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Jesus' Encounter with the Noble Man

Benjamin Ng
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  • January 21, 2021
    8:30 PM
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Father in heaven thank you so much for seeing so safely through this week thank you for this time that we can have to come and study your word together once more we ask Lord for your presence we ask for your blessing more than anything else Lord we desire your Holy Spirit and you promised that if we are ask you are more than willing and happy to give him to us so Lord police brought him to us this evening that our time together this evening might be profitable for the glory for we pray in Jesus' name amen. So as you have seen there we are studying Jesus' encounter with the nobleman Jesus encounter with the nobleman and it's continued on from what we looked at last week the woman at the well the woman of some area it's found in John chapter 4 let's turn our Bibles there our 1st text is found in John 443244 the Bible says this now after 2 days he departed things and went into Galilee speaking of Jesus for Jesus himself testified that a prophet has no on or in his own country Jesus is leaving some area especially the city of cycle where he met this woman and he comes to his own place and he's met with unbelief that's why he says here that the prophet does not have on or in his own country it's contrasts it with those men that and those people that met Jesus in some area where they all believed not just the woman's word but also the Word of Jesus but let's continue John for 45 then when he was coming to Galilee the Galileans received him having seen all the things that he did at Jerusalem at the feast for they also went on to the feast Now why is it that the Galileans believe that you see it it says here because of the miracle that Jesus did there at the wedding feast where he turned water into wine they believed because of the miracle not because of the words of Christ but let's continue John for 46. Jesus came again and said Cain of Galilee where he made the water into wine and so it was this miracle that was very clear in automobiles in the parts in the minds of the people and then we continue reading and there was a certain nobleman whose son was sick at Capernaum So the nobleman he came among those number that believed not because they truly believed but because of the miracle that Jesus did and that he probably was amongst that group that saw Jesus or at least experience Jesus turning water into wine maybe he was one of those number that tasted this wine that was the best that man had ever made before and so he comes looking for Jesus but why verse $47.00 when he heard that Jesus was come out of Judea into Galilee he went on to him and was sought him that he would come down and heal his son for he was at the point of death this man he was desperate he came to Jesus because his son was sick to the point that he was almost ready to die any father would be desperate in this sort of situation right so he come seeking for Jesus seeking for help that Jesus would come and heal his son now how does Jesus respond. 48 then said Jesus unto him except isi signs and wonders ye will not believe Jesus looks at this man and reads clearly the thoughts of his hot this man has unbelief in his heart he does not really believe that Jesus can really heal his son he does to a certain extent because that's the reason why he comes to Jesus in the 1st place right asking for help but he won't fully believe on Jesus Christ until he heals his son he won't accept him fully as Messiah until Jesus helps him it was conditional on granting his personal request and this was not an isolated incidents many were there that were thinking this way you see they were interested in Jesus from selfish motives they hoped to receive some sort of special benefit from his power and the working of his miracles just like what had happened when Jesus turned the water into wine and so they staked their faith on the granting of the temporal favor you know friends that sounds like many of us today isn't it and we believe in Jesus we want his blessings we want his power bestowed upon us to work a miracle for us to bless our life to enrich us to give us all these worldly temporal things such as a job or a spouse or money in the bank maybe and the list as long as our arm and continues on beyond it but if Christ he doesn't grant it to us we don't believe in him. We claim that because we had to work hard harder for our life or told because Christ than Unser our prayer or Bless us so that's why we don't have time to worship God it's like we have to work it out on our own at and God didn't want to help us even though I prayed so hard so I don't want to follow him anymore you know that's what the prosperity gospel is all about God come and worship you you bless me God bless me bless me bless me it's all about his blessings and if I wash of you've got to bless me I give tithe an offering you got to bless me I read my Bible surely I'm devotional to you God bless me but how would you react if God doesn't help what if he doesn't help to keep a spouse or a loved one safe for life how would you reactive if God doesn't help us with our financial problems how do we react if we fail our exam even though we studied so hard and prayed so hard