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Work For The Night Is Coming

David Wright


David Wright

Lead/Senior Pastor, Hendersonville SDA Church


  • September 12, 2020
    8:00 AM
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Work for the night is coming maybe that doesn't have quite the same significance to us in 2020 maybe it has more but I'm thinking back to the age of farming back to the age of candles of lanterns. It wasn't that long ago that I was working on a project with Elizabeth's dad and Elizabeth and it up out there I was exhausted I was ready to be done we were trying to screen in the back porch and there was this high panels and so I was way up on a ladder and trying to push this thing into the track without you know Masha through the screen and I was ready to be I think about 930 at night we started 6 that morning I was done that wasn't really an option going back not too many years because there was no lights to just flip on there was no headlamps and those types of things if you wanted to get the work done you started at sun up and by sunset you're done well I'm going to keep going and what you just you can't you can't see and when the pain on the job in the work that you're doing if you can't see how good can you do the job you're trying to accomplish not very well and so we have this charge to work for the night is coming in addition to Billy Graham Jim Elliot was a well known missionary to Ecuador who was also a student at Wheaton College same school Billy Graham went to a new student days he developed a passion for overseas mission Anybody here have a passion for overseas mission love to travel you know you're kind of stuck at home right now aren't you maybe you have found that rope you station of. Was the one the Maranatha station we love watching Mary not that we just want to go on another trip. Well he had a real passion for overseas mission and particularly for reaching the unreached people groups on the planet so his journey took him to Ecuador Elizabeth Howard happened to go to Ecuador as well to minister to the catch Indians that you were married in 1953 and Quito Ecuador Anybody been to Quito before if you view the really neat place but it was on January 8th 1956 that 5 missionaries to the Aqua Indians in Ecuador were speared to death you've heard the story before while attempting to contact the Aurore tribe Jim Elliot was only 28 years old at the time their only daughter Valerie was just 10 months old and that tragedy became a defining moment in the history of evangelical missions hundreds of young people were inspired to take up missionary work thousands were moved to deeper commitment to Christ and millions of dollars and resources were mobilized and you can see here scribbled if maybe you can see maybe you can't read it but this is his own handwriting and there in red underlined in red you case you can read it he wrote here this is Jim Elliot he is no fool who gives when he cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose Did you catch them he is no fool who Good is what he cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose what does that mean for us to small and living on the knife edge of eternity in the middle of a pandemic what does that mean for you and for me does that describe you. This morning are you giving what you cannot keep to gain what you cannot lose his wife seem to follow that as most of you know amazingly Elizabeth continued her work with a catch to a people and 2 and a half years after the accident that took her husband's life she went out to the jungles of Ecuador now with her 3 year old daughter to live among the her own needs from the same tribe that killed her husband and she stayed in Ecuador for the next 5 years was she foolish along with her husband or did she perhaps subscribe to the same idea Jim actually wrote that down when he was 21 years old he is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose and I can't help but think that that journal entry that Jim penned so many years ago maybe had some kind of a root in this idea work for the night is coming when Jesus comes in the clouds of glory so much of what we work for is going to be absolutely meaningless on that day however other things that we invest in regardless of how crazy things get they can't be taken if you write your Bibles I hope you did we're going to be looking at these 1st 4 verses of the book of John John Chapter 9 in my Bible as untile Manvel born blind receives sight and we're just going to read the 1st 4 verses if you want to know that the man does or is healed just keep reading but beginning there John Chapter 9 verse one now as Jesus passed by he saw a man who was blind from birth. Jesus is the one who notices this man he's been blind since he was born all he's ever known is darkness and then verse 2 and his disciples asked Him Jesus saying Rabbi who sinned this man or his parents that he was born blind is he the true Senate the bill the Jews tended to believe that sickness was a scourge of God It was a way of punishing those that didn't follow exactly as they should and so these disciples are scratching their heads there trying to make sense of this trying to figure it out as well they ask a simple question that might seem silly to us but it wasn't silly to them you know sometimes we think it's silly when you read this story but how often do we apply in our own lives the same way of thinking you get the report back from the doctor and you say what did I ever do to you. What are you punishing me for why did you allow this to happen we can think that way to get me is that the way our God works does he bring pain and heartache in our life is he the author of pain and heartache no it's not and verse 3 Jesus answered Neither this man nor his parents sinned but that the works of God should be revealed in him so it's nice that we sell this idea that is not because of the man sin is not because of his parents sin is neither one of those but now it seems like we have a new dilemma now it sounds like God says I'm going to cause this young child to be born blind so that all these years I think that some 38 years later I'm going to come and heal him and it will be to my glory that sounds a little