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16 The Faith of Gideon

Benjamin Ng
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  • October 2, 2020
    7:00 PM
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Father in heaven thank you so much for this time thank you that we are able to come and study your word thank you for your watch care for us throughout this past week and now as well to study please grant us your Holy Spirit to inspire us to illumine our hearts and minds to speak directly to our hearts Lord we might continue to grow in faith as well lead us oh Lord is our earliest plea in prayer for we pray in Jesus' name amen. Please turn within your Bibles to Hebrews chapter 11 Hebrews chapter 11 and we're going to read their verse 30 Hebrews chapter 11 and verse 30 the Bible says this and what shall I say more say for the time would fail me to tell of Gideon and of Barack and of Samson and of Jephthah of David also and Samuel and of the prophets you know there is a whole list of names that are mentions year and because Paul does take the time to mention them Gideon and Barack and Samson and of Jeff the and of David and Samuel some people that a famous King David and then some that are not so famous who is Jeff they're all Barack we will study each of these characters in relation to faith in the coming weeks but the 1st name that is mentioned there is Gideon and I know his name is spelled a little bit different in the New Testament depending on which version you have but it is Gideon g I d e o n And there are 5 sections when it comes to his story that we're going to be looking at today 5 sections up we're going to go through so I want to invite you to tell them in your bible now to the Book of Judges we were in Josh and we kind of seem to go through that book just that one story and then Paul moves on as we are now looking at the story in the faith of Gideon judges Chapter 6 starting in verse 11 judges 6 verse 11 the Bible says this and there came an angel of the Lord and sat under an old which was an Oprah that pertained to Joe wash the abbey as a right and his son Gideon's threshed we buy the wine press to hide it from the Midianites and the angel of the Lord appeared on to him and said and to Him the Lord is with the they'll mighty men of valor so Gideon he is there and he is collecting some we. It's by the wine press he's hiding it from the Midianites why they are the ones that keep coming and taking all that they have why they are the ones that are in control and oppressing them at this time but an angel actually appears to get in. And he calls him a mighty man of valor. It's interesting that he calls a man a valid because at this moment he is not he's hiding this little portion of wheat that he's grown and he's trying to keep it to himself in case the Midianites come and take it but the angel has a conversation with him Gideon actually has a conversation with an angel and he calls him a mighty man of valor brave man a man that is what when we talk about valor isn't usually relations a war this is what God through the Angel calls him let's continue verse the team and Gideon sentence him Oh my Lord of the Lord be with us Why then is all this befall in us and where we are all His miracles which are fathers told of us saying Did not the Lord bring us up from Egypt but now the Lord has forsaken us and delivered us into the hands of the Midianites and the Lord looked upon him and said go in this that I might and that shall save Israel from the hand of the 1000000 Knights have not I sent the so if you call me a man of valor and you call it saying that God is with us where Has God been we are under oppression and Gideon has a right to say that because that's exactly what is happening at this time but now the Lord makes it very clear in verse 14 Gideon I am going to deliver the Israelites through your hand verse 15 and he said and to him Oh my lord where with Shall I save Israel be hold my family is poor in the NASA and I am the least in my father's house so not not only does he begins a doubt here but he gives the reasons for his doubt what is it he is the least in his father's house his family is poor God Are you sure you want to work through me verse 16 and the Lord said and him surely I will be with the. And that shall smite the Midianites as one man you know friends we can see from this story and this conversation so far that Gideon is having with God He really does not have much faith he calls a mighty man of valor but God who am I And he says I'm going to deliver the hand of the Midianites into your hand but my family is poor and the least in my father's house God you show you've chosen the right man for this mission he is doubting the Word of God Are you sure you're calling me and if you're with us why has all of this happened but then that angel reveals why he's there I'm calling you Gideon to fight for God to be the delivery and the angel gives this sign that he really is a messenger that is sent from God and the words that he's speaking is true verse 21 let's jump down to verse $21.00 of judges Chapter 6 If you're just joining us now we are studying the faith of Gideon judges $621.00 then the angel of the Lord put forth the end of the stuff that was in his hand and touched the flesh and the unleavened cakes and there rose up fire out of the