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Wrongthink II

Conrad Vine
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Conrad Vine

President of Adventist Frontier Missions



  • January 16, 2021
    10:00 AM
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Today we have 3 top wrong think 2 then Wrong think wall and this afternoon wrong think 3 and then I'll be hightailing it out of here so today we're going to be talking about serious matters because I think you'd agree with move we are living in serious times yes we see America changing before our eyes and what happened in the election was just the results of the culmination of broader social changes within America over the last 20 to 30 years and so the 1st topic today is wrong think too I'd invite you to buy your heads with me I'm inviting the presence of the Holy Spirit so shall we pray they have any father we want to thank you that you are on your throne you know the nations rage and rage at you you hold them in derision we want to thank you father that your kingdom is a kingdom of justice and mercy and peace and love and that one day Jesus will come to the clouds of glory and all of the Kingdoms and all nations including our own will be wiped away and an everlasting kingdom of grace will be established so father until that day May we understand how we are to live in the midst of troubled times I pray that you will speak through me and for me let your Holy Spirits will speak to each of our hearts whispering this is the way walk in it we pray for the protection of our angels as we gather here today and your blessing upon those who are here on those who are watching online in the name of Jesus we ask men. All right so as you come to guess you know I tend to deliver these religious liberty sermons and it's not my 1st choice I can assure you but I find myself doing these religious liberties summons once a year and then not kind of the not kind of them in lights you know they are that they're dealing with significant matters and so today I invite you know you to keep your thinking caps on we're going to look through some of the major words that I young people are growing up with these days and we're going to ask ourselves how do we understand this biblically is there a Biblical response was there biblical to answer to what is happening in our world today and if so what is that biblical alternative So we're going to start by setting the history you know it's important to set lay out the historical context why because if you're divorced from your history you open to tell a tear in regimes that people who are divorced from history are open to authoritarianism because they don't know their past they have lost the historical memory and they've lost their cultural memory and therefore. As George Orwell said whoever controls the past controls the future so it's important that we understand the past in order to understand how we've got to where we are today so we're going to start out as we tend to do with these issues in Europe in the mid 19th century it was an era of profound economic and political and philosophical flux during the Enlightenment we emphasize rationalism and reason and logic and scientific research and skepticism and they were advancing against. Superstition isn't superstition and clericalism but along come it comes a guy in England who was a clergyman and originally child Darwin with 18092882 when he came out with his theory of evolution he provided the foundation for a new worldview in our world today and without without having a Christian and influence upon it so with Charles Darwin we have the possibility of a an atheist worldview appearing in our world in the mid eighty's. 40 is not parallel to Darwin we have this character here Kalmucks and he argued in his writings that the working class should carry out organized revolution action to topple capitalism and bring about social economic emancipation in which the government would be an all powerful government would control all resources and all means of production to in theory ensure equality now Marx's ideas were 1st put into action in the Russian Revolution in 1917 my wife is from Russia she has a great great great grandparents who lived and suffered through the Russian Revolution they lost an awful lot stirring the Russian Revolution he was followed then by Joseph Stalin one of the worst mass murderers in human history the head of the union of Socialist Soviet Republics or u.s.s.r. and he lived 8 17887821900 53 and now the imposition of socialist doctrine came at enormous cost I find it astonishing today that that many people have no idea of the history here but the history is pretty simple the imposition of the call much has doctrines they see a map on the screen of the concentration camps on the reeducation camps across the Soviet Union and they have Magadan as Vladivostok down there there's the island of Sakhalin labor camps he have upon the Arctic Circle him or months in Russian the arctic circle is round here everything north of this and in these in these camps tens of millions of people pass through during the time of the Soviet Union it was a horrendous era countless Soviet citizens innocent citizens perished in labor camps in concentration camps in mass population deportations mass executions show trials the collectivization of the agricultural sector in the Ukraine in 1930 s. Joseph Stalin took all the grain from the small farmers and he created a manmade famine it was called a whole lot more and between 4 and 6000000 people were deliberate. He stopped to death because they had small holding farms and that was against socialist doctrine and you see there some pictures of some of the camps and killing fields of the Soviet Union that was the terror that the purge of anti revolutionary forces in the 1930 s. in which Stalin encouraged people to write letters of denunciation about your boss if you don't like your boss accuse him of being a and I just hate you're against socialism and he would disappear he would simply be cancelled I've executed or sent to camp for the rest of his life