disturbing too doesn't it 38 years of suffering Well if we break down the verbiage a little bit. Says neither this man nor his parents fan but that the word there in Greek for that if you will is a clause of result. As frequently used and translation to bring about because of this then that and so we could read it this way but as a result of his suffering the works of God will be revealed that some will better I like it better and then verse 4 g. is as if I must work the works of Him who sent me while it is day the night is coming when no one can work Jesus never hesitated he never regretted he never recall a step when duty arose with him there was never a question and so we have what we could call the divine obligation I must do the works of Him who sent me while it is day in fact we see this same divine obligation if you will in other parts and other gospels Here's one in Luke Chapter 2 verse 49 I must be about my father's business that was his divine obligation Luke Chapter 4 verse 43 I must proclaim the good news again his divine obligation I must suffer many things jesus life was not about being comfortable doing what he wanted to do he did not live for himself nor was he trying to win a popularity contest contest in fact right before our passage in John 9 that we've been taking apart right before that the Jews are attempting to stone Jesus in the temple for things that he has said but he slips away. I imagine that might shake you up a little bit I imagine whether it was days or hours or rather however long before we get to this piece this story in John Chapter 9 even if it's weeks he is probably a bit shaken yet again as they are out for his life but it drives home further the point for Jesus I must work while it is day because I know my time is coming and I'll be all done my ability to work will be gone often Jesus was criticized misunderstood misquoted often his motives were mis characterized all the forces of Hell were rallied against him he was facing opposition on every side especially the religious leaders yet he says again and Luke 1333 I must journey today tomorrow and the day following yes and say I have to just take a few days off here he says no I must keep going in other words he is saying I cannot remain here I must travel on there are villages to be one towns to be reached cities to be conquered for the Kingdom this is his divine obligation we could call it the Divine must of Jesus to go wherever his heavenly father leads the storm but this morning I want to ask a 7th Day Adventist have we somehow lost our divine obligation are we living the I must life or have we slipped into a I can't life I must seek out my neighbors I can't cope it I must take advantage of people desire to make sense of current events this year the girls Google search for 2nd coming is higher than it has been for over a decade. Interest in Bible prophecy is the highest it's been in a generation people are asking what are the signs of the end people in our community have questions people in your neighborhood have questions and what's our response can't go over it what happened to you I must share the everlasting Gospel of the 3 angels this is the opportunity of our church that it was raised up for but it's true we can't have our big meetings where people be too scared to come coat we can have our Daniel Fast same reason coat food demonstrations coat too many people in tight space. Are reliving the Imus life or the I can't life and live in the I must life we're always asking what more lord what more can I do for your cause what additional plans do you have for my life what horizons lay before me what new initiatives do you want need to pursue what new mountains are there to climb as God You circumstances of my path to prepare me for this present time did coven catch God by surprise desire of a descent 3 throughout his life on earth Jesus was an earnest and constant worker he expected much therefore he attempted much now I don't want to get this picture if you will there are times that Jesus drew away and said Come let us rest for a while there are times that they needed that Sabbath rest and so I'm not trying to advocate that every waking minute because the reality is that is how you approach ministry you will burn out but what I am saying is he expected much because he attempted much. If you haven't noticed since coed things have shifted we can have concerts or socials or Christmas banquets skate nights all desiring opportunities get to know our neighbors to share the precious truth we have in Jesus to invite them to something as non-threatening to get to know them and so on but coven has changed all of that how can we pack over 100 people in our fellowship hall for a meal for a Bible study for a seminar on whatever but my question this morning is has our divine obligation changed I mean is it just Ok to replace the I must with well I can't or do we simply need to redirect our efforts and notice is caught again throughout his life on earth Jesus was an earnest and constant worker he expected much therefore he attempted much knows it doesn't say the church it doesn't say big programs it doesn't talk about Big can't meetings and Big can't meetings speakers it doesn't say to large events no one's talking about one man living according to the divine obligation could it be that one of the things God wants His Church to catch during this pandemic when everyone so obsessed not to catch anything could it be that God's desire for His church is to stop relying on the church on programs on events and maybe transition from a corporate way of doing ministry to a more personal way of doing ministry Christian service page 68 this is the book we're going to start going through in prayer meeting. Wonderful practical advice and little things that we can do and take part in this is from page $68.00 the dissemination of the truth of God is not confined to a few ordained ministers the truth is to be scattered by all who claim to be disciples of Christ how many is all in all that means there is not one person in here that can exclaim this quote It's not just us it's all slash y'all. I mean who's the church anyway y'all all of us are to be disciples of Christ and in so doing all of us must