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The Digital Inebriate: Church, Society, and Salvation

Ron Kelly
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Ron Kelly

Senior Pastor, Village SDA Church, Berrien Springs, Michigan



  • January 23, 2021
    11:30 AM
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Thank you Lord for a beautiful Sabbath hope togetherness forgiveness creation of future they're all gifts from you Lord in the midst of strain and stress and tumult So now Lord I pray do with this messages you would liberate us as your people give us wisdom and strength to be discern years of the days and now learn may your spear be here to teach as we open the word we humble ourselves before you in Jesus name Amen I'm tired of my message this morning digital the digital in the Brit church society and salvation now obviously for those of you that. Have attended here for a while or watched online I'm going to touch on perhaps one of the greatest challenges to the Christian experience into the civil ness of civil society. That has existed in only grows in power exponentially year by year. Of this week was a momentous week let's be praying for a new president let's be praying for discernment in the midst of our own hearts homes lives and church on Tuesday before the inauguration I was listening to National Public Radio and I heard an interview with Tristan Harris now some of you are familiar with who this man is he used to work as an ethicist for Google he stepped away from that and he has made himself an announcer of the less noble sides of the digital media spectrum of social media especially this was on the indicator from Planet Money interview by Stacey Vanek Smith. And I was intrigued by a number of the things he shared Now I know nothing about his political arrangement with society and I will say this at the beginning of this message I'm quite convinced that politics is the new religion for many Americans and I don't think it's a 7 day as you're exempt and many people are interpreting what's said through the lens of politics before they interpret it as whether it's right or wrong so I'm inviting you this morning come back to be an advantage what is to be a 7th Day Adventists when Joseph Bates went to Battle Creek and he wanted to spread the message he asked who the most honest man in town is I think God is still looking for the honest men and women who ask Is it true and if it's true how does it affect me if we could step back from canceling people by way of what we believe their perspective to be and actually wrestle with the truth I'll assure you that in any message there is probably something for you the Spirit of Prophecy of firms this it could be the most boring monologue you listen to but you come ready to hear something God will make sure you get to hear it so this morning I want to go on a journey and I want to talk about digital in the Brea a sion now we don't talk about any brioche and very much it's another word for drunkenness. But I'm here to affirm the small earning that if we're not discern as of our times and we partake of the spirit of the world we shall find ourselves without the clear thinking sobriety we need to walk the narrow way live with peace confidence and hope for Indeed this is God's in is this God's destiny for us on Tuesday Stacey Vanek Smith was interviewing Tristan Harris it was a discussion of social media on the part of played in the attack on the capital. He says the attack is what I saw as a 10 year culminating process this entire business model profited from giving us a more certain view of reality. To which the host replies in some measure Well I pick my friends I pick my content I pick what shared and Tristen Harris reminds us that behind the social media platforms are the most powerful supercomputers in the world and they're asking basically one question and here it is what can I show you now he didn't say the rest so I'll say it for you what can I show you that will keep your attention right here because we're living in an attention economy and get you to click to one more thing because you see what you need to understand is that some of these outlets are not really about news although they are about information and what they're doing is a constant confirmation bias because they're making money the longer you stay and the more they can show to those who want to advertise on them that they got this many clicks and they kept your attention for this long now this morning let it be completely understood when this message is over and everyone goes out of here just a little bit agitated at something that was said probably I did when I was hoping to do which is to make sure that if you're on the left or you're on the right you all have something to think about how to be on the path of life the truth of the matter is is that we have seen in this world a constant polarization and it's not an accident it is happened because when you go to Facebook or you go to Google or you go to Twitter as long as you keep paying attention things will pop up that will deepen your attention and what you want to pay attention to confirmation bias and selling information is what they're all about and if you don't understand that you're missing out on a key piece of this information in an age of supposedly in lightening when Jack Dorsey was on his island and he had to make his decision about whether to delist present former President Trump from Twitter he said this is a bad precedent. And Zucker Berg and Dorsey according to Tristan Harris both say they shouldn't have this much power then he gave an illustration which I'll skip forward for time but he says this is now the central information infrastructure that governs our democracy and beyond the question of government's