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05 Isaiah: Noble Prince of Peace

Mark Howard Kameron DeVasher
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Pastors Kameron DeVasher and Mark Howard share study and teaching tips for Quarter 1, January 30 lesson “Noble Prince of Peace”



  • January 12, 2021
    6:45 AM
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I'm Cameron debater and I'm Mark Howard and this is talking points we are in the 1st quarter of 2021 on less than 5 for our quarter about Isaiah and this week's lesson is entitled noble Prince of Peace a memory versus one of those most well known passages of un to us a child is born right back we'd like to give and that's exactly right and we just came from just a few weeks back the Christmas season and it seems like a kind of a were thrown a Christmas thing in here but what we're really talking about here today more well the course unless it is called the noble prince of peace and we're coming on the heels of what we looked at previously with this conflict between the northern and southern kingdoms of Israel in the Assyrians coming ingenue so so. Israel has lead with the Syrians. Not the Assyrians to Syria and so in order to defend themselves Judah has lead with the Assyrians and there's all this conflict going on in the Lord at the end of Isaiah 8 tells them warns them against leading with these nations. Don't say conspiracy to all these things all the people say conspiracy or Confederacy depending on the version using don't conspire with them so in the light of that chapter 8 as we're going to see in a moment and in a very bleak show you have ended on a down note at the end but one thing that is especially needed at this time among God's people is peace and there is a message of peace that comes through this next segment and actually this week tackles 4 chapters in Isaiah So you've got to see 89121112 in both lazy and 9 and 11 we find messianic prophecies that are that was the next thing I was going to say is because just wrapping our minds around the historical and political context there. In the Scripture that was to them we need to also draw a lessons for us today and I'm telling brother I I think we could use a lesson in peace in our time to maybe there's some definitely applications but before we do any further study of God's Word we need to begin with the word of prayer and then get into a talking point to start and we Father thank you so much for another opportunity to study your word please help us to understand it at face value for what it's saying for the Times in which the people were hearing it in the 1st audience but for us today Lord help us to draw out those parallels those spiritual applications that your Holy Spirit wants to lay in our hearts help us to truly know. And by your grace become like the Prince of Peace for prayed in Jesus' name amen amen Ok brother Howard could you walk us through our talking picture yes absolutely So this week's talking points point number one that we're going to look at is that God speaks to light through the darkness and we were talking before hand this is this theme is throughout Scripture Yes in Genesis you have Abraham of the smoking furnace range and you have. A repeat of those in the New Testament with John opening up the light that's right Miss verses in how Christ as the light there's this motif and also of course where you are in a context of this dark time for Israel and so God speaks light through the darkness and he mentioned he does that to Messianic prophecies in this section number 2 God's justice is the fruit of his love and I think we're going to and I can just I know where we've been in our preparation for this and it's going to be tempting to spend a lot of time in this one because there's a lot of just going to formation here and then finally God's mercy endures for ever there are 3 talking points which by God's grace will become clear as it is all right so let's go back and review and it not because we are tackling 4 chapters of Mazie and pretty heavy chapters with the exception of 12 inches short of chapter we're going to do our best All right so exactly and hopefully these are just you know I was in the Sabbath school class this last week and the teacher came up and apologize for not following the outline we put together and I was like brother the whole point of this is just to give a template for a starting point but there are so our viewers don't even understand like now if somebody does watch talking points and we happen to be present in the 7 school because you go to different churches in different savvy schools and it's like this. Here are this is the this is their outline exactly there are so many ways you can go with this lesson many of them will be good so please just go as the Lord leads but anyway for this week we are starting this lesson intro you want to get right. To number one here well yeah lesson we have a little intro and outline again just giving the setting and I'm just gonna read what I have here. In fact 7 afternoon gives that little story illustration Dr Oppenheimer with the question was asked about the economy bomb like is there some defense against this weapon he said Sure there is peace don't you think. And