answer this divine obligation of I must I must I must another one Christian service page 69 let ministers teach church members that in order to grow in spirituality the mess carry the burden that the Lord has laid upon them the burden of leading souls into the truth now I can see your excuse already Yeah but it says Let ministers teaches soon as they teach us will go wrong we have taught and taught and taught and taught and taught and taught and taught how many times we've done the Daniel fast and you all put it on you've seen it before you could have it in your own home yeah but no you could do it we had this contagious ave a seminar Well that's interesting and we're taking notes how we tried any of it well. I don't know enough yet Wrong again Anybody here ever play basketball I'm too short to be much of a bowler that's my excuse anyway but let's just suppose that I want to be a good basketball player. First thing I'm going to do Monday morning go down the library maybe I can go tomorrow I'm going to check out every book they have on basketball I'm going to read up on all the theory of basketball where it came from what it was invented what the ball is made out of the official weights the different sizes for different sporting events and arenas how you dribble what it means to double dribble What does it mean to travel and all of these other things the refs role and the the free throw shot and the 3 pointer and I'm going to know all of this I'm going to map it all out let's compare what is I know how to play basketball. I don't see it as well. So. This is a full court press which is not amazing. I mean how long do I have to study in those books before I'll be a good basketball player I mean I can learn the terminology swish I challenge one of you to bring me a basketball right now and let's see if I can go swish there's another term that would be more likely brick you heard there is where bounces up around. Actually that's probably below generous maybe more like. Air ball. That means the basket was over there and the ball went over there so how my going to learn to play basketball actually get one in my hands actually dribble actually play the game well on don't know enough to get on the court just go already we have more resources as a juror Well I just need resources really how many resources you need from how many different avenues entities do you need them to be recreated. Well I don't like this. How about this one this one this one this one this one all of this case well I don't know enough yes yes you do how long have you been church how many servants have you her all right I'll take a deep breath take a drink of water. Christian service 117 there's a need of coming close to the people by personal effort if less time are given to sermonizing Oh they'll hear a men's surprise if less time are given to sermonize and more time spent to personal ministry what is personal mystery is exactly what the word means personal is largely one on one maybe 2 on 2 or whatever it is but it's personal greater results would be seen period sounds like you'll need to fire your preacher less sermonizing more time and personal ministry that speaks to me to less time preparing a sermon and more time in personal ministry would bring about greater results than what we see in one of my Districts I went to a small church in the country I got the directory I think ahead maybe 7585 people in the directory sat with morning we had more like 20 that would come to church and I thought I'm just going to go start visiting people and maybe you've heard me say this before but I'm knocking on doors and I don't know whose door I'm knocking on I don't know if they're active and active I don't know I talk to them about this collection that they have on the wall or this cool tool in the garage or you know it's not necessarily I'm not trying to avert spiritual things but I'm just trying to get to know them introduce myself while I'm in the new avenues pastor at the Cleveland church and and they would just volunteer information. Well I haven't been there for 10 years so Ok sorry to hear that what happened or even have to say would have you know what happened sounds like you're going to tell me and they would tell me and I would listen and I would apologize and that doesn't sound good and well I'm sorry for all that but we'd still love to have you on Savak and I pray with you before I go I didn't try and you know off sometimes I'd listen for 3045 minutes and then go to the next Sabbath guess who happens to be in church I didn't break open the 3rd angel's message I didn't try and prove or disprove anything from the Bible I use personal ministry I didn't preach them a sermon a lot of times this is all you need for personal ministry for those listening I'm I'm holding and flapping my years and that happened over and over again people at church would be so surprised it happened at least 3 or 4 times people start coming at you we haven't seen them for ages what brought you back the Holy Spirit brought them back because they've been feeling guilty for the last 8 and a half years that they don't go to church but they don't have the to go and then when somebody shows up it's the Holy Spirit's way of. And they come and you say well I can't cope it come on now pick a pretty day start out with a mask they might say oh you don't have to wear one of those here you might be a part of the or the whole time anyway if they want you to keep the men keep the mask on so what do you want with a big smile on it so I gave you one of the door the other day except I had a little ticked some little nervous to wear. But do something with you need to keep going here the words of Jesus I must work the works of him that sent me while it is day the night is coming when no man can work. Christ object lesson 331 many whom God is qualified to do excellent work accomplish very little because they attempt little what if they reject me if you don't go they have rejected you already right it's the same as the no so you but it might be yes just go so we have a divine obligation I must do the works the divine objective what is the objective of Him who sent me that's the objective the divine objective is do God's will the next part of