Marxist theories with an imposed elsewhere in the world for those who are familiar with history the Khmer Rouge or the read command in French and the killing fields of Cambodia by now called race in China the Cultural Revolution in which again tens of millions of people perished many Christians initially supported the Cultural Revolution only to discover as in most revolutions in last 200 years those who support the revolutions are often the 1st victims of those revolutions but tens of meat the 10s of millions perished in China during that cultural revolution that was in my lifetime in most of your lifetime and the most recently we have the example of Venezuela which is perhaps the richest nation on earth or should be given its all reserves and yet to recent Well the United Nations report says over 90 percent are living in abject poverty off the imposition of a one party Marxist state now if you do if you add up the numbers in the 20th century alone historians estimate that over 110000000 people died at the hands of Marxist ideology that's just those who died that's not counting those who dehumanised and imprisoned indefinitely some for 10 or 25 year sentences now the publication in 1983 of this book here The good archipelago biology on the soldier it's been demolished any pretense to moral for its human part of Marxist thinking and why was that a Soldier Soldier it's an essentially said that if a system can only survive by imprisoning and executing tens of millions of its own citizens. Then that system has no moral farty and I think we would agree with that as Christians today no system has any moral authority it can only survive by executing by the millions its own citizens and that's precisely what happened during the 20th century with Marxist ideology so after the publication of this book marketed the logs they moved on and they came up with something called Critical Theory now Marx understood the world as being a struggle between the boy who was in the proletariat that is the factory owners and the workers and the workers are going to revert rebel and have a dictatorship of the proletariat as he called it but from the 1960 s. onwards these theorists came up with critical theory now Karl Marx understands the world from economically ssion ships and a critical theory understands the world through power relationships so critical theory which is the basis for social justice warriors is not actually concerned with justice per se it is concerned with power and the allocation of power within a given society is a critical critical point to understand social justice wars are not looking for justice they're looking for power redistribution that's the essential worldview that they have when they look at the world today. Now within critical theory you have a variety of areas of critical thinking those critical race theory which we will discuss this often noon intersectional feminism critical sexuality studies post-colonial studies Indigenous Studies facts studies blacks the knees and the list goes on and on and on and these all share the same century monsters to all of you understanding the power relationships within a given society now there's an Italian Marxist scholar called Antonio Graham see and he developed the concept of his Gemini this is the the idea that there is a dominance of one set of ideas or with society and this is expressed as oppression by the oppressors over the oppressed in America today we hear a lot about white supremacy this is a classic expression of hate Gemini where concepts such as being on time for meetings is viewed as white supremacy the value of hard work is viewed now as white supremacy the importance of the nuclear family mother father and children as white supremacy This is the head Gemini of the dominance of one set of ideas all norms around which everything else in society must already into itself and so based on the side these idea of Gramsci and we come to what is famously known in the academic world as the Frankfurt School and the Frank quit school is a bunch of scholars who left Nazi Germany and parts of Europe in the 1930 s. and they were applying the tools of critical theory and Marxist thinking and they were trying to understand why does Marxism not take root in liberal democracies with the Judeo Christian foundation that was their essential purpose why does Marxism not take over in the west you see the names of the key scholars at that and that's a typo is Horkheimer not home hi mum but nevertheless these are some of the key scholars now Horkheimer he wrote and he actually described what is a critical theory as opposed to a traditional theory now let me just on the help just share this if you're an anthropologist your job is to observe a society and work an action in order to understand how and why. It operates Yes and an anthropologist does not intervene in that society to simply observing to understand the social dynamics that is the role of an anthropologist and to a certain extent of a social just and that is a traditional way of looking at things and whereas critical theory and this is what whole crime himself says he says whereas a traditional theory is meant to be descriptive of some phenomenon usually social such as anthropology and aids to understand how it works and why it works that way a critical theory should proceed from a prescriptive normative moral vision for society that is a critical theory is to approach as his or her observation from the perspective that we need to and there is a an ideal that we need to strive for and they describe how the item being critiqued such as America today fails that vision usually in a systemic sense this was written in the 1930 s. and prescribe activism to subvert dismantle disrupt overthrow or change it this use of the word critical drawn from Marxist insistence that everything be ruthlessly criticized and from his admonition at the point of studying society is to change it so you see this language this is going back 60 years and this is what we're hearing in the news today. The purpose of critical theory is not to understand any society it is