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Moses and the Smooth Transition of Power

Don Mackintosh
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Pastor Don Mackintosh,  reviews the current event and compares it to how we can have a smooth transition in our lives from living in the world into living with God in our lives.


Don Mackintosh

Chaplain/Pastor - Weimar Institute

Director - Newstart Global/the HEALTH Program (Health, Evangelism, & Leadership Training)


  • January 13, 2021
    7:45 AM
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Let's pray Father heaven Lord we're so thankful for these wonderful him sweet hour of prayer that we've come here to pray together that's essential really to pray it is it's an essential service and it's a service that you're always providing you ever live to make intercession of intercession for us in our prayers can be mingled with your prayers like it says there in Revelation and we ask where they would be mingled tonight that you would hear us and you would buses as we study tonight as we come in Christ's name Amen so I wanted today to talk about transitions Well actually I woke up as of last night if I was like you know maybe I should ask someone else to do midweek service to get a lot going on but then it hit me what I should talk about and it was. Transitions of power. Because I knew today was going to be a big you know debate and discuss in a lot of people watch and I looked on You Tube today and on the different places you know you can watch on a.b.c. n.b.c. I'm in s n b c Fox C.-Span and you know there's different ways and I son there were thousands on each one of those sites watching the the deliberation for the 2nd impeachment of Donald j. Trump which has now become a reality in terms of the outside and they voted in everyone was talking about this there in Washington d.c. d.c. so I thought well what are there any things about smooth transitions of power in scripture and I mean we thought of Moses' Moses and his rod remember he wanted to help people make a transition from Egypt to 2 came in. And there was supposed to be a smooth transition of their internal being as smooth as lasted 40 years it was actually supposed to last 10 days you know but it lasted 30 years only started out he said you know. On he was given a rod or the rod that was in his hand and God said where with you shall do signs to help God's people leave Egypt and that Rod What did he do with that rod Does anyone remember what he did with the rod he made it into a snake and then it transitions back and then Pharaoh so I could do that and his musicians came out but then. The rot of the Lord ate up those snakes and they couldn't make that transition because that the last was being caught then you know any transition you can make i actually a more powerful I can make a transition from life or death to life and life to death I have resurrection power can you say hallelujah and the rod reminded of that and then the Nile was turned into blood that Rod Serling on the blood saying look you're not saved by the water of the Nile and the frogs and the frogs that turn in to look like they have fertility you're saved by the blood of the lamb so the rod was pointing to that showing the way of smooth transition all the other places were meant to say that the way of transition was not through the gods of these of those 10 plagues where a summary of 2000 God was saying look don't have any other gods before me they are not the way to transition. Because I have power over all of them Pharoah is not your God I am your God and remember that I'm the only one that can make smooth transitions you may think that the gods of Egypt can take you down into the nether world to the river Styx. And then come up as a resurrection these days as they teach you but now I'm even in charge of the luminary bodies and I'll turn them off and you'll be in complete darkness until you know that I'm the only light smooth transitions on and that Rod was used as a parting of the Red Sea how we think of the god that can't powerfully lead us with his rod to smooth transitions Now let's look at the 1st time we see this as we open our Bibles and go to Exodus Chapter 17 acts of the 17 I've been listening through the Old Testament list of the Book of Genesis Now now listen to the Book of Deuteronomy Now listen to the Book of Joshua now. But back now to Exodus x. means out whole guys means like we get the word odometer excell Down Under as in Greek xo to us so the metered measured way out we have an odometer that meters and measures things as we come out and put our mileage down this is the way out God leads people up by his rod and Moses is instructed to strike the rock by God because His people are thirsty Exodus 17 verse 4 Moses cried out to the Lord saying What shall I do with this people there almost ready to stone me. The Lord said to Moses go on before the people and take with you some of the Elders of Israel and take in your hand your rod with which you struck the river and go and Behold I stand before you there at the Rock and horrible and you shall strike the rock and water will come out of in the people will drink that the people may bring so so Moses did in the sight of