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17 The Faith of Barak

Benjamin Ng
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  • October 10, 2020
    11:00 AM
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Father in heaven thank you so much for this time thank you Lord for seeing us safely through this past week thank you that we can come and study together this evening we ask that you please be with us as we open the Bible now will you please guide us with the Holy Spirit lead us into all truth we pray in Jesus name Amen. This evening I have something a little bit different plan for you I have all the texts on the screen for you to follow and I know some of you've been asking you know are there any things that we can look at other than just my face you know it might as well just be audio right so I've decided to put all the text on the screen this evening will be studying the faith of Barack and he is found there he's listed there in Hebrews chapter 11 Hebrews 11 verse 32 this is what the Bible says about Barack and it's just the list what shall I say more for the time would fail me to tell of Gideon and of Barack and of Samson and of Jeff the of David also and Samuel and of the prophets you know Barack you've probably heard of his name before but he's not a very famous character his story is not very long in the Old Testament as Gideon but he is even more famous of course but the interesting thing is Barack story actually comes just the prior chapter to give you and which we studied last week so we're not doing things in chronological order I'm not sure why Paul listed it out this way and didn't mention Barack 1st and then Gideon but we're studying it in the order that's given to us in Hebrews chapter 11 but before we go to the Old Testament there's something interesting that we read about Barack that is listed in Hebrews 11 this description that really absolutely fits him look at this in the next verse verses 30 $3.00 to $34.00 The Bible says who through faith subdued kingdoms wrought righteousness of Tain promises stopped the mouths of lions quenched the violence of fire escaped the edge of the sword and then it says this out of weakness were made strong that disk. Option about the week being made strong probably fits the description of Barack Baloch a Barack pardon me the most he was a man that seemed to be timid and insecure as we'll see in a little bit but nevertheless he believed God's Word and His promises and he went forward in obedience by faith and was used mightily by God for the good of his people so let's start with the background of the time that Barack is living in let's go to judges chapter 4. And we're starting there in verse one judges chapter 4 starting in verse one the Bible says and the children of Israel again did evil in the sight of the Lord when the hood was dead and the Lord sold them into the hand of j. been king of Canaan that reigned in Hazel the captain whose Of whose host was the Sarah which dealt welt in of the Gentiles and the children of Israel cried unto the Lord for he had 900 chariots of and 20 years he mightily oppressed the children of Israel you know friends it was a difficult time that the children of Israel were living and they were being oppressed by the surrounding nations but this we will see is a repeated pattern that happens throughout all the Book of Judges if you've never read the book of Judges from chapter one all the way to the end of the chapter you will find that this just keeps repeating over and over again the people they go into sin after the judge dies or the the leader dies and so because of that God lets them and sells them into captivity in other nations come and conquer them and then the people cry out to God God hears them and guess what he sends a judge a deliver the judge fights for them delivers them the judge dies and guess what the people go back into sin again let me show you some examples let's go to judges chapter 2 and verse 8 Joshua he was the one that followed on from Moses as the leader but it says here that Joshua the son of Nun the servant of the Lord died being a 110 years old so the judge diverse now look what happens next verse 11 and the children of Israel did evil in the sight of the Lord and serve the bail and so when the judge dies they turn away from God they. Evil and they here they served bail him so what happens verse 14 the anger of the Lord was hot against Israel and he delivered them into the hands of spoilers that spoiled them and he sold them into the hands of their enemies round about so that they could not any longer stand before their enemies so God would sell them into the hands of their enemies because of their rebellion and then verse 18 and when the Lord raise them up judges then the Lord was with the judge and delivered them out of the hand of their enemies all the days of the judge repent of the law because of their Gronings by reason of them that oppress them and vex them and they came to pass when the judge was dead that they returned and corrupted themselves more then their fathers in following other gods to serve them it's a bow down and to them they cease not from their own doings nor from their stubborn way so we see this cycle that I mentioned the judge diaries the children of Israel they go into sin and because they reject God God reproves the his protecting care and then the other nations come and conquer them they go into captivity they are sold and slaves to their enemies they cry out to God and the good thing is whenever they cry out to God God hears them send them a judge a deliver and this whole cycle repeats again when the judge dies they go back into sin let me show you a couple more examples let's go to Judge just Chapter 3. Verses 7 to 12 judges 3 starting in verse 7 and the children of Israel did evil in the sight of the Lord and forget the Lord their God and serve bail and the grows you see that so the judge dies they go back to their sin therefore the anger of the Lord was hot against Israel and he sold them into the hand of shoeshine rich a thing king of Mesopotamia and the