this verse I must work the works of him that sent me while of his day John 20 verse 21 and 22 as the Father has sent me I also send you and when he said this he breathed on them and said to them receive the Holy Spirit this is beautiful because God doesn't send us out alone he says I'm going to go with you oh they weren't home well maybe they weren't ready to receive you at that moment maybe it's the next visit that you need to make Well then why go through maybe you need to stall for 20 minutes or they get home from the supermarket I don't know but there are divine appointments happening all over the place when we pray that the Lord will lead us this idea that we are sent by God is the idea of a divine calling the Apostle were called by Christ to be sent out by Christ in mission the apostle Paul was divinely called to be divinely sent he was ridiculed rejected he was beaten and stone he was shipwrecked and imprisoned but he knew that he was called by God to be sent by God And so let's just look at Paul's divine calling for divine objective it says Paul a bondservant of Jesus Christ called to be an apostle in Romans 11. We see in the beginning of 1st Corinthians 11 Paul called me an apostle of Jesus Christ through the will of God elation 11 Paul an apostle not from in north through man but through Jesus Christ and God the father who raised him from the dead that's where his authority comes from the phaeton 11 Paul an apostle of Jesus Christ by the will of God and we can look at collage and 11 The wording is identical Paul an apostle to his Christ by the will of God And so again Paul was sent by God to do the work of God in the power of God So my question is simple is that Holland simply limited to people like Paul is it limited to the 12 or is that the called every member of the 7th Day Adventist Church to every baptized member that is part of this movement sometimes I come across old timers I've done it for so long pastor at someone else's turn I get that but I don't necessarily respect it either I'm at you know if you're talking about passing on the torch I want to give somebody else the opportunity but if you're talking in terms of I've put in my time I've clocked out I've checked out maybe you still can't do the things you could do before but you kill still can do somethin pray and ask the Lord to show you what it is God is not called to be Pew warmers or live stream by standard to but to be actively involved in the divine obligation to fulfill the divine objective Cove it or no code that has not changed how we do it effectively has changed but the obligation and the objective are the same. Isaiah 4310 you are my witnesses as the Lord and my servant whom I have chosen to put your name in there David you're my witness the servant whom I've chosen and you David you're my witness to bridle would trail Elizabeth you're my witness to bridle which trail to milk point the neighborhood we live in I'm so proud of my wife Elizabeth one of the ways that we cope with the stresses of life maybe you have some stresses in your life too we like to exercise that really helps us tremendously and live with the so faithful about her exercise and in one year of moving to this new neighborhood she knows everybody on our side of the street virtually you know some better than others but she knows people by name she can call out to them by name she knows their pets by name she know situations how such and such doing Hey Jen How's your surgery How's your recovery going just yesterday we're walking up the hill I'm focused on the conversation she's like the grass is a little bit tall that's on like them well I don't know maybe the cut over the weekend if not we're going to go check on him it won't be the 1st contact either back in April when we delivered all these old pamphlets saying because of coed if you're afraid to go out let us know what you need we'll go get your groceries for you and bring it to you and we had a conversation with this guy very nice individual I'm assuming maybe they're just out of town but we're going to check the grass is too long. We have a favorite bakery that we like to get bread from once a month or so and we get it all sliced and I had the idea I don't know a few weeks ago month or 2 ago what if we just are or in a few extra loaves of bread I mean they look like homemade low that's why we get it there because it tastes like homemade I can recognize every ingredient on the list we go there so much now they don't even slap their thing on it's just in this clear plastic bag by tell people that we got this from our favor bakery and we want to give it to 3 dollars and 60 $0.07 a loaf so we got 4 extra loaves Wow are we generous total cost to our budget $14.68 kids let's take these loaves of the neighbors is in and it's out here you go we just run our fair baby we got some bread they want to share some with you so I see the response of some of them. What's the occasion we're just happy to have his neighbors got to go see. I think many people were quite stunned by it many people were just like we've never had neighbors that brought us a loaf of bread ever this is like what a Leave It to Beaver episode or some people don't do this anymore why not Matty as a fun game of we own little section on the other side of the street it's kind of a little nothing part of the yard but anyway so Matthew Mose the grass on that side and sometimes he sneaks down the most the neighbor's side and so sometimes a neighbor will come or he'll sneak up and mow our side and it's like this little back and forth back and forth his name Tony by the funniest guy in the whole street loves to laugh the people live behind us they own American cable Leslie and Scott and we redid our porch instead of having all the slats we want to have the cables I was asking a bunch of questions and I said Were you working out on your you know working on your porch there on the moral day yeah I think we so I think we're neighbors are we yeah. Super nice when I went to get all the stuff that we put in this and this and this and this and we gave you a pastor discount and a neighbor discount Oh and here's some jam Thanks for the bread by the way so I walk out with this box I feel like it's Christmas I was talking