle of your word in this coming week in our lives in the future that we have ahead of us that we will trust you no matter the circumstance and so far the police help us to put our best foot forward and that when we do help us to see the miracles and your deliverance and your blessing and the victories that you wish to give in our life today thank you all. For your prayer Jesus. 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