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Lewis Walton


Lewis Walton is a tax attorney in Los Angeles. A magna cum laude graduate of the University of San Diego, where he earned nearly a dozen academic awards, he is the author of thirteen books and has lectured around the world. Prior to becoming an attorney, he was a news broadcaster, reporting major stories including the Cuban Missile Crisis and, a year later, the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Walton practices tax law with his son, Richard, an honors graduate of Georgetown who has served as an attorney advisor to the United States Tax Court.



  • January 23, 2021
    10:00 AM
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I'd like to begin with a tribute to my wife Jo Ellan School of Medicine class of 66. Her heart was in the mission field after her surgery residency and surgery board she often went with her dad Marian Barnard class of 40 for the South Pacific mission hospitals and did surgeries otherwise unavailable in some rather remote location and I have in my hand here Plaintiff's Exhibit one now this thing is the tip of a native arrow taken from the brain of a Solomon Islands man who was injured in tribal fighting. This thing penetrated the right side of his skull passed through the right hemisphere across the mid wind came to rest in the left hemisphere of the brain and Joe Allen who was once told by a male surgeon that women have no place in surgery skilfully removed this thing from the left hemisphere broad across the midline across the right hemisphere stabilize the cerebral spinal fluid pressure treated the entry wound and sent the patient to recovery Well the next day surgical round she found the patient empty which of course is the surgeon's nightmare you can begin to wonder if the patient expired during the night but he hadn't she found him out on the lawn in the sunshine sitting with his family eating breakfast and a few years later when she went back to that same hospital that man came several miles through the jungle to thank her for saving is life and that is what Loma Linda is all about. I so appreciate Dr Hart's emphasis on mission service and low Melinda's residency programs so to Joe and she passed away on a Sabbath morning in early April of last year and was thus shared from seeing the nightmare that the year 2020 could become think about it in January we were a stable nation with a vibrant economy by years and we had seen cities on fire and the government handing out money faster than they could print it and federal buildings under attack from Portland or Washington d.c. in the familiar passage comes to mind the final movements will be rapid ones and our topic this morning is our moment our message so let's open the door revolution 14 and I saw another angel flying in the midst of heaven having the everlasting Gospel and saying with a loud voice Fear God and give glory to Him for the hour of his judgment is. Now in line might even 1st as Revelation 14 presents a series of messages that lead like us airways from where we are now right to the advent and the set the stage for what we're going to be looking at let's compare our world with the word pictures of and then time world described in inspiration Maryland from page 138 Anarky is seeking to sweep away all law the spirit of unrest riot and bloodshed are tending to involve the whole world anarchy. There's a word laden with images of societal breakdown of angry mobs and dangers even and the quiet suburb and she says it again in Volume 9 the spirit of an arc is permeating all nations and the outbreaks that from time to time excite the horror of the word old are but indications of the peasant fires of passion and lawlessness that having once escaped control will fill the earth with woe and desolation and now let's think about the Earth hold of 2020 and beyond a pandemic brings our economy to tires smoking halt. Churches a ramp do while liquors or stay open Meanwhile government that once could fight and win a 2 ocean war seem incapable of anything except political speeches and with that in mind let's turn to Daniel 12. And that's fine show Michael stand up the great prince which stands for the children of by people and there shall be a prime of trouble such as never was since there was a nation this world is getting ready for something and now let's get back to Revelation 14 more we began and I saw another angel whining in the midst of have been having the everlasting Gospel and saying with a loud voice Revelation 14 versus 6 through 12 describe a series of progressing true and notice I said progressing not progressive those troops are designed to prepare and and time world for the coming of Christ and where do they begin. And I saw another angel flying in the midst of have been having the white Emperor lasting Gospel Hour and signed messages begin on the foundation stone of the Gospel last part of the abit message is Jesus and if we forget that. All we do is preach and time issues everything else we have to say is only words now they're powerful words to be sure I mean if we preach only end time issues without keeping Jesus at the center we're still probably able to create biblically literate prophetically aware and probably more healthy sinners so the central theme around which all of this turns is the gospel now we could at this point not piously each other as if we had really resolved the issue we can move on but the problem is I'm an attorney and in the law defining your terms is critical to the outcome of your argument so let me ask a question a critically important question What is the gospel we've used the term Now what is it well buckets of ink have been spent on and books and glossy periodicals trying to explain this I submit much of which only complicates what should be obvious and my thinking is if we have a question like this the best thing to do is to skip the commentaries on the commentators and go straight to the word do our research there in a really good research and tree point he is very chances are