governance is the system itself compatible with democracy at least a democracy that works we have a system he states that produces a kind of cultural cancer and he identifies it leaks for symptoms of that cancer it shortens attention spans it creates more addiction more polarization and more outrage the host last just a little bit does seem a little tricky to create regulation around this why not just let these companies make money as they will and let these conversations happen as they will and Tristen interjects because we won't survive as a civilization and you say Oh Pastor you're falling in to some of the lines of the left if I fall into some of the lines of the lead some times and I fall into signs of the right sometimes more power to me because I believe balance is important now just so happens over the last week or month there are moments when I've been carrying buckets sometimes full of heavy things you know the easiest way to carry a heavy bucket in this hand is to have a heavy bucket in this hand some of you are familiar with working with your hands and you understand the componentry of balance this is clearly he states a moment we cannot survive as a civilization and as a democracy we've already infected ourselves with a kind of divison of malware where our minds are not able to agree with each other even if you subtract social media right now we are clearly seen such different understand is a reality and we're not really interested in abandoning our own perspectives to which the host again feels. A little sense of well what's different memory for and he clarifies we've never had supercomputers pointed at our brain perfectly able to simulate our emotions and know more about us powerful Stanton's than we know about ourselves it knows that and he hesitates that resonant frequency that minor 7th of which anger to put into your nervous 6 the next because it's literally playing chess against 3 trillion calculations of which one will do the best job of that and we're almost at the end here last 2 sentences it's checkmate against the human human nervous system because it's seen more patterns that is about you of which emotions and which kinds of texts will tend to produce the results that it wants for its business model and let us not forget friends it is a business and last sentence again this is possible to escape but only if we collectively recognize that it is a completely unsustainable unsurvivable situation if we don't fundamentally change this business model now if I didn't agree I wouldn't be sharing. I'm watching people move left and right who have no real interest in hearing anything from this side or that I had a 2 hour conversation this last week with someone who came to the conversation was certainly someone of a different perspective than me the truth of the matter was was that there were things he needed to say I needed to hear and I think in reverse as well and when the discussion was all done I think we both went out of the room benefited by following one of those simple little. Axioms of Scripture and that is sit down and talk to each other Leviticus 1900 don't harbor a grudge in your heart but speak frankly with your brother and love your neighbor as yourself yes those words are all together almost quoted verbatim when we allow ourselves to live in echo chambers and silos of affirmation which Zucker Berg will say is what we're getting we're getting affirmation not so much him I should say Harris information the fact of the matter is it becomes easier and easier to go farther and farther away from each other and while there are. Cultural cornerstones that would have peered to have no compromise and for certainly some there will be none but at the ability of us to listen to each other and talk to each other in the churches case pray for each other Here's an article biases make people vulnerable to misinformation spread by social media it's a fact friends that wasn't made up Tristen Harris what this article would be interesting to read from the Ted Radio Hour What is the cost of infinite distractions think about it and another one by Harris how tech hijacks our brain cribs our culture and what to do now so in reflecting on this I have to ask myself this question What is the church's role and how self-aware are we in this area of social or digital in the Bre a sion I watch interesting video in preparation for this moment here it's put out by the Southern Poverty Law Center so you have a point of reference if they lean left taken into consideration if they lean right take it into consideration I can tell you what's happening in your life just by talking with you for a few minutes because of all you're ever getting is news from the things that come up in your Facebook feed they just keep taking you farther into what you already believe because that's how they make money but if you actually have enough objectivity and critical thinking without a critical spirit you can actually pay attention to what's going on and start understanding that the controversy is deepening and the chasm is widening unity is evaporating from the face of the planet even basic cooperation. That 5 minute video would be an interesting one for all to watch I highly recommend it it's called the Miss education of Dylan Ruth Now some of you remember who Dylan Ruth was. Many of us probably it doesn't draw to mind any real idea so let me remind you because we've gotten to a place where there's a litany of these things that have gone on and we forget who the players are but do in roof when you watch the video as a little boy and the pictures are just so sweet he looks like anybody else's little boy who grows to be an innocent pre-teen and then all of a sudden Dylan roof is is radicalized and he becomes so radical that someday he can walk