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Storming the Capitol and the Call of Elijah

Don Mackintosh
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Pastor Don Mackintosh, Pastor of the Weimar Campus Church, addresses all Christians to storm the capitol, but which capital should we storm?


Don Mackintosh

Chaplain/Pastor - Weimar Institute

Director - Newstart Global/the HEALTH Program (Health, Evangelism, & Leadership Training)


  • January 16, 2021
    7:45 AM
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Have a lord thank you today that we can come together at this time of crisis for many in our nation and around the world and we ask that your spirit would be with us and we thank you we come in Christ's name Amen. I'm in town my message this morning storming the Capitol and the call of a light. Storm in the capital and the call to live I'm now some of you know. A couple weeks ago now too long ago the. Some individuals who are very energized and some are trying to figure out why and some have suggested they were energized by the by the words of the president and of course that was talked about this last week in our nation and will continue to be talked about I'm sure for some time but some of these individuals storm the capital of the United States of America and they briefed. Congress in the Senate and they went through the hallowed halls of the statue halls there and we've ever been to the Capitol and seen these places and this got everybody's attention everybody's attention not just sit there but around the world and it still is the attention of many people because if you I mean you can you can you can maybe i have maybe have problems in other cities maybe Portland other places that in any Think that's bad but that if you go to the capital it's kind of like this is bad storming the Capitol and I would agree I mean this was not good this was reprehensible This was horrible this was and then it became violent. And the even sadly even more sadly in the press it's being associated with with Christianity because many people that were involved in the either peaceful or more militant you might say directly militant and and and criminal protest of those who went to the capital some of those had Christian symbols and so it's seen as a Christian action and there is actually a backlash against not just those that went into the capital but against Christianity itself and. I that I see that this is going to continue and it will accelerate because of un-Christian actions because of Christian nationalistic focus unwise I might say Christian Nationalism is most unwise. Not that Christians should not be in the nation and influence it. And so there is a backlash against Christians now and Christianity as a result Now I happen to believe that all things work together for good. And and sometimes things that look bad can actually turn for the good I remember years ago when there was a man named David chorus who. Led a bunch of people to. Be seen as against the government and President Clinton then President Clinton sent in some folks to you know Minister or administer justice it turned south. And there was a huge fiery inferno in these people were largely Some of them burned up and. There was a huge backlash in the country about that various ways and. At that time I got all kinds of questions I was working in a busy emergency department that time and everybody came to me because they said you know this guy David Koresh he was related to 7th Day Adventist Church he was raised an Adventist and I said Well he's he's not one now but that's true and it afforded all kinds of opportunities to talk that I never had before and I was able to talk in. And educate and I had all kinds of Bible studies that came out of that and this principle I think is at play now for all of us and that's why I'm talking about you ever heard the saying all press is good press. In the sense that it brings publicity to the subject at hand not in the sense that the actions were good the media speak clearly actions were not good at the capital and should not be replicated in any way however how will you and how will I use the opportunities from the. From the storming of the Capitol for Christ I will use that for Christ will we in fact have conversations have you had any conversations already about it have people talked about it have you talked about it or are you one of those people who don't want to talk about you any you want to be more like Peter I don't know the man I don't know Christ I don't know anything about Christianity l o. How will you use the opportunities given and when I was thinking about this. Earlier this morning I thought you know you're talking about this this morning and this is what I thought I've got in my life about that in the life of the Bible about people who had you might say storms or capitals in their day. And God directed them I think about Daniel who was used by God to storm the capital you might say of Babylon and he was able to go into that castle and minister to a king and over time that King was actually converted one of the most powerful conversion stories in scripture but more than that more than that I thought of Elijah. Elijah. Actually stood before King a have in some area the capital of the Northern Kingdom to deliver a brief but powerful message and fact he snuck past all the guards he did not hit any of them with a fire extinguisher he did not take out a gun he had no acts of violence physical violence now he was not like one of these folks that were reprehensible Mel he went directed by God and it says prophets and kings page one when he passed the guards apparently unnoticed and stood for a moment before the astonished scanning he stormed the capital you might say and he delivered a brief message that we find their 1st kings 17 as the Lord of God liveth be or before whom I stand the clear there will be not do nor reign these years but according to my word brief message that was it he didn't knock over any lecterns he didn't break any windows he didn't he didn't do any acts of violence he didn't take things into may look like he's going to take people hostage none of that stuff brief message