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Called to Victory

David Wright


David Wright

Lead/Senior Pastor, Hendersonville SDA Church


  • October 3, 2020
    8:00 AM
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Well if I'm ever in London in downtown London how many of you have been there I mentioned many of you have I have not had that privilege it's one of those my wife gets to say well I've been many a time but when my wife takes me to London there's one place that I would like to go that fascinates me quite a bit and that dates back to the time of World War 2 I have a fascination with World War 2 That was also the time of Winston Churchill there's a place there some of you may have been there as well Churchill's underground war rooms anybody been there before this is a place that I would like to go this is where Churchill and his team plotted the strategy to defeat Hitler and his forces during War 2 And often times as in times of war that we think or when we look and think back in times of war we think of the challenging conditions on the frontline and probably the most challenging conditions were often on the front line but that wasn't the only place where people were struggling and having a hard time as they were back at home and trying to black out the curtains and trying to avoid the air raids and so on and so forth and London was certainly right there in the thick of it much different than United States across the pond you understand and so they set up this place for Churchill for as the prime minister and for his advisors and his team to be underground in London much of the time with air raids and different things this is where they would go and if you can study their the picture a little bit you can see all of these phones lined up and different you know there's a map there on the back wall as they tried to make calculations of what to do next and so much of his advisors were actually live there all the time that Churchill didn't like to sleep there he had a place that he could and it's been told that he slept there about 3 different occasions so I don't know what was happening on those unions that caused him to stay there but much the time he like to make his way out and sleep someplace else maybe there was some. Fear that people would find out where the war room was because it was not able to withstand a direct hit from a bomb and so maybe he thought just in case I'm going to slip out to another secret spot I don't know but now you can too or this place and you just kind of get this feeling of if you're claustrophobic in any sense that the hallways are narrow the ceiling is low the rooms are small the air is stale there's not one window there's not fresh air circulating through and I imagine just because of the air there's a smell of metal and you know all of these types of things and this is what is known as The War Room The other thing that is interesting is that during that time there was a in fact there was a book written about this time by Simon Singh called the code book and in that book he describes the codebreakers in England's Leslie park during the war and one of the many challenges was that the Nazi Nazis had a secret code or way of communicating they would call the German and big machine that is pictured there in the last and in both of these pictures you probably can find soldiers of the German army using this enigma machine and you might say well what is that well it's kind of like when you were in grade school and you play spy in your neighborhood and you had a secret code and they had the key to the secret code and you would write it out unless they knew which letters represented which Except this is much more sophisticated a little bit mindblowing for that time honestly so there are 3 kind of big curved things at the front of the top of this those could be changed to any number of combinations and then down here at the bottom there were plugs where you could make it even more customizable to where on any given day of the war the Germans had set up these are the codes that we will use for our code machine you confused so on a certain day. They they would turn those dials to 8 cutie whatever it said and then they might plug or unplug these bottom things and then it would be set to either encrypt or be able to figure out the encryption of the code for that day whatever it might be an attack I don't know at midnight and so what the way would be used once you got that put in there it was kind of a 2 man job one person would tie the letters you know if it's going to be attack you hit a but then another kind of see these other keys above are not really keys but there are buttons that would light up so you hit a for attack and maybe a p.c. would light up and so the person would write p. and then right you'd hit t. on the keyboard if you will not a keyboard typewriter or whatever you hit t. and another letter would light up and they would write that down until they got all the way through their message and then on the other and on that day they would know Ok and they'd set their dials it to interpret it and sure enough it says attack at midnight and supposedly this was so sophisticated that without this little box without knowing the day it has been everything the way the only way to crack the code or to crack the code would be one in a C5XWWW as far as combinations Wow So the question during World War 2 was could it be broken because if we know what the enemy is going to do before they do it is a huge advantage Well they carefully selected this mathematical team of geniuses and brought them together to see if in fact they could break the German code of this boxy enigma one design flaw that they found was that the letter that they always they would type was never the one that