the Elders of Israel so he strikes the rock. This rock was not just a rock look in Deuteronomy the 2nd giving of the law exodus was the 1st giving of the law and Deuteronomy means the 2nd duo do thorough no mass no mass means the law the 2nd giving of the law look at it with me in Exodus now 32 reading a little Bible study tonight if you don't mind an Exodus 32 this entire chapter My father was talking to him out of the other exists today or not this yesterday he was telling me about you know God is the rock and we look here at this chapter we read the chapter The gather verse for he is the rock his work is perfect all His ways are justice of God of truth and without injustice rightness and upright is he so this rock was a symbol of to the right is God it wasn't just any rock that was being struck. It's the rock of provision as well look at verse 13 he made him ride in the heights of the earth that he might eat the produce of fill of fields and he made him draw honey from the rock and oil from the plenty rock honey and oil so God is not only water symbolism of water from the rock honey from the rock oil from the rock chemicals a hallelujah. Sweeter Also than honey is God's law which was actually from the rock and that rock was memorialized in the sanctuary in the most holy place the rock have you heard the old Negro spiritual My God is a rock in a weary land a Selter in the time of storm I will feel like singing it but I probably would mess it up but that is such a great song he also versed 15. Jerusalem too fat and kicked grew fat and you think you are obese maybe should be a new start text and that's Are they for sick God who made him a scornfully esteems the rock of his salvation that's verse 15 of Chapter 32 so. He's called the rock of what salvation verse 18 the rock to be got you your unmindful of the rock to be got your unmindful and you have forgotten the rock who fathered you a rock that begat you and formed you who is this is this a real genuine rock is this Moses rock out here and on the campus now this is talking about to that rock that followed them in the in the in the wilderness that says and that rock was Christ verse 3131 for their rock is not like our rock lower case rock rock uppercase even our enemies themselves been judges and their say hey look your rock they you follow is much better than our little pebble by the way Peter said the same thing in the New Testament I am Petros little pebble and on this rock Petra. You build your church not on me as taught by a river near that church by the Tiber River anonyma Petro Sam I'm a Rolling Stone I'm subject to change is obvious but build your rock on Petra Petra not Petros and this away saying Iraq is not like our rock the symbolism was in the New Testament 1st Corinthians 10 1st Corinthians 10 verse 3 and 4 look at it with me 1st Corinthians to have to 10 and verse $3.00 and $4.00 well as to start with verse one more of a brother and I don't want you to be unaware that our fathers were under the cloud that passed through the sea more that Rod was put forth and then they went to the sea and they had a smooth transition the Egyptians did not have a smooth transition on on on they had a smooth and it had a murky transition to death but the Israelites had a smooth transition and who was it that was helping them transcend or go through that experience all were baptized into Moses in the cloud in the sea isle ate the same spiritual food that's manna and they all drank the same spiritual drink for they drank of that spiritual rock that followed them and that Rock was one that rock was Christ So the symbolism then of this rock is powerful and Jesus himself you know the rock represented who then Jesus and people are to be saved from thirst and from death by him to Jesus and salvation comes from Christ and Him alone when he struck and when he struck on a cross her way and this is the idea of the Atonement Christ alone dying once for all man that's the idea and when he died what came out of a side blood and water. So he's our salvation on the last day of the great feast Jesus stood up John 737 and 38 and said a loud voice John 737 and 38 what did he say let any one thirsty come to me and drink whoever believes in me as the scriptures of said rivers of living water will flow forth from within them they will receive from me and then they'll give to others and this was the symbolism of the rock so let's go on another way what Moses was supposed to be doing at all times was transitioning people to understand that it was not he who was delivering them but that Jesus the rock was delivering them the God the rock we're always supposed to do that right how have you realized that our term of government are a term of power our term is limited we don't live forever how many have noticed this we don't and sometimes we don't have power very long in our positions our jobs that we have either we have to make transitions in only through Christ can we make smooth transitions very hard for someone who is not rooted in the rock to make a transition how many of you might notice that this is probably true not just in the news. Again we find Moses some years later Numbers Chapter 28 exodus was the 1st when Leviticus then comes in numbers