again we're talking about the need of peace real true Heaven's peace in this lesson and Israel this time. He got it warned both Israel. Which dealt with pieces union of resin or union with resin of a Syria. And his he word also Judah because he has alliance with the best police or the 3rd of a Syria he warned them about the futility of conspiring with the heathen nations saying they would become broken in pieces in their council would come to nothing and we read the final outcome in the last 2 verses I want you to read 821 and 22 shirt as a 2122 they will pass through it hard pressed and hungry and it shall happen. When they are hungry that they will be in enraged and curse their king and their God and look upward then they will look to the earth and see trouble and darkness gloom of anguish and they will be driven into darkness. That is some heavy stuff there but so lets on the lighter note let's just keep reading the next 2 verses and then will praise the lord of Chapter One starts with that beautiful word never the less the gloom will not be upon her who is distressed as when it 1st he lightly esteemed the land of the land and after leaving after work more heavily oppressed her by the way of the c.b. on the Jordan in Galilee of the Gentiles the people who walked in darkness have seen a great light those who dwelt in the land of the shadow of death upon them a light shined Now this is packed. Yeah and we don't have to I mean did even to get in all the descriptive things but just what we're looking at here the lesson kind of summarizes on Sunday in the very 1st paragraph it says I was 821 and 22 those 1st 2 gloomy verses you read describes the hopeless condition of those who turn to now the lesson says the cult but as I read and the context he called makes you think that they were just dealing in source or in witchcraft verses they were down they were they were leading with heathen nations who just that and that's why you have to make her feel like paganism and yet it isn't but it really means disobedience to God law Yes So when I put is idolatry Ok And as a 2122 describes a hopeless condition of those who turn to idolatry rather than the true God However they look they will see only distress and darkness the gloom of anguish and they will be thrust into thick darkness which is the language there verse $22.00 by contrast there will come a time when there will be no gloom for those who are in anguish the people of the Galilee region are singled out here as receiving the special blessing of a great light the nation will be multiplied and rejoice because God will have broken the rod of their oppressors and the very next sentence just says that they were probably singled out because they were among the 1st of the areas to be attacked by take that please and the point that we need to keep in mind is God says elsewhere we looked at this already that he sent to police or. As a judgment and so when you look at the language again you read in verse one is says nevertheless the gloom will not be upon her who is distress as when at 1st he capital h. lightly esteemed the land of Zabulon Now there was at one point God punished Zabulon enough to have to lie but afterward he brings this great light to them Ok And we're going to see that kind of experimental really does naturally flow into point one then how God speaks light through darkness so it's what is interesting is that obviously we've seen this and Daniel overstays to the Lord is in charge of all of it rates raising of kingdom but he's clearly. Behind this and allowing these things to happen for the. Development and benefit of his people and even those through difficulty so that's one of God's emote he speaks light through this darkness how does this work exactly Well it's interesting that these couple verses here and the lesson brings this oh these are in the Gospel of Matthew Matthew applies these verses directly to the ministry of Christ and when he came into the region of Galilee in fact you want to read there in Matthew Chapter 4 sure that's versus what was $13.00 to $16.00 yes and leaving that's what he came and Welton Capernaum which is by the sea in the regions of the ability Neftali that it might be fulfilled which was spoken by Isaiah the prophet saying the land of Zabulon in the land of Napoli by the way of the c.b. on the Jordan Valley of the Gentiles the people who sat in darkness have seen a great light in upon those who sat in the region of shadow and Shadow of Death light as dawn so it's not just. It's not just an offhanded hey this kind of applies here oh this is Matthew says he did this to fulfill that and I'm thinking about the fact that you've got. Centuries that pass here in other words praise God for hope that that the darkness won't. Incidentally here at the end of chapter 8 he's talking about this darkness Israel is being launched into this time of Assyrian kept 10 of the tribes are going to be gone there just yet and so I mean it's a good God gives him this gleam of light. And it's pointing forward as we're going to see again clearly while Matthew brings out right here to the promised Messiah but that's going to come centuries later they were Dr Who since like one or 200 years we're talking about exhibit 