rock and consume the flesh and the unleavened cakes and the angel of the Lord departed out of his sight and when Gideon perceived that he was an angel the Lord Gideon said Alas Oh Lord God for because I have seen an angel of the Lord face to face and the Lord said and to him peace be unto thee fear not shalt not die so Gideon. He gives a sacrifice and the angel touches it and it goes on fire and then the angel disappears ascends up in that fire and Gideon realizes all I really have been speaking to our heavenly messenger and so it's from that point then that he begins to believe or should I say that his faith begins to increase so the 1st thing that God has to do is establish the faith that Gideon has in him and his word that he is going to do what he says which really at this time is almost impossible he's going to deliver the Israelites out of the hand of the Midianites by the hand of Gideon whom he says My family is poor and I am the least of all people God Are you sure you got the right man and so that's why God has to do this gives him a miracle gives him a sign and it stirs up faith in his heart but God is not done yet you see he can't be the leader of the people yet because there is sin in the family sin in the camp there is something that Gideon still has to deal with before God can fully work through Gideon as a delivery. Let's go to verse 25 judges 625 and it came to pass the same night that the Lord said to him take the father's a young bullock even the 2nd Bullock of 7 years old and throw down the altar of Bell that the Father hath and cut down the grove that is by it and build an altar under the law by God upon the top of this rock in the ordered place and take the 2nd Bullock and off off for a burnt sacrifice with the wood of the grove which Val shalt cut down what does God want Gideon to do he wants getting to go home and throw down the altar of bell that his father was the one that set up for the whole town talking about a family affair talking about going against your father some people would call this decide on or of friends we've got to be careful that we don't dishonor our parents but make sure that we still on our God at the same time God is 1st my dear friends family is 2nd and many of us we always get these things mixed up obedience to your family does not mean you are honoring them Gideon was still going to honor his father but he had to obey God 1st you know this was a difficult task it might have been easy for him to destroy someone else's altar but this was set up by his dad maybe God was testing him to see if he would really trust his word remember faith comes by hearing Romans 1017 and hearing by the Word of God This is a small instruction a small command that God is giving to give the and before he's asking him to go and be the liver a for the whole of Israel you see that. So God is seeing if Gideon would really trust his word even if it meant going against the grain of his family even the whole town and his father so God is building his faith sure he's not just going to say I call you and now go fight the 1000000 ites no God is building his faith step by step 1st thing go and destroy the altar of bell that your father has set up what happens Gideon goes ahead and does it he does it in the middle of the night because he's scared he can't do in the middle of the day where everybody is awake and seeing what he's doing he does it in the middle of the night but he still obeys nonetheless but what is the reaction of everybody let's jump down to verse 30 then the men of the city 7 to Joe ash Joe ash is the father of Gideon bring out the ice son that he may die because he have cast down the altar of Bell and because he has cut down the grove that was by it people are asking for the life of Gideon just because he destroyed the altar but look at the father's response and Joe are servants of all that stood against him will you plead for bail will you save him he that will plead for him let him be put to death while it is yet morning if he be a god talking about bail. Excuse me let him police for himself because one has cast down his alter Joe ash even though he was the main and primary instigator of setting up the altar of Bell now stands to confront all those that are asking for the life of his son whole friends his dad ends up standing for him even the hold on was against him and he changes his father's heart just because of this one act you know friends God he continues to test us through small little actions to see whether we truly trust in Him whether we truly hold on to him by faith on not we've got to be so careful that we obey every word of God and so God sees that Gideon is willing to follow him that he's willing to trust them but. Get in has to do one more test you see. What happens as a result though before we get to that test pardon me in verse 34 because Gideon was faithful because he listened to the Word of God What happens in verse 34 the spirit of the Lord comes on Gideon and he blew a trumpet and M.B.A.'s that was gathered after him now because of his faithfulness the whole town and those surrounding regions that were willing to come and so far Lo Gideon you know God poured out His Spirit and empowered him but not before not before he could see that Gideon was willing to follow every word the result Israel would rally around him he would