numbers. Numbers Chapter 20 and we see again now the people are thirsty. And they're coming to complain and contend and saying look you know we're going to die. And the Lord said to Moses verse 7 take the rod you and your brother and gather the congregation take the rod probably kept there in the ark was in the air is rather But it or maybe the same not surface or same rod that lets just there very similar both showing God's power speak to the rock before their eyes and it will yield its water the shall bring water for them out of the Rock and give drink to the congregation and their animals so this time the command is different what is the command of time is it strike the rock it's what I speak to the rock speak to the rock before their eyes let them see you speaking to the rock now striking the rock speaking to the rock that it might yield its water and bring forth water so Moses took the rod from before the Lord as he commanded in good so far he has the rod. And Moses and Aaron go the simply together before the rock good and then he said to them here now you rebels must we bring water for you out of this Rock 9. Of these candidates word of mouth that this is no this is not good it is the most we bring for water this is not good and in the Moses raises arm and struck the rock twice with his staff and water gushed out of the community in their lifetime drank looks good enough right until God says something verse while the Lord spoke to Moses and Aaron because you believed me not to say it to find me to sanctify me or hallow me in their eyes the eyes of the children of Israel what was a problem Moses had demonstrated what right isness by works not right has this by faith. I did not have faith and so he says it says there you believed me not literally you know Matt have faith you do not have trust you were not certain of what I could do you see what I did with the rod many different times with physical actions of that rod but now when I ask you to speak you know I have faith in my word you just had faith in the physical manipulations of the rod and I think we need to have faith in the Word of God Word of God and the problem was not only for him you did not believe me and you did not what sanctify me that is the set apart me in the eyes of the people in other words you should of had them see me instead of you. Another was Moses it's not about you it's about me my power my right is my rock my water my word so most 10633 this is a song the summarize the entire Exodus said because they provoked his spirit so that he spake unadvisedly with his lips so Moses spake what unadvisedly with his lips and did not listen to the lips of the Lord and that word unadvisedly Battah beings to speak rashly or angrily and Dallas flee so none of these speak misspeak he did so and what Bangor so God had to do something about it because he demonstrated a belief number one and number 2 because he was angry and that's not the 1st time he was angry he got angry when he came down and he saw them were sipping the golden calf and he broke the 10 commandments you know. And so my 378 refrain from anger in turn for Miranda do not fret it leads only to evil so God had to act because of the demonstrated unbelief of Moses because of his anger and number 3 because of his disobedience God didn't take this lightly God said strike the rock in the 1st instance and he obeyed the 2nd time he said speaks of the right non-strike the rock Moses said directly disobey so does God look at disobedience lightly did he look at disobedience lightly in the case of Jonah. Another Now he used to fish to re correct him. What about Eli and his son as he did not look at that lightly what about Saul he did not look at that lightly What about Adam a need a little piece of fruit he did not look at them lightly Zacharias. Who was supposed to be the father but he had disbelief of what God said would happen and what happened in Luke 120 but behold you will be mute and not able to speak until the day these things take place because you did not believe my words which will be fulfilled in their own time so he does not regard disobedience lightly he had to act in other words in this case. So what was the punishment numbers 20 and verse 12 at the end of it we read the 1st part but the law reprimanded Moses in error says because you do not have enough faith to acknowledge or do not believe my holy power before the people of Israel if you will not lead them into the land I have promised to give them you're not going to have another term you're not going to have your administration go on. You're going to have to hand over power to the president elect. That I have elected to take your place and his name is Joshua there's going to be a transition you have led for many years you know everybody quite well your policies when followed have been very effective but you are no longer going to be in charge How did Moses relate to this decision going forward. Deuteronomy look at me look at me and Deuteronomy Chapter 3 Deuteronomy Chapter 3. Deuteronomy chapter 3 verse 211 commanded Joshua their time saying your eyes have seen all that the Lord your God has done through these 2 kings they had 2 kings that had been destroyed on the side of the Jordan og