came out if that makes sense so if you type a for attack it would never stay it would always be something else that in some other things and some other things that they were able to scramble and they're eventually starting to put some things together some hints if you will but it was this man in your bottom right of your screen Allan turning. Decided to make an elaborate complex machine that would try and try and try and try and try and try to decipher the Nazi codes how that machine that mechanical machine literally worked a let's leave that to you and Google this and. It was doubted whether or not it could be done at times he doubted whether or not it could be done but in fact it was accomplished this is a picture of the machine that was developed to break this nigga code it was later dubbed the Turing after his last name the Turing bomb and upon cracking the code these scholars at Bletchley Park were able to read nigga communications throughout most of the war and that's a big deal to be able to catch to crack the enemy's code friends Revelation is a book that is a code breaker if you will the Bible's last book a revelation revealed and unmasked the plans of Satan and also gives us the plans of God and if you know what the enemy is going to do before he does it friends it's a game changer and the best news of all this code book The Book of Revelation the last book in your Bible and my Bible outlines the simple yet profound truth that in time that we are living in that we know are unprecedented filled with virus and pandemic global shutdown peaceful protest in the midst of all kinds of things of course we have not so peaceful protests we've seen that in the news we have fires out west going on we have debates that are more like yelling matches and despite of everything that's going on Revelations Codebreaker tells us a simple and profound truth that Jesus wins and Satan loses. The heart of this battle is outlined in Revelation Chapter 12 and in that chapter we see 4 episodes if you will for vignettes for snapshots of the great controversy beginning with the battle in heaven to the closing battle on earth and so I hope you brought your bible I want to look at those 4 little snapshots in Revelation Chapter 12 and I doubt any of this will be news to you but hopefully it will get us thinking about the times in which we're living a little bit differently because if you're like me the news is not a pick me up is it for you but we need to remember what the code Brick Breaker what the Book of Revelation reveals to us and so beginning there let's read there in Revelation Chapter 12 is where will be this morning and beginning in verse 9 let's read those so i Verse 7 to verse 9 is begin in verse 7 and war broke out in heaven Michael and his angels fought with the dragon and the dragon and his angels fought but they did not prevail nor was a place found for them in heaven any longer so the great dragon was cast out the serpent of old called the Devil and Satan who deceived the whole world he was cast to the earth and his angels were cast out with him heaven that's kind of a strange place for a war Michael and his angels fought the dragon and his angels fought was this a physical battle or simply a mental war game I would propose it was both but notice carefully that every angel in heaven had to make a choice we don't have a 3rd group where they were able to be neutral there's no Switzerland in these verses no middle ground every angel had to make the all important choice regarding whose side they would be on friends and Earth Final Conflict there is no new try. Ality I have a letter written to a college student dating back to the sixty's and the story is going to surprise you this college student was a Christian but a communist evangelist there is such a thing communism and has came to university in this country United States of America and it was in the late sixty's that this Christian who is engaged to a wonderful Christian college woman but he started reading the philosophers and writings of Marx and Ingle and others and he was just an emirate and enchanted by the thoughts of world communism and so when this Christian young man was exposed not only to these writings but to this communist evangelist he wrote a letter to his girlfriend as to why he could no longer continue the relationship with her and why as a communist he had to break their engagement and you say why are you going to read this letter was I read this letter I want you to ask yourself this question Do I have do I have the commitment to the cause of Christ to hasten the coming of Jesus as does this young man is writing the letter that's the question I want you to ask years have a letter reads he says leave the name out I can no longer interest into our engagement because I have become a communist and we communist have a high casualty rate we are the ones who get shot we get hung we get lynched we get tarred and we get feather we get jailed we get slandered we get ridiculed we get fired from our jobs in America in every way we are made uncomfortable as possible a certain percentage of us get killed we turn back to the party everything that we earn every penny goes back to the communist party except what is necessary to keep us alive we Communists don't have time for movies we don't have time for concerts or t. bone steaks we don't have decent cars or homes we've been described as fanatics. And we are fanatics our lives are not dominated by one overshadowing factor the struggle for World Communism have mercy we Communists have a way of life that cannot be bought for any price we have a cause to fight for we have a definite purpose to live for this one thing which I am in dead earnest this is my communist cause this my life my business my religion my hobby my sweet