to subvert it from within to problematize everything criticize everything say the everything that problematic so that people are so discouraged they give up the fight from within and then that nation becomes it just falls into a Marxist one party totalitarian states this is what is happening in America today and it's affecting freedom of speech and inevitably it will affect freedom of conscience as we will see in our 2nd sermons they the rise of totalitarianism in America today so and critical theory does not seek to understand what is it seeks to impose a new vision of a secular atheist to take the ship underpinned by Marxist dogma and so you might say that the roots of the tree atheism the trunk of the tree is more calm ox and then the branches are the areas of critical study. Studies post-colonial studies etc etc which are all recognised areas of academic study these days. So I'm going to focus today on to the branches of critical theory to the branches that you probably hear a lot about through the branches that you hear about in the news almost on a daily basis and the diversity and inclusion of what is meant by these 2 phrases because you've all heard the phrases diversity and inclusion Yes So what what is meant by diversity inclusion and it's really important to understand that language has been weaponized in America in the last 10 years language no longer means what you think it means you may think that diversity means x. but it actually does not mean anything like x. as we're going to discover here today in the eyes of critical theory s. are going to 1st of all look at Chris a diversity and are contrary to what you may shewn diversity does not mean putting together a team that differs along ethnic or national origin or gender baseline So for instance and in our Lake Union here up until the retirement of our executive secretary our president is an African-American our Treasurer has a Hispanic heritage and our secretary has a white Caucasian heritage show we have might say black brown and white put it crudely is that diversity we may think it is but no the answer is no why because those 3 individuals all share a biblical worldview so just having different colors does not mean diversity having different sexes male or female in your team does not represent diversity diversity does not mean putting together a team that represents different social economic educational or even life experience backgrounds this is not diversity within critical theory dogma you may think that's what diversity is but that is not what diversity is according to the theoreticians in critical theory. A person's identity and their politics are inextricably linked as identity politics and intersectionality and diversity is only achieved in critical theory by assembling a diverse representation of lived experiences of oppression please understand this diversity is only accomplished when you reject the biblical worldview and you adopt a Marxist atheist worldview and you interpret the world from the lens of oppressors and oppressed and diversity is only accomplished when you have all the a people down here who are the oppressed who they may be l.g.b. t.q. whatever else they are they may happen to be or you know. All the other characteristics of people cling to identity groups and they even know them each being incompatible with one another they all share a hatred of the oppressors on the old share a hatred of the biblical worldview This is what it means diversity within critical theory writing best to hire a racially black individual but not a politically black individual is not diversity. Why because such an individual is allegedly suffering from internalized racism has a brainwashed subconscious and is an unwitting accomplice to white supremacy and they are to be rejected if you are for instance a person of color but have a biblical worldview you do not count in the diversity stakes that's why Vice President Biden could say if you don't vote for me you ain't black to quote him that truly why because a black has become a political identity rather than an ethnic or cultural identity and so thus it is today that if a man an African-American man does not subscribe to critical theory if he for instance believes that a man is not only to father a child but to be a father to a child if he believes in the divine your Dame's nuclear family he is not authentically black within the viewpoint the worldview of critical theories today he is to be demonized here to be destroyed now many of you may or may not have heard of county west a very famous hip hop artist in America today and he has deviated from the media logical reservation of critical theory and he has been destroyed by the critical theorists in popular culture today he is viewed as being mentally ill vulnerable bipolar all race traitor So what does this mean in practice. Well we go back I don't want us live just yet what does this mean in practice Well diversity means hiring people of different ethnic national sexual orientation biological sex or gender identity backgrounds all with different subjective and x. and lived expressions of oppression but a wall think identically as Christ hating critical theorist's intent on problematize ing absolutely everything about the organization they work in and the nation they live in in all in order to subvert it from within eliminate the Judeo foundation Christians of us foundations of our society replace the biblical worldview with an atheist worldview and eliminate democracy in favor of an all powerful Marxist Tait a ship that is what diversity means within the literature. Does that sound a pleasing or pleasant option probably not. Now within your own institution. The Italian Marxist scholar Antonio Graham see that he talks about the concept of the Long March now if you are from history when Mao Tse tung conquered the nationalists in the Chinese Civil War that led to the Chinese Communist Party I'm taking power in China the Red Army in caged in what was known as the long mob she was a long march to victory and for many years Mao Tse tung in his generals led the communist