king of the Shan. See Han king of has spawn you've seen all that you see what the Lord your God has done so well the Lord due to the kingdoms through which you pass you must not fear them for the Lord your God Himself fights for you so here God is talking to Joshua and there's at He's the president elect you might say and he's saying this is what's going to happen just while you're going to get all the nuclear codes they're going to have all the reins of government so then came Moses a little test would there be a smooth transition of power as directed by the word of the Lord or not verse $23.00 then I pleaded with the Lord a bed time saying oh Lord God Notice I plead with the Lord that says Supreme Court justice. Because it's al already that the judge the Mighty One the one that's like Supreme Court justice that's he just wait the judge and then he says oh Lord God Notice it's lower case already What's that add on I you promised God all war god and others let me remind you of your promises those promises were made to Moses before he disobeyed but now they're Nolen voice but he's reminding god of what you promised. But now we're god you have begun to show your servant your greatness and your mighty hand for what God is there in heaven and earth who can do anything like your works in your mighty deed is kind of like you saying Look I E's buttering God up here you know you you look at you did your mighty handle but I pray then comes the question let me cross over and see the good land beyond the Jordan those pleasant mountains in Lebanon and other words not Joshua was let me go. I don't want this transition that you're mentioning and I bet she has a lot of people who don't like it either. What could he have done right then could he have gone and said book follow me because he didn't and when the answer well form right but right then he had to make a decision. Verse 26 the Lord was angry with me on your account and would not listen to me look at that phrase the Lord was angry for me what for your sakes on your account and will not listen to me so the Lord said to me enough of that speak no more to me of this matter another words let me tell you something Moses it will be better for the people even though your powerful and mighty and have done all these things that you no longer lead is better for the people and we think that would be a hard thing to hear. And then we sang about it Sweet our prayer go up to Piers go. Go up to the dock appears Ellis your eyes to the west the north the south and the east and behold it with your eyes for you shall not cross over the Jordan instead do what command Joshua encourage him strengthen him work with his transition team. Right for he saw go over before those people and he so cause them to inherit the land which you will see while so this transition in Moses was not so happy about it but God made it very clear and Moses actually then what did he do go to the end of the book of Deuteronomy Chapter 32 so they follow God's directions that he worked with Joshua Deuteronomy 30 to 48 through 52 Lord spoke to Moses that same day saying go up this very day to mount Kneebone which is the land of marble cross of Jericho and view the land of Canaan which I give to the children of Israel as possession and die on the Mount which you ascend and be gathered to your people just as there and your brother died on mount Hor and was gathered to his people and why by the way by the way why you think Aaron had to die. Had a little problem with the golden calf a to Earth right. Little problem there and he messed up with music and he messed up with worship and he messed up with immorality so he had to die by the notice what happened with Moses go up there and die the Cuz you trespassed against me among the children of Israel at the waters of America Kadesh in the wilderness is in. Because you did not have oh me in the midst of the children of Israel yeah you shall see the land before you though you shall not go there and into the land which I am giving. To the children of Israel is it a small thing to reject the rights as innocent Grace you know when a small thing but is there hope and help there is we're going to see him and look at Deuteronomy 34 Verse one through 12. Then Moses went up to the plains or Mark to mount me bow to the talk of Piz go. On top of his go like we saying about which is across from Jericho where Lord saw them all and to Gilliatt as far as Dan that's to the north of the Jordan Dan River comes from Dan and flows all the way down all meth a line the land of the Fram him an ass on the land of Juda as far as the western sea and to the south in the Plain of the valley of Jericho the city of Palm trees is fall of though are in the Lord said to him this is the land which I swore to give Abraham Isaac Jacob saying I will give it to your descendants I have caused you to see with your eyes but you shall not throws a cross over and so Moses the servant of the war died there in the land of Moab according to the world lot Lord and he was buried in a valley in the land of Mark Hoppus it Beth Peor no one knows his grave now I want to know those were 7 and Moses was a 120 years old when he died in these eyes were not dim nor his natural force abated