heart my wife my mistress my bread my meat I work at it and the day time I dream about it at night it holds on and grows and never lessons as time goes on Therefore I cannot carry on a friendship a love affair where even a conversation without relating it to my cause and I have to break our relationship mercy we can feel bad for the girl but at the same time we can be thankful the question again does our cause for Christ's call for less commitment than the call for communism does the call for Christ's call for our best total absolute commitment the cause of Christ I would submit is much broader the cause of Christ is much greater the vision of the 2nd Coming of Christ makes the cause of communism the poultry nothingness that it is but as Christians where do we find ourselves going back to Winston Churchill he said this it's not enough to have lived we must be determined to live for something and I believe that is a great desire of of all humans across the planet Ok I am living but I need to live for something what am I going to live for and so people are desperate to have a cause to have a purpose what am I going to get behind what am I here for anyway and in a vacuum of purpose that we find in Scripture the devil is real quick to put in any number of things any. There is no neutrality for it or devote I think it's how you say his name is the rest in Christian philosopher who resisted communism is what he has to say the mystery of human existence exists and not just staying alive but in finding something to live for same ideas not what do you and I live for we see that tagline from time to time I live for chocolate do you in the whole scheme of things is that all that life is to you. I doubt finding something to live for there is no neutrality manuscript 78 says this Christ is that there can be no such thing as neutrality in his service the soul must not be satisfied with anything short of entire consecration consecration of thought voice spirit and every organ of mind and body it's not enough that the vessel be emptied it must be filled with the grace of Christ like what Carmelita said about the gravel truck where to go I don't know we had to be filled so we can be emptied and so we can be filled and empty there's no neutrality in Earth's final war but there is this incredibly good news a Revelation 12 it describes Christ triumphs in the galactic battle the great controversy the war and heaven millenniums ago Jesus wins and Satan loses that impact what we live for Jesus wins and Satan loses what does it say in Revelation 12 years 8 but they did not prevail. In the battle for the control of the universe in heaven over the throne of God Jesus and His Angels one and the devil was defeated the devil wants to cause us to think it's the other way around now is that honestly the case Jesus never lost a battle with Satan yet friends Jesus is the mighty warrior the conquering general the victorious Lord and the triumphant King and in the battles we face in our own personal lives in the struggles that confront us every day we can have the absolute assurance that in Christ because of Christ through Christ we are more than conquerors but we're quick to forget that the devil is quick to suggest otherwise and so we go around complaining rehearsing our doubts our frustrations our fears our worries our woes our anxieties are we more than conquerors something I didn't get in my notes so I pulled up on my phone this technology today this isn't x. the apostles a 25 I believe when Christ was crucified they did not believe that he would rise he had stated plainly that he was to rise on the 3rd day but they were perplexed to know what he meant this lack of comprehension left them at the time of his death in utter hopelessness are there people today walking around in utter hopelessness they were bitterly disappointed their faith did not penetrate be on the shadow of that Satan had cast upon their horizon and this is the line that really gets me got me this week in my personal devotions if they had believed the Saviors words how much sorrow they might have been spared if they had believed the Saviors were. But because of my lack of belief I bring sorrow upon myself I bring whoa upon myself heartache upon myself restless nights upon myself because I don't believe the Word of God I don't believe I'm more than a conqueror in Jesus Christ the devil or the devil but the devil was using all of these things with the disciples but had the disciples believe the Word of Jesus and he said it more than once they would have said it's going to be Ok because Jesus said and I'm taking his promise to the bank how does that make sense How's that going to work I don't know but Jesus said it therefore it will happen we are more than conquers through Jesus Christ episode number 24 episodes and then we're going to be done Satan attacks Jesus centuries pass and so Satan fat focus his attention upon destroying Jesus let's read about it in Revelation Chapter 12 we're backing up now that beginning in verse 3 it says in another sign appear in heaven behold a great fiery red dragon having 7 heads and 10 horns and 7 diadems on his head his tail to a 3rd of the stars of heaven and through them to the earth and so we know this is Satan also working through civil Rome and it says in the dragon stood before the woman who was ready to give birth to devalue or her child as soon as it was born verse 5 she bore a male child who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron and her child was caught up to God and His throne now a rod is a symbol of rulership in the Bible and a rod of iron is a symbol of on breakable all powerful invincible rulership somehow some times along the way will put a little bamboo reed in his hand won't we. Well put a little stick in his hand