into a church with 9 African-Americans a historic church he can walk into it 9 people praying he doesn't know them from Adam and he can kill every single one of them how does it happen it happens through dis information yes the education of our miseducation of Delon roof worth looking about where 3000000 arise in ourselves with the smarting I want to talk with you about the difference between the spirit of the world and the Spirit of Truth take your Bibles and open them up to the Book of John John Chapter 16 probably no book talks more and no author in the Bible talks more about truth and the spirit of truth than the gospel writer John. 16 looking at verse 13 John 16. It's a promise written from the New American Standard but when he the Spirit of truth comes he will guide you into all truth for he will not speak on his own initiative but whatever he hears he will speak and he will disclose to you what is to come. So there is a promise of the Spirit of Truth turn over to 2nd Thessalonians chapter 2 and I'm going to take this scripture and I'm going to broaden its understanding not that I can broaden its original intent but the application at least I would like to broaden to a 21st century application set that 2nd Thessalonians chapter 2 the man of lawlessness Now we understand this to be the fulfillment of a religious system that masquerades as God but is really in extreme contradiction to the most basic teachings of the Scriptures including the 10 commandments verse 7 for the mystery of lawlessness is already at work now I'm going to pause right there because the man of iniquity is yet to be revealed in a much fuller measure than what that mystery of lawlessness is already manifesting only he who now restrains will do so until he's taken out of the way then the lawless one will be revealed whom the Lord will slay with the breath of his mouth and bring to an end by the appearance of his coming so those 2 verses take you from the moment of the writer. And the writing to the very end verses $7.00 and $8.00 there is a mystery of lawlessness that's already at work and there will be a destruction of the lawless one when Jesus comes verse 9 that is the one whose coming is in accord with the activity of Satan and all the powers in the science of false wonders and with all the deception notice the word deception of wickedness for those who perish why because they did not receive a love. Of the truth so to be saved now I'm getting down to the spirit there's something about loving truth that makes you able to see truth and there's something about not loving truth that blinds you verse 11 for this reason God will send upon them a diluting influence so that they will believe what is false in order that they all may be judged who did not believe the truth but took pleasure in wickedness so the question that one would have to ask on a cursory reading of this statement is is God out to destroy people by tricking them or is this simply a commentary on how people destroy themselves by not loving the truth and by folks you know what they want to focus on now what you think about the scribes in the Pharisees for a moment did this not happen to them were they not so fixated on what they wanted to see that the spirit of the cross of sacrifice and service was gone from their view of religion and all that they could find are the repeating storylines of power and prestige so much so to where God the Author and originator of truth could show up in their presence with the strongest proofs think Lazarus think the widow of Nain son think lepers made clean think Brad multiplied thinks he's calm think blind people seen dead people here and thank and they will resist him all the way to the very end because he has not fit their confirmation bias. I want to challenge everyone listening to me here this morning are you an Adventist on the David Hewitt level of Adventism or have you morphed yourself into left leaning right leaning somewhere other than leaning only on Jesus who is the Way the Truth and the life. I'm here before you because the gospel message cannot be tainted with the new religion the new religion of he who has might has power and might is at the ballot box and whatever that turns out to be is who the winners of the latest battle in the political great controversy happens to be we are called as Christians to rise above this not be sucked in to a checkmate position where 3 trillion options are being considered by a super computer of which one will make us more imbalance of where we might already be now I'm not defined imbalance for any of you that's for you to think about but I'm going to show you in this message how to make sure you're not in a confirmation bias echo chamber silo mode that keeps you from being a vibrant fruitful powerful Christian witness turn over the 1st Peter chapter 5 if you're in 2nd place alone and you're not far away digital in the brigade sion. We think of our lives as needing to revolve around our devices and in some measure they do but this morning what I want to talk with you about and before I'm all said and done I'm going to be inviting you to a self chosen fast of some measure to stop and make sure that the Spirit of truth is behind the truth you espouse so that if something about the truth you espouse isn't exactly right the Spirit of Truth can lead you to a greater understanding of true 1st Peter chapter 5. This is what it says beginning with Verse 8 be sober be vigilant the New American Standard says be of a sober spirit be on the alert for your adversary the devil Prowse around like a roaring lion seeking someone to devour verse 9 this 3 words could summarize my message but resist him. Firm in your faith knowing that the same experience of suffering are being accompanied by your brother who are in the