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21 The Faith of David

Benjamin Ng
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  • October 30, 2020
    7:00 PM
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Father in heaven thank you so much for this time that we can study together Thank you Lord for the wonderful week that you gave to each and every one of us and we think we're thankful also for the Sabbath hours that we're in that we can rest from our labors and Lord I just pray that you know help us to put aside our burdens even now that we can come and focus upon your word and to come and hear your voice speak to us when you please Lord grace us with their presence please give us your Holy Spirit to lead and teach us and guide us into all truth for we pray in Jesus' name amen Hebrews chapter 11 Hebrews chapter 11 and as usual I have the slides here and as I said we're looking at a famous character in the Bible this evening Hebrews 1132 The Bible says and what shall I more say for the time would fail me to tell of Gideon and of Barack and of Sampson and of just there all of these people we've studied already and then of David also and Samuel and of the prophets David he occupies a large space in the Bible in history it's really hard to pick out just one individual story and I want to just start with the story that is the van was famous of all stories and you can probably guess what it is we find in all the children's story books as well it is the story of David and Goliath well focus on that as this is probably the earliest story in the life of the faith of David where we see him exercising great faith tremendous faith and some would say even probably the greatest faith throughout his whole life. But before we go to his story it's found in seconds to me 1st Samuel chapter 17. Just a little bit of background leading up to this point where David is about to fight Goliath David at this time when he comes and he standing before the Liath he's already been anointed king secretly by Samuel the prophet and Saul is still king but Samuel had to go to David's town pretending that he was going there to sacrifice and secretly anoint David as the next king of Israel God is now making the choice instead of the people but Saul people are beginning to quickly they're beginning to realize very quickly that Saul is not the leader that they were hoping he would be and so he's impetuous He's a fiery hot tempered leader and they can't really trust him a rash man capable of doing anything really if you cross this path in the wrong way and so as a result for Saul an evil spirit had come upon him God had rejected him already and David now he's been anointed and we picked it up in the 1st Samuel Chapter 17 starting there in verse one. Now the Philistines gather together their armies to battle and would gather together shall call which belong to Judah and pitch between shall call and as Eka in f. as dumb and Saul and the men of Israel would gather together and pitched by the Valley of Elah and set the battle in a ray against the Philistines in the Philistines stood on a mountain on the one side and Israel stood on a mountain on the other side and there was a valley between them and there went out a champion out of the camp of the Philistines named Goliath of Gath whose height was 6 cubits and a span Pardon me I forgot to change this lie there but look the Philistines they've come looking for trouble with the Israelites there pitched on one side of a mountain and on the other side the Israelites are pitched and out comes a goal lyeth their champion the Bible says that he was 6 cubits and a span What is 6 cubits and a span you see one cube it is about half a metre so 6 cubits 3 meters tall Goliath is about 9 feet tall he is a giant For reference I think of basketball hoop is about 10 feet tall I'm not sure maybe I'm it might be mistaken but he is one foot shy of the height of a basketball hoop you know and so he is a giant He's really tall and look he wasn't just any ordinary giant you got to understand this you see people that normally get that hole right there really skinny their bones and their muscles can't hold them up they're kind of it deformed they're too tall but this wasn't the. Case with Goliath he was tall but he was also muscular he was built look at what the Bible describes about the armor that he wore and then his shield and sword and different things like what the Bible says here in 1st Samuel 17 continuing in verse 5 and he had a helmet of brass upon his head and he was armed with a coat of mail and the weight of the coat was 5000 shekels of brass and he had Greaves of brass upon his legs and a target of brass between his shoulders and the start of his spear like it was a weaver's beam and his spears head weighed 600 shekels of iron and one bearing a shield went before him in verse 5 there it says that the weight of the coat was how much 5000 shekels of brass friends do you know how heavy that is that is about 41 kilograms or 91 pounds his armor. His armor was 41 kilograms some ladies are about that weight the understand that so he was not some skinny person walking around tall and skinny and the form he was built he was strong he was a giant And that doesn't even clue his helmet of brass and the Greaves of brass which is the brass that would cover his legs he was wearing armor from head to foot I mean at the foot Yes I'm sorry and on top of that it says that his spears head alone weighed 600 shekels and it sounds a lot but that's about 7 kilograms just the head not the whole spear you got to understand this and 7 kilograms doesn't sound like a lot 15 pounds does not sound like a lot but this is just the tip of the spear the spears head 50 pounds or 7 kilograms we can understand here now why Saul's probably trembling and the whole army is trembling he he represents Goliath represents the mother of all problems the trial of all trials the