and then god. The king didn't know what happened. And by the way this was delivered in face no rain no do I mean when he walked into the camp a day he walked past a large greenery all over so he delivered this message to the capital by faith. Now what did he do immediately after he delivered the message to the capital my folks he went totally ourselves all media. He said look get rid of my cell phone I'm getting rid of everything that you're trying to space god don't want to do this by the way. And go hide yourself by the brook Cherice that is there by Jordan you see this 1st you can sense so we go the hide themselves and this will be that you'll drink of the brook and I have commanded the Ravens to feed the so why did God tell him to hide now he was not like one again I don't want people watching this You Tube is a look at the title it's a radicalized group no we're not radical but I what I'm saying is this was a spiritual message that was delivered and it was now welcome and there is a parallel now I think the spiritual message will not be as welcome in the capital now even though that was not necessary spiritual message that was delivered to the Capitol at all Muller was spiritual istic in terms of the devil would have you do that kind of stuff but. God knew the king would attempt to find Eliza and permanently silence him cancel him. If you know anything about cancel culture. But jazz a bell the speaker of the king's house was definitely out to good out to get a live job are you with me. And he had to go deep dive off all social contacts and he had to go into the deep woods. Even higher than above the altar he had to go into the deep. Volleyed. And nobody believed it the King said that was radical that was a weird guy he dressed weird he eats weird uses weird well some kind of fluke then there started to be evidence that went along with the message because you see that message no do or rank was directly against the message of the day which was delivered by. A god named Bale who just the bell was kind of very associated with and a have had been worshipping bail and done great things against the Lord and Bale was actually a fertility god they would worship Bale's they would actually worship male phallic symbols up in groves and they believed it was a very immoral and they believe that by worshipping bale that there would be a sours that would come down upon them the rain would come and there would be great for Tillett see in their own homes and among their flocks. And so when he gave that message he was saying basically to the king you are worshipping Bale and you're not going to have any rain or do because of it was the opposite of the message his wife was telling him about the speaker of the house that no no no now that's wrong I will tell you that if you follow my God my bail you're going to have all kinds of positive things and this is why it's so upset the king. Because if mama ain't happy no one's happy the people words to buy government leaders have confidence in bail don't listen to the words of a lie Joe. Bales in charge of climate change is not God. We claim that this stimulus package. That is going to bring great reading. When we have this power to let me package we. And it's going to it's going to bring wonderful results in terms of. Rayman do when crops believe in our our climate change package don't believe in gods the sun in the fire than came down more sun came down no do no rain evidence begin to build up that something was going wrong climate change was becoming big it was a huge subject wait a minute there's no do there's no rain and now there's sun and now fire comes down fire started. And the climate change became worse prophets and kings said the eye of the air became dry and suffocating and the majority. Still believed in the narrative from the Capitol and did not believe the message of that one man who had stormed the Capitol and all day they had rituals and every city there were there were different rights and different incantations that were made so they could see the government officials were attempting to get in touch with the god bail so the climate would change positively. It was the majority of the good against the voice of one man. Well it's probably more than one man he always thought it was one man but there were $7000.00 that did not Balinese or pale but he thought it was one man a least just a fellow country blamed Eliza as the cause of the misery it is that man who was causing the problem if only he could be put out of the way and the trouble would all end. And so they did a deep search throughout Israel although I mean places. And also the surrounding nations even and they actually had the surrounding nations were told property sign of oaths that they had never seen in lives or they were not fostering him he was not on their platform he was not in their deep server somewhere he was not in touch with the pit was not influencing and then they begin to say wait a minute were you associated in any way with the lives and they begin to kill the servants of God and they actually begin to kill the children and the children begin to die not just of those who were a prostate but also those who were true and make no mistake this message was sent to what is real God's name a sin because Israel was in apostasy. On all of us human and we think this is the most relevant story. Still they see done able to discern their suffering and distress as a call to repentance and divine into position to save them from taking the fatal step beyond the boundaries of heaven forgiveness you see there was no rain there was no do there was physical suffering there was allowed by God to save them from Alterman death and destruction. And back prophets and King tells us. That the apostasy of Israel this is page 127 was and evil more dreadful than all the multiply multiplied horrors of famine God was seeking to free the people from their delusion he was trying to help them recover their lats fate no rain no do climate change to help them come to their senses and renew a last phase. To God like this that he enjoyed them having to go through these things was if their laughing No look at his equal is e.q. and his equal