armies against the nationalist armies of Shanghai shock and there was the concept of Longmont she literally was a long march to victory now the theorists have evolved the concept of the Long March and the idea is that the West is to be eliminated and our freedoms are to be eliminated through the long mot long Macia in which our due date from day to day of Christian foundations ought to be subverted from within to be replaced with an atheist worldview and one party Marxist dictatorships in the best way to do it within your institution is to hire people who promotes diversity and inclusion and again what they say diversity inclusion is that's really what they mean by Dot and so that is how we what we're seeing in in America today. You know we have these documents coming up you know like diversity is our strength of your foot so think about if you stop to think about that for minutes diversity is our strength. Well I can you think of any human institution in human history where the less we have in common the more likely we are to succeed as a simple question if diversity truly is our strength is there any institution in human history where the less we have in common the more likely we are to succeed. I can't think of anything in history where the less we have in common the more likely we are to succeed simply that's not true. And so diversity is an idiot logical term that is used and people of goodwill they say yes we believe in diversity without realizing what is meant by diversity diversity really means that we all share a critical Well view we all share an atheist will view we are rejecting the biblical worldview and if anybody strays off that reservation there to be canceled or destroyed we'll talk about council culture in our 2nd sermon stay in the impact of totalitarianism but a classic example is the author of the a Harry Potter books was an example remember j.k. Rowling and very leading feminist in Britain and the she questions last year whether there was a court case and she questioned whether a man could could actually claim to be a woman she clearly questioned transgender idiology and she was subsequently trashed in counselled by the social justice warriors and so she strayed off the ideological reservation and she's been destroyed as a result of that and so they people eat their own when they get involved in this kind of worldview so we talk about diversity for a minute let's talk about inclusion Now if that diversity you might say is dangerous from a work that will well be perspective include inclusion is insidious because again what you mention inclusion to mean does not equate to what it means for trained Marxist activists language has been weaponized and these words no longer mean what you thought they used to mean now you may imagine that inclusion means building a team or organization or society and we create space the mechanisms for Also whole voices to be heard I think we would all want that in a society one a society where every voice can be heard we want to church where every voice can be heard we want organizations where every voice can have a place at the table and everybody's input is valued but that is not what inclusion really means that's the key point what you think it means is not what it actually means within the etiology inclusion means turning your organization into a safe space and I've heard the phrase save space. So you must have heard the phrase a safe space this is a safe space colleges all across America of every kind are now declaring themselves to be safe spaces and many employers are now saying we are safe spaces Now what does what is meant within the critical theory world view by a safe space it means and inclusive environments that cannot allow feelings of marginalization or exclusion for any protected group all that authentic voices the narrative of subject you cannot challenge the narrative of subjective lived expression experience or of alleged oppression now what this means in practice is that if I go to a public school and I declare myself a penguin nothing in the public school campus can ever be used to deny that I'm a penguin nothing can be nobody can question it everybody must affirm not and anybody who questions my identity is a penguin then you are a guilty of a microaggression and that is hate speech and you must be d. platform you follow me on this yes I'm using an extreme example but you smile but this thing is coming down the pike once we have transgender you'll have trans be She's people are already claiming to be trans be she's. And then you must accept it. And so inclusion means that the may have presence of individuals books speeches or any idea in any format to disagrees with the dogma of any protected group is to be denounced as a microaggression that causes trauma and harm this is one reason why people by the 10s of 1000 in the last 2 weeks alone of being poached from social media because you're speaking wrong think you're speaking truths that we know are self-evident but I'm no longer acceptable to the critical theorists in the social justice warriors and that is why famous speakers have been de platform from colleges if you are a conservative speaker or a preacher you try and speak at University College book University California Berkeley they'll be writing on the streets they will d. platform you because you're me a presence on campus is a micro aggression because you walking across that college campus is a standing rebuke to the etiology of that campus and so that is why we are seeing the totalitarian clamp down on any ideas that can be expressed in American universities in practice it requires actively restricting speech discussion or activity that will not foster a positive psychological experience for marginalized protected or oppressed group everything must be positively in a ferment to this effect Adventists campuses Yes it does the net effect of inclusion means that those who speak the Gospel of Jesus Christ and in particular a victory over the sins of the flash such as coming out ministries are being the platform to cross Adventists campuses why the Gospel