greatest of all problems that you might never ever face in life these are the sorts of problems that come into your life just once in a lifetime ready to crush out your spirit and any hope and joy that we have in our lives you know friends have you ever experienced such a problem before young people probably you haven't problems they are scum spare slee when you're young but they seem to increase as you get older and older and older it's called the midlife crisis for a reason. Why because many of us maybe have never faced such tremendous problems until we get to that point but Goliath he represents the biggest of all problems that we ever face ready to crush out your life and your spirit and you feel like giving up on God and tempting to just abandon him altogether this was experience of saw and he wasn't ready an evil spirit had come upon him you see but he comes out Goliath comes out with a challenge if you defeat me the Philistines and us will be your servants but if we defeat you you will be our servants Let's continue reading 1st Samuel 17 verse 10 and the Philistine said I defy the armies of Isabel this day give me a man that we may fight together and when Saul and all Israel heard those words of the Philistine they were dismayed and greatly afraid Saul was afraid why God wasn't with them anymore God had abandoned him you see he was the 1st king of Israel and it was chosen by man yes but God was with him at the very beginning but it seemed that Saul always seemed to walk in His own will and his own way and. He just stopped obeying God the last straw was when God asked him to kill all the allocates all the women and children all their cattle and all everything and. Solve he went halfway and that was the last straw God was testing to see if he could really trust him because he would be a man that would trust God's word to the very t. even though sometimes it didn't make sense but Saul didn't and as a result of what happened we read there back in 1st Samuel 16 verse 14 but the spirit of the Lord departed from Saul and an evil spirit from the Lord troubled him you see God had rejected him from being king and he had chosen someone else and we all know who that is David of course who was anointed secretly by Samuel while Saul was still yet alive so that's why the whole host of Israel is trembling God is not with them because God is not with their leader and it just goes to show how important it is when you are a leader and how being the man of the house is such an important position because that is the position of influence through the leader through the head of the home of God It is not with the leader of the home the chances are God will not be the leader of anyone in the home and so it was with the children of Israel they were trembling they were afraid because of the time when they're looking at their leader for strength and support he's in is tent scared scared. However David has already been secretly anointed king and God is sending him on the way God is in control he's all castrating all these events according to His will and according to his vest timing as well let's continue 1st Samuel 17 and verse 12 now David was a son of the effort light of Bethlehem Judah whose name was just see and he had 8 sons and the man went on Mung men for old men in the days of Saul and the 3 eldest sons of Jesse went and followed Saul to battle so the 3 All the brothers were in the Army and the names of his 3 sons that went about it were the firstborn and next and him a been a dab and the 3rd Shama and David was the youngest and the 3 eldest followed Saul but David went and returned from Saul to feed his father's sheep at Bethel him and the Philistine drew near morning and evening and presented himself 40 days and Jesse said unto his son David take now for their brother and an evil of this parched corn and 10 loaves and run to the camp to their brethren and carry these 10 cheeses under the captain of their 1000 and look how do I brother and fare and take their pledge look there's some things to note here as we read through this long passage here but David he's the the youngest of 8 brothers his 3 the oldest brothers were in the army of Saul David is the youngest he was would naturally be at home so at this time when Goliath comes out David is not present but he's sent by the father why to see how his 3 all the brothers are doing and to send them some food David has just a home for them what is that once the youngest maybe you could say the spot one we don't know. But David is being sent to where. Is God is in control already it seems like man has one reason but God he's got a different Let's continue shall we verse 19 now Saul and they and all the men of Israel were in the Valley of Elah fighting with the Philistines and David rose up early in the morning and left the ship with the keeper and took and went as Jesse had commanded him and he came to the trench as the host was going forth to fight and shouted for the battle for Israel and the Philistines had put the battle in a ray army against Army and David left his carriage in the hand of the keeper of the carriage and ran into the Army and came and saluted his brother and as he talked with them behold they came up of the champion the Philistines Philistine of Gath Goliath by name out of the armies of the Philistines and speak according to the same words and David heard them and all the men of Israel when they saw the man fled from him and was sore afraid David has just arrived he's come into the camp and just at that time Goliath comes out and issues another challenge he's taunting them he's making fun of them he's cursing at them and David looks around and he sees everybody is afraid so he gets curious at least that's what it seems like right when we look from the outside in at the bigger picture a young boy you never been to battle before and now he's curious to see what the battlefield is like and not only