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22 The Faith of Samuel

Benjamin Ng
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  • October 31, 2020
    11:00 AM
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Father in heaven thank you for the time that we have to study together thank you for seeing us all safely through another week thank you Lord for preserving our health thank you for your watch care upon us and as now we're coming to study your word we ask for a double portion of your Spirit to lead us to empower us to fill our hearts and minds to help us to understand these words that we're about to look at and more than anything else Lord speak to our hearts so personally that we might understand how to apply this truth to our hearts this evening thank you for your prayer in Jesus' name amen. Architects' has been in Hebrews 11 this whole time and we've been on this text for a few weeks already it is Hebrews 11 and verse 32 The Bible says and what shall I more say for the time would fail to fail me to tell of Gideon and of Barack and of Samson and of Jeff the of David also and Sam Neill and of the prophets and so this is our last study this evening Samuel is the last character that we are reading in all these studies and this chapter really it is the prophet Samuel now he's quite a famous character in the Bible His mother is quite famous as well but before we get into actually his story we got to take a look at the background of Samuel his mom Hanna the dad Elkanah and Hannah she was a barren woman she was not able to give birth for many many many years and this is a probably the reason why Elkanah went and married another woman and so that he could make sure that his seed and his name continued in the genealogy of his family history tree and that of course brought problems in and of itself and Hannah was pressured even more the fact that another woman in the family could have the kid and she couldn't and so when they came to Jerusalem during the feast times she ran off and she prayed and she was weeping to the Lord asking for God to give her a son and she made this vile in 1st Samuel chapter one and verse 11 and she vowed a vow and said a lot of posts if that will indeed look on the fluxion of the line and made and remember me and not forget the line handmade but will give unto the end handmade a man child then I will give. Him unto the Lord all the days of his life and there shall no razor come upon his head and so Hannah she wasn't just praying any pressure was making a vow she was making a promise to God that if he would hold up his end of the bargain and bless So with a son she would give him to the Lord he would be someone who would serve in the temple of God And so she's praying this prayer and she's learned to bring the sorrows to God and she's learning to do to bring all the griefs and the burdens to the Lord instead of putting it upon men and here she makes his vow and guess what happens of course we know 1st Samuel $120.00 wherefore it came to pass when the time was come about after Hannah had conceived that she bear a son and called his name Samuel saying because I have asked him of the Lord God and says her prayer and of course now it's her turn to hold up to her end of the bargain we read now in chapter chapter one and verse $24.00 and when she had weaned him she took him up with her with 3 bullocks and one of flour and a bottle of wine and brought him into the house of the Lord in Shiloh and the child was young and they slew of bullock and brought the child to Eli and she said Oh my lord as the ice soul Live Earth my lord I am the woman that stood by the here praying to the Lord for this child I prayed and the Lord hath given me my petition which I asked of him therefore also I have led him to the Lord as long as he Live Earth he shall be lent to the Lord and he worshiped the Lord there you know that Samuel was not alone in. Being a man of great faith his mother was a woman of great faith she held up to her end of the bargain the vow that she vowed to Lord you know sometimes it's easy to to try to pour out of the promises that we make to the Lord isn't friends but Hannah It wasn't so she was truant and to help us to put into perspective how difficult it might been have been remember Samuel was her 1st child and in fact it was her only child and here she is she made this vile that somebody might even consider rash she says if you give me the son I'm going to give it to you well what's good is that you're not going to be with a son in your home right but she went through with her vow and that her only son at this time someone who she wanted so much to keep by her side she still followed through and brought Samuel to the temple when he was weaned so that he could serve God Now how old was Samuel when he was weaned today when children are weaned from the mother's breast it's usually probably about one year although even sometimes less why mothers want to go back to work for different other reasons but today mothers they'd like to wean the children earlier and earlier but in the Old Testament times and the times that we're looking at in the Bible here. They suggest anywhere from 3 up to 5 years old that the child would only then be weaned and so you know let's take the upper limit 5 years old it would be at the age of 5 that Hannah would bring her son to the Century and leave him there and saying Son you're staying here now you're going to serve God. I have 3 children and 2 of them are all than 5 years old I can't imagine any of my children all this being 9 years old right now even then being left in the church and saying Ok someone else is going to take care of you you're going to serve God but you know what friends it was the training that Samuel received from Hannah at the time he opened his eyes to the time that he was born Hannah was training him and reminding him not just herself but him that God had given him to her that he was not hers but she had a responsibility to fill to train him for the Lord's