you rule with this little toothpick No he has an iron rod that is invincible in terms of his rulership and Jesus face every single temptation that we experience and he came off more then a conqueror as the Apostle Paul puts it having disarmed principalities and powers he made a public spectacle of them triumphing over them in it which is the cross I think it's beautiful so absolute number 2 Satan text Jesus and then let's read now verse 10 and I heard a loud voice say in heaven now salvation and strength and the kingdom of our God and the power of his Christ have come for the accuser of our brother and who accuse them before God day and night has been cast down Friends us good news again Jesus wins and Satan loses but don't just skip over that verse what has come when I listed off salvation power strength and so when we accept the righteousness of Christ as our righteousness and we are declared righteous through Christ death the dying Christ declares us righteous through his blood and the living Christ makes us right just through his intercession and so then we read in verse 11 and they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony and they did not love their lives to the death and why I gave counsel to a man who looked on the gloomy side of life do you ever look on the gloomy side of life don't raise your hand and she had Mohnish him with this divine counsel she said Your life is now miserable full fool full of evil forboding gloomy pictures loom upon up before you dark unbelief has enclosed you by talking on the side of I believe you have grown darker and darker. You take satisfaction in dwelling upon on pleasant themes we could just say you take satisfaction in one upon the news if others try to talk hopefully you crush out in them every hopeful feeling by talking all the more earnestly and severely yet no one can help you as well as yourself if you want faith talk face talk hopefully cheerfully Here's an eternal truth friends our faith grows as we accept Christ victory as ours as mine are added to that are greatly affected or affect our actions faith filled Christians live in Christ victory over the powers of hell Christ victory over Satan was complete but the great contrast in Christ and Satan is not over yet Satan was defeated in heaven Satan was defeated at the cross but in a very real sense to wages against the people of God on this earth you and me are we going to talk fate are going to be more than Congress to Jesus Christ our Lord or are we going to talk doubt and disbelief and talk about how we're miserable and we have evil forebodings and gloomy and dark unbelief if that's the case friends no one can help you as well as yourself turn off the foul mouth turn off the bad attitude turn off the doubt why don't know how it's going to work I don't fully either but I know that in the end Jesus wins and Satan loses period. Here's another quotation volume 7 the testimonies page 213 we do not understand we should the great conflict going on between invisible agencies the controversy controversy between oil and disloyal angels over every man good and evil angel strive there is no make believe conflict it is not mimic battles in which we are engaged we have to meet most powerful adversaries and it rests with us to determine which shall win and if you read on further he's not talking about in our own strength in our own power but it is up to us to determine who we will believe in who we will speak of who we will proclaim when we claim the victory of Jesus Christ when we overcome the devil by the blood of the Lamb and the words of our own testimony as it says in verse 11 also in Revelation here in the passage the word overcome can also be translated as conquer to prevail to triumph to come through victoriously that's what it means to overcome in that passage and you might say How is this possible and Revelation again answers the question through the blood of the Lamb the lamb is the central figure in the Book of Revelation the Lamb of God our perfect Savior who gives his life in perfect sacrifice is mentioned 28 times in the Book of Revelation the lamb is a symbol of sacrifice what is John the Baptist say when he saw Jesus for the 1st time Behold the Lamb of God which takes away the sin of the world John 129 and through his sacrifice our guilt is gone our sins are forgiven and we are no longer condemned for Arc transgressions but they are taken away from us. He bears the guilt the shame the condemnation of our sin of my sin praise the Lord and my worthy not part of the equation William Barclay is a commentator he states this way the forgiveness which is in the cross has left Satan the accuser the finger pointers if you will has left Satan the accuser no possible accusation to make friends that's good news isn't it Charles Wesley said this way arise my soul arise shake off guilty fears the bleeding sacrifice in my behalf appears before the throne my surety stands My name is written on his hands friends through Jesus because of Jesus we have the right the guarantee of eternity Satan is a defeated foe in the sense that the stranglehold of death is broken by faith through the blood of Christ eternities is ours to claim the cross satisfies the claims of a broken law the law giver pays the penalty for our breaking the law the creator becomes our Redeemer the innocent one accepts our guilt the sinless one accepts the penalty for our sins and pays the ransom price to redeem us that is good news and throughout the cross love triumphed over hate righteousness defeated unrighteousness truth triumphed over air life defeated Death hope was the victor over dispair. But I see too many Christians today in despair too many of my own days are filled with despair why because I've forgotten that in Jesus I'm more then a conqueror