that there's rumors that there's this huge giant there in the Philistine camp and so it seems from what appearances David curiosity just got the better of him but God had other plans you see he was stirring David's heart. He was moving upon David to do something bigger so David asks what's going on and this is the reply that he gets from his older brother look at us 1st Samuel 1728 and Eliab his eldest brother heard when he spake unto the men and ally of anger was kindled against David and said Why came the other down the other and with whom as they are left those few sheep in the wilderness I know their pride and the naughtiness of their own hearts that are come that there might just see the battle from the outset reading the story we know that a liar is already got the wrong picture the father had sent him to give them food but they was asking what's going on what's going on and alive comes to this conclusion you're just being mischievous you've been curious you shouldn't be here David why have you left those sheep alone back at home go home this is not the place for young boys like you you see a live tries to reprimand David but look David's reply look at this and this is the key text that we want to dwell on today verse 29 David said What have I now done is there not a cause is there not a reason why all this is happening David could see that this was not by chance that he was here that he just happened to be here at this time he could discern the movings of Providence he could see God's hand in all of this he somehow knew that he was there for a reason more than just the live ring food for his brothers and bring back to reporters that about how the brothers were doing you see David understood the whens of Providence and the guiding hand of God you know friends what the world looks as chance it really isn't. It's God's providence and the 2 are very close why it's not the difference an act is not that one is different from the other it's how the individual looks at it it's how it's perceived by each person does that make sense chance of Providence or really the same situation but to different people one looks at it it's chance or I just happened to be here at this time what was the probabilities of that happening that's a chance we don't think too much about it was just a surprise it was something that tickled my fancy but Providence is the same situation recognising that God brought us here to this point for a certain reason and David he sees it you see to David's brothers they just thought that David was wanting to play to see what he was like and to see what Wall was like part of me and curiosity got the better of him he was just being a young boy being a busybody surely God wasn't bringing him of all people to come and fight the part of souls army he was too young used too inexperienced he was he was their younger brother what was he doing there he had no right in a sense but to David wasn't there a reason isn't there cause he had been brought there for such a time for a purpose for a reason God's providence you see friends the question that I have for you this evening so far at this point is do you understand when God guides your life. Can you tell the difference between Providence or chance. Do you know that all things work together for good and that God has His reasons for things to work out this way do you recognize when God is trying to lead you in a certain direction that can change the whole tenor of your family's life or your work or your studies or even your relationships David understood this because you see he had faith he'd been walking with God and in the Providence that God set him up for he could recognize that because he understood God's heart and God could see that he could trust them and trust him with not just the kingdom but even the situation and so when he David arrived at the scene of battle he could discern God's leading and that's the thing you know that's a thing that we got to understand for ourselves and I'm going to be going deeper into this tomorrow for a divine service please do join us at 1130 but there is a fine line between chance and Providence and it's not the circumstance or the situation it's our heart can you see that God leads you to this place for such a time and for such a reason and when you see that it leads you to this point or or allows people to come into your lives for such a time and for such a reason I mean many students in our churches and many from overseas and from our sorrow work or or even from out of the country and I always remind them God did not bring you back or bring you here just to study he brought you here to save your life he brought you here for a reason maybe that was to revive you to lift you up or for you to save someone else's soul and in this case this was a situation for David and this would not be the only time that God would guide David David's life so clearly. But this was the 1st of many you see when David was a fugitive he was running from Sol Sol finally figured out he put $2.00 and $2.00 together God rejected me and this guy's being exalted God's going to make this man king he got jealous of David and he was wanting to kill him so that his son Jonathan would be the next king you see and soak as a soul was hunting David down like a dog or a wild animal one time soul was resting in a cave and David and his men were seen with just hiding there and his men told them this is God guiding kill and this is God leading Let's kill him David said no he said no Providence It may seem but here he could even then discern the moving of God's Spirit another time Saul and all Army was asleep in the middle of the night and David and one of his soldiers his men crept down into the camp and took his spear with him and the soldier that was with him said David just give me one shot one shot is all our need to put into the ground and kill and this is God's providence what would you say