service friends do you recognize the calling the God has placed upon your life do you understand parents the importance of how to train your children to serve God I know that I'm lacking in that respect but I have to remind myself that the children that God has given to me they are lent to us only for a short time to see how we would deal with God's property in a sense his children and how we ought to train them up for service to the Lord but Hannah she was a woman of prayer and so at the age of $3.00 to $5.00 let's take 5 years all Samuel will be left in the care of Eli the priest he was the one that heard her prayer at the very beginning and thought that she was drunk but then years later she comes back to remind him not only did God answer my prayer but now I'm following through with my end of the bargain and so she leaves her child Samuel there and let's continue 1st Samuel chapter 3 and verse one. And the child Samuel minister known to the Lord before and the word of the Lord was precious in those days there was no open vision as we study about the child Samuel the story of Samuel really is intertwined not only with his mother on the the beginning here that we're seeing of course but especially with the aged priest Eli but notice what the Bible says here it said that there was no open vision and so what does that mean it means that God was not communicating with the children of this around and the only reason why God would not communicate with his children the ones whom he had brought out from the land of Egypt the ones whom he had delivered with a mighty hand and wrote so many miracles the only reason why he would not be communicating with the children of Israel is because they have done evil they've been wicked and even in the House of Eli We are going to see this there was no open vision God was not communicating to any prophets Eli being the priest the high priest God even then was not communicating with him how old was Samuel at this point notice I want you to understand he is not 5 years old anymore Ok it's been quite a few years how long well let's try to determine this 1st sandwich up to 2 verses 20 to 21 and Eli blessed Khan and his wife and said The Lord give the seed of this woman for the loan which has led to the Lord and they went on to their own home and the Lord visited Hanna so that she conceived and bare 3 sons and 2 daughters and the child Samuel grew before the Lord. Samuel must have been about at least from the ages of 10 to 12 years old at this time when we come to Samuel for same or Chapter 3 where the Bible saying there was no open vision and he wasn't communicating with the children of Israel Samuel must have been about 10 to 12 years old why Samuel is left at the Century at the age of around 5 years old and God blesses hand with another 5 children and let's say they just do it back to back God gives them back to back but one year to conceive so he's probably about 1112 years old at this time when we are reading 1st Samuel chapter 3 Ok so if we say 5 at this point in chapter 3 he's about 11 or 12 maybe 1314 years old around there but certainly not an old man or a youth in terms of 20 plus yet so God comes to talk with Samuel one night let's go to 1st Samuel 34 and 5 the Lord called Samuel and he answered Here am I and he ran on to Eli and said Here am I for that call is to me and he said I call not lie down again and he went and lay he thinks he thinks that Eli is calling him 3 times God calls him and 3 times he runs over to Eli thinking here I am Eli what's up what's going on I'm here I'm ready to serve what did you want middle of the night you I was an old man he needed help at this time so Samuel always on the alert ran over you I said I didn't call you let's continue verse 7 now Samuel did not yet know the Lord. Neither was a lot word of the Lord yet revealed on to him now this verse is very interesting notice it's not that same old didn't know the Lord in a sense that he didn't know who he was. But he didn't know him from the sense that God never spoken to him directly and so that's why when God spoke he thought it was the voice of Eli and he came running and so when he says that the word of the Lord was not yet revealed to him it's not because se will never read the scrolls of the prophets all certainly the mom would have opened up the Bible the Scriptures to him but Samuel did not know the word of the Lord it was not yet revealed to him it's because God had not told him Samuel I want you to say this Samuel I want you to say that I want you to speak this he had not yet been called to the role of a prophet a sort of Porter formal and ask parents have you ever considered the reason why God gave you a miraculous birth maybe maybe some of you have gone through some trauma and almost lost your baby or maybe you just haven't been able to have kids for years and years and years and finally God gives you a child did you ever think that that child God gave you was to fulfill the role of a prophet or prophetess one day and they're not only did you have to raise them healthy and strong and feed them and put clothes on their back but you had to train them in such a way that at such a young age to be ready for the Lord to speak to their friends although we're looking at the faith of Samuel it really is the faith of Hannah that stands out amongst anything else that from one home. From one mother the training of one woman upon her son would yield such a great blessing to a whole nation as parents I believe that many of us have much to come up higher in in not just taking care of our children and providing for them from money the food to shelter to clothes and all these things and trying to make their life happy but trying to prepare their lives in service to God And so as we're studying the faith of Samuel We owe much to the faith of Hannah Samuel he hadn't been reading the Bible he'd had the Bible read to him I'm sure that he was doing his personal devotion and so when the the Bible says that he did not yet know the