children of Israel serve this king 8 year so there they go sold into captivity and then the children of Israel they cried on to the Lord and the Lord raised up a deliverer to the children of Israel who delivered them even who often Neil the son of Caleb's younger brother so they get delivered and the spirit of the Lord came upon him and he judged Israel and went out to war and delivered and the Lord delivered to shine research thinking of Mesopotamia into his hand and his hand travailed against him and the land had rest for years as long as the judge was alive they were faithful and also the other son of Kenya's died verse 12 and the children of Israel did evil again in the sight of the Lord and the Lord strengthened egged on the king of nowhere against Israel because they had done evil in the sight of the Lord you see that friends every time the judge dice they go back into sin one last example judges chapter 3 and will continue on verse 14 so the children of Israel so they go on the king of Moab 18 years but when the children of Israel cried on to the Lord the Lord raise them up a deliver a you Hood the son of a bench of might a man left handed and by Him The children of Israel sent a present under the king of Moab and there's a bit more description about what you who does but them. Verse 30 Moab was subdued that day under the hand of Israel the land had rest for years 80 years there was peace and rest that's the last verse there we jump into Chapter 4 which we read earlier and the children of Israel again did evil in the sight of the Lord when you heard was. So every time friends every time the judge dies the children of Israel they go back into sin they go back to their old lives and when they find out it so bad they cry to God God sends a nother judge another deliverer and what we read there in Judges chapter 4 really brings us down to that time the time of Barack the character that we are interested in studying about this evening. For 20 years j. been king of Canaan has been raining and put them into captivity his captain is Sarah and we read about them in Georgia chapter 4 was 2 and 3 and he was the captain instrumental in oppressing the children of Israel and it just says there how powerful their army was $900.00. You know friends that's like having 900 tanks the day this is how strong their army was and how bad were those days when we go to Judge chapter 5 you know Barack is praising God but he does describe about the time that they were living in let me show you in Judges chapter 5 and verses 6 and 7 look at what is said about those times before they were delivered in the days of Shamgar the son of an earth in the days of jail the highways were an occupied and the travellers they walked through the by ways the inhabitants of the villages ceased they ceased in Israel people they did just didn't go anywhere and if they did they didn't use the highway they were afraid they had to go through the the back roads the ones that would take twice as long the ones that were less traveled why they were just living in fear this was a type of oppression that was taking place for 20 years to the children of Israel and people they were just the fence less look at what else it says in Judges chapter 5 in verse 8 they chose New Gods. Then was war in the Gates was there a shield or spear seen among 40000 in Israel that's a rhetorical question friends there was not even a shield or a spear they were not even capable if they were able to muster 40000 people they were not able and they were not capable to fight against the Canaanites and what they were doing in oppressing them this was surely a difficult time and this is the background of Barack in the time that he's living in but now let's continue the story judges for vs $4.00 and $5.00 and Deborah a prophetess the wife of Lapidoth she judged Israel at that time she dwelt under the palm tree of Deborah between Rama and Bethel in Mount Ephraim and the children of Israel came up to her for judgment you know friends when we study about the story of Barack it has to be tied in with Deborah Deborah and Barack they're not a couple they're not married she was married already to somebody else but they too would be linked together she was a prophetess in the time of Israel and she was a judge and it would be through her that God would communicate to Barack and not directly to Barack why. We'll see in a minute didn't make Barack any less of a man or any less of a Deliverer through which God would work but somehow God would communicate to Deborah prophetess and through her to Barack and God still works that way sometimes friends it doesn't mean that you're any less of a saint or a child of God or that you've done something really wrong that God won't communicate directly to you you know people ask me as a pastor when has has God ever spoken directly to you and he hasn't has he worked through me for the blessing of others I can see it in some sense not not about being proud but friends you have to have an assurance of your calling and I have seen that God truly has called me to be a pastor so we can have that assurance even though literally we don't hear the voice of God speaking directly through us right from heaven and this is what was with Barack but let's continue judgers chapter 46 and 7 and she sent and called Barack the son of a big No I'm out of care action of family and said unto him has not the Lord God of Israel commanded saying go and draw toward Mt table and take with the 10000 men of the children of Naphtali and of the children of Dublin and I were drawn to the to the river Keyshawn says Sarah the captain of James army and his chariots and his multitude and our I will deliver him into the vine and notice here that even though it is Deborah speaking clearly she is giving a message straight from God Has not God of Israel said this to you right and the instruction was one to recruit 10000 men from his tribe of Naphtali and from the children of Zabulon. And it's interesting how the Bible puts. God would bring the army of says Sarah the captain right where he would be by the river