and maybe even fasted really hard for it how would we react when it seems like God doesn't bless us even though we give so much back to him and we devote so much back to him the important question really is how would we react if God doesn't give us what we want the nobleman he came to Jesus for help but he didn't totally believe until he could see with his own eyes how Jesus had performed this Miracle and helped his son. Could it be that much of our faith today is tied up with signs and wonders we're looking for something to for Jesus to prove that he really loves us or that he's a good God and many times you look at it in our own personal lives we want a miracle we want a miracle for ourselves you know Jesus worked with humanity and he did his best to convince them while he walked the earth for 33 and a half years his greatest miracles in fact were found in the gospel John when you go through the book of John this the gospel is the gospel with the least amount of miracles but the ones that are written there it's as if they were the greatest of all of them turning water into wine walking on water feeding of the $5000.00 which of course is found in all 4 gospels but it's a big miracle nonetheless and then the healing of a man that was born blind and the ultimate miracle of miracles raising Lazarus from the dead who had been dead for 4 days you know Jesus in the gospel John at least John is trying to write there that he gave us so much evidence to believe so many signs and wonders and yet this nobleman still comes to Jesus with the thought if Jesus does not heal my son if he does not work a miracle on my behalf I am not going to believe remember this nobleman was a Jew. He must have been at the wedding where the water was turned to wine and you know what's amazing is when we contrast that with the story that's earlier in John chapter 4 that we studied last week it was the woman of some area Jesus didn't do any miracle except maybe read the thoughts of a hot but she could have maybe put it down to the fact that someone told him right but look at how this woman reacted in John chapter 4 and verse 28 to 29 the woman left her waterpot and went her way into the city and said to the men come see a man which told me all things that ever I did is not this the Christ she believes simply from the conversation that she had with Jesus and not just that the whole town the whole city believed as well look at this John for 41 to 42 and many more believed because of his own word and sentence of the woman now we believe not because of the high saying for we have heard him ourselves and know that this is indeed the Christ the Savior of the world this nobleman this man that came to Jesus asking for healing for his son who was ready to die he was a Jew he was from the Nation of Israel having seen or at least heard of this miracle working man who walked amongst them yet he refused to believe until Jesus would work a miracle on his behalf except you see signs and wonders Jesus s. you will not believe. You know there's a danger of friends of relying on signs and wonders to uphold and strengthen our faith especially in these times we're living in when you look at some texts that talk about miracles and signs and wonders in our last days here in Revelation 16 verse 14 the Bible says For they are the spirits of devils working what miracles which go forth into the kings of the earth and of the whole world to gather them to the Battle of that great day of God Almighty friends at the end of times there will be miracles but not miracles are done by God's people in this context miracles that are done by what the spirits of devils we got to be careful to peg our faith on miracles or supernatural phenomena in its Let's continue in Revelation 19 in verse 20 and the Beast was taken and with him the false prophet not the good prophet the false prophet that were wrought miracles before him with which he deceived them that had received the mark of the beast and them that worshiped his image these both were cast alive into a lake of fire burning with brimstone here we're told that there was a false prophet all there will be a false prophet that will call forth and perform miracles and just because you can read my mind or or heal a person with your touch is not evidence that you are from God or that God has called you friends false prophets at the end of time will perform miracles to the extent that people will be deceived. And then Revelation 13 as well and he do with great wonders so that he make a fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men and deceiver thim that dwell in the earth by the means of those miracles which he had power to do in the sight of the beast saying to them that the earth that they should make an image to the beast which had the wound by a sword and did live friends in the end of time those that rely on miracles that are focused on seeing signs and wonders in order to believe this is the group that will be deceived fire will come from heaven it says in Revelation 13 and it would deceive even the very elect something so miraculous that it would deceive those that call themselves Christians and they think that God is with this group of people who are doing such things when in fact God is not with them at all the people will be swept away with emotions with their senses of everything they see and feel around them they