world and after you've suffered for a little while the God of grace will call you to his eternal glory in Christ he himself will perfect confirm strengthen and establish you and you couldn't help but follow in verse 11 to him be dominion forever amen Now listen the Spirit of truth versus the spirit of lawlessness in 2nd Thessalonians chapter 2 that spirit of lawlessness was it work in Paul's day the Spirit of truth you can't get too far away from here in John's writing because you realize if you have the Spirit of truth you're going to do something you're going to end up doing a little bit of suffering the spirit of the world versus the Spirit of truth when you're with the world very little suffering is a part of the 1st chapters of the story that comes at the end when you've got to face judgement if you're in the world the world will leave you alone as a matter of fact the world will affirm you it can happen in your 7th Day Adventists home you can be affirming the world in your 7 day Heaven is home you can be doing it in your 7 day admin is business. But the Spirit of truth creates opposition now we're not to be oppositional by nature and we're not to be difficult to get along with but like in the interview at Sabbath school which you do if you didn't see I encourage you to go back and watch it when the beauty of Christ is in our hearts and we poll lightly respectfully stand up for what we are and who are called to be it's going to do something for those who want to be of God's Kingdom is going to do something good for those who have no interest of that and wanted a way it's going to arouse something bad but if you think the spirit of truth is somehow going to shield you from the sufferings that come with truth you better think again the Spirit of Truth will call you to a buffer in experience with the world in which God Himself will shield you appropriately but not completely based on what he believes you need for the hewing polishing and fitting of your Livingstone into the edifice of his house his church of faith be sober pay attention to what's going on critical thinking without critical spirit. Turn over the book of Proverbs Chapter 6 I want to show you also how the Spirit of Truth differentiates itself from the spirit of the world Proverbs Chapter 6 our supposedly Christian nation is tottering and teetering in the absence of Christian culture Proverbs Chapter 6 verse 23 The commandment is a lamp and the teaching is light and reproofs for discipline are the way of life so if your with people who never disagree with you you're not probably on the most balanced path of upward progress. It all you listen to on the radio and by the way probably the radio is one of the better places still to get your news because you can know when you're listening to n.p.r. it's very left leaning and you can know when you're listening to 95.3 It's very right leaning at least everything coming out you know where it's coming from but when you're getting your news on Facebook whether it's about whether you should how you should relate to a public health crisis or the government or politics everything you're doing on those platforms there's 3 trillion choices that the supercomputer is waiting to feed you so that you'll stay on their site or one that they're advertising for and other words what I'm saying to you is you ought to make sure you come to the knowledge of what you're receiving as information what the idea it might be slightly wrong in other words it could be truth mixed with they're a form of dissin from ation which is particularly dangerous and deadly turn back to the book of 1st Corinthians 1st Corinthians Chapter 2 The spirit of the world Paul had to deal with it and it was not a very interesting easy introduction to write to the current the in church he's worried about this letter he's sending why because you've got to deal with some of the same things we're dealing with well I'm of c.p.s. where I'm of Apollo sir I'm a Paul Jesus says How about being of Jesus that would be better wouldn't this idea of personifying and identifying with a significant a significant person in a movement is a mistake and when we start identifying ourselves with personages of the world we are actually equips in the ability to represent the personage of heaven our Savior Jesus Christ 1st Corinthians chapter 2 verse 12. I'm not going to take the time to look at many of the things that come before it actually I'm going to take a little bit verse to 1st Corinthians 2 for I determined to know nothing among you except Jesus Christ and Him crucified I was with you in weakness and in fear in a much trimly And my message and my preaching were not with persuasive words of wisdom but in demonstration of the Spirit and the power in other words gospel message eans and parental message eans and heavenly message eans all have a componentry that recognize the deceitful messaging of this world and go straight up against it and everybody gets to decide praise God you're living in a free society still you can listen to anything you want and make your decision but would you dare make it without God Would you dare make it without the spirit of humility and wisdom would you dare make it to where it could never be challenged or if its challenge it irritates and upset you some things are worthy of strong emotion some perhaps not but what I want you to see is that the message in and if you read the book of 1st Corinthians you understand there is no more powerful prophetic messaging in all the New Testament except Christ himself up against anybody that was against his father but in the New Testament there is no book more painful to write or listen to if you're the recipient then the book of 1st Corinthians he just hits one problem after another the most dysfunctional