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02 The Lost Coin

David Wright


David Wright

Lead/Senior Pastor, Hendersonville SDA Church


  • August 22, 2020
    8:00 AM


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Well it all happened at 3 pm on Monday afternoon this past May when Mother Kimie Simmons could not find her 3 year old little girl a Santa she was not in a room where she had been plain prior and she searched every room of the house in vain her child was nowhere panic began to set in where was her little girl where had she gone they live in a tightly packed neighborhood in Lake Stevens and Washington just about 30 miles north of Seattle on I 5 and Kimmy began to call all of her neighbors as saying it is missing I can't find your place have you seen are out in the street anywhere no I'll go look let me call the neighbors down the street they were looking before long hundreds were searching for the missing girl asking around knocking on doors the police were called they got involved trying to organize where we going to go how are we going to do this Ok as every minute it heightens a little bit more Ok let's let's regroup let's let's think again where have we looked where we said where have we not kicked the County Search and Rescue Team joined in they tried to organize the volunteers in this search how far based on the time could she have gotten on foot they were asking because she wondered off into the woods nearby their home had somebody picked her up and if so how far could she have traveled by now a helicopter was even called in and became part of the search for 3 year old saying that all the while mother Kimie Simmons saying things like It just felt like my stomach dropped out like my heart stopped beating like all the sudden I forgot how to breeze. And then after 4 agonizing hours Kim is hope that she would ever see her little girl again began to significantly Wayne all the easy solutions had been exasperated there was no way she was playing in a neighbor's room at this point everyone in the whole area knew that something was going on but then it happened to me Simmons the mother had a sister that was there and she was up in the bedroom of one of Kim E.'s sons and the room was rather dissembled it's a good reason to clean up your room kid and as she tried to straighten the covers just a little bit Guess who was inside tucked under the covers of her brother's bed the thing completely unaware that anything was going on didn't know there was even a problem unaware that she was lost and of all places she was lost where inside her own home today we're continuing our story we're entitling lost this is actually the 2nd part the lost sheep the lost coin and eventually we'll get to the lost son but we're looking at this piece about the last corn this morning you may recall from 2 weeks ago about the story the parable if you will of the Good Shepherd that searches until he finds his lost sheep and he doesn't reprimand he doesn't beat up the sheep but he graciously carries the lamb home on his shoulders perhaps tucked in his arms trying to calm and quiet the little sheep we looked at 3 beautiful characteristics of God last week that God always initiated the seeking. You don't clean yourself up 1st you don't get it all figured out no God initiate the seeking you're lost you're scared you don't know where you are but God knows exactly where you are and he comes looking until he finds you Secondly we saw that God is gracious as seen in Romans 5 or say that while we were yet sinners Christ died for us talk about Grace and when Jesus finds the lost like I mentioned before he doesn't scold but he picks them up in his arms and thirdly we saw that God loves to celebrate a theme that we will see in these very well known parables often we think of them as parables for children but they have huge impacts on us as adults as well as we see a god that loves to celebrate love St Joyce over the last that was found that all heaven throws a big party can you imagine I can't imagine heaven throwing a party for me but they did and they did it for you too well and we saw that it is the heart of Christ and if it's the heart of Jesus that really ought to be our heart as well if we're going to be like him that we needed to nation sleep or soothe the last to be abundantly gracious with people well they don't deserve it neither did any of us and to celebrate with heaven over one sinner that repents that was last time but this time we're continuing on and we're looking at the parable now of the last point he told them in succession one right after the next and you know these stories well. And just a reminder he's talking to the fair season the scribes that complained and why were they complaining because Jesus hung out with the wrong crowd at times he was surrounded by tax collectors and sinners and he wasn't condoning sin not at all he wasn't participating in their central practices but was offering them a way out and obviously he did it in such a when some way we read last time that this crowd these sinners if you will were attracted to him and enjoyed listening to him that should give us pause when those people want to hang out with church people praise the Lord says they drew near to him to hear him and so he has just finished a story the lost sheep he knew the sheep knew it was lost he had no clue how to get back he was sought after by the Good Shepherd and brought home with much celebration and then he goes right into this 2nd story and so will pick that up we're in Luke Chapter 15 and we're just