will be caught up with the hype it's not every day friends we see miracles is not every day that you you see fire come down from heaven right and if this person claims to be a prophet and he can do it and and this person that claims to know the truth and he can do any miracles why of course follow him that's the natural inclination of many Christians today issue of the end of time is really the mark of the beast vs the seal of God If you study then Revelation 13 but really what isn't it signs and wonders vs the Word of God. And yet many many today who call themselves Christians rely more on signs and wonders to test if a person is sent from God or not rather than the truths that they preach or that they leave out we ask for signs whether we think this is the person that God wants to be with or once made to be with as in terms of a boyfriend or girlfriend instead of turning to the pages of scripture to seek counsel from the Word of God itself we look for signs and wonders we ask for signs about whether God wants us to take this job even though it means we have to violate one of his 10 commandments rather than just turning to the 10 Commandments itself to see if this job fits within the boundaries of what God has outlined there we ask for signs about everything even though sometimes many times the word is so clear not because we're unsure about what the Bible says but because we wanted fulfilled in our own way just the way that we're looking and hoping for and so we look for a sliver of hope from the Word of God and if it doesn't then we turn to a sign and wonder and we pray God help me see some sort of miracle give me a sign that you want me to take this job will take this girl or this guy even though many people have counseled against it and even given me the word of God to say don't do it so Christ says to us except you see signs and wonders you won't believe too many of us peg our belief upon supernatural things rather than Thus saith the Lord do you know that. Jesus called John the Baptist the greatest of all prophets did you know that and there's something interesting that we can learn about John the Baptist as the greatest of all prophets that ever lived greater than Moses greater than Alija greater than enough greater than anybody that has ever lived in the Old Testament someone who called fire down from heaven in. Moses who part of the Red Sea or at least God worked through him mightily right but Jesus as John the Baptist is the greatest of all prophets and look at what the Bible says about him John Chapter 10 verse 41 and many resorted to him and said John did what no miracle but all things that John spoke of this man were true John the Baptist did not do a single miracle did not perform a sign or a wonder yet the Bible calls him the greatest of all prophets friends we got to be careful not to rely on miracles for supernatural signs to test whether we are walking or following God rightly or not for sure the devil will easily deceive us if that is all we make is the basis of our belief system but let's come back to the story shall we Jesus of this man except you see signs and wonders you will not believe how does a man respond John 449 the nobleman 7 to him coming down in my child die him now understood that Jesus could read the thoughts of his own heart that his his thoughts were laid bare before Jesus he could understand and know the reason as to why he came and so all he could simply do was just cry out in desperation and it was all that he could do Jesus help and in his desperation. His faith began to strengthen so Christ responds John for 50 G.'s or 70 him go away by some Live Earth and the man believed the word that Jesus had spoken to him and he went his way Christ gives the word of assurance he doesn't work any American he doesn't snap any fingers he does what he's been trying to teach everyone just trust his word his word is that which accomplice accomplishes what he pleases his word is that which will strengthen faith it was by his word that he hung the planets on the stars in space and Obi through his word that he would heal this man son and so the nobleman takes hold of that word because that's all he has left he takes hold of it and he chooses to believe it because there's nothing left that can help his son and that's how we are in desperation sometimes isn't it friends when there's nothing left to hold on to then and only then we come in clearly finally to the Word of God How many hard expect be spared if we just learned that lesson from the very beginning and believe God's word and take him at his word instead of thinking that we know better than God how our lives would be different if we learn to trust God and His word from the very start of our Christian journey it was at his most desperate point that this nobleman only then learns to begin to trust God and to believe him in Christ he doesn't turn him away you know he rewards his faith as he will reward anyone who believes in Him Christ doesn't hold grudges Oh you don't believe in me no are not going to hew your Son Jesus is not like that no. Christ shows him that he knows a thought of his heart's not to humiliate him not to make fun of him not to say ah I'm God I can read your heart you can't hide from me but he does that and he says to the no woman except you believe except you see signs and wonders Rather you will not believe he says