the devil wants us to forget that little fact but it's there every day Napoleon said this Alexander Caesar Charlemagne and myself found a great empires but upon what did the creations of the of our genius to depend upon force Jesus alone found in his an empire upon and it is very day millions would die for him friends there is not a reason for discouragement and there is no reason for despair trials yes disappointments certainly obstacles most definitely heartaches Yes of course but in spite of these things let us not be discouraged or despair why because the daily presence of Christ through out or through the Holy Spirit reminds us that there is a better world coming and that through Jesus we have a place guaranteed there that we are more than conquerors through Christ Jesus wins saying loses he defeated photo and in Christ the battle victory is not probable not hopeful it's certain episode number 3 saying attacks God's people for that were in verse 6 and then will jump to verse 13 and 14 then the woman verse 6 fled into the wilderness where she had a place prepared by God that they should feed her their 1260 days jumping to verse 13 now in the Dragon saw that he had been cast of the earth he persecuted the woman who gave birth to the male child. But the woman was given 2 wings of a great eagle that she might fly into the wilderness to her place where she is nourished for a time and times and half a time from the presence of the serpent the few key phrases here I want you to notice 1st notice in verse 6 a place prepared by who by God and in verse 14 it says this woman is nourished in the wilderness again I would submit by God And I submit Also this morning that every time the Devil attacks a child of God God has a place of refuge prepared for his children for you and for me the wilderness for a woman alone is a dangerous place unless God has prepared a special place for her becomes a place of safety to be nourished by her to be protected in the Middle Ages God's people were often oppressed and persecuted they were often hunted some were martyred they were as Paul writes hard pressed on every side yet not crushed perplexed but not in despair persecuted but not for Sagan struck down but not destroyed and that can be the passes that the Christian can proclaim as they're burning at the stake you may burn my body now but I'm not going to be crushed I'm not going to be perplexed I'm not going to be in despair I'm not struck down I am more than a conqueror in Jesus Christ whatever circumstances we find ourselves in through Jesus we will be victorious is a little bit of a long quote but I think it's good from desire of Ages 679 Christ read joist. That he could do more for his followers and they could ask or think it's not nice he spoke with assurance knowing that in all my decree had been given before the world was made he knew that truth armed with the omnipotence of the Holy Spirit would conquer in the contest with evil and that the blood stained banner would wave triumphantly over his followers and then this last line he knew that the life of his trusting disciples would be like his a series of interrupted victories not seeing to be such here but recognized as such in the great here after I think about the illustration that Pastor Hyman used with his son and with Sarah and the money that they. Got tricked out of and all of this mess and on our side of the story this is man in this is infuriating this is wrong all true how could you let this happen. And I imagine in those moments not that you ever said that I would God saying be patient I have a plan hint and it's better than yours and it's better than yours right and so now in the course of a few weeks we get to see God's plan of him being glorified of an individual conscience being pricked and of young kids that are going to be Ok financially too and we say Oh Ok I'm Ok now how come I have to see to be Ok now by faith is in that scene without scene and so when something happens I say Oh how did you let this happen to me. Or do I say Lord I don't understand this thing but I know that you're in control and you're a professional at bringing the best out of a horrible situation and he'll do it. And this quote reminds us a series of uninterrupted victories not seen to be said here now but recognize that as in the great here after that time later on we get to see the end from the beginning and a way similar to how God does and we say wow I wouldn't want it any other way friends crisis call us to victory not defeat to triumph not lost to success not failure to speak faith not doubt and the attack against God's people Jesus wins Satan loses are you picking up on a theme I hope so episode for lunchtime Saints attack on the remnant verse 17 still in Revelation Chapter 12 and the dragon was enraged with the room woman I mean this is strong language enraged I hope you never get enraged the dragon was in a rage with the woman and he went to make war with the rest of her offspring who keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ friends the devil is furious with this group of people with you and with me those that keep the commandments of God that have the testimony of Jesus Christ maybe that's why he gave us that special advantage and he's doing everything he can to destroy us I don't know if you can read this article says it's from spectrum I don't like to read spectrum but this was sent to me it says Universal Sunday laws and Adventist doctrine and Trans a gent's which is a refusal to change one's views and if you read the article it speaks about the embarrassment of having the word Adventists in our name because it's been 176 years of time that elapsed since 844 And Jesus has not yet come when we're going to come to grips with the fact. Then it starts to rip the idea of the Sunday law being on biblical and challenging l.