Lord neither was the word of the Lord revealed to him it's because God at that point had not yet spoken directly to Samuel and called into the role of the prophets to speak his word but now he is now God is about to call Samuel and let's continue reading 1st Samuel chapter 3 verses 8 and 9 and the Lord called Samuel again the 3rd time and he arose and went to Eli and said Here am I For thou didst called me and I perceive that the Lord had called the child therefore I said to Samuel goalline down and it shall be if he called me that thou shalt say Speak Lord for the servant hear us Samuel went and lay down in a splice Eli knew by this time that it was God that was talking to this boy Samuel and what a rebuke it must have been to Eli who is the aged priest the judge of Israel and must of been a slap in the face to Eli that God was bypassing this man of God. Coming down to talk to a child but you lie here tender affections for this boy Samuel and he told him the next time the voice comes and calls your name you answer Speak Lord for the servants Herath Let's continue 1st same of chapter 3 verse 10 and the Lord came and stood and called as at other times Samuel Samuel then on said Samuel speak for I servant Herath and the lot said to Samuel Behold I will do a thing in Israel which both the ears of every one that hear at that shelter Ingle in that day I will perform against Eli all things which I have spoken concerning his house when I begin I will also make and for I have told him that I will judge his house forever for that iniquity which he know is because his sons made themselves vile and he restrained them not and therefore I have sworn under the house of Eli that iniquity of house shall not be purged would sacrifice not offering for ever the reason why God came to speak to Samuel was because he was telling him about to judge Eli and his family well. Why was his house being judged why such a straight rebuke was because of his songs their wickedness their vile behavior well what was going on what had the son's done 1st Samuel Chapter 2 verses 12 to 17 now the sons of Eli were sons of Delisle they knew not the Lord and the priests custom with the people was that when any man offered sacrifice the priest's servant came while the flesh was in see them with the flesh of 3 teeth and and he struck into the pan a kettle a cauldron a pots all that the flesh it brought up the priest took for himself so they did in Shiloh and so all the Israelites that came thither also before they burned the fat the priest servant came and said to the man that sacrificed good flesh to roast for the priest for he will not have salt and flesh to sow the but roar and if any man said and see him let them not fail to burn the fat presently than take as much as I sold desire with then he would answer him nay but give it to me now and if not I will take it by force this is talking about Elis sons where for the sin of the young men was very great before the Lord for men abhorred the offering of the Lord one of the sins of Elis sons was they would take the fat and they would take wrong meat and they would eat it it was forbidden the fat represented sin they were meant to cut it off and burn it away it was something that they were not to touch and yet Eli sons who were priests naturally because the father was the high priest they were serving in the century in the temple of God and they despised holy things and so this was 1st reason why God was bringing judgment upon Eli and upon Eli's sons 2nd. Chapter 2 verses 22 to 24. Now Eli was very All the heard all that his sons did under all Israel and how they lay with the woman that assembled at the door of the tabernacle of the congregation and he sentence of them why do you use such things for I hear of your evil doing dealings by all this people name my sons for it is no good report that I hear you make the Lord's people to transgress So not only did his sons take that meat and eat it raw or the the flesh with the blood and not only did they eat the fat these things that were that were forbidden by God especially in the Temple service they would sleep with woman that came to sacrifice they committed fornication one was really to diet they are almost lust of the flesh and even though Eli knew all these things yes it seems a hugh rebuked them a bit he scolded them but yet he did not do anything about it Eli knew he absolutely knew that's why you read in verse 13 of Samuel chapter 3 1st time all 3 for I have told him that I will judge his house for ever for the iniquity which he know with because his sons made themselves viable and he restrained them not you know we have a tale of 2 types of parents Hannah being a faithful mother able to train her child from a young age even at the age of 5 to be able to leave him behind to serve him in the temple the faith of Hannah speaks volumes to the sort of man that Samuel would become and then we see the priest and judge of Israel Eli neglectful father you know this this was probably more a lesson for me and a reminder. You know we see many times past as kids they go off the tracks it's not always because the past the dad is being bad but sometimes he can get so busy that he neglects to train his children and so the little time that he has as a father with his children or any person who is working long hours to provide for their kids and then come home and they only have one hour with the children it will be difficult to restrain them and to bring the wrought upon them of their being bad you know but yet you lie he had no excuse because not only was he in there as a judge and a priest he well with his sons he knew what was happening with his children and Eli was a neglectful father he was neglectful maybe he was afraid to talk to them more or maybe he's just being too lenient thinking that maybe they'll grow out of it as they get older you know they'll get better you know these sorts of things young people or all of them do it and and maybe he was just hoping for the best that his sons would