voice must be closed down for the coal to repentance is now interpreted as a microaggression an act of violence against protected groups and their personal truths their subjective lived experiences which cannot be challenged in any way and I recognize that what I'm saying is not politically correct but I'm speaking the truth. Now. Nothing can be allowed the questions you'll find to city the experience of every individual and so on our campuses today the Gospel culture Penzance and faith is slowly being closed down and we had to have had a video from coming out Ministries a few years ago and why was that why couldn't it be played on a Adventist campus just down the road Ask yourself that question the biblical worldview on our campuses is being overthrown is being replaced by an atheist worldview and we are starting to to churn out functional atheists. How does work in practice well speakers of the platforms statues of Jesus in the last year have been toned down across America the mobs on the streets have been burning bibles online cult mobs terrorized the non-compliant Council culture stalks the land this is soft totalitarianism Americans are now afraid to speak their minds a survey after survey shows that Americans are now self censoring before they put anything on social media I'm given the fact that most of us have got smart phones I don't have my with me but more and more Americans it seems to me all self sentient what they say at home more more Americans a self centered what they say in the privacy of their own bedrooms because what you say today will be taken down in using evidence against you tomorrow. Physical mobs are battering those who disagree with the dominant narrative so inclusion in summary only means allowing people to think speak and act in groveling subservience to the daily shifting and nonsensical demands of atheists critical theory adhering diversity hires and that's quite a sentence so please keep your thinking caps on as we go through this so how do we respond to all this as Christians while we we want to say that 1st of all we are all fallen sinners without hope of them through the saving grace of Jesus Christ that Jesus came to save all peoples of every nation tribe language and people that every person within every culture is equally important and valid to God that all people are created in the image of God and to deny the image of God in somebody else is an affront to our Creator we all need a savior the only basis for us out of Asia is the grace of God received by faith with out with repentance not through any intrinsic individual merit so while we also you reject the atheist dogma of diversity and inclusion we speak in love to those who are trapped within this document because it is a mental reservation and if you go off that reservation you will be destroyed for they are also the object of God's love in his redemptive plans and so I'm going to compare now systematically almost green I put this chart together but never the full last year a comparison of the diversity and inclusion of worldview with the biblical worldview we're going to look at a number of dimensions so for instance the question of God himself in the diversity and inclusion worldview God does not exist and in diversity and inclusion Well the Christianity is responsible for the oppression of marginalized groups and is intrinsic expression of white supremacy Now the fact that for instance the vast majority of Christians in our world today persons of color is kind of irrelevant because again we're not dealing with facts we're dealing with dogma here. According to biblical world view the full set in his heart that there is no God and having turned their backs on God as the Apostle Paul says they become few tile in their thinking on their senseless minds with Doc and terms of identity another Maka important thing these days in diversity and inclusion of the critical theory well view your density your member of a social group you either oppressive or oppressed and everybody is looking to be one of the oppressed groups everybody's looking to be a victim that's when you get brownie points as defined by intersectionality and identity politics them to show you how ridiculous this is I'm a white heterosexual male so I'm guilty of all the evil in human history but wait a minute I'm actually a white homosexual male which means I'm now a victim just like that I'm not responsible for the evils of human history and identify as a person of color who has transcended transgender that's my dance you must accept it now I'm the most oppressed group in human history Oh now it's 1035 non black male heterosexual white male Now I'm guilty of all the sins of human history does it not strike he was absurd. It's utterly absurd in the biblical world view all keep all people are created in the image of God with equal moral worth and that is what we are called to uphold as Christians today in terms of sin and divest inclusion there is no concept of sin to say there are no moral restraints within critical theory the oppressed experience oppression and all actions against the oppressors are thereby justified which is why when the lie of the rioting in the looting in the murder and all the rest the mayhem in America last year is cheered on because there's no concept of sin that the oppressed can do whatever they want to the oppressors there's no consequences whereas in the biblical world view Genesis one through 3 and Romans one through 3 teach that we all create an image of God This image has been marred by the fall there is no one who is right just not even one all are morally accountable before God for their actions regardless of your group identity we will stand before God one day we will have to answer for our words in front deeds there is a final judgment and when you have no concept of the final judgment then you can do whatever you like today because there are no eternal consequences when it comes to ultimate authority in the critical theory well if you quit ultimate authority is your personal subjective lived experience that phrase lived experience is what