or diminished get this point he died while he still had full powers and full abilities it's very hard to make a transition when you're you losing your powers and abilities that's hard but even harder to make a transition when you have full powers and abilities I can see everything better than you I'm stronger than you. And fact if I am just one guy in a fight I probably could be I'm up and yet God is calling May to lay aside my power and hand it over to just war and make a smooth transition can you see how how powerful the story is. And the children of Israel wept for Moses in the plains of Mog 30 days so the days of weeping and more Moses mourning for Moses' ended and he died and just where the son a man was full of the Spirit of wisdom for Moses why was he filled up for Moses had laid his hands on in so the children His will He did and did as the Lord God commanded Moses so this transition this smooth transition of power totally addressed addresses his lack of faith doesn't it and he demonstrates faith at the end faith in God's command but he does have to deal with what happens as a couple quotes from the spirit of prophecy without a murmur or complaint this is after Deuteronomy 3 statement but it would apply. Without a murmur complaint Moses humbly submitted to the decree of God and now his great anxiety was not for himself get this but for Israel sometimes our personal desires need to be transcended by the needs of the people is this a lesson. Moses humbly submit to the grave gotten out is own great now is ratings I was for Israel who will fill the interest for their welfare that he has felt who will manifest the same untiring unselfish devotion from a full heart Moses pours forth the prayer Lord let the Lord of God of spirits of all flesh and set a man a man over the congregation which may go in before them and was may lead them out and which may bring them in that the Congregation of the Lord being out of sheep that have no shepherd here Moses demonstrates the spirit of unselfishness the same zeal for the honor of God the same interest. In the welfare of the people of his care that have characterized his life the aged leader had not lived for himself but for Israel was not to be found in the history of great men of Earth of kings statesman and philosophers a parallel to this sector of self-sacrifice and devotion and we think that's a powerful statement and yet even with that all he was asked to was transition the power could there been a case made for Moses to continue but it was not to be and it was going to teach a great great lesson by laying on of Moses' hands and a most impressive charge job so was solidly set apart as the leader of Israel this is the inauguration of Joshua he was admitted to a present share in the government as a evidence that the people for the people that no jealousy Stern in the heart of Moses' another words they had a transition time and they both ruled and there was no jealousy between them all the organs of state were open to both of them a smooth transition of power. No jealousy stirred in the heart of Moses is the thought that another was to take his place and lead Israel to the Promised Land Moses instructed the people to respect Joshua and inspire them with confidence in him as a man divinely appointed as a successor the world Lord came through Moses to the congregation he shall stand before Ellie's or the priest who shall seek counsel from him after the judgment of Herm before the Lord and His Word so they go out that his word so they go out of his word they so go for come in both he and the children of Israel with him even all the congregation powerful transition smooth transition all of us are going to be called the transitions in our life maybe some of your in transitions right now this nation is in a transition and you are called to be a part of that transition as well how many want to do God's will in their transition and in the transitions guys cause you to you know the last words of Malikai are speaking to fathers at the heart of the fathers of the turn of the children and children to the father's why because it is a need for a smooth transition how are your transitions in your family going are you having transitions with your children that they'll look back and see that you handed over power gracefully smooth transitions and we think we need smooth transitions and how we think God has graces. He allows Moses to demonstrate his faithfulness at the end and Moses is faithful at the end he lays down with his powers unabated and still with perfect eyesight so what does God do as a result Jude 9 Jude 9 last night for the last book of the Bible yet Michael Jr verse 9 had Michael the Archangel when he was canning with the devil he disputed about the body of Moses. And did not bring against him a railing accusation but said the Lord rebuke the so the devil wanted Moses to stay bury look he did something wrong he's not fit to ever be resurrected and and the Archangel came down and said you know what yeah you did something wrong but he confessed assent he did what was right at the end he allowed a smooth transition to Joshua and even though he made mistakes he made a mistake I'm resurrecting him and those are now now now and he said