looking at 3 verses this morning Luke Chapter 15 verse 8 we read there or what woman having 10 silver coins if she loses one coin does not light a lamp sweep the house and search carefully until she finds it verse 9 and when she has found it she calls her friends and neighbors together saying rejoice with me for I have found the peace which I lost Likewise I say to you there is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents So going back to verse 8 reading it now a little bit more microscopically or what woman having 10 silver coins so a thought of the coins were part of a 10 piece dowry that could be that would be worn by married women and when a coin was lost. It meant some significant things in regards to her marriage or reputation and various things so she had to find the coin now the coin doesn't know that it lost and we see here that the coin is lost in the home which is opposite or or different I could say of the seed that knows he has lost it knows she is lost but does not know the way back the coin does not have any capacity if you will to understand its last condition it's in some unconscious nests or unconscious state and conscious of his spiritual state and we could say their souls are certainly in peril but they are both unconscious and on concerned do you know anybody like them you fear for their spiritual state you are not seeking to judge them or or their motives or anything else but it is quite apparent by the fruit that you continue to see that this person is not desiring to be Christian does not desire to follow the Lord and that maybe they've said very blatantly that's not for me and their last but they're unconscious or unconcerned and the verses are lost in the home it was close at hand yet it could be recovered only by diligent search now oftentimes I know in my experience I oftentimes hear in this section of these 3 parables the application that there is a person lost in the church and certainly you can make that connection often in Scripture the church is depicted as a woman right the bride of Christ and it is very possible and very plausible in fact we know that just because we are here doesn't mean we're in a saving relationship and we also know that it was church people. That Jesus had the hardest time reaching was that they were lost and they didn't know it they thought they were fine they were blinded if you will and so you can make that connection and I believe it's valid I believe that it's there but I think there's perhaps another connection that's a bit more personal that maybe we skipped over and perhaps it's because the other application allows me to pass some blame I mean it's the church's fault it's those fares sees in the church something should be done is the pastor's fault is the teacher's fault it's the elders fault this church but what if we step just a bit closer and look at the application a little bit differently the woman lost something of great value to her and she lost it in her own home so maybe the examples not just the church but maybe could refer to my home and your home and it may seem harsh but it doesn't merely say that the coin was lost but that she lost it that would imply that there was some carelessness on her part that led to the losing of the coin which might pose a little bit of surprise later when she calls for this big celebration I know when I lose things and I find them I slip them back in my pocket and I don't tell Elizabeth because she always says you always say and it's true I do I can call her on the phone and say I can't look over here top shelf little bit to the right about you know whatever in this little Ben and it's right there in the back corner thank you but where. Digressing here a bit but the point is she's careless she loses something of value to her in her own home friends what's of greatest value to you in your home and what would you do if you lost that and on top what would you do if you lost by your own carelessness Christ object lessons 194 says this parable has a lesson to the church oh I'm sorry to families in the household there is often great carelessness concerning the souls of its members among their number there may be one who is a strange from God but how little anxiety is felt that's a sad quote to me I remember one church that I pastor not this one and there was a single mother in our district and she wanted the best for her little girl I think her little girl was in 1st or 2nd grade. Only Child and this little girl got anything you can think of it seems and when she 1st came into our church she was excited that we had a church school and so she enrolled her daughter in the church school and initially she really loved what was happening there but then the mother started to get a little bit uneasy about various things he said well I don't feel like the school is challenging my daughter enough. And I want her to learn a 2nd language and if I take her out of the our school and I put her into this other secular private school not Christian she can learn a 2nd language maybe a 3rd language she can have some advanced math techniques she can learn you know there's an arts class and she can learn art and all these other things and I listened to this person for a while and I thought for a 2nd and I tried to convince you know there's all kinds of studies about the longer you stay in the avenue school system the higher you score above the national average I mean they can bear that out it's a beautiful blessing I think that the Lord has as given to our educational system and how we conduct and go through