you can see in the you see it in the literature today you hear it's on c.n.n. and on Fox this is part of the language which our young people learning in college is your lived experience is your final determinants of truth if it's true to how I feel today and it's fine but if it disagrees of how I feel today then than what you are what you are saying must be hate speech and you must be the platform to council now this is what is happening people are unable to accept opposing viewpoints anymore unable to discuss ideas anymore because it contradicts my subjective addicts parents by definition it must be hate speech in a difficult world view the ultimate authority is not my subjective lived experience but it is the Word of God which is absolute which. And it is x. turn all to any human being rather than day of finding ourselves making ourselves out to be gods we have to submit to the Word of God We come to the Scriptures Christians not to sit in judgment on the scripture but allow the Scriptures to sit in judgment upon us we humble ourselves before God and we allow the Word of God to read our hearts and our minds that we might be changed on a daily basis in terms of desired living space in the diversity inclusion worldview and what is really desired is a safe space in which any personal subjective lived experience cannot be questioned removing the physical presence of any who question the validity of my lived experience so that is why I speak as being the platform lacrosse America people are being cut off from social media nothing can be allowed to question the latest crazy idea from biblical perspective desired living space is no way here on Earth but it's actually on Heaven where the saints of God will dwell drawn from every nation every tribe every language every people from all backgrounds where we can live together on the tree of life and provide fruit for the healing of the nations only God can divide the healing and I will today I will be free of disease death sorrow and suffering. If there are a call to repentance while in the in the critical theory world view culture Pennington's is a micro aggression must be silenced because nothing can be allowed to challenge your subjective lived experience or to disturb your safe space when the when John the Baptist came in the gospels the 1st word he spoke was repent why for the Kingdom of God is at hand when Jesus came in the gospels the 1st word he spoke well repent for the Kingdom of God is at hand the very call to repent is now rejected as a microaggression because if if Jesus says to me come out I want you to repent what he's saying is Conrad something's not right in your life. And that's the truth something is not right in my life I'm a sinner and so the cold repentance the Gospel call is now a microaggression must be closed down I'm not a prophet but it's not going to be long before the bible is going to be declared hate speech in many parts of America it's going that way this is where we're going as a nation the biblical model when call will view we have to repent we have to believe it be baptized and we are to receive the Holy Spirit and so we recognize that we are sinners that os a space really is actually a safe space is actually a one way ticket to eternal damnation and we are culture repents to believe to be baptized have our sins of the past washed away and receive the Holy Spirit that God might change us more and more daily into the character of Jesus if Jews of Jesus Christ himself and so the 1st call Jesus was to repent and believe in the good news Mark 115 forgiveness there is no forgiveness in diversity and inclusion instead we have cancel cultures we if you stay from 2nd service and we talking about the difference we Hobbes totalitarianism and soft totalitarianism we have now descended to soft totalitarianism in America is happening right around us right around our faces every day it's in the news if you believe the news and so now we have counsel culture if you stray from the a geological reservation you will become a non-person we will destroy you not just on social media but will destroy you economically if the banks will withdraw from you the credit card processes will withdraw from you g. mail will withdraw from you everything will be destroyed you will become a non-person you will physically live but nobody will have any business with you. Now the Book of Revelation says Revelation 13 look at some the characteristics it says Revelation 13 says the mark of the beast will be imposed either on the head or on the far it sir there are 2 of the hand which implies that the end of time society will be polarized someone except the mark of the beast willingly some will accept the mark of the beast only by force we are now living in a polarized world in a polarized society makes absolute sense and so we see in Revelation 13 that those who do not receive the mark of the beast they will be killed they lie the Binal cell this is known as cancel culture the ingredients of Revelation 13 are coming into place in front of our very eyes now what they are not talking Christians just yet but one day it will the target will be those who are faithful to Jesus Christ the biblical world view is repentance is possible praise the Lord we can be forgiven through confession repentance and receiving the gift of grace and diversity and inclusion divesting inclusion diverse lived experiences of oppression all celebrated the oppressed have jewel insight all that's going to stand point to pissed Amala Jing by that means that because I'm a white heterosexual male and I'm Sister gender that means my gender identity lines of my bodily reality that's the terminology that is used because I'm in that group that means I'm an oppressor but if this person over here is a white gay male that means he sees the world from his perspective and from my perspective so he has jewel insight as I as an oppressor only see the world from my perspective I cannot see it from his perspective so that means the more the lower down the victimhood flowchart you appear the more insight you have that means the more truth