group of people in the whole New Testament go down to verse 12 now let's make sure we get it right now we have not received now we have received not the spirit of the world but the Spirit who is from God so that we may know the things freely given to us by God You see discipline and rebuke is the way of life the road is narrow contrary concepts ought to be engaged so that we ought not to let strengths morph into weaknesses I want you to hear what I'm saying. Whatever strength you have uncontested in a marriage will turn out to be the demise of the quality of the marriage so you're a compassionate person that's wonderful but compassion unchecked with justice leads to a dysfunctional enabling of somebody somewhere will be if it's your child Same with church leadership same with school leadership there is a balancing element to a mutually submitted group of people there in humility and sincerity listens and prays and talks through life is not always quite as simple as we would like it to be that your Bibles and turn over one page to chapter 3 verse one Paul's not letting up I brother and I could not speak to you as spiritual men but as men of flesh as to infants in Christ you're not even converted. Strong language certainly spiritual abuse in the modern centuries definition of things and yet it is what he says I gave you milk to drink not solid food for you are not yet able to receive and indeed even now you're not yet able to receive it and implied rebuke for failing to grow Paul does not subscribe to the modern esteem is a movement although he subscribes deeply to the love of God and He holds people up at the same time he challenges them and exhorts them to walk above what the rest of the world is swimming in take your Bible turn over the little book of 1st John 1st John looking at chapter 4 verses one to 6 find revelation and go backwards just a few places 1st John verses 4 Chapter 4 verses one through 6 beloved Don't believe every spirit test the spirits. Now I have not looked into the Greek in this this verse here but I don't think I need to and I don't think you need to either because while the Greek will render sometimes a richer understanding it rarely undo does the plain statement of the vernacular of the people test the spirits listen when you're listening to somebody you want to be taking great of what spirit nerves them because if it's of the world and its base and its proud and itself inflated it might be that every other thing you hear is corrupted by the channel it's flowing through let the wise hear what I'm saying especially the religiously conservative wise reading on learn by this you know the spirit of gone every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is from God and every spirit that does not confess Jesus is not from God you're saying Well Pastor it's all about theological talk no it's not it's about whether or not a Christ like or Christ of centric paradigm is in the source scene of your information if it's not it's corrupted you better have your your glasses on to discern where the corruption is coming from this is the spirit of the anti-Christ which you've heard this coming and now is already in the world you are from God Little children and you've overcome them because greater zealots in you than he who is in the world a man they are from the world therefore they speak as from the world and the world listens to them. We are from God who knows he knows God listens to us he who is not from God does not listen to us and you could say egocentric theological statement thrown out there no way to contradict him I want to tell you the Apostles don't bat an eye and exercising the authority of their spiritual resume to say we've been entrusted to get this thing going and if you don't listen to us you're on the wrong side is the full of himself or is the full of the Spirit written down for you and me by this we know the Spirit of Truth and the spirit of there the pride that is in this current generation is such that nobody is to touch the venerated ideas and opinions of people but I want to assure you as Gideon tore down his father's Idol there are things that will have to be it least remade in some fashion if not torn down that are sconce the knowledge of what we believe to be so very important now I want to go and look carefully at where I believe we are as a society go back to Genesis chapter 3 I would suggest you this morning that we are back at the tree of the Knowledge of Good and evil all over again and it is actually a sign and an indicator that Jesus is about to come the methodology of Lucifer is loose and rampant today and because of that I believe it won't be long until God intervenes to do something for his people Genesis Chapter 3 The serpent was more crafty than any beast of the field which the Lord God had made and he said to the woman indeed has God said You shall not eat from any tree of the garden. And the woman said to the serpent from the fruit of the trees of the garden we may eat but from the fruit of the tree which is in the middle of the garden which happens to be this one God said You shall not eat from it or touch it or you'll die the surface said to the woman you surely will not die for God knows that in the day that you eat from it your eyes will be open and you will be like God knowing good and evil and when the woman saw that the tree was good for food and that it was the delight for the eyes and that the tree was desirable to make one wise she took from its fruit and she ate and she gave also to her husband with her and he then the eyes of both of them were opened and they knew they were naked and they sewed fig leaves together and made themselves loin coverings now very quickly I'm going to take advantage of what I'll call the inspired commentary of patriarchs