change without him having to bear down too hard on them maybe he was praying honestly hoping God would just change their heart and convert them not realizing that the role of the father was much needed in correcting his children look Eli's sons were definitely older than Samuel you had to be at least the age of $25.00 to serve in the temple of course Samuel was a special case he did not serve as a priest but there were little duties for him to do throughout the century but to serve in the in the sacrifices you had to be at least of the age of $25.00 at that time to serve in the temple and so. They were doing all these wicked things to the point that people uphold even coming to church in a sense to bring their offerings and their sacrifices and even maybe to this point to allow their wives or their daughters to even go with them to worship God And so the sons have done much damage to God's reputation and the century services that have been instituted if I were to be a faithful father if he truly was to step in as a role of a judge and not just the father what should he have done Deuteronomy tells us this in chapter $22.00 and verse $22.00 If a man be found a lying with a woman married to one husband then they shall both of them die both Amanda lay with the woman and the woman so shalt thou put away evil from Israel you know what should Eli have done he should have judged his sons he should have pulled them out by the ear and says this is the judgment of God harsh as it may have been he was the judge and because he didn't there was no open vision from God This is the reason why God bypassed the aged man Eli and went and spoke to Samuel But not just that he went and told him the message of judgment Eli High Priest judge for how long 1st Samuel for 18 and he Eli had judged Israel for 40 years he was a man in authority in leadership and yet he was too afraid of him because he just loved his sons he had this filial love that just. What his whole understanding what responsibility was all about for his sons that he chose his sons above God and we got to be so careful that friends you know sometimes we can get too lenient and we think that our I don't want to spank my child I don't want to scold them I don't want to punish them and we feel bad in our heart hurts when we see them cry you know it just breaks the mother's heart but friends we got to be too careful that we don't put our children above God because one day the training that they receive in the early years it will tell in the future it will come out in the future the sons of Eli did not become wicked overnight it was because of all the neglect from the data from the dad the solid pretty bad parenting there isn't and it's true it really reminds us and teachers of law about the importance of being parents and when we don't rebuke the sins of our children their sins are placed on our shoulders and God holds us accountable as parents you know Eli was a religious man though he loved God It's not that he hated God No it's just that he happened to love his sons more than he loved Jesus. And look how do we know that in 1st so much up to 4 the Philistines would come and fight against the children of Israel and of the 2 sons would bring the ark into the camp of the Israelites because they were facing dire straits they were losing and so they brought the Ark of the covenant because God had fought for them in the past you see and so that is what shall do with a great triumph as if they'd already won the battle but they ended up losing and not only did his 2 sons die. But the Ark of the Covenant was taken by the Philistines as well and look at how Eli responds to this news 1st Samuel 417 to 18 and the messenger answered and said Israel has fled before the Philistines and there has been a great slaughter among the people and the 2 sons also hotly and Phineas are dead and the ark of God is taken and it came to pass when he made mention of the ark of God that he fell off from off the back of the seat backward by the side of the gate and his neck broke and he died for he was an old man and heavy and he had judged Israel 40 years you know it wasn't when he heard that his sons were dead that he fell back he was expecting it but it's when he heard that the Ark of the covenant had been taken it was then that he fell back and he broke his neck and he died he loved God yes he loved God but even though he didn't react to the news of his sons and he didn't we Paul fall back and die he reacted to the Ark of the covenant he still placed his sons above God in not restraining them and training them and judging them ultimately Israel would not have come to the situation and there would have been no need for Semma because I would have been the faithful judge that God would have communicated directly you know friends that that's the thing sometimes you know we think about our devotion and we're praying and we're fasting we're doing this 40 days of prayer God still will not do for us what he's left for us to do I'm not saying that you I was not a religious man that he didn't pray or he didn't spend time reading the Bible but he still left it in his hands to correct his sons it wasn't for God to do and when God finally did it you I was expecting it. But he had no repentance he didn't change even after the message from Samuel let's keep reading shall we well before we move on in 1st Samuel part of me you know our I want to I want to show you something when it comes to. What we need to do in the times that we're living in and the lesson that we're even learning from not just Samuel But even Eve lie and this really this text has been that center of my ministry it's found in is equal 33 verses 8 and 9 for those that know me very well you know that this is the text that God has placed upon my heart is equal 33 verses 8 and 9 the Bible says when I say to the wicked a wicked man now shut surely die if thou does not speak to one the wicked from his way that we can man shall die in his iniquity but his blood will I require at Vine