you have that means the more you need to be listened to. The evolving the logic on this all right so this is what is happening in America today where as in the biblical perspective. The whole in terms of diversity the Holy Spirit gives diverse gifts to whomsoever he wishes regardless of who you are regardless of the color of your skin regardless whether you're male female young or old regardless of your education level oil wealth level the Holy Spirit is sovereign and gives gifts to whomsoever he wishes and the body is not complete with all of those gifts thus eliminating any calls for pride to one upmanship or demeaning within the Body of Christ and your immutable personal characteristics are emitting materials far as God is concerned God does not care whether you have blue eyes or brown eyes God does not care whether you have blonde hair black hair or Red Hat It is not important to God the color of your skin or your education level or how much money you have in the bank we are equally valued honored created in His image and loved by Jesus Christ and so biblical world view does talk about diversity but the diversity is not immutable personal characteristics like race gender x. or sex or sexual orientation is a gift that the Holy Spirit gives to his church and we can be a standing rebuke to the world when we learn to love one another in the body of Christ and care for one another in the body of Christ and say we will transcend the barriers that the world is putting up around us then we learn to represent the kingdom of God in truth in this in his fallen and broken world the world is dividing us into sexuality we are called to come together and to value and to love all peoples within our congregations and unity. Well political unity is found when antithetical opposed groups this isn't diverse inclusion worldview so much as elegies and t's who are actually fighting show that lesbians and gays are philosophically opposed to the transgender movement they're philosophically incompatible they hate each other there's no such thing as community there's the l.g.b. t.q. civil war effectively they philosophically and that's really opposed to each other but political unity is found when these and that sickly oppose groups among themselves join in fighting alleged oppression and ideological anti God uniformity is ruthlessly enforced in the nation by political correctness Hollywood to the mainstream media social media the corrupt national media activist corporations anti-Christian professors Council culture and racism training implicit bias testing diversity and inclusion training diversity inclusion commissars an anti from mobs on the streets this is what is happening all around us we are being frog marched into a new world a brave new world in which probably countless people are going to suffer in profound ways the biblical world view is that unity is doesn't come from human beings but it's nurtured by the Holy Spirit and we find unity by living lives of sacrificial service one for another. Lead a life of the Apostle Paul said worthy of the calling to which you have been called with all humility and gentleness with patients bearing with one another in love making every effort to maintain the unity of the spirit in the bond of peace for there is one body and one Spirit just as you are called to the one hope of your calling one Lord one faith one baptism one God and Father of all who is above all and through all and in all I love that biblical understanding of unity don't you that the Holy Spirit can lead us into unity and we keep out we can cooperate with God in building unity by intentionally serving one another in love looking out for one another caring for one another speaking up for one another walking with one another encouraging with one another one another praying for one another and so forth and so forth that is the world in which I want to live our care for you today because I know that tomorrow when I need some help somebody is going to stand by me as well and that's a kind of unity that we find within the Word of God It is not found within diversity and inclusion and then finally that we have no got 2 more slides here time is moving on truth diverse inclusion there are no absolutes diversity inclusion truth is subjective situational and individual that this is your truth remember Oprah Winfrey she says this be true to your truth you just say be beetroot be true to the truth she says Be true to your truth and because everybody has a different subjective lived experience that means truth varies with every individual a society collapses if we can't agree on anything. You know it's very simple societies collapse when you can no longer agree on anything in the biblical world view truth is absolute and it's external to the human experience scientific and moral absolutes do exist it is a sin to lie it is a sin to murder it is a sin to great adultery these are not situationally justified these are absolute moral standards its truth is also validated by scientific research and respectful dialogue and Jesus Christ Himself is the ultimate truth I am the Way the Truth and the life Jesus does not say I am a way I am a truth and I'm a life I am the Way the Truth and the life which is why the world hates Jesus so much because he offers the exclusive way to salvation to God the Father as opposed to the inclusive views of our world today where all roads lead to God No we only come to walk to God Heavenly Father through Jesus Christ then we have a temporal goal what is the goal here on Earth while in critical theory of diversity and inclusion the temple goal is atheist equity that there are equal outcomes on older mentions for all racial groups that's the goal where we're going to in America right now if you look at the charts it American society you know those there's multiple groups that like the Filipino Americans the Indian Americans the Korean Americans the Taiwanese Americans as for Lankan Americans the Nigerian Americans all have better social economic outcomes than white Americans do but we are allegedly a white supremacist society you know