and prophets and I'm going to show you that were they were in that moment is where we are collectively as a science society and maybe even a church right now number one they were given a warning our 1st parents writing and patriarchs and prophets page 53 were not left without a warning of the danger that threatened them heavenly messengers open to them the history you can read in Revelation 1212 but the angels told it to them the history of Satan's fall and his plots for their destruction unfolding more fully the nature of the Divine government which the Prince of evil was trying to overthrow the angels warn them to be on their guard against the devices and I'm sure she didn't mean what that word means now but the devices of Satan for his efforts to ensnare them would be on wherein Now listen when you have a parent that loves you enough or a pastor or a teacher or a friend or spouse to give you a warning that's a gospel message if it's a true warning and the very 1st gospel message in the Bible is a warning stay away from the tree don't eat the food don't engage with him. It was a gospel warning the 2nd thing that I want to rejoice in about this moment in earth's history then and now is that there is security for us and there's limitations of power Satan could not fly around following them in the garden they had to go to the tree God gave them security if they steadfastly repelled his 1st insinuations from the same page they would be as secure as the heavenly messengers Satan it already been excised from heaven while he was plying his arts on earth they would be as secure as the people who didn't have to live with him anymore but should they want yield to temptation their nature would become so deep raved that in themselves they would have no power and worse yet no disposition to resist Satan so good news was as long as you stated away from the tree you had a measure of security bad news was she found herself at the tree which leads me to the next important point she was all by herself Proverbs 181 he who isolates himself rages against all sound wisdom we have people that are isolating themselves from ideas contradictory but I'll tell you what one is a church family we actually rub shoulders with each other and do some affection proper Christian affection and bonded we actually make friends with people who don't see it exactly the way we see it and I want to tell you not having a friend to help you with a larger perspective is a huge colossal loss both of perspective and also personal freedom and integrity there is something about being challenged in your idea that makes you examine it together we are much better off than alone the truth of the matter is if you dig your heels in and you won't move then you will be left behind. Pride of opinion this is an important thing in the 21st century we have is Sky onst in post-modern thought the idea that nobody has to be wrong well I want to tell you something you don't have to be very smart to see there's good and bad in the world you don't have to be very smart to see there's evil and there's righteousness one is worth listening to one is not every idea is not Ok some lead to evil even though you can't see where it's going right in the beginning that's the way that looks like it's Ok that leads to death and some look like they don't go to life although they get immediate peace and they are the one who follows on to those principles of life when we think about this pride of opinion it was in her heart or developed at some level I should say I'm perceiving that she was alone she felt an apprehension of danger patriarchs and prophets but she dismissed her fears deciding that she had sufficient wisdom and strength to discern evil and it was stated thank you the postmodern Eve is that the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil you're at the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil The only thing is there's a supercomputer up against you who has algorithm which has algorithms to follow every click you make and some believe and I don't know if it's true or not everywhere your eyes look on the screen and some believe and I have no reason to suggest it not to be listen to every word you say I know the other day I had my i Phone and i was mumbling something as I bent over at the bottom of my bed by where my Thai Rak is and the phone said Sorry I didn't understand that it's like I don't care I wasn't talking to you. Actually I do care and I'm not talking to you. I got this. Mom Dad I don't know I'm a digital native woe be unto you if your digital natives ever there was a day you want to digital immigrant in your life called mom dad or grandma grandpa it's to Dad Oh you're sadly on the internet but you're not savvier than the computer and the evil designs behind it to put you in checkmate to your own desires Oh yes evil is up against more than the super computers that are running Google and Facebook and Twitter and all these other places I got this unmindful and why rites of the angels caution she soon found herself gazing with unmingled curiosity with mingled curiosity and admiration upon the forbidden tree Wow Up close it's more beautiful than I thought Wow all that fruit Wow Look at that serpent while the serpent talks but there were some great disadvantages as if he were able to discern the workings of her mind he addressed her so make sure you don't miss this eve thought the serpent knew what she was thinking I'm here to tell you the people following your online movements might be more objectively accurate about you than you are about you and they might at the right moment be able to move your thoughts to the next logical place they should go as if he were able to discern the workings of her mind he addressed her ye have God said You cannot even retrieve