you'll find the answer there and so it is now at Calvary here is this dying Sci Fi's thrown down on the splitter Reverdy goals type these being the crosses back is lacerated already from a Roman flagellum. He hits that splintery being that his arms are yanked out sideways on the horizontal but to below I'm calloused a Roman me comes down on his wrist and somebody produces a couple of spikes there but a quarter inch square about $67.00 inches long and they hammer starts to ring and then the pain really starts because when the head of that spike comes down and compresses a sensory motor media nerve that victim's going to have electric jolts of pain going up each arm you felt a little hand at that if you've ever bumped your elbow on the corner of a desk but this time the pain doesn't stop it just keeps on and crucified victims at this point just start to scream and swear they swear at everything and everybody including the Emperor there's nothing else society can do to Sam and for a while these man are cursing even Jesus but then one of them here is from the center across some words he recognizes Baruch SAGAL nihilists seen too many column Salas bless their king your numbers forget him and something happens there is one of these magic moments in which he gets and he does 3 remarkable things Number one he confesses as Oman worthy in this number 2 he confesses the worthiness of Christ and number 3. Adding admitted he doesn't deserve salvation he asks for it and it way and gets it now I submit that's the gospel it's just that simple we can complicate it with polysyllabic theological terms. But it's just that simple you can preach that in Wall Street or cannibal Valley new beginning and it's equally applicable either place so Revelation 14 starts with the Goddess or where as has to start but notice something it doesn't stop there now and then maybe 1517 when Martin Luther and they all is the C's to the church door at Big Bird that was the issue that was present truth the Christian faith and lost sight of fact that you can't work your way to heaven church needed a course correction so that was the issue and 1517 Now move down 500 years to a world in which cities are on fire and disease just down the economy and raging voices urge us to rethink everything we have assumed is meaningful about America and in a world like that people need to know more because our world is nearing a terminal crisis great changes are happening great events are happening not only on Earth but in heaven everything is gearing up for a conclusion of a Cosmic War So now we move on to the 2nd great truth in Revelation 14 I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven having the everlasting Gospel and. And saying with a loud voice Fear God and the glory to Him for the hour of he is judgment is come God's and time people will go live or a gospel message but they'll also deliver a judgment our message and what they say is absolutely unique to had been and is and you're not going to find it anywhere else in the Christian theological world but it explains something that is otherwise unexplainable. And here's the problem Sandy is a frighteningly tough virus once committed sin breeds of facts that roll down stream in time and you lose control over them sometimes those affects go on for millennia let me give you an example Abraham's moral lapse where that young lady named a gar and we're still living with the result of that act and the problems it creates are far worse today than they were in the 2nd millennium b.c. now because of the gospel of sinner can be forgiven but the facts of c.n. Don't go away just because the forgiveness may give you another example a drunk driver I defended early in my legal career he's stayed too long and happy hour couldn't quite see the centerline of the road veered across it when he had thought of a young dad on his way home from work killed him. Now the next morning when my client wakes up in the tension then sobers up is he sorry oh yeah he's sorry e sorry or than he's ever been in this life. Can he be forgiven Well if he can't tell really doesn't mean anything. But does his forgiveness bring the victim back to life no there's still a young mom who's got to tell her kids why daddy come on home ever so here's a problem Heaven has to deal with the effects of c.n.n. right up to the end of time and that's the way we are faced with the question what happens to r.c. and that the moment of forgiveness. Well we kind of like to think it just evaporates it goes away but the problem is it doesn't because it lives on in the backs that it has created it doesn't evaporate it's transferred some but. Somebody carries it and that I submit is 1st Peter to it or was there Esau Jesus died he got of the got what was happening and he said who is all in self there our c.n.n. in his body so our sin is born by Jesus and I'll say it again he's the heart and soul of the Advent message and that includes the judgment our message well because Jesus bore our CNS even Heaven sanctuary would need cleansing Now I'm well aware that some people say well why would that be the case God doesn't see and so how did see him get up into heaven how to get there the answer is really easy if you have ever read 1st Peter to. And if you're really Christ centered it got there because he carries it for us and the Hebrews think jury service illustrates in a graphic way what what happens at the end of time we're all familiar with this once a year High Priest goes into the sanctuary in the most holy place during this confluence of awesome events Roche hotshot and you'll see poor he goes into the most holy place why to remove a years in cumulation of sea and symbolically place it where it belongs on an animal representing Lucifer I think we're all aware or should be that Yom Kippur is just an illustration that at the end of time a planet's burden that mistakes would be removed from the heavens records and placed on the head of the one responsible for a Cosmic War. You know I know some people say well you add bands when you say that you