Q Sean you know oftentimes when you go fight a battle you got to go where the enemy would be but God said This time I will bring the enemy to you and barrack in spite of his own sense of his humility human limitations he could have had faith in God's call it was a prophetess that was telling him this and he should have had confidence in the command right and he was promised a victory in that actual warfare that God came and told him through Deborah you will have victory I'll draw them to you and you I'll deliver them into your home and we don't know barracks background whether he was trained to fight or whether he was a man of valor like Gideon did he have any military experience we don't really know most likely not since there was not even a spear or shield among 40000 people right in fact what is his response to the command from Deborah the prophetess look at this judge's Chapter 4 verse 8 and Barack 7 to her I if that all will go with me then I will go with you I will go but of not go with me then I will not go what does this response sound like is it a good response is it positive is it negative it could have been positive maybe he was just his way of saying please come with me maybe he wanted to make sure that the one that gave the command would be with him he wanted assurance right. But it really was more a negative response than anything else and how do we know because it sounds like he's giving an ultimatum if you go with me I'll go but if you don't go with me I will not go his obedience he placed not on the command of God but on whether Deborah would go with him or not and friends we've got to remember that yes a prophet as human as well what if there were said hey this was the column to you not to me you better go Barack might not have gone and friends we got to be so careful for a lie on human help God though is merciful. Even though we can see that barracks faith is weak yet Deborah Yeah and she probably sees it as well she encourages him with her presence you know friends there are people that are around us that might be weak in faith that just need our presence to be there to strengthen them you know there was one of my church members are always remember what he shared He said there's the ministry of just showing up you have the Ministry of just being there sometimes we think oh this is a youth program Why do families need to go do you know that the families change that atmosphere of the youth socials and just by being there you don't have to participate in their games more often than not you'll have to cook but just that you're very presence makes a big difference and Deborah she understood that and so what was her response judges Chapter 4 verse knowing she said I will surely go with the but then here's a bit of a rebuke notwithstanding the journey that takers shall not be for the vine on or for the Lord shall Celsus era into the hand of a woman and Deborah Rose and went with Barack to Kadesh you know from her response we can see that Barack had a lack of faith he didn't it's not that he had no faith he would go and he would go on the command of the Lord and no one else's but he did give a condition his faith was weak but yet in the little of the faith that he had God was still willing to work through him you see that and it was not that he was being humble and being unsure of himself he was also unsure of God not totally to the point that he would. The brain just said are are not going all right but he said if you don't go with me I'm not going eventually he would go his faith placed on Deborah the prophetess and so he was emboldened by Deborah's presence and in the end they were a team each doing their part which was suited to the judges chapter 5 verse 12 says this awake awake Deborah awake awake after a song arise Barack and lead by captivity captive valves son of a beer no one you know they had their part the part for Deborah was to awake the people to stir the people to cause them to arise and barracks part was to lead the people and to free them from their captivity and from their oppression so look friends we still have our roles today. And just because God puts you as a leader it doesn't mean that you will only work through you and you alone in Hebrews 11 and talks about the faith of Barack and even though it seemed like his faith was weak it never said the faith of Deborah not because it was just a male dominated society look in the genealogy of Jesus we see 5 women that are mentioned it's not even minded she didn't care and say hey why are you leaving my name out of the genealogy of hubris Chapter 11 no friends Deborah had a part and she was the judge of Israel but it would be through Barack that God would deliver the children of Israel and so even though his faith was not the same as maybe Gideon's his faith was still big enough even though it was small it was big enough still for God to work through it so now. Let's read the 1st hint of God's divine providence for Barrick judges chapter 4 and verse 11. This this verse it seems to be a bit of a strange pause in the story it seems like it just gives us an extra detail for no good reason but it's important now Heber the q. night which was of the children of the father in law of Moses had severed himself from the clan ites and pitched his tent under the plain of Zion name which is by Kadesh which is seen which is the place that that their brother and Barack are going to read that back in verse 9 but we have this little detail why why this strange detail that is given to us Huber the Ken ites it was of the children of the father in law of Moses Ok so they were connected in some ways but. They had left off living with their family the care nights and. They've gone and lived in the plane of the name which is by carriage where this battle is about to take place now what I want to do is just lock this simile unimportant detail away just for a little bit in our minds for a moment and let's read on to see what God is doing to bring to Sara it's a battle Sarah judges chapter 4 verses 12 and 13 and they showed to Sarah that Barack the son of a bone