the garden Eve was surprised and startled as she does seem to hear the echo of her own thoughts but the data was all working against Eve The serpent continued in a musical voice was subtle praise of her surpassing loveliness. How many of these can I get how many people are following me are following me there I can be my own publicist and I don't need to spend a lot of money a lot of time yes lot of money no his words were not displeasing What would God have sent what would Adam of said if he happened to look over his shoulder and see her standing at the base of the tree might have come up to her and said What are you doing here with that have been pleasing Since when do we get to the place where we think our words have to be pleased to see it's the spirit of the world sometimes not always I want our words to be pleasing the Bible says that the mouth of the righteous is like a tree of life pass out genuine affirmation genuine encouragement genuine care it's not that we're supposed to be on pleasing but there are some situations as Little Johnny heads towards the 4 lane highway at the end of your driveway are your words pleasing I can remember once living by Route $31.00 down in Carmel Indiana and any any it's Carmel not Carmel all I had was a dog at that point time and it was only a few 100 feet from our apartment down to the base of the road you can't the driveway doesn't even exist anymore and I can remember how animated I was just trying to save my dog from running out in the road. Ignorance is a terrible word she had no thought that the fascinating serpent could be the medium for the fall and so she didn't know she was talking to the devil there is a woman out in California she was at our North American division educational meetings in Chicago a few years back and she did a seminar on pedophiles and predators I want to tell you she told a story of a girl got on the Internet. Dad became aware of it some guy on the other end of the Internet. Paying attention to this teenage girl she thinks it's just another teenage boy dad gets rid of the computer one night with no computer in the room he hears a noise he gets up only to see an open window and his daughter's gone he doesn't bother to fully dress himself so you can see a middle aged man running down the road in his underclothes and he's headed for that car down at the corner where he sees his daughter heading with real determination he gets to the car before it can speed away when he puts his hand on the handle and opens the door it's a middle aged man he grabs the man by the shirt and while I'm not here to suggest the methodology is in every way correct I think the man who's grabbing is a Texan he grabs a man by the shirt pulls him out of his car and lays him flat. So you thought that was just some nice guy from somewhere around the block the lady is an expert in the predatory movements of people online for all the young people listen here Dave there is are day to listen to your parents it is today and when they draw some strong lines around your freedom joy innocency honoring your father and mother has never meant more for a happy bright future and a wonderful life than it means today but whether they are you or not mom and dad it is your job she was ignorant. And I suspect that many of us don't believe the dark and unseemly intense of those who want our money and get it by selling our information to go she was working with the worst of all lies because it was somewhat true and it was somewhat false which she acquire some greater knowledge with the eating in the fruit surely she would rather be a broader field of understanding yes there would be seen but would she really be like God in the way that he meant it when she heard it absolutely none in the judgement Ellen White writes men will not be condemned because they conscientiously believe the lie but because they did not believe the truth because they neglected the opportunity of learning what is truth this good news. It's only bad news if you're wasting your time and wasting your life failing to put in place the bulwarks of honest true serious sober thinking more data wasn't going to do any good it was only going to dam or what the devil do he takes a piece drops it in her hand according to patriarchs and prophets and says look you're not die I'm going to tell you friends life driven by data is moving with the masses on the superhighway of self-destruction if the data is not matched up with inspiration God is out of our culture in so many ways Sleiman accidents and happenstance are the result of these amazing things but like Kevin said when's the last time a hurricane blew through a junkyard talking pilot a pilot in a 740 seven's what came out on the other side we are in a situation where more data is only deepening our confirmation bias so what happens when she meets up with Adam an expression of sadness comes over his base. He appeared astonished and alarmed to the words of Evie replied This must be the photo against whom they'd been warmed and by the divine sentence she must die and what's her answer she urges him the repeating the words of the serpent that they should not die and she reason that a has to be true because she at that point in time felt no evidence of God's displeasure but on the contrary she realized the delicious exhilarating influence thrilling every faculty with a new life such she imagined is inspired by the heavenly messengers after all he reasoned might not the words of the wise serpent be true Eve was before him as beautiful and apparently as innocent as before this act of disobedience and this is a line that got me I don't know if you remember reading this one she expressed greater love for him than ever before think about that teenager the next time that boyfriend of that girl