100 as we're centuries Yeah yeah so of course the the prophecy continues in verse 6 with our memory verse unto us a child is born unto us a son is given the government shall be upon his shoulder and his name will be called Wonderful Counselor mighty God Everlasting Father Prince of Peace and the increase of his government and peace there will be no end now the idea of peace again keeping in mind that this is a time when Israel needs peace and here is is for told a coming peace that will never end which is a powerful promise to us today it's a promise we don't have never ending we don't have peace now let alone never ending peace but that peace is as much a promise to us as this promise to them and it may seem deferred like it did to them 7 centuries and now here we are waiting for the 2nd coming of Christ but it's coming it's a promise of God in a certain So we have this promise of this this child it would be born and bring peace. I have a note here Monday's lesson every Monday asks. And his 2nd question there well the 1st thing it brings up is the child the 1st very 1st sentences here is the 3rd special birth in the book of Isaiah following mentions of the birth of Emmanuel and may or. Is which the 2nd was the son of Isaiah we've talked about this a little bit we don't have time to dive fully into it but I believe the foretold Emmanuelle in chapter 7. Had a direct reference to Mayor shallow hash Baz in in that context even though we know the greater picture is Emmanuel God with us Messiah and I believe that both of those births are the same you know in Chapter 7 as soon as this child is going to go on Born His name is going to be a manual and basically by the time he's weaned your enemies we conquered and then I was is wife has a child named Mary Helen ship and by the time he's weaned the enemies are conquered So essentially you're saying that these 1st prophesied children Emanuel and you know we'll just call him Mr Him for the lesson has an interjected a lesson says that you know treat some separate because at one point it said that I mean the show has been as wasn't named Emmanuel so as to point to Jesus Well Jesus was named Emmanuel either he was an issue of yeah so the idea of a manual is conveying God's trying to convey through this thing that I'm with you right I'm the pro-gun who is but essentially there's a 1st application in the life and times are like I might cause some of the probably exactly well in the lesson even talks about how Matthew 24 is an example how Jesus does the same thing in the New Testament where he talks about some 1st hand events that people in that audience would live through an experience but there's a greater application in Times and here for Isaiah there were literal problems and they were darkness and difficulty and there was a son to be born and it was Isaiah's own son but there would be the greater son the out in the Son was as you know it was assigned a has a member he has I'm not going to ask for a sign presumptuously and I said well he's going to give you a sign in this is the sign that had to be assigned he has right it had to apply to him that right would make any sense but in saying all of that we're looking at that further application neither of us want to detract from the reality that right by far the greater application to a man you are sure and this child is born the son is given is to Jesus Christ in the lesson asked the question in the middle of the page on many whom alone could this child be well they point is to. Chapter 2. I prefer Luke chapter 131 to 33 because when you look at Isaiah 6 again 96 again John is going to talk to the government being on a shoulder talking about his his his kingdom no having no end but he sits upon the throne of David now in light of that terminology read what it says there Luke 131 to 33 says yeah and behold you will conceive in your woman bring forth a son and shall call his name Jesus he will be great and will be called the Son of the highest and the Lord God will give him the throne of his father David and he will reign over the house of Jacob forever and of His Kingdom there will be no end that's right striking parallels Yes So very clearly the child that's born is all of this is pointing to Christ and the point talking point number one is God speaks the light through the darkness in the time of Israel's darkness number one God gave hope to them then in their present way ultimately through the promise of the coming Messiah This is why the Messiah has always been look forward to by Israel the big talk of history that even the Jewish nation that rejected Jesus is still like this all looking for the Messiah because the Messiah was the Greek deliver who is going to come and bring peace and bring light into the darkness so we have the darkness at the end of chapter 8 in here this light shines and Zabulon enough to live and and again it's fascinating to me that like the very nations that again we could say you gotta keep context to police or attack them 1st but if you understand what the Bible says that know God sent to get ready it's agent in other words God punished them 1st and God did not forget to visit them 1st with the Messiah is just a power of really beautiful like they're not cut off. It