Chapter 18 Do I have pleasure verse 23 that the wicked should die set the Lord God and not that he should turn from his ways and live that the Elijah message is turning the hearts of the children of the fathers of the fathers to the children that that land could be healed he wanted them to turn in fact this whole chapter of the collating is how it is that you bring healing to a nation with the relationship of a Pa state father and then a faithful son when I started studying this morning I thought I was going to preach on that text but then I saw this it was like now I got to preach on this. 31 castaway for me the transgressions that you have committed against yourself a new heart and a new spirit for why should you die oh how so this is rile for I have no pleasure in the death of one who dies that the Lord got there for turn and live so guy was allowing these things to happen so that they would do what turn and live. Chapter 33. Durani of disease kill verse 11 say to them as I live says the Lord done. I have no pleasure in the death of the wicked but the wicked that the wicked should turn from his way and live turn turn from your evil ways for why should you die oh house of Israel. So no rain no do the storming of the kava why one man with one message was meant to address the apostasy the bale worship in the kingdom now this is have any application all our time. Were the things that were written before time for our admonition upon whom the ends of the ages of come those the Bible say that now known as the pen of inspiration on this the prevailing spirit of our time is one of infidelity in apostasy the spirit of a valid illumination because of the knowledge of truth but in reality of the blindest presumption another words Christianity presumptive Christianity a Christian this says I can really be in apostasy but I can have the veneer of Christianity and I'll get away with it. But in reality the blindest presumption human theories are exultant emplace were God in those last would be human theories are exalted and place where God is lost to be. Is this happening today the 117 Congress as a whole new agenda that they want they came with it in our capital. You know was Adam there were going to change how you talk about gender and names. And I have the bill on I could read it to you but it might just make you upset and that bill it's basically taking away any kind of thing can't say son daughter mother father. And it goes through a long list why in the world would you bring up this there's a coded crisis and you want to bring to that Congress changing all what we have to do it because this is the most inclusive Congress and it's including all kinds of. Distorted you might say if you're using the biblical rubric as your rubric distorted ideally ideally ideas and ideologies Demick sense. Now the thing about as I was thinking about it I was thinking about this and I was like. This actual bill is a direct assault on the law of God because you look at the Law God visiting iniquities of the fathers upon the sons and so the 3rd and 4th generation remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy 6 days of the labor and all the work Sundays example or they got in the sun to do any work that out or the ice sun or the idolater or the man servant or the maid sir no that's all out with Congress get even say that that's hate speech it's and it is directly from beloved god. Human theories are exulted and placed or God and His law should be human theories Satan temps men and women to disobey with the promise that disobedience and disappears they'll find liberty and freedom that makes them as God we want people to feel free liberated and CAGR is to call themselves whatever they want. Even though their biology might not match with their ideology. There is a spirit of opposition to the plain or of God of idolatry sex alteration of human wisdom of guns divine revelation this is the age we live in all of the commandments are being assaulted in our day and how many think we need to spiritually storm like Apple if you had to go be queen before kings and well let's look at Luke 10 I mean if you tend for them to get up too early. You're tired already when you get up. Ok Matthew to look at this man if you did then Jesus sending out the 12 and verse 16 I send you out a sheep in the midst of wolves therefore be wise a servant be harmless as dove but beware of men for they will deliver you up the councils and scourge you in their synagogues and you will be brought before governors and kings for my sake and others are going to be persecuted in church and in state but what is going to happen is you're going to come before kings and queens and governors and high places you're going to be led by God just like allies it was to be there in the capital and what you can say. Well you can say this is exactly where it is it's already scripted for you and by the last hope that when you get their sins of God cause you there and lead you there that you have met the prerequisites for getting there that are found in Matthew 10 as I think about it verse one when he called his disciples a them power over all inkling spirits to cast them out. And the heel of all kinds of sickness and all kinds of disease Alp you have some to say about pills and maintain and how to avoid it this isn't Alija message for today the c.e.o. of Whole Foods got in trouble last week did you know that 2 weeks ago c.e.o. full they ask him what do you think about this coven crisis what do you think about health care marketers look if you were eating the food from my chain Whole Foods and you were doing was right you would never get sick and covert would not even affect you what we need to talk about is that more vaccinations when you talk about is that more medication is we don't talk about what we need to be eating to avoid it all. The. General you are. Let me they went after him because he basically stole our message the Elijah message the health message now you know there are things that are not you know there's a whole list I want to what about cancer what about suicide This has nothing to do with what you eat contraire. But that this course in America today. Is that of reacting