education and so on but not only did I share some of that but I thought to myself and I shared with her you know your daughter can learn 235812 languages they may be the next best artist on the planet. But if it's a secular school and if there's no biblical teaching in that school I mean which would you prefer as a parent the most talented child ever but is lost or a child that can do very well and don't don't here and I'm not saying I think our schools are fantastic this school this girl was in was fantastic but she pulled her out of that school and put her in this other school and it wasn't long at all before the church attendance started to wane before they found something that they left entirely and to my knowledge this girl is not in the church today and my heart breaks for that situation folks is there ever carelessness on our part concerning the members of our own families because the reality is it's easier to share Christ on a mission trip than the people in our own family. We have individuals that are associated with us in an intimate way you grew up together you're in the same room for a ton you know I mean you can finish each other's sentences and you can go back to experiences and you can laugh it up and have a wonderful time but you know they're not in a loving relationship with Jesus Christ and what would it profit if you gain the whole world if they gain the whole world but they lost their soul often there's great carelessness consent concerning the members of our own family you know often we speak of the 2nd coming the blessid hope with nothing but euphoria and it will be but what will it be like as we're in the cloud as we're raising up you know the angels to be with the Lord forever and we're looking around and we're doing you know an inventory of who's there who's with us where is Elizabeth where is Lauren and Matthew and Marianne and James are we all here in the circle grows a little bit bigger where my siblings are where my parents and and where my cousins and aunts and uncles who's here but in that moment of excitement and euphoria there's going to be that conflict and that individual we know by name we know very well and they're not here to talk about a strange conflict of emotions we share the same space 3 years perhaps but they're not going to heaven befriend the good news is there still hope we're not there just yet we're not in that position just yet we can still ask Jesus to shine through us to touch those not just out there but in our home and so going back to the parable. The woman is careless in some way it says or what woman having 10 silver coins if she loses one coin does not light a lamp and sweep the house and search carefully until she finds it and I want to be careful here I don't want to lay any guilt trips on any parents I don't want to be hard on parents I believe parenting is one of the most challenging things there is that any of us are called to it's filled with 2nd guessing wondering did I do this right did I say that right was my time enough I should have done this I should've waited and sometimes regardless of what you do your 2nd guessing was that the right thing was that the right time I think of the well known H.M.'s Richards in an interview after his retirement was asked if he would do anything differently and you know what he said he said I would have spent more time with my family that's what he said he spent so much time on the road working for the church and there was a time when his teenage son was not buying into what he was selling and he was thinking the world out there was a better place to be and so again as he had been accustomed to doing he found his way tiptoeing out of the house and as his hand got to the door knob to sneak out he heard the voice of his father praying for his son by name saying Lord give me my son back please give me my son back and as he heard his father pleading and in dialogue with God for his son his son couldn't go out the door he snuck back to his bedroom and over a series of events the Lord got his attention he came back into the church and later worked with voice of prophecy no parenting is tough and nobody is immune to the challenges of parenting. So I'm not here to come down on parents all of us have regrets all of us would do things differently all of us have things we're remorseful about all of us have to make apologies often I know I pray often Lord help me to be a better father help me do things differently help me not to lose my cool and the reality exists that even if one individual could do everything perfect a child could still choose to rebel is not true they still have that freedom of choice and we can look at exhibit a in the perfect world Lucifer with perfect parents and the perfect environment the perfect educational system yet iniquity was found is hard and he said this is not for me and after conversation after conversation after conversation he was not going to change his mind so that exist too and so parents you can't blame yourself for things that cannot be changed and even if you did a perfect job they still made of Saint may the same decision that reality exists so again this is not to lay a guilt trip on parents you don't need more guilt but there is an opportunity I believe for us here as parents as as there are fathers and mothers who long to labor in some foreign mission field there are many who are active in Christian work outside the home while their own children are strangers to the Savior and that's a shame they're active they're involved in their names that you might recognize they're