pains God's heart to bring those judgments and as soon as he the time was right to be able to bring the light he did it and brought him right to the very same people beautiful well we're talking about this noble prince of peace and how. Well the initial one you couldn't say of you know I say as prophesied some there that he is peace but it was wrong it would be a sign of peace it was a sign it but Jesus. It is our that's what I'm saying so the citizen of the categorical nature of these prophecies is different because the fulfillment of so much greater what you might have a temporal. Element to right in that piece it was talking about was just peace from the conflict in the righteous not the political people but he's the prince of peace right and so. It's a beautiful expanding of that thing as well do we want to get to this quote here and as our pages will know if we're going to move on Ok there for somebody else reference it's very clear what we're going to point number 2 and that is God's justice is the fruit of his love because as we you know we end in the darkness now we're talking also about love going to NAFTA I said you know he loved said the light and all this his mercy and hers forever which is a point coming up what you would think that it would be good like it or you know she was a child is born the son is giving her the right Peace is going to reign for ever oh by the way verse 8 the board sent a word against Jacob and it has fallen on Israel so like through one nation to the other and all of his people and all the people will know you for him in the Heavens have some area and have an instance of Mary the say in pride near going to hurt the bricks and then God pronounces judgment and then when you come to verse 12 it says at the end of it for all this his anger is not turned away but his hand is stretched out still Now I read in a number of places I went back through and looked you'll find that expression as they have 52591291792114 if you will explain a little bit or maybe you're about to tell if you were hoping to see like well what maybe would means is his hand is stretched out immersed in while the other hand destroyed maybe the great God's judgment but the Mercy is still that we'll see that that's sure but that phrase ology when you look at Chapter 5 it says in verse 25 therefore the anger of the Lord is aroused against his people he has stretched out his hand against them and stricken them and the hills trembled and I can't help but think of Joe stretch out your hand and know that. This idea is conveyed through Scripture and in a number of places the stretching out of the hand is in judgment and when it says all his for all this is anger is not turned away his hand is stretched out Still it's a continuation of the earlier stretching it still stretching out right and this judgment is come but I'm not done yet in other words there's more judgment to come or just that interesting because it was that gloomy if you do this is going to back up but finally night unto you was great but then he says but still and he goes right back to it so it's not like God is it's not like we. Kind of think about God sometimes in a binary like he has his wrath but then there's mercy and it's all done that he's either. You know executing justice or he's being nice and sweet but the idea of them being together is sometimes uncomfortable for well we often get this conflict with old testament people I don't even read the Old Testament it was the mean god or Exactly this is the holy verses the New Testament and so this is why we're highlighting this you can't come away from this passage like I said I had wanted to as a look at that peasant like no stretched out his hand means he's changing his hand mercy no it doesn't and is just as hard so right after the promise of the child then the judgement judgement judgement only upon his people then the judgement comes upon a Syrians and so. In that context we still need to come to the understanding that the judgment of God is not we couldn't this on the part of God It's love on the part of God which we just don't tend to think that way so for example on Tuesdays lesson Yes It asks the question right there in the room you know it's the 1st question right. Read to the sufferings of God's people as shown in the above text referenced and then compare the curses which I'm going to read here then the question is asked why did God punishes people in stages rather than all at once so for example I'll give you 5 instances with all this his hand is stretched else still right. Those 1st stages like there was a judgment and then his hand stress that he's not done yet then there was another phase and there's another phase or stage why not just all at once why all the stages it's an excellent question to ask why did God punish these people in stages. Well. Because well I think you for if I don't know where you're going back with but I know that in the text as we study it it kind of gives us the answer his Because if you follow up in verse 12 where interest for all this where they have been hell. For all this is anger but turned away but his hands stretched out still and look at the next verse verse 13 for the car because the people do not turn to Him who strikes