make Lucifer your Savior and my response is oh no we don't we give our sins to Jesus and what he does with them is business well this was the truth the pioneers of Adventism would begin to understand on the morning of October 23 1844 Roche Shahnaz and Yom Kippur War would occur not on Earth but in heaven all of which I think introduces an interesting question how should we live on the Day of Atonement now in the time of Israel the entire nation went through a process in which each person searched his or her own heart but the Hebrew word describing that process is I'm not it means you just ransack your heart you search yourself one's bearing will you ask yourself in what ways may I be out of line with the will of God and in that time the Holy Spirit helps in deep self-examination the Holy Spirit will sometimes bring to our attention things we didn't know were still buried in there and I can tell you from personal experience some find that it is not a pleasant process but it's a necessary one. In that time of the Israel those who didn't participate in that on the self-examination were separated from the nation and we might ask the question Would the same risk of separation apply today where someone who doesn't really get the importance of the Day of Atonement their God and give for the hour of his judgment is come that's our unique message in many people I'm sorry as they saw me even within or perhaps in past years with an ad been ism. Well respond and say wait a 2nd yeah instrument don't talk to me about judgment that's Gary that robs me of my full assurance Well what is the truth of the judgement number one who is your judge or what did Jesus say as recorded in John Chapter 5 for the father judges no man but hath committed all judgment unto whom one to. Think about it you have a brother at the throne John 316 doesn't say God so loved the world that he lent us his he gave them to us now he is in every respect divine I don't mean to question that but he is also for ever a part of the human family which means what you're being judged by a peer he's been here he knows the rip current full of temptation knows what it's like to be lied about beat up may I suggest only he is qualified to judge you. The father doesn't even try well out of the good news enough but it gets even better not only you see is not only is he your judge is some one else he's also your defense attorney or John say and 1st John to my little children these things I write that she see I'm not that's the ideal of the Gospel don't mess with the end what's it ever done for you except bring you pain and hurt other people so John says these things I write the chief sin not and because on the says and if not when but if any man see and we have what and add that good now what pray tell is an advocate. That's defense counsel you're being judged by your defense attorney now if you have an forbid were charged with a crime going to your lawyers office one day and he or she says I will do everything I can to see that you walk to walk out of that courtroom free. Time comes for your court appearance you walk into a cordial look up on the bench and there you see not a guy or a gallon a black might get on but you see your defense attorneys sitting on the bench at that moment would you have a feeling of full assurance how you gonna lose a case like that or you can do it there is one way or a lot of smart people figured out how to lose a case like that just fire your lawyer. Their God and give glory to Him for the hour his judgment is come but there's still more. Goes on to say now this interesting thing about Revelation 146 and 7 is it's kind of a run on sentence and separated only by commas so we start with the Gospel we move to the judgment our message and then it goes on to say worship pm who made heaven and earth see Emma fountains of waters now is there any think the mid-year with that language will or better be you have heard it before where in the 4th commandment worship him the made the heaven on earth the sea and all that in them is so Revelation 14 is plagiarized from Exodus 20 which means if you're not real keen on saboteur Arion observance you could say I have to worry that that's plagiarism. Single sentence gospel judgment and now Revelation 14 predicts there will be an end sign people who preach rediscovery of the ancient Biblical Sabbath. Nearly at the same time as the rediscovery of the sanctuary truth because they're all in the same sentence so the question we might ask is Why is this Sabbath thing so important at the end of time if you love the Lord why not tomorrow when this what we're doing here isn't all that easy it separates us from many wonderful Christian people I'm personally of the opinion that most of God in time people are still out there in other churches they'll be worshipping tomorrow I know Catholic people who is very clear really love Jesus so why should we make a major issue out of it. Well think it through in 1844 when the sanctuary and Sabbath truths were beginning to be rediscovered what else was happening along with them disappointed Miller writes trying to search in their Bibles trying to figure out what the $2300.00 a prophecy really map well in that very same year Charles Darwin was doing the 1st draft of what would become On the Origin of Species in that very same year Karl Marx was doing the very 1st draft of what would become the Communist Manifesto and just to make it interesting in that very same year the 1st digital message was sent out over a wire by a man named Samuel Morse. Now without the weekly reminder of creation and even the day the gods themselves set up to remind us we're here because of intelligent design this world would become a sitting duck for the theory we're just here because some and went bang Revelation 146 and 7 gospel judgment our Sabbath but there's still more in in time world needs to know now we come to Revelation 14 vs 8 through 11. Now there are actually verses 6 through 12 of Revelation 14 there are 7 verses with these and time messages over half of them are used by