powerful speakers and and wonderful evangelists and and rate great pastors or administrators whatever it may be but their own children are strangers to the Savior and His love the work of winning their children for quite Christ many parents trust to the minister that's his job. Or the Sabbath school teacher that's her job but in doing this they are neglecting their own God given responsibility whose responsibility is it it's mine Elizabeth and I have a phrase that we say back and forth to each other you made them you raise them continuing on the education train of their children to be Christians is the highest service that parents can render to God that you can't send I mean I'm out there I'm I'm baptizing I'm preaching I'm doing Bible studies and and everybody is just talking about wow incredible This is amazing note the highest service that parents can render is. Let me back up the education and train of the children to be Christians is the highest service that parents can render to God It is a work that demands patient labor and a life long diligent and perseverance in effort I hear other parents say you know well they're 18 they can make up their own mind now and that's true there are certain things at a certain age your role as a parent gets more and more limited and ultimately what you want is not for you to control your children all the way through life but you want them to learn how to fly and to leave the nest it's a challenging thing but sometimes as parents we have to push them out of the nest you're 35 years old trying on something. But then sometimes as parents we think well they're adults I'm done no you're not you're never done you're a parent for life that child needs you for life just like you need your parents for life and when that parent is no longer there I don't care what age you are there is a void somehow you feel alone in this world. Because your parents aren't there any longer you know this is a life time a person or a varying effort on behalf of the parents and by neglect of this trust we prove ourselves unfaithful stewards no excuse for such neglect will be accepted by God Wow. No excuse does that include Bible studies does that include visiting shut ins you get the idea so we're breaking this down what woman having 10 silver coins if she loses one coin does not light a lamp and sweep the house and search until she finds it at that time floors are often dirt floors anybody hear of a dirt floor a home and there were many windows so even the middle of the day the house would be dark and so what is the 1st thing that this woman does she lights a lamp it's a bible verse come to mind that I word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path 1st thing I know pull out God's word and say Lord I have something that's lost is very precious to me and without you there is no way I can find it I can push around in this little hobble of a home I can mix the dirt up I can push everything to this side into that side but in the dark there's a very good chance that I will just bury the coin further to learn I'm desperate here I need you to light my path to show me where to look that I might even see this little glimmer and know where to start and socialites the lamp and as parents we need to light the lamp I would submit to you wake up early enough to light the lamp to get into God's word and to find out where the Holy Spirit is leading and follow the spear. Because I'm not going to stand up here and give you some kind of a well if you do this a b. c. d. and e. fact as I'm done. It doesn't work that way every case is absolutely different and so you need God's word to guide you to direct you to give you wisdom not just when to speak but when to be quiet when to show by example and when to say some town challenging things when is that Time Lord give me your word show me by the power of your Holy Spirit 1st things 1st she doesn't panic even though she's probably overwhelmed she pulls out the lamp and parents we need to do the same another quote here from Price object lessons if there is in the family one child who is unconscious of his sinful state parents should not rest let the candle be lighted search the word of God and by its light let everything in the home be diligently examined to see why this child is lost that parents search their own hearts examine their habits and practices children are the heritage of the Lord and we are answerable to him for our management of his property again that's pretty strong language she doesn't pass the buck it's not somebody else's fault it's not the pastors not the cheat teachers not the church at the end of the day it's me and kids are like a sponge they absorb everything and anything and it should drive us to our knees daily if not hourly to say Lord help me I'm not fit to be a pair I'm not fit to be an example I'm not fit to know how to handle these situations Lord help me search my own heart show me my own bad habits my own practices see if there's any wickedness in me and leave me in the way everlasting. Because without that I'm lost as a parent I'm shuffling around in the dark as a verse 18 isn't this what every parent longs to be able to say on Resurrection morning here and I and the children whom the Lord has given to the pastor to me highest calling highest duty going back 2 or 3 verses a woman having 10 silver coins if the law loses one coin does not light a lamp sweep the house and search carefully until she finds it there is that key word again until that word until encompasses any eternity of determination and other words at any cost