I'm a bit o. him was gone up to Mt Toba war and says Sarah gathered together all his chariots Even 100 chariots of iron and all the people that were with him from of the Gentiles unto the river of Q Shawn So Barack heures a part of me says Sarah he hears about barracks army and he ends up going to meet him at the place where God said Barack would defeat him so embarrassed Caesar says faith is strengthening he's seeing prophecy and the Word of God being fulfilled and that my friends when you see the word of God unfolding before your very eyes it inspires faith confidence and courage and so Deborah he she gave this prophecy to Barack that God would bring him to the river where he would be and so when he sees that. He has already the confidence that God will be with him and who go forward in faith friends prophecy is so important in our day to day how do we know that we can trust the Bible how do we know that we can trust the words here because there are some things that you could read sometimes that seem so outrageous to some people creation is an outrageous thing even as Christians many still believe in evolution were taught that in our schools no schools except for maybe the Christian schools teach creation but even then sometimes it's mingled with evolution I grew up in schools not Christian ones but I grew up learning about evolution how do you know that that creation is correct how do we see it in nature sometimes we don't sometimes there seems to be more evidence but the reason why I can believe creation is because the prophecies elsewhere in the Bible that have been fulfilled already give me confidence in other areas of scripture that might seem impossible or questionable Peter walking on water the Red Sea parting all these sorts of things how can we have confidence in the these parts of Scripture because we see fulfilled prophecy and that's what Barack saw and saw in Judges chapter 4 and then verse 14 and Deborah silence of Barack up for this is the day in which the Lord had delivered to Sarah into the in the hand is not the lord going up before the so Barack went down from Mount table and 10000 men after him you know friends isn't it interesting and we saw this earlier but isn't it interesting that Barack had 10000 men but given 10000 was still too many Once again we don't know the number that's a syrah head but he had 900 charities of one here. And somehow look a chapter later or 2 chapters later God says 10000 too much Gideon. I'll just use 300 Thank you very much and so friends we can't ever ever limit God to what we just see in the scripture he goes above and beyond that he says I will make a new way I will make a new road I will do something new you don't have to keep relying on all miracles God as something new can be done and so with 10000 men they were brought to battle and look at what judges chapter 5 Verse 20 and 21 says about this battle is very interesting they fought from heaven the stars in their courses fought against Sarah the river of Q Shawn swept them away that ancient river the river Kishon on all my soul that child and down strength you know what God did he rendered those chariots useless got them or stuck in mud or swept them away it was damp it was wet they couldn't move God has had his reason for having the battle by the river Kish on and as a result Barack obtained the victory let's continue judges for 15 and 16 and the Lord discomforted Susteren and all his chariots and all his host with the edge of the sword before Barack So that's a Sarah lighted down off his chariot and float away on his feet you see that his chariot got stuck but Barack pursued after the chariots and after the host and to her a shot of the Gentiles and all the host of Sarah fell upon the edge of the sword and there was not a man left so God gives them complete victory but yet the story's not ended yet let's continue verse 17 how be it Sara fled away on his feet to the tent of jail the wife of Heber the Kinect Do you remember that detail back in verse 11. This is it for there was peace between j.b. in the King of Hazel and the House of Heber the Q night and jail went out to meet the Seri and said to him turn in my Lord turn into me fear not and when he had turned in her into the tent she covered him with a mantle and so we see this detail now coming up how this Moses father in law had broken away from their family and they are living by the river here the near not right at the place but near to the place where they were having this great battle and because there was peace between June when the King who's the Canaanite and this household says Sarah came in and armed and hew what he felt safe to accept the invitation of jail the wife of Heber the king knight to come in he didn't think anything about it he let his guard down and let's continue reading shall we verse 19 and he said to her give me I pray thee a little water to drink for I am thirsty and she opened a bottle of milk and gave him drink and covered him again he said and so her stand in the door of the tent and it shall be when any man doth come and inquire of the and say Is there any man here well shalt say no then jail he was wife took a nail of the tent and took a hammer in her hand and went softly on to him and smote the nail into his temples and fast and into the ground for he was fast asleep and weary soul he died and behold as Barack pursued to Sarah jail came out to meet him and certain to him Come and I will show the the man whom thou seacoast and when he came into her tent behold Sarah lay dead and the nail was in his temples. You know friends it would be jail a gentile a housewife a mother a non-Christian in a sense that would kill the captain of the army you wouldn't ever think someone so simple minded and so gentle would do such a thing when we read at the very beginning when Deborah the prophet or said because you lack faith because you told me that if I don't go with you you won't go and if I go you'll go I'm going to put I would deliver the Sarah and the army into the hands of a woman we all thought that it would probably be Deborah prophetess