that to help him understand his need Christ wasn't trying to humiliate him but to help him and to strengthen his faith and he accomplishes that and helps the man to believe but let's continue John Faull 51 and as he was now going down his servants met him and told him saying nice On Live Earth then inquired he of them the hour when he began to amend and they said answer him yesterday at the 7th hour the fever left him so the father knew that it was at the same hour in which Jesus said and to him by son Live Earth and himself believed and his whole house on the way home as a father is going home to see his son he gets the news that his son is healed and the father has such strong faith now because you know he doesn't rush home it says there it's the next day that he receives this news so look we don't know how far his home was from where Christ was maybe it was quite far but you know if I was the father and there was no mobile phone there was no e-mail there's no Internet there was nothing he had to trust Christ that Christ would do what he says without ever touching his son or seeing his son yet this man has now such a great faith that he can take his time going home that the servants of the ones that are coming out to him to look for him hey your son is better your son is better but the nobleman knew he knew. At what time it was when he began to believe in the word that Jesus spoke to him it was when his faith grasped hold of the word that Jesus said by son Live Earth and when he believed it was then that his son was healed you know friends it says in Luke Chapter 18 and verse 8 Nevertheless when the son of man cometh show he find faith on the earth when Christ comes back for a 2nd time the question is asked us will he find faith the fact that Jesus Himself has to ask this question is evidence enough to know that there will not be many people with faith when Jesus returns for a 2nd time. Meaning there will be a lot of questions but there will not be many people who will believe in the Word of Christ there were many people who just have a form of godliness but they don't have the power of a true Christian they're probably looking for signs and wonders miracles something to stir their senses and their motions to cause them to believe in and sing praise to God But they're not Bible believing Christians when Christ comes back will he find faith on the earth will there be a people who will take God at His word and at his word only not relying on science not lying relying on signs or wonders not relying on a miracle not relying on anything not chance but the Word of God only willing to live by every word and every word of God only. Nothing else not by sight of feelings not by our census but what we see in God's word and nothing else Christ when He asks this question will he find faith is simply stating that there are not going to be many people even in the Christian church that will be taking God at His word isn't that a shocker friends it's possible to to go to church to do all these things that a Christian does but that's not our foundation our foundation is found in the Word of God You know we studied last week the spirit and the truth this week I'm emphasizing the importance of the truth believing in the word but it was a spirit that strengthens his faith when he chooses to believe but that foundation must be on the Word of God How important is this in Romans chapter one and verse 17 The Bible says For there in is the righteousness of God revealed from faith to faith as it is written The just shall live by faith this is how those that are just those that are righteous will live at the end of time they must live by faith there in will the righteousness of God be revealed where when you go back to Romans Chapter one Verse 16 I'm sorry I don't have the slide there it says I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ for it is the power of God and to salvation it is the Gospel it is God's word and unless we learn to live by faith today we will come infinitely short of righteousness. It will come infinitely short of heaven to many of us were relying on our senses to determine what is right and wrong we look for maybe a majority we look for how the preacher dresses you know I've met people where they say yes I went to a church and this pastor I never met him before I was new there and he started in the pulpit and he pointed out my problems how did he know my problems I never told him I never told anybody he must be Son of God and we make conclusions and we're willing to accept whatever this person says even though it might be contrary to the Word of God but it's too convenient you know why because we don't have time to search the word of God ourselves we're not taking the time to dig deep into the Bible. Without taking time to see and to seek the savior for ourselves rely on 2nd hand information rely on 2nd hand experience we don't know the Word of God for us elves we don't know what Jesus wants us to do so it's easier to to look for a man of God it and put all our faith and our trust in him so we look for signs and wonders when Jesus says I want you to seek me with all your hearts I want you to seek 1st the Kingdom of God and His righteousness I want you to take time to seek what the Word of God said yes and if you seek and search for Me with all your heart you'll find me and so we come back down to this