to Lesley just this last week and one of the things she said to me was I was talking about these other neighbors this way and that way and sharing different names and since we're the new people on the block a figure they might know and she said Actually we've lived here 6 years but you're the only neighbors in the neighborhood that we know so well I don't know about you but we like to know our neighbors we feel safer when we know we're neighbors we feel more comfortable more ease more home our neighbors up the hill from us Brian Angie he flies a helicopter from Mission Hospital super nice his biceps are the size of my thigh I'm not kidding he came down just this week to help troubleshoot a car issue that one of our friends had in the driveway the car wouldn't start he comes down Nicky our neighbor down the street he has a furniture shop he's going to some really nice pieces a little rocking chair for James some patio furniture she's actually tuned into our church services in fact if you're watching hello she was watching when I preached a sermon about putting in the window if you remember that it faces her house and she said well man I don't ever remember you put that in there I'll pull in now this driver every time you put a new women my goodness Sorry Nicky don't talk like this. There's an older lady the top of the hill she comes or Daniel fasteners come few times before I think she's Norwegian and so live in our scene on our porch finally have the screen up praise the lord no mosquitoes It's a beautiful thing and we're talking we have some really cool neighbors you know you expect I probably shouldn't miss but you expect a few duds along the way. But we have some really cool neighbors and they seem really nice and they seem even interested in spiritual things why don't we just offer to come together on our porch or something once a week once a month and less to study what the Bible has to say we what do you want to study about you want to do you know in time advance or prophecy or use want to stay on the gospels whatever we don't care if it is brought them in the same circle we could have an actual deep spiritual conversation have some time of prayer and let the Holy Spirit take it where he wants to take it I mean why couldn't we do that why couldn't you do this and we come up with all of these sorry when I suppose they stupid in our house stupid ideas of why we can't well you know we've been investing for so long and we don't want to offend them and then you might get upset. Are you kidding me you go up to somebody and you say hey we're thinking about having a Bible study at our house some time in the evening for an hour or so and we're wondering if you want to come oh you're the neighbor brought me bread and cookies now and other stuff and now your environment Obama's I know we're done I want to talk anymore and I'm going to way when I drive by because you just show you care and concern for me and I'm not a bible it was all were done slam never going to happen but in our mind we think stupid stuff probably was more likely if they're not interested it's all say something like you know what we're not really church going people and that's not really our cup of tea so I think we're going to pass Ok. But then they're thinking and the Holy Spirit is still working why did you say no to that you have so many questions you stayed up late for the last 5 nights looking and searching for things on Google they might have the answers you know he's a noun is pester or a pastor they brought on care what but he's a pastor he might know. But we come up with these crazy reasons of why I people will just shyness and now we're not there just trying to you know you go to those other church on the wrong day of the week I'd love for you to come over on Sunday night and I'm going to tell you why you're wrong and while we're at it there's about 28 other things that you're wrong about Matthew 281020 Go therefore and make disciples of all nations baptizing them in the name of the Father the Son the Holy Spirit teaching them to observe all things I've commanded you and lo I'm with you always even to the end of the age even through Cobra we 2 are sent by God to do the work of God in the power of God Acts Chapter one Verse 8 but you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit is come upon you and you shall be witnesses to me in Jerusalem and in all Judea and so Mary and the end of the earth will have to keep going I'm getting behind here and what's the church been raised up to do to share the 1st 2nd and 3rd angels message is a Revelation 14 that's our job we're obligated we're not just another denomination and rightly understood our message speaks to the fundamental moral and spiritual issues of the 21st century they provide answers for some of the most burning issues of this generation in fact a few weeks I'm going to be unpacking the 3 angels messages specifically and that sermon will see the 3 angels message is not an antiquated relic but an urgent eternal and universal message and at the heart and the center of the the message is the core of the 3 message is justification by faith God's abounding grace and full surrender to His will is a call to make God the center of our lives to worship the creator not the creature and to be able to identify and come out of religious confusion and false teachings that are all around us how many don't agreed today that there is confusion. How many today don't even trust the news anymore because they're just costly saying opposite things what is the truth their open it's a call to place God's teachings over man's teachings and in so doing to hope that springs eternal even in the midst of a pandemic to have divine purpose a calling to understand this world is not our home and soon and very soon we are going to see that King friends we have a rich and beautiful message and when God gives us a task he gives us the ability to accomplish that task all of God's billions are his enabling. Everything he asks us to do he empowers us to do so whatever excuse you can pop up in your mind God has a way to the power of His Holy Spirit to go right around it. Give a Bible say why don't know how to give a Bible study friends do you know how to read