receive the endowment of the Holy Spirit yes friends we receive the Holy Spirit when we believe but it's not the full measure. We need the Holy Spirit to obey but even then God gives us an extra measure when and after we have obeyed do you see that so surely the courage that Gideon had to throw down the family altar that altar of Bell and that courage was given from God the strength to do it was given from God but after he obeys God gives him an extra measure of strength do you see that and so as a result the whole of Israel is now being united. And this is important friends because sometimes we pray God I'm going to wait for you to just help me and that's it and we wait and we wait and sometimes God doesn't come around or is not really God he's already given us the courage he will already give us a strength even though sometimes we feel weak and afraid and we're shaking I'm sure Gideon was because he did in the middle of the night but yet he still obeyed he was still willing to follow God and then he gives him extra measure of Holy Spirit and even at this time Gideon he's afraid to be presumptuous he's careful he wants to make sure because this is a big project a big task that he's about to go on to fight against the host of Midianites he wants to make sure that God is with him and this is the part of the story that giving is the most famous for judges Chapter 6 verse 37. Behold I will put a fleece of wool in the floor and if the dew be on the fleece only and it be dry upon all the earth beside then shall I know that the hour will save Israel by mine and as that now has said and it was so for heroes of early in the morning and thrust the fleece together and wring the due out of the fleece a bowl full of water and Gideon servants of God Let not dine to be hard against me and I will speak this once let me prove I pray thee but this once with the fleece let it now be dry only upon the fleece and upon all the ground that be do you and God did so that night for it was dry upon the fleece only and there was due on all the ground the 1st time it being wet and then dry around was natural why the fleece would soak up the water so he has to do it a 2nd time now let it be dry and around be wet and God said his request he wanted to make sure that God was with him he wanted to make clear make it be clear that it was God was the one that was pushing him forward and he wasn't in some trance or days or he was doing this in his own pride he wanted to make sure that every step he was taking God was the one that was guiding him and you know friends we have to make sure as well of course we don't keep doing it and keep waiting and keep waiting like how Moses he kept asking and God gave him sign upon sign upon sign until he said let me choose hour and I brother instead of no getting was was careful but he didn't he didn't keep going when God's made it so clear and he kept asking so friends there was that one more test. There's still one more test that God has to in a sense give Gideon before he can go out and fight the Midianites But you know what's interesting friends we have already gone through 3 sections 3 steps the calling right from God and the confirmation from the angel that was the 1st one the angel sounded up but the 2nd because thing down of the altar of Bel and then the 3rd the test of the fleece and you know the dad changed and he protected his son and as a result he got an extra portion of the Holy Spirit all Israel was gathered and then he does a test of the fleece you know by this time having gone through all that getting has gone through his faith is really is that full strength he has total faith in God and there's no more reason to doubt God is there I mean at this point we should have considered the battle won already he's not for a single Midianites but he already has the full assurance that what God said at the very beginning I'm going to deliver the Midianites through your hand the battles already won Gideon has been faithful he's been going through step by step he's been following God and His faith is at this point really so strong he has full surance that God will be with him but yet God gives him one more judges Chapter 7 verse one. Then derivable who is good Ian and all the people that were with him rose up early and pitched beside the well of Herod so that the host of the Midianites were on the north side of them by the hill of Mora in the valley so he's thinking here's all the people let's go God he's ready to go and fight he is full of faith at this point. What happens and the Lord servants are getting in the people that are with the are too many for me to give the Midianites into their hands lest Israel vaunt themselves against me saying mine own hand have saved me so he tells Gideon Gideon your army is too big. Why is that because Gideon doesn't have any faith he's ready he's followed God's instruction throw down that altar and now I'm giving you the spirit go and gather everybody together they all come he's ready to fight but God says what no too many because if you go and fight and you win Israel will think that they did it by their own hand they are the ones that have no faith God has to work on the faith of those that are under Gideon the Israelites that are with him you know friends sometimes you've got to remember we got to remember you as an individual might