-y. and statements that are so clear about it and it says it is past time that we reevaluate the prophecy times have changed things are different now it certainly will not happen in reference to the son in law soon is certainly not will will not happen in my lifetime and he ends by speaking of this burden on future generations and the result of spineless Aves leaders who see the problem but look the other way what really I think a 2nd Peter 33 knowing this 1st that scoffers will come in the last days walking according to their own lusts and saying where is the promise of His coming you think they said that to know for since the fathers fell asleep all things continue as they were from the beginning of creation I think of this quotation last event as one place it cited in on page $156.00 we have far more to fear from within than from without the Hendren says to strength and success are far greater from the church itself and from the world that's talking about the hindrances So we do have battled to wage the remnant church is under attack not just from out there but from in here what's going to happen a no no I think we need to rehearse our woes. Saint attack on the remnant today is real this final conflict is for the minds of God's people is a battle between 2 opposing forces the forces of heaven and the forces of hell and the central question in this final war is who has your loyalty where is your allegiance heaven is calling for a final generation of believers who are so charmed by Christ love redeemed by His grace committed to his purposes empowered by his spirit and obedient to his command that they're willing to face death itself for his cause sounds radical. But not when you know the one you're serving friends our world is headed for a major crisis we're on a collision course but here is the incredibly good news Jesus wins Satan lose this Christ and His Church are going to triumph in Jesus by Jesus through Jesus and because of Jesus we will triumph at last Christ victory is the eternal guarantee of our victory our heavenly High Priest will never let us down he will get his people through Earth's last hours do you believe that this morning Dan Crawford live from 878 in 1926 he was born in Scotland his father died an early age he grew up in a Christian home having to be the man in the house very early and they 16 he gave his heart to the Lord and then he was inspired by people like David Livingston and others and so he decided at the age of 19 to be a missionary to Africa to leave Scotland to leave everything he knew behind and go minister to the people in Africa one of his greatest accomplishments was translating the entire Bible into the language with 12 genders and 32 verb tenses So 1st you have to learn the language you have to learn all the genders you have to learn all the verb tenses because if not the gospel may just come out wrong and then he translates all of the Bible into their language so they can read and understand after living with the people for 37 years he was sleeping at night and he kind of turn and jerk quickly I don't know if you ever do something like that where you just kind of. And he hit his hand on a shelf that he had beside his bed the back of his hand wow that didn't feel too good went back to bed looked at the next morning. Didn't think too much of it you know we take for granted our bodies are going to heal it's going to be Ok but it wasn't healing and it wasn't looking like it was going to be Ok In fact this started looked very infected and it looked like it was getting worse and it looked like something called Gang Green and it looked like it was traveling up his arm and he knew very quickly he was in big trouble in his journal he wrote this week I suffer under a grave disability my left arm is poised sorry is poisoned and this poison is knife in me very hard so here we are in God's hand and all is well Gang Green making its way up but here I am in God's hand and all is well the infection continue to spread rapidly up his arm he recognized that it was fatal he wrote again in his journal Good bye dear friends we will meet at the appearance in excellent glory but what I want to share with you is a motto that was not Dan Crawford just at the end but that was one of his mottos throughout his life and it goes like this I cannot do it alone the waves dashed fast and high the fog and mist set in you ever have those days the light goes out in the sky but I know in the end we need to show in Jesus and I goes on to say a coward wayward and weak I change with the changing sky today so strong and brave tomorrow too weak to try but he never gives up and in the end we too shall when Jesus and i friends in this ever changing uncertain world can you relate with Dan Crawford at times. Coward wayward weak chain with a sky brave strong then tomorrow week to week to try but he recognizes that he Jesus never gives up in the end and we do show when Jesus not my friends the reality of Revelation 12 is that I don't have to fear I don't have to be discouraged or filled with this pair why because in the end we need to show when Jesus and I are closing to him today is number 608 faith is the victory and the good news this morning is whatever your circumstances that you find yourself in today through Jesus we too shall win and be victorious Dear Heavenly Father in the midst of this crazy world that we find ourselves in we take hope in the simple truth that we find in your word that we know how the story ends that Jesus wins and Satan loses despite whatever we're going through May we cling and claim that very simple promise that in you and by you and through you we may be victorious we pray in Jesus name. 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