I mean sorry we're going to take the time to do this I talked about resources we have so many resources we have glow tracks we have magazine signs of the times of divine design talking about the sanctuary message amazing prophecy amazing health effects find one that will fit your neighbor give them a glow track and if you're not sure which one just a gift for you who doesn't like a gift and then slip in my Bible study offer dot com They can go connect to a Bible study but even better yet maybe you could be the Bible study here's another one your story hour do you have kids on your street they love it they're still out here Donnie says he gets discouraged when the literature rack that we're supposed to take and share from nothing has been taken on the any given Sabbath you don't have to restock anything come on now I can't give a Bible study number one that comes 1st what does the bible claim about itself. Then it has 4 scriptural verses here and in case you missed it in the verse it has the answer that the Bible verses were just talking about a question to you what gives a person the ability to give a Bible study dependence on God allowing the Holy Spirit to direct and being able to read those 3 just read the question people think there's a terrible Bible say is probably better than most Bible studies was the bible claim about itself you read all the verses asked and read the verses so what do you think sounds like the problem is that we think that we need to have a sermon for each question and they don't have to think about anything who would if it's quiet they're thinking of an answer give them a minute question to question 3 did you learn anything about the state today you have I never knew that was in my Bible pretty cool and then if you like to study can next week I would same time Ok it's not hard let the Holy Spirit do the heavy lifting Mark Findlay tell the story of a man who. I don't remember why he got so well known but he I think it was attributed to over 100 baptisms was over a 1000 Baptism is a lot and they were at some gathering and he called his brother up he says Brother What's your secret you're so successful in this area tell me what you do and he says it's really easy I do this what is that he says I take a d.v.d. of you I put it in my player and I hit play. And then we sit there we watch it together so that's all I do I got another one for next week and come back next week you know you have to have a d.v.d. you know how many resources are on Youtube. All kinds of wonderful avenues resources on You Tube even pastor Hyman verse chapter and verse of everything throughout Daniel throughout Revelation all there I need to come back tomorrow and take on chapter 2 Yeah I do this is really interesting negli resources health resources prophecy resources you name it is there I got often leads us to situations that are much larger than our abilities for 2 reasons it teaches dependence totally upon him and to grow us if you want to grow spiritually get involved and personal ministry I like this little line here if your abilities are sufficient for the task to task is too small Let God fill your dreams and lead new bold adventures for the glory of his name too often we get stuck in a rut the urgent responsibilities narrow our focus they crowd out spiritual things and spiritual realities cosmic realities but I believe God longs to stretch us grow us and largess and use us in a greater way God in bringing to this church to maintain the status quo to simply keep the lights on he calls you to a larger vision a bigger obligation to spread our intime message we can no longer travel around the world we can travel across the street some like to explore new cultures perhaps it's time to be to bring compassion to those living in a culture of fear anxiety and unrest there is a divine obligation the divine objective and all around this or divine opportunities I must work the works of him that sent me while it is day the night is coming when no man can work really past time here what did Jesus mean. Well if you take this timeline apart to Feast of Tabernacles from the Feast of Tabernacles the Passover the next spring was about 6 months Jesus had 6 months left he administered for 3 years he had 6 months left and he felt the weight of the time. And in just 6 months years would pray I have glorified you on the earth I have finished the work which you have given me to do are we at that point can we just jump off the train and say you know what I'm done Kogut No I think there's still work to do time is running out for Jesus he is he had to take advantage of every said situation every moment and we need do the same a 2nd reality I think of why Jesus said this in John Chapter 9 in a real sense time is running out for every one of us and the reality is we can never go back and live over a single day James for 14 years and you do not know what will happen tomorrow for what is your life it is even a vapor that appears for a little time and then vanishes away friends Time is short and the work to be done is so great remember this during covert all the free stuff maybe people are still often I don't know I didn't pay close enough attention free entertainment to help you survive coronavirus and social distancing here Amazon Apple all kinds of other people making things available and I saw that I thought Is this not the devil saying during your wake up call here something just hit the snooze button with Cena now seeking a whole God's people a state of inactivity to keep them from active acting their part in spreading the truth that they may at last be weighed in the balances and found how one thing again Christian service 37 This is from Christ object lesson 342 the value of time is beyond computation Christ regard every moment is precious and is thus that we should regard it Life is too short to be trifled away yet if you look on Facebook it just seems an awful lot like it's being trifled a way but we have a few days of probation in which to prepare for eternity and the 3rd reason I think Jesus makes his point and John 9. Is that we're living in the judgment fear God and give glory to Him for the hour of his judgment has come folks are living in the judgement hour but with Jesus