I will find you you got 15 minutes and then I'm calling it quits 15 days and I've done my best effort 15 years if you live long enough 15 decades you do keep searching after that last precious valuable thing your son your daughter your cousin your aunt your uncle your parent whoever it is you keep searching until until and that's the amazing aspect of this story in this parable Christ teaches that even those who are indifferent to the claims of God They are still the object of his pitying love and the divine Parent will not give up until he finds his lost kids and friends heaven is still in Gage and using every resource in seeking and reclaiming that which was lost will be part of the search and of course the $1000000.00 question. In our search for family members and those indifferent to God is well how they're so sarcastic and they always have an answer and and I hate just stirring the pot and and if I'm not careful they'll just defriended me or not want to be near me or and all of those things are very true and so it's easy for us say well you can't witness to family you just have to throw up your hands say oh well but you can always pray you can always seek God to show you ways in which you can connect with that individual in a winsome way not to give them an earful not to straighten them out but to show them love and compassion that you have a desire and care for their soul that's what Jesus does the law see business is and beat the sheep into submission and drive them all the way home you know rather and tenderness and pity the Savior seeks with love and compassion James in how much of a father I'm not sure he ever met his dad he ran off when he was a baby he was raised by his uncle until he was 7 years old but then at age 7 his uncle said Ok I'm going to take you back to your mother the mother lived in New York City and that was a very unstable situation for Little James and so he lived in 13 houses in 12 years as a young man finally ran off and joined the Navy and was in the Navy that he started to look and desire more after spiritual things and looking for spiritual truth he considered himself a Protestant there's about this time that a medal Catholic girl her name was Gloria and he fell in love with Gloria and so he made a deal Pratt Protestant Catholic coming together he made a deal with a priest all raise our kids Catholic so that's what they did. As he continued to search he came into the fuller message of the 7th Day Adventists the 3 angels message he accepted that was baptized and so he would go to church on 7 and then he would drive his family to the Catholic Church on Sunday and he'd stay out in the car and study his Sabbath school lesson and then they come home for a big Sunday lunch and it was described as a beautiful pork roast with potatoes and salad vegetables rolls and they'd have the prayer on Sunday afternoon and the whole family would dive into the food father James and take some mashed potatoes and some salad some vegetables a roll he put his hand on Glory's armies say dear thank you so much for making this incredible spread for us had a little boy named Mark as Mark grew up Mark liked and enjoyed fishing and where they were fishing season would start on Saturday morning he would tell us son Mark Mark I have an idea why don't you step Saturday is my church day but why don't you go to early Mass 1st thing 6 o'clock and as soon as you get out we'll go fishin Ok Dad little mark grew up in as an altar boy going to Catholics schools being taught by nuns nuns teaching him how to memorize scripture this continued all the way through until Mark turned 17 he was working in a machine shop with his dad and they were commuting back and forth to the machine shop and it was an opportunity now for his dad to start sharing some spiritual truth and he said one day something like this he said you know Mark you're coming of age you're 17 now you're about to go off to college and years ago before you were even born I made a pledge to a priest that I would raise our children Catholic because we were divided at that point but you're almost an adult. So I want to share some truth with you so you can make up your own mind what you want to do and so as a community he was intentional the father was about sharing biblical truth with his son towards end of or about that same time I guess there was in the band a sick meeting coming up and his father wanted to take Mark to that meeting but Mark was not interested in that necessarily He was more interested in going to the dance they would have every Saturday night it was 10 miles away so that meant he would hitchhike something that was Ok to do I suppose back in 1962 so he would hitchhike or if he couldn't find a ride he would walk or do a number of different things sometimes if it was raining he'd be all wet you know and his hair would be disheveled he said Mark is dead it I tell you what there's these meetings happening just right across the street from this dance why don't you come with me the meeting starts around 7 o'clock we'll take in the meeting and then afterwards about 9 o'clock you can walk across the street you know you won't be all wet your hair won't be a mess and you can go to the dance and things don't really get started until about 9 o'clock or so anyway it should work out just fine Mark said Yeah I like this idea Ok I'll go and so I went 1st night heard the evidence evangelist Marion e. Kidder was a Van's name. And after that 1st night this is according to plan straight across the street to the dance this was alright didn't have to conquer