the Lord to exploring in and n. time global mistake before Jesus returns something really goes majorly wrong on this planet so very wrong that Revelation 146 through 12 spend more than half its verses warning about it and describes the problem by using the name of a prehistoric place called Babylon and we could ask why what possible relevance with an ancient So Marion's city have to a world where otherwise rational people are now talking about colonizing Mars I'll think about it that babbling there are least 4 major mistakes that I can find number one the people there didn't believe the promises of God He said there will never be another world wide flood and her response was maybe there will and maybe there won't or are not real clear about it I'm not sure we believe you now if you don't believe promises of God You gotta believe in something so what's the next logical anchor point for your bony self I'll believe in myself. That leads to problem number 3 if I believe in myself I'm going to have to save myself so let's get busy with a building program what's build a tower that will get us off this planet maybe we get all the way to Mars that leads to problem number 4 centuries ago by mistake number 4 here is this world religious service now begin those are sets up this golden image summons the world he should have known better he had been given the awesome best of seeing all of human history right down through the end of time when the 2 feet of that statue that he saw were interrupted by something coming out of the cosmos. Instead he decides he's going to rewrite human history in advance erects this statute turns statute turns it into a religious service in force by a death the Creed Babel and where global religious conformity was once enforced by it's rather Das Now let's go back for trouble ation 14 in this mysterious reference to Babylon then let's kind of unpack that by letting Scripture explain itself Revelation 1316 and 17 describes a future in which the non-conformist is embargoed from the market place wow that's hard to believe isn't that in today's world and Bargo trying the marketplace and if that doesn't work there is a death decree waiting in the background Revelation 1712 reveals an end time world ruled by globalism. The verse says and the 10 horns which you saw are to play games which have no power as yet well what did Kings represent they represent a nation do they not so John is told in the distant future that sign just in from Iran the real Bt and nations why can well in Scripture to end repeated Li is used to symbolize everything everywhere all over the world let me give you 3 quick examples. And when the Lord speaks more relative to the entire planet how many commandments does he give to an on net beacon nesters image symbolizing the entire world with the coming of Jesus how many toes are there on those 2 feet 10 and when Jesus describes an end time worldwide church as young women awaiting his return how many young women are there then shall the kingdom of heaven be like in them that in. Everything Everywhere with that in mind go back to the 10 kings of Revelation 1710 James In other words 10 nations every nation everywhere and look at what verse. 12 I think it is says in Revelation 17 These have one mind. For once in human history all nations of the world agree on something and that is globalism and the issue is religious conformity Well we might ask is that possible I mean realistically is that possible with the world majority of thinks we're here by accident because something went bang. Well let me share something from the pan of a writer who predicted back when tobacco was routinely prescribed for a lung disease she warned that the bacco was a most malignant poison who warned that cancer was transmissible decades before doctors rouse and Bittner demonstrated that cancer could be dietary only transmitted between species now hear us from her pan fearful sights of a supernatural nature will soon be revealed Satan will manifest himself as a majestic being of dazzling brightness the glory that surrounds him is unsurpassed by anything that mortal eyes have yet the held people prostrate themselves yeah I know in today's progressive world where you might ask where fewer and fewer people go to church at all than cynicism is the grist grist for a late what passes for a late night comedy one might ask how could Revelation $148.00 to $11.00 was prediction of a worldwide religious consensus How could that possibly be fulfilled but think about it think about the description that I just read of the supernatural manifestations in which people prostrate themselves for the modern secularist seeing is believing you see it you measure it you believe it for the religious believe or of any faith who already believes in the supernatural belief will follow easily and then there is the politician who beat leads whatever the voters want. Supernatural exhibitions totally persuasive to every one. Unless Unless what unless you been deep in the word may tell you a story. Back when I was about the time I was in Vietnam there was an Air Force colonel that if one of the 5 drive or if flew under 2 missions over the North Vietnam true the most formidable air defenses on earth at that time on one mission north of the Red River his flight all mentation system was shot out is there pointing to a violent porpoise just a few 100 feet above the ground he had only seconds to disable the melt functioning system before his airplane either yanked itself to pieces or nose dived into a crash and the only way he could disable that broken thing was to reach behind his ejection seat find one of 200 circuit breakers and pull it out he took off his glow of the ridge behind for you couldn't see felt for down and 3 left and with his fingernail popped that circuit breaker out and recover the airplane now you might ask yourself how did he know where to go for that thing let me tell you. If for every mission he's been 2 hours in front of a big map on the wall it would fly the mission in anticipation each point what