him nor do they seek the Lord of Hosts Yeah so it is like saying the striking from the Lord is in response or is in proportion is related to the response of the people to want to resize it again verse 13 serves with the word for what we would read the word because there in the forest begins an explanation like why is his hand stretched out still like why your lord why are you withdrawing the judgement because the people do not turn to Him who strikes them nor do they seek the Lord of Hosts So in other words. It tells us the very reason God's pouring out the judgment is to get the people to turn in this hard right back to we share this before and I for one of the 1st or 2nd chapter where I was in talks about the how from the soul to the tip of the head really use all the feet it's all wounds and bruises and putrefying source or not is it and he says Why will you be stricken again the whole idea is there's not a place up in your body that hasn't been stricken Why do you keep it where you are the one keeping this going and this is the picture we get here for the people did not turn to Him who strikes him God is His hand is stressed out still because as much as it pains him he will do everything it takes even the pouring out of judgments to save his people and he wants to withdraw his hand but they won't repent so he continues until either they repent or their hearts are so hard that they can't repent but this is really something that is a picture into the mercy of God the judgment of God is not contrary to His mercy exactly that and you know well there's that great quote and. Well desire of ages you come has been already in the talking points there but it says inside age 76762 God's love has been expressed in his justice no less than his mercy justice is the foundation of the throne and the fruit of his love so the idea it's not like God is Being. Disciplinary and and then he becomes loving right but the love has both elements those I love I review can chase exactly that's part of it and this is the one we talk about also from great controversy for 65 afflict affiliated. To the dangers already named is the danger of understanding the justice of underestimating sorry the justice of God The tendency of the modern pope is to strain out the divine justice from the divine benevolence to sink benevolence into a sentiment rather than exulted into a principle the new theological prism puts asunder what God has joined together and she goes on to explain how it is in other words this just saying let's talk more about love let's not talk about right or that in his discipline of his people he has turned off his love and now he's right no disciplining and then he's going to come back and be loving when the recognition is that all of this is a process of love both of his. And his appeal it is together and exactly right yeah it can be something and when you understand that it just changes the perspective you have of God When you read the word and you see that in all those judgments it's just God desperately trying to do whatever it takes to say right well today's lesson paragraph 2 it says if God had wanted to destroy his people he could have given them up to the Assyrians right away and by the way you think a phrase if God wanted to destroy his people how many times in different circumstances he to let him go or keep actively done it himself you know I think a job like he could have ripped killed him on the spot but you know like I'm not trying to kill you I'm trying to help I think of Moses for the Lord and I stand back and let me have the people like like let me out I'm like You can't stuff like Moses in the way like if it were for Moses Yeah and what the Lord is doing there was conveying to Moses that he was willing to relent you know anyway so he got up to in a sense right away but he is patient and quote 2nd Peter 39 not wanting any. Perish but all to come to repentance right so all of those disciplines were saying well that is. Not punitive it goes on to say is in the period of the judges God let the people in Israel experience some results of their folly so they could understand what they were doing and have a chance to make a better choice when they persisted in even hardened their hearts against him in the appeals he sent through his messengers he further withdrew his protection but they continued to rebel this cycle was repeated in a downward spiral until there was nothing more God can do and you can read about the 2nd was 36 to 16 so that's how God deals with his people as much as dealing with those people to deal with all people especially in exactly receive that that's God's him oh he's like I'm going to give you choices and God is allowing things to happen right now in our Yes in our world in our nation because he's trying to get people to turn their right and it's you know he could turn it off but he's he's we're not going to be brothers and son Joe is not but his goal is redemption that's exactly right which brings us to that final part exactly number or the argument God's mercy endures for ever well let's just finish up like at the end of Chapter 10 going into Chapter 11 the last 2 verses 1033 says Behold the Lord the Lord of Hosts will lump off the bow of terror those of high