those 10 miles to get their 2nd night Mark went to the meetings and on the 2nd night he presented Daniel Chapter 2 remember that the head of gold chess the silver thighs of bronze legs of iron feet of iron and clay Babylon me to Persia Greece Rome divided Europe the stone cut out without human hands and Marc was just spellbound he'd never heard anything like this before in his whole life. When it was all over his dad could tell he was just heavy with conviction and he said Mark what if we just go home tonight instead of going to that dance he had I I think that would be a good idea and he kept coming night after night after night after night until he made his own decision and was eventually baptized now he's one of the co-authors of your status quo listen among many other things for decades the Lord's uses humble servant to preach the 3 angels message around the world and I think of the wisdom of the Father who is not pushy who is not forceful Marx's I never remember a time that my parents ever argued over religion but he led Mark and eventually his wife and family over to the Lord looking for times of opportunity praying for the Holy Spirit to lead when is the right time not a bulldozer approach you know where you just back up and dump everything on top of them you know and it changes life forever and where the last 2 verses and when she found it she called her friends and neighbors together saying read Joyce with me for I found the peace which I lost and then likewise I say to you that there is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents the smallest number just want you know we get a 1000 baptisms we're going to have another party or you know come to the Lord and say a prayer whatever it is whatever that the chemo no he says it's just one we're throwing a party the celebration of all heaven one last story Jerry was raised in a Christian home his mother was a teacher his father sold Christian books for the Adams church but for some reason Jerry didn't come to know Christ personally for himself he spent a lot of time home alone watching t.v.. He also mentions that his mother didn't really have a very joyful positive relationship with the Lord and so Jerry wasn't attracted to go much at all time came you don't want to go to school or and then want to go to church didn't want to go to school and got kicked out of the I understand 3 of our boarding academies that tells you something to be caught stealing things and he just said I wanted to get away from God I didn't like rules I didn't like restrictions they kept me from what I wanted to do and that was have fun so that's what he did he says I want to be free is not the devil's law I mean some chapter one talks about the tree planted by streams of water that is fed and nourished and how you know I meditate on your law and all these wonderful things that is really the true experience of freedom when God resides in our heart but instead the evil are like chaff what is chaff do it just blows wherever the when Want to take it and what is chaff like to say you never heard it I'll tell you it says I'm through. Appears to be free but it's going wherever the wind ones to take it it's a lie the devil you want to be free don't be tied down and so I got involved in drugs and other dangerous things and it was at that point that the parents knew that there was a significant problem with Jerry they saw the grab his situation and they did something crucial they invited everyone they knew everyone they could think of. And they said relentlessly pray for our son Jerry were concerned for him gravely and so Jerry had all kinds of people praying for him people that didn't even really know him interceding on his behalf that he was see God for who he really was one of the verses the parents like to claim. It was our scripture reading today Isaiah 42 verse 16 I will bring the blind the context here is the spiritually blind by a way they did not know I will lead them in past they have not known I will make darkness light before them and crooked places straight these things I will do for them and not forsake them they claim this over and over and over for Jerry that God would lead them in paths unknown but this point Jerry was full on into drugs living with some friends in Denver Colorado get this studying law wanting to become a lawyer and the same time buying and selling drugs including cocaine I guess he wanted to represent himself I don't know now you've been in church enough times to know how this story's going to end. You know how it's going to end there's going to be a happy ending he's going to come back the parents are praying but I want you to stop right here at this moment and think and put yourself in the position of these parents right now how long has it been how many years has it been how many attempts have they made how many conversations have they tried and been hung up on how many prayers have they prayed how many people they ask to pray how much fruit Have they see it's a big fat 0 How's your son the question they learn to hate How's your son I don't know it's been several months since I talked to him I think he's still in school but I think we still need to be praying for him and they wait and they wait and they wait trying to go to sleep at night without thinking where's our son right now what's our daughter doing at this moment who's taking care of her or him how is this going to in but this is the 2nd parable that we read here. Where the Good Shepherd keep seeking after the last until the woman continues to seek after that last coin until