buyer sigh we have nothing to fear but without him we have everything to fear and your neighbor is going to come out of his tea and say you knew and you didn't tell me well I wasn't here long term it was just a year lease and then I was gone you know much the Holy Spirit can do a year and live a judgment going on the holy place of the heavenly sanctuary men and women are making eternal decisions for or against Christ yet we think this is so on another movie pass the time until everything goes back to normal but I think the times demand something more of us were under a divine obligation accomplish a divine objective with divine opportunities almost on the truth must not be muffled now plain statements must be made unvarnished truth must be spoken in leaflets and pamphlets and these must be scattered like the leaves of autumn love that picture in visions of the night representations passed before me of great reformatory movement among God's people hundreds and thousands were seen this it in families and opening before them the Word of God reformatory movement hundreds of thousands of people door to door opening the Word of God is not Bible study hearts were convicted by the power of the Holy Spirit and a spirit of genuine conversion was manifest on every side doors were thrown open to the proclamation of the truth testimonies Volume 9126 I think of this verse in Luke Chapter 10 verse 2 the harvest truly is great but the laborers are few therefore pray the Lord the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest and the prayer says and Lord begin with me the Lord desires that his word of grace will be brought home to every soul to do a great degree this must be accomplished by personal labor this was Christ's method. Luke 1733 whoever seeks to save his life will lose it covert code code stockpile store up make provisions gram or 2 of paper who are 6 to save his life lose and whoever loses life will preserve it professed followers this is this was going to hurt the professed followers of Christ you and I are on trial before the heavenly universe but the coldness of my zeal and the feebleness of my efforts and God's service mark me as unfaithful it doesn't say me but I'm just personalizing here if what they are doing where the best they could do condemnation would not rest upon them but were their hearts and listen the work they would do much more they know and the world knows that they have to a great degree lost the spirit of self-denial and cross bearing many there are against whose names will be found written in the books of heaven not producers but consumers have mercy went to church going to reopen ones going to church going back to this and back to the. This is 2nd Timothy Chapter 2 verse 2 in our series on Paul we learn this was the last book that we think Paul wrote to his ears associate Timothy and there in chapter 2 verse 2 he says in the things that you have learned from me among many witnesses committee is a faithful man who will be able to teach others also so what you have is you have Christ given it to Paul you have Paul given it to Timothy to miss the being asked to give it a faithful man and the faithful man asked to give it to others friends or no consumers in this verse because there are all producers there are all responsible to share they all have the divine obligation once all one to the truth will be instrumental in winning others and there will be an ever increasing result of blessing and salvation because everybody is doing something. For the Gospel of Jesus Christ friends these times are living on precedent filled with virus pandemic global shutdown having a say Alaska bias to the window limited travel feeling separated from the rest of the world peaceful protest did you know that they're saying that the George Floyd protests are 3 to 53 to 5 times larger than any protest in u.s. history and it's still ongoing over 100 days of protests now I think like one $110.00 or something then you have the not so peaceful protest folks our world is filled with uncertainty and anger and violence and protests and looting but in these times of fear and chaos and security worry not knowing what to think about the future is it any wonder people are turning to God for answers and you are the one perfectly positioned and he was just last out of somebody said you know Pastor I have a friend they start tell me all these details about this friend and they haven't been a church a long time in this and then they're worried they start asking spiritual questions and so we start answering them and I got their number of give me your numbers you stay by with them and then they said to themselves that they kept talking and I thought to myself you know what this person knows me this person knows my friends there's no reason we can't stand by with them you might intimidate him so we went standby with him I said Praise the Lord you know that connection the somebody we have resources to go lower there's tables on your way out there's a literature card on your way out take them with you pray about how to use them make a plan but decide to do something for the Gospel of Jesus Christ to study the Bible with friends with neighbors with coworkers to allow the Holy Spirit to do something that he longs to do and while we do this would have we even reinvent prayer meeting to. As opposed to being 12 people and 13 people there what if everybody just decided to come I mean this is a social event just like the Daniel fast or something else everybody is there may we have to come up here to social distance I don't know and we spend some time with a roving Mike what did you try this week you know I heard Pastor at preach and I thought he had some pretty crazy ad is but then I did this and the Holy Spirit did that and I was so excited I couldn't stop talking about the rest of the day that's always people want to do and it could be a pep rally of sorts while that's amazing I have a story I have a story let's pray about this this person I can tell the Devils just want to hang on to them so bad let's pray but pray for him by name and so before it's all done we have this testimony time is praise time we write down prayer requests we pray for them by name we read Christian service