stature will be hewn down in the heart he will be humbled he will cut down the thickets of the forest with iron and Lebanon will fall by the Mighty One there's a come for the rock to come forth Iran from the Stem of Jesse and a branch shall grow out of his ribs the spirit of the Lord shall rest upon in the spirit of wisdom is at our center so the picture here at the end. Of 10 is that God Much like the story of never can is or yes just thinking his people even in the in the series as well as a forest of trees that are being cut down and their Chapter 11 so you know you could a tree down in your like Ok this is all it is cut down trees. And when you talk about the nation of Israel as a tree being cut down like that's where the Messiah was supposed to come from so what hope is there and then Chapter 11 says that basically out of this dump of Israel that was cut down and looks dead is going to come a shoot branch and grow and that branches individual on is going to take the throne so you would think the line of David was cut off. And so here is yet another prophecy that is pointing to the Messiah and his reign in the midst of what seems to be a total. Cutting off of this people well let's dive into that in the last couple of minutes here this idea of this branch. Of David but he's also the root of David That's right who who is this obviously we're talking about Jesus let me ask that does this make sense what sense does it make for him to be the branch and then in verse 8 of chapter 11 the root of David right so somehow Christ is both the root of David and the branch David and in your your scholarly pursuits you have stumbled upon a beautiful and sometimes yes I think a definitive definitive quote and it's a bit of an obscure reference manuscript 61 b. from 895 what does that tell us about well commenting on Revelation 2216 who picks up where John picks up the language of Isaiah where he calls were Jesus calls himself the root and the offspring of David So both the root and the branch. Then Ellen White quotes that and says as creator of man he is the root of this as bearing the nature of man he may be the world's Redeemer he is the offspring of day he may lay down his life for the saving of the human race he became mediator man's house so he's both a root as a creator and the branch as a descendant Yes and if you want to see Christ describe it himself you go to Matthew 22 when I can take the time to read through it now versus 4145 but he basically picks up the argument from the scripture and asks them about the branch and root of David thing and in their. Includes it David then calls Him Lord how is he the son and he doesn't is the question but apparently was a stick you know fish you it says a verse 46 the No one was able to answer him a word nor from that day on did anyone dare question him anymore that's right so Mr Right but but it's true that this yes is a descendant of David but he's also the creator of a yeah and it's an identity that only Christ could claim and he just love that would hang it in the air let the marinated I love it that's exactly right well very quickly I'm not going to expound on this as much but I would courage in your class that I actually would jump back to Isaiah Chapter 10 where there's a little. Section at the end about the remnant the return of the remnant So all this bleakness and then there's this return of the remnant and that leads really well into Chapter 11 with this branch and then Chapter 12 which is very short but Chapter 12 is a song of Deliverance much like the song of most of the Lamb in fact the lesson equates to the song of Moses in the lamb so you have in finality you have this tree that is cut down looks like a dead stop but there's still hope of branches going to that tree is Israel that stuff grows out of it there's the messiah he's going to establish His Kingdom there's going to be a remnant saved in it describes his kingdom as the description of the New Earth so you have the no more violence no more course this lesson is pointing to Prince of Peace Yes Yeah the noble Prince of Peace that peace will come and it will be glorious it says in fact in the passage of chapter 11 that that this of this branch that his rest would be glorious Now the New King James some new translation say resting place the King James has his rest and I think of coming to me and I will give you rest there's a rest there's a peace that Christ gives that nothing else can it's promised to us it is certain a well there's some great concluding thoughts in Friday's lesson so if we're teaching a lesson we draw your attention to some of those passages or even a summary from the contributor there but there's a lot of good information here that will lead us closer to a relative Jesus and the rest he provides so as we close today less power has for. Heavenly Father thank you so much again for the study thank you for giving us this word of of hope in the midst of challenging times and Lord we can't thank you enough for the the promise of that coming Prince of Peace help us now to know him and experience a life like his Even in our time as we look forward to and by your grace hasten his soon coming or great in choosing.


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