then friends would you be able to discern the the providence of God in guiding you to that situation when everyone else around you is telling you something opposite to what God wants you to do so David is familiar with not only the providence of God but especially the voice of God and here in the camp of the Israelites just as he arrives he understands God's providence friends would you be able to discern God's guidance when everyone around you and the circumstances at hand seem to indicate differently this is why we need such a close walk with God to be able to understand when to move forward and when not to. The circumstances seem favorable in the case of Saul when he was asleep or in the cave but yet it was not God's will for Saul to be died by the hand of David it was not for David to lift up his hand against the Lord's anointed he understood Providence and to friends we've got to be so careful with that because why there is a fine line but yet they are worlds apart from what is the province of God and chance but coming back to the story of David and Goliath you know by and by Sol hears of David and the whispers going out of this boy he's asking about. You know Goliath then you know he's brought in before Saul. The rumors get in the this man is one that I got invite So David has brought in and look what the Bible says 1st Samuel 1731 and when the words were heard which David speak they rehearsed them before Saul and he sent for him and David said to soar let no man's heart fail because of him the servants will go and fight with this Philistine and Saul said to David thou art not able to go against this Philistine to fight with him for our youth and he a man of war from his youth and David sent to Saul by servants kept by his father's sheep and there came a lion and a bear and took a lamb out of the flock and I went out after him and smote him and delivered it out of his mouth and when he rose against me I caught him by his beard and smote him and slew him by servants slew both the lion and the bear and this uncircumcised Philistine shall be as one of them seeing he had defied the armies of the Living God David said moreover the Lord that delivered me out of the poor of the lion and out of the poor of the bear he will deliver me out of the hand of this Philistine and sorcerer to David Cole and the Lord be with the David is rehearsing to Saul how he has saved the sheep from a lion and from a bear David could really see clearly how God is guiding his life now he understood why God had brought him up as a shepherd. It was to train him to fight against Goliath one day it wasn't because he was the youngest It wasn't because his brother's an like to be a shepherd it wasn't because they all thought that he would not make anything of him self it was God that made him a shepherd boy to train him for this very moment and David saw that he said God He put me in the situation and I killed the bear I killed the lion who is this man I'll kill and to God will fight for me given great faith he understood why he was a shepherd boy you know sometimes it's in these humble duties of life that we kind of despise it no one's watching no one's around I'm all alone I'm all one myself but even verily in these times friends God is training God is refining God is cutting he's preparing us he understands but do you he knows what we invest in the why am I here in Malaysia why my earning this much why am I earning this little why God did I have to quit my studies why god don't have a job why God you know when I was younger my mom always called me Ben Ben Ben you wash the dishes I always always the proverbial dishwasher I haven't figured out to this day why it happened but you know I guess God knew that I needed more training more than anyone else but God has His reasons do you understand the reason as to why you are where you are today not because a rebellion or all that No but where you are humor in a certain situation because God is trying to train you for something bigger and better to glorify his name and David was faithful in that which was at least so he's ready to be faithful in that which is much and so here souls reply and Saul David with his armor and you put a helmet of brass upon his head. Also he arms him with a coat of mail and David good his sword upon his arm around here say to go for your not prove that he didn't want to go that's what the word is say mean he stopped paused he hesitated why because he had not proved it David Tennant's or I cannot go with these for I have not proved them and David put them off him you know friends Sol gives him the armor he gives in the very best his own personal armor David doesn't want to use it why because he hadn't proved it you know so many of us will read the Bible stories you see this little boy trying to fit into a big armor and he looks clumsy he looks out of sorts that was not the case for David they were was not a little boy he was a youth but he was a grown man do you understand what he called a lion and a bear he lived as a shepherd he was out there in the frost in the heat he took care of sheep he was a hardened person already at this time he was built muscular he fit probably perfectly and Saul's armor but as the reason why he decided not to use it is because he would had not proved it he had not asked the armor for himself he did not know how to use it he wasn't being arrogant but you don't go to battle with what he was familiar with and so it is with us friends we can't walk in the path of another man's faith everyone has a different path to walk that God has mapped out for them and we got to prove for ourselves that God is true and that he can be trusted we can't use the experience of others to be the example of how we live our lives we can't use their stories and their testimonies God has to guide our lives so personally so intimately and so tenderly. We have to prove it for ourselves the Bible says in 1st us