simple text Romans 1017 So then faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the Word of God we've got to come back to God's word as a sure foundation not man's word. And you know friends with this new year that's rolled around we got to make faith our focus we've got to learn to put God and His word 1st in our hearts and our lives we've got to learn to put that word 1st make it 1st and last and best we got to learn to start reading the Bible for ourselves we'll learn to start searching the scriptures for ourselves is too convenient to say oh I don't understand part of the Bible Well let me wait to go to church or let me just take the vive that the pastor or the Bible teacher and see if what the answer the huge give me and I'll determine whether I can accept it or not without going for ourselves to seek and to search and to study the scriptures but friends we got to make faith our number one priority in this new year we're going to make faith our focus to the point that we spend so much time in the Bible more of his word more of the Scriptures to the extent that we are saturated with the Bible that we allow the Word of God to be written in our hearts and lives such a rate of thorough and fully with God's Word the nobleman he had been a classic case or the product of the ferrous East it was all about tradition and he had focused too much on that he didn't know what the Word of God said about the man that was standing before him and how all the signs pointed to him as a savior it wasn't enough for him so he asked not for more the word for another sign another wonder friends it's time to stop being ignorant of the truth. And look I'm not saying that you have to just go pick up the Bible and read look if you don't understand what the Bible says Come talk to me Come talk to the Bible with us who are ready and happy to teach if you don't know son the Word of God and what it says Come join us and have a school make sure that you're listening on divine service if you don't understand what the Word of God says Make sure you come for care group we study the Bible there and if you don't understand what the Word of God says Maizie is they've accepted afternoon I know that in back there studying the book of Micah in Sac they have sat we been having Sabbath school on Sabbath afternoons don't give your self an excuse as to why you don't have to attend all the leaders on attending all that is just there I'm busy you know all I have children you don't understand we can give ourselves a 1000000 excuses friends but we excuse ourselves out of heaven we excuse ourselves to the point that we come short of righteousness so brothers and sisters I'm asking you I'm pleading with you that you would make faith your priority in this you. Don't look for signs and wonders because what happens is when we look for signs and wonders to believe and it ends up that signs and wonders all experiences that happens to us and us make us leaving as well we forget that we're not at church because of people church because of what I read in the scriptures and if you make faith your foundation nothing will ever shake you for the better or for the worse you will not be deceived by the 2nd coming you would not be offended because of what people do to you because the Word of God has already warned you about all these things and you're ready. Ready to meet the hypocrites ready to meet those that are standing at your side to criticize even though you're trying to follow Jesus to the best of your ability you're ready to still follow Jesus and be faithful to Him in all that you say or do not because of what man says not because about what mend us but because you're standing on the Rock Jesus Christ and when the winds blow and the storms come and the floods calm and the rains come down you can't be moved because you've made up your decision based on a goddess say of the Lord friends that has to be our experience this year. And maybe you've heard this already maybe you already know that I'm always putting back to the Bible but friends when Jesus comes for a 2nd time will he find faith in your heart in my heart I pray that faith would grow today there will be planted by the Word of God in all be watered by the Holy Spirit and grow up to be a tree trees of righteousness planted by Jesus himself let's pray Father in Heaven Lord thank you for reminding us this evening that we can be in the church but relying on looking at the wrong things many of us rely on signs and wonders for you to guide us not realizing that you've left us a book that we can read and reread and check and to make sure as to whether you're with us and guiding our lives or not Lord forgive us for neglecting it yet calling still ourselves Christians father we once you in our life today we want you to guide us through this next year 2021 we want you to be with us Lord only help us. To not run ahead well to walk behind and linger and delay help us to seek you 1st with all our hearts lot that truly the faith in our hearts can beasts stood and and and established because of your word and not because of any man's doing Lord bless us to that and help us to make this resolution and this year to walk closer with you to spend more time in your. We pray in Jesus name. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit w w w dot audio verse or.


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