to a little and Alijah type of message does that mean it should be given no means it should be given but you better have the prerequisites you know what what are you doing in your neighborhood Well I was out with total. Cove it involvement I was helping people I was helping people people got got well there were natural remedies there was also use of medicine nothing against that but we were doing good it can't say we weren't doing good. And we think there need to be in place before you go before kings and councils I mean I might be good. There is a spirit of that opposition to the plain word of God is idolatrous exaltation of human above divine revelation men have allowed their mind to become so darkened and confused by conformity to worldly customs in influences that they seem to have lost all power to discriminate between light and darkness truth in error. This is how this is this is where we're living today I would suggest to you so far they departed from the right way that they hold the opinions of the few philosophers so-called to be more trustworthy than the truth all the truths of the Bible. The in 3 days and promises of God's word is threatenings against disobedience and idolatries these seem powerless to melt their hearts of faith such as actuated Paul Peter John they regard as old fashioned mystical and unworthy of the intelligence of modern thinkers specifically what is under attack them by the way this is the kind of inspiration applying the Eliza message to our day is irrelevant in the beginning God gave His law to mankind as a means of attaining happiness and internal life. Or a piece of they was the veil another cell offend them honor thy father and I mother gender family both under attack Honor Thy Father wait we can't save any more mother we can't any more that I days maybe you love happiness long Gemini fruitfulness of the land was the Lord thy God give us a no I can't say any more but in the beginning God gave his lot to mankind as a means of attaining happiness and that's just longevity not just life but eternal life and things only hope of scoring the purpose of God as the lead men and women to disobey this law to lose their moral identity. And his constant effort has been the mysteries of as teachings and be little its importance his masterstroke has been an attempt to change the very law itself so as to lead men to violated precepts while professing to obey it. Oh yeah I'm a Christian how dare you say I'm not a Christian or a religious person I have rewritten the Bible after my own making I still have the Bible I don't I had I had gender inclusive language I took out gender stuff I know the original Hebrew says that but we've moved on so I have a form of godliness I might have a Bible but I deny the power even of the very words one writer is linked like in the attempt to change the love of God to an ancient mystery vs practice of turning in a wrong direction a signpost directed at an important junction when 2 roads met the perplexity and the hardship with this practice because it was often great Here's the thing our role in today's world is to be Eliza like Biggers. And it's not by proxy we don't say oh we want done bathroom to do it for us he's going to share the bald truth of everybody no that's not it it's not all we have done Mackintosh he's going to put on his rain jacket for us he's a man of doing reigning now in them you are going to be called to this in your home by your hearth in your church in your community you're called to this and you need to understand what happens when the sign Mark or the way Mark is displaced in my classes I teach at the college I talk about these things and I talk about the science nobody wants to talk about that's related to these changes and what it does to you really all the stuff that's hidden. Now notice I want you to notice something in dealing with this this is all from prophets and kings by the way if you read is more eloquently than me prophets in Kings. There was only one remedy for stricken Israel of turning away from the sins that had brought upon them the chastening hand of the Omagh almighty turning to the Lord with full purpose of heart and to them had been given the in the assurance notice these words now and these are the words from the 3rd most underlined text on the universe an apt last year number one was Isaiah 41 verse 25 priest about a couple weeks ago most people in the world want any man text for not being at the Spain for I am with you I will strengthen the I will help the I will hold the with my righteous right hand we suggested that the only way you get those benefits are being in the right hand the right hand wrote the law that the right hand redeemed the right hand created and when we come in and close connection with God the Creator the Redeemer and the one who writes is law and not only on stone but in our hearts in granite and ingrained in our hearts then we have no reason to fear or be dismayed right but the 3rd most quoted text is now quoted in its context by a prophet would you like to hear the context and then the text. She starts not in 2nd Chronicles 14 which is the text but in 2nd Chronicles I'm a 714 but in 713 listen to 713 along with 714 and see if something triggers in your mind if I shut up heaven and there be no rain. And other words if I confront bail if I confront. Religion that's confused and it's sexuality and it's gender issues and all that if I confront that if I shut up Heaven there is no right or if I command the locust to devour the land or if I stand pestilence among my people. What no rain no do pass still as. If I said pestilence among my people oh it's the people in China know he was in these and I was not that I sent it that's what he's saying here I don't know if we can apply it like I'm doing right now but I'm just saying it's very interesting you think about if I sent we can at least say he allowed it is God powerful could he stop any pestilence could he stop anything at any moment as he allowed it. Isn't causing people to look again at the Bible in fact it is and in fact the 3rd most underlined text 600000000 more people a new version acts many more people on other applications and this is the 