alone eons 521 prove all things on hold fast to that which is good we must know by personal experience how to move forward and too often we are to ask this person and that person and we like to spend so much time asking humans sinful humans that we think what we think God wants for us that we almost many times take their voices as the voice of God But you know friends we got to learn by personal experience with Jesus how God wants us to live and the path that he's mapped out for each and every one of us it's good to have aspirations you know moved to another country to Australia to us to anything but get me off this this country of Malaysia and so often we look to the future we forget to be faithful in the present we think of future glories and not present realities of David he had a personal experience with God when he was alone in the wilderness with the sheep and the bear and the lion came he knew that God was the one that delivered him he knew that it was God's protecting care that he stood there to tell these stories he had a personal encounter with Jesus and as he stands before Saul he realizes why God allowed all these things to happen it is evidence to himself and even to saw that God had put him in this time to be the savior for the Israelites. First Samuel $740.00 and he took his staff in his hand and chosen 5 smooth stones out of the brook and put them in a shepherd's bag which he had even a script and a sling was in his hand and he drew near to the Philistines you know some people asked why 5 owns Why not just one. If they would had so much faith while you take 5 Stones did you not trust God that God could do with one you see it was and that friends we have to do our best and then we can let God do the rest God will not do for us what is left for us to do you know it's not a certainty we don't go out with just one arrow right walking by faith does not mean sitting around in idleness waiting for God to lift our arms and our feet it's putting our lives in the path of Providence so that God can use us we have to be prepared to the best of our ability so we took 5 in our friends when we have an exam we prayed yes but we still have to study to the best that we can yes rest on the Sabbath and trust God that he will he'll make up for that lack but during the other 6 days we must labor we've got to work to the best of our ability and then and only then can we expect that God will help us David took 5 smooth stones Little did he know that he would only need one let's continue. Verse $45.00 then said David to the Philistine thou comest to me with a sword and with a spear and with a shield but I come to the in the name of the Lord of Hosts the God of the armies of Israel whom thou has defied this day will the Lord deliver the into mine hand and I will smite the and take vine head from the and I will give the carcasses of the host of the Philistines this they under the files of the air and to the wild beasts of the earth that all the earth may know that there is a God in Israel and all this assembly shall know that the Lord save us not with sword and spear for the battle is the Lord's then he will give you into our hands he did not say I come with you to you with a sling you come to me with a sword and a shield in a spear but I come in what in the name of the Lord even at this point he did not rely on his talent he not rely on the fact that he had killed the bear and a lion that this man would be nothing he didn't let his guard down he knew that victory would only be given through the Lord you know friends and Acts chapter 4 in verse 12 it says neither is there salvation in any other for there is none other name under heaven given among men whereby we must be saved we are saved through the name of God The name of Jesus That's where are all sufficiency comes from that's where salvation comes from not by works not by anything that we've done or that we can do or think we're able to do no talents that we possess no friends the sufficiency and salvation of Christ is found in Him alone. We get to have and we've done nothing to merit salvation we've got to remember that and so even with David he didn't rely on his past successes Yes it was used as a fact that Ok God lead me to this point I know that he's going to help me because if you help me with this and with that and he uses that as a springboard to face more temptations or trials whatever you might call that our problems but he still comes in the name of the Lord you know it's too often that when we get successes over this we let it get to our head and we forget and we let go of Jesus many times isn't it friends that we go around or to take our victories to the Lord as well and remember that he's the one that provides Furthermore in problems Chapter 18 verse 10 the name of the Lord is a strong tower the righteous run of into it and the saved David he came in the name of the Lord God I if he wasn't defined the armies of is a real he was defined the God that stood behind the armies of the Israelites and so he comes 1st Samuel $748.00 and it came to pass when the Philistine rose and came and drew nigh to meet David that David Haye stood and ran toward the Army to meet the Philistine David put his hand in his bag and took them to stone and slang it and smote the Philistine in this forehead that the stone sunk into his forehead and he fell upon his face to the Earth we know the story has been told a 100 times over and the multitude of children's stories books and even older the teens books and you know it's a famous story. David had victory but you know. David had such great faith in God in the name of God that he could have thrown the stone even the opposite direction to which Goliath was and I believe that that stone would have still met its target because it wasn't the talent of David it was the arm of God that was providing for him and guiding him and leading into this point of course they wouldn't do