be full of faith and you might push forward and you you know sometimes we're tempted to say to others where is your faith how can you have no faith at all right but these people are with him that's not really the case he's scared that they might have pride but we've got to remember the lesson is the same Nonetheless even if God has been leading you in your life of faith you've got to remember that everybody's faith is not on the same level we got to help people to grow as well grow in faith and so this test really was for the Israelites but does it test the faith of Gideon Oh definitely. Verse 3 now therefore go to proclaim in the ears of the people saying Whosoever is fearful and afraid let him return and depart early from Mt Gilliard and there returned of the people 20 and 2000 and there remained how many 10000 there were 32000 people that came from all parts of Israel that rallied behind Gideon in the previous chapter when the spirit of the Lord came upon him but Gideon says if you're afraid if you're fearful go home more than 2 thirds of his army left why is God doing this not forgiving rubber he's not we can faith anymore he is doing it for the Israelites they had been caught up in idolatry they were worshipping Bell God had to help establish their a faith as well 10000 are leaving verse 4 and the last 7 to Gideon the people are yet too many. Bring them down into the water and I will try them for the there and it shall be that of whom I say unto thee this shall go with the the same shall be with the and of whosoever I say into the this shall not go with the the same shall not go so he brought down the people on to the water and the Lord said and to get Ian everyone that lap of the water with his tongue as a dog lap Earth him shalt thou set by himself Likewise every one that by down upon his knees to drink and the number of them that lapped putting their hand to the mouth were 300 men but all the rest of the people bowed down upon their knees to drink water and the Lord servants are getting on by the 300 men that lapped will I save you and deliver the Midianites into the one hand and let all the other people go every man unto his place God tested them and he separated them out based upon how they drank the water when they were thirsty and out of the 10000 only 300 were kept only $300.00 of the $10000.00 friends that 3 percent of the army not including you know the $32000.00 that went home already right that was only one percent or less than one percent friends but you see what was happening. God was cutting down the army so that not only good he still had to trust God I mean 300 men against the whole host the 1000000 that's a pretty big feat already right but he is trying to separate out those that have the right character who truly trust God Now friends here's a very important lesson for us to learn. It's in the little things that God tests our character the little things I want you to consider Daniel just from the food he ate God was seeing could I trust Daniel to be a prophet or not just from his food even Samson staying away from wine and not cutting your hair I mean these things are pretty little in itself isn't it God is testing through the little things John the Baptist and his diet and how he lived as well could he be the one that would herald the 1st coming of the Messiah just by these little things even Moses he was kept out of heaven not heaven he was kept out of earthly Canaan because why instead of speaking to the rock he struck the rock something so small and seemingly insignificant of all the things that Moses had done for God already but yet it was the little things that kept him out from seeing earthly Cain friends it is these little things that matter in life it's these little things that build or even destroy our faith these little things matter and yes what is was it a test for getting Yes he saw his army go from 32210000 from 10002300 his faith probably was a little shaken a little bit even though God says with these 300 men I will deliver the Midianites into your hand but it he was sifting them out God was sifting them out and yet at the same time he was reassuring Gideon bloke I want you to take of take a minute to consider this year the 300 men you're one of the 300 men your faith would probably be a little bit shaken when. You would have to have faith in Gideon as a leader there was no miracle done for these 300 men but they knew that they were following a man of God They also had to have their faith built as well and I'm telling you friends God works in mysterious ways sometimes it takes faith to really trust them I mean walking around what we studied last week walking around a city and shouting at it that would really work are you sure God's ways are not our ways friends and it doesn't matter how big or how small an army is if we are faithful faith is the victory that overcomes the world friends we've got to trust them. We gotta trust and so with these 300 men it Gideon is ready to go into battle verse 19 so Gideon and the 300 men that were with him came unto the outside of the camp in the beginning of the middle watch and they had but newly set the watch and they blew trumpets and break the pictures that were in their hands and the 3 companies blew the trumpets and break the pictures and held the lamps in their left hands and the trumpets in