right but it wasn't it was this humble gentle housewife a person that we were not even consider a Christian today now friends I don't think Barack was really angry or upset that he was not the one to kill Sarah himself but it certainly was a big slap in the face for him why he would not have the honor of ending the war he went and fought this whole battle and yet it would be a woman that would come and the war at the end of it you know there aren't many people out there that are not in the church today that has more faith than those in the church do you know that doing the ministry of Jesus the times that Jesus said I have not found so great faith no not in Israel the greatest of faith those that had the great faith. Well the Gentiles or the non jewish people at that time one of them was a Canaanite woman who came to Jesus begging for healing for her daughter and Jesus infamously said one only only the children are allowed to eat at the table meaning I've only come for the Jews and she said well yes but even the dogs eat the crumbs that fall from the table calling herself the dog and God says I have not found so great faith and when the century and came and asked Jesus to heal his servant he said don't come are not worthy just speak the word only and Jesus. Have not seen any such great faith no not in Israel you know oftentimes those with greater faith are those that come from the world not those that are grown up in the church all their lives we hear these stories and sometimes it doesn't seem to move the needle of our heart doesn't mean that there's no point being a Christian not all God has given us the word to be a tremendous blessing to each and every one of us there is tremendous blessings so those that believe those that accept the Word of God as precious even from a young age we look at the great heroes of the Bible they were taught on their mother's knee by with with the Word of God of Moses and Samuel Samson and John the Baptist all these great heroes of faith yes there is a great advantage friends but too often God has to use the gentile to school Christians isn't it. And so look it's important it's important to exercise our faith and grow from it and I know that Barack Look if Barack had no faith in God would not have worked through him at all he did have some. Even though he made such a ultimatum and a demand on Deborah the prophetess he did have some and it just goes to show how much a god is willing to work even through little. Do you see that but let's come to the story here and let's finish it off. Judges chapter 423 and 24 so God subdued on that day job in the King of Canaan before the children of Israel and the hand of the children of Israel prospered and prevailed against Jaivin the king of Canaan until they had destroyed Jamen the king of Canaan Barack may not have laid the last blow on susceptible and killed him and you know destroyed him but certainly it was through Barack that the Lord wrought a great to live reports for the children of Israel that day it was through his faith in spite of his fears in spite of his weaknesses that the Lord did a mighty wonder for the whole country and you know Francis is a really important lesson for us today it is not about even how much faith you have sometimes it's how much even though you in your fear and trepidation you still willing to trust the prophet Barack trust that the prophet Yes she was the judge but she was also prophetess and sometimes you know we don't see the end from the beginning we don't see how God is going to do it and in our little faith that we have we sometimes falter and we stumble but I want to encourage you to push through your fears push through those things that cause your soul to tremble and be willing to test God. I know that at least our little faith can bring us to that point no matter how large the matter how small God is trying to lead us on and strengthen us and he knew the temperament of of Barack So he gave him a prophetess to walk with and we're told in Jol Chapter 2 I'm sorry I don't have the support screen but we're told in Jol chapter 2 I believe this verse 272829 that God would send prophets in the last days these prophets are important they are given to strengthen our hand in these troubled times that we live in and how is God going to bring out great deliverance from the weakest of the weak those that have been there have been cast down and hurt by sin for thousands of years he gives us the gift of the prophets I want to encourage you to believe the prophets to hold fast to the Word of God. And that as we learn to step forward in knowing that God is with us we have the assurance of the words of the prophets Surely God will give us the victory we learn to lean more heavily upon God's Word and the gifts that he's given to us especially the gift of the prophecies of the prophets today let's pray Father in Heaven Lord I want to thank you that you don't just give the glorious examples but you help us to see into the weakness of humanity not to give us an excuse but to give us a ladder to climb on to help us to understand how we can have the faith of the great patriarchs of all. But you know even here a mention in this hall of faith Lord you have men that simulate had little faith yet you still write a great deliverance for them Lord we want to have that experience today I pray that you teach us to trust your word to trust the words of the prophets that you've given to us in these last days that you would help us to ride through the storms and eventually give us a victory over the devil give us victory over sin he was victory over all temptations and trials that are thrown our way the truly at the end of it Lord we can rejoice and be exceeding glad in every trial and temptation and so a lot please guide us if there are any of my brothers and sisters are listening this evening that are facing these trials I pray that you strengthen their faith and help them to look up to trust in the words of the prophets that you've given to us today. Thank you we pray in Jesus' name. 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