that but it was still faith that wrote the victory for him and it wasn't talent it wasn't past experience it was his trust in God and trust in his name that God had brought him here for such a time as this and that gave him the strength to face choli if and even then given victory friends are you facing a Goliath in your life at this moment the problem is so big that it makes you fear for Makes you want to lose hope and give up hope in God have you been just minding your own business and it just seems like life took a really mean and low blow so you trouble came looking for you even when you were doing very best avoided at all costs as life knocked you down lol this is the time to start exercising faith in God you know this is the time to hold on the tightest ever for me what you've ever experienced before David understood that and his life was building up to it but to many of us the guy lives in our life's catch us by surprise and it sweeps us off our feet but the fact that you're listening to this this evening and whatever you might be listening to it it shows me that God is still in control of your life and he's guiding you for a reason and he's telling you this evening to not let go. Yet there's another group that has no idea about what I'm talking about that what what Goliath my life has been good God is good there hasn't been any problems Well it's time to start building your faith time to start experiencing God's providence in your lives at that intimate and personal level because it's only a matter of time before Goliath rears his ugly head and comes looking for you you know and I know that God never makes mistakes he will use every situation to refine our characters for David it was a shepherd boy and right now wherever you are I know that God is refining your character and you might be tempted to complain about your circumstances and your situation but I want to remind you this evening it might not be the Goliath in your life but I know that at this time wherever you are God can and will and is still willing to work in you and through you to prepare you for the life that will come sooner or later and so tonight right now wherever you are maybe all is peaceful and happy I know that right there God he's preparing his refining he's chipping away ready to set you up for the greater problems that will come so you can face life head on in spite of all the problems that come but we've got to take this not take this time for granted let's not waste it away let's make sure to prepare for the time of trouble in the times of peace and prosperity you know today right right now as I'm preaching this we're in 2020 we're in the midst of a pandemic there's never been seen before at least not in any of our lifetimes. And. You know many are suffering. Today because in times of peace they thought that that was a time to enjoy life even more buy more toys buy more gadgets go travel more eat out more enjoy life and through this pandemic you know I read an article somewhere that more people than ever before now us are saving not spending because they don't know what will come tomorrow but you see that's the problem friends for some it's too late it's too late to start saving because some people have to start relying on their savings because they got nothing coming in on a regular basis no income you see friends it's when times are good that we have to prepare is when times are good that we have to start saving we got to make it a habit right and so too from the spiritual standpoint when everything is good right now you've got to prepare Goliath will come sooner or later you come with a challenge you come looking for trouble you come looking for you that is a guarantee all but a guarantee it will happen for us so if you're not of that group that's facing Goliath right now God is gracious and you can't take this time for granted now as never before we need to make an earnest preparation to learn to walk with Jesus to discern and hear his voice to understand his guiding hand and to know him personally as a lord and savior regret it's just that it's too late but Jesus. He's waiting right now he always says he's knocking on the door of our hearts he wants to gain entrance he wants to clean up our lives he want to prepare us for something bigger and greater beyond just our own lives and ourselves he wants to be your rock and your refuge and your Redeemer and Savior Why don't you lead him today let's pray Father in Heaven Lord I want to thank you because you're so gracious to each and every one of us. Many of us we just like to enjoy the pleasures of this life and we forget you for a season many of us we like Saul were happy in the good times but man are we depressed in the bad times Lord please help us not to be like that help us to be even keel help us to have an abiding trust a trust that cannot be shaken no matter what happens to us and so Father police I pray for those out there this evening that might be suffering they're facing tremendous trials they need your help I pray that you would speak so tenderly in Dealey to them and then you help them to see that you are the solver of all their problems whether it's financial whether it's health no matter what it is whether it's emotional Lord help them to understand you can help them and for those that have not met the guy lives in their lives Lord help us help us not to be naive help us not to be thinking that this will never happen to us lord life it comes at us fast and I just pray that you please help us today in times of peace to prepare for the times of war. God us oh lord and help us to make that diligent preparation to day that will become a habit. A habit to walk with you so we can discern your voice especially in the troublous times we pray Jesus' name. Amen this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons leave a visit w w w audio verse or.


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