hand Nevertheless if they are warned the wicked of his way to turn from it if he do not turn from his way he shall die in his iniquity but then has the liver dice soul noticed in these 2 verses the person who is in sin he both times he dies in and his iniquity but the difference is the 1st time we don't speak out and so his blood is on our shoulders the 2nd time we do speak out and we have delivered our own soul and this is what Eli should have done not only was he in a position to speak and you know he kind of warned his sons but he never acted upon it he was in position he had authority to do more than just speak to his sons. Now am I saying that we're not going to see Eli in heaven I don't know that that we'll leave it for God to decide right it seems that way but you know friends what we're seeing here is we got to learn to be brave enough. To do what God wants us to do irrespective of family ties that have no other gods before me when we are too afraid to do what God wants us to do because of our children or our spiles or some family member we're putting that family member above God God needs to give us the courage to learn to walk out in faith and do that which is right and we may give all the excuses that we can in the world but friends there will be just that in the day of judgement when God comes to you and ask you why did you not do this why did you not say this you had the authority you had the opportunity and will be labelled as the neglect for parents just like Eli But now let's continue in the story shall we 1st Samuel chapter 3 verse 15 God has already told Samuel what he needs to tell the message that he has for what he's going to do so the house of Eli and Samuel he lay until the morning and open the doors of the house of the Lord and and Samuel feared to show Eli the vision you know if if anyone should have been afraid it should have been Samuel because he was a young boy this was his father figure who had taken care of him for the past 6789 years we don't know exactly and this was a judgment a straight message against Eli and his whole family. Sam was afraid he went about doing his work of God and say I want you to go and tell you why but what happens 6 verse 16 then I called Samuel and said Samuel my son are you out of here on my. And he said What is the thing that the Lord has servants of the I pray the Haida not from me God do so to the and more Also it will hide anything from me of all the things that he said into the and Samuel told him everywhere it and hid nothing from him and he said it is a lot let him do what seem with him good how difficult it must have been for Samuel to relate this message to the aged priest and father figure in life but really this is the role of the Prophet friends if you're the mouthpiece of God If God puts his word into your mouth you've got to tell the truth and even sometimes you might lose a friend or 2 or 10 you might lose be at the peril losing your life losing your health making more enemies but Sam he learned from a young age to tell all the truth and nothing but the truth and he started here right in the home and it was really here that God has made it clear that he's called Samuel to the role of a prophet and you know friends this really would be the defining mark of Samuel's ministry as a prophet look at what the Bible says verse 19 Samuel grew and the Lord was with him and did let none of his words fall to the ground and all Israel from then even to Bush even knew that same it was a stablished to be a prophet of the Lord this was even while Eli was yet alive but God had bypassed Eli because of his neglect for work of a father and allowed wickedness to come to the camp and he when he called the young boy at the age of 1213 to the role of the prophet. You know the Bible says that none of Samuel's words fell to the ground every word was useful for the Lord why because God would put his word into Samuel's mouth and Samuel would be faithful to relate what God had said you know friends it's not it's not an easy thing to tell people their sins it certainly was not easy for Samuel to tell Eli what God was going to do to his house but yet he was faithful even to that point and communicated everything that God had told him you know what requires courage friends that requires courage that requires a relationship with God that you would be so courageous to tell people about their sins and tell them what it is that needs to change or what's going to happen if they continue in this path but he would be faithful in communicating every single word to Eli This would be the defining mark of his ministry he'd be faithful to tell the children of Israel when they asked for a king and they chose King Saul Samal would tell them this is what's going to happen when you choose such a king and then he had to be faithful to tell a king one who was always almost on the brink of being a lunatic doing owner all his own passionate things or killing anybody who he wants he would have to tell King Saul that God has rejected you from being king none of Samuel's words fell to the ground and you know friends that's important for us to do in our age the times that we're living in. Too often it's so easy to just turn turn our head and look away and and return we don't see it why because then we don't have to do anything about it all too often it's too easy to just talk in the background and hope than someone else will do it instead of you too easy too often it's too easy to just walk away and not want to say anything to anybody and we just say oh well I'm just passing through or are not in a leader leadership position or you know that's not my department and we like to make excuses for all sorts of things as to why we don't want to have a brother or sister when we see them in sin the faith of Samuel he was faithful to tell all that God had told him yes friends we have to be tactful we have to be wise as serpents and harmless as dogs but not to the point that we neglect our duty not to the point where we just allow