3rd text moving up from way down of the security no longer John 316 in Jeremiah 2910 was where the 1st 2 for years now it's like way this moved way up. Like passing all the other cars right near the finish line then comes this text with my people which are called by my name so humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their work in ways then I will hear from heaven and I will forgive their sin and I will heal their land and I think that's a message that needs to be heard in the capital of your heart you see because in this pastureland. In the context of Alijah was not against Syria was not against Egypt. It was not against the. Purse or was not against Babylon it was sent no rain no do pestilence to Israel to God's people last week we spent control of time talking about the 2nd Coming One of the things we said was there was a reason for the 1st to late there was a reason for the 2nd delay there's a certainly the 2nd Coming and the 3rd message we said were meant to do what hasten his coming and we also suggested rather provocatively but definitely documented that the reason we're still here is not because of what everybody else is doing it's because we have not been taking it seriously and in fact the pestilence is our responsibility she concludes this chapter it was to bring to pass this blessid result the healing of their land that God continued to withhold from them to do in the rain until a decided reformation would take place what kind of reformation. A what kind of reformation What does that mean what does it mean decided. And also a decision if you decide something you decide something and it then leads to decided change is a decided Reformation. And who is this focused on is it focused on job driving Donald Trump McConnell or whatever his name is Polow see now it's focused on Kristin's. It's like a reverse storming of the capital why you come up with the capital when you're not even Christian in your own heart and look you come here break things kill people and you think that we like Christianity now we don't. Well you guys did it I mean other places Sorry that doesn't cut it either this like 2 wrongs don't make a right and then the necessity in this nation is for Christians to actually become Christians that's the problem are you with me another words we need to be reversed Stormin of the capital not the capital was if you see but the capital of your heart your head. And I need to be a decided Reformation and the pattern is right there if my people who are called by my name. By the way the name of the Lord was associated with what I've said a longer time the last few weeks specifically the 1st 5 commandments I am a lord I got it brought the end of the House of Egypt out the house upon his. I am a jealous God I Lord God I'm a jealous God doesn't that take the name of the Lord thy God in vain this is the Sabbath of the Lord thy God honor thy father mother the days may be long upon the land with the Lord thy God in other words if my people are called by my name in other words in keeping the 1st 5 commandments you are not to be even using God's name. Associated with you and less your having those 1st 5 written in your heart if those are in your heart you have no debt you have no divorce you have none of these problems all those things spring from that does that make sense and this is why allies a message is turning the hearts of the sons of the Father as the father's to the Son through the children this is why this family issue is so big because it's demonstrating the name of God to your own family and then to the world. That makes sense and by the way God's people finally took the serious you know what I think is serious and mild Mt Carmel. It was a so damn. If my people who are called by the why holy between 2 have Pena and. Why do you try and mix politics with religion why don't you just follow me is my people who are called by my name. Wall humble themselves or semi. I meet a look I'm wrong I was wrong wrong totally wrong. And pray and seek my face or his face right there in the most holy place Where are the lies if you seek my face turn from your wicked ways. Then I will hear from heaven I will forgive their sin and I will heal their land in the context what is it pestilence climate change issues what's the issue for climate change no more bail worse and that's the issue in the passage it's a spiritual issue it's not a science issue. Well that's enough for this morning but. If God allows me to have a few minutes to pull together a few text I plan in the 2nd hour today to talk about how this is talked about in the New Testament I talked about I was talking about in the Old Testament but the New Testament applies it actually to the message of John the Baptist and the practical application of bringing about all those changes in the apostasy of Israel who was in bed with Rome is also instructive the key passages Luke 3 and then ultimately if I had more time I was preaching for vespers tonight which I don't think I am. I would then I might do this next week I was in a look at how the Civil War actually says that the advent movement is to be the Elijah message of the day but how we can see that we need to spiritually be storming the capital. Or be ready when we're taken to the capital to give our testimony. But before that happens how many think that we need to let the Holy Spirit storm our capital. Cast out every idol and every follow us has that song go and Lord make me whiter than snow whiter than snow white or than snow the Elijah message is a message we need I need personally today Father in heaven thank you today for this word from your word and we ask your blessing as you multiply it in our own hearts we uplift our nation we uplift our president our president elect we have plus our leaders the know what's happening we speaking and maybe a message in the Capitol we're not the only ones we don't believe we're the only ones there are 7000 that have not bow the knee to bail help us to be faithful in our sphere have them to be faithful in their spare. That your message would be delivered. Not only delivered but heeded. In Christ thing we pray. 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