friends pressing you to do something you know you shouldn't do be where you shouldn't be think what you shouldn't think it's is old as the 1st temptation no sign of death appeared in her and he quickly decided to brave the consequences and he seized the fruit any ate it and that led to the last act that we see right now going around our tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil they both flatter themselves that he would given them so many evidences of his love would now pardon this one transgression and they would not be subject to so dire punishment as they had feared false grace he did pardon them can you say man and he pardons you and me if you remember in around somebody that stuck on a substance what makes you an alcoholic is when you have to drink before you eat breakfast is it only when your zigging and zagging down the road somebody told me recently that by the time the police catch you you've probably had 9 or 10 occurrences of endangering people's lives on the run. Gone loves you if you're struggling with drinking today he can help you but obviously that's not the point of this message this message has a point much less pleasing and that is God loves you if you're struggling with confirmation bias wrong attachment to your devices pornography or whatever other element of your person is being wrongly exaggerated and exacerbated through the Freedom of Access to supposedly the world library which is often nothing more than a deep dive into the world cesspool and the sea this morning at the end of this message I'm asking every single person if you're a parent why would you put one of these devices prematurely in the hands of your kids no matter how many firewalls you can put up do you really want societal checkmate on the mind of your innocent child or would you rather have them think you're an old fogy in the fast lane but when they get to be 25 say mom and dad thank you for giving me that kind of child when I get messages from people regularly who have stuck with what we would call a wisdom of the ages enhanced by the grace of the word approach to parenting where their kids say thank you for helping me to grow up to be a successful functioning adult with a marriage that can work and as a successful church actory of my occupation this morning this afternoon I'm calling every single person listening to me here today to a god covenanted partnership in choosing whether it's with spouse or children or household or whatever fast from digital media no I'm not telling you how to do it you have to use your phones I'm not saying quit using them. But do you have to spend that much time on some of the things you're spending are you neglecting the chance to know a deeper more beautiful understanding not only of Christ but of the people you're going to heaven with and is there any merit in a tightening of the team as the societal checkmate deepens it's come in don't be afraid resist him yes be sober be vigilant for your adversary the devil goes about with the spirit of this world like a Rory line looking for someone to devour But you know what before he gets to the roaring lion stage in America he's going to use the snake in the grass stage and that's what he's been using So take your devices and make yourself accountable I've had people listen to these messages and on the way out of church have some pretty painful conversations with their spouses it's the spirit of truth Jesus says My sheep hear my voice and they follow me and the truth when it comes to someone who loves you in the grace of Christ has the power to set you free this church this village church along with this 7 day Adventist Church is called to the highest caliber of honest admin tism that we've ever been called to and the truth is not the truth because somebody said it it's the truth because it's the spirit of truth born out in the word so I want to say thank you to that person who spent 2 hours with me this week we sharpened a little iron in the meeting because I didn't come to my opinions in my convictions casually none of them and I'm not leaving my convictions casually none of them but I don't believe I'm the only possessor of truth and I believe that if my wife says it I should listen and if my friend says that I should listen and if a church member says that I should listen and if somebody in the elevator going up and down in my hotel room says something true I should listen but I have to have the Spirit of Truth. And I'm not attaching myself to any idiology that can wound the respectability of my Christian witness none so by January 31 which is next Emma I masking you to have made a covenant with God about how you relate to your digital device share it with somebody else for whatever length of time and whatever my modus operandi it's to engage and don't just take the time you free up whether it's less time searching your portfolio or less time searching your genes or less time searching your circle of friends don't just take the time and spend it somewhere else covenant to go back to some old school technology including the writings of l. and white and read yourself a chapter or 2 out of something like great controversy and see if a little bit of hope and sobriety doesn't reshape our Christian experience God loves you I love you I care about you and I'm calling you today to be administering after the ad been a sort of way borne out in history through the honesty of postmasters An ordinary people who would listen pray and be open to change. May God help us if we let Jesus have full control and teaches just how to do it for him he will lead he will teach us how it will be humble and feared and. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermon later visit w w w audio verse or.


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