she finds it and so we left Jerry living with some friends buying and selling drugs and cocaine it's been a good deal of time partying and getting high moved in with his girlfriend and he thought all these things should make him really happy but I think the prayers were working because he wasn't happy in fact he just really really wasn't happy and his friends were saying Jerry was the problem why aren't you happy I mean we're having another drug high in these trips are amazing and what's the matter with you why aren't you happy he says I don't know I just can't take it I'm not happy I feel so unfulfilled and there was a particular day that he and his girlfriend were shooting up together and a bunch of things just went wrong and they ended up there looking at each other in this living room saying why are we so unhappy and then they remembered you know the 1st train up a child in the way they should go and then when they are old they will not depart from it I remember them saying you know God is love I don't feel like I know what love is I remember in sawzall that God is compassionate I don't think I know what that is that the joy of the Lord is my strength I don't think I know what that is have you ever tried it no how but you know chuckle we've tried everything else why don't we try Jesus still probably high on something seen in the apartment with his girlfriend and I imagine a praying parent on their knees interceding on behalf of Jerry until he comes home what alternative is there for a parent to do what alternative is there for our Heavenly Father to do but pray and pray and pray there was a call poor that came. That tried to minister to this couple was not interested but he said here's my card keep it you need to call me some day rummage through the key there here's the card 3 in the morning he said we could call him any time let's give it a go see what happens he picks up they set up Bible studies he plugs them into your little small group you plug them into the church and this is a loving church they're still in the the drug scene you know the hair the rock scene the whole you get the picture and they're coming to church that way in the church just loves on them why because there's somebody who's kid. And when they don't show up to something the church calls and they got their number they took an interest and they called Jerry we miss you and your girlfriend at this this functions everything Ok can we do anything for you they brought them food and they start thinking you know everybody in our life that has been kind and nice to us are Christians we've been fooling ourselves the whole time why don't we become Christian and they were he went into full time ministry went into this administration now he's serving as a mysterious secretary at the General Conference and we look at that we say Yeah sure that's his story why can it be our story is there any reason under heaven and earth that it can't be your story or my story is God not still on his throne does he not still say to the uttermost if he can take this hopeless and that's the mindset that we look at these people oh they're hopeless that kind can't change they'll never come to the Lord yes they can and the same grace that was offered to us is offered to them and God invites them how God long for his last kids to be found. I like this it says but those who have been guilty of neglect are not to despair the woman whose coin was lost searched until she found it so in love faith and prayer let parents work for their households until with joy they come to God saying Behold I and the children whom the Lord has given me did you get it you want it. And so I ask you what's the value of a soul what's the value of your own kids I mean who can estimate what it's worth I mean go to guess 70 and there was Christ who those hours of anguish when he sweat as it were drops of blood. Look upon the Savior uplifted on the cross here to despairing cry my God my God why have you forsaken me look upon his wounded head in the pier side the marred feet remember that Christ wrist all for your and my re damp Sion heaven itself was imperiled at the foot of the cross remembering that for one sinner Christ would have laid down his life that you may estimate the value of a soul and so for the parents and here that are still wondering how this is going to turn out don't give up you keep lighting the lamp you keep praying for God's direction for his guidance for His Holy Spirit you wait 17 years if you have to longer than that if you need to but when God says it's time you follow the prompting of the Spirit you don't give up and by God's grace you don't get discouraged and you say Well Pastor I'm already discouraged I'm way past discouraged Let us encourage you in that let stories of others encourage you in that it's not over until it's over and so in the meantime. We keep searching for the last until Jesus comes. Your Heavenly Father you have so graciously redeemed us not with perishable things but with your own blood yet we have been thinking about a certain individual maybe several. And in our small faith we have prayed Lord this would be nothing short of America all alone every person in this room has been redeemed by nothing short of a miracle so we're asking. We're pleading that you will work another miracle that you will redeem your kids. May we not give up until. They're found. By God's grace we pray and his name. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more service lead to visit w w w audio verse or.


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