whites are way down the list in terms of average income but the Temple goal of diversity inclusion is to have equal outcomes for every group in society and how do you get that it requires an all powerful government engineering equal social outcomes regatta across all racial or protected groups regardless of personal put unity regardless of personal effort regardless of person vestment regardless of personal responsibility and that society I would suggest is fundamentally unjust. Why is it unjust I have a twin brother let's say that we both studied hard to make our way through life but let's say that he studied hard light chose to become a drug addict drug addict why should the government then engineer things so we both have the same standard of living woman 51 I've blown my mind and money on drugs and he spent his whole life working hard so the moment you say everybody has to have equal outcomes identical outcomes you're creating an unjust society which doesn't matter what effort you put into life everybody gets the same We've tried this before in the world it was known as a Soviet Union when I worked in the Soviet Union when the Soviet Union stopped everything stopped Ok why did it stop because in 1970 s. and eighty's people realized that when you went to work if you did a good job or you get a bad job you so going to get the same amount of money guess what people did you get a bad job when you bought a car a brand new car in the Soviet Union you had to buy a new car and you maybe buy another coffee spare parts because the 1st brand new car wasn't fully made why because the workers didn't have the only for coffee actors in the world where the value of the car was worth less than the value of the war materials coming in the stock the factory which is absurd was a lot isn't even as famous cars in Soviet Union it was a very new reducing activity to make a car and so people would go to work and just sleep through the day because you don't get the same outcome why work and if you insist on a society where everybody gets the same outcome the nobody has any incentive to work hard and society just collapses we've seen it in the Soviet Union we had a 70 year experiment and it collapsed and we go in that direction again in our society in the biblical world view in terms of temporal goal. Rather than looking for equity which is equal outcomes were looking for God fearing equality as equal standing in treatment before the Law of it is $915.00 an equal opportunity for all based on the year jubilee but there are a personal responsibility for temporal and eternal outcomes if you do not work says the Apostle Paul then what happens you do not eat you must contribute to your own welfare in your life and where as the critical theory viewpoint once an all powerful government the engine is everything the biblical world view looks for a limited government whose role is to foster equal opportunities for personal growth and human flourishing and we are seeing in America before our eyes the growth of an all powerful government that will determine which rights you do and do not have so eternal outcomes we're almost finished now there are no eternal outcomes and divesting inclusion biblical world view God wishes for all to receive eternal life but most will be lost for eternity despite your for salvation to all who believe and freedom of conscience there is none the individual must give way to the atheist Jesus rejecting God hating social justice Warry a mob rule and biblical world view we have absolute freedom of conscience God never compels but he always respects the conscience of a human being God offers a salvation why Israel will die turn away trail and live I have no pleasure in the death of anyone says God and the Old Testament prophets he wants all to be saved but he does not compel us to accept the gift of salvation so what he's saying conclusion today will Biblical teachings in general and on religious liberty in particular freedom of conscience at kohls us to reject entirely the underlying atheism and the application of critical theory and Marxist ideology in our world today. We are facing in America today the rising of an idiology that responsible for more death and human suffering than any of it he already in history that idiology is now seeking to subvert and to destroy the very freedoms of conscience speech and worship that we have grown accustomed to within the United States we are called by God today to pray for our leaders to pray for church leaders to pray for institutional leaders to pray for ministry used to pray for our pastors that we will not be subverted from within by diversity and inclusion militants regardless of who they are or where they're from that we will not be pushed into an anti God Christian persecuting Christ rejecting Jesus hating truth rejecting Bible burning preaching the platforming atheist atheist ideology in the way we do church or the way we teach our children in our institutions we have called rather to live lives of sacrificial love selfless love as Christ has 1st loved us for all humanity regardless of who they are or where they come from or what they look like and how they dress and how they talk for everybody is in desperate need of the sin bearing Savior we ought to love our neighbors as ourselves we love others as Christ 1st loved us and we seek not only the best outcome for us selves in society but for our neighbor and we calibrate our actions my words accordingly such love is active it is intentional it is forgiving it is seeking for reconciliation building up of peace and works to labor for the unity in the body of Christ so much as you today as Robin swallowing whole without thinking about it the day the dunes teachings of the dead calm oxen his philosophy philosophy of futility I want to challenge you to stay to be ambassadors for the living and the coming savior for without him we are all doomed to a total destruction yet with him we may find forgiveness for yesterday meaning for today and hope for tomorrow so live for Jesus in the coming week. 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