in an ominous I am the ark angel I am above all the angels get thee behind me Satan and he resurrected Moses and where we find him Matthew 17 verse one Matthew 17 and verse one smooth transitions the devil didn't want to have a transition from earth to heaven but the Archangel said no there's going to be a smooth transition he's going from death to life he's going from the earth to heaven Alloa because God decides the transition see sets up kings and he takes kings down yes or no he does it so then what happens next look at man who set the 70 Matthew 17 smooth transitions. And after 6 days oh by the way a text verse 20 I say to you there are some standing who shall not taste death so they see the Son of Man coming in this kingdom and then they see it right next year because they see Christ transfigured That's His Kingdom doesn't mean the 2nd coming so in him in power and glory right now after 6 days Jesus took Peter James and John his brother led them up to a high mountain by themselves and he was transfigured before them his face shone like the sun is close we came as wide as light this is the Son of Man in all of his kingdom glory right these transitions are there and the whole who was there Moses. And Alijah appeared to them talking with him Peter answered and said Jesus Lord is a good for us to be here if you wish let us make the 3 tabernacles one for you for Moses one for a legit So who was it that was there Moses and Elijah Why was Moses he was this is one of the only examples in the Bible of someone that dies and is resurrected taken to heaven the rest sleep in the gray was only a few auditors 1st Corinthians 15 and Moses and Elijah Moses is a type of those to be resurrected at the very end allies of those who are caught up to meet the Lord and Moses is there and what's he doing you say you know what Jesus you're going to die this is the plan but you'll be resurrected and guess what I know God can make that transition because here I am. He's a God of smooth transitions you might think that you're letting go of your power in trusting God but you're not you're allowing him to be the God of your transitions even if you die even if you die and even if you die before you were supposed to with your eyes unabated and your strength not diminished it does not matter if your hand is in God's hand he will make the transition for you to Jesus he comes to the cross he's tempted to medicate himself with alcohol remember this to numb the pain this is normal I don't need that numbing medication because God is the God of smooth transitions I don't need to try and smooth the way for myself I'm going God take care of it can you say hallelujah because God is the God of wood smooth transitions. I don't know about you but this is a powerful message that Moses teaches us in our lives some of us in fact all of us I do say in this room except for maybe some of the crumbs here will not be called the high office to be presidents to be you know admirals to be whatever he is you're going to end up going to see it take the mask off and you're going to be royalty some of us will not ever get there or be in that that realm where we have to deal with these things at this level but we still will have to deal with transitions in our life and we want to have God Take your hand and guide you in smooth transitions transitions so Messam message for tonight and maybe in our prayer time after we close here with a prayer and generally we can pray together about those who maybe are in transition maybe some are whatever the situation will pray together and you at home pray as well how many want to pray for president I'm going to pray for our president elect and I'm going to pray for our country our nation at this time and how we want to pray for others that are going through other types of transition that we might learn whatever the lessons are that God has for us and what he's calling us and the transitions he's helping us negotiate let's pray together Father in Heaven Lord you are the God of smooth transition sometimes we get nervous as did Moses has that Aaron sometimes we make mistakes sometimes that helps the transitions or makes the transitions we thought that maybe would happen they they don't become reality because of maybe character flaws may be inherited or cultivated tendencies towards evil but thank you also that even if we make mistakes you're a loving God and you allow us. To recover just as you did with Moses and demonstrate our faith in your rights isness of our faith in you the rock and put our trust in you and thank you that this picture that's given in Scripture is even though we make mistakes if we put our hand in yours if we put our confidence in you if we transition to you even if we die you can resurrect us that Michael the Archangel will descend with a shout with the voice for the Trumpet of the dead in Christ will rise 1st and we can be a we can be a witness just like Moses and Elijah for the millennia so that Sen as a says the name will not rise a 2nd time as a result of that ongoing witness of Christ in the body of Christ we want to be a part of the. Transition us to where we need to be see that is reality in Christ's name. 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