we get new insights and then we go back out into our mission field who's going to organise it what time does it start you're not getting it what time are you going to start when are you going to organize it heard Gary say in this have school class there's no wrong or one way to witness there isn't the Holy Spirit going to use you and your gifts and he stopped talking Esther come up here for a 2nd Esther did the Permian not too long ago Esther is just excited. She loves the Lord she loves sharing the Lord she loves to love on people. On a step over here. But tell us a little bit about what the Lord's been been doing through your experience while the pastor just about said everything but. Right before this cover thing happened I was having this sense of urgency that my life was meaningless going to work coming home and as Carol and Judy know that my whole week is spent on getting ready for the next day and that was it and I felt like God had blessed me with so many things that I wanted to do more for him and sitting here I know the pews are empty because it covered but I think they're empty also because there are people that are laws my my children are out there my friends are out there my neighbors are out there and I'm sitting here so comfortable Be it all with the mask and everything I'm still comfortable but I'm not any longer because. God has given me the sense of urgency that there's very little time very little time and when I get sent home from work because I'm cold that I get to know a lot of my neighbors so as many of you know I love to bake so I started baking bread salt different kinds and I would take the bread wrap them plastic of course put it in and one of these put a ribbon out and pass it out to just about all of my neighbors and others have come back and they've just had a friend they called me and she used to be an old supervisor my actually has been more than 20 years ago and she called me and I thank God I never changed my number I almost did at one point and she says as to do you remember my son Adam he's has cancer please pray for him I remember you being a woman of prayer and 3 days before that I say God I'm tired of living this meaningless life I want to do more while there is time to work because I feel the time is so short and I say Lord I don't know how to do a Bible study. But I know how to read as a but the church has so much resources if nothing else I can take one of those resources and I can hand it out and say read this will get back together and we'll talk about it I could do that much as a but Lord please send me the people who are yearning to know 3 days later I get a call from an old supervisor of more than 20 years ago asking me to pray for her son and then she said Esther you know more about the Bible than I do would you give me a Bible study. And i almost all Oh yes sure. Yes When do you want to start Thursday I'll be there and I started on the amazing facts and today were on 12 lesson 12 Her husband is extremely interested and he wants to come to our church they've been here once already and he says he feels this is the church to be and she is she has a questions about this please pray for her if she has questions and I know the devil won't like always easy but you know now I have a gentleman that I talked to on the phone in Florida and Heather by the way you text me today told me you were going to be listening today watching today so Heather We love you and we pray for the day that you'll be sitting down here with us in person so thank you pastor and like you said this church I love this church we have so many resources just hand them out like the pastor said hand them out and let the Holy Spirit convicts because it's not you that convicts. It's us who hands out and the Holy Spirit convicts and yes you know we've sat through the Daniel fast we sat through the revelation seminars we sat through all of these things and I'll sit here and I'll make little notes and stuff in it and then we'll go over it and the Lord has blessed and the thing is I didn't know how to dribble that basketball before but now I'm so in hopes from the Elfie not because I'm any smarter than anybody else I'm not but because I'm practicing now and I'm getting excited to see how excited the people I'm talking to are and not only that God saved me from a world of spiritual darkness and ignorance and pain and hopelessness and I sit here and now for the people sitting here so I want them no no you don't have to live in fear and I don't and yes we have to be cautious but you know what if I die of cold it because I gave a Bible study that's the way I want to go. So thank you and God bless you and they might know we are a church of missionaries and we've got great leaders I think. All right I've been promising for too long to be done but I hope you caught it I hope the Holy Spirit has been working on your heart about what it is that you could do because the reality is I must work the works of him that sent me while his day the night is coming when no man can work the time is now in the future is now the prophecies are filling now the shift from a corporate model to an individual personal model is now the mission is clear the divine mandate echoes in our years I must work the works of Him who sent me the only question is will we rise to our destiny. And to fill the words of Christ that is my prayer not just for you but for Elizabeth and I and our family our neighborhood where we live up to the destiny that God has placed us there for your Heavenly Father I pray that you will show us very clearly what it is you would have us to do where you would have us to start I imagine it could be simply be a prayer like Esther's prayer was followed by a divine appointment a phone call somebody inquiring will you study with me will you pray with me for me whatever it might be but Lord we want to accomplish much because we attempt much we want to go out fearlessly because of the mandate that you have given to us the obligation that is ours to go forward to follow the will of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. And to look for those divine appointed. To help us. To That is according to your will pray. 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