could go wrong here what do I do how do I get home he spent hours poring over the aircraft emergency manual memorizing everything. And so when he heard felt and heard that sickening metallic but against the whole of his airplane he could visualize the circuit breaker in a place he couldn't see and barely reach and find the right switch and go on living now I got a question for you what are we what are advantaged if not frail beings hurtling toward home and facing hostile fire if we really believe there is a God and the devil if we really believe that for mighty angels or even now struggling to hold back when strife if we really be lieve that our goal is to make it home instead of crashing into the world being nice us then we ought to have our minds buried in the Word of God instead of Hollywood So now we move to Revelation 1412 in a description we're picture of gods in fine people here are they that see the limits of God Yeah all 10 of them 90 percent will get your name minus or a b. plus across the street here but in the planets elevation it will buy you an f. what Revelation $1412.00 describes is a generational triumph of obedience and you know one might ask well how on earth did they do that and in all human history few if any of that most of the Bible is a sad recital of human failure I mean even people God personally selected and so actively re-add for example Isaac and Rebecca Ok so lect of Lee bred for success and they failed. Now may I suggest that the story of Israel's serial failures is a graphic lesson that what ought not to do at the foot of fine I hear they are Ostrov where the presence of ale should die they seem just a tiny yet of the indescribable energy present at the throne of God in the babel of promise all of the Lord said we will do yeah sure they will for 40 whole days after which they are dancing half naked or worse around the Golden Calf May I suggest that the lesson is this we should never bank a large from this that we will do anything because I think we do that we've set ourselves up for failure we should never make fear or reward our religious motivation because if we do that Lucifer's and time strategy will hammer as with both the reward of relief of release for a mob pressure and the fear that if you don't go along with the majority you and your family will be docked and endangered Are you following me may I suggest that Joseph illustrates how one deals with those changes motivations of fear and reward effaced them both I mean the short term reward of sex was willing wavey the danger of what would happen if he said no now facing both fear and reward both motivations operating simultaneously both motivations which typically drive us even in our religious life for example I want Evan and I sure don't want to burn. Faced with that what was Joseph's defense. He had a friend he could be tricky he loved his Lord and the trail was not an option so I submit it is with those in dying people litter described with almost wistful certainty in Revelation 1412 who after so so many millennia of human failure finally generationally exhibit what it really means to believe here are they that have the faith of Jesus they have a friend no actually better than that they have a brother at the throne be trading him is not an option Ok Revelation 1412 now watch history accelerate the very next verse some are laid to rest before last madness Blessed are they that die in the Lord from now on it's put in the New King James Version some of God's saints are allowed to rest before the world to say ends into a terminal of ugly crisis but notice something they aren't resting long because the very next verse the holes guys ablaze with energy our little world is wrapped in dazzling white the whole army of the cosmos is here and there's silence in heaven for a prophetic half hour of time and in the middle of that incandescent light and throne and crowned is his Majesty and when he speaks even the dead can't sleep through it. Are you sometimes saying I guess maybe sometimes you missing it here are gods and awesome God. And I sometimes wonder if we have an inkling of what we're really saying. Think about it equals mc squared the equation is reversible matter can become energy we prove that but energy can also become matter and with that in mind think about creation value may tell invites is in the creation of our world God was not indebted to existing matter didn't need it he could speak it into existence now then if 20 pounds of heavy metal can this drawing an entire city how much energy do you think it takes to build a world or a solar system or a Galaxy awesome hardly. Einstein's formula also reveal something about time equals mc squared c. speed is nothing more than distance over time that's how you measure speed so you could rewrite his formula to say equals mass time distance over time square now you take that thing through about 4 or 5 steps the Belgian break logic and you can wind up with time on one side of the equal sign and mass on the other which means if one moves away the other goes to which means what time is the by product of creation and the 1st thing our Lord knows. When the material world is in place and time is in place is take this abstraction called him and build something out of the. Temple. Made out of nothing but time is called a step by the way I am said it yet so happy sad Shabat shallow bottom most all of those lamas. C.l.o.. This is the day the Lord has made let's rejoice and be glad. So the message ends with the end tires and our entire planets wrapped in white Rainbow time a product of a tiny beach on a cosmic ocean dissolves into eternity and I submit that's revelation 40 that's the advent message that our our message so I close with a question if not last pray tell who. If not. Why. It's a good thing Lance. Where well able to go and visit. This media was brought to you by audio a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like more about audio. If you would like more sermon leave w w w audio or.


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