the person to die in their sins and let them get away with it or allow wickedness to run rampant in the church or in the society in the community or even between our friends too easy to just turn away and not say anything but the faith of Samuel is a lesson for all of us today not just for a lesson for those a might one day to be called to be a prophet but it's for all of God's children this is the defining mark of his ministry this is where the greatest act really of faith is found in his life as a young boy when God calls him he learned to be faithful from the very beginning you know I want to end with a quote this evening one of my favorite quotes it's found in this book called education page 57 paragraph 31 of my great quotes that I love especially for. For the topic I was looking at the ceiling the greatest one of the world is the ones of men. Men who are not be bought or sold men who in their in most solves a true and honest men who do not fear to call sin by its right name men whose conscience is Astrue to duty as the needle to the pole men who will stand for the right though the heavens for you know this world is in great need of such men and women today too many of us we we run the 1st sign of trouble we get weak or when God our sister be strong to do his work but God is seeking for those men and women who are not afraid of the consequences whose conscience is as true to duty as the needle to the pole and many of us we've neglected this work maybe it's because we tell ourselves Hey I'm a sinner I'm a sinner are my life isn't right I'm the no position to tell anybody anything and that's the thing friends many of us which is struggling in our own lives in our own sins that we just don't want to touch anyone else but friends of Samuel at a young age was able to be faithful and to be able to community communicate God's message so clearly I know that even in these last days God has overcome us I know in these last days that God has people whose conscience is pure and true to Jesus Christ you can't tell me that there's not a single person who is not overcome and today they can't stand up and learn to give the straight message that people need to hear to many of us were saying are God not me not me I can't I can't you know my life just you know. Maybe some of it's true maybe you're not giving excuses maybe Really years but friends get in your knees as God to forgive you asked him to give you power to change us and to help you to be different so that we can be called to be bird and bear us to give a straight message to help our brother and sister who is in sin that we can be a part of God's work and ministry in Seoul saving and witnessing there's got to be someone out there is there anybody out there this evening as willing to put the world world aside all the pleasures of sin that even Moses was willing to deny himself just so he could be a leader in God's work who is it where the men and woman the young men and the young women the boys in the girls that are out there that will be faithful to God even though the heavens for their conscience is true to duty as a kneel to the poll to pure the true hearted and they don't fear to coarsen bites write me that even though the heavens fall they will stand for the right I want to be such a person I want to be such a man for God I want to be a hypocrite I want to say one thing and call brother out while I'm doing it the same thing in the background no friends but God needs his messengers today he needs those people that are willing to stand up and be counted in his work and it begins with a faithful life. A life of faith to god willing to follow every word. Because Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. A man here not he doesn't shouldn't be living by only just the bread that that sits on the table before them but we've got to start learning to live by every word of God that comes out from his mouth and is written down in his word today and only there but as we digest that word that word becomes power to every single one of us because the just will live by faith in what in his word in the gospel so friends of we are learning to commune with God it will learning to walk and talk with Jesus as we are learning to study His word as we are becoming men and woman of prayer God will give us victory kill help us to be overcomers and then he will empower us as he empowered Samuel to do his work friends I want to be that matter how about you this evening I pray that your desire is the same as mine and hope that you join me in prayer that as we ask God to help us there not only will he begin to empower us but that we will step forward will give him our best effort and that as we work he will work with us salvation by cooperation and the God of the end of it will be glorified let's pray shall we Father in Heaven Lord I want to thank you so much for giving us this example of Samuel at such a young age who is faithful to you faithful you were able to call him to the role of the prophet a lot I pray that you please be with all of us here many of us well beyond that age but yet you're still willing to work through us Father police help us to be more like Jesus help us to be more like Samuel bless us so that we can be a blessing to all those around us Lord. We need you more than ever lord we can't do it by ourselves we can only play church for so long before the wickedness comes out in us we don't want to be like you lie sons a lot we don't want to be in church and yet still last want to be true and truly and thought really converted and to be men and woman of power of faith and sons and daughters of God Lord please help us strengthen us through every temptation give us victory in Jesus and at the end of it Lord help us to stand for the right even though the heavens for. God is to that and this is our earnest plea in prayer and our desire we prayed in Jesus name. Him and. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit w w w audio verse or.


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