their right hands to blow with all and they cried the sword of the Lord and of Gideon you know we don't know whether they had swords or not they must have but here they are running down into the camp of the 1000000 Knights with their hands full neither of which was used to fight. In the left hand they had lapse the picture was hiding the lights and then they were asked to break the picture to reveal the light from the lamp and then on the right hand they had trumpet what kind of warfare is this but yet it was under God's instruction and they stood every man in his place round about the camp verse $21.00 and all the host ran and cried and fled and the $300.00 blew the trumpets and the Lord set every man's sword this is a 1000000 ites against this fellow even throughout all the host and the host fled to Beth Chatah and 000 wrath and so the border of a bill of able more Hola and said to have both so God would be the one that would fight for them they would turn every man sword against each other only as the $300.00 worth faithful so follow every specification that was outlined by God to get Ian So friends I want to look at this these 2 things. Left hand the lamp right hand the trumpet What is the significance of these items the lamp we know Psalms $119.00 verse 5 the a word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path friends we've got to go forward in faith to fight God's battles with the Word of God and the soldiers the $300.00 plus Gideon could do it because they have been following the Word of God Every step of the way friends if we are to fight a victorious battle we had to fight the battle of God and come up victorious we got to use the word of God it must be a foundation not only to be used as when we need it but we must make it our foundation upon our own life we got to live it or else the battle is lost already we need the Word of God to be our guide we need it to fight the word that the battle for us but how about the trumpets What is the significance of the trumpet that they would use to blow and make a certain sound definitely but what is this trumpet represents Hebrews Chapter 4 part of me hubris 12 and verse 19 Hebrews child and verse 19. And the sound of a trumpet and the voice of words which voice they had they that heard in treated that the word should not be spoken to them anymore what was a trumpet referred to as it was the voice or the words of God We see this also in Revelation Let's turn our Bibles there Revelation chapter one and verse 10 Revelation chapter one in verse 10 I was in the spirits on the Lord's day and heard it behind me a great voice as of a trumpet and so it is the voice of God But look this is very interesting these 2 objects they are seemingly the same thing the lamp is the Word of God. The Trumpet is the voice of God which is the Word of God right but they play different roles the lamp is to light our way to show us to guide us to lead us in our life in how to fight Ok. But the trumpet it declares the Word of God There are 2 different things we've got to be guided but we must proclaim as well but of course we've got to proclaim before we can proclaim we've got to be guided We got be living by it and so they had already done the needed preparation following the Word of God and the Word of God was still their god but now they had to proclaim the Word of God The name of the Lord his word his voice and friends if we want to have victory if we want to experience victory it's not enough just to listen to the Word of God all the time yes that is the beginning of our faith it is necessary it is important and we've got to learn to live by every word Matthew fall for right we're going to learn to live by every word of God but we've got to come to this point in our experience that we learn to also proclaim the Word of God to share the word of God Why friends because it's not enough just to keep eating without giving when we begin to proclaim the Word of God when we begin to share the word of God you know what happens friends it begins to store our hearts as well when we begin to live for other people it begins to stir our hearts and our faith as well it changes our perspective on everything that God shares because now it's not just for me I need to know this for them it's learning to live for other people you know. If we want to have victory over the devil and his hosts we've got to share. They say that when you read and when you listen even as you sit here and you're watching me you're not really reading that much you're listening we don't retain very much as learners as and it only becomes ingrained in our life more and more as we share it only then when when we begin you know I remember when I was studying in theology school our little look at all these preachers and teachers and you know they would know so much of the Bible and I want to always lie and then I would have this class fundamentals of the Christian faith and we have to learn all these doctrines and you know our admin is Dr ns and and the things that are found in the Word of God and and there are text that they would share with us that are very very very important Bible texts every doctrine has one important foundational Bible text that we had to memorize and we had to memorize it for her exam. Oh it was difficult I could not remember all these texts and I'm telling you as soon as the exam was over I forgot them all they didn't mean much to me especially hours us learning the more I just I mean as I said yes there were things that would enter my mind and God was changing my heart and life but not to the extent of what I experience now when I have the opportunity to share God's word and so you know at the very beginning of this video sharing I ask you to share you know that's not the same sharing that I'm talking about here it's easy to click a share button and share this video but what I mean by sharing now is why did you write down all the Bible texts and I've been sharing with you and you go and share it with someone else. Invite people on a Friday night maybe you know all throughout this week you don't listen to it on a Friday night you listen to it on a Saturday night or Sunday or Monday and then you have your own Friday night keg group at your house and you share the word of God with someone else I'm telling you that sort of x. perience changes us even more and I believe that many of us we don't obtain the victory that is needed because we fall short of this last step and you know friends God is still wanting us to share today there's a world to be won there's a hell to shun. Friends God has to do that work through you and it comes back as a blessing to the giver because not only do you learn more but it gives you victory it strengthens your faith not just the faith of others friends where in is found faith in the life of Gideon we've gone through the 5 sections he could have doubted at every step do you know that that 1st step his calling God Are you sure you're calling me that 2nd step the class thing down of the altar of Bell scared of his dad and everyone in town he could have doubted God Are you sure they're going to kill me how am I going to be delivered of fall for Israel if they all kill me right the fleece Are you sure God Are you sure that's natural that's natural you could have doubted it then the sifting of the army God 300 men are you sure 300 never heard of this before and then you could have he would not have gone to fight if you didn't get through the previous 4 situations right. But we see what happened when God called them he had faith that God really call them other that Angel ascended up to heaven and then when he got us in the cast down the the altar of Bel that his father had set up his faith began to be a living faith and then the fleece he made sure that it was God the one that was calling him and not his own pride or ambition. And the sitting of his army he had faith in God He knows what he's doing and finally when the battle came and he had a victory it was the result of Gideon's faith friends today God is trying to build your faith he's trying to test your faith he's trying to help you to grow and then step by step put into practice the things that you learn he's seeing how much he can trust you because he wants to do great things through you just as he did through Gideon and even Moses and Joseph and Abraham he wants to bless you and make you great in this earth but he needs to make sure that he can trust you 1st that you're willing to trust him at every step of your life friends what will it be are you willing to trust God have you come to this point in your faith experience where you've been reading the Word of God and maybe you begin to doubt we have many hoax of doubt that we can hang our faith upon and just not believe the Creation story who was present the Red Sea Are you sure it really happened you know we have many doubts so we can just throw out there with friends God is asking you to trust his word not your experience. Don't struggle with the instruction. Look at it read it believe it and by faith stepped forward and if you seen the river Jordan parts or you've seen the walls of Jericho come crumbling down around you in your life why not hold on to him even tighter and sometimes a test might be even more extreme but God knows that if you learn to trust him you'll do great miracles through your friends why not test them today why not taste them today and see that he is good bless it is the man that trust. In Him Oh friends may we be like Gideon today trust God at His word that even with such a small army we can go out and defeat the hosts of the Devils not because of anything that we are but because God is with us and we've stepped out in faith and he will fight the battles for us may God be your source of strength and hope and courage today as we continue to walk this life of faith let's pray shall we Father in Heaven Lord I want to thank you for giving us the story and how you you did such a great and wonderful miracle through Gideon's life Lord as we read it help our faith to grow and help us to see how you're working in and through our lives as well today a lot I pray that it was struggling faith I pray that you help us to grow I pray that you'd strengthen us that you draw close to us that you would reassure us with your words and that Lord you would give us a fresh perspective and that you give us courage to step out and trust you. Lord what does this world have to offer heartache and pain troubles Lord just to hold on to you today. Pray in Jesus. Name. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons leader visit w w w audio verse or.


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